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Investor relations

Mollie O’Brien

Best Buy Co., Inc.

7601 Penn Ave S.

Richfield, MN 55423

(866) 758-1457
[email protected]

Other contacts

Customer Service: (888) 237-8289

Best Buy Corporate Office: (612) 291-1000

Media Inquiries: (612) 231-5146 or [email protected]

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Direct Stock Purchase Plan

For more information about Best Buy’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan and Direct Stock Purchase Program, please contact our plan administrator:

Broadridge DSP

c/o Broadridge Shareholder Services

P. O. Box 1342

Brentwood, NY 11717

844-318-0131 or 720-358-3627

Stock Transfer Agent

For questions about stock certificates – replacing lost certificates, changing address, changing the name on certificates or transferring ownership – please contact our transfer agent:

Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, Inc.

P.O. Box 1342, Brentwood, NY 11717

844-318-0131 or 720-358-3627
[email protected]

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Email Investor Relations
(866) 758-1457


Best Buy Co Inc Company Profile – Best Buy Co Inc Overview

Best Buy Co Inc (Best Buy) is a multi-national retailer of electronic products. The company’s product offerings include consumer electronics, computing and mobile phones, appliances, entertainment products, home office products. It also offers services such as consultation, design, set-up, technical support, warranty related services, heath related services and memberships, educational classes, delivery and installation for home theater, mobile audio and appliances. Best Buy markets its products under Best Buy, Future Shop, Geek Squad, Magnolia, Best Buy Mobile, Dynex, Platinum, Yellow Tag, Insignia, Pacific Sales, Rocketfish, Modal and My Best Buy brand names. Best Buy merchandises products at retail stores, online, mobile applications and through call centers. The company’s operations across the US, Canada, and Mexico. Best Buy is headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota, the US.

Gain a 360-degree view of Best Buy Co Inc and make more informed decisions for your business

Gain a 360-degree view of Best Buy Co Inc and make more informed decisions for your business

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United States of America

7601 Penn Avenue South, Richfield, Minnesota, 55423



1 612 2911000

No of Employees


Ticker Symbol & Exchange

Revenue (2023)


(2023 vs 2022)


Net Income (2023)

36. 5%

(2023 vs 2022)

Market Cap*

Net Profit Margin (2023)


(2023 vs 2022)

* As of and is in US$

View Best Buy Co Inc financials


Retail Market Data Insights

Insight into market share and brand performance.


IT Services Contracts

Improve competitive bidding with insights into all publicly disclosed IT services contracts for Best Buy Co Inc (including IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing, systems integration & consulting and more).


ICT Spend & Tech Priorities

IT Client Prospector provides intelligence on Best Buy Co Inc’s likely spend across technology areas enabling you to understand the digital strategy.

Products and Services

Products Services Brands
Consumer Electronics: Consultation Best Buy
TV Sets Design Geek Squad
Digital Imaging Health-related Services Magnolia

Understand Best Buy Co Inc portfolio and identify potential areas for collaboration

Understand Best Buy Co Inc portfolio and identify potential areas for collaboration

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History section provides information on new products, mergers, acquisitions, expansions, approvals, and many more key events.

Year Event Description
2023 Contracts/Agreements In July, the company entered into a partnership with The White House to secure devices from cyberattacks.
2023 Contracts/Agreements In June, the company and Citi collaborated to offer the Bridge built by Citi platform to small-and medium-sized suppliers.
2023 Contracts/Agreements In March, the company entered into an agreement with Roku under which Roku will sell its smart TVs at Best Buy locations and website.

Dive into past operations, including product releases, deals, acquisitions & more

Dive into past operations, including product releases, deals, acquisitions & more

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Competitor Comparison

Key Parameters Best Buy Co Inc Walmart Inc Costco Wholesale Corp Target Corp Transform SR Brands LLC
Headquarters United States of America United States of America United States of America United States of America United States of America
City Richfield Bentonville Issaquah Minneapolis Hoffman Estates
State/Province Minnesota Arkansas Washington Minnesota Illinois
No. of Employees 90,000 2,100,000 304,000 440,000 89,000
Entity Type Public Public Public Public Private

Benchmark the company against the market with exclusive information on key competitors

Benchmark the company against the market with exclusive information on key competitors

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Key Financial Charts

Sales Growth

Net Income Growth

Chart Financial activity with access to more key stats

Chart Financial activity with access to more key stats

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Name Position Board Since Age
J. Patrick Doyle
Executive Board 2020 59
Corie S. Barry
Chief Executive Officer; Director
Executive Board 2019 48
Matt Bilunas
Senior Executive Vice President – Enterprise Strategy; Chief Financial Officer
Senior Management 2019 50
Todd G. Hartman
Chief Risk Officer; General Counsel
Senior Management 2019 56
Keri Grafing
Chief Compliance Officer
Senior Management
Non Dignissim Eros Proin vel Convallis 2023 XY
Non Dignissim Eros Proin vel Convallis 2023 XY
Non Dignissim Eros Proin vel Convallis 2023 XY

Gain insight into Best Buy Co Inc key executives to enhance your sales strategy

Gain insight into Best Buy Co Inc key executives to enhance your sales strategy

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Top 5 brands in Russia


  • Business

The list of the best brands, which was compiled for the first time for Russia by the research company Gfk, includes two Russian and three foreign companies

by GfK for the first time. Among them were two Russian and three foreign brands that won first places in five categories: Best Product Brand, Best Growing Product Brand, Best Foreign Corporate Brand, Best Russian Corporate Brand and Best Russian Product Brand. .

During the study, GfK took into account not only the market performance of the brand, but also its emotional perception by the consumer. “This is not an expert assessment, but a representative study that takes into account both the commercial success of brands and the opinion of consumers,” Natalia Ignatieva, Director of Marketing and Communications at GfK Rus, explained to Forbes.

As a result, Apple, the leader of the Forbes ranking of the most valuable brands in the world, was only fifth in the Best Foreign Corporate Brand category, missing Google in first place. “It turned out that people in Russia are much more emotionally involved with Google,” says Ignatieva. And the German Bosch won in the main nomination – “Best Product Brand”. In terms of “market share” in the total calculation, it was significantly behind five competitors at once, but it turned out to be far ahead in terms of “soul share”, which GfK understands as the psychological attractiveness of the brand for Russians.

When determining the “strength of a brand”, its market achievements were taken into account (determined based on open information and GfK panel data) and the psychological attractiveness of the brand, assessed based on the results of a survey of 7250 people in Russia (for more information about the rating methodology, click here).

The organizer of the Best Brands award, Serviceplan Group, announced its winners at a ceremony in Moscow on April 9, 2019.

Best Food Brand


German Bosch competed with Alpen Gold, Bonduelle, Canon, Lay’s, Nescafe, Samsung, Tefal, Tikkurila and FrutoNyanya in the Best Food Brand nomination. In terms of commercial success, the German brand was not among the leaders, losing to Nescafe, Tikkurila, Samsung, Bonduelle and Tefal. But it overtook its competitors due to a significant gap in psychological attractiveness for Russian consumers. The top three in terms of total indicators also included Samsung and Bonduelle.

“German brands traditionally have a good image for quality and innovation among Russians,” says Ignatieva. At Bosch itself, consumer attitudes towards a brand are associated with ongoing marketing campaigns and the emotional involvement of the audience. “For many years in a row, we have been actively supporting creative initiatives within the framework of such public events as, for example, Afisha Picnic, the purpose of which is to involve young people and reveal their creative potential,” says Andrey Krivosheev, Regional Director for Sales of Power Tools at Robert Bosch LLC . “Another example is the support of the activities of the Galchonok charitable foundation aimed at developing creative opportunities and integrating children with disabilities.”

Methodology. “Best Product Brand” is determined by two indicators. First, the commercial success of a brand is assessed, which is determined by its market share, customer preference (first choice) and price premium (the percentage by which the sale price of a product exceeds the reference price). Secondly, the attractiveness of the brand for consumers is taken into account. To do this, 5,750 people are surveyed, they are asked to rate the brand’s popularity and experience of interacting with it.

Best Growing Product Brand


The main competitors of the Chinese giant in the Best Growing Product Brand category in Russia were Alpen Gold, Bosch, Huawei, Lay’s, Makita, Mr. Ricco, Nutrilon, Panasonic and Sony. Xiaomi became the first by a wide margin due to a significant increase in the company’s share in the Russian market. Behind him in this category are Panasonic and Alpen Gold.

In terms of emotional perception among Russian buyers, the Chinese brand turned out to be an obvious outsider, losing to the other nine nominees, but surpassing rivals in terms of growth rates of its market share in Russia.

Methodology . In the Best Growth Brand category, growth dynamics is a priority.

The best Russian food brand


The baby food brand outperformed such rivals as Greenfield, Babaevsky, Goryachaya Shtushka, Dobry, Makfa, “Maheev”, “Prostokvashino”, “Russia” and “Sloboda”. In terms of financial performance, FrutoNyanya was inferior to its main competitors, Prostokvashino and Sloboda, but outperformed them in terms of the “share of the soul” (emotional and rational perception on the part of consumers). In addition, the brand’s ability to translate its power into other categories also played a role (consumer surveys asked about the willingness to buy a brand in other product segments). FrutoNyanya was favored by the assessment of the quality of its products, the brand’s ability to cause joy, its adaptation to the needs of consumers, and a good price-quality ratio. According to the totality of these criteria, FrutoNyanya won.

Marketing Director of JSC “Progress” (manufacture products under the brand “FrutoNyanya”) Anna Ivanova explains the success of the company’s ability to predict the mood and needs of the consumer. In particular, the brand began to build its positioning not only on the opportunity to help mothers, but also fathers (“today, a man in the baby food department no longer surprises anyone”). An illustrative example of strengthening the position of the FrutoNyanya brand in the children’s juice market, Ivanova called the refusal in 2017 of “cunning stories and legends” in advertising.

Best Russian Corporate Brand


In the competition for the title of Best Russian Corporate Brand, the company created by Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich overtook Mail. Ru Group, Aeroflot, VTB, Gazprom, Lukoil, MTS, Rosneft, Russian Railways and Sberbank. Yandex, Sberbank and Aeroflot have similar rational indicators. Slightly higher emotional preferences of consumers allowed Yandex to become the first. It is followed by Sberbank and Aeroflot.

The brands of Rosneft, VTB, MTS and Mail.Ru Group were at the bottom of the list of 10 nominees. In terms of emotional perception by respondents, the brands of VTB and Rosneft took the last lines. According to rational perception, VTB and MTS were at the end of the list.

Methodology. When determining the nominees in the Best Russian Corporate Brand category, open data on the commercial success of companies operating in Russia were taken into account. Brand strength was calculated from the results of an online survey of 1,500 respondents and reflects their emotional and rational perception of these companies.

The best foreign corporate brand


In terms of emotional and rational perception, the image of Google turned out to be higher than that of competitors, among which were Apple, Danone, LG Electronics, Mercedes-Benz, Nestle, Pepsico, Procter and Gamble, Samsung Electronics and Toyota Motor. But the victory for the American brand was due to the greatest contribution of rational perception, stressed at GfK.

Samsung, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota are a little behind Google. The American Apple was in the top three in terms of rational brand perception in Russia (we are talking about reputation, international recognition and development), but it turned out to be only sixth in terms of emotions that the brand awakens among customers (sympathy, identification, uniqueness).

Google outperformed the competition on emotional characteristics, especially on likeability, attractiveness, and identification. “People, as the study shows, feel somewhat more close to Google, which is logical, since the company’s products are used in everyday life and this does not require a high level of income,” Ignatieva explained.

The Google press service called the launch of an assistant in Russian, the You Tube Music streaming service, the Business Class program and Google Reading “From small to large” the brand’s most striking marketing campaigns in 2018.

John Shoal Top 5 Service Companies in the World: Costco Wholesale Corporation


Good afternoon, friends!

Let me remind you that in October 2015 at our event “Sincere Service” John Shoal named the TOP 5 service companies in the world.

One of them was Costco, which we will talk about today.

Many people are under the delusion that big discounters don’t care about the quality of service. Costco’s inclusion in the top five service companies refutes this notion.

I get asked this question a lot. We have “SELF SERVICE! What service?!”

The dispute will be brought to an end by Costco customers, whose examples of super-loyalty I personally use very often. But more on that below. And now some numbers.

So, Costco Wholesale Corporation was founded by James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman on September 15, 1983 in Seattle.

Today it is the world’s largest chain of self-service club stores. It is the second largest retailer in the world and third in the US (up from #8 in 2006, nearly doubling sales since then).

Costco Wholesale’s business model focuses on selling products from a limited number of manufacturers at the lowest prices.

In order to make purchases in the stores of this company, you must purchase a club card – Executive Member, Business Member or Goldstar Member. Annual membership in the Costco club system in the US and Canada costs from $55 to $110, in Mexico from $450 to $1000, in Spain from 25 to 30 euros, in the UK 20 pounds.

Many Costco stores have their own gas stations, pharmacies, opticians, hearing aid centers, photo printing shops, and food courts where customers can grab a quick bite or lunch (the menu is usually the same in all countries). Costco offers various services – insurance, tire replacement, travel tours, etc.

Additional Services Costco Wholesale Corporation
  • Concierge is a free service offered by the company when purchasing electronics. All questions of interest (how to use, include, etc.) about the item, the buyer can ask the “concierge” Costco.
  • Insurances. Costco has partnered with Ameriprise so that the company’s club card holders can insure their cars and property.
  • Photocenter. Costco Photo Center is a photo lab where you can print not only photos, but also order a photo album, book or calendar. All services of the photo center are available not only in the company’s stores, but also on the website
  • Cars. Costco is the second largest auto dealer in the US and has partnerships with companies such as Polaris and General Motors. For its customers, it offers cars at low prices and a wide selection of service workshops around the world.
  • Optics. Costco Optical is part of the Costco Wholesale Corporation and is the fifth largest optical chain in the US. The ophthalmologists who work in these opticians see patients without Costco club cards. True, in order for the doctor to write a prescription, the patient must be a member of the company’s club.
  • Travel agencies. Costco Travel, another division of Costco Wholesale Corporation, offers travel services to company cardholders in the US and Canada. The head office is located in Issaquah, Washington. The company offers tours to the Caribbean, Europe, Florida, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Mexico and the countries of the South Pacific. The cost of the tour may include car rental, cruise, visits to parks, guide services, etc.
First impressions matter most

Greeters are available at the entrance and exit of Costco stores. They are the first and last employees that customers come into contact with in the store.

The name Greeter comes from the English to greet – to greet. This is not really a Costco invention. WalMart was one of the first to do this.

Yes, and your obedient servant, impressed by the book “Made in America”, installed a security guard at the entrance in his store, whose duty was to say loudly “Hello!” to everyone who came in. and give you a basket. The most fun thing was to watch how fearfully shied away from our persistent hospitality of the pensioner grandmother. Okay, we digress.


You can return the purchased product, if its expiration date has not expired, at any time. Cameras, DVRs, mobile phones, computers, digital audio players, movie projectors and TVs are returned within 90 days. After this period, US law requires returns to be made to the manufacturer. And here one of the main features of Costco works perfectly – Concierge service. After making a purchase, you get a personal assistant who will solve all issues with the manufacturer for you free of charge, even outside the warranty

Special customer focus

One story that has become very popular is the story of Costco’s special customer, a Chihuahua named Napoleon. Her owner, Doris Stacey, suffers from hearing loss and is dependent on a guide dog to alert her to sounds and sudden noises. Several times Doris had to leave her friend in front of the store, as many animal lovers do. But one day, when the greeter on duty asked if there was anything they could do for her, Doris asked for the general manager. She told him about her problem, and he personally wrote a cover letter instructing him to let Napoleon into the store, and then issue him a personal card.

This is how Napoleon became the only dog ​​in the world with his own Costco card. John McKay, general manager of Costco’s Northwest region, said the store does not routinely issue membership cards to dogs. “But we allow our managers to break the rules if it seems appropriate in some situation,” , McKay said.

Super loyalty

I don’t know why. But with a good selection at a bargain price, concierges or greeters, a wide range of services, or issuing customer cards for dogs, Costco boasts some crazy stories of super-loyalty.

Here is one of them.

Ron Susie is a fan of Costco stores. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t go to Costco.
He buys groceries, clothes and shoes, insurance, glasses and even travel packages there. And when he arrives at the resort, when everyone goes to the sea, he goes to the local Costco store. His wife specially made a Costco Man printed T-shirt for him.

You think this paragraph is repeating Costco too many times. And what else to be, if we are talking about a real fan?

And here is the second one.

Robert and Meredith Bonilla got married on the top floor of Costco in Santa Maria, California in December 2014, a year after meeting in the store. The department gave them permission to hold the ceremony after work.

And one more.

If you google Costco a bit, you’re bound to find another Costco fan’s blog, Kimberly Petersen:

How about this quote: “I’ve been lucky to visit Costco all over the world. We have already visited the USA and England, as well as Australia, Korea, Japan. I can’t wait to go to the new store in Spain.”

One gets the impression that Kimberly travels not to countries, but to shops … Perhaps she is.

What do all these people have in common? In my opinion, everything is simple.