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Beats By Dre Pill Review

It seems as if everyone is making portable Bluetooth speakers these days, so it makes sense a big company like Beats by Dre doesn’t want to be left out. Last year saw the Beatbox Portable, which wasn’t particularly portable, and consumed batteries like an old Sega Game Gear. The Beats Pill is a smaller, rechargeable, Jawbone Jambox-like speaker that doesn’t have the huge footprint of the Beatbox line. At $199.99 (list), it’s also less than half the price, though still more expensive than other Bluetooth speakers in its own class. It’s well-designed and functional, but it can’t handle strong bass at all, and isn’t as compelling as the less-expensive Logitech UE Mobile Boombox($299.99 at Amazon)(Opens in a new window), our current Editors’ Choice for Bluetooth speakers.

Like its name implies, the Beats Pill looks like a giant pill. It’s a 7.7-inch-long, 10.9-ounce cylinder with rounded ends and a band in the middle that holds all of the controls. It measures 1.8 inches across, and is cut in half on an angle with the front holding a metal grille and the back consisting of a rubberized shell, with an even more rubbery, flat “foot” running the length of the bottom side.

The middle band has a large, glowing Beats button that serves as a multifunction Play/Pause/Answer calls button, a pair of Volume Up/Down buttons, and a Power button near the back. The band also holds an NFC decal that lets you automatically pair your NFC-enabled smartphone, like my Samsung Galaxy S III, with the speaker just by tapping your phone to it. A microUSB port for charging the speaker, a 3.5mm input and output, and a Bluetooth indicator light also sit on the back panel.

The Pill comes with a few accessories besides the speaker itself. A USB-compatible AC adapter is included, along with a USB-to-micro-USB charging cable. If you don’t have a Bluetooth device, the speaker comes with a 5-foot, 3.5mm audio cable to connect your devices directly.

The speaker also includes a hard shell zippered case with a loop on it. The case fits the speaker perfectly, but isn’t particularly useful. It doesn’t present the Pill in a more convenient-to-carry package besides the loop of fabric, and when zipped up—the only way to keep the speaker secure—the case muffles all sound. Since the speaker is already fairly rugged in its design and can be used outside as long as you don’t get it too wet or dirty, the case doesn’t serve any really useful function.

You can’t expect too much bass from a speaker so small, but the Beats Pill is particularly weak on that front. The speaker employs a processing algorithm that softens parts of tracks so they don’t blow out the speaker, but the processing can take a second to kick in, so it might as well be useless. The dark, atmospheric sounds of Bathory’s “Odens Ride Over Nordland” filled our test room comfortably, with the beat of hooves occasionally popping before the speaker could adjust but otherwise sounding natural. Our bass test track, The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” produced notable popping throughout the track, distorting heavily on the drumbeats.

The distortion occurs primarily when volume is maximized on both the audio device and the speaker. At slightly lower volume levels, songs like Green Day’s “Kill the DJ” and Maximum the Hormone’s “Louisiana Bob” sound clear and full, lacking notable bass but not distorting. However, it feels like you’re missing out on how loud the speaker could be, if it had better audio processing to reduce distortion at high volume levels.

The Beats Pill doubles as a speakerphone, and serves well in that function. While not exceptionally clear, I could hear the caller well, and the caller could make out everything I said. The Pill puts enough power behind the speaker and sensitivity behind the microphone that it significantly improved the speakerphone feature of my Samsung Galaxy S III.

The Beats Pill offers a unique form factor and doubles as a good speakerphone, but it simply doesn’t offer good enough sound quality to justify its $200 price tag. While you might get a reasonably loud and clear listening experience on one track, the next might pop distractingly and force you to tweak the volume just because it has slightly more bass. If the speaker handled bass distortion slightly better, it would have been a much stronger contender. As it is, you’re better off getting the Jabra Solemate for its superior audio quality, or the Editors’ Choice Logitech UE Mobile Boombox for its small size and exceptional value. Both speakers handle the low-end better, even if neither offers particularly strong bass, and the Mobile Boombox is just as functional as a speakerphone at half the price of the Pill.

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Beats By Dre Pill

The Bottom Line

The Beats By Dre Pill is a sleek, portable Bluetooth speaker that can’t handle the bass it tries to output.

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Beats Pill Wireless Speaker Review

Beats by Dr. Dre has been quite famous for its headphone products that you can see everywhere now. Many people don’t know that Beats is selling portable speakers as well.

While with headphones, Beats promises to provide people with listening experience just like what artists hear and we can listen to music the way we should, could their speakers impress us in the same way? Let’s check out my review on the Beats by Dr. Dre Pill Wireless Speaker.

Beats Pill is being listed on Amazon for around $150, check it out if you are interested.


In terms of design, Beats simply doesn’t have competition. The version I get is the red Beats Pill and it looks awesome, from the package, accessories to the speaker itself.

The product is shipped with the Pill speaker, 1.5m audio cable (3.5mm to 3.5 mm), a USB cable, a carrying case with carabiner and a charger. All the product uses just the red and a little black color, the combination makes the whole design look so beautiful.

It has a bold minimalist design in the shape of a capsule. Although the Pill weighs just 10.8 ounces, it feels so premium and sturdy when you hold it in your hand. It is also small enough to fit in any bag or even your pocket, therefore, the speaker could be carried with you anytime.

The front of the cylindrical speaker is mostly the metal grille and Beats logo, we can see through the grille and there are four speakers inside.

In the middle, there is a soft-touch band with volume rockers, Beats button, NFC tag and power button. The Beats button will light up when the power is on, we can also use the button as Play/Pause, Answer/Ignore Calls and Bluetooth pairing button.

Audio Quality

I expected a lot in the sound quality of the Beats Pill because it is advertised to deliver soaring high and deep bass. However, it met just around 80% of my expectation.

The sound from the 12-watt speaker is so crispy, clear, detailed and loud. However, there is still distortion and crackling sound when I turn the volume up to maximum, it is easy to recognize when I play some heavy-bass tracks.

The only thing I am not satisfied is the lack of bass. I don’t say it can’t reproduce bass, it is just not strong enough to make me jaw dropping. However, this is understandable because the speaker is so small. In fact, the bass is still much better than most other portable speakers I tried. To improve the bass problem, you can place the Pill close to the wall or corners.

Check out the sound of the Beats Pill in the video below. The video can’t reproduce accurately because it was recorded through a camera’s microphone, but you have the idea.

Other Features

As the Pill speaker has both In and Out port, you can use the audio cable to connect it to non-Bluetooth devices and the output to use it as a Bluetooth receiver. This is an interesting feature because the speaker can work as a wireless receiver, you can stream music from your mobile device to your home theater system.

This speaker is NFC compatible, and it worked seamlessly in my test. I just tapped my smartphone to the connection is automatically established, I don’t have to turn on Bluetooth on both devices and search for the speaker anymore.

The last feature I tested is the speakerphone and I had no problem with it. There is latency sometimes but it is acceptable.

The Bluetooth range seems great as I tried to block the transmission in many ways and there was no interruption at all. This is so important because I had the Bluetooth issue with the AUVIO speaker.

Battery life of the speaker is good enough to be used in over 6 hours and charging takes around 2 hours.

Pros and Cons


  • Awesome design.
  • Full of accessories.
  • NFC compatible.
  • Good audio quality.
  • Impressive Bluetooth range.


  • No buttons to change tracks.
  • No voice command.
  • Distortion at high volume.
  • Sound is too thin, lack of bass.
  • High price

Disclosure: We might earn commission from qualifying purchases. The commission help keep the rest of my content free, so thank you!

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