Best buy all in one: All-In-One Computers: Touchscreen PC | Best Buy Canada

All-In-One Computers: Touchscreen PC | Best Buy Canada

While laptops are very popular for their portability, desktop computers also bring a lot to the table thanks to their large display, high performance specs, and plenty of upgrade options. The only thing is, traditional desktop computers tend to take up quite a bit of space. If you like the idea of having a desktop PC but don’t have much space to work with, an all-in-one computer may be the perfect solution for you. Read on to find out the answers to the most common questions about all-in-one PCs to see if they’re the right choice for you and to help you find the one that best suits your needs.

What is an all-in-one computer?

All-in-one PCs differ from regular desktop computers in that they have all their internal components integrated into one unit that also acts as a large display. This gives you a compact design that makes them ideal for desktops with limited space. All-in-one PCs can handle most of your computing tasks, and often come equipped with wireless connectivity like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you’ll only need one cable to make it all work.

What are the main benefits of an all-in-one computer?

All-in-one computers feature a number of key benefits that give them an advantage over traditional desktop computers.

Boasts an attractive design and frees up desktop space

All-in-one PCs tend to feature a sleeker, more attractive design than computer towers. Bulky desktop PCs often take away from an office décor, while a clean, streamlined all-in-one can make a really nice addition to your workstation. What’s more, thanks to their compact design, they take up much less desktop space than your average desktop PC, giving you more room for to work with.

Saves you the trouble of buying a monitor

Another big advantage to all-in-one PCs is that everything’s included so you don’t have to go out and buy a separate monitor. Technology has gotten to a point where screens have become thin enough that all of a computer’s components, with the exception of peripherals like scanners and printers, can now be built into the display. The result is a convenient, centralized unit that saves you the hassle of going on a separate shop for a monitor.

Easy to set up and very user-friendly

Another reason people love all-in-one PCs is because of how easy it is to get them up and running. With so much built into one single unit, all you have to do is take an all-in-one PC out of the box, plug it in along with a keyboard and mouse, and you can start using it right away. All-in-one computers require fewer wires than computer towers, which makes setup so easy, minimizes cable clutter, and gives your desktop a clean, organized look.

How do I know if an all-in-one PC is right for me?

Before you decide on going with an all-in-one, you’ll want to make sure it’s the right fit for you. With their large screens, all-in-one PCs are obviously not portable like laptops. That said, their centralized design and fewer wires still make them easier to relocate than tower PCs. If you’re a serious gamer or need a computer to do heavy-duty, demanding tasks, an all-in-one PC may not be the most suitable choice for you. That said, if you’re looking for a PC that offers a large flat screen, saves you precious desktop space, and provides plenty of power to handle most of your computing tasks, an all-in-one computer is certainly a great option.

What should I consider before buying an all-in-one computer?

When shopping for an all-in-one PC, screen size is one of the most important things to consider. In terms of size, it’s a good idea to go for one that’s at least 23”, which generally gives you at least true 1080p HD resolution and also gives you the convenience of seeing multiple pages onscreen at once. You’ll also want to decide whether or not to go with a touchscreen all-in-one PC, which basically depends solely on your personal preferences and tendencies. In terms of internal specs, though it largely depends on what you’re hoping to get out of your computer, choosing an all-in-one PC with a quad-core processor with at least 6GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive will give you the flexibility to get a lot of different types of tasks done efficiently for a very enjoyable computing experience.

All-in-one PCs are just one type of desktop computer available at Best Buy. You can also find an impressive selection of other  desktop computers from great brands such as HP, ASUS, Dell, and Lenovo.

Best Printer Deals: Laser and Inkjet Printers from $45

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John Alexander

Every home office setup or student workstation will benefit from the addition of a printer. Whether you’re not willing to spend too much or you’re fine with splurging to enjoy the most advanced features, there’s surely an offer out there that will match your needs and budget. There’s an overwhelming number of printer deals in the market, so to help you get started, we’ve gathered some of the top bargains that you can shop right now, starting from just $45. You’ll need to be quick with your purchase though, as there’s no telling when these discounts will disappear.


  • Canon PIXMA TS202 inkjet printer — $45, was $50
  • Epson Expression Home XP-5200 all-in-one inkjet printer — $100, was $130
  • Brother HL-L2390DW monochrome all-in-one laser printer — $160, was $190
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e wireless all-in-one inkjet printer — $170, was $225
  • Brother MFC-L2710DW monochrome all-in-one laser printer — $220, was $250
  • HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4101fdw wireless printer with fax — $349, was $639

Canon PIXMA TS202 inkjet printer — $45, was $50

Canon’s PIXMA line of printers is always present in our roundup of the best cheap printers because of products like the Canon PIXMA TS202 inkjet printer. For a very affordable price, you’ll be getting a printer that’s ideal for home of small business use, with up to 4800 x 1200 dots per inch color resolution when printing phots and documents on various paper types and sizes. Its rear paper tray can hold up to 60 sheets of plain paper, and it connects to your computer with a standard USB 2.0 port.

Epson Expression Home XP-5200 all-in-one inkjet printer — $100, was $130

Multifunction printers like the Epson Expression Home XP-5200 all-in-one inkjet printer make a lot of sense for home use, according to our printer buying guide. It functions as both a printer and a scanner, so not only will you save on costs, but it will also take up less space on your desk compared to buying both of these peripherals. The Epson Expression Home XP-5200 offers a printer resolution of up to 4800 x 1200, a scanner resolution of up to 2400 x 1200, and a 150-sheet paper tray. It also comes with a 2.4-inch color display for navigation and operation, supports wireless connections with iOS and Android devices, and offers hands-free printing with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri.

Brother HL-L2390DW monochrome all-in-one laser printer — $160, was $190

Laser printers are more suited for printing documents with their faster print speeds and lower per-page costs, according to our comparison of laser versus inkjet. The Brother HL-L2390DW monochrome laser printer is a cheap but reliable option, as it also comes with copying and scanning functions. You can connect to the printer through wireless network and USB interfaces, so you can print from your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet at 2400 x 600 dpi. It features a tray that can hold up to 250 sheets of paper, and the option for automatic two-sided printing.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e wireless all-in-one inkjet printer — $170, was $225

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e wireless all-in-one inkjet printer comes from the same line as the HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e, which we’ve identified as the best all around printer for home and office in our roundup of the best printers. You’ll still be getting a printer resolution of up to 4800 x 1200, a scanner resolution of up to 1200 x 1200, and print speeds of up to 20 pages per minute in black and up to 10 pages per minute in color. Every purchase of the printer also comes with six months of HP Instant Ink, which will automatically send you new cartridges when you’re about to run out.

Brother MFC-L2710DW monochrome all-in-one laser printer — $220, was $250

The Brother MFC-L2710DW monochrome all-in-one laser printer provides speed with the capability to print up to 32 pages per minute, and efficiency with its automatic two-sided printing. You can connect the printer to a single computer through its USB port, or link it to multiple devices through wireless or Ethernet networks. Its tray can hold up to 250 sheets of paper, but it also offers a 50-sheet automatic document feeder that will reduce the time for copying or scanning multiple documents.

HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4101fdw wireless printer with fax — $349, was $639

For all of the functions that you may possibly need, go for the HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4101fdw wireless printer with fax. It’s designed for maximum productivity with its print, scan, copy, and fax functions, with printing speed of up to 42 pages per minute and the option for two-sided printing and scanning. The multifunction printer can support up to 10 users at a time, so it’s ideal for the whole family or for your small business, and it’s protected by HP Wolf Pro Security to prevent intruders from accessing the device.

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How to fly cheap to Turkey


We tell you how to buy a ticket to Turkey on your own at the best price. To do this, we have formed 5 rules, which included recommendations on where and how to book, when and where it is better to fly, as well as when to buy a tour.

Best places to buy tours

Rule 1. Book online. Modern online agencies receive real-time data from tour operators, compare their offers with each other and show the most profitable tours. Search in a matter of seconds solves the issue of selecting profitable offers, and this no longer requires a special skill of a travel agent.

Using online agencies, you can be sure of fair prices (as with a tour operator) and in an objective comparison. And that means you won’t overpay. In addition, it is very convenient, you do not need to go anywhere, it is easy to choose a tour, you can book at any time of the day, all emerging issues are resolved remotely by phone, email or chat.

When it comes to reliability, online agencies are legally no worse than conventional agencies. When force majeure happens in the tourism industry – bankruptcies of tour operators and various world cataclysms, then what type of agency you have does not matter at all. As our recommendation, we can recommend the following companies that we ourselves have been using for more than a year:

✅ OnlineTours

How to search for cheap trips to Turkey

Rule 2. Use special search tools. Here is a brief instruction on how to choose a tour to Turkey on the website for the date you need:

  • On the main page of Travelata, fill in the search field – the city of departure, the place where you plan to go (in general, the country of Turkey, specific resorts or hotel ), date of departure, number of nights, composition of tourists. Then click “Find Tours”.
  • Having decided on the hotel, go to its page, choose the type of room and food.
  • Then go to the page of the tour itself. At this stage, the final check of the tour in the database of the tour operator takes place and data on flights is loaded. What to look for here:

    – check everything that is included in your tour;
    – it often happens that you can choose flights and departure times, as well as seats in business class;
    – it is at this stage that all possible surcharges are loaded, including the fuel surcharge – a feature of tours to Turkey;
    – checked everything – proceed to booking (entering information about tourists and prepayment).

After that, the agency staff will contact you to confirm the tour and clarify the necessary information. It often happens that the tour can be confirmed immediately. After receiving notification of this, you can safely start going on vacation.

☝ Detailed instructions for online booking can be found in our separate article (you can find answers to frequently asked questions there). Next, we will tell, what search tools will help you find a tour cheaper .

1 🟢 Prices for the same tours on different dates differ. If you check plus or minus 3 days when choosing a date, you will find the best price for the next suitable departure days. The cheap price calendar chart also helps visually. It can be seen on the search results page and on the hotel page.

2 🟢 It’s even better if you don’t care what day of the month you fly on. You can find the most favorable departure date on a separate page of the “Calendar of low prices for tours”.

The agency Level.Travel has a similar tool. We also recommend that you look at the website – the best last-minute offers from various online agencies are collected here.

3 🟢 Affects the price of the tour and the region of the holiday. The same in terms of star rating and level of service, hotels in different resorts have different price levels. The most budget resorts in Turkey are Alanya, Side, Kemer, Marmaris . When searching, you can specify the region you need or several at the same time.

Favorable time for a holiday in Turkey

Rule 3. Choose the best period of your trip. The level of prices for tours is related to seasonality and holidays. When demand is high, prices are at their highest. The most expensive time for rest is summer, May and New Year holidays, weeks of school holidays. In summer, prices peak in July and August. If you have the opportunity to avoid these dates, you can save a lot.

Most attractive holiday periods in terms of price:

  • in May after holidays;
  • at the very beginning of summer;
  • at the end of the beach season in October and November.

And of course, in the off-season, when it becomes uncomfortable to swim in the sea, prices become much lower from November to April. You can have a good and cheap vacation in the off-season in hotels with heated pools – see a selection of the best options here. If you avoid holidays and vacations, even the most luxurious 5-star hotels will seem affordable.

The country has great potential for year-round recreation. We wrote about what to do in Turkey in winter in a separate article.

Hot tours and early bookings

Rule 4. Buy a tour at a good time. The cost of tours is constantly changing. For example, yesterday you decided on the date, the hotel and completely chose the option for yourself. And today the price for this tour has become higher. Questions arise: when is it better to start booking, will the tour always go up in price or can it go down in price?

Usually the price of the tour is stable a few months before departure. A purchase during this period is called early booking . About a month before departure, prices begin to rise and there is a chance that the places in your chosen hotel will run out. So it makes sense to book a ticket for six months or at least a couple of months.

Another time you want to fly soon. For example, we thought about buying a tour in a couple of weeks. Then it makes sense to catch burning tour . Discounts on last-minute tours arise due to empty seats on charters, which tour operators decide to fill completely.

🔥You can find out about the appearance of last-minute tours in social networks:

  • Telegram with tours for Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • Telegram with tours for the regions
  • VK with tours for all cities of the country – Petersburg

You can save up to 50% percent of the price on a last-minute tour. Often – the best price is for the so-called “fortune” tours. Fortuna is the conditional name of a hotel of a certain star rating, a specific hotel will be appointed by the tour operator at the very last moment. Whether it will be good is a matter of chance. If you take fortune, then not lower than 4, and preferably 5 stars.

Don’t rely on last minute deals if you’re going on a high season holiday in July or August. Of course, there are discounts at this time, but places in good hotels will probably be taken apart.

Choosing a hotel carefully is also one way to save money. Some 4-ki are no worse than 5-star hotels, but are cheaper. This approach works best with early bookings. Use our selection of the best hotels in Turkey:

💎 New hotels this season
👶 Hotels for families
🍹 Youth hotels
🌞 List of the best hotels in the Kemer area

How to get a discount from an agency

Rule 5. Use agency discounts. Why can the agency’s prices for tours be lower than those of the tour operator itself? The fact is that agencies often make discounts due to their commission percentage. Online agencies also have these discounts, you can get them by applying promotional codes.

⚡ We collect promotional codes for various agencies 👉👉 on a separate page. Often in the summer season, special promotional codes for Turkey appear.

Such a discount is relatively small compared to the benefits of last-minute tours or well-chosen vacation dates, but still pleasant.

Follow all the rules if possible, they will help you organize both budget and profitable premium holidays.

Don’t forget that covid restrictions are still in effect. Check out the rules for entering Turkey for Russians.

What else to read:

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Where to order a MIR card for a trip abroad (+ our review on the MIR card in Turkey)
Rating of Russian tour operators – reliability assessment and leaders in destinations
How to book a hotel on your own

Hello, our names are Vlad and Dasha . We love to travel with the whole family. And in 2016, we created a community of tourists in VK 🌐 – we help people find profitable tours and share our experience. We already have more than 250 thousand, join us!


Travelata – tours from all tour operators without extra charges (easy search, 24/7 tourist support, now also booking hotels with a discount from tour operators)
Aviasales – search cheap flights (at least to the ends of the world)
Ostrovok – since Booking does not work, then we book hotels in Russia and around the world here
Tripster – many interesting excursions (individual excursions for group prices)
Compare ru – search for travel insurance from all companies (without good insurance – nowhere)


⭐ How to find a last minute tour better than a travel agent
🍓 Promo codes and discounts for tours 9002 0 🛫 Secrets of finding cheap flights
🏡 How book a hotel


  • Why birds are great pets
  • Chizhi
  • Finches
  • Canaries
  • Goldfinches
  • Finches
  • Nightingales
  • Corellas
  • African gray parrots
  • Budgerigars
  • Aratingi
  • Which bird is better to have
  • Terminals

Birds as pets are very popular. They are cute, chirp cheerfully, do not require such close attention and care as cats or dogs. Some of them are also talented and delight the owners with singing and various tricks.

But how to choose the right bird among the huge variety of birds? Take a canary, budgerigar or siskin? In the article we will provide a list of those birds that are most suitable for an apartment.

Why birds are great pets

Unlike many other pets, birds do not require constant care and attention. This is a great choice if you work a lot or travel frequently.

Here are some reasons why you should keep birds:

1. You don’t need to walk or spend time with them, although they will not mind it.

2. Clean cell only several times a week .

3. They can be left alone for a long time, with enough food and water, but it is still better to ask your friends to look after them and update feeders and drinkers .

4. At night, it is enough to throw a thick cloth over cage so that the bird does not disturb you.

There are some types of birds that are especially convenient to start in a city apartment. Let’s list the main ones.


Siskins are charming creatures, and despite their apparent nondescriptness, they are also graceful and cheerful. They quickly become attached to a person and have a very accommodating character. Even if you release them from cells , they will definitely come back. You can also train them to do this on command, as they are very trainable.

If you create comfortable conditions for the siskin (comfortable cage , suitable food , goodies ), then he will not want to fly away, but will become a great friend for you.

These birds are able to distinguish their master among other people and begin to sing when he appears. They sing not too loudly, but pleasantly.

Siskins are very sociable, and you need to constantly talk to them, otherwise they will get bored. If you do not have such an opportunity, then get him a friend. They are not picky and tolerate “neighborhood” well.


Finches are unusually attractive due to their bright plumage. They come in different colors:

1. Zebra finches – they have black and white stripes on their chest, neck and tail.

2. Japanese – chocolate, yellow and beige.

3. Diamond – with white spots on the sides of the body.

4. Scaly – on the chest of these birds there is a pattern in the form of scales.

5. Amadins Gould – they have a red head and a multi-colored body.

They sing simply fabulously, but they cannot stand loneliness, so it is better to start two or three finches at once.

Since these are southern birds, it is advisable to put cage to a warm, well-lit place that gets sunlight. In winter, it is necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature in cage or aviary, as finches can easily get sick even from a draft.

They need space, so buy them a large cage or an aviary. Also don’t forget the special balanced food and mineral supplements .

Finches are smart, emotional and friendly birds. They willingly make contact with a person if you show care and attention to them.


If you have never had birds, then canaries are perfect for you. They do not need any special care, and they are quite easy to tame.

Male canaries sing fabulously and have a very beautiful color: white, yellow or green.

In their cage be sure to place several perches staggered or one above the other, as canaries love to jump back and forth. The thickness of the perches should be from 8 mm to 1.5 cm , otherwise it will be uncomfortable for the birds to sit on them.

Also in cage place bath because canaries love to splash in the water.

It is not recommended to let them fly around the apartment: they are very gentle creatures, and they cannot stand the cold, even a little.

Buy them both Specialty Canary Food and Regular Bird Food but do not overfeed. For all their fragility, birds are prone to obesity.


Female goldfinches sing amazingly, but they only have 20 melodies in their repertoire, so don’t be surprised if they repeat themselves. During the molting period, they become silent, which is completely normal for all birds.

They are ideal for keeping in a city apartment, as they are unusually friendly birds and easy to train.

Goldfinches are proud loners and cannot stand the company of others. Even females and males, as well as their children, cannot stand each other and are constantly in conflict.

In the cage the birds need to install a lot of perches at different heights so that it is convenient for them to jump from one to another. It is also useful to additionally hang swing .

Let the goldfinches fly from time to time, but close all windows beforehand so that they do not fly away. You should not do this only in one case: if you have other pets.


These are small charming birds with colorful plumage. Their singing is similar to nightingale trills, and their repertoire includes up to 10 different melodies. They will gladly please you with them several times a day.

These are unpretentious and hardy birds, which are better to settle one by one in different cages . Otherwise, they will be much less likely to please you with their singing, as they will be busy with constant conversations and quarrels among themselves.

Allocate for each bird its own cage or a separate place in the aviary if you decide to purchase it. In cells , of the sleeve , feed , water, as well as Bamber should be enough. Also provide the finches with everything they need to build a nest. It can be feathers, grass, hay, thread or twigs.

To keep your finches from getting bored in their natural habitat, get some houseplants in pots. They will be pleased to fly among them.

In captivity, finches live quite a long time – to 10 years due to the availability of food and water.


Despite their unprepossessing appearance, they sing incredibly beautifully. Their trills delight absolutely everyone!

A nightingale needs a spacious cage with a large bath . It is not necessary to install many perches , as nightingales prefer to spend time on the floor.

They quickly get used to a person with appropriate care and cease to be afraid of him.

Nightingales feed on insects, so it is recommended to buy mealworms for them. They also love greens and food for aquarium fish – gammarus .

Don’t expect them to immediately delight you with their trills. They need time to get used to the new conditions. In about six months, they will begin to fill with marvelous melodies.


Corella parrots fall in love with everyone at first sight. They have a charming appearance: a yellow head, red cheeks, and the body is gray, dark gray, yellow or pale pink.

Corells can be kept alone, in pairs, and in groups. They love to move and fly a lot, so they will need a spacious cage or a separate aviary if you decide to take several birds at once.

If you have the opportunity to let them fly around the apartment, then take a small cage size 60x40x70 cm . Place house inside or outside the cage so that they can hide inside in a quiet and cozy place.

The basis of the cockatiels diet is grain mix .

If you want to tame them, then you need to start from an early age. Take chicks 16-20 weeks old and start teaching them to sit on your hands right away. At the same time, you need to feed them at the same time for 4-6 times a day .

You can teach cockatiels a few words, but they will give them out randomly.

African gray parrots

They are also called zhako. At first glance, they seem rather inconspicuous: their color is grayish, sometimes brown-red on certain parts of the body.

However, these parrots have another interesting feature – they are unusually quick-witted and talkative. They also live very long – up to 30-50 years.

Choose a spacious cage for gray. Dimensions should be not less than 65x50x80 cm. This is necessary so that the bird can fully open its wings. Also, the cage must have dense rods and a strong lock, since the gray has a strong beak with which they can gnaw through them or open the lock. After all, they are very smart.

Be sure to let them out for a walk around the apartment so that they can frolic to their heart’s content.

Gray parrots will need a lot of toys made of durable materials, as they love to break them and lose interest quickly. So buy new ones from time to time.

Jacos themselves choose their owners from family members. The more attention you give them, the more they will become attached to you. If you want to teach them to talk, then you need to devote a lot of time to learning. Say the words loudly and separately so that the bird can hear you well.

Place cage in a place where the sun’s rays fall. In winter, install additional lighting and a heater to keep the birds warm. Place inside cage bath .

Provide them with grain mixes and mineral supplements as food and clean water.


This is the best option if you have kids as budgies are very social, love to hang out with people and chat. A friendlier bird is hard to find.

For budgerigars, prepare in advance:

With good handling and proper nutrition, parrots live for about 8 years .


They include about 20 different types of parrots, but all of them are very beautiful. Birds have bright and colorful plumage, which is why they are also called “flying flowers”.

Aratingas are highly intelligent and can quickly learn even small poems or melodies. They also like to climb everywhere and play a lot, so make sure they have enough toys .

In cage install a lot of perches so that they can fly from one to another, as well as swings . It must be spacious enough. You can purchase an aviary if you have taken several aratings at once.

Let them fly around the apartment so that they can spread their wings in the wild. Just make sure that the inside temperature does not fall below 20 degrees. In winter, install near cells additional lighting.

Choose special food for aratings or special food for parakeets . Provide them with enough water. Buy also a mineral stone so that they can make up for the lack of calcium and clean and sharpen their beak.

With proper maintenance, they will live up to 30 years.

Which bird is better to have

It all depends on your living conditions and needs. Choose the bird that suits your family. If you have other pets, then you should not let the feathered fly around the apartment.

For those who are not ready to devote a lot of time to caring for birds, finches, goldfinches or finches are suitable. If you have children, then choose siskins or budgerigars. They love communication and easily make contact with people.

Buy Grays, Aratingas or Cockatiels if you are willing to devote a lot of time to them and their education and training.

Also consider that you have enough space in your apartment for cells .