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  • Luxury Leather Cell Phone Cases with Crossbody Straps – K-Carroll.


    Luxury Leather Cell Phone Cases with Crossbody Straps – K-Carroll.com

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Cell Sleeve (2 Colors)

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    iPhone 12 Cell Sleeve (2 Colors)

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    $29. 99

    iPhone 12 Mini Cell Sleeve (2 Colors)

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    iPhone 11 Pro Max Cell Sleeve (Black)

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    iPhone 11 Cell Sleeve (2 Colors)

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    $29. 99

    Universal Cell Carrier for Androids & iPhones (Black)

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    Phone Card Cling (Multiple Colors)

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    $10. 00

    Phone cases | 220.lv

    Phone case is an essential accessory for every mobile phone that protects against scratches, dust and other dirt. Phone cases also greatly reduce the risk of serious damage to the device if it is accidentally dropped. But not only for the sake of the protective function, they buy phone cases, with their help it is easy to change the appearance of the gadget, giving it one or another desired look. There are shockproof phone cases, in the form of a wallet, wallet, bag, opening book, frames or linings made of different materials. Buying a phone case in Riga, as well as in any other locality in Latvia, is very convenient on the website of our store. In our assortment you will find phone cases not only for the most popular phones, but also for current novelties.

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    7 07 / month

    53 95

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    Case Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Smart View Cover, black. ..

    Compatibility: Galaxy S23 Ultra

    Case type: Openable

    8 29 / month

    63 30

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    iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case with MagSafe

    Compatibility: Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

    Case type: Backs

    31 27

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    Case GUESS for iPhone 14 PRO

    Compatible: Apple iPhone 14 Pro

    Cover type: Backs

    9 98

    14 90

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    Silicone case “SoundBerry” for Samsung Galaxy A52. ..

    Compatibility: A52, A52 (A525), A52 5G, Galaxy A52, Galaxy A52 5G, Galaxy A52s 5G

    19 50

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    Screenor Smart, black

    Compatibility: Magic 5 Lite

    Case type: Openable

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    New Sleep, black

    Compatibility: 13 Lite

    Case type: Openable

    16 01

    23 90

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    Kit for Apple iPhone 13 mini 5D

    Compatibility: Apple iPhone 13 mini, For iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Mini

    Case type: Backs

    11 99

    17 90

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    SoundBerry Kit for Samsung Galaxy S20FE / S20FE . ..

    Compatible: G780 S20 FE, Galaxy S20 FE, Galaxy S20 FE 5G, Galaxy S20FE, S20 FE, S20 FE (G780), S20 FE Fan Edition, S20FE

    Cover type: Backs

    11 99

    17 90

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    SoundBerry kit for Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

    Compatible: A53, A53 5G, A53 5G (A536), A53 5G A536, Galaxy A53, Galaxy A53 5, Galaxy A53 5G, Samsung A53, Samsung Galaxy A53, Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

    Case Type: Sp incas


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    Cross case Realme C33 dark blue

    Compatibility: Redmi Note 12 5G

    Case type: Openable

    The need for a phone case is unlikely to be in anyone’s doubt, another thing is which version of the case is better to prefer. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the range of our e-shop, where you will find comfortable, high-quality covers for phone of any brand, meeting the needs of users with different preferences.

    Phone case – which one to choose?

    • Phone cases – pads on the back cover, compact and almost invisible, especially silicone models, perfectly protect the back and sides from impacts.
    • Open book leather phone cases guarantee a high level of protection as your device is protected from all sides.
    • Case for phone Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 made of soft matte silicone in different shades is not only visually attractive, but also pleasant to the touch. The ring on the back panel is for more convenient use of the smartphone.
    • Functional phone cover for Apple iPhone 12 mini with Magsafe support wireless charging fits tightly to the phone body and provides safe access to all necessary ports and buttons.
    • Case for phones with a special window in the case lid, which closes with a magnet, allows you to display the time and date even when the lid is closed.
    • Stylish phone case is a fashionable and convenient accessory for those who are looking for a unique case to protect their phone.
    • The waterproof phone case is essential for travel and active sports, and guarantees unhindered use of the touch screen even through the case.

    Buy phone case in Riga and Latvia

    Looking for where to buy phone case Samsung latest model? In the 220.lv e-shop at the best price you can buy cases for phones of any brands of such brands as Apple, BlackBerry, Fusion Accessories, Generic, Guess, Hurtel, Huawei, Krusell, Karl Lagerfeld, OEM, Radicover, Smart Magnet, Telone, Samsung and others. We deliver any goods by courier throughout Latvia. Orders can be picked up at our stores in Riga, Liepaja and Daugavpils without additional shipping charges.

    How to choose a mobile phone case, tips and reviews

    Mobile phone case protects your gadget from scratches, chips and other damage, softens the impact when dropped. Such a device performs decorative functions, giving the phone individuality.

    Case protection

    Complete – protection of the smartphone case from all sides from external influences. Full protection is provided by closed cases – expensive and bulky (including a book, flip, shockproof, waterproof).

    Partial – protection of individual sides of the body – more often the back and / or sides. Partially protecting the phone are open cases, which are cheap and compact (for example, a bumper or an overlay).

    Important : The choice of a case with full or partial body protection depends on the conditions in which the smartphone is supposed to be used (normal or extreme, risk of serious impacts, moisture, etc.). Not all cases require full protection of the device. It is worth finding the optimal balance between reliable protection of the gadget on the one hand and an acceptable price and dimensions on the other.

    • Trim
    • Bumper
    • Sports


    Bumper – a frame that protects only the sides of the smartphone case. Since the width of the case is slightly wider than the thickness of the device, the phone in the frame does not come into contact with the surface on which it rests.

    The bumper is the lightest and most compact among cases, but leaves the front (screen) and back of the phone unprotected. In addition, the range of such covers is limited (for gadgets with straight edges). The bumper is made of metal, silicone and plastic.

    Slip cover (cover-cover) – protects the back and sides of the phone case. The slip case is small in size and weight, lacks moving parts, and if necessary, it can be easily removed and put on the gadget. The cover-cover does not interfere with working with the phone, due to which it has become very popular among users.

    Like the bumper, the cover does not protect the front of the phone. Therefore, it is desirable to supplement such a case with a protective film. Cover pad is made of leather, silicone, aluminum, plastic, wood.

    Flip case – thanks to the panel (it folds to the side like a book) protects the screen of the smartphone. This favorably distinguishes the cover-book from the bumper and cover. This holster gives the device a more solid look. Some models with the word “view” in their name have a special window for the date, time and caller’s number.

    The flip case is sometimes used as a stand – it’s convenient for reading e-books or watching videos. A variety of models will make it easy to choose the right option for each user. A book case is one of the most common accessories.

    Disadvantages of such a case: bulkiness and the need to open the “book” every time you use the gadget. The cover-book is made of metal, leather, leatherette, combined materials (plastic + leather).

    Important : Pay attention to the connection between the shell and the bumper holding the phone. For low-quality models, the bumper can simply come off the shell and the gadget will fall.

    Clamshell case (flip case) – the cover panel does not fold to the side, but down (reminiscent of a notepad). Many users find this method more convenient. Otherwise, the characteristics of the flip-case and the book-case are the same.

    Case-pocket (case-sock, case-case) – protects the body of the gadget, except for the bottom or top end – depending on the position of the smartphone. Such a case is reliable, cheap, protects the device, first of all, from scratches and will fit a large number of smartphones.

    Disadvantages: incomplete protection, tight fit of leather models (muffles the speaker), to work, you need to remove the gadget from the case using a strap. The pocket-pouch is made of leather and leatherette, and the toe-pouch is made of knitted fabric.

    Pouch pouch is a kind of pouch that closes with a drawstring.

    Waist bag is a kind of pouch-pocket that allows you to place your smartphone on your belt. Made from fabric or leather.

    Important : With prolonged use of the pocket cover, scuffs appear on the front and back of the gadget. To avoid this, stick a protective film on them.

    Battery case – the design of such a case provides a built-in battery. Such a solution extends the battery life of the device, but increases the weight and dimensions of the device. The best option for travel and hiking. The battery case is rare. Such a case is usually made of metal, less often – of plastic.

    Holster case – compatible with various models of smartphones, and is attached to the belt. The disadvantage is the same as that of the case-bag: to use the device, you need to remove the device. The location on the belt on the one hand facilitates access to the device, on the other hand, it can interfere with walking. The holster case is made of leather and leatherette.

    Sports – designed for people who go in for sports and outdoor activities. Sports covers are fixed on the arm (biceps) or leg and are made from soft materials (eco-leather, silicone, rubber). Disadvantages: narrow specialization and modest design.

    Shockproof (Protected) – Suitable for ground sports (running, cycling), as well as travel and other situations where there is a risk of dropping the smartphone. This case is made of hard and durable materials (aluminum, carbon), resistant to shock. A shockproof case protects the device from shocks better than others, but makes it bulky, and it is not cheap.

    Waterproof (aquabox) – used during water sports, sea travel and other situations where there is a possibility of moisture penetration into the phone. The smartphone in the aquabox is used even underwater for photo and video shooting. A similar cover is made of transparent plastic and rubber. The disadvantage is the high price.

    Knitted – protects the gadget from minor damage and scratches, but it is not up to more serious tests. The design of this case is very diverse, which makes it possible to choose an option for every taste and change the appearance of the smartphone.

    • Clamshell
    • Book
    • Impact resistant


    Leather is durable, strong and pleasant to the touch. The leather case looks respectable, but bulky and expensive. In addition, such a case gets dirty quickly (first of all, light models). A leather case is the best option for a classic and business style.

    Leatherette – in appearance and properties it approaches natural leather, but it will cost much less.

    Silicone is light, flexible and cheap. The silicone cover softens impacts and protects against scratches. Low cost and variety in design makes it possible to purchase several different cases in order to periodically change the “clothes” of the smartphone. The silicone case can slip off the gadget, tear or lose its shape.

    Rubber – similar in quality to silicone.

    Plastic – allows you to make covers of any shape and color. Plastic is stronger than silicone, but in terms of elasticity and lightness it differs little from it.

    Important : plastic covers differ in quality depending on the material used. Do not purchase a product made of cheap plastic, as such a case is useless.

    Fabric is a light and cheap material suitable for original design solutions. The fabric cover only protects against scratches and does not last long. A similar case is relevant for sports style.

    Wood is an aesthetic, very strong and lightweight material. Wooden covers are rare, but each model is exclusive.

    Metal is the strongest, most effective and durable, but heavy and expensive material. On such a cover there are scratches and dents from strong blows. Due to the high cost, metal cases are not widely used.

    Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) – allows you to give the case any shape, and is resistant to freezing temperatures.

    Combined – combines the advantages of several materials (silicone + plastic, metal + plastic). The combination of materials gives the case high strength and softness for shock absorption. True, such covers are bulky and expensive.

    Closing method

    Many models are equipped with clasps to prevent accidental opening of the case. There are such types of fasteners:

    • Velcro – provides instant access to the smartphone, but weakens over time;
    • latch – convenient, but quickly fails;
    • magnet – most often found due to a number of advantages: quick access to the phone, reliability, long service life;
    • lightning – the most reliable, but less convenient: it takes more time to remove the gadget. And with frequent use, the zipper can break.


    Compatibility is determined by size matching, placement of camera lens holes and connectors. According to this parameter, covers are divided into two types:

    • universal – designed for many phones, but may not hold a particular model well enough.
    • special – designed for a specific smartphone model, for which they are ideal, but useless for other models.


    The holster fastening allows you to quickly get your gadget with maximum freedom of movement. This is especially important for athletes and business people. The cover is attached to the following places:

    • on the belt – found in holsters, cases, bags, made in a classic and business style;
    • arm , biceps – the best option for athletes;
    • for the neck – used in bags. This solution is suitable for those who do not wear clothes with pockets.


    Protective film – protects the screen or the back of the gadget from scratches. Required for covers with partial body protection.

    Swarovski crystals – give the case a stylish and expensive look.

    Compartments – designed to store plastic cards, business cards or money.

    Cover-stand – found in large smartphones and is used for comfortable watching videos or reading e-books.


    • Decide what’s more important to you – protecting your phone or having a decorative case.
    • The cover should be comfortable to use, not slip in the hand and fit snugly to the phone body.
    • Try on a smartphone case. Make sure that the dimensions of the accessory match the dimensions of the device, its holes match the connectors of the smartphone (headphones, USB cable, speakers, built-in camera). The cover should not pinch the screen. This is a prerequisite for the full operation of the gadget.
    • Pay attention to the quality of the cover. It should not have a burr or other defects. If the lines of the firmware are not even, and extra parts fall out of the accessory, then you should not buy such a case.
    • Match your style. There are many designer models on the market that can emphasize the individuality of the user. If you wish, purchase an accessory to order – it will cost more, but you will receive an exclusive case.
    • Buy covers from well-known brands that guarantee the high quality of their products.


    Budget segment products are manufactured by Belkin, Borofone, Belkin, ITSkins, Cellular Line, Melkco, Carer Base, Pro-Case. Of the shortcomings, not the highest quality materials should be noted: the surface quickly gets dirty and does not rub off, models do not always fit the phone and all holes 100%, corners often burst, in general, many cases quickly lose their original appearance.