Best buy returns no receipt: The request could not be satisfied

8 Things You MUST Know (a Few Hacks Too!)

I’m not gonna lie, the Best Buy return policy is kind of confusing. Different lengths of time to return stuff, different ways to return items, and some products that you flat-out can’t return. Because of all these factors, I figured it was time to put the fingers on the keyboard and straighten it all out for my readers. Here’s everything you need to know about their return policy, plus a few hacks to make it work even better.

Holiday Policy Update:

Best Buy has extended their return policy for items purchased between October 24, 2022 – December 31, 2022.

You now have until January 14, 2023 to return or exchange these items.

How Many Days Do I Have to Return Something?

99% of the Products They Sell – You have 15 days for “regular” Best Buy customers. 30 days for Best Buy Elite members. 45 days for Elite Plus members.

In case you were wondering, and who wasn’t, a Best Buy Elite (and Plus) membership is earned via their free Rewards Program.

You have to spend at least $1,500 for Elite status in a calendar year and at least $3,500 for Elite Plus.

Cell Phones and Devices with a Carrier Contract – 14 days for everyone.

Wedding Registry Items – 60 days from date of purchase.

How Does the Best Buy Return Policy Work?

Here’s the skinny so you can actually make the Best Buy return policy work for you.

In-Store Return – You can return an item bought at Best Buy or directly to any brick & mortar location.

To make the return go smoothly bring in your receipt or packing slip, the credit card used, and a valid photo ID.

Return by Mail:

Do-It-Yourself – You pick the carrier, use the included Return Form on your packing slip, and pay for the shipping yourself.

No packing slip? Print this blank one and fill it out. Refund will be processed with 2-3 business days of receiving your item.

Use the Prepaid Return Label – Print a prepaid return label, pay nothing upfront, and send your item back to Best Buy for a refund via UPS.

Expect the cost of the return shipping to be deducted from your refund unless the return is a result of a Best Buy error.

To avoid any possible return shipping fees, it’s definitely worth the effort to try and make your return in-store.

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How Do I Return a Gift to Best Buy?

If you return a gift bought at Best Buy by walking into a physical store, you’ll get store credit for the purchase price.

For gifts returned via mail, they’ll credit the gift purchaser and notify them via e-mail.

What Can’t I Return to Best Buy?

There are some products you can’t return to Best Buy. Here they are:

Final Sale Items – These are clearance products marked as “Final Sale”. If you’re not sure if item is Final Sale, ask an employee before you purchase it.

Special Orders – You’ll only get 85% of the original price refunded. These are items that are typically ordered directly from the manufacturer and not stocked by Best Buy.

Digital Content – This includes games and software that can be downloaded.

Prepaid Cards – This includes prepaid cards from Nintendo, AT&T, Verizon, eBay, and Disney.

Gift Packaging – Pretty obvious. This would be really hard to return.

Membership Costs – This includes the annual Geek Squad membership. Update: Thanks to employee Kristy who says Geek Squad memberships can be returned within 14 days of purchase. After that they will pro-rate it.

Completed Services – This refers to services that Geek Squad has completed for you.

Opened consumable items – This includes batteries, ink and 3D printer filament, and items returned that are damaged, unsanitary or missing major parts.

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Do I Have to Pay Re-Stocking Fee on Certain Items?

Yes, unfortunately you’ll have to pay a re-stocking fee on these items.

DSLR Cameras and Lenses – 15% re-stocking fee.

Smartphones – $45 flat re-stocking fee.

Drones – 15% re-stocking fee.

Projectors – 15% re-stocking fee.

Rideables – 15% re-stocking fee.

Special Order Products – 15% re-stocking fee.

What If I Don’t Have a Receipt?

If you don’t have a receipt, be prepared to show a valid ID when returning something to Best Buy.

They do this to try and cut down on return fraud in their stores.

They reserve the right to refuse any return without a receipt if they feel it’s fraudulent.

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What If My Return Has Been Opened?

No worries, just pack everything back up as well as you can and get a full refund as long as your still within the return period.

Make sure you don’t forget any manuals or instructions that can with the item.

What If My Return is Missing Parts?

Don’t let that stop you from returning something to Best Buy.

From their site, “If you do not have all the original packaging or accessories, that’s okay too. We can process a return with a nonrefundable deduction on your refund for what is missing.”

What About a Cash Refund?

Keep in mind that if you pay with cash, and your order is over $800, you’ll have to settle for a corporate check as a refund.

You’ll get the check in the mail within 7-10 days.

Stores don’t keep a lot of cash on hand and so they won’t be able to refund you with cash.

The same applies when you spend $250 by check or by a debit card without a major credit card logo.

Can I Return Refurbished Items?


The regular return policy applies to refurbished, open-box, and pre-owned products.

Can I Return an Unopened Video Game?

I had someone in the comments ask if they could return an unopened video game they bought 2 months ago.

I wasn’t sure of the answer so I hit up Best Buy Live Chat and was told YES, it’s returnable for store credit since it is unopened.

I then asked if the original purchase of 2 months ago would be a problem and was surprisingly told…NOT a problem.

What if I Used a Gift Card to Make the Purchase?

Not a problem. If you bought the item with a Best Buy gift card, you’ll get a full refund back to that same gift card.

If you don’t have the gift card anymore, no worries, just call Best Buy at 1-888-237-8289 with your order number and they’ll re-issue you a new gift card.

BONUS: Best Buy Return Policy “Hacks”

Like any store’s return policy, there are some clover hacks and tips that savvy shoppers need to be aware of.

Over 15 Days Hack – If you have your receipt, but it’s been over 15 days since you made the purchase, you’re often better off returning the item without your receipt and accept the store credit.

Look for Extended Holiday Return Time – In past years, almost anything bought in November and December could be returned right up until January 31st.

This Holiday return policy extends until January 30th for Elite members and February 14th for Elite Plus.

Best Buy’s Error? – If you’re returning something to Best Buy via mail, and the reason for the return is an error on Best Buy’s part, they’re on the hook for the return shipping charges.

Always Opt For In-Store Return – When returning an item bought from, always return it to your local store if you can.

Not only will you avoid any return shipping charges, but you can also take advantage of an instant exchange.

Ask the Reader: Have you had success taking advantage of Best Buy’s return policy? Any issues I need to add to this post that I may have overlooked?

By Kyle James

Best Buy Return Policy Without Receipt (Return Policy, Tips And Tricks)

No one likes returning things. It is a hassle, it takes time, and sometimes, the item you are returning is not even what you wanted in the first place. But often, you have no choice. Maybe something you bought at Best Buy was defective, or maybe you just changed your mind about it.

 No matter the reason, you will need to know the Best Buy Return Policy Without Receipt, so let’s take an in-depth look at it…


  • What Is Best Buy?
  • What Is The Best Buy Return Policy?
  • What If I Do Not Have A Receipt?
    • What If My Item Has Been Opened?
    • What If My Return Is Missing Parts?
    • What About A Cash Refund?
    • Can I Return Refurbished Items?
    • Can I Return an Unopened Video Game?
    • What If I Used a Gift Card to Make the Purchase?
  • Do I Have To Pay A Re-Stocking Fee?
  • Best Buy Return Policy Without Receipt – What Cannot Be Returned?
    • Other items that cannot be returned are digital content, including but not limited to:
    • Other items that are not eligible for refund:
  • Best Buy Return Policy “Hacks”
  • Info On Working At Best Buy
  • Best Buy Return Policy Without Receipt – Final Thoughts

What Is Best Buy?

Take a Look ↓↓↓

Best Buy is a large retailer of electronics, appliances, and other consumer goods. They have stores all over the United States, as well as in Canada and Mexico. The retailer is known for its competitive prices and wide selection of products. 

They were founded in 1966 and have been growing ever since. In 2021 they were ranked as the third-largest retailer in the United States, behind Walmart and Amazon, and are now worth almost $40 billion.

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What Is The Best Buy Return Policy?

The Best Buy refund policy is pretty standard for a large retailer. You have 15 days to take back most items, with a few exceptions. To refund items in-store, you will need your original receipt, the credit card you used to make the purchase, and a valid photo ID. 

For online purchases, you have 30 days to return the item. You will need the order number and your email address. You can use the prepaid shipping label to send back the item for free, or you can go to a store. Some items have special policies. For example, you have 14 days to return a cell phone, and 45 days to take back an Apple product. 

What If I Do Not Have A Receipt?

If you do not have your original receipt, the store will try to look up your purchase in their system. Once they find it, you will be able to take back the item with no problem. If they are not able to find your purchase, you will be given store credit for the current selling price of the item. 

If you have lost the online returns form or prepaid shipping label, you can print a new one by going to the website and logging into your account. 

What If My Item Has Been Opened?

If the item you are returning has been opened, you will only be given a partial refund. The amount of the refund will depend on the item and how long it has been used. 

What If My Return Is Missing Parts?

Sometimes items can arrive missing parts or with damaged parts. If this is the case, you will need to call customer service at 1-888-237-8289 to get a replacement. If you want to take back an item however that you have lost a part for, you can still do so, but you will only receive a partial refund. 

What About A Cash Refund?

Want your refund handed to you in cash? Well, firstly, you will need your original receipt, which states you paid in cash. If you do not have it, Best Buy will not be able to process a cash refund

Secondly, the return has to be made in-store as the retailer does not issue cash refunds for online purchases. Most importantly, if you have purchased something over $800 in cash or more than $250 with a check, debit, or gift card, you will have to wait ten business days for the refund to be processed, and you will receive the refund as a check not in cash. 

Can I Return Refurbished Items?

A refurbished item is an item that has been used and then returned to the store, and then fixed and put back on the shelf for sale. Because these items are not brand-new, they usually come with a lower price tag. The Best Buy return policy for refurbished items is the same as for new items, with a few exceptions. For example, you only have ten days to return a TV. 

Can I Return an Unopened Video Game?

Yes, you can! Best Buy will accept returns for unopened video games within 30 days of the date of purchase. However, there are some exceptions for certain gaming consoles. For example, the Nintendo Switch has a 14-day return policy. If the video game is opened, you will not be refunded. Downloaded content cannot be refunded. 

What If I Used a Gift Card to Make the Purchase?

If you were lucky enough to receive a Best Buy gift card and you used it to make a purchase, you will be refunded the amount of the purchase onto the same gift card. If you do not have the gift card anymore, you can still get a refund, but it will just be via store credit.

Do I Have To Pay A Re-Stocking Fee?

A re-stocking fee is a charge that a company imposes when an item is returned. This fee is usually a percentage of the total purchase price and is designed to cover the cost of restocking the item. Best Buy does not charge a re-stocking fee for most items that are refunded within the return policy period. 

However, there are some exceptions. For example, if you return a cell phone within 14 days of purchase, you will be charged a $35 restocking fee. If you send back a TV within 30 days of purchase, you will be charged a 15% re-stocking fee. Other items that have restocking fees include digital cameras, camcorders, radar detectors, and portable DVD players. 

Best Buy Return Policy Without Receipt – What Cannot Be Returned?

Now that we have gone over the general Best Buy return policy, let us talk about what you CAN’T return. Certain items are not eligible for refunds, such as open music, movies, and video games. If an item is defective, however, you can still return it within 14 days for a refund or exchange. 

Other items that cannot be returned are digital content, including but not limited to:

  • Downloaded software.
  • Kindle books.
  • iTunes.
  • Google Play.

Gaming consoles and accessories that have been opened are also not eligible either. If you have a problem with your gaming console, you can take it to a nearby store for repairs. 

Other items that are not eligible for refund:

  • Opened collectible items.
  • Gift cards.
  • Products with missing serial numbers.
  • Products damaged by customer misuse.

Best Buy Return Policy “Hacks”

Even though the Best Buy return policy is pretty generous, there are a few ways you can make it work even better in your favor. Here are a few “hacks”: Keep your receipts! If you do not have a receipt, you will only be given a store credit, no matter what.

  • If you bought something on sale, you can return it within 15 days as long as you have your receipt. The same goes for holiday purchases- you have until Jan 15th to return items bought between Nov 1 and Dec 31st.
  • Did you not like that new TV you just bought? You can return it within 30 days, no questions asked. Just make sure you have your receipt.
  • Not happy with that new laptop? Best Buy will let you return it within 14 days, as long as it is still in “like new” condition.
  • If an item you bought goes on sale within 60 days of your purchase, you can get the difference refunded to you. Just bring in your original receipt and the new ad.
  • If you are a student, you can get an extended return period on laptops, tablets, and phones; just make sure you have your student ID and the original receipt.

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Best Buy Return Policy Without Receipt – Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! The Best Buy return policy, along with a few tips and tricks to make it work even better for you.

The store’s return policy is pretty generous, so you should not have any trouble returning items you are not happy with. Just make sure you keep your receipts and return items within the allotted time frame, and you should be all set! 

Now go out and shop worry-free at Best Buy!


    deadlines, list of goods that cannot be returned within 14 days according to the law

    Shopping and spending

    If you buy at the market or in the shopping center

    I have a friend who buys different things without thinking, and then decides whether he needs them or not.

    Alexey Kabluchkov


    Author profile

    More often than not, he doesn’t even try to return something he doesn’t like or doesn’t like: he’s sure that it’s complicated and time-consuming, and someday later the purchase may come in handy.

    What my friend doesn’t know is that the suit can be exchanged for the right size and the sneakers can be returned to the store with all the money back. The law specifies the period when the purchase must be accepted back simply because it did not fit for some reason. This period is called the cooling period, and it is valid even for goods that do not have defects. I’ll tell you how it works.

    What you will learn

    • At a glance: how to return the goods to the store if there are no defects
    • Exchange and return policy
    • Which goods cannot be exchanged and returned
    • Exchange and return of bed linen
    • Exchange and return of furniture
    • Exchange and return of equipment
    • Documents for exchange and return
    • Where and when will the money be returned 90 026
    • Complicated cases

    In brief: how to return the goods to the store if there are no defects

    1. Do not use the purchase, do not break the seals and factory labels.
    2. Check if the product is eligible for exchange and return.
    3. Prove the fact of purchase in a particular store. Best by check.
    4. Write an application for an exchange or return of goods.
    5. If the seller has agreed to return the money, ask for a return statement or invoice. Keep these documents until you receive the money.
    6. Wait for the money for three days.
    7. If you cannot return it, write a claim addressed to the General Director and complain about the store to Rospotrebnadzor.
    8. If all else fails, go to court.

    Lesha does not know that the tracksuit can be exchanged for a suitable size, and the sneakers and the press roller can be returned to the store, having received all the money back. The law specifies the period when the purchase must be accepted back simply because it did not fit for some reason. This period is called the cooling period, and it is valid even for goods that do not have defects.

    Exchange and return policy

    When talking about the cooling period, we are talking only about the exchange or return of quality goods. If a marriage was found in the purchase, then this is a different story with different terms and rules – they are spelled out in article 18 of the law on consumer protection. This is a topic for a separate article. In the meantime, let’s talk about purchases with which everything is in order – they just turned out to be not needed.

    Exchange period. When you buy something in a physical store instead of ordering online, you have 14 days to exchange the item for a similar item, such as a different color, size or style. This period includes weekends and holidays.

    Art. 25 Federal Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”

    If the last day of the term turned out to be non-working, according to the law, the term is extended until the first working day. But there are subtleties with the timing. For example, if it ends on Sunday and you come to the store on Monday, you may be told that the store was open that Sunday, so you missed everything.

    Art. 193 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation

    The St. Petersburg City Court in a similar case decided that Sunday is a general day off and customers should not adjust to the store’s work schedule. But not all courts agree with this logic. Therefore, it is better not to delay the exchange and return of purchases.

    How to return the money. If there is no similar product, the store is obliged to return the money. This can be used to cancel a purchase. Let’s say you bought black sneakers, and a week later decided that you had wasted your money: you already have two pairs, and besides, the new ones don’t fit your jeans. To return an unwanted purchase, first ask to exchange your sneakers for a similar product that the seller definitely does not have.

    You don’t have to explain why you suddenly want lilac sneakers. In the store, it seemed to you that black would also suit, but at home you realized that only lilac jeans can be worn with these jeans. This is a legal requirement, even if the sneakers are of perfect quality, fit you in size and in the store you asked the seller for black ones. The color did not fit and it turned out only at home – it happens.

    Reasons for exchange and return. The exchange works if the purchase did not fit in shape, dimensions, style, color, size or configuration. The list of reasons for an exchange or return is closed – you can’t come up with your own. Tell the seller that the product did not fit in shape, dimensions, style, color, size or configuration. So that the seller cannot find fault with your words, the reason for the return must be from this list.

    If you say that the coat is not fashionable, the seller may answer that there is nothing in the law about fashion, so it is better to say that it does not fit. It’s not worth saying that sneakers don’t match with jeans – it’s better to say that they don’t match in color. The seller has no right to refuse you, because “the hat fits you. ” No examination of caps.

    In addition to the specific reasons for the return, there are other conditions. Goods without defects can only be returned if you:

    1. Did not use the purchase, did not stain or break anything.
    2. Have not cut off factory labels or broken seals.
    3. You can prove that you bought from this store.

    Exchange agreement. If you really need lilac sneakers and they are sometimes in the store, ask them to tell you when they will be delivered. Be sure to record the agreement on paper so that the seller cannot later say that the cooling period has passed. Describe the situation on paper, indicate the maximum period for the exchange, sign and ask the seller to sign. Make two copies of the document, keep a copy for yourself.

    Sample exchange agreement

    Where to return . The purchase must be accepted at any store in the network – the main thing is that it be the same business entity. This is not always the case.

    If the store is franchised, the name on the sign will be the same, but the owners of the stores will be different. You need to check the legal data of the store or return the purchase to where you bought it.

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    What goods cannot be exchanged and returned

    The cooling period is valid only for inedible purchases: clothes, shoes, furniture, appliances. In the law, such goods are called non-food. In “Auchan” – “non-foods”. But here, too, not everything is simple.

    There are goods that cannot be returned or exchanged if everything is in order with them. These are, for example, cars, cosmetics, perfumes, medical products, medicines, plastic dishes, underwear, books, jewelry, washing powder, orchids in a pot, kitchen sets. It will not be possible to return technically sophisticated household appliances: phones, tablets, laptops, multicookers, electric fireplaces. A complete and legally accurate list is in the government decree, and here I will retell it in simple words.

    List of goods of good quality that cannot be returned within 14 days:

    1. Medical goods.
    2. Personal hygiene items. For example, toothbrushes, combs, hairpins.
    3. Perfumery and cosmetics.
    4. Goods that are measured in meters. For example: fabrics, ribbons, braid, lace, wires, cords, cables, linoleum, film.
    5. Sewing and knitwear.
    6. Plastic goods in contact with food. For example, plastic dishes and kitchen utensils, bottles, food canisters.
    7. Household chemicals.
    8. Pesticides and agrochemicals.
    9. Furniture.
    10. Jewelry.
    11. Transport. For example, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, tractors, trailers, boats and boats.
    12. Household appliances and electronics.
    13. Weapons, spare parts and ammunition.
    14. Animals and plants.
    15. Non-periodicals. For example, books, brochures, booklets, albums, maps, music books, calendars.

    Sellers cannot add custom exclusion options to this list. Even if there is an announcement on the trading floor that sneakers are not exchangeable, it is illegal: you still have the right to exchange them for white, lilac or the same, but three sizes larger.

    Sellers take advantage of buyers’ negligence and violate their rights. But if you know the nuances, you can easily change the product or take the money, even if the seller is very persuasive, and the product seems to be on the list of exceptions. Let’s look at examples.

    Exchange and return of bed linen and accessories

    Every word counts in the list of exceptions. For example, “textile goods (cotton, linen, silk, woolen and synthetic fabrics, goods made from non-woven materials such as fabrics — ribbons, braid, lace, etc.), cable products (wires, cords, cables), construction and finishing materials are not subject to return. (linoleum, film, carpeting, etc.) and other goods, the price of which is determined per unit length.

    If you want to exchange a duvet for the same but larger size, the seller will happily show this item in the list and say that it is a textile product, so it cannot be exchanged or returned. But if you read it, you can see that the seller is wrong. The text is about goods whose price is determined per unit of length, and not per piece, and this applies to everything listed in the paragraph. You can’t come to the store and ask to cut off 5 meters of a blanket, so paragraph 4 of the list of exceptions does not apply to this product.

    GOST 17037-85

    Then the seller will take out another trump card and say that the blanket allegedly falls into paragraph 5 of the exceptions – this is a sewing underwear product. But you also have something to answer for this. According to the guest, blankets and pillows are not linen products, but bedding. A duvet cover, a sheet and a pillowcase might not be exchanged for you, but a pillow and a blanket are required.

    File No. А10-1960/2013 on cushionsPDF, 2.5 MB

    Exchange and return of furniture

    Even more confusion with furniture. The list of exclusions includes “Household Furniture Sets”. This phrase means this: if you bought a set of a chair and a table, then they will not accept it back, but if the chair and table are separate, they are required.

    Consumer Advice Center Clarification

    Case No. 88-23416/2022DOCX, 12K

    It can be difficult to tell if you’ve bought a set or several individual items. For example, sellers often refer to a furniture guest: according to it, if different items have the same style, this is a set. But a set is not yet a set, and sometimes it can be returned.

    Section 2 GOST 20400-2013

    For a set to become a set, its parts must be sold together and serve the same purpose. The simplest example of a kit is a headset. The purpose of a headset is to furnish a specific room or area, such as a kitchen. Headset parts are not sold separately. It will not be possible to return the headset – neither all at once, nor in parts. But sometimes everything is so confusing that only a court can figure it out.

    If you are not sure that the chair and table will fit the interior, make sure that they are indicated in different positions on the receipt and each has its own price. You can take a picture of the price tag in the window: an additional argument will not hurt. If the seller understands that you know your rights, there are more chances that he will not argue with you and return the money.

    With a kitchen set, everything is obvious: it is sold only as a whole and different parts are used only together. If the quality is in order, and the buyer did not like the color, it will not be possible to return such a set of furniture either all at once or in parts. With a set of an armchair and a table, it is more difficult. If they are sold separately and with different price tags, this is not a kit. You can, for example, change a black chair for a white one or take money. If with one price tag, the seller may claim that this is a set, so there will be problems with the return. It remains to hope for the loyalty of the seller or the court

    Exchange and return of equipment

    The most difficult thing is equipment. The list contains “technically complex household goods, for which warranty periods are established.” But not all appliances are household appliances: sometimes there is a chance to exchange it or take the money.

    An echo sounder is not a household appliance

    A spearfisher bought a fish finder and then wanted to exchange it for a similar one, but with a greater scanning depth. The seller refused him: equipment without defects cannot be exchanged and returned. But the court did not agree with the seller: the echo sounder does not belong to technically complex household goods. This is a navigation device and it can be returned. Here is the court’s decision.

    Also, not all appliances are technically sophisticated: for example, you can’t exchange an electric juicer, but you can try a mechanical one made of metal.

    All goods that are considered technically complex are listed in the government decree, but there are also general terms and not everything is clear. Sometimes only a specialist or a court can distinguish a technically complex product from a simple one.

    But it’s all about rights and laws. In life, stores fight for customer loyalty, so they may well accept a purchase back – even if it is on the list of exceptions. If you want to exchange or return the multicooker, first ask the seller what he thinks about it. This can save a lot of time and nerves for lawyers and courts.

    Documents for exchange and return

    There is no specific list of documents for exchange and return. But there are conditions that must be met in order to get what you need from the seller, and in which case win the court.

    Proof of purchase. Best of all – cash or sales receipt. He will confirm that you have entered into an agreement with a specific seller and bought this particular product from him.

    If there is no receipt, this is not a reason to refuse your exchange or return. Usually sellers are well aware of this, but just in case, remember the reason: paragraph 1 of Art. 25 of the Consumer Protection Act. This is your trump card.

    Application for exchange or return of goods. It’s a good habit to put any requests on paper. No honest words and verbal promises. If something goes wrong, the statement will prove that you came to the store and asked first to exchange the product for a similar one, and then return the money.

    If the seller refuses to accept the application and put his name and signature on your copy, then you will have to write a claim – about it a little later.

    Passport for a refund. If the seller agreed to return the money for the goods, then in addition to the check, you will need a passport: it is needed to process the issuance of money from the cash desk. The seller can also ask you to fill out an application for a return in his form: entrepreneurs are strict with cash discipline. This is a reasonable request – follow it to get the money faster.

    Large chain stores usually have their own forms for such applications, and the cashier always has the forms. If you are returning an item to a small store and you doubt that there is a suitable form, you can print the application in advance. In two copies – one will remain with the seller, the other you will take with you.

    Sample request for an exchange or return of goods

    Some sellers do not want to exchange goods or give you money. Therefore, they look for options for refusal and find fault. Sometimes their reasons are very convincing and logical, but illegal. Here are a few examples where an exchange and return is still possible, although many come across.

    Where and when will the money be returned

    If the seller agrees to return the money for the purchase, he will issue an act or invoice for the return of the goods. Keep these documents until you receive the money.

    The seller must have the form for drawing up the act, but there are all sorts of sellers. If he does not know what to write, then he can say that the act is not needed: they say, he will remember you anyway, he has drawn up everything and soon you will receive the money. Do not trust such sellers: then you will not prove anything. Before going to the store, just in case, download and print your version of the act on the return of goods.

    Sample certificate of return of goods

    If you paid in cash, the seller can also return the money in cash or on a card – whichever is more convenient for you. If you paid by card, then the refund will be only to the card. But if by the time of the return it is no longer valid, the money can be received in cash.

    item 2 art. 25 LOZPP

    par. Clause 8, Clause 1 of Bank of Russia Directive No. 5348-U

    dated 09.12.2019 The seller has three days to return the money. Sometimes information about the return must also be transferred to the accounting department, which is located in another city or branch. They will issue documents for the return, and then the money still has to reach from one bank to another – this does not always happen instantly. If the amount has not been returned within three days, it is worth waiting a bit.

    Complex cases

    You can return the goods without packaging. When sellers refuse to return or exchange a purchase, they most often refer to the fact that you have already opened the package and it has lost its presentation. This is illegal: there are no packaging conditions in the return policy. If you have opened or even damaged the box, the seller still cannot refuse you an exchange.

    For example, you do not lose the right to exchange a wallet or a belt if, in a fit of passion, you tore apart a beautiful branded packaging. If the seller is indignant – “You should have thought what you were taking!” – answer: “I needed to check the size of the wallet with the pocket of the bag, and it does not fit. And the belt had to be measured with trousers – it turned out to be too wide and did not fit in style and size. By law, I have the right to do so – an opened package is not a reason to refuse an exchange.

    Although it is your right to return the product in damaged packaging, show care for the seller and open the package carefully. It is difficult to sell a product without packaging, because the store cannot always restore the packaging so that it looks like a factory one. You will take the money, and the seller will suffer losses.

    It is easier for large chains: they can return the product to the supplier, change the packaging, sell it at a discount as a display sample or for a promotion. But the seller in the market will be very upset. He may decide that you are unlikely to go to court because of your wallet and belt, will not accept the goods and will not return the money. If you take care of his interests in advance, there are more chances that you will be met halfway – people are everywhere.

    You can return the product if someone else bought it. Some sellers agree to accept goods only from the buyer. For example, if you buy something with a friend’s discount card, and then decide to return the purchase, you can hear that the other person bought, so he must return, and only he will be returned the money.

    An amazing story 24.01.22

    How a man received poor-quality food and almost ended up in debt

    The seller is wrong. The right to return the goods is not the one who bought it, but the consumer – the one who uses it.

    para. 1 signature “a” clause 3 of the Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation No. 17

    It is possible to return the goods without a receipt. It is easiest to prove the fact of purchase with a sales receipt or cash receipt. In order not to waste time contacting the bank or arguing with the store, you can even ask the seller to send you an electronic check by letter or sms when buying – such a check will not burn out, will not be lost, and no one will argue with it.

    para. 3 p. 1 art. 25 LOZPP

    item 43 post. Plenum of the Supreme Court No. 17

    If you paid in cash, threw away a paper receipt, but did not receive an electronic one, this is not a reason to refuse to exchange or return goods. But you will have to look for other evidence – according to the law, this is possible.

    Marks of the store in documents related to the purchase: warranty card, invoice for payment, mark of sale in the product passport.

    The rest of the packaging with a barcode – it is in the store’s database.

    Points on a discount card – information about them can be recorded in your account on the store’s website or in the seller’s database.

    Testimony – if a friend or spouse was with you at the time of purchase, they can testify. Bringing a friend who was not really with you is not worth it. There are cameras in shops and checkouts, and your words are easy to check. By the way, the videos are also evidence.

    Despite all the evidence, the seller may refuse to engage in a dialogue: “Show the receipt or leave.” If this is a cashier or consultant, ask to call the manager or manager. The higher you get, the more likely you are to meet halfway in order to protect the reputation of the store.

    How to bring down the price of anything

    If there are several purchases in the check, it’s not a problem. If you have bought several items and they are all on the same bill, it will not hurt to return one of them. For example, when buying a jacket, belt, and shirt, you can return the belt, but keep the jacket and shirt.

    Then the seller can take the original receipt from you – you will be given a copy with a note: this product was returned, but these remained with the buyer. If you suddenly want to return the jacket as well, you can do it using a copy of the receipt.

    It is possible to return a product purchased under a promotion. Also, the return of goods does not prevent the accrual of points on a discount card or promotion. If you partially paid with points, then the seller is obliged to return only the amount paid in cash. Points in this case are either canceled or returned to the discount card, depending on the rules of the seller’s soulfulness program.

    If you were given something as a gift along with your purchase, you are not required to return this gift when exchanging or returning it. For example, you bought sneakers and received a press roller as a gift. If you want to return the sneakers or exchange them for another model, then the roller is not required to be returned. One buyer had to defend his right to a gift in court, but he succeeded.

    True, sellers also know this trick and have learned how to arrange gifts and promotional discounts in such a way that sometimes they can legally refuse to exchange. Here, look at the situation, but if you want to achieve your goal, do not stop at the stage of negotiations with the store – move on.

    You can also return an item purchased from an online store , but that’s another story. The described rules for the exchange and return of quality goods work for purchases in regular stores. That is, when you came to the shopping center, chose the goods on the shelf, gave the money to the cashier, and then changed your mind.

    If the order is placed in an online store, through a catalog or after a radio advertisement, the conditions for exchange and return will be different. There are different terms, documents are drawn up differently, the list of exceptions for the exchange does not apply, and there are nuances with payment for delivery. For example, when buying from an online store, you can return a juicer or extend the return period to three months without lifting a finger.

    In another article, we discussed in detail how to return an item to an online store.

    If you cannot return the goods , write a claim addressed to the General Director and complain about the store to Rospotrebnadzor.

    The claim will record that you have met 14 days and show that you are ready to fight for your money. The seller is obliged to put the date of appeal on the claim and sign it in front of you. If you have a copy, then he must sign it too. If he refuses, send the claim to his legal address by registered mail and keep the check that confirms the letter was sent.

    The legal address can be found on the seller’s website, and if it is not IP , then on the website FTS . For IP , the legal address is the same as the address of residence, therefore it refers to personal data and is not published in the public domain. If IP did not indicate his address either on the sign of the store, or on the check, or in the contract, then the claim can also be sent to the address of the store itself. But if you are returning an expensive item, then it is better to play it safe: go to the tax office and request an extract from EGRIP about the place of residence IP . Don’t forget to take your passport: you won’t get an extract without it.

    If you send a claim by mail, then the day of the appeal is the day the letter was sent. For reliability, you can duplicate the letter to the address of the nearest branch and the e-mail of the store: there will be a chance that they will answer faster.

    paragraph 2 of Art. 194 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation

    There are no official templates for claims. Simply describe what happened, what you want to achieve, and why you think you are entitled to it. Refer to the articles of the law so that the seller understands that you are not blind and know your rights. Sometimes a well-written claim is enough to get a refund. Fighting a persistent and competent buyer will cost any store more than giving in to him.

    It makes no sense to file a claim before going to the store: usually sellers have application forms for goods exchange and money back. Entrepreneurs know what you are entitled to, so persistence and a polite request are often enough. But if you want to exchange the goods or return the money, and the seller categorically refuses or violates the deadlines, write a claim – you will have time for this.

    But be sure to take your passport: passport data is needed to return the money, without documents you will be refused legally.

    If it comes to a complaint, you can take our sample as an example. Change it to suit your situation and send it to the store.

    Sample claim

    If the claim against the management did not help, but you are determined, write a complaint to Rospotrebnadzor. Please note that she cannot be anonymous. Rospotrebnadzor will conduct an unscheduled store inspection based on your situation. If it turns out that you were refused illegally, the store will be fined, and you will get your money. Sometimes it comes to court, but even there Rospotrebnadzor can protect your interests.


    1. If you buy something and then change your mind, you have the right to exchange or refund your purchase, even if no defects can be seen. But the product must be in perfect condition – it cannot be used. If you have already put on shoes and there are scratches on the soles, they will not be accepted back, although the presentation is generally preserved and another buyer will not notice anything.
    2. If during the exchange the store did not find a suitable product, you can agree to be informed when it will be delivered, or to return the money. It is not worth immediately demanding money for the goods: according to the law, you must first try to exchange it for an analogue.
    3. The return period depends on the purchase method. If you were able to look and feel the goods before buying, then this is considered a purchase in a regular store, the return period is 14 days. Sellers have the right to increase these terms, but not to reduce them.
    4. Not everything can be returned: there are quite a few exceptions, but they are all prescribed by law, and not set at the discretion of the seller.
    5. Get in the habit of keeping receipts and other documents that confirm the fact and place of purchase: otherwise, you will have to look for evidence from the seller, and he may be against it. Get used to asking for electronic checks: they still go to the tax office, and so they can also come to your phone.
    6. If the seller refuses to return the money for the purchase, write a claim, or contact Rospotrebnadzor. If nothing helps, go to court. You won’t have to pay a fee, and if you win, you’ll get even more money than you paid.

    Loss of receipt is not a reason to refuse to return goods


    legislation, return of goods, business, Oksana Kobzeva, consumer protection, Kontur.Market

    According to the statistics of Rospotrebnadzor, many buyers leave checks at the checkout, and when they try to return the goods, they are refused by the sellers. In a recent news release, the department warned that the absence of a check is not a reason for refusal. The buyer has the right to confirm the purchase not only with a cash receipt, but also in other ways.

    Oksana Kobzeva, Kontur.Market’s cash law expert, comments on what these methods are.

    A typical situation: the buyer paid for a pair of shoes, but immediately threw away the check. Later it turned out that the shoes did not fit him in size. The next day, the buyer returned to the store to return the shoes, but there was a change of another seller who did not agree to issue a return without a receipt.

    Did the seller do the right thing?

    No, the absence of a receipt is not a reason to refuse a return to the buyer. This is a direct norm of articles 18 and 25 of the Law of 02/07/1992 No. 2300-1 “On Protection of Consumer Rights” and Article 493 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. This is because the buyer can find other ways to prove the purchase.


    The refusal of the seller to return the money for the goods under the pretext of lack of funds is not a good reason: the courts do not accept such arguments, they take the side of the buyer.

    On the contrary, if the buyer does not indicate the reasons for the return of the goods, then the court will rather take the side of the seller.

    The buyer can ask the seller for a written refusal to return the money and file a complaint with Rospotrebnadzor. The department may fine after a scheduled inspection. You can appeal the fine, but again through the courts.

    Here are the options for proving the fact of purchase in case of loss of checks that Rospotrebnadzor recommends:

    – Bank statement with the date and amount of the calculation, and most importantly – with the payee. This is the easiest way, it is suitable for those cases when the buyer paid by bank transfer. You can confirm with a bank statement both a purchase in a convenience store and a payment in an online store. Other documents with the same details that prove the transfer of money will do. This is stated in the Decree of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation dated June 28, 2012 No. 17 “On consideration by the courts of civil cases in disputes on the protection of consumer rights”.

    Advertising on New Retail. Mediakit

    — Entry on the loyalty card. Regular customers draw up store discount cards and present them at the time of payment. This information is reflected in the user’s personal account and in the store’s internal systems.

    – Mention of the store in the warranty card, operating instructions or in the product passport – in any document that was issued along with the product.

    – Search for data in the store database. The seller can find the desired check in the cash register or in the OFD personal account. Of course, he is not obliged to do this, his duty is only to issue a check upon settlement. However, in this way, complaints from the buyer can be avoided.

    – Testimony of those who were present at the time of the purchase. If a wife, husband, friends or other acquaintances were with the buyer, they can act as witnesses.

    After the evidence is collected, the buyer prepares a written claim to the seller. The seller has two options:

    1. Recognize the claim as justified, accept the goods and return the money to the buyer.

    2. Do not recognize the claim, in fact, refuse to voluntarily resolve the issue. The buyer can then sue.

    The second option involves high risks if the court takes the side of the buyer. You will have to not only return the money, but also compensate for non-pecuniary damage, and pay a fine in the amount of 50% of the amount awarded to the buyer (Articles 13, 15 of Law No. 2300-1). Also, as court practice shows, it will be necessary to fully or partially reimburse legal costs.


    Not all items can be returned. The government approved the list of non-food items not subject to exchange by Decree No. 2463 dated December 31, 2020

    These include:

    ● sanitary and personal hygiene items, medicines
    ● perfumes and cosmetics
    ● household chemicals
    ● underwear and hosiery
    ● precious metal jewelry
    ● cars
    ● animals and plants
    ● non-periodicals, such as books.

    If the product from this list is of good quality, it will not be possible to return it even if you have a receipt.

    Note that witness statements, collection of evidence, etc. may not reach if the buyer requests an electronic receipt in addition to a paper one. He can do this until the moment of calculation. Then the seller is obliged to send a check by phone number or by e-mail (clause 2, article 1.2 of the Law of May 22, 2003 No. 54-FZ “On the use of cash registers”). At the same time, the entire receipt is sent to the email, and only information identifying it and a link are sent to SMS, which also makes it easy to view the full version of the receipt and download it.

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    Buyers have other tools to “access” receipts. So, in a special service of the Federal Tax Service
    “My checks online” automatically pulls up all checks with the buyer’s contacts that match those that he specified during authorization in the service. When it is necessary to return the goods, the buyer simply finds the necessary receipt and presents it to the seller on the screen of the mobile device.