Best buy laptop buyback: How to Get the Most Money Out of Your Old Electronics

Best Places to Sell Your Used Electronics for 2023

Do you like to upgrade to the next big thing with each new release? Whether you get excited about investing in new tech or you just have some extra gear laying around your place that you’re ready to let go of, there are businesses out there that can help you turn your old electronics into cash. And knowing the right places can help maximize your profits. While there are plenty of options where you can sell tech these days, not all of them are created equal.

Get the most out of Amazon Prime Day 2023

Amazon’s biggest shopping event of the year is officially here. We’ve scoured thousands of deals to find you the very best that our CNET experts recommend. Whether you’re looking to replace your old TV or laptop or you want some great everyday non-techie gear, we’ve got it right here. And be sure to check out our Prime Day Deals page and Liveblog since some of these deals come and go quickly.

It can be hard to find the best price for your device across dozens of websites, so that’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best sites and services out there that will buy your used electronics at a fair price. The selling process isn’t that complicated, either, in most cases. If you’re ready to start selling your cast-off devices for some extra cash or other incentives, read on.

There are plenty of companies where you can sell electronics — places that’ll happily buy used devices like your old fitness trackers, smartwatches, gaming consoles, laptops, digital cameras and other electronic equipment. In exchange, they’ll send you cold hard cash, often in the form of a gift card or PayPal transfer. (Not too shabby for that MacBook gathering dust in your closet.)

You can even sell your old electronics without having to visit a physical location such as a pawn shop, now that used electronics website options are becoming more popular. And in many cases if you sell electronics online, you won’t have to worry about paying for shipping or shouldering the cost of a fee, which is somewhat commonplace with services that sell electronics and old equipment. 

The prices offered with trade-in programs on an old device are usually a little lower than what you could sell electronics for, but the reduced price is worth forgoing the headache of trying to sell on your own. Some places will even take broken items, but keep in mind that broken tech will sell at a much lower cost than a gadget that is still in good working order.

Read on to see the best places to sell electronics and gadgets, unless it’s one of these seven used items — those things you should probably never buy or sell.

Turn those old phones into cash. 


Old laptops shouldn’t just collect dust. 

Joshua Goldman/CNET

Best Buy will recycle your older or less valuable electronics for free and keep them out of landfill.

Best Buy

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Best Buy BuyBack Program

  • Best Buy BuyBack Program

Technology in the past decade has exploded. These days it seems that as soon as you buy an electronic device, something new comes out a year or less later. Best Buy has thrown its hat in the ring by being the first company to offer a buy back program.

The Best Buy Buyback Program is a contract program that can be bought upon purchase of just about any electronic device sold in Best Buy. TVs have a 4 year plan and all other electronics have a 2 year plan. Upon purchasing an electronic product from Best Buy a customer has the option to buy the Buyback Program. Some might see this as a downfall that you have to purchase the Buyback Program. The program costs $99.99 to purchase and is a 2 year contract (4 years for a TV) to buy back the item being purchased. Once the program is purchased it does not, however, kick in until 31 days from the purchase of the product. Most Best Buy products have a 30 day exchange or return policy and may be seen as for the reason behind the 31 day kick in effect. This also gives you an extra month on your Buyback plan as well.

The way the Best Buy Buyback program works is this: After the 31 days is up your electronic product can be resold to Best Buy for a gift card, in monthly increments. At 6 months Best Buy will pay 50%, 6-12 months 40%, 12-18 months 30%, 18-24 months 20%, and for TVs 18-48 months 20%. To put this in perspective an example: Say if you bought a phone (phone’s contract is not included in the buy back) for $200. 6 months later a new and better phone comes out. Take your Best Buy purchased phone back to them and they will give you a $100 gift certificate. A TV example: Say if you bought a TV for $2000 and 6 months later a new one comes out. Bring back the TV to Best Buy and you would receive a $1000 gift card towards your purchase. Best Buy does offer this program for in-store and online purchases. They even provide an easy to use buy back calculator so that a customer can calculate what they would get in return. Products must be in clean and working condition for the buy back to happen.

Deciding whether or not to purchase this program would largely depend on the product being purchased in my opinion. This program is definitely a new source of revenue for Best Buy. Having said that though, this program can be very effective for expensive purchases such as TVs,laptops, and game systems. For smaller items such as phones or CD players, it would probably be best to try to pawn or sell your unit on your own. The reason for this is this: Like an example earlier, say if you bought a $200 phone and purchased the Best Buy Buyback Program for $99.99. That is a $300 purchase plus the taxes paid. 6 months down the road a new phone comes out and return the unit for buyback. A customer would only receive the money back they used to purchase the plan in the first place, thus eliminating its effect. For expensive electronic units though, it might be very worth while. If a customer were in the market for an expensive new 3D HD TV or new laptop that ran i.e. $3000, purchased the Buyback Program bringing the total to $3100, and say a year later a new unit came out. Then the customer would bring back the unit for buyback and receive a $1200 gift card, thus making it very worth it.

In the end this program is worth it if you are buying an expensive product i.e. a TV, laptop, etc..If you are buying an inexpensive electronic unit, then I would say it is not worth being purchased. This program is a great idea through and through. Perhaps with a little tweaking this could be a very effective program, but is ultimately aimed at generating more revenue.

10 services for foreign purchases in 2022 – Services on

This article is a small study of services through which you can buy goods in foreign online stores and bring them to Russia.


Over the past five years I have been developing my showroom. Made orders in the USA and Europe. The last couple of months have been, let’s say, on the brink of survival – difficulties in paying for goods, import restrictions, problems with logistics. All this prompted the search for alternative solutions.

After reading a bunch of reviews and exploring different options, I tried ordering products through 10 buyer services. In the article I will tell you what came of it, as well as what pluses and pitfalls I encountered.

Bayer services are intermediary services that provide the “Help with the purchase” service. When working with such services, the buyer leaves on the site links to the goods that he needs, and the service redeems them and delivers them to the buyer.

1. Pay Today

Service link

Pay Today is a buyer service that helps you order goods from Europe. Goods can be ordered from any stores. The service does not limit the buyer to orders only from partner stores.

To use the buyback service, you must provide a link to the product. The cost of delivery is calculated individually, after making a request for the purchase of goods.

Pros: Pay Today has been one of my favorite customer support services. The experts responded quickly and to the point.

The service has a single commission without additional payment:

  • free customs declaration,
  • free packaging and product inspection,
  • take pictures of the goods for free (for this function, many services charge an additional fee, and the payment was calculated per unit of goods).

Delivery time is approx. 3 weeks.


  • rather high commission – 20% of the cost of goods,
  • shipping calculator is missing (shipping options are offered upon request).


Delivery: Europe

Commission and fees: 20% of the value of the goods + order value.

2. LiteMF

Service link

Service for purchasing goods in the US and Europe, works with a large number of partner stores from which you can purchase goods (a full list of partners can be found on the website). Among the services that provide purchases only from partner stores, it represents the widest selection of stores, so I did not have any difficulties with the selection of goods.

Purchases can be made independently, as well as with the help of service employees. When using the redemption service, the buyer sends a link to the product, replenishes the account, after which the service employees redeem the product and deliver it to the buyer.


  • small commission – 10% of the cost of goods,
  • the cost of delivery here is lower than on many other services (the choice of types of delivery, by the way, is also very large).


All additional services will have to be paid separately for a unit of goods:

  • goods check – $ 5,
  • protection of shipments – 2-3% of the price of goods, etc.

Pitfalls: Before placing an order, pay attention to the service fee rates, they are up to 4. 5%.


Delivery: USA, Germany, UAE

Commission and fees: 10% of the value of the goods + order value + delivery cost (from $ 9.5) + customs duty (if any) + additional. services (if needed)

3. Euro Zakaz

Service link

EvroZakaz specializes in the purchase and delivery of goods from online stores, as well as from private sellers in Europe. The purchase of goods is carried out from any EU online store, without dividing into partner stores. Service specialists redeem the goods after placing an order and making an advance payment.


Offers the provision of additional services included in the commission fee:

  • customs declaration,
  • packing and checking the goods for gross errors on the part of the seller,
  • consolidation of orders.

Redemption of the order is very fast, about 10-15 minutes.


  • A fairly large percentage of the commission charged – 10-20% (10% only for orders from online stores in Germany and from individuals),
  • Additional payment for product photo – 2€.


Delivery: Europe

Commission and fees: 10-20% of the cost of goods + order value + shipping cost (from $ 24) + customs duty (if any).

4. Shopotam

Service link

The order is placed on the site. To do this, you need to specify a link to the product and pay for it through your personal account. And the site itself already contains a catalog with popular product categories, including products from brands that have now left the Russian Federation.

Several tariffs are available when working with shoptam. For example, the “Carefree” tariff, on which the commission of the cost of the goods will be 15% (minimum $ 15), but at the same time, the ordered goods will be checked, photos will be sent to you and the protection of the shipment will be guaranteed.

On the “Basic” tariff, the commission will be 10% (minimum $ 10), but the verification of the goods, photos and protection of the shipment will be carried out for an additional fee. fee. Therefore, the choice of tariff depends on the volumes you order.


  • The site has a clear system with the calculation of commission and delivery. And if many services hide this information to the last, then shoptam immediately reports all the prices. This is very convenient at the initial stage of working with the service, and it also greatly simplifies cost planning.


High cost of additional services when using the “Basic” tariff:

  • checking goods – $10,
  • product photo – $5,
  • shipment protection – 3% of the value of the goods, etc.

Please also note that the “Shopping Assistance” option is only available for stores: ebay, amazon, taobao.


Delivery: USA, Germany

Commission and fees: 10-15% of the value of the goods (according to tariffs) + order cost + shipping cost (from $ 11.6) + customs duty (if any) + add. services (if necessary).

5. Polar Express

Service link

The delivery service for goods from the US and Canada “Polar Express” was one of the first services I tested.


  • low shipping cost and fast turnaround time,
  • small commission – 10% of the value of the goods.


Additional services are not included in the price and are paid separately:

  • photograph of package contents – 1⁠—⁠5 $⁣,
  • extra layers of packaging – 1⁠—⁠5 $⁣,
  • distribution of one parcel into several different ones – 10 $⁣.

I had some difficulties when contacting the support service (I waited a long time for an answer), and it also took a long time to register the parcel in my account, otherwise I was satisfied with the work of the service.

Pitfalls: if you decide to use the service, first study the list of services, a service fee and a percentage for accounting for exchange rate differences may be charged.


Delivery: USA, Canada

Commission and fees: 10% of the value of the goods + shipping costs + customs duty (if any) + extra. services (if necessary).

6. Package

Link to services

An online service that provides assistance with the purchase of goods from online stores in the US, Germany and the UK.


  • small commission – 10% of the value of the goods (minimum commission $ 13),
  • Select rates offer shipping discounts and free redemptions (up to 12 redemptions),
  • The site describes in detail what can be delivered to Russia, and what is prohibited. The information is updated in a timely manner, so there is no need to check different sources in parallel and fear that the ordered goods will not be able to arrive.
  • Warehouse employees can combine several packages into one free of charge and postpone the shipment of the goods for 45 days.
  • a large number of payment methods are available on the site (both with a card and crypto).


  • High shipping cost – from $20.

All additional services are paid separately:

  • check of goods up to $15;
  • shipping protection 3$ for every 100$, etc.

As well as LiteMF and Shopotam services, Bunderolka works with a list of stores from which it buys goods. Therefore, buying goods from any online store will not work.


Delivery: USA, Germany, UK

Commission and fees: 10% of the value of the goods (according to tariffs) + order cost + shipping cost (from $ 20) + customs duty (if any) + additional . services (if necessary).

7. Shipito

Service link

After registering on Shipito, you get free personal addresses in the US and Europe (useful for independent purchases). When using assistance in the purchase of goods, the buyer selects one of the available addresses to which the goods are delivered.


  • service is convenient for one-time purchases,
  • low commission percentage – only 8%.

Pitfalls: service imposes a huge number of additional fees on your order: delivery to the selected warehouse, local taxes, flat fee – $ 8.5, bank fee – 4.3%, order processing fee – 4.3% of the total amount of the order.


All additional services are paid separately:

  • extra pack – $4,
  • filling out a customs declaration – $7,
  • take a photo of the product – 2-5$,
  • combine orders if the product was ordered from several sellers – $3. 25 – $5.25.

In general, an attractive price tag gradually turned into a tidy sum. And I got confused about the amount of fees.

I ordered through the service several times and the first time everything went quite well, but on the second time one of the ordered goods was lost, so I decided to find another site (and with fewer fees).


Delivery: USA, Europe

Commission and fees: 8% of the value of the goods + processing fee (4.3%) + order cost + delivery to the selected warehouse + delivery cost to you (from 24 $) + customs duty (if any) + add. services (if necessary).

8. ExpressFrom US

Service link

A distinctive feature of the ExpressFromUS service is the purchase of goods in online and offline stores.


  • Low commission. For the purchase of goods in online stores, the buyer pays a commission – 5-10% per unit of goods, offline – 15-20%. The site provides a list of “capricious” stores for which the cost of delivery is higher.

The fee will also include services:

  • product photo,
  • Consolidation of purchases in one package,
  • removal of excess packaging.


  • pleasant prices and bonuses are overshadowed by the cost of delivery and its terms: the cost is high, the terms are long (so for a parcel weighing about 0.5 kg you will have to pay about $ 30, and the delivery time will be 35-45 days),
  • A support request may take a long time to process.


Delivery: USA

Commission and fees: 5-20% of the value of the goods (depending on the store) + order value + shipping cost + customs duty (if any) + paid extra. services (if necessary)

9. Postmost

Service link

PostMost provides services for the purchase of various goods in online stores in Europe and the United States.


  • a small commission for the purchase of goods – 5-10%, the percentage depends on the country. For example, buying a product in an online store in Germany and England will be cheaper.


  • High shipping cost, from about 21 € – per 1 kg.

All additional services are provided for a fee (and also depend on the country):

  • product photo – 1-3 €,
  • combining several orders – 5 €,
  • additional packaging – 5 €,
  • verification of articles with an invoice – 5 €, etc.

Pitfalls: Account replenishment is made in euros, conversion into rubles is carried out at the rate of the Central Bank + 5%. Also, the company may request a scan of the buyer’s passport to confirm their identity (I was not asked).


Delivery: USA, Europe

Commission and fees: 5-10% of the value of the goods (depending on the country) + 5% currency conversion when replenishing the account + order value + shipping cost + customs duty (if any ) + add. services

10. CDEK Forward

Service link

One of the areas of the CDEK service is “assistance with the purchase of goods.”


  • low commission percentage – 10% of the cost of the goods (but not less than $5).

Pitfalls: in fact, all work with the service is a complete pitfall. The service itself is not engaged in the purchase of buyers’ goods, this is done by intermediaries – buyers who are hired by the company. After you leave a request for assistance in purchasing goods, you are given the contacts of your buyer, after that CDEK does not bear any responsibility for your order (can be found in the public offer).

Further, you carry out all the work on the order with the buyer, assistance in returning the goods if the goods did not fit or returning the money if the goods were lost on the way to the CDEK warehouse falls on the shoulders of the buyer. And here is what CDEK itself writes about the responsibility on the part of the buyer:

Cons: the commission for the services provided, of course, is 10% of the cost of the goods, but the buyer himself can also charge an additional commission. Therefore, you will receive full information about the cost after your order goes to the work of the buyer. Also, information about the percentage of the service charge is not previously known.

All additional services: check and photo of the goods, cargo insurance (0.75% of the cost), etc. are paid separately.

My experience with CDEK Forward was not good. Delivery was very delayed, and all negotiations with the support service were not very effective, so I used the service only once.


Delivery: USA, Europe

Commission and fees: 10% of the value of the goods + buyer’s commission (not always) + order cost + shipping cost + customs duty (if any) + extra. services (if needed)


These are the main services with which I managed to work, perhaps the most difficult thing was to understand the variety of offers. But the most frightening and alarming part was the reviews. In general, the reviews were the reason for the article, because basically I saw something like this:

Moreover, such reviews could be found on almost any service. So I decided to diversify this flow of negativity and talk about my series of experiments.

This article is based on my personal experience with buyer services and may not be the same as anyone else’s. Therefore, if you are now faced with the same situation and are looking for a service to buy goods abroad, then first of all I wish you not to despair and look for your ideal service with which it will be convenient for you to work. And I hope this article was helpful to you.

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