Bluetooth headphones jack adapter: The Best Bluetooth Headphone Adapter of 2023

The Best Bluetooth Headphone Adapter of 2023

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Photo: Rozette Rago


We tested five headphone adapters from 1Mii, Anker, Comsoon, and Monoprice, and we have a new top pick: the 1Mii MiiLink ML100.

If you’re still attached to a favorite pair of wired headphones and you want to use it with a wireless Bluetooth device, the 1Mii MiiLink ML100 is the best Bluetooth headphone adapter (aka Bluetooth receiver) for the job. It provides a steady wireless connection, its design is small but intuitive, and it has a 13-hour battery life. But the best option for most people who want to listen wirelessly to their phone, tablet, or computer is to buy good Bluetooth headphones, which generally offer easier-to-use controls and a better-placed microphone for improved call quality.

  • What do these do?

    A Bluetooth headphone adapter is the simplest, most affordable way to wirelessly connect wired headphones to a Bluetooth device with no jack.

  • A better choice

    Good Bluetooth headphones offer easier-to-use controls and a better microphone than you can find on these headphone adapters.

  • How we tested

    Pairing each device with a phone and computer, we tested signal reliability, sound quality, battery life, output power, and latency.

  • What else matters?

    None of these adapters let you use the remote/mic on your headphone cable, so intuitive controls and a decent microphone are important.

Our pick

1Mii MiiLink ML100

The ML100 provides a stable wireless connection, and it offers good battery life and a decent microphone. Unlike its competitors, it has no major drawbacks.

Buying Options

The 1Mii MiiLink ML100 is a simple, affordable option for using wired headphones with wireless devices, such as smartphones that lack a headphone jack. The ML100 paired easily with our iPhone XR and our MacBook Pro laptop. Its Bluetooth range and reliability were solid, and it had the best-sounding microphone (though we wouldn’t necessarily say the mic sounded good). We got 13 hours of battery life in our tests, which is enough for this adapter to last a whole day without needing a charge. Though the ML100 is similar to most of the adapters we considered in size and button layout, it’s one of the few adapters we tested that include a physical on/off button, which makes connecting and disconnecting from devices a bit easier. The adapter feels a little cheap and plasticky, but unlike everything else we tested, it had no significant performance or ergonomic issues.

The research

  • Why you should trust us
  • Who should buy this
  • How we picked and tested
  • Our pick: 1Mii MiiLink ML100
  • Flaws but not dealbreakers
  • Tips to get the most reliable Bluetooth signal
  • The competition

Why you should trust us

I am the supervising editor of Wirecutter’s AV coverage, and I’ve worked as a writer and editor in the consumer electronics industry for 20 years. I also review budget projectors, portable projectors, and other AV accessories for Wirecutter.

Wirecutter senior staff writer Brent Butterworth conducted lab measurements of our top contenders to test their output power and latency. Brent has 30 years of experience reviewing audio gear and is one of a very small number of journalists who are equipped to measure Bluetooth devices.

Who should buy this

If you have wired headphones that you love and you want to be able to use them wirelessly (probably because your phone lacks a headphone jack), a Bluetooth headphone adapter is the simplest, most affordable option. Instead of connecting your headphones directly to your source, you plug them into this small adapter, which is battery powered and generally the size of a USB stick (or smaller). The adapter receives a Bluetooth audio signal from your device, lets you control playback, and has a microphone for you to take calls or do video chats—so you can keep your phone or tablet stashed safely in a pocket or bag, or charging across the room. You still have to deal with the headphone cable, but it’s not connected to your source.

For people who own higher-end wired audiophile headphones and want to connect them to a mobile device that lacks a headphone jack, a portable headphone amplifier/DAC might be a better option. Such headphones can sometimes be harder to drive to satisfying volume levels, and our recommendations for portable headphone amps have a lot more power than the cheap adapters we’re reviewing here. But not all headphone amps support Bluetooth.

The small Bluetooth adapters we cover in this guide are also a good choice for use in a car, to stream audio from your mobile device to an older car stereo that lacks Bluetooth. But your car’s stereo system must have an auxiliary audio (3.5 mm) input for this setup to work. We cover other types of Bluetooth car kits in a separate guide. For dedicated home use, we have a guide to the best Bluetooth audio receivers for your home stereo or speakers, which are more expensive but have more connection options and support more Bluetooth formats.

All that being said, if you aren’t married to your wired headphones, you’d probably be happier just getting a pair of Bluetooth headphones best suited to your needs. Compared with adapters, most Bluetooth headphones have easier-to-use controls, a better microphone, and maybe even mobile apps that allow you to control the sound profile. At the very least, you’d have one fewer device to carry around.

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How we picked and tested

The three finalists from our March 2022 testing (left to right): the Anker A3352, the 1Mii ML100, and the Comsoon J22. Photo: Rozette Rago

A quick scan of Amazon reveals a ton of small Bluetooth headphone adapters and audio receivers priced under $30. Most of them look similar, have similar specs, and come from companies that don’t seem to exist outside of Amazon. We couldn’t possibly test them all, so we focused on the top sellers, the top-rated models, and the ones from brand names we trust.

For this guide, we tested models that function only as a Bluetooth audio receiver because they’re the least expensive and that’s all the functionality you need for a headphone adapter. Some other devices can work as both a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver, and we cover those in our guides to the best Bluetooth audio receiver for your home stereo and the best Bluetooth transmitters for home and portable use. We also limited our search to newer devices that use Bluetooth version 5.0 or better.

None of the Bluetooth headphone adapters we’ve found will let you use the inline remote/microphone on your wired headphones, so we looked specifically for models with control buttons for play/pause and call answer, volume, and track skip, as well as a built-in microphone (which was pretty much all of them). We expect these receivers to have a stated battery life of eight to 10 hours so that they can last an entire workday at minimum; some of the newest models can play for much longer.

Since 2016, we have tested more than 20 Bluetooth headphone adapters, including five for our most recent round of testing in March 2022: the 1Mii MiiLink ML100, the Anker Soundsync A3352, the Comsoon J22 and J25, and the Monoprice 38068. We tested these models against our previous runner-up pick, the TaoTronics TT-BR009. Our former top pick, the Fiio μBTR, was discontinued.

We used the following criteria to assess performance:

  • Easy, reliable wireless connectivity: Listening to music wirelessly isn’t all that convenient if the connection is hard to establish and maintain. A Bluetooth headphone adapter should be easy to pair with your device. Its connection should be strong enough to play audio without frequent skips and pauses, even if you’re charging the source device across the room or if you have to walk to a nearby room with your headphones on. Most of the adapters we tested can connect wirelessly to two devices at the same time, and we tested how simple it was to switch between those devices. We also noted which devices provided helpful visual or audible cues to indicate Bluetooth pairing, connection, and disconnection.
  • Audio quality: A Bluetooth audio receiver should ideally sound as good as a direct, wired connection, so we immediately dismissed any adapter that audibly changed the sound. The sound quality depends on the receiver’s built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and its other audio circuitry, as well as what audio codecs the device supports. For more details, read our blog post about Bluetooth codecs and how they affect sound quality. Unfortunately, many of these cheap headphone adapters don’t specify which Bluetooth codecs they support; our assumption is that they support only the basic SBC codec unless their specs state otherwise.
  • Button controls: Since none of these Bluetooth audio receivers let you use the inline remote on headphones, intuitive controls are a must. We evaluated the size, placement, and sensitivity of the buttons, as well as whether they controlled our devices the way we wanted them to. We appreciate the inclusion of a physical on/off button, but many of these adapters don’t have one.
  • Battery life: We tested the battery life of all our finalists by connecting them to a MacBook Pro and playing music continuously through iTunes until the battery died.
  • Microphone quality: You cannot use the inline microphone on your headphones once you connect a Bluetooth headphone adapter, so it’s important that the adapter’s built-in microphone offer at least passable audio quality for you to do a quick phone call or chat. None of the microphones we tested sounded great; you can get much better voice quality even from many cheap Bluetooth earbuds. And using any of these mics is awkward—imagine talking into a tiny piece of plastic that you have to hold up to your mouth. So if you’re going to be on a longer call or video chat, we recommend grabbing your mobile device instead.
  • Latency: Streaming audio over Bluetooth adds latency compared with a wired connection. Too much latency produces lip-sync issues, where the audio does not line up with the video when you’re streaming from apps like Netflix or YouTube on your phone. So we measured the latency of our top contenders.
  • Output power: Bluetooth headphone adapters combine a Bluetooth receiver with a headphone amplifier to drive your wired headphones. We measured how much output power each of our top contenders had—and let’s just say it’s far less than that of any of the more expensive portable headphone amplifiers we recommend. These cheap Bluetooth adapters should be able to power basic earphones and headphones that are not hard to drive; in contrast, they are not designed for use with higher-end audiophile headphones that have a low sensitivity rating (below 98 dB) or a high impedance (above 100 ohms) and require more power to produce satisfying volume levels.

For our tests, we used an iPhone XR and a MacBook Pro as our Bluetooth sources. For our wired headphones, we used the Etymotic Research ER4XR in-ear monitors and the Bowers & Wilkins P7 over-ear headphones. We repeatedly paired, unpaired, connected, and disconnected the devices, and we tested the ability to connect both sources simultaneously and switch between them. By switching back and forth between each receiver and a direct wired connection while listening to our favorite test tracks, we were able to tell whether the receiver significantly altered the audio quality.

We tested the Bluetooth range by placing our phone in a set location and walking the same path around our 1,900-square-foot test home, to rooms both upstairs and downstairs. To test microphone quality, we recorded ourselves talking via the iPhone’s Voice Memos app, recorded audio and video files through QuickTime on the MacBook, and chatted with colleagues over Zoom to get their feedback.

Once we narrowed the field to our top three choices, I sent them to Brent Butterworth for measurements of their latency and output power.

Our pick: 1Mii MiiLink ML100

Flaws but not dealbreakers

When you power on the ML100, it searches for the last connected device and gives you a beep to let you know when it has connected. In our tests, however, on occasion it beeped a few times before actually establishing the connection, which we found a little confusing—but it did connect, which is what matters most.

The ML100 feels a little cheap and plasticky compared with some of the other adapters we tested, so we’ll have to see how it holds up over long-term use. Also, a blue light around the multifunction button slowly pulses on and off when the adapter is connected to a device. Some people may find this light helpful, while others may find it distracting in a dark room. At least the light was dimmer and slower in its pulsing than the lights on competitors such as the Comsoon J22.

Tips to get the most reliable Bluetooth signal

The competition

Following are the Bluetooth headphone adapters we tested for our most recent update in March 2022:

Anker Soundsync A3352: This model made it into our top three, and it’s a decent choice if you strongly prefer to buy a headphone adapter from a more recognizable brand. But it typically costs almost twice as much as the 1Mii ML100 and doesn’t perform quite as well. In our tests, the reliability of the Bluetooth signal was a little less consistent, the battery life was shorter (we measured 10.5 hours), the latency was a bit higher (140 ms), and the microphone sounded more muffled and picked up more background hiss. Plus, we didn’t love the placement of the tiny multifunction button on the top panel instead of the front.

Comsoon J22: This adapter also landed in our top three and was close to being our runner-up pick—until Brent measured its performance. We liked its solid Bluetooth signal, long 17.75-hour battery life, more stylish design, and verbal cues to indicate when a device is connected or disconnected. We did not like the fact that the side panel had one long, connected button for +/- instead of separate buttons, and that the functions were reversed: Track skip was a short press, and volume was a long press, which felt less intuitive to us (though some people may prefer it). We especially disliked the measurements: This device produced only 2 mW of power output, and the latency averaged 190 ms but was unstable and jumped from 90 to 260 ms. We saw those results play out in our real-world test, too, as one day we could see obvious lip-sync issues when watching video on our phone, and the next day we couldn’t. Plus, the microphone, while louder than the others, delivered a harsh, digital sound.

Comsoon J25: The J25 adds a screen that shows the battery life, the volume level, the connection status, and the name of the connected device. The screen doesn’t really give you that much useful info, though, and it makes the adapter bulkier and results in a shorter battery life of 9.5 hours. This adapter does have a dedicated power on/off button, and it delivered a fairly stable Bluetooth signal in our tests. But it shares the J22’s awkward button functionality, and pairing two devices simultaneously is more difficult on this model than on any of the others we tested. The J25 did not reach our final three, so we did not measure its power output or latency.

Monoprice 38068: The 38068 was the least expensive adapter we tested for this round, but it did not perform well in our initial tests. The Bluetooth signal was consistently the choppiest and the least reliable, the microphone was way too quiet, and the volume button beeped every time we made a volume adjustment, which we found intrusive. Also, the + and – buttons are reversed: The top button is -, and the bottom button is +, which is the opposite of the labeling on every other adapter we tested. So we dismissed this model early in our testing.

Taotronics TT-BR009: This model is our former runner-up pick, and it is still a solid albeit older adapter with a logical button layout, a long battery life of 16.25 hours, and support for the aptX Low Latency and AAC codecs. The two things that held it back in our new round of testing were its microphone quality (the volume level was almost inaudible) and its use of Bluetooth version 4. 2. The signal was a bit choppier and less reliable than that of the newer 1Mii ML100, as well. Plus, TaoTronics is one of the companies that Amazon kicked off for trying to manipulate ratings, so the company’s products are pretty much available only through its own website—and some people may not feel comfortable buying from there.

Following are some of the adapters we considered or tested for previous versions of the guide:

1More Hi-Definition Bluetooth Adapter: This is the smallest, lightest, most stylish-looking headphone adapter we’ve tested, with a convenient clip design similar to that of our former top pick, the discontinued FiiO μBTR. It’s the only one that supports the LDAC Bluetooth codec, which allows for even higher data rates than aptX does if your mobile device supports that, and it sounded good in our tests. Unfortunately, this adapter has no built-in microphone and relies on one button for pairing, play/pause, and track skip. It does not support volume control, which we think is a more convenient feature than track skip—plus, the double- and triple-press approach for track skip is not intuitive. We also experienced more signal pops and dropouts around our 1,900-square-foot testing location, in places where our picks offered mostly stable reception.

Apekx Clip: This affordable, highly rated model has been available on Amazon for several years. It has a slightly different design with separate track and volume buttons and a built-in clip. But because it’s older, the battery life is shorter (rated only at seven hours), and it supports Bluetooth version 4.1. So we did not test it.

BlueAnt Ribbon: The Ribbon was a previous pick largely because it had the best ergonomics of any tested adapter—its V shape gave it a simple but sturdy mechanism for clipping to clothing. It sounded solid in our tests, but it has a shorter battery life than newer receivers we’ve tested, and it supports Bluetooth 3.0.

Mpow: We’ve tested several Mpow models for this guide and for our portable Bluetooth transmitters guide, many of which have been discontinued. Like TaoTronics, Mpow was kicked off Amazon for trying to manipulate product ratings, and we noticed that some Mpow products we had tested and liked were discontinued afterward. The Bh508A is one Bluetooth receiver we tested that is still available on the company’s website, and like the Comsoon J25, it has a screen to provide visual feedback. Unfortunately, in our tests this adapter noticeably altered the sound, playing louder than the others but delivering a less natural result with hollow, sterile vocals and reduced bass. Also like the Comsoon adapters, this adapter reverses the button functions: Track skip is a short press, and volume is a long press. Because of the company’s questionable status right now, as well as our negative experience with previous Mpow headphone adapters, we opted not to review the newer Bh398BB and BH044E.

TaoTronics TT-BR06: In a previous round of tests, we actually preferred the TT-BR06’s button layout over the TT-BR009’s since it has separate volume and track controls. But this model lacked support for the better codecs like aptX and AAC and had a worse microphone.

This article was edited by Grant Clauser.

Meet your guide

Adrienne Maxwell

Adrienne Maxwell is the supervising editor of Wirecutter’s audio/video team, covering everything from headphones to TVs. She has been a writer, editor, and reviewer in the consumer electronics industry for 20 years, and previously served as the executive editor of Home Theater Magazine and the managing editor of

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7 Best Bluetooth Adapters for 2022

If you buy something from the links on this page, we may earn a commission. Why Trust Us?


Best Overall

Bluetooth 5.0 Music Receiver


Best Overall

Bluetooth 5.0 Music Receiver

Now 15% Off

$17 at Amazon

  • Low latency means no lip-sync issues
  • Delivers longer battery life than most other adapters
  • Its plastic body isn’t as durable as the competition

Although several Bluetooth receivers on Amazon hover around the $15 mark like this one, I’ve found that most are unreliable and have weak wireless ranges. The 1mii doesn’t suffer these shortcomings.

It delivers a reliable wireless connection and an excellent 15-hour battery life — and it sounds almost as good as a hardwired connection. The accessory charges quickly and has a microphone that’ll come in handy for phone calls. Plus, it’s lightweight and highly portable, which is what every on-the-go adapter should be. I also appreciate that it has controls on its front face for adjusting volume, pausing music, and skipping tracks by long-pressing the volume controls.

A reviewer at Wirecutter said the product had “no major drawbacks,” adding that it doesn’t suffer from audio lip-sync issues when watching videos. Priced at under $20, it’s really a no-brainer!

More: Isn’t It About Time You Upgraded to a Pair of Wireless Earbuds?


Best for Airplanes

AirFly Pro Wireless Transmitter/Receiver


Best for Airplanes

AirFly Pro Wireless Transmitter/Receiver

Now 15% Off

$47 at Amazon$58 at Walmart

  • Attached to a key ring
  • Convenient for two people
  • Expensive
  • Only “adds” Bluetooth to wired headphones with a 3. 5mm jack

The AirFly Pro is an excellent but expensive adapter with an integrated 3.5-millimeter cable that you can plug into an in-flight entertainment system, a piece of gym equipment, or a game console to use your wireless earbuds so those around you can’t hear whatever you’re watching or listening to. The AirFly Pro can also be connected to wired headphones with a 3.5-millimeter audio port to make them wireless.

The device is easy to use, and it even allows two users to pair their headphones to it, including AirPods. The AirFly offers an impressive 16-hour battery life and a 33-foot range. Plus, it supports Bluetooth 5.0 and most audio codecs.

It also comes with a small charging cable and a keyring and carrying pouch so you won’t lose it.


Best for Watching Videos

Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver


Best for Watching Videos

Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

Now 33% Off

$40 at Amazon

  • Audio and video perfectly sync thanks to its low latency
  • Great for stereo systems
  • No volume controls

This Bluetooth headphone adapter from Aisidra is a highly versatile accessory that can upgrade non-Bluetooth devices like your headphones or car stereo. And, of course, you can connect it to items like a treadmill or in-flight entertainment system that might not have Bluetooth.

What sets the Aisidra adapter apart from the competition is that it is equipped with a low latency encoder. This basically means that you won’t have to stress about an audio delay when you’re watching videos. Trust me — I know how annoying it is when the audio track isn’t in sync with the actor’s lips!

This accessory is also one of the few that has RCA cables, making it a great choice to use with stereo systems.

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Best for Sharing

Soundsync A3352 Bluetooth Receiver


Best for Sharing

Soundsync A3352 Bluetooth Receiver

Now 28% Off

$24 at Amazon$33 at Walmart

  • Backed by generous 18-month long warranty
  • Dual device mode is convenient for two people
  • Twice as expensive as other options
  • Microphone can occasionally be muffled

The Anker Soundsync receiver has a dual device mode which lets you pair two pairs of headphones to it so two people can listen to the audio from your device simultaneously.

This Bluetooth 5.0 accessory can act as both a transmitter and a receiver. It has a 33-foot range, can be used while recharging, and is small enough to pocket.

Plus, it’s backed by an 18-month warranty and delivers an impressive 12 hours of battery life.


Best for PlayStation

BT-W3 Bluetooth 5.0 USB-C Audio Transmitter


Best for PlayStation

BT-W3 Bluetooth 5.0 USB-C Audio Transmitter

Now 25% Off

$30 at Amazon

  • Easy and quick to connect
  • Adds a microphone to any 3.5 mm port
  • Doesn’t work with iPhone

Creative’s Bluetooth transmitter includes a separate analog microphone to enable in-game voice chat while it streams your game audio to your headphones wirelessly. That way, you can chat with your teammates or competitors while you game online.

It’s a good option for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5 owners but also works well with laptops and other devices. The device is powered by USB-C, so you can plug it directly into your device. It also supports most Bluetooth codecs.


Best for Audiophiles

BTR5 Flagship Portable High-Fidelity Bluetooth Amplifier


Best for Audiophiles

BTR5 Flagship Portable High-Fidelity Bluetooth Amplifier

$102 at Amazon

  • Delivers incredibly detailed audio quality
  • Expensive

If sound quality is extremely important for you, and you’re willing to drop a hundred bucks on an audio adapter, the FiiO BTR5 is, without a doubt, the best one you can buy. I recommend it for audiophiles (fans of high-fidelity sound reproduction) who previously invested a lot of money in a pair of wired headphones that don’t support Bluetooth.

I like that it can be remotely controlled through an app to adjust settings. It’s one of the few adapters that has jacks for both 3.5- and 2.5-millimeter connections. Like other more affordable options, it too has a built-in microphone and a simple design. It also includes a case that has a clip on it.

But what makes this adapter really stand out is its impeccable sound quality. You’ll be shocked at how well the BTR5 sounds. In fact, it sounds just as good as a wired source, maybe even better. So, if you’re looking for the very best listening experience and are willing to pay for it, you won’t be disappointed.

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Most Durable

Portable High-Fidelity Bluetooth Amplifier-BTR3K


Most Durable

Portable High-Fidelity Bluetooth Amplifier-BTR3K

$70 at Amazon$70 at Walmart

  • Features a metal build while most others are made of plastic
  • Better-than-average wireless range
  • Lacks NFC for faster pairing

The BTR3K offers a premium build thanks to its full metal housing. It offers an impressive 11 hours of battery life and supports nearly every wireless audio codec available today. It conveniently comes with a case that has a spring clip for attaching to your clothes and even has a noise-canceling microphone on board for taking calls or asking Siri a question.

You can expect 60 feet of wireless range with the BTR3K. We think it’s the perfect balance between price, performance, and design. Compared to the BTR3, the BTR3K supports the newer Bluetooth 5.0 standard, but it does not support the Low Latency High-Definition Audio Codec or have NFC, which some folks prefer for pairing.

Bottom line: I think the tradeoffs are worth it, given its outstanding sound quality.

Brandon Carte

Senior Electronics Editor

Brandon Carte has been covering technology at since 2017, where he’s been writing about the latest gadgets, appliances, and scouring the internet for the products that make life easier. His reporting has been featured on, Good Housekeeping and USA Today. When he’s not researching washing machines or testing robot vacuums, you can find him at concerts, swimming laps, or at the movies. He thinks smartphones are too big, prefers MP3s to Spotify, and misses his iPhone’s headphone jack.

Headphone adapter Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver white

Device with the usual 3.5-jack

“dream” of many users for whom it is very important to have
traditional 3.5-connector (which modern
smartphones) to connect your favorite headphones.

Wired to wireless transformation

No wires

Enjoy your favorite music
compositions on the way to work, vacation or when playing sports. Mi
audio receiver is able to connect any wired headphones to your
smartphone using Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology.

Quick connection

One button operation

Function device connection
Audio Receiver will take a minimum of your time. Fast
Bluetooth sync and one-button control, provide
maximum convenience when using the device.

Stable communication

Massive range

Bluetooth version 4. 2 technology, which
equipped with an audio device will ensure a stable connection without any interruptions
with music source. The effective range of the device is
10 meters, allowing you to enjoy listening to music at home, in
transport or on a morning run.

“Pure” music – positive emotions

Perfectly balanced frequency range

Based on numerous tests that
were carried out with the device with direct participation
users, bass and treble were almost perfect
balanced. Now you can appreciate the purest sound
(expressive crossover frequencies, bass depth, etc.) without any

No extraneous noise

Effective noise reduction

Using a new generation chip,
made it possible to almost completely eliminate extraneous noise, which
affect the clarity of the sound.

Smart design

Lightweight and portable

Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver is practically
weightless, with a weight of 10 grams, it also has compact dimensions and
a special latch on the case for which you can attach the device to
T-shirt or other clothing so that you can feel light and
freedom of movement.

Uninterrupted operation of the device

Built-in battery

97 mAh battery take care
about the long and trouble-free operation of the audio receiver, and you can
listening to music, audiobooks/lessons for a long time.

Comfort in every detail

Virtually weightless

Perfectly crafted design
the design and dimensions of the audio receiver made it very
convenient in everyday use device that will not create
discomfort, even if it is fixed on clothing.

Comfortable rest

Reliable protection and no discomfort

The receiver is equipped with an anti-radiation shield,
which will protect you from exposure to radiation from your smartphone.
Healthy sleep with beautiful music.

Focus on your workflow

Effective “filtering” of external noise
workflow in a noisy office, then Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver is
what you need as it is excellent insulating against impact
external noise and will create a “solitary atmosphere” for you.

Driving safety

No more distractions from driving

It’s very easy with the audio receiver
You can pair your car speakers with your smartphone.
Listen to music and communicate with loved ones without being distracted from

Robust clamp design

Metal + plastic

Receiver clamp made of combination
two high-quality materials – metal and plastic. Application
such materials will ensure the reliability of attaching the device to clothing when
various weather conditions and external influences.

Maximum convenience

Installed software. Connect and enjoy.

With the audio receiver you don’t have to spend
its time to search and install the software, because everything is already installed! At the same time, you can synchronize with the adapter up to two
devices, such as a smartphone and a laptop or a smartphone and an MP3 player.

3.5 mm connection cable

Secure speaker connection

Connection cable included in the
delivery set, will allow you to quickly and effectively establish
the process of playing music through speakers that support
wired connection.

Please note:

* This product uses a standard Micro USB interface for charging.
* Does not support Apple’s MFI technology or for Apple devices.
*All data shown are laboratory test results, actual
test results will be related to specific use or
test environment.

External headphone compatibility: 3.5mm 3-segment support
plug-in stereo headphones, support 4-segment 3.5mm GB jack and
American standard telephone headset (automatic
OMTP / CTIA identification switch).

Warranty for smartphones, gadgets and other electronics is 1 year, each buyer receives a warranty card and a cash receipt upon purchase.

Parts and accessories 14 days warranty.

Accessories for computer technology Bluetooth USB adapter

Type: USB hub (USB hub)
Type: Bluetooth USB adapter
Type: USB hub (USB hub), Power supply connection: Yes
Power supply connection: Yes
Baseus, Ugreen, Type: USB hub (USB hub)
Type: USB hub (USB hub), USB version: 3.0, 3.0, 3.2, 3.1, 3.2

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