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School supplies, made easy

The success of your students starts with the right supplies. Whether you’re a parent or caregiver with one or more kids in school, or a teacher responsible for an entire classroom, Staples is a one-stop shop for all the school supplies you need. From writing supplies and paper to school tech and furniture, we have everything on your back-to-school list.

Shop by grade

Staples makes it easy to get exactly what your students need by organizing all the essentials by grade. Shop for preschool supplies like learning toys and rest mats, or elementary school supplies for everything your kids need from kindergarten through 5th grade. Our selection of middle school supplies includes more advanced items like planners and scientific calculators, and you can find everything you need for high school in our high school supplies section. Getting ready for college? From dorm essentials to laptops, get everything you need from our selection of college supplies.

All the essentials for school

Whether you want to shop by subject or are looking for furniture and supplies for learning at home, we’ve got the right selection. Browse classroom essentials including cleaning supplies, storage, classroom décor, snacks, and teacher supplies. For everything from school art supplies to calculators, binders, school backpacks, lunch boxes and more, we’ve got what your students need to succeed.

Take a seat

Whether you’re working from home or outfitting a space for gaming, your comfort is dependent on finding the best chair. At Staples, we provide a broad range of office chairs and seating, so you can find the right fit for you. Select from multifunctional task chairs, computer & desk chairs, drafting stools and more. If you will be using your new chair for multiple hours a day, make sure to get an ergonomic office chair to prevent unnecessary strain.

Comfort, all day long

Office furniture that is the proper size and height makes a big difference. When shopping for chairs, the height of the seat should be adjustable so that the user’s feet can sit flat on the floor with their knees at right angles. Likewise, the accompanying office desk should be at a height where the users’ elbows can sit comfortably at right angles at their sides while typing or writing. Browse our selection to find the combination that’s right for you. If size if a concern, check out our big & tall chairs which can support up to 500lbs.

Game on

If you’re a gamer, you know that a single gaming session can last all day or night. For the best and most comfortable gaming setup, Staples has gaming chairs in colors and styles for everyone. Make sure to match your new chair to an ergonomic gaming desk, the perfect complement for the high-tech gaming computer and accessories you’ve invested in.

Tech accessories for work or play

Whether you’re shopping for tech essentials for school, work or anywhere in between, Staples has all the latest products to keep you up to date. Browse our selection of laptops and Chromebooks to find the perfect on-the-go computer for schoolwork, homework, hybrid work, and play. If you’re a gamer, streamer, or work with large files, a gaming laptop or desktop PC might be the best option for you. With installed RAM up to 64GB and up to 2TB SSD, gaming laptops can handle everything from the newest online games to editing audio, films and more. Need more file storage? Increase capacity with an external hard drive.

Shop NXT Technologies wide assortment of tech accessories including chargers, power banks, headsets and more. Staples range of audio accessories can help you create the best audio experience. From headsets for focused work time to headphones and Bluetooth speakers for music and entertainment, find the latest audio technology at Staples.

Show seasonal allergies who’s boss

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, now is when they are at their worst. Stock up on allergy season’s most important products to keep your home, classroom, and office allergen-free. Start with an air purifier to strip the air of allergens like pollen and pet dander and replace existing air filters for improved air quality. Frequently dust, wipe down hard surfaces, and vacuum carpets and furniture to help eliminate pollen tracked in from outside and dander left behind by pets. When leaving the house, check the pollen count and bring a face mask to help filter the air you breath outside.

No matter what you do, it’s unlikely that the symptoms of seasonal allergies can be avoided entirely. Make sure to have over-the-counter cold and allergy medications on hand to battle symptoms, and stock up on facial tissues so you’ll always have one available when you need them.

Spring (Cleaning) is in the air

Spring cleaning and decluttering is a tradition meant to refresh our spaces for the year ahead. Staples has everything you need to clear out the clutter, store and organize your belongings, and all the right cleaning supplies.

Clear out the clutter

Start by preparing a checklist and make sure you have all the necessary supplies. Use storage bins and a label maker to make sorting and organizing easier. Prepare extra boxes for donations and trash bags for the things you no longer need. Look for decorative boxes & baskets that will compliment your home’s décor and use them to organize. You can also use closet organizers and storage drawers anywhere they are needed.

Start with the basics

An all-purpose cleaner, cleaning brush and microfiber cloths will clean most surfaces. Use a duster to remove unwanted dirt and furniture polish to revitalize wood surfaces. Upgrade your broom, dustpan, wet mop, and vacuum to make cleaning any type of flooring a breeze.

The nitty gritty

Spring cleaning doesn’t stop there. There’s so much you can do to reset your home:

  • Improve air quality and eliminate pollen and pet dander with a new air purifier and an air freshener with a scent you love.
  • On a sunny day, take the opportunity to clean your windows – you’ll need glass cleaner, a bucket, a squeegee, and paper towels.
  • Have a step stool or ladder on hand to access hard-to-reach places like the tops of cabinets and overhead lighting.
  • Replace broken light bulbs and check the batteries in your smoke detectors.
  • Use drain cleaner to clear up sink and bathtub drains.

Up your printing game with a Supertank Printer

Looking for a printer with more print capacity that’s better for the environment and your wallet? Shop Staples selection of Supertank Printers for all the benefits of an inkjet printer with the convenience and savings of replacement ink bottles that last longer and cost less per page than standard inkjet printer cartridges.

Find a Supertank printer from your favorite top printer brand including:

  • HP Smart Tank & Neverstop Printers
  • Brother INKVestment Tank Printers
  • Canon MegaTank Printers
  • Epson EcoTank Printers

And don’t forget to browse Staples Ink and Toner Finder to find the right replacement ink for your new printer. No matter what printer you have, enter the brand, cartridge or printer model into the easy-to-use Ink and Toner Finder, and browse for compatible ink.

GALANT File cabinet, black stained ash veneer, 20 1/8×47 1/4″

Nice product- very difficult to assembleEmily R.Nice product but very difficult to assemble. Even after getting two different people to help, it still doesn’t close or lock properly but it’s too much of a hassle to return. It looks nice and is difficult to see those flaws.3

Beautiful piece of office furnitureJosephAssembly is not easy, but the struggle was well worth it once this beautiful cabinet was together. Smooth operation of drawers with soft close.5

It works for meTAYEISHAIt works for me5

PerfectGaryI have no idea as to what others were complaining about. I followed the instructions and had no assembly issues at all. Once completed, it is built very well and I especially like that the drawers are interlocked so only one can open at a time.
I am thinking about buying another one. It sure beats the metal file cabinets.5

Looks small is perfectSusanHolds everything I need and looks good doing it.5

Great!BruceExactly what I expected. Great quality.5

Great product. Assembly not so muchKRISTINEI love the cabinet now that it is together. Although I didn’t do the assembly, I watched my partner struggle through it. The back had a couple holes in the wrong spots. Thankfully, he was able to ‘fix’ the issue.5

Plastic pieces not durable enoughVincentPlastic pieces not durable enough for such a heavy product. Plastic hinges break.1

Galant for my personal officeDanielVery solid build and assembly was smooth. Looks very nice. Locking feature works well. Only disappointment is that the drawers could have been deeper. There is a gap f an inch and a half from the back of the drawer to the back wall.4

Addresses my needs.RobertAddresses my needs.5

great itemmarygreat item5

Nice Looking but hard to adjustTIMOTHYThis is a very nice looking piece of furniture. I waited about 6 months for this to come back into stock and grabbed it the minute I was notified it was available. It can be put together by one person but it does take time to do so. Once together it looks great but trying to adjust the drawers to make them even especially the top one is challenging. Overall it looks good and fits nicely in my office.3

Help me to organize allMariaHelp me to organize all my documents5

FileEdnaA piece of furniture that blends in nicely with our room and the best file cabinet. Very solidly built.4

A bit pricey, but really goodDinlerThe product is good quality and good looking. I find it a bit pricey, but was the best fit for my needs and it did meet my expectations.5

What an ordeal! But, I think I will be happy!LUANN H.The instructions on how to place the drawers and to adjust them were less than desirable. The parts that need to click into place, do so with much frustration and effort. The drawers must be clicked into place with two or three pushes before they will sit flush with the cabinet. I didn’t realize that and was starting to hate IKEA. I even called customer service, but they were unable to answer my questions. The rep did try really hard and was very patient and was not happy that she couldn’t help. Finally 6 hours later, I think I will be happy with the unit. It was by far the hardest thing to assemble that I have ever purchased from IKEA. It will be a while before my husband will let me go back, lol!!4

Lock issuesFlor S.The locking mechanism doesn’t won’t many people complain about this problem. I wish it had a key lock like the old ones!1

File cabinetBARBARA-ANNEither directions or the boards were not cut properly had to return.1

Horrible lock!CHRISTINECombination lock seizes up and won’t open. Unable to get lock assembly on entire right side for all 3 drawers to open, or close properly. Pathetic design. Too large for us to return.1

I expected this item toBeverlyI expected this item to be assembled but there were no one available in my area to put it together. 4

File cabinets, boxes for work books, cards for file cabinets

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HAN A6 horizontal closed file cabinet with a key for 800 cards, dimensions 250 x 175 x 140 mm, HA966/S /X


HAN А7 horizontal card file cabinet with key for 800 cards, HA967/S/X

HAN A4 vertical card file cabinet for 1300 cards, HA954-0-1/X

Bestseller 9000 3

Han file cabinet A5 horizontal closed with a key for 800 cards, HA965/S/X


HAN A6 file cabinet open vertical for 1300 cards 105 x 148 mm, HA956-0-1/X


Partition – divider for HAN A4 horizontal file cabinet, HA9024/11

Han 855-0 Open horizontal A5 for 1000 cards, Ha855-0/x

Card index Han 956-0/11 Open horizontal, A6, 1300 cards

Han A6 Cardboard with a horizontal lid for 1300 cards 148 x 105 mm , HA956/X


HAN file index window for file dividers and dividers, transparent, pack. 10 pieces, HA9001

Han 954/11 file cabinet closed horizontal for 1300 cards, gray, A4 format, HA954/X


HAN A5 file cabinet closed, with cover, horizontal, for 1300 cards 210 x 148 mm , gray , HA955/X

HAN A5 file cabinet open horizontal for 1300 cards 210 x 148 mm, grey, HA955-0/11

HAN A6 file divider for HAN and Exacompta horizontal file cabinets, HA9026


Plastic file divider HAN A5, horizontal, grey, HA9025


HAN divider for A4 file cabinet vertical, HA9024-1

Bestseller 9 0003

Han 954-0/11 file cabinet open horizontal А4 for 1300 cards, grey, HA954-0/X


Partition HAN for A7 file cabinet, HA9027


HAN A6 horizontal open file cabinet for 800 cards, HA966-0/X


Bumvinyl employment record box complete with three dividers


Durable Visifix Flip file cabinet (blue/grey) for 400 business cards, Latin alphabet, 2417-23

900 02 Bestseller

HAN A7 horizontal closed file cabinet for 1300 cards, HA957/X


HAN A7 horizontal file cabinet for 300 cards, HA977/X

HAN A-Z divider, А6 (soft plastic) on 25 sheets, HA986


HAN A5 vertical open file cabinet for 1300 cards 210 x 148 mm, grey, HA955-0-1/X

HAN A6 horizontal closed file cabinet for 800 cards, HA966/X

90 002 HAN divider for vertical file cabinet HAN А6, HA9026-1

Cards for A7 file cabinet, size 105 x 74 mm, ruler, white, pack. 100 pieces, Brunnen 22701-00

Closed file cabinet Exacompta A5 for 1200 cards A5, Exacompta 51340D


Card index cards A6, unlined, density 190 g/m, white, pack. 100 pieces

Plastic file divider A6, pack. 2 pieces, Exacompta 54240D

HAN A5 horizontal file cabinet for 300 cards, HA975/X


HAN A-Z divider, A5 (soft plastic) for 25 sheets, HA985

Cards Brunnen for file cabinet A7, paper weight 190 g /m2, unlined, white, pack. 100 cards


Horizontal cardboard divider A6 for work books, pack. 10 pieces


Card index A5, ruler, density 180 g/m, white, pack. 100 pieces

Index cards A6, ruler, 190 g/m, yellow, pack. 100 pieces

Index cards A5, ruler, 180 g/m, pink, pack. 100 pieces

Index cards A6, ruler, 190 g/m, white, pack. 100 pieces

Index cards A6, ruler, 190 g/m, green, pack. 100 pieces

Index cards A6, ruler, density 190 g/m, pink, pack. 100 pieces

Index cards A6, ruler, density 190 g/m, blue, pack. 100 pieces

Index cards A6, ruler, 190 g/m, orange, pack. 100 pcs.

Durable Visifix Flip 400 card file cabinet, black/grey, Latin alphabet, 2417-01

Durable Visifix Desk file cabinet 2413-23, 200 business cards, blue/grey

Durable Visifix Desk file cabinet, 20 0 business cards, black/grey Durable 2413-01


Spare cards for file cabinets Durable, lined, 72 x 104 mm, pack. 100 pieces, 2419-02

HAN A4 horizontal open file cabinet for 1000 cards, HA854-0/X

HAN A6 horizontal open file cabinet for 1000 cards, HA856-0/X


Card toteka HAN A7 horizontal open on 1300 cards, HA957-0/11


HAN A5 horizontal open file cabinet for 800 cards, HA965-0/X

HAN A7 horizontal open file cabinet for 800 cards. HA967-0/X

HAN A5 horizontal file cabinet, closed for 800 cards, HA965/X

HAN A7 horizontal file cabinet, closed for 800 cards, HA967/X

HAN A6 horizontal file cabinet for 300 cards, HA976/X 9000 3

HAN file cabinet A5 horizontal with key, HA3050/X

HAN filing cabinet A6 horizontal with key, HA3052/X

HAN A-Z divider, A7 (soft plastic) 25 sheets, HA987


HAN divider for file cabinets A5 vertical, HA9025-1

HAN divider for filing cabinets HAN 856-0, HA9036


Desktop filing cabinet for Proff business cards, 200 cards, 50 transparent pockets per set, open, black PFS810-06

90 002 File cabinet Exacompta 52240D, A6 format, horizontal, for 1200 cards

Exacompta A7 file cabinet for 600 cards, 57140D

Durable TELINDEX DESK desktop file cabinet for 25 sections, 500 cards, with alphabetical separators, color “silver”, 2412-23


Card file for work books 340 x 100 x 65, cardboard

Transparent index window for file cards Exacompta, pack. 5 pcs., 55641D

HAN A8 card file for 100 cards + alphabet cards (A-Z)


Work book card file 155 x 270 x 120 mm, corrugated board

Desktop card file Durable TELINDEX DESK 25 sections, 500 cards , with alphabetical dividers, black, 2412-01

Durable VISIFIX Cubo desktop file cabinet for 300 cards, 21.5 x 12.0 x 18.5 cm, black, Durable 2447-01

Durable TELEINDEX FLIP Tabletop 500-Card Rotating Alphabet Divider, Durable Black 2416-01

Durable TELEINDEX FLIP 500-Card Rotating Tabletop, Alphabet Divider, Durable 2416-23

Durable Card Box A4 Durable Card Box for 1,500 cards, Durable 3351-10

Durable Card Index Box A6 for 1,500 cards, Durable 3352-10

Durable Card Index Box A5 for 1,500 cards. Durable 3353-10

Durable Card Index Box A5 DUO (double) for 1500 cards, Durable 3354-10

Durable Card Index Box for 1500 cards 170 x 235 mm, Durable 3355-10 glasses A-Z, 0-31, JAN-DEC, brown, pack. 25 pcs, Durable 3151-11

Index cards A5, ruler, 180 g/m, yellow, pack. 100 pieces

Index cards A5, ruler, 180 g/m, green, pack. 100 pieces

Index cards A5, ruler, density 180 g/m, blue, pack. 100 pieces

Durable VISIFIX Card Holder with 200 pockets, 400 cards, black, Durable 2481-01

Durable VISIFIX Card Holder, 200 pockets, 400 cards, metallic silver, Durable 2481-23

Durable Visi File Cabinet fix Flip for 400 business cards, color white, latin alphabet, 2417-02

Exacompta A4 file cabinet for 1200 cards, 52540D

Plastic divider for Exacompta/HAN A7 file cabinet, pack. 2 pieces, Exacompta 54040D

Plastic divider for Exacompta/HAN А5 file cabinet, pack. 2 pieces, Exacompta 54340D

Plastic file divider Exacompta/HAN A4, pack. 2 pieces, Exacompta 54540D

Exacompta A5 file cabinet for 1200 A5 cards, Exacompta 52340D


Document file cabinet, size 320 x 240 x 160 mm, corrugated board 9000 3

Index cards A7, size 105 x 74 mm, ruler , color pink, unitary enterprise. 100 pieces, Brunnen 22701-20

Index cards A7, size 105 x 74 mm, ruler, yellow, pack. 100 pieces, Brunnen 22701-10

Index cards A7, size 105 x 74 mm, ruler, blue, pack. 100 pieces, Brunnen 22701-30

Index cards A7, size 105 x 74 mm, ruler, orange, pack. 100 pieces, Brunnen 22701-40

Card index cards A7, size 105 x 74 mm, ruler, light green, pack. 100 pieces, Brunnen 22701-50

Index cards A8, size 74 x 52 mm, ruler, pink, pack. 100 pieces, Brunnen 22822-20

Set of self-adhesive divider letters, pack. 10 sheets (230 letters)

Library complex of MSTU im. G.I. Nosov

“Card Index of Books” is designed to obtain information about the state of provision of different types of publications of the studied disciplines. The card index is service and is an electronic library card index with the possibility of multiple viewing depending on the purpose of the request. This is an information resource in Microsoft Office Excel format. Includes bibliographic records of literature recommended for use in the educational process, indicating its quantity, discipline, code of the specialty (direction). The card file is formed in accordance with the working curricula of educational programs implemented at the university.

Recommendations for the selection of literature for RPD

Book supply (presentation)

  • publications from electronic library systems, access to which is provided on the basis of direct contracts with copyright holders
  • Editions of the Electronic Library MSTU
  • printed publications from the university library fund, acquired on the basis of contracts with suppliers of printed publications and reflected in the library catalog.

    The list of basic literature includes educational publications: textbooks and teaching aids that meet the requirements of federal state educational standards for higher education in terms of quality.

    In addition to educational literature, the list of additional literature includes educational and methodical publications, lecture notes, lecture courses, collections of problems and exercises, workshops, monographs, scientific publications, reference books, atlases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, without requirements for the year of publication, corresponding to the requirements of federal state educational standards of higher education.

    The functional purpose of the card index is

    • the opportunity to objectively study the educational and methodological support of the educational process on the topics of disciplines.
    • timely adjust the policy of completing the educational fund in certain disciplines
    • quality management of the formation and use of the library fund
    • allows teachers to receive a ready-made bibliographic list of electronic and printed publications on the topic of discipline

    Access to the Book Availability Card Index

    Free access for all categories of users in the university network to the Book Availability Card Index is carried out on the MSTU Corporate Portal (section – Library Resources).

    VO book supply card index (new GOST).

    Disciplines are divided into folders according to the level of education: Bachelor, Master, Specialist, Postgraduate.


    By selecting the required file with the name of the discipline, you can see the bibliographic list of references on the topic of the discipline. For ease of copying, each bibliographic entry is in a separate cell. Electronic resources are highlighted in yellow. Electronic resources, regardless of the number of students studying the discipline, give a book supply coefficient of 1. It is very important that the resource from external ELS be in the MSTU subscription. Pay attention to the bibliographic record of the electronic resource from the external ELS. If the date of access is after September 1, 2020 (since the conclusion of the contract with EBS), then the resource can be included in the list of references of the RPD. If the date is earlier than 1.09.2020, then check to see if this source has been excluded from the MSTU subscription.

    There is no limit on the number of source names in the card index to reflect the diversity of information resources. First, sources from external EBS are arranged in alphabetical order, then from EB MSTU, then printed publications are arranged without highlighting with an indication of the number of copies. The list of references for work programs should not include printed publications that are not in the library, or they are, but in insufficient quantities (see * GEF Requirements), as well as outdated publications. If the printed source is suitable in quantity, it can be included in the RPD.

    *Requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education paragraph 7.3.1 “In case of non-use of the electronic library system (electronic library) in organizations, the library fund must be completed with printed publications at the rate of at least 50 copies of each of the publications of the main literature listed in the work programs of disciplines (modules) , practitioner and at least 25 copies of additional literature per 100 students ”

    Requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education 3++ “4.3.3. When using printed publications in the educational process, the library fund must be completed with printed publications at the rate of at least 0.