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How to shop for Blu-ray Players

Even if you enjoy reliable, high-speed internet, a Blu-Ray player can deliver a clearer picture and soundtrack than any streaming video service. In a top-notch home theater setup, they can give you about as close to a true cinema experience as you’ll find outside a movie theater, with 4K Ultra HD image quality and immersive, detailed Dolby Atmos and DTS-X surround sound.

They also let you play audio CDs, and some let you play USB-drive-stored digital music files, and even music from streaming services.

Popular questions customers ask

Blu-ray discs support advanced surround sound formats and video resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD, while DVDs support up to 720p HD resolution and more basic surround sound formats. You can play DVDs in a Blu-ray player, but you can’t play Blu-rays in a DVD player. If you want to play 4K Blu-rays, you’ll need a 4K capable Blu-ray player.

4K Blu-ray player is worth it if you value picture quality. They give you the highest resolution available on disc and often have video processing features to enhance the picture quality. Plus, 4K Blu-ray discs don’t rely on your internet speed for their video quality and provide a clearer picture when compared to streamed 4K content.

Blu-ray players with Wi-Fi have the most popular video streaming apps built in. You can access them right from the Blu-ray player’s main menu most of the time.

Don’t be afraid to bust out the CD collection! Most Blu-ray players can play CDs, CD-RWs, and CD-Rs. A couple of models can even play SACDs.

We carry a few high-end models that are geared towards audiophiles. Those models have exceptional digital-to-analog converters and very low noise floors. One model we carry offers a pair of stereo balanced XLR outputs. A couple models even have 7.1-channel analog RCA outputs for sending signal to a dedicated surround sound amplifier. 

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Set up your Blu-ray player

There is nothing better than movie night in the comfort of your own home, and when it comes to picture and sound quality, it doesn’t get better than Blu-ray. If you have a new Blu-ray player, let us help you get it set up so you can start enjoying some movies.

  1. First, plug in your new Blu-ray player, and connect it to the TV using an HDMI cable. Next, turn on the player, and select your preferred language. Then, select Start.

  2. Select the aspect ratio supported by your TV.                                 

  3. Next, the network options will appear; wireless will be set by default. Select your network name (SSID). If needed, enter the network’s password.

    Note: If your network name does not appear, make sure it is being broad cast, if no networks are appearing, your Blu-ray player may require service. Visit our Support Center.

  4. Your Blu-ray player will connect to the network and run a network test. When complete, you are ready to go.

    • If the network test fails, confirm that you have selected the correct network and entered the password correctly. If the network test takes longer than 1 minute to complete, this usually indicates the network key was entered incorrectly.

    • If the network test continues to fail, turn off the player, and then unplug both the router and modem. Plug the modem back in, wait for it to connect to the network, and then plug the router in. The online indicator will turn on once it’s connected to the modem.

    • Finally, turn the Blu-ray player back on and wait about 30 seconds. Go to Settings, and then select Network. Select Network Test and run another test. You can also go to Settings, select Network Settings, select Disconnect, and then select IP settings to try connecting to the network again.

Other answers that might help

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Table of contents

Blu-ray player Sony UBP-X700 black Wi-Fi Smart-TV 1xUSB2.0 2xHDMI Eth – 1164006

TV & Media >
Portable TV, BLU-RAY and DVD >

Blu-ray player Sony UBP-X700 black Wi-Fi Smart-TV 1xUSB2.0 2xHDMI Eth

Product code: 1164006
Manufacturer: SONY

Manufacturer code: UBPX700B. RU3
Availability: Not available

Price: 33980 ₽

Last selling price. Specify the possibility of ordering and the current price in the store.

EAN code 4548736080379
Key Features
Type Player
Disc loading type via tray
Disc support
BD-ROM support YES
BD-R support reading
BD-RE support reading
DVD-R / -RW support reading
CD-R / -RW support reading
Blu-ray 3D support YES
Wi-Fi enabled YES
Support for video formats / codecs MPEG4/ DivX/ MKV/ WMV/ AVI/ Xvid
Support for audio formats / codecs MP3/ FLAC/ WMA/ AAC/ WAV
Graphic format support JPEG/ GIF/ PNG
Dolby True HD support YES
BD-Live support YES
Smart TV support YES
Connectors, interfaces
USB 2. 0 connector 1
HDMI connector 2
S / PDIF connector coaxial 1
Ethernet interface YES
Features Brilliant picture clarity with a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc player. Stunning quality with image upscaling up to 4K at 60p. Two HDMI outputs for audio/video separation and purer sound.
Color black
Weight 1. 4 kg

Attention! The appearance of the goods, equipment and characteristics may be changed by the manufacturer without prior notice.

Check the declared characteristics on the official websites of manufacturers.

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