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AndaSeat Kaiser 3 XL: A gaming chair fit for royalty

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Our Verdict

The Kaiser 3 is named well, it’s a great chair that coats your butt and body in plush PVC leather, accompanied by an adjustable magnetic neck pillow and lumbar support.

  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • 4D armrest
  • Seat size
  • Placement of the lumbar support knobs

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I know you see the rating, think I’m being stingy and I could just give this chair a perfect 100. No! And here’s why, because there’s no footrest. I know, I know, the last AndaSeat Jungle 2 that had a footrest I gave a measly score of 70. That’s because the footrest wasn’t well planned. As new as the Kaiser 3 obviously has been well planned, I think AndaSeat could add a comparable footrest to it and really set this design off. 

Speaking of design, the Kaiser 3 is really into giving options. This chair is available in two types of materials, premium PVC leather and linen fabric. The premium leather comes in seven different colors, including orange, pink and blue. The linen fabric comes in two colors; carbon black and ash gray. The chair I’ve been testing is the premium PVC leather elegant black which resembles the Jungle 2. The Jungle 2 is seen with orange accents. 

The Kaiser 3, in elegant black has orange stitching along the backrest and seat. Having premium PVC leather means having a chair that is stain and scratch resistant. Which I found out the hard way. After a shower I had gotten all greased and sat in it… It’s not stained but I definitely freaked out for a bit while watching this huge grease spot grow on the backrest.  

The linen fabric is going to be better for ventilation, because you won’t get stuck on the linen fabric during those sweaty summer nights. 

Kaiser 3 XL specs

(Image credit: Andaseat)

Recommended weight: 80-180kg (175-395lbs)
Recommended height: 181-210CM (5’11”-6’9”)
Material: DuraXtra Leatherette or Linen Fabric
Head pillow: Magnetic w/ cooling gel
Lumbar support: Yes, adaptable
Armrests: 4D, magnetic
Recline: Up to 165°
Price: $500

The Kaiser 3 comes in two sizes: large and extra large. The large accommodate gamers 4’11 to 6’2’’ (150-190cm) and the extra large is for gamers 5’11” to 6’9” (181-210cm). The one I have the pleasure of experiencing is an extra large. 

Standing at an imposing 5’9”, I think the extra large will serve anyone 5’5”. I had my friend who is 5’3” sit in it and her feet were barely touching the floor. The extra large works for me because the seat base is 20.8 inches wide. Usually, the seat base is smaller on some AndaSeat chairs. Plus they have bumpers on the side creating an upward wide U shape making it difficult to utilize the entire seat. The width of the extra large is for medium to XXXL, so whether you have a gluteus maximus or a gluteus minimus this chair will fit. 

All of these things are cool, right? It’s great that the Kaiser 3 reclines to 165 degrees, it has two levers, one controls the tilt, the other controls the height of the chair raising it about three inches. These things are all great for comfort. 

Image 1 of 2

(Image credit: Andaseat)(Image credit: Andaseat)

Whether you have a gluteus maximus or a gluteus minimus this chair will fit

What I really want to get into is the Kaiser 3’s really cool features that add to maximum comfort like the 4D armrests. The first thing I noticed about the armrests is they are magnetic. They pop right onto the armrest and are made out of a PU foam that makes it easy to lean on. There are three buttons on the armrest, the one placed on the outside of the armrest controls the height of it. The button on the inside of the chair near the tip of the armrest allows it to go forward and backward and pivot left to right. The last one located underneath the armrest moves it left to right. 

I love a 4D armrest, especially when the chair reclines backward and tilts forward because it allows me to adjust the armrest for the position I’m sitting in. Nothing makes me more nervous than dangling elbows. It’s like leaving your foot hanging off the bed at night. 

You just know something is going to grab it. 

Continuing with the magnetic theme is the neck pillow. This one is a game changer, I can’t even lie. I am amazed at this magnetic neck pillow. That means no straps, no struggling to clip it through the backrest.

BAM! Slap that baby on the chair like you’re in a Flex Tape commercial and it stays. Beyond it being a really cool feature, its helpful if you are shorter than the 5’11” that’s recommended for this chair because it’s easily adjustable further up or down on the chair.  

It being magnetic doesn’t take away from its comfort, either. The neck pillow is made with memory foam and has cooling technology to maintain comfort. 

These are features that we’ve grown to love on the best SecretLab chairs, particularly the SecretLab Titan Evo, and it’s telling that AndaSeat is smartly following the market leaders like this.

Notice anything missing? Maybe a lumbar support pillow. That’s the cool thing! There is no lumbar support pillow, but there is lumbar support –  it’s built into the chair. And controlled by two knobs placed on the left and right sides of the chair.

Image 1 of 2

(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Andaseat)

As far as accessibility goes, they’re not placed in the best positions. But the knob on the left controls the lumbar support moving up and down. Which is, again, a great function depending on your height. The knob on the right side of the chair determines the firmness of the lumbar support and how much it protrudes out of the chair. When I turn the knob toward me I get more lumbar support. The lumbar support recedes into the chair when I turn it away from me. Neat.

Any surprise why this is a $700 chair—that’s actually now marked down to 499.99? I think not; I think this is a great chair for about $500. The quality of the leather makes it easy to clean, the armrests are comfortable, the chair doesn’t box me in, and the features turn this Kaiser 3 from a great chair to one of the best gaming chairs around. 

Seriously, I can sit in this all day. Plus there’s a feature being released in June, a magnetic tray table panel that snaps into the armrest. A portable desk sounds dope, well a lot more dope than a gaming high chair, which it also looks like.

AndaseaT Kaiser 3: Price Comparison



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Andaseat Kaiser 3 gaming chair

The Kaiser 3 is named well, it’s a great chair that coats your butt and body in plush PVC leather, accompanied by an adjustable magnetic neck pillow and lumbar support.

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Secretlab Titan Evo review: the best just got an upgrade

When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Here’s how it works.

(Image: © Future)

GamesRadar+ Verdict

Cool, stylish, well-built, and now sporting an improved, built-in lumbar support system and a magnetic headrest that’s bound to attract more converts to the not-so-secret success of a Secretlab gaming chair.


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The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 series of chairs has a tough task ahead of it to topple the Secretlab Omega from our best gaming chairs guide. One thing’s for sure though, the brand from Singapore is still the name to beat, providing chairs that are comfortable to sit on for hours on end and offering enough styles to choose from to suit a wide range of tastes.

Given how good the 2020 series (originally released in 2019) Secretlab chairs were, you might assume the changes would be minimal especially given the wide acclaim from press and fans alike. But that’s not the case.

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Secretlab has taken on feedback and made some smart ergonomic changes here; it’s redesigned the built-in lumbar support system to be more flexible and offer a wider range of support for more body shapes, heights, and preferences. And the new magnetic headrest is a revelation to anyone that’s constantly fighting the elastic on a regular headrest for the best position.

The Titan Evo series merges the Omega and older Titan chairs into one line that now comes in Small, Regular, and XL sizes. Sizes have been adjusted though and the smallest one is smaller than the previous smallest chair, as it’s now suited for heights of 4″11′ – 5″6′. Regular suits 5″7′ – 6″2′, and the XL will be a good fit for buyers at 5″11′ – 6″9′. It’s a much better range and now the same features are shared across every size.

(Image credit: Future)

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 – Assembly

You’re looking at around 30-45 minutes to put the chair together on your own. Construction is mostly going to be a one-time thing for most buyers of any chair, so it’s not something we get too hung up on, but we really wish more brands would follow Secretlab’s lead by including guide rails to slot the backrest into the seat section. It makes lining up the holes for the screws so much easier when building the chair on your own. For context, it took two of us to put together the similarly-priced Razer Iskur X recently, along with a bit of brute force and salty language to get the backrest sorted.

No such issues with the Titan Evo, however, and the step-by-step instructions made things simple enough. The armrests come attached already but can be adjusted outwards a bit via an easy-access switch, but if you want to set them in an extra-wide position you can loosen some bolts underneath the chair to do so (but that’s something you’ll want to do after you’ve built the chair and sat in it as you might find you don’t need to alter anything unless you have a larger frame).

There is also a neat improvement over the Omega and old Titan series in the instructions that I appreciated, and that was a sticker on the underside of the chair to indicate which way around the piston section goes before you screw it in. It wasn’t particularly clear on the older chairs.

(Image credit: Future)

How comfortable is the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022?

We tested the Softweave version of the new Titan Evo chair and yes, it really is a pleasure to sit in for extended periods of time. The material has been upgraded to a new ‘Softweave Plus’ type and is said to be more durable and breathable.

We’ve not had the chair long enough to really test the durability, but to the touch, it does feel like the material is a little tighter and compact, so this could make it last longer. But we’ve sat on the previous version of the Softweave for a while now and not had any problems with the durability of the material at all. Softweave Secretlab chairs are generally more breathable than the cheaper leatherette designs, and arguably the way to go if it’s hot and humid in your location. 

At 5ft8 I favored the previous Omega line over the old Titans, but wasn’t really a fan of the low but hard edges of the chairs as I felt too hemmed in and couldn’t sprawl in the chair as much as I would have liked – plus, it’s a pain vacuuming out dust and debris from the crevices. So I’m loving the newly-designed edges that are slightly raised to support the outside of your thighs, but are now soft enough to let you sit however you like.

(Image credit: Future)

The newly designed built-in lumbar support is much improved over the old Titan series, too. It’s more flexible and doesn’t feel like it’s trying to kick you out of the chair, especially as you’re no longer limited to simply adjusting how much it sticks out. A second dial now lets you move the actual position of the support up and down, which is a fantastic addition to find that sweet spot for users of various individual heights inside each chair’s recommended size ranges.

Yes, it’s made of more flexible material, so you can push against it more, but it’s far from what we’d call soft and it can take a while to adjust it to that sweet spot. 

Despite the additional customization, built-in lumbar support – particularly on the most protruding settings – can take a while to get used to, but as someone that spends an awful lot of time at a desk, I can appreciate that I have a bad habit of slouching a lot and the Titan Evo lets me improve my posture without me feeling I’m being prodded in my back as much as other chairs with ‘lumbar support’. Not naming any names, but other chairs seem to be suggesting I should stand up and buy a standing desk.

However, I’m a sucker for the 2020 Secretlab Omega as it actually included a memory foam lumbar pillow instead of adjustable support, and I do really miss it on the Evo. I felt well supported at all times at work and its soothing softness was superb for kicking back in recline mode too. The cushion’s close-contact embrace did make it quite warm on those hot and humid days, whereas the built-in support on the Evo is much more breathable, but the cushion allowed me to slouch more when I wanted to. By contrast, the Titan Evo’s harder lumbar support does a better job at keeping me upright and attentive.

(Image credit: Future)

When taking a break though, the recline mode is still excellent. Combined with the unlockable tilt lever for rocking backwards a bit more, it feels like a full recline at 165 degrees. The thumbprint-grip design on the end of the recline lever is a neat new touch too.

Thankfully, the delightfully soft memory foam headrest hasn’t been removed, but it has been drastically improved with such a simple change that we’re almost irritated we’ve not seen all chairs doing it for years. Magnets.

That’s right, the Secretlab Titan Evo has ditched those ugly elastic headrest straps that always marred the looks of the chair, not to mention the lack of adjustability for a magnetic connection. Yes, the improved range of chair sizes in the series makes it more suited to a wider range of people, but now you can get that headrest just right. 

For a sense of how low you can set it, I was able to place it as low as just under the Secretlab logo (while not obscuring it), and also right at the top of the chair. Want it right behind your head, or maybe perfectly covering your neck? You can do that now without the strap constantly pinging it back to a default position – it’s arguably the biggest improvement to any gaming chair I’ve seen in years. And sorry folks, if you were wondering, it’s not compatible with older chairs in the Secretlab line – I tried.

Finally, the 4D armrests return for a wide range of adjustable positions with simple controls to get them just right, and they’re nicely locked-in the rest of the time, meaning they don’t spin out from under you every time you haul yourself out of the chair. Secretlab is planing on releasing swappable armrest pads soon, and we’ll keep you posted on those once we’ve had some more hands-on time with them and pricing has been confirmed.

(Image credit: Future)

What Secretlab Titan Evo styles are there?

Secretlab is keen to hit the ground running with the new line as the Titan Evo 2022 seems to be arriving in the store with plenty of the licensed options that have been such a success with fans over the years. Game of Thrones, Batman, League of Legends, Warcraft, Cyberpunk 2077, and more all return, along with the more discrete designs.

The Softweave Titan Evo does actually have some new light pastel pink, blue and green options as well which are new to the brand. We’re super cautious with fabric chairs (read: we’re clumsy with spilling drinks) so the Black 3 model we have is the best if you share similar fears over potential stains. The cookies and cream design is absolutely gorgeous though, or if you’re brave and crave that super clean aesthetic, the new Arctic White one is a thing of beauty and one we’d be all over if we never ate, only drank water, and didn’t have any pets/sticky-handed younglings.

As we’d expect from Secretlab, the build quality is excellent as usual. Everything from the clean stainless steel armrests and switches, smoothly flowing casters, and impeccable stitching is all present as usual. Having used one of the special edition Omega chairs for nearly a year now, I’m happy to report that even on the complex embroidered design on the back, there’s not a stitch out of place despite me brushing past it regularly in a tight room (I’m so done with home working, folks) and regularly using it as a coat rack when not sitting in it. So if you want a nice-looking chair, that’s going to stay that way, I think you’ll be more than ok with the new Secretlab Titan Evo chairs.

(Image credit: Future)

Should you buy the Secretlab Titan Evo?

While far from what we’d call a cheap gaming chair deal (prices start at $429/£359), the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 line is great value for money if you’re looking for a chair that will double up for both work and play use. However, it’s a touch more expensive than the older Titan and Omega line, and those are still excellent chairs we can wholeheartedly recommend… while they’re still available, at least (prices are beginning to come down to make way for the new line that will fully replace the 2020 series soon).

That new 4-way adjustable lumbar support offers excellent customization settings though, and could be just what you need if you find yourself slouching at your desk too much. And while we’d probably say to stick with your 2020 Secretlab chair if you already have one, the new magnetic design on the headrest makes it hard to go back to anything else.

If you’re a new buyer, then we’d arguably give the Titan Evo the edge over the cheaper, older chairs, which surely won’t be around for much longer anyway. One thing is for sure, the Secretlab Evo 2022 will leave rival brands shifting uncomfortably in their seats. Unless they bought a Secretlab too, that is.

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Secretlab Titan Evo 2022: Price Comparison

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Top 8 gaming chair manufacturers

Games have become an integral part of our lives, and with the development of e-sports, the demand for high-quality gaming equipment has skyrocketed. One of the most important pieces of equipment for a comfortable CS:GO game is a gaming chair. A good gaming chair provides comfort, concentration and, as a result, taken clutches. We have already talked about the criteria for choosing the right gaming chair and also listed some of the best models.

Unlike gaming chairs, CS:GO skins don’t have this problem. On CS.MONEY Trade and CS.MONEY Market, you can transform your inventory very quickly and simply — click on the link and see for yourself!

Now the CS. MONEY Blog will talk about the best manufacturers of gaming chairs. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Therefore, we have prepared a list to make it easier.


Secretlab: probably the best 9 armchair manufacturer0011

Secretlab is a Singapore-based company that has become one of the hottest gaming chair brands in recent years. They offer a wide range of models that cater to a wide variety of body types and preferences. They are distinguished by excellent build quality and ergonomic design. This is the best value for money chair on our list of top gaming chair brands. There are several specialty chairs for those who love different games (Cyberpunk 2077, Minecraft and Dota 2 chairs among others), movie franchises (Game of Thrones, DC Universe) or esports teams (Team Liquid, Cloud9 chairs)., OG, Astralis). Lots of options, lots of features and premium quality.

DXRacer: An excellent choice and reliable manufacturer

DXRacer is a renowned brand in the gaming community that has been making gaming chairs for over a decade. You may ask: why do gaming chairs look like racing seats in cars? Well, DXRacer is one of the trendsetters that originally made seats for luxury sports cars. The DXRacer chairs are highly customizable, with adjustable armrests, backrests and seat height. This is a very good manufacturer of gaming chairs. It is worth noting that they did not stop at one design and continue to try to do something new to stay relevant. While DXRacer may not be at the peak of popularity at the moment, their chairs are still a good choice.

Herman Miller: expensive and very high quality

Herman Miller is a company known for making high-quality office chairs, but along with Logitech G, they also offer some of the best gaming chairs around. Their gaming chairs are not your typical racing seats, but an ultra-ergonomic throne. Although Herman Miller gaming chairs are much more expensive than other brands, they are built to last and offer something that others can’t.

Noblechairs: 9 stylish and beautiful gaming chairs0011

Noblechairs is a German company that offers gaming chairs with some fanfare. Their models are known for their sleek design, excellent build quality and extensive customization options. Noblechairs has partnered with German esports giants like Mousesports and SK Gaming, and their collabs with Elden Ring and DOOM look amazing. These gaming chairs are a great choice if you prefer stylish gaming chairs.

AKRacing: a budget option for a good chair

AKRacing is one of the oldest gaming chair companies in the industry. Like DXRacer, AKRacing also originally made racing seats for sports cars, and you can see that heritage even in the current design. They may not look as luxurious as other gaming chairs, but they are reasonably priced. Best budget gaming chair!

Cougar: an inexpensive mid-range chair

Cougar is an example of a company that pioneered the production of various PC components and peripherals. When the time came and gaming along with esports reached their peak of popularity, they also decided to make gaming chairs. Cougar is on the cheaper side of gaming chair brands, but that doesn’t mean their products are bad. Their chairs have an attractive design and great reliability.

Razer: the top gaming chair brand


Razer is a well-known brand in the gaming community and they recently entered the gaming chair market. Like many of their products, Razer gaming chairs stand out with some of their features, which, however, will not suit everyone. If you find the Razer Iskur’s lumbar support very comfortable, then you’re in for a first-class chair. Unfortunately, their products are not a one-stop solution, but they are one of the best chair brands on the market.

Cooler Master: reasonable price/quality chairs

Cooler Master is a company known for their computer hardware and cooling solutions, but they also make a range of gaming chairs. They don’t offer anything outstanding, but their gaming chairs are a good value for money. Sometimes the simpler the gaming chair, the better it is for you.

Result: Top chair manufacturers 2023

After much deliberation, we have compiled a subjective rating of gaming chairs. Landmark: price / quality, so expensive brands are lower than budget ones. This is how the top seat manufacturers in 2023 turn out:

  1. Secretlab
  2. DXRacer
  3. Razer
  4. AKRacing
  5. Herman Miller
  6. Cooler Master
  7. Noblechairs
  8. Cougar

In conclusion, a good gaming chair is an important investment in gaming experience. With so many options available, it’s important to choose a chair that suits your needs and preferences. Whether you’re a professional esports player or just a pub guy, a gaming chair will help you in any case.

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The best gaming chairs for gamers

To fully enjoy playing CS:GO, sometimes it’s not enough to have a good skin or be on a roll. Many surrounding things matter, but especially the furniture that is under you during the game. When you spend a lot of time in front of a screen, a comfortable chair can make a big difference, including in-game. A slight discomfort from an uncomfortable chair can, for example, prevent you from taking a clutch because you lack concentration. And you can’t help but take care of your health in the long run. But how do you choose the right gaming chair? What are the best gaming chairs in 2023?

CS.MONEY Blog has compiled a list of the best gaming chairs for you to get the most out of the game. Well, choosing and buying a gaming throne is a laborious process. Unlike buying or selling skins on our Market, where there is a withdrawal of funds to the card, if suddenly there is not enough for a chair! But let’s not digress.


How to choose a gaming chair? Important Points

Let’s first define the factors that influence the choice of a particular gaming chair, and what should be looked at first.

Materials: what gaming chairs are made of

This is perhaps the most important factor because it will speak to the durability of the chair. Firstly, the less plastic in the chair and the more metal, the better. This is especially critical for the cross, to the rays of which the wheels are attached, and for various nodes that account for the bulk of the weight. Of the minuses, there will be only that the chair itself will be very heavy, but in everyday life it is easy to move it due to the wheels. But metal parts are much harder to break. This is especially important for people with large body weight.

The author of these lines personally broke a dozen of the most diverse chairs in his life (from office to gaming chairs) and observed a variety of types of breakdowns: the leg flew off at the plastic cross, the gas lift stopped working, the armrests cracked, the collapsed back turned the chair into a stool, the wheels did not hold up to extended gaming sessions. Therefore, there is experience in evaluating structures.

One more time for fixing: the more metal and less plastic, the better.

As for the material that covers the seat and back, look depending on the climate and conditions in the apartment. Not the highest quality artificial leather starts to crack after a while, and also in hot weather causes the body to sweat additionally, which adds to discomfort.

How I talk about my chair; my chair is actually

Characteristics and dimensions of gaming chairs

An important point that partially follows from the previous point. Often, manufacturers of gaming chairs designate the ideal dimensions for a particular person. This includes not only weight, but also height. In the case of weight, we look at the restrictions declared by the manufacturer. It is important to remember that if exceeded, such chairs will not break immediately, but after a certain period of time, and perhaps quite a short one. A short-term excess of weight for serious armchairs, as a rule, does not greatly affect.

With height, the situation is more interesting, since it can directly affect the fit and the comfort of the game. Are you tall but your chair has a low back? Get ready for neck pain. Are you short and have a high seat? Most likely, your legs will hang in the air, which in itself may not be very comfortable. If the chair also has a deep seat, then this is fraught with either swelling of the legs, or an extremely suboptimal and uncomfortable fit, which can also affect health. Or you will have to contrive and come up with interesting poses in the spirit of pressing your knees to your chest. Is it worth it?

One more time to reinforce: see manufacturer’s specified optimum dimensions for each seat.

Gaming chairs up to 2006

Adjustability and additional features

Usually, the more options you can use to customize your gaming chair, the better. But it also adds to the cost, so think about whether it is necessary. For example, customizable armrests are a huge story, but having a retractable footrest can do nothing. In some chairs, pillows under the back add discomfort rather than help.

Well, about additional functions like HUD-lighting, not everything is clear here. If you value such usefulness very highly (for example, you are a streamer, and this is an additional feature on your broadcast), then you should pay attention to it. However, this can come with an additional inconvenience in the spirit of additional wires that hinder movement. Well, the price. Sometimes some chips are unreasonably expensive, but, again, everyone chooses for himself what is useful to him and what is not.

Top Gaming Chairs 2023

After we have outlined the main criteria, we can move on to specific examples. Meet the best gaming chairs in 2023, in our humble opinion.

Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody – Expensive but best gaming chair

Let’s start with a chair that will unconditionally top any list of the best gaming chairs. The Embody has excellent ergonomics, well-thought-out design and excellent materials: the main components are made of aluminum, and the choice of upholstery fabric is also pleasing.

Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody

We could close this rating if not for one huge but: the price of this chair. On Herman Miller’s official website, the Embody model has a price tag of $1695, which is a very large amount that will turn away many buyers. For this money, you can assemble a pretty good computer with all the peripherals, and here is one gaming chair. What to do, this comfort is very expensive.

SecretLab Titan Evo – top gaming chair

If we are talking about gaming chairs in a more familiar sense, SecretLab Titan Evo is one of the best options. The company has perfected various nuances in the production of gaming furniture, and Titan Evo is presented as a top model, in which there is nothing superfluous, but everything is necessary.

SecretLab Titan Evo

Excellent materials, varied design (especially if you look at the so-called Special Edition) and stylish appearance are present. The 4D armrests will appeal to many gamers, and the metal frame, along with comfortable padding, will contribute to a pleasant and long sitting in the chair.

Let’s pay attention to the dimensions of this throne: the chair is sold in three size variations, so everyone can find the perfect option for themselves, since SecretLab provides great opportunities for customization. Their chair costs from $500, which, frankly, is not a low price either. However, this is a very good option for those who are willing to pay extra for the choice and quality of

DxRacer Air – popular gaming chair

DxRacer Air

Let’s talk about not the most common model of a super popular brand of gaming chairs. DxRacer, when creating the Air series, moved away from the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe classic upholstery of gaming chairs. The mesh cover of the seat and back is perfect for those who live in hot climates. At the same time, all the other favorite features are in place: the pillow at the headrest is very comfortable, the armrests can be adjusted in four dimensions – in general, the gold standard is met. Such a throne costs from $450.

Razer Iskur – the best chair from Razer


is known for its out-of-the-ordinary approach to gaming products, which sets it apart from many of its competitors. So in terms of gaming chairs, the company decided to take a feature that was different from others, which found an interesting implementation. It’s about the lumbar support system.

Razer Iskur

Most gaming chairs offer a lumbar cushion that is not always adequately fixed, if not uncomfortable at all. In Iskur, the lumbar pillow is well adjusted using a special lever.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting that there are not very many options for customization, and also that this chair may not fit everyone (especially large people). Therefore, we recommend that, if possible, first test the chair yourself in the store (however, this is generally universal advice, which also applies to other models).

Cooler Master Caliber X1 is a great budget gaming chair

Cooler Master Caliber X1

Finally, let’s talk about a chair that may not be as flashy as some of its competitors, but it can be found at a lower price. Caliber X1 is a good example of a chair where you will not find any frills, but all the main features are in place and work successfully.

Let’s highlight one important point: the sides on the sides of the seat, or rather their absence. The smoother rise allows wider people to sit comfortably without fear of bruising their thighs. Some players will definitely find this useful.

Is a gaming chair better than an office chair?

The question is complex and without a clear answer. If we consider the average gaming chair with the executive chair in the office, then the executive chair can be more enjoyable. At the same time, executive chairs often do not have the ability to adequately adjust the armrests (and this is critical for gamers), and, let’s be honest, the design of gaming furniture is bright and attractive.

From the point of view of long-term sitting, the difference between a gaming chair and an office chair is not critical: in both cases, you can choose a competent model that will please the body.

Are gaming chairs good for health?

It is widely believed on the net that gaming chairs are ruining your health, and that everything hurts from sitting in them for a long time.