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CD Universe – Your Online Music and Movie Store


I have been going to this place for years and they never disappoint.
He is so knowledgeable about his product and always there to help. Kuddos to this business.

Easy as Pie

Ordering was fast and easy. Outstanding selection of music and videos.

LOVE this site

LOVE this site!! Every artist, every album I was looking for and all the gems I forgot about.

I’m no tech savvy guy but this was the easiest site to navigate. Sooooo happy I found a new
place to buy CDs!!! Prices won’t break the bank either. Volume might though.

It was a relatively smooth and

It was a relatively smooth and straightforward process.

I am interested in let’s just say it

I am interested in DVDs and movies you have discontinued, like DIVAS 4 and tailenders really great stuff back there.

CD Universe – Excellent Customer Service

I have ordered from CD Universe a few times. I have never had any issues whatsoever.

They are very prompt responding to questions regarding a pre-purchase or a purchase. They have great prices.

I WILL continue to order from them

I wish other websites were as good as

I wish other websites were as good as CD Universe.

Nuff said.

The service at CD Universe is exceptionally good

The service at CD Universe is exceptionally good. I have ordered quite a few DVDs and
some of them (very few) have been defective. When I let CD Universe know this,
they didn’t hesitate to send replacements

I love CD Universe cuz y’all have the

I love CD Universe cuz y’all have the most best selection of movies and TV shows and other
things have been buying over the years since 2000 I enjoyed buying from y’all and y’all have
a wonderful selection and I thank you very much

That was easy

That was easy! Some good titles in the list that I had to snap up, and others I will come back for.

Thanks CD Universe!

Hi will tracking number items

Hi will tracking number items package time save arrive here place well thank you prayer

I have purchased from CD Universe for

I have purchased from CD Universe for several years. I have always gotten my orders on time and in good condition.
Sometimes my credit card will do the security thing. I can contact them by text and they’ll answer in a little bit.
Just like having them next door. I appreciate the way they do business.

Selecting the method for creating a disc with movies

Characteristics of each type of disc

Creating a disc using a device other than a computer

Creating Blu-ray discs

You can create a disc from AVCHD movies recorded with this camera.

Select the method that suits your disc player.

For details on how to create a disc using “PlayMemories Home”, refer to “PlayMemories Home Help Guide”.

For details about importing movies to a computer, see [Details].

Disc type/Destination

Movie quality





To save images with high definition image quality (HD)

Blu-ray disc playback devices (Sony Blu-ray disc player, PlayStation 3, etc.)

To save images in high definition image quality (HD) (AVCHD disc)


AVCHD playback devices (Sony Blu-ray Disc player, PlayStation 3, etc. )

To save images with standard definition image quality (STD)




Ordinary DVD playback devices (DVD player, computer capable of playing DVDs, etc.)

*When creating a disc using “PlayMemories Home”, movies can be saved by converting them to lower quality.

Characteristics of each disc type

High definition image quality (HD) movie recording

Using Blu-ray discs allows you to record longer movie quality (HD) (high definition) movies than DVDs.

High definition image quality (HD) movie recording (AVCHD disc)

You can record high definition image quality (HD) movies on DVD media such as a DVD-R disc and create a high definition image quality (HD) disc.

Standard definition image quality (STD) video recording

A standard definition image quality (STD) movie converted from a high definition image quality (HD) movie can be recorded on DVD media such as a DVD-R disc to create a standard definition image quality (STD) disc.

Types of discs that can be used with “PlayMemories Home”

The following 12 cm discs can be used with “PlayMemories Home”. For information about Blu-ray discs, see [Details].

DVD-R / DVD+R / DVD+R DL: Cannot overwrite.

DVD-RW / DVD+RW: rewritable and reusable.

Creating a disc using a device other than a computer

You can also create a disc using a Blu-ray disc burner, etc. Depending on the device you are using, the types of discs you can create may vary.


Disc type

Create a Blu-ray disc or a standard definition image quality (STD) disc using a Blu-ray disc burner.

High definition image quality (HD) movie recording

Standard definition image quality (STD) video recording

Create a standard definition image quality (STD) disc using a device such as a hard disk recorder.

Standard definition image quality (STD) video recording


Creating Blu-ray discs

You can create Blu-ray discs from AVCHD movies imported to a computer.

Your computer must be capable of creating Blu-ray discs. You can use BD-R (non-rewritable) or BD-RE (rewritable) discs. Multisession recording is not possible.

To create Blu-ray discs using “PlayMemories Home”, you need to install the dedicated add-on software.

For details, see the following URL:


To install, your computer must be connected to the Internet.

See “PlayMemories Home Help Guide” for details.

Why You Don’t Need to Buy DVD Anymore

Author: Yuliya Yurievna • 2023-03-06 15:36:20 • Proven Solutions

DVDs are clearly going through hard times thanks to the evolving file storage technology. Today, you don’t necessarily need a DVD to watch your favorite movies. This is because there are other effective technologies that will help you save and enjoy your DVD movie later.

However, all major films are still getting DVD releases, which begs the question, should I keep buying DVDs? Today I decided to work a little to find the answer to this pressing question for you. Let’s find out!

Reasons to buy DVDs

Now let’s briefly discuss some of the advantages of using DVDs over digital video formats and Blu-Ray.

Cost Efficiency

Generally speaking, DVDs are cheaper than Blu-Ray and some other digital formats that you may have to stream online. Your favorite DVD movie may only cost you a few dollars. It is estimated that the average cost of a blank DVD is about $0.04-$0.13 per gigabyte. This is significantly cheaper than, say, flash drives, which can cost upwards of $1 per gigabyte.

Also, it may cost you a few dollars in internet connection to stream a 4GB+ movie from YouTube or Netflix.

So for those who are on a budget or can’t find a reliable internet connection, buying a DVD is not a problem. You can find many DVDs cheap because they are in high demand. In general, DVDs offer the cheapest option for watching movies.


If you need a form of external media for your ever-changing media files, DVDs may be the solution. However, not all DVDs can be burned and then rewritten. Some rewritable DVD types include DVD+RW, DVD-RW, and DVD+R. So the next time you go for a blank DVD, make sure it’s one of the types mentioned earlier. It would be better if you avoid anything labeled DVD+R and DVD-R because you can only write data once to these discs.

Building a movie collection

Despite the advent of e-books and music streaming sites, physical media such as DVDs remain one of the most natural methods for building an attractive movie library. You can even create an impressive library of your favorite movies by using DVDs to decorate.

The DVD collection is another way to show people what movies you like. Plus, finding your favorite DVD movie from your home collection is pretty easy compared to scouring the internet with endless possibilities. And yes, digital video files are not collectible like DVDs.

Reasons Not to Buy DVDs Again

Everything good usually has its bad side. So I want to lay out some good reasons why you don’t need to buy DVDs anymore. Here are some of them:

Outdated Technology

This one certainly needs no introduction. DVDs have rocked our living rooms since 1996. But to be honest, a lot has changed since then in terms of file storage capabilities. For example, most digital media files are easier to stream over the Internet and play on your favorite device.

DVDs, on the other hand, can only be played with a DVD/CD player. In addition, sharing your favorite DVD files over the Internet via email or YouTube will require some special knowledge.

Plenty of physical storage space

While DVDs can help you build an impressive movie collection, the physical storage space they take up can be used for something else. Sometimes your DVD collection can get so big that you decide to give it to your family or friends. And lest I forget, searching for your favorite movie from a bunch of discs can be tedious and cumbersome.

Easily Damaged

Well, that’s another simple point. DVDs usually come in the form of discs that are easily damaged, especially if you have children. If you do not store them carefully, your discs may get badly scratched. Even so, other unavoidable factors such as dust and removing the drive from the case can cause scratches.

So, to avoid any interruptions while watching a movie, you can either use the device to repair disk scratches or transfer your files to virtual storage. The fact is that digital media files will never become completely unwatchable, unlike DVD.

Low Storage Capacity

DVDs may contain a limited number of video files compared to other storage media such as flash drives, Blu-ray and external hard drives. Even some smartphones and tablets have more storage than DVDs.

With that in mind, DVDs can store up to 4.7 GB of data, and some dual-layer DVDs can store up to 8.5-8.7 GB of data. This is significantly less than Blu-ray, which can store up to 50 GB of data. Even better, external hard drives can store up to 5TB, although they are quite expensive compared to physical drives.

Lower Picture Quality

Compared to some digital video formats and Blu-ray discs, DVDs have lower picture and sound quality. DVDs are only better in this regard when compared to video streaming sites with poor internet connections or VHS tapes.

But if you manage to keep your DVDs in good condition, you won’t get any compromised viewing experience. What’s more, most viewers won’t even care about the image quality of a disc as long as they can watch and understand its contents.

Final Advice

I’m sure you can now answer the question, should I keep buying DVDs? In my honest opinion, DVDs are definitely here to stay. However, they are more difficult to store and prone to damage.

Fortunately, you can rip all your DVDs and save them on an external hard drive, smartphone, tablet, or flash drive. To do this, you must install a third-party professional application on your computer, such as Wondershare UniConverter .

With it, you can copy both protected and unprotected DVDs without any fuss. What’s more, you can create a DVD folder with special effects, subtitles, themes, and more. Moreover, Wondershare UniConverter can convert DVD to MP4, MP3, AVI, FLV or any other standard audio/video format. Last but not least, this powerful application can transfer DVD files to smartphones, tablets, camcorders, external hard drives or flash drives.