Best computer accessory: 17 Must-Have PC Computer Accessories for Productive Workstation

17 Must-Have PC Computer Accessories for Productive Workstation

We are all aware of how important computers are to our daily lives. They help us find the most recent news, link us with family and friends through social media, and store our memories. But what happens when we need a break from our jobs? Or perhaps you require the music for your commute? It’s good to occasionally hear anything other than music coming from your computer speakers.

But how can you achieve this without spending much money on audio equipment or carrying bulky speaker systems? PC accessories can help with that.PC accessories and work desk items are essential in keeping the whole desk organized, tidy, efficient and productive. The best gaming PC accessories and PC setup accessories are the ones that make your experience more easy and enjoyable.

Especially with the work from home and the several challenges of inadequate office supplies at home, a smartly curated desktop computer accessories list can help you create the right desk setup. This article will cover some essential PC accessories for your work desk.

We will now go over every essential cool accessory for PC that you need to improve your workspace or personal private space. Bluetooth speakers which you can use to share your favorite songs with pals, adorable computer organizers that will improve the look of your workstation, and portable speakers you can use to listen to music while you’re on the road are just a few of the items you may purchase from any computer accessories store.

1. Monitor Arm

People working with PC and gaming setups are likely to have multiple screens. Using multiple screens is fun and game until you subject your neck to long term pain and strain. A monitor arm is undoubtedly a must-have accessory for people who have a dual or triple monitor setup. This monitor arm from Autonomous comes in a single and a dual setting to help you choose the best option for you.


USB Speakers

Whether your PC setup is for gaming, work, or watching movies, a good set of speakers always adds right to the charm. Make sure you opt for loudspeakers to give a pleasant sound experience and compact enough not to cramp up your entire workstation. These amazon basics USB Speakers are our top pick for various reasons.

You get a well-rounded sound and an attractive design for something so little. Better yet, they’re fully powered by USB, and they’re really simple to use, thanks to internal volume control.

3. USB Docking Station

If you are tired of cable clutter and organizing those long wires every other hour during the workday, then a USB docking station is the most effortless solution. A USB docking station provides multiple power outlets for all of your devices. It is like a charger that can subsequently charge various devices at once without finding the right cable for minutes at a time.

This under desk stand with USB ports from Amazon helps tidy up the cables. Thanks to its property of going and sticking under the desk, which keeps the cables out of your way and brings tidiness in your workstation one step ahead.

4. Power Supply

This is one of the necessary PC accessories. Even in the age of auto-saving desktop programmes, a power outage on a desktop PC can result in the loss of your work. This is when a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) comes in handy. These devices are equipped with numerous regular power outlets for your desktop PC, monitor, printer, and other equipment, as well as huge batteries.

They may also have USB ports for charging, and surge protection is frequently included. When the lights go out, these aren’t supposed to be power generators that keep you working for hours. In a power loss, the battery should keep your PC working long enough to save your work and safely shut down.


Ergonomic Mouse

An ergonomic mouse is a wonderful solution for people who have to move their mouse a million times a day swiftly. An ergonomic mouse also eliminates any constant strain from your wrists and improves work efficiency. The G502 from Logitech is a high-performance gaming mouse that works well with a high-efficiency PC gaming system.

The wired mouse features 25,600 dots per inch sensors that ensure your each movement is tracked and translated instantaneously. Moreover, this mouse is covered with the latest spring-loaded switches that ensure the game punctually acknowledges each click.

It’s typically advisable to select a mouse for your PC setup accessories that match your grip the best. While an ergonomically designed mouse is designed specifically for a healthy grasp, there are other things to consider. A comfortable slanted mouse accommodates a more stable wrist position. Because the vertical mouse design requires less isometric contractions to grip while using, it may cause less discomfort in your forearm.

6. Headphone Stand

This is one of the amazing PC accessories in the market. You likely spend a significant portion of your computer time wearing headphones. The problem is that when headphones aren’t in use, there’s never a good spot for them to sit. If you set them on the desk, they’ll probably fall off, and the same is true if you put them on top of the computer tower.

NZXT’s Puck is a common technique to counter this. It may gather and keep any excess cable from your headphones in addition to offering a convenient place to hang them. The Puck doesn’t take up any additional room, but it does assist you in cleaning up the trash on your work or gaming desk to some extent.

7. Wrist Rest

Whether using a single screen setup or multi-screen setup, having support for your wrists is a part of any proper desk setup. Especially people who spend hours on their keyboards in front of the screen suffer from various tiny to long term injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury.

An ergonomic wrist rest is the simplest solution to keep your wrists safe and prevent any joints’ long-term injuries. An ergonomic wrist rest also ensures smooth gliding movement of the mouse, making the user feel more efficient and productive while working.

8. Ergonomic Keyboard

PC users are most definitely gamers who have to swiftly kill the enemies and programmers who are stuck to their keyboards and cannot expect a delay when they are working. An ergonomic keyboard is suitable in both cases. An ergonomic keyboard allows you to work with minimum pressure on the keys, and the keyboard is also designed to prevent any uncomfortable angle of your wrists.

To use your Macbook Air effortlessly, opt for ergonomic keyboards such as the Matias programmable Ergo Pro keyboard for PC or the Cloud Nine ergonomic split mechanical keyboard from autonomous. These options are ideal for people who work for hours and complain about sore wrists at the end of the day.

9. Desk Pad

A desk pad is the safest way to keep your desk accessories safe, your desk organized and also prevent your work desk from scratches. This smart product from task pad is a two in one solution for your coolest computer accessories list. The wireless charging leather desk pad is the perfect example of luxury and comfort for modern desk setups.

The desk pad is water resistance, stain proof and keeps your desk free from any scratches. It is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your work desk without having to spend much.

10. Wireless Charger

What’s better than a wireless charger that doesn’t keep you limited to staying close to the power outlet? A wireless charger for multiple devices. Yes, rather than just keeping your devices in line to get to their turn of charging, the wireless charger multiple devices from spruce ensures all of your devices are at the top of their performance.

With the spruce wireless charger, you can charge up to five devices at once, and the dual coil wireless pad ensures swift and even charging. The eco-friendly charger also remains cool even when working.

11. Monitor

Manufacturers of monitors only concentrated on the screen function, providing form factor and other design-related considerations a low priority. However, in today’s consumer-conscious society, where customer reviews and real-time feedback can either make or break businesses and recently launched items, considering the user’s quality of life is one strategy for winning over customers. Today, employing a high-quality display is nice since it allows you to completely appreciate the effort and money you spent purchasing the ideal PC. Additionally, today’s monitors boast speedy response rates and vibrant, rich colors.

12. Mics & Recorders

For many individuals, computer microphones and recorders are essential components of their computers. Voice recording is crucial in the era of online collaboration and content marketing. You should offer quality sound if you intend to broadcast your information, conduct podcasts, or chat with your friends and family online. Our top option for laptops and desktop computers is the HyperX Quadcast USB mic because this can record excellent audio, is simple to use, and has the amazing definition and a tonne of style.

13. Cameras & Webcam

Recording devices or, perhaps, webcams are often used for virtual meetings in the workplace. Their implementation permits workplace flexibility. Although webcams enable individuals to connect daily, working remotely can sometimes isolate some employees from their counterparts. Online courses now seem more accessible and affordable, thanks to webcams. Participants can request to communicate with their lecturers using a web camera if they need help grasping a subject in the teaching process. A webcam allows the instructor to explain specific ideas using doodles and illustrations visually.

14. Lightings

Gaming space lighting fixtures deliver lighting and atmosphere for spaces where you and some guests can enjoy console games or poker machines. Gaming room lighting is excellent with video review multiplayer matches, in-person pool or ping-pong sessions, and those times when you enjoy role-playing activities with pals over the internet while alone. For your multiplayer experience, the correct lighting could be aesthetically pleasing and the coolest computer accessory.

15. CPU Holders

CPU holders have an intuitive interface. They minimize the risk of hazards and can save you time by rendering access to your computer. Beneath your workpiece, you could install them with your preferred mounting technique. They rank as one of the most important computer setup devices for specialists in the workforce. Stepping from your chair while squatting on the hard ground to access the backside of your desktop is certainly not an easy activity, and it isn’t something you would like to do regularly if you have poor knees or cannot bend on the floor comfortably. You can always access your CPU by mounting a CPU mount to your windows pc.

16. Keyboard Platform

An ergonomically designed keyboard tray may not be at the top of your list of essential items for convenient use. They are, in fact, fitness superheroes in both the office and the household. It allows you to alter your typing position appropriately, reducing the strain from feedback loops like typing. This suggests that many individuals will use an ergonomically unsound keyboard and mouse.

A flexible keyboard tray will allow you to position the keypad closer to your workpiece surface. Given the keypad’s height, your hands will be in a prime place. Holding your wrists neutrally is the optimal posture. Your chance of injury from inappropriate mouse and keyboard use will decrease if you embrace this stance.

Alignment is easier with the aid of a keyboard tray. Since you’re focusing on some major tasks, you may also need two displays in addition to your other computer equipment. Using such a keyboard tray will free up space on your desktop. That includes keeping your keyboard in the tray as you add more documents to your workspace.

17. Split Keyboards

They constitute some of the top gaming PC accessories and upgrade kits. Split keyboards seem very pleasant since they reduce ulnar distortion, as professionals describe. Ulnar deviation occurs when the forearm is rotated outwardly towards your little finger, which causes the cubital tunnel syndrome in the forearm to become smaller. With a split keyboard, you could distinguish between the two key devices and move them so the front row is slightly shoulder-width. The home row would be at shoulder level, and the conventional computing stance has no ulnar displacement. In addition to being more convenient, split keypads may rectify the forearm range of motion or forearm supination, as ergonomists call it. Persistent forearm movement increases the load on the other tissues and muscles and decreases blood circulation, leading to fatigue and injury.

28 Must-Have Computer Accessories You Can Try Right Now

1. A set of gold cable organizers to keep your cords in order and avoid the stress of unknotting tedious tangles. Plus, it’ll make your desktop look super sleek. 


Brighttia is a New York-based Etsy shop established in 2018 that specializes in industrial and modern interior lighting and decor.

Promising review: “Super helpful at work with all the cables I plug into my laptop. Super easy to put in place and good quality.” –rainfalls

Get a set of two from Brighttia on Etsy for $12.98+ (available in eight colors and finishes).

2. A gaming mouse that’ll make your housebuilding skills and chaos-creating abilities even more efficient in

The Sims

Promising review: “Great feel – quality materials, ergonomic for small hands, perfect weight w/o adding any additional weights. Love this mouse. The free spinning wheel is great for fast, effortless scrolling, and it’s side scrolling function is awesome and surprisingly smooth. It’s ergonomic and well built without looking like too much of a crazy gaming mouse. The Logitech software for customizing the DPI, buttons and RGB is really slick and user friendly. The USB cord is really long and flexible, and has enough body that it moves out of the way when moving the mouse up the desk pad. I’ve only had this mouse a few days, but so far I am really happy with this choice.” –Garrett Elmer

Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (available in two styles). 

14. A miniature projector you can connect to your computer to host the ultimate movie night at your place.,

Promising review: “I am very satisfied with my first projector purchase. Easy to connect to my laptop. I connected my own speakers to it. There is a little noise but nothing bothersome. Mine came with a two year warranty that was easy to activate. Great purchase!” –Lisa Rodriguez

Get it from Amazon for $89.99.

15. A pair of noise-cancelling Bluetooth wireless earbuds with all of the function (and style) or *ahem* pricer brands, but without the toll on your wallet.

You can tap once to play or pause, double-tap to skip forward or backward, and keep them in their charging case to *juice up*.

Promising review: “These headphones are literally fantastic. I am a professional musician by trade and these have incredibly clear sound quality, really high end parts put into this product. The connection is fast and easy, it charges while in the case which is a great feature but better than all these features I love the ability to wear them in the shower and jam to tunes while they get soaked and survive it like a champ.” —Matthew Hussey

Get it from Amazon for $26. 99+ (available in six colors).

25. An affordable laptop backpack equipped with a USB charging port, lock, anti-theft technology, and of course tons of glorious storage for all of your gadgets (and other bits and bobbles!).


Promising review: “I’ve had this bad boy for two years of college and going. It’s been on every trip, every class, and held my computer, books, tablet, and more. I don’t use the inside charger much because I have a couple of my own but it’s great for an emergency. Five stars, 10/10, couldn’t recommend it more. The only downside is the pockets on the side are a bit tight for most reusable water bottles. Really only fits the width of a regular plastic bottle.” –Noah Hardin

Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in two sizes and five colors). 

26. A weekly planner mouse pad so you can easily keep track of your to-dos throughout your busy work day.

When the going gets tough, the tough get organized.


Promising review: “The calendar is incredibly handy for keeping track of projects at work. There’s plenty of room for writing down daily tasks — I’ve been known to cram in several tasks in a day’s column for particularly busy weeks. The spot for the pen is really handy, too. And I love the positive affirmations for each day! The whole thing is a great vibe for the week. Quality wise this product is excellent. The paper is sturdy, and each week tears off easily from the side. It arrived plastic-wrapped and in good condition.” —Katie Marie

Get it from Amazon for $9+ (available in seven designs).

27. A desktop ring light and tripod because no one wants to see your little black icon on a Zoom call at the end of the day. You have your camera turned on for a reason – it’s time to show face!

Promising review: “I loved the remote ! It was a pleasant surprise because I did not remember reading that it came with a remote. As a content creator, this is going to make my recording so much easier! The brightness on all three colors is amazing! If you record videos or do makeup or anything that would require a ring light I highly recommend.” —Kalisha Johnson

Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in two colors).

28. A cleaning putty to snatch cookie crumbs (along with dust, dirt, and other grime) out of the nooks and crannies of your keyboard., Amazon

Promising review: “I used this both to clean vents in my car AND the computer keyboard. I was amazed at how much dirt it removed from each surface, and at how cleanly it peeled off. For the computer, just using canned air or q-tips and cleaner always seems like pushing gunk around, not actually removing it — this did a much better job. It was also great for cleaning the very hard to reach crevices in one of our AC window units. Totally worth the money and very satisfying (albeit a little frightening when you see the dirt!) to use. ” –CT

Get it from Amazon for $6.98+ (available in three colors).

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Top 10 Best PC Gaming Accessories of 2021

If you’re an avid gamer, you should be looking for the best PC gaming accessories in 2021. This article will cover all the gaming accessories you will need to become a superstar.

We’ve outlined all the gaming accessories a gamer will need to play along with the best recommended products to make your gaming experience easier. We all know that esports has grown rapidly over the years and will continue to grow in the future.

They still rate PC games very well compared to PlayStation, Xbox or any console for better graphics, better customization, better investment and more games. According to market researcher Newzoo, 2.7 billion gamers worldwide will spend $159.3 billion on games in 2020. By 2023, the gaming business will exceed $200 billion.

Some players have already established themselves in the sports industry. So you can say that games can be played here. However, in order to become a professional player, we need modern equipment, suitable gaming equipment and gaming accessories.

Game enthusiasts who want to excel at games know they need equipment such as headsets, controllers and monitors to compete at the highest level. Perfection is the key to success, so dreams come true.

So let’s take a look at the best gaming accessories of 2021 that need your attention.

Top 10 Best PC Gaming Accessories 2021

1 Wired and Wireless Gaming Keyboard

2 Gaming mouse

3 Gaming desk

4 Gaming chairs

5 Gaming monitor

6 Wireless and wired gaming headphones

7 Gaming speakers

8 Wireless Game Controller (Joystick)

9 Fast WiFi Fi router

10 Streamer microphone

Best gaming accessories 2021

1 wired and wireless keyboard

Play accessories are comfort and convenience. We’ll talk about both wired and wireless keyboards, but in my experience, a wireless keyboard will give you an advantage over a wired keyboard. When we talk about gaming keyboards, we wish optical switches were more sophisticated. durability, fast response time, proper handling and elegant design.

The wired keyboard also has the same functions, but does not allow you to enjoy the game comfortably. You can’t disconnect from your desktop computer and play in your favorite place, so a wireless keyboard has a slight advantage.

Fast keyboard response also helps you to play online with your friends. If you have been playing games for a very long time, then it is best to get a mechanical gaming keyboard.

Recommended Wired Keyboard: – [GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard] [FENIFOX Gaming Keyboard] [CORSAIR K70 RGB Mk.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard]

Recommended Wireless Keyboard: – [Rechargeable Rainbow Backlit Keyboard] [Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ] [Redragon Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard] [Redragon K59 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard6].

2 Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse is another essential gaming accessory for gamers. Today we celebrate some of the most powerful mice available for gaming. For a good mouse, we need to test comfort, efficiency, and response time. Today, a state-of-the-art gaming mouse with sensors and a game-tested design brings life to passionate gamers to life.

Finding the perfect gaming mouse has always been a long task for gamers. We have reviewed for you some of the best gaming mice that suit your needs. Standard computer mice will work for you as usual, but if you’re looking for ultra-precise tracking and a comfortable gaming design, then it’s worth having the perfect gaming mouse.

Recommended Gaming Mouse: – [Logitech G203 Prodigy Wired Gaming Mouse] [Glorious Model O- Gaming Mouse (Minus)] [Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse] [Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse]

3 Gaming Computer Desk

A good desk will help you ensure the calmest weather at the end of your computer. Another advantage of a great gaming table is that it provides a lot of space, which ultimately has a big impact on every player.

The most difficult thing that gets in the way of the players is the cables. Cable issues may vary due to the integration of multiple accessories. In order to focus on the game, we had to divert attention from the games. A gaming table is a great way to deal with these issues and keep them in order. Let’s take a look at our recommended gaming tables.

Recommended game tables: – [MOTPK L-shaped game table] [55″ Homall game table] [Mr. IRONSTONE L-shaped] [Ergonomic gaming table].

4 Computer Gaming Chairs

When it comes to gaming comfort, no one wants to compromise. When playing for a long time, it is very important to have comfort and convenience. When gaming is your priority, having a comfortable chair is essential.

There are many gaming chairs available, but it’s important to invest in a gaming chair that will help you in every aspect. So, if you are an avid gamer, I highly recommend having a comfortable gaming chair.

A good gaming chair is essential when it comes to seating comfort, comfort, adjustability and contemporary style. Therefore, if you are engaged in long activities and spend most of your time in a chair, it is important to have comfortable chairs.

Recommended gaming chairs: – [Blue Whale Gaming Chair] [Yaksha Gaming Chair] [Hbada Gaming Chair] [RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming]

5 Gaming Monitor

accessories in the world. The demand for HD monitors is high and they are one of the best gaming accessories in the world. Having a high resolution monitor is essential for a good gaming experience.

One of the things we need to look at when investing in a gaming monitor is the high definition visualization that helps identify movement and consciousness. So let’s get started and take a look at our recommended gaming monitors.

Recommended Gaming Monitors: – [ASUS VG245H 24″ Full HD] [Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor 27″] [Lenovo G24-10 Gaming Monitor 23. 6″] [ASUS TUF Gaming Curved 32″ 2K HDR].

6 Wireless and wired gaming headphones

Headsets are available in two versions: wired and wireless. It is one of the most important accessories for players. A good gaming headset helps gamers hear sound effects more accurately than conventional speakers.

Gaming headphones become more important when we play games such as PUBG, Call of Duty, Total War, Crusader Kings, Counter-Strike, Resident Evil Village, Batman Arkham City and many more. Therefore, if you needed to listen to music well while playing games, it is important to have quality headsets.

Choosing the best gaming headsets is never an easy task. It takes a lot of time and research to find the best brand for the highest quality headset. If you want great sound quality, good build quality, and a great microphone, these headsets will set you back one cent.

Recommended Wired Gaming Headsets – – [Corsair HS60 PRO] [Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset] [Logitech G433 7. 1 Wired Gaming Headset]

Recommended Wireless Gaming Headsets: – [Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless Premium Wireless Gaming Headset] [Wireless Corsair HS70 Pro Gaming Headset] [HyperX Cloud Flight] [VANKYO Wireless Gaming Headset].

7 Gaming Speakers

Gaming speakers are now worthy of the hype. Improved clear sound during games is the most important thing for a good gaming experience. So, it’s time to invest in gaming speakers that will enhance the overall gaming experience.

We know there are several PC games with impressive soundtracks that high-end gaming speakers might want.

Finding the best gaming speakers isn’t easy. Therefore, we have tested and recommended to our users the best gaming speakers available. So let’s take a look at our recommended gaming speakers.

Recommended gaming speakers: – [Razer Leviathan] [TaoTronics computer gaming speaker] [Redragon GS520 Anvil RGB desktop speakers].

8 Wireless Game Controller (Joystick)

We know that when we play on a PC, we focus primarily on the mouse and keyboard. However, we must recommend a wireless game controller. It’s just that you can’t play every game with the keyboard. If you’re a die-hard fan of sports games, fighting games, racing games, side games, and shooting games, it’s always good to have a controller handy.

There are several wireless network drivers to choose from, but we must recommend the best ones. Depending on the preferences of each gamer, we will describe some of the best advanced wireless controllers that offer wide compatibility, wireless connectivity and more.

Recommended wireless game controllers: – [Forty4 Wireless Game Controller] [Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller + Wireless Adapter] [Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition] [SteelSeries Nimbus + Bluetooth Game Controller with iPhone Mount].

9 Fast Wi-Fi router

It’s easy to say that the Internet is for everyone in today’s world. It’s the same with games, whether we’re playing games, downloading games, streaming, or doing anything that exists on the high-speed internet to stand out in our works.

Therefore, it is very important to have a fast Wi-Fi. If you’ve been playing games for longer, you really need good bandwidth and speed to keep you moving. If you are a gamer, you need to know how important it is to have a fast WiFi router. A high-speed router can improve your computer’s Wi-Fi connection. I really advised you to get a home Wi-Fi router so that the world can really improve the gaming experience.

Recommended WiFi Routers: – [TP-Link AC1750 WiFi Router] [NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router] [ASUS AX1800 WiFi 6 Router].

10 Streamer Microphone

Microphones and streaming are made for each other. Helps comment on game recordings and live streams on Twitch or YouTube. So if you’re a streamer or a podcaster, you really need a quality microphone to make your job easier.

Most microphones connected to headphones or headphones do not have excellent sound quality. To sound professional, you need good sound quality. Most mics come with an easily adjustable process that you just have to get up and running. Let’s take a look at our recommended microphone for streamers.

Recommended microphone: – [Razer Seiren X USB Streaming Microphone] [USB Podcast Condenser Microphone] [Blue Yeti USB Microphone] [HyperX QuadCast USB Gaming Condenser Capacitor].

I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 Best Gaming Accessories of 2021. Read more interesting things from us.

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glowing mouse pad, cable holder, 9 in 1 USB hub and more

If you are thinking about the most popular items on AliExpress, then this post will definitely help you. This is a collection of bestsellers and new products of 2019 that you will surely enjoy in 2020 as well.

All relevant coupons and collections of gadgets are constantly published on our channel. Subscribe!

Bright LED Gaming Mouse Pad – from 7. 9$2

This is a large RGB mouse pad with built-in LED lighting. The perfect choice for game lovers. This is the best alternative to a regular mouse pad. It has a light control button and you can choose the lights according to your taste.


Cable holder – from $1.13

PC cable management is a universal problem. Everyone wants to get rid of it. Even using a laptop has reduced the amount of cables, but the desk is full of cables nonetheless. This gadget will be useful for organizing cables on your desktop. It’s a silicone clip that not only helps you assemble your cables, but also holds them in place and prevents them from falling. This gadget is equally useful for your desk, laptop, mobile phone and car.

9 in 1 Multiport USB Hub – Starting at $35.90

This is a 9 in 1 device that supports all types of inputs for your laptop or computer. It supports 4K HD display via HDMI port, 1000Mbps via RJ45, 3 USB 3.0 ports, SD and TF card ports, 3.5mm audio jack and USB Type-C port. This means that almost all types of ports are available in this device.

300Mbps WIFI Extender Wireless Repeater – Starting at $8.87

The Internet has become a constant need in today’s world. Today, we need strong internet signals in every corner of our homes, shops and offices. We usually install Wi-Fi routers to send signals, but the signal strength is weak in some places. To increase the data transfer speed in these places, you can use this Wi-Fi repeater. It supports speeds up to 300Mbps. Requires no programming. Just plug in the power cord and enjoy a powerful internet signal.

3-in-1 Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver and Transmitter – Starting at $2.94

Bluetooth connectivity is very important today because most devices come with built-in Bluetooth functionality. But if your device does not have Bluetooth function, please bring this “3 in 1” Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter and receiver. Suitable for both your computer and car. It can transmit and receive a Bluetooth signal while the other transmitter only works as a transmitter or receiver. In addition, it has a dual 3.5mm audio jack for direct connection to a TV or other audio devices.

Vacuum Portable Laptop Cooling Fan – $8.92

Heat is harmful to the laptop and reduces its performance. This is a unique vacuum fan specially designed for laptops. Under the pressure of the turbine airflow, it extracts hot air from the running system. Four types of ventilation connectors are compatible with all types of laptop outlets. It has a super strong suction cup and is easier to attach to your laptop. This is one of the best laptop cooling fans on Aliexpress.

15.6″ Slim Portable HD Monitor for Laptops and Mobile Phones – $119.50

The best-selling portable HD LCD monitor on AliExpress. Suitable and compatible with all smartphones, desktops and laptops. If you are a gamer or need an extra screen for your office work, this amazing gadget is the best choice. The monitor has an ultra-thin design, 1080P HD display and a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees vertically and horizontally. The best assistant for gamers and video editors.

Digital Drawing Tablet for Windows and MAC – $29.19

The best digital drawing tablet on AliExpress, which is suitable and compatible with Android, IOS, Windows and Mac operating systems. This amazing gadget is compatible with most of the drawing software like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Sketchbook Pro, Illustrator, Clip Studio, Manga Studio, CorelPainter, FireAlpaca, OpenCanvas, Paint Tool Sai2, Krita, etc. This amazing computer gadget will provide you the freedom to edit or play, create drawings or artwork.

USB Drink Warmer – $1.33

If you work long hours in front of your computer or laptop and usually forget to drink your hot coffee, then this amazing gadget is perfect for you because it will support your cup of coffee, tea or any other beverage while warm.