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Looking to enhance your driving experience? Then a new car audio/video system from Automotive Concepts is just what you need! Whether you want to upgrade your factory car audio system or build a custom car stereo from scratch, our team is the answer you’ve been looking for. We provide professional car audio electronics products and installation for drivers in and around Chicago, and our qualified technicians are here to make sure you always have access to awesome tunes while you’re behind the wheel. With over 20 years of experience to rely on, we’re your source for the best in car stereos and mobile audio equipment. Call us today to learn more!


When you turn to Automotive Concepts for your mobile audio system, you can expect nothing but amazing results. We can outfit cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, and even boats with high-quality mobile electronics. While we’re an authorized dealer for many types of components, we’re also happy to install products that you’ve bought elsewhere. Providing service that’s above and beyond most car audio shops, Automotive Concepts is here to make sure our customers benefit from careful, correct installation workmanship.

Our licensed and insured car stereo installers will ensure that you get the right products for your needs and then make sure that your equipment is installed professionally using 100% copper wire. If you don’t have enough outlets for the number of speakers you want to install, we can create a beautiful, custom fiberglass panel that will house additional speakers. Customized solutions to meet your in-car audio needs is the name of the game at Automotive Concepts.

We don’t cut corners to cut costs; instead we work hard to provide our clients with first-class craftsmanship and materials at highly competitive rates. From amps to speakers and subwoofers, we have everything you might need for a stellar car audio/video system.

Low Prices for High-Quality Car Audio Electronics

High-quality car audio equipment doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and when you choose to work with Automotive Concepts, you’ll get some of the lowest prices on car audio electronics in Chicago and the surrounding areas. We know how important it is for drivers to have something to break up the monotony of the everyday commute, and our affordable mobile audio systems can do just that for you. Not only do we offer great pricing on car audio and video systems, but we also offer lifetime labor warranties for your peace of mind.

We offer the best quality audiophile accessories around.  Our 3-piece foam ring speaker enhancement system solves the problem of acoustically coupling aftermarket speakers to factory speaker openings. The RoadKill Fast Rings kit increases speaker output, improves the projection of the audio into the car cabin and reduces unwanted rear reflections that can degrade the sound.

  • Reduce panel vibration 
  • Increase mid-bass response 
  • Enhanced audio output efficiency 
  • Minimize destructive wave interference 
  • Help prevent front and rear wave cancellation 
  • Easy installation with peel & stick application 
  • Maximize performance for speaker installations 
  • Sold in pairs

If you’re worried about breaking your budget on an in-car audio system, call or e-mail us today for a free estimate. We’re here to give you crisp-sounding car stereos and other mobile electronics!

Dealership Accounts

In addition to working with vehicle owners to meet their specific needs, Automotive Concepts is also available to partner with local car dealerships. If you’d like to add aftermarket accessories to make a car or truck more marketable or you have a client who wants a specific feature added to their newly purchased vehicle, we’re happy to help. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can meet your dealership’s needs for aftermarket electronics and accessories.

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Car Audio Products

We offer the best quality products in the industry that offer not only the best performance but the best reliability for many years down the road. From speakers to amplifiers, subwoofers, processors, to advanced interface modules for adding to existing OEM radios in the newer vehicles. We have exclusive rights from brands like JL Audio, Focal, Arc Audio, Sony, Audison, Hertz, K40, Escort, & many more.

We have the products & the expert installation test tools to do the job right every time!


Car Alarms & Security

Want to protect your vehicle? We have many solutions at several price points for any vehicle on the road. From a basic car alarm to being able to control your vehicle from all over the world, the possibilities are endless. The latest systems utilize a form of two-way communication to alert the owner if the vehicle is tampered with in real-time. So you can sleep sound a 1000 miles away knowing your vehicle is safe. Of course in the summer heat, a remote start option is highly recommended so you can cool your car up to 30 minutes before you leave. Pretty cool huh? Contact the best car stereo shop in Melbourne to have a full Viper car alarm installed today.



Professional car stereo installation in Melbourne at a level of quality you cannot receive anywhere else!

Headunits & Radios

Many newer vehicles come with almost every feature you could imagine, but what if it doesn’t? With the latest technology from brands like Alpine, Sony & Pioneer you’re able to add features like Bluetooth, GPS Navigation, Pandora Control, Spotify streaming, all on a large easy to use touch screen monitor.

Not only will you have more features, but you also have more control to better tune the audio system! Contact the best car stereo shop in Melbourne to install your new radio.


Factory OEM Radio Integration

Did you know that in your brand new car that we can keep your factory radio but upgrade the audio system flawlessly? Many customers (and shops) believe that if you can’t replace the radio, then you cannot upgrade your sound. This is far from the truth! Every single vehicle on the road today we can integrate into the factory radio & provide you audiophile grade sound quality! How can we do this while others can’t (won’t)? We have invested thousands of dollars in tools to insure a perfectly executed installation & have invested into our installation technicians to insure complete customer satisfaction. Don’t let an under qualified shop tell you it’s not possible, contact us today & we will show you what’s truly possible!


Back-up Camera & Safety Systems

Knowing your surroundings with an integrated safety system from Explicit Customs.

From a back-up camera to front/rear perimeter systems to a state of the art driver assist system, we can help you with any vehicle & your needs. Some of the newer vehicles come with these systems but most do not. We all know how vehicle safety is important especially around children. Our systems will provide you not only a peace of mind, but the convenience of knowing your surroundings. Stop by & let us show you what’s possible with your vehicle.

Hands-Free Bluetooth Integration

Add the convenience of hands-free calling while in your vehicle with a professionally installed Bluetooth system by Explicit Customs. These systems allow you to not only talk hands free, but the system is integrated into your factory radio. We have solutions for virtually every vehicle on the road!

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Installation of car audio, subwoofer, amplifier, production of boxes and car gluing

Toyota Camry V70: Three-ruble note with rear and subwoofer

New car.
As recommended.
The owner is a middle-aged guy, a little younger than me.
Decent experience in the technical refinement of cars. But the sound never bothered.
Here I decided to try.
The terms of reference at the entrance are simple: “I want it to be quiet. And to listen to music with pleasure.”
Budget – what you need, but without extremism. Rear is a must.
Camry in this body has already done.
This one has a standard JBL audio system.
I sat down to listen to what they were offering. Nothing new – the usual bottom. A plastic jingling bottom that does not give the slightest chance to enjoy music in any form.
There was a period when I tried to choose diplomatic terms that would describe as clearly as possible the attitude of car manufacturers towards the owners of their product. But no amount of diplomacy saves when you’re sitting in a new mid-size sedan with a stock audio system with nameplates of one of the audio industry’s flagships and you hear this gloom.
Apparently, according to the logic of the manufacturer, the lot of auditory in modern cars is to suffer.
But this is lyrics. And nothing new, unfortunately.
While I was sitting and listening to the shtatka – in these three minutes it came to an understanding that the factory places for the speakers are quite even ok. Yes, it would be good to make podiums for tweeters that correct the direction of tweeter radiation, but this is not a must-have if the new ones can work high.
In the end, they used regular places to install the front and rear – did not regret a single gram.
Now, in order:
The first is a signal. Where do we get it from? The stump is clear, that from a regular mayfun, quite seriously integrated into the car in every sense – aesthetic and electrical.
The search for solutions for receiving a signal from a standard head unit ended with the Trioma TTL 3.0 interface, designed to receive a pure digital signal with volume control and service signals. We put instead of a regular amplifier under the driver’s seat.
Further, the signal through the optical cable enters Euphoria – which we mount right there under the driver’s seat.
We use all channels – I love it when the entire processing arsenal is involved:
– two channels – for BLAM RT20 tweeters
– two channels – for BLAM LFR50 mids
– two channels – for BLAM WS685 mids
– two channels – for BLAM 165EC rear coaxes .
We send the remaining pair of processor channels to the DA-500.1 ONE monoblock subwoofer serving the Best Balance C10 buba.
Actually, the whole system.
Power copper 4 Ga comes to the positive distributor under the driver’s seat, bifurcates into two “eights” for amplifiers. Body weight.
Main fuse – under the hood next to the battery.
Speaker wiring – plain copper AMP. Without any sophistry.
For mids and rear coaxes – 4mm2, for mids and tweeters – 1.5mm2.
Optics – plastic from the radio store. May the apologists of glass forgive me.
Why did you stick the tweeters into the regular blotches?
Because these RT20s perform quite well in terms of overall high-end reproduction, and more importantly in this case, they work especially clearly and transparently at the very top. And the small size allowed them to be adjusted as close as possible to the standard grid – thus, although it (the standard plastic grid) has a chance to affect the high-frequency range, it is so meager that I decided to ignore this effect, remembering the quite effective Euphoria processor.
After all, you need to understand – all processors allow you to see the change in the numbers of all sorts of delays, curve slopes and other equalizations on the screen. But only an efficient processor allows you to unambiguously hear changes in the sound of the tuned car, correlating with the change in numbers on the laptop monitor with software)
So, Euphoria has a very efficient processor.
Midrangers planned BLAM FR80 at first, but when I climbed under the regular grid, covering the regular places for midranges, I realized that the gain in the lower frequency of the speakers compared to the ideally sized LFR50 is not worth the effort of installing the FR80. Therefore, he agreed to a replacement without the slightest hesitation. BLAM LFR50 entered the regular places, as they were there.
These mid-pieces already sang on the table – no pitfalls – from 500 hertz even in the second order they sing naturally and beautifully.
Midbass – song. I planned to cover them up in Pyzha, but the hope did not come true – they did not want to work fully in closed boxes – it was too cramped for them there.
I couldn’t think of anything better than to leave them in anticipation of a decent install, in which a clear and natural midbass will be in demand. And here he is, right there.
In short, in this setup WS685 showed their best side.
How they can play the double bass string is a fairy tale!
There was also a little epic with the subwoofer – BLAM Super Sub10 was planned. For some reason, I had an assumption that it would be possible to implement the fazik with this body.
But when I saw the “ski hole” and measured its dimensions, I could not resist the temptation to implement, in my opinion, the most musical version of the subwoofer in this body – with the muzzle into this very “hole”. The diffuser almost completely corresponds to the hole in area, and do not care that it is square.
But direct bass – in the cabin. And it’s worth it.
In short, I changed this horse at the crossing, as they say.
We took a twenty-liter trapezoid under the top ten, removed five liters with foam plastic, and screwed it through a transitional structure that excludes the possibility of siphon siphon on the sides – it works exactly on the volume of the cabin. So that there are no encroachments to jet make noise and other dirty tricks.
The monoblock is screwed onto the subwoofer case – space car – you can forget about overheating.
The bass knob was put in a good place next to the USB connector.
If you don’t know, you’ll see, but it’s convenient to use.
Noise car thoroughly – the entire interior, trunk, arches outside – in general, to the fullest.
This could have ended, if not for the anecdotal situation that cost me two days of my life.
Now, when I write, it’s hard to contain laughter, but when you sat down to set up the system on decent hardware and you have “some kind of x @ yya” in the midrange / treble range, and you can’t understand with your mind how this is even possible – nothing is funny.
At first I thought: “Well, here we are, we got the first defective Euphoria.”
Agreed with the client on the transfer of the issuance of the car, ordered a replacement Euphoria from the supplier.
Supplier – Wind Audio – well done guys – promptly brought a replacement.
We put – the same garbage, just the other way around.
The mood starts to deteriorate.
It always spoils for me when you do the same as always, but the result does not correspond to the usual.
And, most importantly, the reason can not be understood.
Everything is connected as usual.
Well, ok.
I’m getting nervous. With the hope of a miracle, I call the supplier and ask if there is another Euphoria – these two are defective … He is surprised, but pleases with the answer: “There is one more, the last one.”
Please bring it. They’re taking it.
While they are being transported, Andrei Vakhtin and “his Chinese assemblers and all this rigmarole with Chinese shit” will be bonfired in absentia.
The mood is below the plinth.
Guys start voicing their outrage about “Chinese crap” and “why do we have to change shitty equipment five times”?
They brought the third Euphoria. We put.
The same garbage – the left / right channels in the MF / HF frequencies differ in tone and phase even by ear!
While I’m sitting and freaking out, along the way I drive the idea of ​​setting up a wheelbarrow with a joint out of my head – the client will like it anyway – no, I don’t need such holes in karma. You are proud that you do to people the same way you want them to do to you – do it! And it’s not good to squirm here that you can’t figure out why the car doesn’t sing.
It was the moment when I almost blundered, of course. Very sad feeling, I confess)))))
When I realized that I didn’t have enough mind and experience to understand the cause of the problem, I remembered my favorite “Miracles do not happen!”.
I took out a laptop with DATS, asked to uncommutate the midrange and high-frequency wiring for measurements.
Because there really are no miracles in electrical engineering!
We measure the right tweeter … sweep … resonance 125 hertz. B@ya. Can’t be. I measured it on the table – it should be 2.5 kHz.
Three-second freeze… Awareness… Protest… Acceptance… Catharsis!)
“Well, fuck off, dear Julio Iglesiasovich! (c)
This is an unforgettable experience, of course)))))
In short, as it usually happens, the human factor played a cruel joke. The man mixed up wires that were not signed for a separate reason and connected tweeters to the midrange channel, and mullions to the HF channel.
And since the LFR50s are quite confidently trying to sing at the very top, it turned out to be a situation where you hear just bad treble in the right channel, unlike the left one.
But the tweeters, cut from 500 to 5000 hertz, also tried to sing medium frequencies))))
In short, when I understood everything, I swore well, of course. Well, then they screwed up.
To clear his conscience, he called Vakhtin and apologized just in case for all the dregs that he thought, including aloud about his products, until he understood the reason for the jamb – he suddenly hiccuped)))))
No, he says, he didn’t hiccup)
To the supplier too I immediately gave feedback – Euphoria is still reliable sonorous pieces of iron, the end of the alarm)))))
Well, then, as usual, I twisted it a little.
HF from 5 kHz, mids – from 500 to 5000 hertz, mids – from 90 to 500 hertz, sub – from 25 to 80 hertz.
Everywhere the fourth orders of the name of Comrade Buterworth.
Coaxials nailed the level and launched from 80 hertz.
You can hear them on the back sofa. They don’t pull on themselves in front – they give a bit of a sense of volume.
Subwoofer – I liked it very much.
Bold and smart.
By the way, I first hooked it to 4 ohms – it has two coils of 2 ohms each.
I didn’t like the bass – tight and heavy – but you can immediately hear it – a decent head cannot walk so hard.
Re-switched to 1 ohm. Well, here’s another calico at all!
Movable, fat, filling the interior with excellent relief in time! Love!
Bounced delays.
I combed the unevenness caused by the influence of regular grids and all sorts of corners and nearby surfaces with an equalizer … Sings! Yes, how she sings! Straight balm pours on the soul))))
Then the client drove up to take the job.
Gregory Lemarchal included for him. I twisted the volume, I’m watching.
This is my favorite moment – to see the first reaction of the customer.
I look – I closed my eyes, frowned.
Great! Aiming hit in the bull’s-eye!)))))
Here we need to make a small digression.
The Gregory Lemarchal track is the eighth track on karennur’s “Aurora” record.
And all my adult life I thought that the vocals were female))))
And today, the devil of doubt still made me google the name Gregory Lemarchal – and I finally found out that this is a young guy with incredible talent and just towering manner of singing.
And he left us in 2007 from an incurable disease at the age of 23.
Well, that’s it. If the car can sing, even if crookedly, but emotionally, I roar on this track. Always)
If you don’t roar, then the car is shit and doesn’t sing))))) Here is such a litmus test.
Returning to the acceptance of the system by the client – I understood about the bullseye as soon as I saw a characteristic gesture – when they dab their eyes with a pinch of fingers))))
The car sings, therefore.