Bose soundlink ii around ear wireless headphones: SoundLink® Around-Ear wireless headphones II

SoundLink® Wireless Around-Ear Headphones II


Music makes you feel free. Wires shouldn’t get in the way of that. SoundLink wireless headphones are engineered for exceptional sound, which stays consistent at any volume thanks to a combination of exclusive technologies. With clear calls in any environment, durable materials and a comfortable fit, you can experience wireless freedom. And uncompromised performance.

Exclusive technologies deliver

A better wireless experience starts with what you hear. With a combination of TriPort technology and Active EQ, SoundLink® wireless headphones deliver crisp, powerful sound at any volume.

Low volume
Listening hands-free at work? Get consistent performance at lower volumes.

High volume
Turning it up for your commute? Your music gets deep, immersive sound when you want it loud.

Crystal-clear calls

One app. Complete control.

The Bose® Connect app gives you easy access to everything your product has to offer. Get tips, unlock product features and personalise your settings, so you can spend more time enjoying the music instead of setting it up.

Built better



  • Headphones:19.1 cm H x 15.2 cm W x 3.8 cm D (200 g)
  • Ear cushion:9.6 cm H x 7.4 cm W

Additional details

  • Wireless range up to 9 m (30 ft)
  • Charging time: 3 hours’ full charge = 15 hours’ play time (15-minute quick charge = 2 hours’ play time)

In the box

  • SoundLink® around-ear wireless headphones II
  • USB charging cable
  • Back-up audio cable
  • Carry case

Rated 5 out of
CRedd68 from
Noise reduction
These block outside noise very well, love them soft leather on the ears

Date published: 2022-08-09

Rated 5 out of
Melly77 from
Perfect for the gym
Only had these a few weeks and I can tell they are a huge upgrade from my last pair!!! The over ear design is perfect for working out. The pads do get sweaty where they touch my face, but I see they sell replacement pads so I’m not worried about this long term, I’d happily buy new pads. It charges quickly and lasts forever. The quality of sound is astonishing- super crisp and clear. Also, worth noting how lightweight they are!! My head is very sensitive, i cant wear anything tight like hats or hairbands without getting a bad headache, but these headphones are so light and comfortable i dont even notice them. 10/10

Date published: 2022-08-08



Is my tablet or smartphone compatible with SoundLink® around-ear wireless headphones II?

Bose SoundLink® around-ear wireless headphones II are compatible with other Bluetooth devices that use Bluetooth 2.1 (or later) specifications that support the Bluetooth A2DP, hands-free and headset profiles.

Can these headphones simultaneously be connected to two devices?

Yes, they can maintain a connection to two Bluetooth devices at the same time by using multipoint technology.

What is NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology that enables two NFC-enabled devices to communicate when they are placed in close proximity with one another, typically less than 10 cm (4″). When an NFC-enabled device, such as a smartphone, is placed near the right earcup of the headphones, it pairs them to the device via Bluetooth. Placing the device near the earcup a second time will unpair the headphones.

How do I pair SoundLink around-ear headphones II with my mobile device?

For NFC-enabled phones, simply turn on the headphones by sliding the three-position power switch to the middle position. Then tap the back side of your phone on the front of the right earcup where you see the embossed NFC logo and follow the prompt to accept a connection. If you don’t have an NFC-enabled phone, first make sure the headphones are turned on by sliding the power switch to the middle position. Next, press the power switch to the Bluetooth icon until the Bluetooth LED flashes blue or the voice-enhanced user interface gives you additional directions. Now, follow the directions within the smartphone’s Bluetooth menu to connect the headphones. The NFC function on iPhone 6/6 Plus or 7/7 Plus only enables Apple Pay functionality. It doesn’t facilitate pairing. Please use pairing instructions for phones that are not NFC enabled.

Do these headphones work with my TV? Would they work with a

Bluetooth transmitter?

No. Many TVs do not have wireless Bluetooth functionality. Although a transmitter will technically work, the experience does not meet Bose expectations. There will be a distracting delay between the audio and video that detracts from the experience.

Can these headphones be used for VoIP?

Yes. If the source being used for VoIP is Bluetooth technology enabled with the hands-free profile, Bose SoundLink® around-ear wireless headphones II can be used for your calls.

Why is an audio cable included in the box?

The audio cable lets you listen to Bose SoundLink® around-ear wireless headphones II with non-Bluetooth devices (MP3, CD and DVD players, PCs), in circumstances when a Bluetooth connection is not available or the headphones’ battery is depleted. Note that the audio will sound different because the headphones won’t have the power electronics that implement the Active EQ built into the wireless control module.

Can these headphones be used for gaming?

No. Most gaming consoles do not use the same Bluetooth protocols as SoundLink® headphones. A2DP is necessary for audio with the headphones, so they would only work for communications, not game audio. In general, the audio/video delay will be excessive and most noticeable in games where action and audio are supposed to be synchronised. Players of casual games with sound effects may not have an issue.



Owner’s guide
  • English
  • Multilingual

Product and technical support

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphone II Review

Bose needs no introduction as a brand, whether it comes to home audio systems, wireless speakers, or headphones. While not everyone is a fan of the Bose sound, it’s hard to debate that the company’s products are aesthetically pleasing to say the least, which is why the unsightly Bluetooth module on the Bose AE2W – since renamed the SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphone – was so puzzling.

Fortunately the company has finally released a sequel to that pair of headphones in the Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphone 2 which, like every other pair of Bluetooth headphones out there, doesn’t require a bulky external Bluetooth module.

What’s In The Box?

Open up the box and the first thing you’ll see is the included soft-shell carrying case. Zip it open and inside you’ll find the headphones as well as a pouch containing the “backup audio cable” and the USB cable. Underneath you’ll find the manual and warranty information.

Build & Design

The Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphone II comes in two color varieties: white with tan highlights, and black with blue highlights. The white variation may be more in line with the classic Bose look, but if you ask us, the black is the sharper looking of the two.

The look and general feel should be instantly recognizable if you’re tried a pair of Bose headphones in the past few years. As we’ve seen with the company’s designs in Bluetooth speakers, it seems to take the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” route when it comes to updating its designs. As a result, these happen to look very much like the Bose QC25, only minus the cable.

Bose says that these are “engineered with impact-resistant materials.” It’s difficult to say how tough they actually are without actively trying to break them, but it’s nice to know. While the headphones will flatten out, they’re not collapsible, so if you’re throwing them in a backpack, make sure to tuck them inside the included case.

When it comes to actually wearing the headphones, they’re light and comfortable, just like the SoundTrue and QC25 before them. They stay comfortable after extended use too, though they can get a little warm after a while.


Bose has gone a long way toward making the SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphone II user-friendly, and the ­­voice prompt that provides battery life and pairing status on turning the headphones on is a great example of that. Whether or not you use the built-in NFC functionality, pairing and re-pairing the headphones is an easy process, even compared to how simple many headphones make it these days.

These headphones can be paired to two devices at the same time, allowing you to switch between them with ease. Bose’s example is watching a video on an iPad while also connected to an iPhone. If a call comes in, it can switch – pausing the video in the progress – take the call, and resume video playback when the call ends.

There is a major focus on calls here. The headphones support HD Voice and feature “adaptive audio adjustment” to keep call quality good, even when you’re in noisy or windy environments. Neither of these environments were available during testing, but call quality was indeed much nicer than some headphones we’ve seen.

Looking at the controls, it’s the standard three buttons. The plus and minus buttons only control volume here; everything else is taken care of by the multifunction button. Tapping this button once will pause and resume playback or answer and end calls. Tapping twice will skip forward, while tapping three times skips backward.

Battery life­­­

Bose claims an impressive 15 hours of playback time, and during our testing we found this to be right on the mark. Charge time is stated as three hours, though this will depend on the charger you use, since none is included – just the USB cable. Bose says that a quick charge time of 15 minutes will provide up to two hours of battery, which is handy.

If you do find yourself running out of battery life, just make sure to keep the included audio cable with you. Unlike a lot of Bluetooth headphones, these will work in passive mode, meaning plugged in. Of course, the volume will be a little lower and the headphones won’t sound the same, which is why Bose refers to this as a “backup” audio cable.­­­

Sound Quality

Bose makes a big deal out two names in its marketing, TriPort and Active EQ, but the company doesn’t say a lot about which either does. TriPort has been used in the company’s marketing since the early 2000s, and Active EQ is essentially a way of saying that these sound the way you’d expect anything from Bose to sound: big and somewhat “processed” sounding.


The lows are solid enough, but if you live and die for bass, these probably aren’t going to do it for you. Instead these go for a happy medium: the bass is certainly more present than many consumer-focused headphones, but it doesn’t go over the top. That said, the bass on JEFF the Brotherhood’s “Cosmic Visions” sounded like it was coming from a subwoofer somewhere in the room behind me.


As mentioned earlier, the EQ curve here is far from flat, but unlike many headphones released in the last few years, the mids aren’t kicked down into the ditch. On The Damned’s “I Just Can’t Be Happy Today” Dave Vanian’s vocals are never buried by the keys, which isn’t an easy feat for some headphones.


The highs never speak up enough to become overly harsh, and there is definitely some roll-off present from the Active EQ, but they don’t sound too artificially toned-down. The sound of the pick hitting guitar strings on Kurt Vile’s “Wakin’ on a Pretty Day” was preserved nicely without becoming overbearing.

Listening to these headphones, it’s clear that the DAC is playing around with the sound much more than on other Bluetooth headphones. Fortunately Bose has been doing this long enough that the company has learned a thing or two, and even while I normally prefer a hands-off approach to how the source audio is handled, I found the sound to be enjoyable.

You’re not going to find any Active Noise Cancellation here – you’ll need to look to the $400 QC25 to get that from Bose – but the passive isolation is quite effective. With music playing, even at lower volumes, you’re going to struggle to hear anything going on around you. The same can’t be said for others hearing what you’re listening to however: these do leak a decent amount of sound.


As with a company like Beats, there are going to be plenty of people who have already made a decision about these headphones based on the name alone, and in one respect, they have good reason. The Bose name on these headphones certainly has something to do with the price. They’re not overpriced, especially considering how good they sound, but you can find more feature-rich headphones for a lower price without a doubt.

Still, there is no denying that this is a quality pair of Bluetooth headphones, even for the $300 asking price. If you’re looking at these headphones in the first place, you likely know what you’re looking for, and it’s not neutral, accurate sound – you’re looking for something that sounds “fun.” As someone who usually prefers the former, these do the latter well enough that I didn’t want to take them off when my time testing them was done.

Bose SoundLink around-ear II vs Philips PH805: What is the difference?

smartphonesvideo cardswireless headphonesprocessors


Bose SoundLink around-ear II


Philips PH805




Winner at comparison



49 facts in comparison

Bose SoundLink around-ear II

Philips PH805

Why is Bose SoundLink around-ear II better than Philips PH805?

  • 35g lighter?
    200g vs 235g
  • Support Bluetooth paring using NFC?

Why is Philips PH805 better than Bose SoundLink around-ear II?

  • Does it have active noise cancellation (noise isolation)?
  • Has a neodymium magnet?
  • 15h longer battery life?
    30h vs 15h
  • Has a noise canceling microphone?
  • 1 newer version of Bluetooth?
    5 vs 4
  • 7 more microphones?
    8 vs 1
  • Charging time 0. 5h less?
    2.5h vs 3h
  • 1m more wireless range?
    10m vs 9m

Bose SoundLink around-ear II


Sony WH-1000XM4 9Bose SoundLink around-ear II s PH805


Philips PH802

Bose SoundLink around-ear II


Bose SoundLink on-ear Bluetooth

Philips PH805


Anker Soundcore Life Q30

Bose SoundLink around-ear II


Apple AirPod s Max

Philips PH805


Sony WH-CH710N

Bose SoundLink around-ear II PH805


Sony WH-XB900N

Bose SoundLink around-ear II


Audio-Technica ATH-M20xBT

Philips PH805


Jabra Elite 85h

Bose SoundLink around-ear II



Philips PH805 9


Marshall Mid A.N.C

Philips PH805

vs 900 03

Anker Soundcore Life Q35

Bose SoundLink around-ear II


Sennheiser RS ​​175

Philips PH805


JBL Live 650BTNC

Bose SoundLink around-ear II


Bose AE2 900 03

Philips PH805


JBL Tune 750BTNC

Price Match

Bose SoundLink around-ear II

9 0238

Product Shop Price
Bose SoundLink around-ear kabellose Kopf. ..Bose SoundLink around- ear kabellose Kopfhörer, weiß €199
Bose SoundLink Around Ear Funkkopfhörer …Bose SoundLink Around Ear Funkkopfhörer II, Schwarz 9024 2


Philips PH805

Product Shop Price
PHILIPS Hi-Res Kopfhörer (ANC, Bluetooth…PHILIPS Hi-Res Kopfhörer ( Philips TAPH805 Bluetooth Over Ear Kopfh…Philips TAPH805 Bluetooth Over Ear Kopfhö rer Over Ear Headset Schwarz taph805bk €148
Philips TAPH805 (TAPH805BK/00) 7

Philips TAPH805 (TAPH805BK/00) €180
Philips TAPH805 (TAPH805BK/00) €180

User reviews

Overall rating

Bose SoundLink around-ear II

9 0002 1 User reviews

Bose SoundLink around-ear II

10. 0 /10

1 User reviews

Philips PH805

2 User reviews

Philips PH805

9.5 /10

2 User reviews


Build quality

10.0 /10

1 votes

9.0 /10

2 votes

Sound quality

9000 2 10.0 /10

1 votes

9.5 /10

2 votes

10.0 /10

2 votes


10.0 /10

1 votes

9.0 /10

2 votes

Noise isolation

7.0 /10

900 02 1 votes

9.0 /10

2 votes

Sound quality

has active noise cancellation (noise isolation)

✖Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✔Philips PH805

This type of device allows you to listen at lower volume levels, which results in less ear fatigue because you don’t have to squeeze as much sound as possible to block out background noise. Ideal for use on airplanes and morning transport.

lowest frequency

Unknown. Help us offer a price. (Bose SoundLink around-ear II)

The lowest frequency at which the device produces sound. The lower the low frequencies are set, the stronger and richer the bass.

highest frequency

Unknown. Help us offer a price. (Bose SoundLink around-ear II)


The highest frequency at which the device produces sound. The higher the high frequencies are tuned, the cleaner and more collected the treble.

driver block size

Unknown. Help us offer a price. (Bose SoundLink around-ear II)

A driver is a component that plays sound in a device. The larger the drivers, the more powerful they are and can reproduce lower bass.


Unknown. Help us offer a price. (Bose SoundLink around-ear II)

16 Ohms

The electrical resistance of the device to waves passing through it. The lower the resistance, the easier it is to get louder sounds and the less power is required.

sound pressure level

Unknown. Help us offer a price. (Bose SoundLink around-ear II)


Devices with higher SPL tend to be louder.

has a neodymium magnet

✖Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✔Philips PH805

Units with neodymium magnets are lighter and more powerful than those using ferrite magnets. They also have more bass and cleaner highs.

has passive sound insulation

✔Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✔Philips PH805

The sealed device acoustically isolates your ears from the environment, and the sound is not heard by those around you.


Battery life

Battery life (when in use) as specified by the manufacturer. With a longer battery life, you will charge your device less frequently.

charging time

Time required to fully charge the battery.

Has USB Type-C

✖Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✖Philips PH805

USB Type-C has reversible connector orientation and cable routing.

has a battery level indicator

✔Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✔Philips PH805

The indicator shows that the battery level is low.

has wireless charging

✖Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✖Philips PH805

Supports Qi standard wireless charging. To charge your device, you just need to place it on the charging pad.

battery capacity

Unknown. Help us offer a price. (Bose SoundLink around-ear II)

Unknown. Help us offer a price. (Philips PH805)

Battery charge, or battery capacity, is the amount of electrical energy stored in the battery. The higher the battery charge, the longer the battery life.

has battery

✔Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✔Philips PH805

The battery of the device can be charged and used again.

has replaceable battery

✖Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✖Philips PH805

User can replace battery in case of failure



900 02 Wireless


Headphone connection type.

Bluetooth version

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that allows you to transfer data between devices in close proximity using shortwave radio waves. Newer versions provide faster data transfer.

yes aptX Adaptive

✖Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✖Philips PH805

aptx Adaptive is an audio codec for Bluetooth devices developed by Qualcomm. It has a variable bit rate (from 279 kbps to 420 kbps), which means it can adjust the bit rate for different scenarios such as listening to HD audio or reducing interference from other devices.

has aptX

✖Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✖Philips PH805

aptX is a codec used for Bluetooth wireless audio transmission. It is developed by Qualcomm and supports 16-bit audio at 384 kbps.

yes LDAC

✖Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✖Philips PH805

LDAC is a codec developed by Sony for Bluetooth audio. It supports a very high bit rate of 990 kbps, which provides high resolution audio. It can also automatically adjust the lower bitrate of 330Kbps or 660Kbps to improve stability.

Low Latency aptX

✖Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✖Philips PH805

aptX Low Latency is a codec developed by Qualcomm. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology to provide low latency audio (around 40ms), which is useful when you want to avoid audio latency (such as when playing games).

yes aptX HD

✖Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✖Philips PH805

aptX HD is an audio codec for Bluetooth devices developed by Qualcomm. It supports high quality 24-bit audio (with a bit rate of 576 kbps).

yes AAC

✖Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✖Philips PH805

AAC is the codec that is used for Bluetooth audio. It supports 24-bit audio at 250 kbps. Since psychoacoustic modeling is used, AAC can provide better results than other codecs at a similar bit rate.

maximum range (Bluetooth) bluetooth

The device can connect to another device at a long distance using Bluetooth/IR.


includes noise canceling microphone

✖Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✔Philips PH805

These microphones are designed to filter out noise from the desired sound. Especially useful in noisy environments.

has Ambient Sound Mode

✖Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✖Philips PH805

When in Ambient Sound Mode, the microphones pass ambient noise just enough to still be heard. This comes in handy when you want to listen to music but be aware of what’s going on around you, such as when you’re running but still want to hear cars passing by.

Auto Ear Detection

✖Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✖Philips PH805

Sensors can detect when the headphones are taken out of the ears, music playback is paused, saving battery power.

number of microphones

The more microphones a device has, the better it filters out background noise and improves the overall sound recording quality.

has an off function

✖Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✖Philips PH805

The device has the ability to mute/unmute conversation directly from the device.

MPI number

Unknown. Help us offer a price. (Philips PH805)

Multipoint allows you to connect more devices via Bluetooth and easily switch between them. For example, you can easily switch calls from one device to another without turning them off and on manually.

control panel built into the device

✔Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✔Philips PH805

The control panel is located on the unit so you can easily access and control the volume control without interacting with the cable or other connected device.

can be used as a headset

✔Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✔Philips PH805

The headset is a single earpiece or a pair with a built-in microphone. Can be used for applications that require communication, i.e. Skype, voice chat games, mobile phones, etc.

has a control panel on the cable

✖Bose SoundLink around-ear II

✖Philips PH805

There is a control panel on the cable that you can use to control the device without interacting with it.


has a 3.5 mm mini-jack

✔Bose SoundLink Around-Ear II

✔Philips PH805

This audio partition allows you to connect to a number of devices using a standard 3.5 mm connector.

Price Match

Bose SoundLink around-ear II

902 41 €148

Product Shop Price
Bose SoundLink around-ear kabellose Kopf…Bose SoundLink around-ear kabellose Kopfhörer, weiß €199
Bose SoundLink Around Ear Funkkopfhörer …Bose SoundLink Around Ear Funkkopfhörer II, Schwarz

Philips PH805

9024 1

9023 7

Product Store Price
PHILIPS Hi-Res Kopfhörer (ANC, Bluetooth…PHILIPS Hi-Res Kopfhörer (ANC, Bluetooth, Comfortable, Philips TAPH805 Bluetooth Over Ear Kopfh. ..Philips TAPH805 Bluetooth Over Ear Kopfhörer Over Ear Headset Schwarz tap h805bk €148
Philips TAPH805 (TAPH805BK/00) €180
Philips TAPH805 (TAPH805BK/00) €180
Philips TAPH805 (TAPH805BK/00) €180

Top 10 Music Headphones


And here we are again with our regular review of the 10 best headphones for music. When it comes to giving credit to your favorite playlists, there’s actually a lot to think about.

A great pair of headphones for listening to your tunes should be dynamic, have impressive balance and be comfortable enough to let you wear them for as long as you want.

We have hand-picked a true variety of inspiring options that represent the best in their respective regions.

We’re going to give an informative overview of each pair with our free buyer’s guide.

At a Glance: Our Top 3 Music Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 45 Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones TREBLAB Z2 training headphones with microphone
Has two noise canceling modesGreat sound no matter the volume. 24 hours of listening time on a single charge. Larger drivers. Well designed. Foldable pair. Choice of cords. Great value for money35 hours of playtime on a single charge 47


Bose QuietComfort 45

The Bose QuietComfort headphones are the ideal noise canceling headphones for travel. Especially for this, they are equipped with two modes: Quiet and Aware. Quiet mode provides complete noise cancellation so you can go about your daily activities without any interruption. It’s perfect for studying or relaxing. Aware mode does the opposite, ensuring you can hear the outside world around you, making these headphones the perfect choice for passengers who still need to be aware of their surroundings.

The sound provided by these headphones is crystal clear and dynamic, offering depth and fullness. They feature a volume-optimized active equalizer that delivers balanced performance no matter what volume you listen at.

These on-ear headphones are comfortable and stylish, making them ideal for extended wear. And not only that, but also the fact that they will last as long as 24 hours on a single charge! This means you can listen to music all day without interruption. If you forget to charge them, don’t worry! A quick 15-minute charge will give you a full three hours of listening time. This, combined with a reliable Bluetooth connection, makes these Bose headphones a pair you can rely on.

+ Has two noise reduction modes
+ Great sound, no matter the volume.
+ 24 hours of listening from one charge.

Why we love the – these headphones feature two noise canceling modes. You can find peace and quiet or be aware of your surroundings when you need it, all without interrupting your listening.

Noise isolation vs noise reduction – There is a difference between noise isolation and noise reduction. Any set of headphones provides some degree of noise isolation by blocking out external sound. True noise cancellation is called active noise cancellation, when the headphone system analyzes the frequencies in your environment and eliminates background noise.

2. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

The next premium model in the affordable range that also boasts its share of notable awards.

They provide professional listening with balanced full range sound. Home studio monitoring.

They have larger than average 45mm drivers that provide little extra surface area, widening their frequency response and giving bass frequencies room to reverb without distortion. The large diaphragm cones are driven by neodymium magnets and are very well designed.

They feature a traditional circular design with comfortable soft closed-back ear cushions that can rotate 90 degrees freely.

They have a detachable cord system that allows them to be used in both straight and coiled versions. they fold into a more compact size for storage and transport.

+ Large drivers.
+ Well designed.
+ Foldable pair.
+ Choice of cords.

Why we love the – they deliver great sound quality that beats many headsets in their price range, the foldable design is comfortable and durable.

3. TREBLAB Z2 Over-Ear Workout with Mic

These versatile headphones from Treblab feature T-Quiet noise canceling technology, which is very effective at eliminating outside noise. This allows you to take full advantage of the crystal clear hyper-HD sound quality that will delight the most discerning audiophile. For lovers of heavy bass music, Focused Bass technology will enhance the bass quality of your favorite tracks.

While these headphones are ideal for sports, we think they are suitable for simple music listening at home or on the go. In addition to the impressive sound quality we have already mentioned, they also provide the highest level of comfort. The ear pads are made of super soft high quality material, which is also breathable, allowing you to wear them for a long time without any fatigue.

This product also fits the bill when it comes to connectivity. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 technology so you get a seamless, lag-free connection. Since these are wireless headphones, you will need to charge them, but since the battery life is 35 hours on a single charge, you won’t need to charge them often. However, if you are still short on time, you can take advantage of the 3-hour fast charge function.

+ Superb quality
+ 35 hours of playback on a single charge
+ Bluetooth 5.0 technology
+ Extremely comfortable

Why we loved it – these headphones prove why Treblab – such a popular company among music lovers. They offer exceptional sound quality, supreme comfort, and all at a very reasonable price.

Intended use of the headphones – determine the use of the headphones before choosing the right set for you. Headphones used for mixing or creating music should be as simple, accurate and comfortable as possible. In contrast, headphones used solely for listening may have additional features such as enhanced bass, noise cancellation, or wireless connectivity.

4. Bose SoundLink Wireless Headphones

We started with the Bose QuietComfort set, which is a great reference and epitomizes the series. We now move on to their SoundLink

series They are a second generation wireless model that has been redesigned to provide high fidelity audio input signal output.

They have state-of-the-art stable Bluetooth compatibility and can sync with 2 devices at the same time, transmitting up to 30 feet.

Drivers work really well, eclipsing many of their competitors. They are assisted by TriPort technology for better sound balance, and automatically adjust the mix between bass, mids and trebles in real time thanks to active equalization processing. This gives the sound a natural dynamic.

The ear pads are made from durable, impact-resistant lightweight foam that takes them to the next level of comfort.

+ Improved circuitry and Bluetooth.
+ Active alignment.
+ Reasonable price.

Why we liked the – they provide very well balanced sound with excellent signal isolation from the built-in NFC, they have some nice improvements in their circuitry compared to the previous incarnation.

5. Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphones

The following selection from Sony is a pretty impressive reference set of headphones with very clear HD audio reproduction. These Sony headphones deliver highly detailed output rich in nuance, making them perfect for critical listening.

Their combination actuators feature large 40mm PET diaphragms driven by neodymium magnets. They are tucked away in comfortable, closed, padded rear ear cushions that pivot away from the equally padded headband. Their flexibility and headband concept allow them to be folded compactly for transport. They also come with a free storage case.

Their cord is coiled for added strength and durability. The connections are gold-plated for high accuracy, and they come with a free unimatch connector allowing you to switch between ¼” and 1/8” applications.

+ Large aperture.
+ Reference set.
+ Comfortable ergonomic style.
+ Spiral wire.

Why we love it The is a good reference set of entry-level headphones at an attractive price.

6. Avantree [Upgraded] Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

Our sixth choice is Avantree’s newly upgraded model that provides active noise cancellation on the go. They can work wired or wireless and provide a good intermediate position, and the built-in AnC provides an external decibel reduction of about 20-22 dB, working with or without a wire.

They are well made and have ample adjustment in a flexible padded headband. They have a closed back that naturally suppresses background noise in the first place. The ear pads are comfortably cushioned and molded to the company’s exclusive custom design to provide a leisurely listening experience.

They feature 2 large diaphragms driven by neodymium magnets that work well under pressure for great sound.

Earlier, at the beginning of the year, we reviewed an older model instead of aptX technology. this set features FastStream technology for zero latency listening, ideal for live broadcast use.

They are capable of up to 28 hours of wireless use and much more when connected. They feature a built-in microphone and convenient media controls.

+ Newly updated.
+ Capable drivers.
+ Zero delay.
+ Well done.

Why we love the – they got a great update, making it into our top 10 best headphones for music.

7. Sony MDRXB50AP In-Ear Headphones with Extra Bass

These are so impressively designed that this set is the only in-ear headphones we chose to include in this week’s review. These headphones make a big impression.

They are well made with quality materials and have larger than average drivers for an in-ear model. Diameters are measured in 12mm (traditionally we see most models 9-10mm) the extra size is what gives them an advantage over similarly designed models.

The resulting sound is much more dynamic and the bass is free of distortion thanks to a few extra millimeters. The earbuds themselves are made from a hybrid silicone formula that is ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your ear canal and stay in place while you move.

They are very lightweight, wired and have a convenient built-in microphone for hands-free calling, controlled by a simple one-button in-line remote control.

The wires are made from tangle-free Y-wire for added strength and ultimately product longevity, and are sold at a fair price for their performance.

+ High build quality.
+ More than conventional drivers.
+ Ergonomic hybrid silicone tips.

8. Paww WaveSound 3 Bluetooth 5.0 On-Ear Travel Headphones

Newly redesigned and bombastic headphones straight from the Pawws WaveSound series, this is the 3rd update at an affordable price offering genuine value.

These are wireless in-ear headphones that now offer Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and also feature aptX technology, making them much lower latency than most similarly priced Bluetooth models on the current market.

Their diaphragms are 40mm in diameter and are driven by beryllium magnets, making them very high performance. They have a much more precise response, which improves dynamics throughout.

They have a wide frequency response so they can reproduce sound with little detail. Their on-board electronics have been custom-tuned to match the company’s proprietary dynamic response models that optimize audio reproduction.

They actively suppress noise to keep signals clear. They are very comfortable to wear, and the protein-lined ear cups are again hinged for better flexibility and increased overall durability.

+ Beryllium magnets.
+ Bluetooth 5.0.
+ Low latency.
+ ANC.

Why we love it The are well-made headphones that have excellent electronics and are comfortable enough for long, leisurely listening.

9. Sennheiser HD280PRO headphones

We’ve reserved penultimate position for this superb set from Sennheiser professionals. Technically speaking, they are not the company’s premium sets, but they borrow heavily from the top of the line and have exceptional features compared to the competition at an affordable price.

They have a very durable high quality construction that provides comfort and functionality. The headband has double ridge cushioning that helps reduce pressure on the skull, making them very comfortable.

Closed at the back and all around, they rotate freely and house some great engineering.

Dynamic drivers deliver accurate, linear sound and reduce high-level background noise while listening. They have very low latency and provide excellent isolation for an exemplary listening experience. The sound is perfectly balanced and they showcase the subtleties of musical textures very well.

They fold in a unique, strong way and have one reinforced wire.

+ Robust construction.
+ Comfortable, pressure-reducing cushioning.
+ Low latency.
+ Aggressive noise isolation.

Why we liked the – they are a prime example of Sennheiser’s long history in the industry and a good option for heavy-duty applications in terms of durability.

10. TaoTronics Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

Last on our list today is this amazing addition from TaoTronics, which features a rugged, foldable design for greater portability. They are inexpensive, but very well made and incredibly light, but it is in their construction that they really shine.

Their 40mm drivers are adorned with rare earth magnets and have fantastic response. They deliver powerful bass, crisp mids and crisp highs. Their digital signal processing is based on advanced waveguide design, and their active noise cancellation isolates beautifully without unfairly reducing battery life.

They feature swivel ear cups that fold inward and are padded and padded to ensure perfect comfort.

They are capable of operating for approximately 30 hours between charges and come with a durable storage case.

+ Robust folding concept.
+ Impressive bass.
+ 30 hours of use.

Why we like it – the folding parts are well thought out and seem much stronger than other sliding models.

Wireless vs. Wired – While wireless headphones can be nice, be aware that there is some latency or feedback associated with them. This means that the music signal may be slightly delayed while the music is being transferred via Bluetooth to the headphones. That being said, wireless options are probably not the best choice for making or mixing music, as they don’t accurately capture live sound.

Music Headphones Buyer’s Guide

What should I look for when buying music headphones?

When it comes to what to look for in a set of headphones for music, sound quality and comfort should be considered the two most important factors to consider before purchasing. That being said, with cheaper models, manufacturers often have to sacrifice one or the other in order to offer a cheaper choice, so it can be difficult to navigate the cheaper regions of the online market.

Generally speaking, larger diaphragms have better response and performance, especially when it comes to their low frequencies. They create a larger magnetic field for disturbance and a larger cone for vibration. As such, on-ear headphones are, in fact, much more capable of delivering better sound quality.

How effective their actual response is depends on how well they are designed. To be honest, you won’t find anything particularly impressive until you’re over the $100 mark, although some of the ones we’ve highlighted that are conveniently located below are on par with models that retail for much more.

The design of the closed cups is also reasonable as they isolate the listener from the environment and are more comfortable to listen to as the sound is directed towards the wearer’s ear and does not penetrate into the ears of others.

Wired or wireless?

While the pair you choose will ultimately depend a little on the genres of music you like to listen to, the main thing to consider is how and where you like to listen. If this is happening with mobile devices, then you may feel more comfortable with wireless headphones.

They provide more freedom of movement and the cords can be cumbersome, especially if you lead a lifestyle that requires you to put your headphones on and off between activities or tasks.

Cords also tend to be the most problematic areas in terms of durability as they are subject to the most wear and tear from everyday day to day use this is pretty much unavoidable so if you are looking for corded kits that wear out and what is desirable choose a kit with reinforced entry and exit points.

Some models actually come with detachable and even replaceable cords (eg Avantree Active Noise Cancelling) which increases their shelf life making them a valuable investment.

If you listen at home, wired headphones are a good option, they do provide a more accurate signal as they are straight, resulting in more accurate digital reproduction. They also don’t interfere, as some Bluetooth streaming can be a bit more choppy and leave listeners with a sound that creates a stuttering effect.

Overlays or inserts?

Once you’ve settled on a wired or wireless design, you need to look at the level of comfort each provides.

Given that over-the-ear or around-the-ear headphones (sometimes referred to as near-ear headphones) are so immersive and excellent at transmitting sound, they can be quite tiring for your ears. The headband keeps the speakers away from your headcups, creating a somewhat sealed environment around the user’s ears, so it’s imperative that the cups are soft enough.

Wearing on-ear headphones for long periods of time can become very uncomfortable if they are not flexible and padded, and must be fully adjustable to accommodate natural differences in head circumference and shape.

If the fit is not ergonomic enough, your ears may be exposed to unsafe sound pressure levels that could harm your ears.

There are many styles and design concepts to consider as they can fall out of the ear if not properly maintained or ergonomically thought through.

As mentioned in brief, the genre you prefer will most likely make a difference when choosing, if you listen to heavy bass genres you will want to choose a set with more powerful drivers, better bass response and wider bass response.


At the end of the day, the choice is yours, the headphone market is flooded with products, but we think we’ve found a few that outperform the rest in their class. Hopefully, armed with the information in our Buyer’s Guide, you will find the package that suits you best.