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50-inch TV – Large TVs for cinema-like experience

A good 50-inch TV can be a sweet spot for having a cinema-like content-watching experience at home. This size is perfect for medium size homes or large bedrooms. 55-inch smart TVs these days also come with all the premium features like fast refreshing screens and the latest connectivity ports. You’ll find 55-inch TVs from brands like LG, Samsung, TCL, Hisense, MI, Kodak and BPL. Here are some of the best 65-inch LED TVs available at Reliance Digital.

Mi 127 cm (50 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV, 5X, ELA4694IN

The Xiaomi Mi 5X 50-inch screen. The TV comes with an all-around aluminium trim with minimal bezels. This 4K TV offers a resolution of 3,840 x 2160. Like the high-end 4K TVs, the Mi 5X supports wide HDR formats, including Dolby Vision and HDR10+. This gives the Mi 5X an edge over other TVs in this price range. Xiaomi says the TV supports 94 per cent DCI P3 colour gamut, which means you can expect a vibrant picture quality. The TV also comes with Xiaomi’s proprietary Vivid Picture Engine 2 technology that upscales full HD content to 4K without losing many details.

The Mi TV 5X series is powered by a quad-core MediaTek MT9611 processor, the same as the Mi QLED TV 4K models. This CPU allows you to have a smooth, responsive and lag-free UI experience. The TV runs on Android 10 and uses Xiaomi’s new PatchWall 4 UI.

Xiaomi says the UI is now much more streamlined and supports more than 30 streaming services, including local ones such as Sony Live, Zee5, Voot and Hungama Play. The new update also supports IMDB integration, which lets you check for the ratings before watching a movie. With the new Universal Search feature, you can look for shows and movies across multiple streaming apps under a single search menu. The Mi TV is priced at Rs. 40,990* and it is now available at www.reliancedigital. in. You can also experience the TV’s top-notch picture quality by visiting your nearest Reliance Digital store.

BPL 127 cm (50 inch) Ultra HD Android Smart TV with Dolby Surround Sound Technology, 50U-A4310

The TV technology has evolved significantly and the number of options is simply baffling. If you are looking for a best-in-class smart TV, BPL has tons of impressive options. The BPL 50U-A4310 is one of the best ones on the lot offering tons of high-end features. This TV offers exceptional picture quality. The 50-inch TV comes with Dolby Vision +HDR 10, ensuring everything you watch has stunning details for a truly immersive experience. With a bezel-less display, the TV blends seamlessly with your surroundings and offers a premium TV-watching experience. 

The 50-inch TV by BPL has all your favourite android apps and features that will ensure you are always power-packed with entertainment. It also comes packed with BT 5.0 and Wireless Data Sharing so that you have the best connectivity and file sharing becomes instant and hassle-free. This BPL LED TV is priced at Rs. 32,990* and it is now available at You can also experience the TV’s top-notch picture quality by visiting your nearest Reliance Digital store.

Reliance Digital is the best place to buy 50-inch Smart TVs at the best price. Here, you’ll find tons of interesting deals and discounts on OLED, LG QLED and LED TVs along with finance and EMI option that will make shopping an easy experience. Reliance Digital also offer ResQ Care Plans for extending your appliance’s warranty.

Note – Prices are subject to change. Please refer product catalog for updated prices.

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The best 48-to-50-inch TVs 2023: perfect 48in and 50in TVs for all budgets

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The best 48-inch to 50-inch TVs are the perfect size for your home cinema setting. You’ll be surprised at how these TVs can fit into most average sized homes without looking to chunky. Typically they’ll cost less than the best 55-inch TVs too!

These 48, 49, and 50-inch TV options provide a lot more screen surface area than the best 43-inch TVs, so will hit the ideal sweet spot for many buyers. There’s all kinds of quality in this list, too, from the best OLED TVs to some of the more premium best TVs in small form-factor. 

And if gaming is your thing, then these 48-inch and 50-inch TVs give you some great features, but to be more specific, check out our guide to the best gaming TVs too, if that’s something that matters to you. 

With Amazon Prime Day 2023 taking place over 11 to 12 July this year, buying a new TV could also cost you a lot less in the sales. In addition to T3’s best Amazon Prime Day Deals feature, we’ve also got a dedicated Best Prime Day TV Deals piece that’s worth looking through for up-to-the-minute bargains.

Best 48, 49, 50-inch TVs 2023: Top 3

Why you can trust T3
Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

The best 48-inch TV for most people is the LG OLED C2. This OLED delivers stunning images, and while it’s less bright at 48-inch than its larger panels, it’s an ideal option if you want quality.

The best premium 48-inch TV is the Sony A90K. Sony’s premium OLED only comes in 42- and 48-inch sizes, designed for AV nerds who want the best possible image quality at such a scale. 

The best affordable 50-inch TV is the Hisense A7H. Looking to spend less? Hisense’s A7G and A7H models bring 50-inch scale without the big price tag, and perform well too.  

Today’s best LG OLED48C2, Sony XR-48A90K and Hisense 50A7HQTUK deals

Sony XR-48A90K



See all prices

Hisense 50A7HQTUK

See all prices

(Image credit: LG)


The best 48-inch TV for most people


Panel type: OLED

Screen sizes: 48in / 55in / 65in / 77in / 83in

High dynamic range (HDR): HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG

HDMI: 4 total (2x HDMI 2.1)

Today’s Best Deals

Reasons to buy


Great picture


Works amazingly well with games


Plenty of connectivity

Reasons to avoid

No HDR10+

Middling sound quality

Less bright than larger models

The LG C2 is the TV that keeps on giving: it appears in all manner of best-of guides because it’s a great OLED panel, it’s great for gaming (thanks to HDMI 2.1) too, and cinema fans love it for the super quality. It’s also available in this 48-inch size, delivering for a whole other market who aren’t after a massive panel.  

As said in our LG OLED C2 review: “this is the best OLED TV for most people”. LG is the king of all OLED (literally, it makes the panels for other brands) and so knows exactly what it’s doing when it comes to delivering top-tier quality. It’s less bright than the larger options also available in the range, and if you can find an LG A2 for less then that’s also worth considering.

(Image credit: Sony)

2. Sony A90K

The best premium 48-inch TV


Panel type: OLED

Screen size: 42in / 48in

HDR: HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG

HDMI : 4x HDMI 2.1

Today’s Best Deals

Reasons to buy


Accomplished and convincing images


Good gaming feature-set (4x HDMI 2.1)

Reasons to avoid

Lacks outright brightness

Startlingly expensive

If you’re a cinema superfan and want the best possible image quality, but at a not-giant scale, then Sony has a refreshing tonic for your consideration, as its X90K OLED TV only comes in 42-inch and 48-inch formats. Its target is clear: to deliver the best quality from a smaller TV panel.

It’s not cheap though, which may be a hurdle for some. As we said in our A90K review: “you have to get beyond the asking price… when you do, you’re left with a tiny OLED TV that’s capable of big image quality.” It’s also adept for gamers, thanks to four HDMI 2.1 ports, whereas most competitors only offer two with that spec. 

(Image credit: Hisense)

3. Hisense A7G

The best value 50-inch TV


Panel type: LCD (QLED)

Other sizes available: 43in / 50in / 55in / 58in / 65in / 75in

HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HLG

HDMI : 3x HDMI 2.0

Today’s Best Deals

Reasons to buy


Superb picture quality for the price


HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos


Good smart TV features

Reasons to avoid

HDR brightness isn’t class-leading

Sound could be improved

If you want a modest panel at a modest price then Hisense has a great LCD option. As said in our review: “the Hisense A7G is a 4K QLED TV that goes above and beyond its mid-range price tag.”

There are some compromises, of course, such as the HDMI ports only being 2.0 designation, meaning no top-tier gaming features (no 120Hz, no VRR, no ALLM). But for 4K viewing of TV and movies that’s no problem at all, plus there’s HDMI eARC for audio passthrough should you want to add one of the best soundbars to beef audio up. 

Best 48, 49 and 50-inch TVs: Best of the rest

(Image credit: Philips)

4. Philips OLED 907

The best 48-inch TV for extra immersion


Panel type: OLED

Screen sizes: 48in / 55in / 65in

HDR: HDR10, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HLG

HDMI : 4 (2x HDMI 2.1)

Today’s Best Deals

Reasons to buy


Poised, accomplished images from any source


Ambilight is always a treat

Reasons to avoid

Not cheap considering OLED competition

Needs tinkering to get its best

Philips’ OLED TVs never fail to impress thanks to Ambilight, whereby the picture is ‘projected’ in real-time beyond the TV’s frame. That’s what makes the Philips 907 so special, plus it sounds way better than many of its competitors, which is why its asking price begins to seem all the more reasonable.

As said in our Philips 907 review: “it doesn’t look any kind of bargain on paper, but once you realise there’s no need for further spending on a soundbar the Philips OLED 907 starts to seem better value. Then you see the picture quality of which it’s capable, and add in the unique effect of its three-sided Ambilight, and the price suddenly seems absolutely fair enough. This is a TV superstar.”

(Image credit: Samsung)

5. Samsung BU8500

The best budget 50-inch Samsung TV


Panel type: LCD

Screen sizes: 43in / 50in / 55in / 65in / 75in


HDMI: 3x HDMI 2.0

Today’s Best Deals

Reasons to buy


Superb 4K picture quality


Good looks for the money

Reasons to avoid

Sound could be better

Only HDMI 2. 0, so not great for gamers

If the Hisense further up page doesn’t take your fancy then one of the best budget Samsung TVs is this one. As said in our Samsung BU8500 review: “Samsung has an ability to hit a price point without compromising all that obviously or in too many areas. It’s good quality and good value if you don’t want to fork out masses of cash on a top-tier telly.

No, you don’t get top-tier gaming features and, no, you won’t get OLED levels of precision from this LCD panel. But even so, what’s so impressive about the BU8500 is just how mild its shortcomings are by comparison. There are lots of size options for low prices, too, so if you were to consider something larger than 50-inch but still for under £1000 then Samsung has got your back. 

(Image credit: Samsung / Future)

6. Samsung Q80B

A great 4K QLED TV for gamers


Panel type: Neo QLED (Mini LED)

Available sizes: 50in / 55in / 65in / 75in / 85in

High dynamic range (HDR): HDR10, HDR10+, HLG

HDMI: 4x HDMI 2. 1

Today’s Best Deals

Reasons to buy


Impressive high dynamic range (HDR) performance


4K 120Hz HDMI support for new-gen gaming

Reasons to avoid

No Dolby Vision HDR format

Blooming evident on some content

As said in our review: the Samsung Q80B is an impressive option if your budget won’t stretch to Samsung’s higher-numbered Neo QLED Mini LED models. The Q80B’s vibrant picture performance is easy to like, there’s high frame rate gaming support, plus a solid smart platform with plenty of streaming options.

So what’s the downside? Samsung doesn’t support Dolby Vision, and in this Q80B model you’re going to get some backlight blooming because it’s not got as many dimming zones as the higher-end models in Samsung’s range. No biggie, though, as it’s well balanced for picture quality to asking price. 

(Image credit: Panasonic)

7. Panasonic LZ980

An excellent 48-inch OLED option


Panel type: OLED

Panel sizes: 42in / 48in / 55in / 65in

HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HLG

HDMI: 4 total (2x HDMI 2. 1)

Today’s Best Deals

Reasons to buy


Effortlessly believable and properly refined images


Thorough HDR support

Reasons to avoid

‘Only’ two full HDMI 2.1 sockets

Not particularly bright

When we reviewed the Panasonic LZ980 in its smaller 42-inch format, we didn’t think it was much to look at, as it’s a bit overly thick for a small TV, but its images are “extraordinarily accomplished and enjoyable watch.” There’s a full raft of HDR support, plus gamers will be content with the HDMI 2.1 ports to enable faster refresh rates. 

Panasonic is sometimes seen as the underdog, as it doesn’t release commercial TVs in the USA, but it makes really great options for the UK market. So if you’re looking for an OLED option that delivers big on image quality, and find it at the right price, then this is a very safe option indeed. It sounds a bit wheezy, though, so consider adding a decent soundbar too. 

(Image credit: Samsung)


Samsung The Frame

The best 50-inch TV for low reflection


Panel type: LCD (QLED)

Panel sizes: 32in / 43in / 50in / 55in / 65in / 75in / 85in


HDMI: 3x HDMI 2.0

Today’s Best Deals

Reasons to buy


Displays art when it’s powered down


Minimal reflection 

Reasons to avoid

Art Store requires subscription

Nothing for gamers here

If you want something innocuous that you barely even notice as a TV then Samsung’s The Frame is a superb option because 1. it displays art when it’s ‘off’ and 2. its minimal reflection panel is so convincing that you’ll think you’re looking at actual paintings, not a television. 

That matte screen does mean less pop for movies and such like, plus there’s nothing here for gamers given the lower refresh rate and HDMI 2.0 type, but for TV and streaming you’re not going to notice that at all. 

As we said in our The Frame review: “even when it’s switched off it will add life to your living room by displaying your favourite artworks or family photos. While the sound won’t knock you off your feet, the picture is something to behold and there are loads of other useful features to discover as well.”

Best 50-inch TV: Is this the right size for you?

While 43 inches remains the most popular screen size, a 50-inch 4K TV is perfect for today’s living spaces if you want a big upgrade to your visual oomph. As homes have gone more open-plan, so the demand for a bigger screen you can see from a greater distance has increased. In general, a 48- to 50-inch Smart TV can be viewed well from 10 feet away or more, though if you’re a little close, you’ll get a a good eyeful of that 4K detail.

Best 50-inch TV: What to look for

At this screen size you should be looking for 50-inch LCD TVs that are fully-specified. That means you can expect a direct LED backlight and local dimming in higher-end models, which will give you more vibrant colours and brighter highlights plus greater contrast for dark scenes in moves. 

To really elevate those parts of movies, you’ll also want extensive HDR format support – particularly Dolby Vision and HDR10+ where possible (though most TVs will limit you to one or the other).

Here in 2021, we’re also looking for AI-enhanced image processing, which improves the ability to upscale from SD or HD to fill the 4K screen. And we expect Dolby Atmos support, comprehensive smart systems, and additional gaming features from more expensive sets.

TOP 10 inexpensive Smart TVs

For 2020 smart TVs are absolutely normal. In addition, almost every family can afford such a device. Of course, there are models Smart TV with different prices on the market, but finding an adequate “smart” TV for an inexpensive price is quite easy. We have compiled the top 10, in our opinion, relatively inexpensive smart TV models that you can buy right now.

The material lists 23 Smart TV models, but 13 of them are available for sale in Ukraine, and 10 are relevant for Russia. Xiaomi TVs in all countries are almost the same, but they have nuances in the name and internal menu, so we listed them separately for the two regions. Although, many of the TVs presented will be relevant for any region, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the full list, regardless of your location. Add your options in the comments!

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Samsung T24h490

Samsung T24h490 is the smallest smart TV in our selection. Its diagonal is 23.6 inches, Full HD resolution, and the approximate average price is $ 200. For such a diagonal, it is not cheap, but users praise the model for its modern design, stable footrest, not loud, but high-quality sound and a bright picture.

Samsung T24h490 runs on OS Tizen, which has a great impact on the speed and quality of its work. Users also like remembering the last running app and don’t like the occasional Wi-Fi dropout.

The Samsung T24h490 Smart TV features bright Edge LED backlighting and a 60Hz refresh rate. There are a couple of 5W speakers, but no sound technology support. A scattering of ports is standard – AV, component, HDMI (two pieces), USB, Ethernet (RJ-45) and Wi-Fi.

  • Store prices

Samsung UE32M5550AU

With an average price tag of $330, the Samsung UE32M5550AU is one of the best smart TVs on our list. The model has a stylish catchy design and excellent silver color.

The Samsung UE32M5550AU Smart TV features a 31.5-inch Full HD screen with Edge LED backlighting and a 50Hz refresh rate. A pair of 10-watt powerful speakers supports Dolby Digital and DTS technologies. TV interfaces are represented by the following ports and inputs: AV, component, three HDMI, a pair of USB, Ethernet (RJ-45), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11n, WiDi, Miracast.

Users love the Samsung UE32M5550AU for its loud sound, bright picture quality, fast applications, and a compact, easy-to-use remote.

  • Store prices

Thomson T28RTL5240

The Thomson T28RTL5240 28″ smart TV is also great for small kitchens, cottages, nurseries and other similar places. The HD-Ready model has a screen (1366×768 pixel resolution), Direct LED backlighting and a 50Hz refresh rate. Available connectors are AV, HDMI (two), a pair of USB, Ethernet (RJ-45), Wi-Fi and Miracast.

With such a small size, the Thomson T28RTL5240 is equipped with stereo speakers with a total power of 20 watts, which even some larger models do not have. True, there are no technologies that improve sound here. And yet, users praise this “smart” TV for good sound, as well as a solid picture. Scolded for not the fastest work. The approximate average price tag of a TV is $170.

  • Store prices

LG 32LJ600U

LG 32LJ600U Smart TV is an HD Ready TV with a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. Yes, it’s not Full HD, but most will not notice the difference, especially for such a price when it is in the kitchen or in the country.
32″ model with 50Hz refresh rate and Direct LED backlight.

Smart TV received popular TV standards, a pair of speakers of 3 W each with support for Dolby Digital and DTS technologies. Interfaces are represented by AV ports, component input, a pair of HDMI, USB, Ethernet (RJ-45), Wi-Fi 802.11ac, WiDi and Miracast modules.

LG 32LJ600U runs on the Web OS operating system, which proved to be excellent in operation. Users note a fairly fast system operation without slowdowns, however, some Wi-Fi sometimes disappears, so you have to reconnect again. They praise a solid, for this resolution, bright picture and high-quality sound. Although for some it is quiet. The average price tag of the LG 32LJ600U is about $220.

  • Store prices

LG 43LM5700

The LG 43LM5700 43-inch Smart TV has one of the best designs in our top. The model has the thinnest frames and a dark steel color, which provides it with excellent reviews.

TV resolution is Full HD. There is support for HDR10 and Direct LED lighting. The screen refresh rate is 50 Hz. The model was equipped with a pair of stereo speakers with a total power of 10 W with surround sound, as well as support for Dolby Digital and DTS technologies. Connectors, modules and ports are basic: AV, component, HDMI (pair), USB, Ethernet (RJ-45), Wi-Fi 802.11ac. There is support for Google and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.

Smart TV runs on webOS and users are satisfied with its speed. They note a clear bright picture and a pleasant sound without wheezing and tears, but not of the best quality. The average price of the LG 43LM5700 is $325.

  • Store prices

LG 43UK6200

The LG 43UK6200 43-inch smart TV is often praised by users for its excellent value for money, but it costs a little more than the model above because it is a 4K TV (3840×2160 pixels).

LG 43UK6200 was equipped with an IPS matrix with a screen refresh rate of 50 Hz. There is support for HDR10 and Direct LED backlighting, and the webOS operating system has become the “brains” of the model.


Smart TV also features a pair of loud 10-watt speakers with surround sound, auto leveling, and support for Dolby Digital and DTS. There are a lot of ports, connectors and inputs (AV, component, HDMI x3, USB x2, Ethernet (RJ-45), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Miracast). The approximate average price tag of this model is $ 350.

  • Store prices

Hyundai H-LED43EU7008

Hyundai H-LED43EU7008 features a large 43-inch 4K (3840×2160 pixels) LCD display with 60Hz refresh rate and HDR10 support.

The brains of this smart TV are provided by the Android TV OS. In addition, the model supports the most common digital television standards, has a wide selection of ports and modules (AV, three HDMI, a pair of USB, Ethernet (RJ-45), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) and two stereo speakers of 8 W each.

Despite not the thinnest bezels compared to other models, Hyundai H-LED43EU7008 is praised for its stylish design, high-quality picture with excellent viewing angles and fast smart functions.

At the same time, other users say that Android TV sometimes lags and bugs in different applications, but there are few negative reviews. The approximate price tag of the TV is $300.

  • Store prices


TCL L43P8MUS TV is one of the most expensive on our list, but it is worth considering that it is not 32, but 43 inches, and the resolution is not Full HD, but 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels) with an LCD matrix. The model supports high dynamic range (HDR10), a screen refresh rate of 60 Hz and a software component in the form of Android TV. There is also Micro Dimming technology, which makes the black color deeper, therefore improving the contrast of the image.

The TV has support for major TV digital standards, a pair of 16 W stereo speakers with Dolby Digital support, AV ports, HDMI (three), USB (two), Ethernet (RJ-45), as well as Bluetooth modules and WiFi.

Read also: Making the TV “smart”: TOP 7 best Smart TV boxes Of the minuses, the lack of Wi-Fi at 5 GHz is noted, but it seems to us that this is already nitpicking for such a price tag. The average price of this model is $345.

  • Store prices

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 43 T2

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 43 T2 Smart TV is another popular and affordable model in our selection. The TV looks modern, works fast (Android TV, and on top of the native Patchwall shell), has a convenient simple menu, and most importantly, it belongs to the budget segment, and this is with a diagonal of 42.5 inches with 4K resolution and HDR support. True, some users say that HDR is just for show, and when you switch to this mode, the picture sometimes gets worse.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 43 T2 is equipped with a built-in T2 tuner, a pair of 16 W speakers with support for Dolby Digital and DTS technologies. 2 GB of RAM is responsible for the speed of work, and there is 8 GB of flash memory for storing data and applications. Ports and connectors are as follows: AV, three HDMIs, USB, Ethernet (RJ-45), as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The approximate price tag of this TV is $330.

  • Store prices

Sony KDL-40WD653

Sony KDL-40WD653 is the oldest model in our top (2016) and at the same time one of the most expensive (about $385). At the same time, the smart TV is still popular and all thanks to its excellent image quality and color reproduction. The owners also note the fast operation of applications, pleasant sound and stylish design. Of the shortcomings, the old version of smart TV is noted, which is why the menu design has long been outdated.

Sony KDL-40WD653 40″ Full HD model with Direct LED backlighting and 50Hz refresh rate. Of the unusual, there is even support for PAL, SECAM and NTSC television standards. Although for 2016, perhaps this was the norm. There are a pair of 5W speakers with Dolby Digital and DTS, and the scattering of inputs and ports is as follows: SCART, a pair of HDMI, two USB, Ethernet (RJ-45), Wi-Fi 802.11n, Miracast.

  • Store prices


What do you think about the topic of the article? Do you have a regular or smart TV? What models do you recommend, what should you pay attention to when choosing, and what should you avoid? Share your experience in the comments and recommend models that are not in our top.

How to choose a TV in the summer of 2023?. Top 8 most modern TVs for every taste

Perhaps the fastest growing class of equipment
today – televisions and displays. Devices make quantum quality jumps a little
whether not every year – so, those who wish to choose TV for the home today will be where
roam. We have collected for you eight of the most
spectacular televisions
as of summer 2023.

8. Hisense A6H

best cheap TV

Type – LED | Panel – IPS |
Resolution – 4K |
Diagonals – 43″ 50″ 55″ 65″ 70″ 75″

reasonable price, good quality

Cons – no extended color palette

Verdict – the choice of economical hosts

Hisense A6H is a great example of “master on
all hands”. The model starts from a diagonal size of 43″, and the older device at
line boasts as much as a 75 ”display. The price will please even the most
zealous owners – and even the lack of a local dimming option is not here
seems somewhat disappointing. 4K IPS panel is a proven classic,
which can satisfy even the most demanding moviegoers. Cons here, except perhaps in Dolby Vision, HDR – formats
are supported, but without extended color gamut do not reveal their full benefits.
But Google TV OS will offer a lot of applications for
everyone and everyone.

7. TCL 5
Series/S555 QLED

best budget TV

Type – LED | Panel – VA | Resolution – 4K |
Diagonals – 50″ 55″ 65″ 75″

excellent picture, high brightness

Cons – only 60 Hz sweep

Verdict – solid budget device

TCL 5 Series are diagonals from 50 to 75
inches, its own local dimming system, a modern VA 4K panel and really high brightness in SDR mode. If you are a gamer then
the model will not become a priority option due to the 60 Hz sweep, but in all other
cases, this TV seems to be a very good choice. For similar quality
A few years ago they asked for twice as much money. The icing on the cake is Roku OS with tons of streaming options.

6. Hisense U8H

best TV for those who want to spend
less and more

Type – LED | Panel – VA | Resolution – 4K |
Diagonals – 55″ 65″ 75″

Local Dimming Mini

Cons – nothing significant

Verdict – optimal choice

Hisense U8H – one of the most
balanced “price / quality” models on the market. The device offers
stunning high brightness level, so this TV is suitable for
viewing even in a sunlit room. Local dimming Mini LED, while guaranteeing sufficient (for LCD TV) depth
black field – so, in the evenings, you will also not be disappointed in the quality
Pictures, cinema effect model achieves. The correctness of the color palette,
again, on top, and it’s hard to complain about the Google TV OS.

5. TCL 6-Series Roku TV

the best TV for gamers

Type – LED | Panel – VA | Resolution – 4K |
Diagonals – 55″ 65″ 75″

120Hz sweep

Cons – not always perfect HDR performance

Verdict – another step forward for TCL

120 Hz sweep – fans of video games will be satisfied. In addition, TCL 6-Series is also the highest contrast with a proprietary algorithm
“Contrast Control Zones”, very high brightness and Roku reference operating system
TV. chide the model
you can only for sometimes not too correct work in HDR; search with brightness goes to
favor games, but cinema may require further adjustment.


the best TV for fans OLED

Type – OLED | Panel – WOLED |
Resolution – 4K |
Diagonals – 42″ 48″ 55″ 65″ 77″ 83″

reference black color

Cons – brightness is not the highest

Verdict – ultra-perfect OLED can turn your head

black color is the creed and the main advantage of OLED technology. latest generation
LG devices, C2 OLED, offers
not only an infinite dark field, but also quite high (although for the time being
incomparable with LCD competitors) brightness. At the same time, LG C2 OLED is relatively inexpensive by the standards of this technology and
offers a fantastic spectacular picture that in the movies, that in video games, that
in sports broadcasts. If you have a bigger budget, you can consider more
bright model from the LG C3 OLED series.

3. Samsung QN90B QLED

best advanced TV

Type – LED | Panel – VA | Resolution – 4K |
Diagonals – 43″ 50″ 55″ 65″ 75″ 85″

ideal for heavily lit rooms, 120Hz

Cons – black is good (Mini LED) but not perfect

Verdict – universal TV

QLED compete with OLED? In a way, yes, especially if
before us Samsung QN90B QLED. This device shows
incredibly cool, delivers reference brightness and excellent blacks
(thanks to Mini LED technology). An HDMI 2.1 port with 4K 120Hz is the choice of true gamers, while screen sizes up to 85″ will satisfy even those considering a purchase.
projector as an alternative.

2. Sony A95K

best TV for DC

Type – OLED | Panel – QD-OLED |
Resolution – 4K |
Diagonals – 55″ 65″

QD-OLED grabs the stars from the sky!

Cons – price

Verdict – one of the best devices on the market

QD-OLED technology is the cutting edge of modern
progress. This type of matrix (as in the Samsung S95B OLED described below) guarantees a synthesis of the advantages of two approaches.
(infinite black for OLED and the highest brightness for LED). Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10+ movies on the Sony A95K OLED are shocking and
awe” – the right word, it is impossible to imagine something better than what you can expect.

1. Samsung S95B

best High End TV

Type – OLED | Panel – QD-OLED |
Resolution – 4K |
Diagonals – 55″ 65″

reference image in every sense

Cons – as usual – price

Verdict – QD-OLED
shows the best results in 2023

One more
triumph of new technologies. Samsung S95B
OLED uses the
same QD-OLED matrix as the Sony A95K OLED. Achieving incredible black depth and stunning brilliance, the model
literally blows you out of your chair. Cherry on the cake – Tizen OS with
many streaming applications and 120Hz scanning.