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Best 46-48 inch TV 2019/2020, Editors Choice, 4K, LED

Top Recommended 46″ – 48″ LCD Televisions

by Robert Wiley

(chosen by editors Robert Wiley, Jack Burden and Phil Conner)

See our Best 46-48 inch LCD and LED TV editor’s choice top recommended HDTVs for price, value and quality compiled from all the choices on the market for the year and selected by our expert reviewers.

TCL 49S305    
Editor’s Choice: Best Price 

This is one of the best value models you will find in the market and it has the excellent Roku TV platform. For $299 it’s a great deal.

Read Review

Sony XBR49X800D
Editor’s Choice: Best Quality

The XBR49X800D is an excellent TV in this size range. There are not many quality offerings in this size anymore. The picture is noticeably cleaner and clearer with up-scaled and converted HD programming. This is due to the new 4K Processor X1 engine incorporated into the X800D series. Read review

LG 49UH6500
Editor’s Choice: Best Quality

This is another quality option in the 49” size with 4K and a 120Hz panel. It sells for $100 less than the Sony above.Read review

TCL 48FS3750
Editor’s Choice: Best Quality

At $329 this TCL will likely not impress with picture quality but the Roku Smart TV function is fantastic.Read review

Vizio D48-D0
Editor’s Choice: Best Quality

Another great value option from Vizio, it has clean image edges and great color.Read review

Sony XBR49X830C 4K UHD TV
Editor’s Choice: Best Quality

The 49X830C is much improved over the X850B from last year. The picture is noticeably cleaner and clearer with up-scaled and converted HD programming. This is due to the new 4K Processor X1 engine incorporated into the X830C series. Read review

Samsung UN48JU6700 4K UHD
Editor’s Choice: Best Quality

The UN48JU6700 4K LED TV from Samsung is one of lower end 4K offerings for Samsung but still has ample features like Smart TV offerings, UHD Picture Dimming, a quad core processor, and a contrast enhancer. It also has a curved screen for a cool look all for $1100. Read review

Vizio e48-C2 LED 1080p
Editor’s Choice: Best Budget Model

This inexpensive Vizio model sells for around $509, has solid picture quality and most of the necessary Smart TV Apps. Has 3 HDMI inputs. Read review

Vizio M49-C1 4K UHD LED
Editor’s Choice: Best Value

We recently gave this model a 94/100 score in Value. Vizio has a very complete offering in the M-series 4K series. You get value and 4K UHD resolution in one package for $769. We were impressed by the upscaling quality in recent testing. Read review

LG 49LF6300 LED 1080p

Another $999 offering, this LG has lots of nice features like the excellent Magic Remote and an IPS panel for better side angle viewing. Read review

Recommended 46″-48″ LCD and LED TV Models for 2014

Samsung UN46EH5000      Editor’s Choice: Price
40″ Edge Lit LED-LCD TV

rice/Value is the main focus of this model and at $460 for a 46” 1080p LED TV that is quite an offer. We were surprised Samsung elected to include 1080p resolution with this model as most discount basic 32” LED models that compete are only 720p. However, the basic 60hz processing speed does apply even though Samsung applies their CMR (clear motion rate) technology to enhance processing speed (using LED edge it manipulation) to CMR 120.

Vizio E480i-B2      Editor’s Choice: Price
48″ Smart LED TV 1080p 

The Vizio E480i-B2 is loaded with picture features that really boost the picture quality. The full-array LED backlighting achieves much better peak whites and deeper blacks than seen on previous versions of the E series.

Sony KDL-48W600B      Editor’s Choice: Value
48″ Smart LED TV 1080p 

Colors rendition on these new Sony TVs is exceptional and not over-saturated. The fact that the TVs calibrate easily to D6500K speaks to their color accuracy. The backlight is extremely powerful and can overpower color in the 48W600B so keep it moderated.

LG 47LB5800     
47″ Smart LED TV 1080p 

The 47LB5800 goes pretty light on the picture quality features, but that is a trade-off for keeping the cost down. The LB5800 is really aimed at shoppers looking to score a deal for a decent sized LED backlit TV. Since it is a backlit TV we see good levels of brightness and contrast. Light flow through is another strong point.

Samsung UN46H7150      Editor’s Choice: Quality
46″ Smart LED TV 1080p 

The picture quality on the UN48H7150 is as good as it gets for a flat panel 1080p LED TV from Samsung this year. The H8000 is 1080p, but with a curved screen. The picture qualities are very similar (we’ve reviewed them side by side) and the key to this is the clear coat screen and similar contrast levels.

Recommended 46″ LCD and LED TV Models for 2013

LG 47LA6900      Editor’s Choice: Value
47″ LED HDTV 1080p 

This 47 inch entry into the 6900 series is the replacement for the 47LM6700 from last year. If you were wondering, the incredible value has carried over. This TV is fully loaded with the Cinema Screen Design, 120Hz panel, upgraded Smart TV features, and great sound.

Samsung UN46F7100     
46″ LED HDTV 1080p 

The UN46F7100 has Smart Hub like the other mid and top level LEDs and plasmas of the 2013/2014 Samsung lineup. The difference for this year is a newly redesigned interface aimed at providing a more intuitive user experience. Voice recognition has also been improved upon making it a great feature for the UN46F7100.


Sony KDL-47W802A      Editor’s Choice: Quality
47″ LED HDTV 1080p 

This second tier model has a great processing engine called the X-reality Pro which is a step up from the X-Reality engine from last years KDL-47HX750. Sony’s color performance on this TV is very accurate and realistic with good saturation levels. This is the first foray into passive 3D for Sony as well.

Samsung UN46F6300      Editor’s Choice: Value
46″ LED HDTV 1080p 

The UN46F6300 ditches the micro dimming of the F6400, but the picture quality is still strong. Black performance on the F6300 is a strong point. You’ll see dark and inky blacks that show some improvement previous models, but it’s important to keep the backlight at the right setting. Whether this TV is for gaming or watching sports, the 120Hz panel on the F6300 is going to deliver a smooth picture.

Vizio E470i-A0      Editor’s Choice: Price
46″ LED HDTV 1080p 

The E470i gets rid of the slim Razor design, but keeps everything else like the 120Hz panel and all the Vizio Internet Apps. It also comes at an incredible value at right around $600. Similar TVs from the big name manufacturers are going to run closer to $900.

Recommended 46″ LCD and LED TV Models for 2012

Sony KDL-46EX640      Editor’s Choice: Price
46″ LED HDTV 1080p 

With much the same feature set as the Panasonic listed above (Smart TV but no 3D) this sony has a semi-matte screen finish which hurts side angle viewing somewhat. However, it has great color rendition and very sound processing along with great appearance in a new framing design.

Panasonic TC-L47E50      Editor’s Choice: Price
46″ LED HDTV 1080p 

This LED edge Lit backlighting LCD sells for just $847 and has excellent side angle viewing for an LED-LCD HDTV. Off center viewing is a problem for most of the TVs on this list except the two LGs listed above. While the TCL47E50 is not 3D compatible, it does have Internet Smart TV capability as added features.

Samsung LN46E550      Editor’s Choice: Price
46″ LED HDTV 1080p 

While this is a simple throwback LCD CCFL TV we have liked Samsung’s LCD TVs for several years. They are not improving but maintaining what was already a very good offering. This 46″ entry is only $647 or so from authorized dealers and will perform admirably.

Samsung UN46ES7500      Editor’s Choice: Quality
46″ LED 3D HDTV 1080p 

Though it will cost almost $2000 the UN46ES7500 is chock full of features. If Smart Interaction (voice command, motion gesture control) is a play toy you will enjoy and you want the latest and greatest that a TV has to offer even in 46″ then the 46ES7500 is for you – stunning appearance included. Active 3D full 1080p.

LG 47LM7600     
47″ Cinema 3D 1080p LED HDTV

Priced around $1500 you get tons of features with this frame-less TV. You literally can hardly tell there is a frame when sitting front and center except for the bottom of the screen. The picture quality is superb with great light flow. There are few great Apps included in the Smart TV selection and many not worth opening, but it’s very easy to use the built in web browser via the built in Wifi. The Magic remote is included. Passive 3D with 6 pairs of glasses included. See the full review.

LG 47LM6700      Editor’s Choice: Value
47″ Cinema 3D 1080p LED HDTV 

Just a slight feature set different than the LM7600 the 47LM6700 has pretty much the same feature set except that the Hz rate is 120 rather than the 240hz rate of the LM7600. It is an excellent performer once you get accustomed to using the Magic remote. Side viewing angles are very good for an LED TV. Finally, it will save you a couple hundred dollars.

Samsung UN46EH6000      Editor’s Choice: Value
1080p Edge Lit LED-LCD Television 

If you want an excellent High Definition performer without all the extra features like 3D and Internet TV, then the UN46EH6000 might be your go-to. For less than $1000 you get a superb HD picture quality and some pretty decent up-conversion from standard definition signals as well. The clear coat screen technology that the UN46EH6000 contains is one of our favorites for 2012.

Toshiba 46L5200U      Editor’s Choice: Price
46″ Edge Lit LED-LCD TV 

At under $800 this LED edge lit 46″ model contains some great features such as the new Aero design that is a very nice 2012 innovation from Toshiba. We’ve tested lots of these LED TVs from Toshiba and can attest to the many picture quality attributes that the Dynalight Backlight Control feaures and 120Hz refresh rate.

Panasonic TC-L47DT50     
55″ 1080p 3D LED TV

Panasonic is deep in LED-LCD edge lit TVs for 2012 and the 47DT50 exemplifies their best efforts. It has the super looks with quarter inch frame of silver and very thin depth. Wide viewing angles are a strong point of this TV and it features a full web browser that is new for the 2012. The DT50 comes equipped with the full Viera Cast Internet TV suite which is hosted “in-the-cloud.” See the full review.

LG 47CS570      Editor’s Choice: Price
47″ 1080p LCD HDTV 

This 47″ LCD TV has the triple XD engine from LG that will provide excellent processing power and good strong picture quality. But the main feature of this TV is its price of less than $800 for those that do not want to pay more for 3D, Internet, and LED backlighting. It has some upgraded appearance and 120Hz processing for fast motion scenes included.

Top Recommended 46″ LCD Televisions for 2011

Samsung LN46D630      Editor’s Choice: Value
46″ LCD TV 

Alongside it’s LED TV series, Samsung continues to offer traditionally backlit LCD televisions. The D630 series replaces 2010’s C630 series. We liked the C650 series a lot when we reviewed it and found it to be a great value with a great picture. The 630 line was the same as the 650 without internet connectivity features. This year the 630includes WiFi and the new Allshare feature but is still doesn’t go online.

Samsung UN46D8000 Editor’s Choice: Quality
46″ LED Television

Samsung’s D8000 series is their top end model for 2011 and early 2012. It has loads of features with and the most advanced Ultra clear Screen panel, 3D and edge lit LED backlighting. It comes in 3 different sizes, 65 inch, 55 inch and 46 inch. The QWERTY Remote and full web browser are nice extras.

Samsung UN46D6000     
46″ LCD TV 1080p

In last years C6500 we noticed inconsistency across gray scales especially in blue tones. Those mistakes are corrected in the D6000. Color rendition in the D6000 is accurate, realistic and vibrant – all three traits we look for in color quality. In scenes from the Blu Ray version of Troy we noted greens and blues as spot on with the odd turquoise and gold uniform colors of the Spartans. Blacks appear inky and saturated from front and center. Dark Shadow detail is also above average. Color uniformity looked good to us except at side angles. See the full review and video review of the UN46D6000

Sony KDL-46EX720     
46″ LED Television

“I’m a big fan of the appearance of this TV. It has a piano black satin finish rather than high gloss which looks refined and expensive. The framing bezel is only an inch thick and the bottom of the panel remains minimalistic and does not have the gray strip from last year. The EX720 is only 1.68″ deep and that includes a small flange that sticks out from the back bottom. 95% of the TV is only 1″ in depth.” – Robert Wiley, see the full review of the Sony KDL-46EX720

LG 46LK520      Editor’s Choice: Price
46″ LCD TV 

LG may have little competition in the large LCD TV category. Not many of the other manufacturers seem interested in competing for this value oriented space.

Everyone is on the the latest and greatest 3D TVs and LED TVs, but dont underestimate some of these excellent little LCD TVs for delivering the best value (along with plasma) in the marketplace. From past reviews and viewing at CES we know that this TV has a strong picture performance

Sharp LC-46LE830U     
46″ LED Television

The LE830 is the replacement for the popular LE820 series from Sharp’s 2010 lineup. The TV contains all the best edge lit picture quality features that Sharp has except the panel is 120Hz instead of 240Hz. It is designed for those that want the best picture and a great looking set, but do not care about 3D TV inclusion.

C3 48-Inch OLED evo TV (OLED48C3PUA)

Purchase an eligible OLED or QNED LG TV and receive free Wall mounting by Handy (up to a $164.99 value). Savings will be reflected in the cart when all offer requirements are met. If any of the qualifying items are removed from the cart, returned or part of the order is cancelled, the promotional savings will be void. Handy wall mounting service must be added to the original TV order and is not redeemable separately. Wall mounting by Handy includes installation of TV mounting bracket, mounting of TV and load testing the hardware. Wall mount not included and must be purchased separately (unless noted for the OLED G series). Prices and offers are non-redeemable for cash and non-transferable. Available only on from June 19, 2023 through July 16, 2023. Availability, prices and terms of offer are subject to change without notice. [Click here for Handy full terms: LG + Handy.]

Qualifying TVs:


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9 Best 48 inch TVs – Ranked 2023

By Admin Reading 38 min Views 2. 4k. Posted by

To find a 48″ TV that fully meets your personal preferences, requirements for functionality and ease of use. In the absence of technical knowledge and current offers on the electronics market, it is extremely difficult to do this. It will take a lot of time to select a really worthy TV, and no one will guarantee that a number of mistakes will not be made. For example, it might not include the right port, a picture setting option, support for smart features, or the ability to install the right apps. As a result, the purchased first TV that comes across will not bring anything but negative emotions, and most likely it will not be possible to use it comfortably.

Therefore, a reasonable solution would be to use the information from the expert rating of the best TVs, which was compiled this year and includes the most worthy models. It includes functional and reliable TVs that provide maximum opportunities for their price, are ergonomic and have excellent build quality. With a thoughtful approach, weighing each decision made, any errors will be excluded.


  1. Sony KD-48A9
  3. Samsung UE48JU6690U
  5. Samsung UE49MU8000U
  6. Sony KD-49XG7096
  8. 900 13 Samsung UE49N5570AU

  9. Sony KD-49XH8596

Sony KD-48A9

Check out the design

TV Sony KD-48A9 is made in a thin-frame housing, has a minimalist design style, so it can easily blend in with the interior of any type of room. Due to the powerful and reliable metal frame, a number of problems associated with the movement or installation of the TV are eliminated. An OLED matrix is ​​installed, which is able to form a clear and detailed picture with an impressive level of realism. Ports for connecting external devices are located on the left end and bottom parts, access to them is convenient. The standard stand has a massive thin base that provides a stable position of the panel and does not affect the attractiveness of the appearance.

This model has a modern X1 Ultimate image processor installed, which completely eliminates situations with slowdowns or the appearance of artifacts in dynamic scenes. Deinterlacing and upscaling functions are implemented in real time without delay. When watching TV broadcasts, the scrolling line is displayed very smoothly and the text is clearly visible, which is not always well implemented even for high-end TVs.

4K native resolution 60Hz sensor;

Dolby Vision and HDR10 surround enhancement features;

The Android TV 9 operating system is installed with a high level of compatibility with most of the software presented in the Google Play Market;

Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth;

Connectable to Apple HomeKit or Google Home smart home system;

Built-in high quality 25W stereo speakers with Acoustic Surface technology;

3-port USB hub;

CI/CI+ access card slot;

Optimal OS performance with 4-core Cortex-A73, 2.5 GB RAM, 16 GB storage;

Color depth 10 bit;

Support for automatic sound leveling.

The response of programs is average, delays are noticeable when performing a number of tasks;

Slight glare visible at the corners of the screen.











Excellent functional TV, made in a minimalist style, equipped with a high-quality high-speed screen, as well as good stereo speakers . The level of ergonomics is optimal, since access to the ports is provided in any installation method. The performance of the operating system is sufficient for comfortable everyday use of familiar functions.


Check out the design

The LG OLED48C2RLA Smart TV runs on WebOS operating system, providing excellent out-of-the-box functionality. Equipped with an OLED screen with a diagonal of 48″ and native support for a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels at a screen refresh rate of 120 Hz. The picture looks realistic thanks to rich colors and a good level of brightness. The presence of a light sensor allows you to automatically adjust the image quality to ensure high comfort when watching movies or TV shows. To improve surround perception, Dolby Vision, HDR 10 Pro is supported.

The TV set has a minimalist design but is very attractive. Frameless design allows you to fully immerse yourself in movie scenes and enjoy watching. For fixing on a horizontal surface, a standard stand with a wide base is provided. It is also possible to mount the panel on the wall using a bracket. On the back side there are USB, HDMI, RS-232 (technological), RJ-45 ports.

Excellent operating system performance;

Stylish modern design, thin bezel design;

Cinema HDR support;

40W quality 2.2 speaker system delivering Dolby Atmos surround sound;

Built-in 3 port USB hub;

Self-illuminating pixel sensor for realistic and vivid picture;

Color depth 10 bit;

Airplay, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi;

Innovative image processor that delivers superb picture quality regardless of frame size;

Pixel Dimming backlight control technology;

Support for 9 picture modes;

Compatible with LG Smart ThinQ smart home system;

178° wide viewing angle sensor with 120 Hz refresh rate;

G-Sync and FreeSync adaptive sync technologies;

Smartphone audio streaming to TV, Bluetooth Surround supported.

Poor implementation of dynamic contrast;

There is a color shift effect when viewing the screen from an angle;

The webOS operating system supports a small number of programs.








10 /10



high-quality matrix, speakers with a decent level of power, as well as all the necessary ports for connecting external devices. For the money, a great option for organizing a home theater.

Samsung UE48JU6690U

Check out the design

The Samsung UE48JU6690U TV is powered by the proprietary Tizen operating system, which provides excellent functionality out of the box. A universal SVA matrix is ​​installed with support for a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The native resolution of 3840×2160 pixels is optimal for the diagonal of the matrix, the picture is detailed, rich and bright. Color depth 8 bit. The dynamic contrast ratio is 1M:1, Frame rate control is supported, making the picture look smooth and realistic. The surface of the matrix is ​​coated with a glossy anti-reflective coating, which copes well with the appearance of reflections of interior items, which ensures a high level of comfort when watching movies and TV shows.

Stylish modern case design, thin bezel design;

Sturdy TV stand with original shape and attractive appearance;

20W quality speaker system with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound reproduction, DTS Premium Sound 5.1 and auto leveling;

Built-in USB hub for connecting external drives;

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless modules;

Slot for access cards to paid channels CI/CI+;

Minimum power consumption;

VESA brackets;

Universal tuner for analogue and digital channels;

High Tizen OS performance with 4-core Hawk-M processor;

Proprietary technologies Auto Motion Plus, PurColor to improve picture quality.

Slight backlight visible at the corners of the screen;

The Tizen operating system supports a limited number of applications.








9/ 10



just high-quality, but a great picture, as well as a stylish modern design and built-in acoustics with optimal parameters. On board there are all the necessary ports for connecting external devices, access to which is convenient. For the money, a great option for organizing a home theater.


Check out the design. It runs on the webOS 6.0 operating system, which has excellent performance and a high degree of security when connected to the Internet. There are no problems with providing the required functionality, since all the necessary applications are available. The TV is made in a stylish plastic case with a frameless design. On the rear end there are all the necessary ports for connecting external devices: USB, HDMI, RJ-45. Airplay, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Miracast wireless connections are supported.

Although the TV is thin, the sound quality from the built-in 20W speakers is decent. There are no extraneous noises, the entire range of sound frequencies is perfectly audible clearly.

Discount of the day!

Image quality


Screen size and aspect ratio






Voted: 2

OLED panel with decent picture performance and optimum performance;

Color depth 10 bit;

Implemented game mode for connecting consoles, supports VRR and ALLM;

Dolby Vision, HLG image enhancement technologies;

Intelligent upscaling technology;

Universal digital tuner capable of receiving cable, terrestrial and satellite TV channels;

CI+ slot for pay TV access cards;

Can be used in conjunction with smart home systems from Apple, LG, Yandex;

Good quality built-in speakers.

Unreliable standard TV stands;

Bluetooth headphone connection not supported;

Insufficient brightness level for full implementation of HDR;

Limited number of applications that are installed on webOS.











Good TV, excellent functionality, easy to use , reliable, has excellent build quality. A matrix is ​​installed with good color reproduction and support for an extended dynamic range of contrast, acoustics with decent reproduction of the entire range of audio frequencies. Despite the installed webOS, there are no restrictions on the use of the necessary applications.

Samsung UE49MU8000U

Check out the design an excellent level of functionality, an excellent clear picture with impressive detail and built-in acoustics with quality surround sound. A VA-type matrix with a native resolution of 3840×2160 pixels performs well when displaying static and dynamic scenes. The level of realism is high, the color quality is 10 bits. To view a video signal with a lower resolution, upscaling technology is implemented, thanks to an interpolation index of 2600, there is no color distortion or detail. Viewing angles maximum 178°.

Stylish case design, slim frame design with convenient connectors for connecting external devices;

Optimum sensor performance with 100Hz frame rate and <8ms response time;

Local Dimming, Mega Contrast, Dynamic Crystal Color for image enhancement;

3 USB ports available;

Bluetooth, WiDi, Wi-Fi wireless technologies;

CI/CI+ access card slot;

Excellent quality built-in acoustics due to the presence of 2 full-range speakers and a subwoofer;

Dolby Digital, Dolby Surround, DTS support;

Bright, even backlighting of the Edge LED screen;

Glossy anti-reflective coating that prevents reflections of interior items on the screen;

Tizen smart platform that provides great functionality out of the box.

UHD video may experience stuttering or frame drops;

Non-critical artifacts may be present in dynamic scenes;

Not very convenient and intuitive operating system interface; Unreliable standard stand;

The remote control is uncomfortable, poorly made of cheap plastic.








9 /10



A very decent TV for comfortable watching TV and movies on a wide screen with high realism of color reproduction and detailing of objects. Due to the use of Tizen OS, it is necessary to know in advance whether the required function is implemented. In general, there are no significant complaints about this model; it is quite worthy to take pride of place in the living room or bedroom.

Sony KD-49XG7096

Check out the design sty, brightness and contrast. The viewing angles of the display are 178 °, there are no color distortions in the entire range. Although the screen refresh rate is 50 Hz, when displaying dynamic scenes, frames are not torn, the geometry of objects is preserved. This setting is optimal for viewing most types of video formats by ensuring smooth frame transitions. Thanks to Motionflow XR interpolation technology, there is no graininess, the detailing of objects is at an optimal level. The image processing speed is at a high level due to the installed powerful 4-core processor. The brightness level is an impressive 450 nits, providing maximum comfort when watching TV in any room light intensity. Static contrast ratio is typical 1000:1.

Dual band Wi-Fi;

The matrix is ​​made using the unique Triluminos technology, supports native 4K resolution;

The operating system uses Linux, providing a wide range of user options and an excellent level of configurability to personal preferences;

Availability of digital and analog video for connecting external devices;

Built-in 3 port USB hub;

CI/CI+ slot for pay-per-view cards;

High-quality built-in speaker system, supports Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, Bass Reflex;

Stylish bezelless body with excellent ergonomics and classic form factor;

Powerful 4K X-Reality Pro GPU;

Extended contrast dynamic range support;

Built-in media player capable of playing all modern video file formats from external drives.

Insufficient black depth;

High-frequency noise is heard from the built-in power supply, which is clearly audible at night;

Light sensor missing;

Application store to enhance the TV functionality is not supported.








9 /10



the level of detail of objects, has a stylish appearance, and also provides users with an optimal level of functionality. Suitable for installation in living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms, as it will be in perfect harmony with the environment.


Assess the design

LG OLED48A2RLA TV is made in a stylish thin -frame case, has a laconic strict look due to the minimalistic design style. A 10-bit color matrix is ​​installed, the natively supported resolution is 3840×2160 pixels, which is optimal for a 48″ diagonal. With wide 178° viewing angles, the whole family can sit in front of the TV and enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows in comfort. The matrix is ​​fast due to the response time of only 1 ms, which will allow you to easily connect game consoles to HDMI and enjoy the gameplay without distortion of the geometry of objects or artifacts. The refresh rate is 120Hz, so dynamic scenes look very natural. HDR 10 Pro dynamic contrast ratio has been implemented to improve the depth of perception of the picture.

This model runs on WebOS, which provides the required level of functionality. Although the number of supported applications is limited, there will be no problems with a number of popular streaming services and information programs.

Advanced Alfa7 Gen 5 AI Processor capable of processing and enhancing image quality in real time;

Stylish body design, minimalist design, frameless design;

Availability of all necessary ports for connecting video signal sources, as well as drives;

Wireless support via Airplay, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi;

Ability to connect to the “smart home” system;

Built-in 20W stereo speakers provide optimum sound quality without background noise or distortion;

HDR 10 Pro dynamic contrast support;

Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital surround sound enhancement technologies;

Fast sensor with 120Hz high refresh rate is installed.

Not supported by VRR;

Unevenly lit areas may be visible on the image sensor.








9/ 10



, therefore, provides users with excellent image quality, wide possibilities for connecting external devices, as well as excellent functionality thanks to the webOS smart platform. Despite the high cost, due to the high level of performance and manufacturability, it will fully meet all expectations, since the technical characteristics are impressive.

Samsung UE49N5570AU

Check out the design

Samsung UE49N5570AU screen with a diagonal of 48″ for minimal money. A resolution of 1920×1080 pixels is supported, which is clearly insufficient for such a matrix, however, the picture quality is quite acceptable when placing viewers at a distance of at least 1. 5 m from the TV. Otherwise, pixelation will be noticeable. The frame refresh rate is 50 Hz, while watching regular TV broadcasts the picture is clear, detailed, there are no distortions, but if it is 60 Hz from the signal source, slight flickering may be noticeable with peripheral vision. To improve the perception of the picture implemented dynamic contrast HDR. Thanks to the Edge LED backlight, the matrix is ​​evenly illuminated without glare.

Wide viewing angle sensor with eye-pleasing color reproduction;

Strict thin-frame body design, decent level of ergonomics, easy access to connection ports;

Stereo loudspeakers reproduce the sound without distortion, the function of auto-leveling of the volume is perfectly realized, as well as the surround sound of Dolby Digital, Surround Sound;

Excellent color reproduction with PurColor technology;

Micro Dimming Pro, capable of improving image detail, as well as fine-tuning brightness and color temperature;

Airplay, Wi-Fi, Miracast wireless technologies;

CI/CI+ slot for pay TV access cards;

Ability to interact with the “smart home” Yandex;

Alice voice assistant support.

Unstable standard stand, with slight mechanical impact, the TV starts to sway a little;

Outdated remote control design;

Screen refresh rate is 50 Hz.

Appearance 9Total


video streams over the Internet, as well as video files from external drives. Although the resolution of the Full HD matrix, the picture looks decent, the color reproduction and detail is excellent.

Sony KD-49XH8596

Check out the design

Smart TV Sony KD-49XH8596 runs Android TV operating system, supports installation of applications from the Google Play Market, so there will be no problems with the functionality. A universal VA matrix with a diagonal of 48.5″ and a native resolution of 3840×2160 pixels is installed. Thanks to proprietary Triluminos technology, the image quality due to the excellent color reproduction is impressive. Support for Dolby Vision and HDR10 is implemented to ensure complete immersion in virtual movie scenes. There are no complaints about the accuracy of the displayed colors, however, slight uneven backlighting may be noticeable, which in general does not spoil the positive impression of this TV. The screen refresh rate is 100 Hz, so there is no flicker, dynamic scenes look realistic and detailed.

Native 4K fast sensor;

Stylish case design, simple design;

Android TV smart platform with good support for modern applications;

Connectable to Apple Home Kit;

Built-in 20W stereo speakers with good sound quality;

Dynamic contrast formats Dolby Vision, HDR10;

Optimal embedded application performance: no freezes or stuttering;

Maximum screen viewing angles 178°;

Built-in 3 port USB hub;

CI/CI+ connector;

Optimum internal storage capacity 16 GB.

The build quality of the case leaves much to be desired, since gaps are visible at the joints, the plastic creaks under slight mechanical stress;

Uneven screen backlight, especially noticeable against a dark background;

Unsteady unreliable standard stands;

The remote control has an outdated design.








10/ 10



Good TV for home use with solid average technical characteristics and affordable price. Made in a frameless case, has excellent ergonomics, allows you to install various applications from the Google Play Market. The picture quality is excellent, there are no complaints about it.

This rating includes only the best TVs with screens whose diagonals are 48 °. Models from various price categories are presented with an excellent level of functionality, equipment, design, equipment, as well as technical characteristics. All of them are reliable, have an attractive appearance and good ergonomics, so they can last at least 5 years. However, due to the fact that each buyer has his own personal preferences, requirements for technical and software equipment, it is recommended to independently choose the optimal model from the list presented. Only with a competent approach, after a thorough study of information about the advantages and disadvantages, as well as a personal examination of the model of interest, the likelihood of making various mistakes will be reduced to zero. The lack of haste when buying a TV will have a positive effect on the ease of use of a precisely matched model.

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The best 48-inch TVs for 2021 The LCD TV for home use is always a priority, it has recently evolved from a simple “box” to a functional gadget that allows you to get information, surf the web, play your favorite games and much more.

the device is a large sum.In order not to overpay, stop at the average diagonal of the screen.All cool models are included in the TOP 5 best 48″ TVs for 2021 in terms of image quality and other characteristics.When compiling it, the opinion of experts and customer reviews taken from popular forums were taken into account So there is no doubt about the relevance and functionality of the considered models.

  • Orion PT-122ZhK-140TsT
  • Sony KDL-48WD653
  • Philips 48HFL2869T
  • Samsung UE48JS9000T

Orion PT-122ZhK-140TsT

5th place

The relatively cheap Orion PT-122ZhK-140TsT TV, which has already managed to earn the trust of buyers on the market, is on the 5th place in the rating. In short, it is as simple as five cents. That is what makes it special. Display with Full HD quality, resolution 1920×1080 pixels and a refresh rate of 60 Hz is capable of producing an absolutely clear picture with excellent color reproduction. Built-in DVB-T2 allows you to receive an antenna signal, and 12 W stereo sound allows you to watch TV shows in comfort. This TV is inexpensive, but good, as it combines excellent features and is not expensive.

Sony KDL-48WD653

4th place

4th place is occupied by an inexpensive top-level TV – Sony KDL-48WD653. According to many users, today this model is able to give the owner a qualitatively new level of sensations for watching movies, programs or football – all dynamic moments will look as clear as possible, smoothly and with rich colors. All this on a Full HD screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 dots. Direct LED backlighting, 200Hz refresh rate, progressive scan and 24p True Cinema feature will keep you entertained when watching movies of any genre. And horror fans will be surprised by the surround sound from two 5 W speakers with Dolby Digital support. Of course, there is such a characteristic of the TV as SMART TV, Wi-fi, Skype and DLNA. In addition, a huge number of all kinds of intelligent functions are opened, access to which gives an intuitively simple and convenient menu.

Philips 48HFL2869T

3rd place

Opens the top 3 TOP quality TV from the manufacturer Philips – 48HFL2869T. This popular model, which has everything you need for comfortable use. The large screen with true Full HD quality ensures that small details are perfectly clear on the display at a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. A high-quality matrix and a frame rate of 50 Hz make watching any movie or TV show unforgettable. Special effects, on this screen size, look as realistic and colorful as possible. The manufacturer did not provide support for Smart TV in the bottom LED TV. It allows you to view absolutely any content from a conventional antenna thanks to DVB-T2. The presence of other important functions provides a high-quality picture and excellent sound from any source. It has a good sound with a total of 16 watts. A large number of ports (AV, VGA, HDMI x2, USB) allow you to use it as a computer monitor with good resolution and unsurpassed contrast. This is what makes it the best TV for gaming in 2021. As you already understood, it can easily be made the main part of the home entertainment center, and that’s not all. Stylish design and solid appearance will allow you to fit it into the interior of any room. It will be a great choice for the bedroom.


2nd place

On the 2nd place of our TOP is Smart TV premium class LG OLED48CXR, which is the best in terms of price and quality of goods. It has everything necessary for the user to fully enjoy the convenience of using this model. This is a stunning screen with 4k Ultra HD quality and a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels with a proprietary type of OLED matrix. The latest HDR 10 Pro technology and 100Hz refresh rate contribute to high quality content playback. There are built-in tuners, including DVB-T2, for receiving TV signals. This is a solid TV for watching movies thanks to its Dolby Vision feature. Excellent clear stereo sound is reproduced by speakers with a total volume of 40 W, with a Dolby Digital audio decoder. It also has Wi-fi, DLNA and Airplay support, light sensor and voice control in its arsenal. Given all of the above and the fact that this model can also work in the “smart home” system, and is also equipped with energy saving technology, it is safe to say that this is a very cool mid-range TV that will never disappoint its owner. To your attention video review on LG OLED48CXR:

Samsung UE48JS9000T

1st place

The leader of our ranking is the best 48-inch TV for 2021 – UE48JS9000T from Samsung. Today, this model is able to literally transform the space, completely immersing the viewer in everything that happens on the screen. A huge curved screen, which will be equal to 122 in centimeters, with a uniform LED backlight and a high-quality 4k Ultra HD resolution matrix, displays the most realistic picture. The powerful 1200 Hz processor makes color reproduction just perfect.