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Nature’s Miracle Carpet Shampoo 64 Ounces, Deep-Cleaning Stain & Odor Remover



Accidents happen, as every pet owner knows. Nature’s Miracle® Carpet Shampoo is a deep-cleaning pet stain and odor remover that penetrates deep into carpet fibers and upholstery to remove deep stains and odors, keeping your carpet and upholstery looking pristine longer. The phosphate-free, bio-enzymatic formula works to break down tough odor molecules and removes and deodorizes pet messes, odors and stains from carpet, area rugs, upholstery and car interiors. Use alone or with your steam or carpet cleaner – the low-foaming formula is designed to be used with any water-based carpet cleaning machine designed for the home.

Pre-test for colorfastness on a small, inconspicuous area. Examine when dry. If color is affected, do not use. Not recommended to use on velvet, silk, vinyl, leather upholstery or 100% cotton upholstery. Vacuum the area thoroughly, removing solid residue. Shake bottle well before using. Thoroughly soak the affected area with Nature’s Miracle® Carpet Shampoo. Saturation is important so that product can penetrate deeply. Allow to work for 15 minutes, then blot the stain with a clean cloth. Or, use product with carpet cleaning machine according to machine instructions. Clean carpeting and upholstery following your machine’s user guide.

  • REMOVES STAINS & ODORS: Phosphate-free formula penetrates deep into carpet and upholstery fibers.
  • BIO-ENZYMATIC TECHNOLOGY: Breaks down tough odor molecules and removes and deodorizes pet messes, odors and stains.
  • LOW-FOAM FORMULA: Designed to be used with any water-based steam or carpet cleaner.
  • DEEP CLEANING: Removes deep-set stains, keeping your carpet and upholstery looking new longer.
  • TRUSTED BRAND: From the maker of Nature’s Miracle® products, the pet stain and odor removing brand you trust. ..because it works! The Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval.

Available Sizes

  • 64 fl oz



  1. Vacuum area thoroughly.
  2. Shake bottle well before using.
  3. Test for colorfastness on small inconspicuous area. Examine when dry. If color is affected. do not use. Not recommended for use on velvet. silk. vinyl. leather upholstery or 100% cotton upholstery.
  4. Use Nature’s Miracle Carpet Shampoo according to machine instructions.
  5. Clean carpet and upholstery following machine user’s guide.


Water, Cleaning Agents (Low-Foaming Surfactants), Bio-Enzymatic Odor Locking Technology, Propylene Glycol, Fragrance.

Ingredient  CAS# Functional Purpose Links
Water 7732-18-5 Base  
Fragrance withheld Fragrance   
Surfactant Blend withheld Surfactant  
Bacillus Spore Blend Withheld Odor Control Agent  
Zinc Salt 13463-41-7 Deodorizer  
Propylene Glycol 57-55-6 Solvent  
Limonene 5989-27-5 Fragrance LINK

Precautionary Statements

Nature’s Miracle Carpet Shampoo


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Carpet Cleaning – Find Local Carpet Cleaners

For over 40 years, homeowners have chosen Chem-Dry for a healthier approach to carpet cleaning services.  Our unique process delivers a deeper clean to carpet fibers, without the soapy chemicals and excessive amounts of water used by other carpet cleaners!

At Chem-Dry, we don’t rely on harsh chemicals or soapy detergents to achieve a deeper, longer-lasting clean. Instead, we harness the natural cleaning power of carbonation to clean your carpets.

Our Hot Carbonating Extraction process uses a Chem-Dry Green Certified solution called The Natural®, combined with PowerHead® cleaning technology. This process tackles the deep-seated stains and traffic patterns your carpets naturally develop over time.

At the same time, we can help improve indoor air quality inside your home. That’s why we say, “We clean for your health like no one else.®”

Want a deeper, healthier clean for your carpets? Find your local Chem-Dry to learn more and get a carpet cleaning estimate!

  • A Deeper Clean for a Healthier Home
  • Chem-Dry Green Certified Carpet Cleaning Solution
  • Neutralize Odors in Carpets

A Deeper Clean for a Healthier Home

Did you know your carpets help filter the air inside your home? Carpet fibers trap dirt and allergens, which keeps them from circulating in the air you breathe.  

But without regular deep cleaning, dirty carpets will become full and unable to trap additional dirt and grime.

That’s where Chem-Dry comes in! With our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process, we can deep clean your carpets. This improves indoor air quality and delivers a healthier home.

Our innovative cleaning process uses about 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning. That means faster drying times and less risk of mold or mildew growth due to wet carpets.

Chem-Dry Green Certified Carpet Cleaning Solution

Unlike other cleaners, Chem-Dry doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals or soapy detergents. Instead, we use a Chem-Dry Green Certified solution called The Natural®. This exclusive product is at the heart of our carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

Instead of using detergents, The Natural uses carbonation to clean carpet fibers. The solution releases millions of tiny carbonated bubbles that reach deep into your carpets. These bubbles loosen dirt, grit, and grime and lift them to the surface. At that point, our PowerHead® extraction equipment whisks the dirt out of your carpets.

The solution is based on ingredients copied from Mother Nature. That makes The Natural® a perfect choice for a healthier home.


Neutralize Odors in Carpets

Your home is filled with odors that get trapped in the fibers of your carpet. From cooking to pets and kids, some of these stubborn odors can linger even after a professional cleaning. 

Our carpet cleaning company has the solution to lingering smells. With our deodorizer, we can knock out even the toughest of odors, leaving your home smelling clean and fresh.

Even odors from pet accidents are no match for Chem-Dry! Our revolutionary Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®) is perfect for pet urine stains. In fact, the P.U.R.T. process is proven to remove 99.9% of pet urine odors from carpets. 

Our Carpet Cleaning Packages 

Basic Package


In our Basic Package, your carpets will get a healthy deep cleaning, using our innovative Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process. 

This process penetrates to the base of carpets to lift and whisk away dirt, grime, and non-living allergens. By removing these contaminants, we not only improve the appearance of carpets — we also improve the health of your home!

Stain Fighter Package

Clean + Protect 

Our Stain Fighter Package gives you the same deep clean as our Basic Package, plus the added benefits of a protectant.

With this package, we apply a protective stain-fighting solution during the cleaning process. This allows the protectant to coat carpet fibers, boosting your carpet’s stain-fighting power. 

If you’re worried about existing stains, we also offer a specialty stain removal service for carpeting and upholstery. Our stain removers can handle tough stains from sources like wine, lipstick, permanent marker, grass, and more!

The Fresh & Healthy Home Premium Package 

Clean + Protect + Anti-Allergen + Deodorize 

The Fresh & Healthy Home Premium Package offers our deepest possible clean for your home. 

In this package, you get the deep clean offered by our Basic Package, the protectant from our Stain Fighter Package, plus an anti-allergen and odor removal treatment for your carpets.

Rather than simply masking lingering smells, we eliminate odors at the source. At the same time, we reduce common household non-living allergens and improve indoor air quality, creating a fresher and healthier home!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Chem-Dry different from other carpet cleaners?

Chem-Dry uses a unique cleaning process called Hot Carbonating Extraction.

This process uses the natural cleaning power of carbonation to remove soil and stains. (Think of how club soda can be used to get stains out of clothes!)

Hot Carbonating Extraction not only delivers a deeper and healthier clean — it also uses roughly 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning and hot water extraction systems.

Do I need to vacuum my carpets before cleaning?

Unless otherwise asked, homeowners do not need to vacuum their carpets before a Chem-Dry cleaning.

Before we start the Hot Carbonating Extraction process, we will vacuum the entire carpet with a commercial, HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner.

How long will it take to clean my carpets?

The amount of time needed for a Chem-Dry floor cleaning can depend on the number of rooms to clean, the size of each room, and the level of soiling in the carpets.

Smaller jobs may take 1 to 2 hours. Larger jobs may take the better part of a morning or afternoon.

To get a more accurate estimate, contact your nearest Chem-Dry location!

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

After a Chem-Dry cleaning, it takes only 1 to 2 hours for carpets to dry.

This is a fraction of the time you can expect with steam cleaning, in which dry times can last 24 hours or more!

Our Hot Carbonating Extraction process uses roughly 80% less water, which reduces the dry time. As a result, it also reduces the risk of mold or mildew growing while your carpets dry.

How often should I clean my carpets?

Chem-Dry recommends a professional cleaning every 6 to 12 months for most carpets.

Regular cleaning will prevent staining, preserve your carpet’s appearance, and remove destructive dirt and grime.

At the same time, it can help improve indoor air quality by removing non-living allergens from the fibers.

What is Carpet Deep Cleaning

After parties, holidays, carpet deep cleaning is often required. This is a set of measures aimed at treating heavily polluted areas during carpet cleaning. If necessary, first manual treatment of heavily contaminated areas with special solutions is carried out. They must be chosen carefully so that there are no negative consequences for the carpet.

Incorrectly selected chemicals can leave bald spots on the surface. At home, it is difficult to use powerful special professional equipment, only it can cope with deep cleaning. These include strong Karcher washing vacuum cleaners, steam generators, cleaning and detergents from European manufacturers, which are sold in large containers and are not available to private individuals. They are bought mainly by companies.

The main task of such cleaning is that the agent penetrates deeply into the lower layers of the pile, and the carpet is cleaned, stains are completely removed.

Required steps for deep carpet cleaning:

  • First you need to clean the dirty areas.
  • Next, a foam is applied, which is formed as a result of the foaming of the chemical agent.
  • To completely remove traces of cleaning agents, the carpet is washed on both sides with high-pressure water.

Carpet deep cleaning is often carried out in specially equipped rooms. But today, thanks to special new tools and technology, it became possible to order deep cleaning of carpets at home. At the same time, large volumes of water are not used, and with the help of a special steam generator, carpets are cleaned to deep layers. In this case, special equipment is used, the surface is processed and dried well. You can collect all the foam well, inspect the carpet or carpet, determine the condition, assess how well the deep cleaning was carried out.

The carpet must then be dried thoroughly. This is one of the most important stages, because due to the wrong choice of a place for drying or equipment, dirt may remain, which over time can become an environment for the development of fungi and bacteria that adversely affect the microclimate in the room.

How to clean your carpet at home

If you can’t take your carpet to a special service, then try to make it perfectly clean at home.

  • Of course, carpet cleaning is easiest in winter. It is enough to take it outside, spread it on the snow and brush the snow on it with a broom. After a few minutes, when the snow becomes dirty, it should be swept away and repeated several more times.
  • If there is no snow outside, then try to clean the carpet at home with ordinary salt. Sprinkle it on your carpet and after a while carefully sweep it away with a hard, clean broom. It is advisable to rinse the broom in water as it gets dirty.
  • You can also clean the carpet (only if it is not light shades) by yourself with the help of tea brewing. Collect the sleeping tea leaves, wrap it with gauze and wring it out well. After brewing, scatter on the carpet. Sweep the carpet after 15 minutes.
  • General cleaning of a light-colored carpet can be done with the help of sawdust. To do this, moisten the sawdust a little in a solution with gasoline. Now scatter them across the carpet and notice.

If you need to clean the carpet, but it is not possible to bring it to the dry cleaner, it is better to order the master’s visit to the house. Perfect Clean employees are ready to come to you at a convenient time. You can place an order on the site, indicating the exact address, assessing the general condition of your carpet, since the cost of services, which are initially determined approximately, will depend on this. The final price will be known after the initial thorough inspection of the carpet on the spot. To apply, call the manager at the phone number listed on the site, or fill out the feedback form below.




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