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    Help with upgrading Bose system

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    Hello All,

    I am looking at upgrading the audio setup in my kia seltos. It came with Bose 8 speaker setup with a bose amp including a small sub in the trunk. The sound doesnt have much clarity, its an integrated system and only got 3 eq settings treble, mid, bass. When i increase the volume i feel like the system is holding back the sound. I mean the bass is tight and miss the crispness.

    I took a look at the speaker in front door. It looks like a 6.5inch 2ohm speaker with a very tiny mangent at the back. This is first experience with a Bose car audio.

    I was if i could upgrade to better speakers while leaving the amp as it is. In my previous car i had alpine speaker and they were really gr8.

    I am new to this so excuse any stupid questions.

    I am also considering installing sound dampening matt inside the car. I dont want to go loud db wise but more crisp and clear sound with nice bass.

    I am considering installing Dynamat or Focal BAM in the doors to start with. Took the car to few installers, all of their opinions were different.

    1. Replace front speaker was suggested to Focal ES165K2
    2. Tweeter has got issues or is pulled back a lot
    3. Need to install a DSP and re-tune the system was suggested hertz h8
    4. Need a digital to analog converter, to bypass bose amp, then install new analog amp and speakers

    I dont want to break the budget in terms of upgrade. I am just looking for an option to improve the sound quality.
    Had a closer look at the bose amp, its some sort of digital amp as its footprint is very small and sleek. Its got two connectors automotive type. Assuming one is input and one is output. The input one is a yellow connector with 4 red and 4 black wires, along with smaller guage wires.
    Reading this forum for a combo of Bose and Hyundai/Kia sounds like some sort of digital (SPDIF) signal.

    Main concern with the speakers to Focal ES165k2 is that they re expensive and dont want to buy something without knowing if the current bose amp can drive them and the speakers will make difference. Would like to hear before commit to them. No dought about Focal speaker quality just the combo of bose current amp with these speakers not 100% sure.

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    Just installing deadening and properly installing the factory speakers will likely make a noticable difference. You can make mediocre speakers sound ok with a great install but it doesn’t work the other way.

    I’m suggesting start with deadening (mlv, cld, ccf) and a stout mounting ring. If it does the trick for you great if not you’ve wasted nothing as you needed to do that stuff to progress. Next step would be replace speakers. You might not get a huge gain here unless you find 2ohm speakers to utilize the power the Bose amp. Most car speakers are 4ohm. If that isn’t enough then you can step up to integration with an aftermarket amp. If the amp didn’t quite do it then you would step in to the world of DSP. Then your in trouble.

    This is a way to slowly step up without huge monetary give outs at once. It will also help you learn what you really want out of a system.

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