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12V 7Ah Rechargeable Batteries | AGM, SLA, Lithium

12V 7Ah Rechargeable Batteries | AGM, SLA, Lithium | Remy Battery

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The 12 Volt 7 Ah battery has become one of the most popular batteries of it’s kind. Commonly referred to as SLA (Sealed Lead Acid), AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) or VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) – they’re all one in the same. From powering fish locators to battery back-up systems for servers the 12 volt 7 ah battery has carved its place in the battery world for a very long time to come. With advances in technology the 12 volt 7 ah battery can now be found in the extremely safe lithium chemistry, LiFePO4.

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Popular applications for the 12 volt 7 ah battery include: fish finders/locators, lights and electronics on small watercraft like canoes and kayaks. They are also found in other sportsman and recreational electronics such as game feeders, decoys and predator calls. They are the most commonly found battery in computer back-up systems and uninterruptible power supplies. Because of their demand and desire to last longer they are also available in 8 Amp Hour and a slightly larger 9 Amp Hour.

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Battery Universe 12 v 7ah Replacement Sealed Lead Acid 12V 7000mAh Sealed Lead Acid

Sealed Lead Acid » Battery Universe » 12 v 7ah » Battery Universe 12 v 7ah Replacement Sealed Lead Acid

$16.45 Each


Volts: 12 V
Capacity: 7000 mAh
Chemistry: Sealed Lead Acid
Length: 5. 95 in
Width: 2.5 in
Height: 3.7 in
Weight: 5.1 lbs

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Battery Universe 12 V 7ah replacement sealed lead acid battery is designed to meet or exceed the original Battery Universe 12 V 7ah in quality, durability, and performance. Comes with a one year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We carry nearly all accessories for the Battery Universe 12 v 7ah. If you are looking for a battery or electronic accessory and can’t find it,
please feel free to contact us.

Aftermarket replacement sealed lead acid battery replaces
Battery Universe 12 v 7ah battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do sealed lead acid batteries last?

Sealed lead acid batteries are used in tens of thousands of devices. I couldn’t answer the question for every device. However, I can answer it in general terms. It all comes down to energy output and design life. Most electronic devices use a battery as a backup device. That is, it is only there for when the power goes out. In that circumstance, the batteries are rarely used, so you should expect 3-5 years of life out of it. For example, your home alarm system has a battery in it to keep your alarm working when the power is out. Out of 365 days, your power is probably out maybe two days a year. So the battery is only being used those two days. The rest of the time its being trickle charged. Because charging a battery causes heat, after years of exposure to steady currents of electricity, the battery will have simply “dried up”. Its electrolyte will have evaporated off leaving the battery unable to receive a charge or store the energy. In the case of a device that’s main supply of power is batteries, the batteries will wear out much faster. If you are using the battery on a daily basis, it will probably only last a year at the most. Sealed lead acid batteries can only be charged and discharged 300 times at the most, unless you have a pure lead battery with a high input/output rating. Enersys makes some Cyclon batteries that will last longer.

What is “reverse polarity”?

Reverse polarity is when the positive and negative contacts on a battery or device are reversed.

What do I do with my old batteries?

You can dispose of any batteries at any RBRC affiliated store. The RBRC (Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation) has members in every major city in the United States. There is no charge to drop your batteries off there. Home Depot and Radio Shack are two of its predominant members.

How can I use my UPS account number on your website?

Call us and we can put your UPS account number right in the order.

Where can I buy a Sealed Lead Acid Battery for my Battery Universe 12 v 7ah?

Battery Universe carries batteries and accessories for most consumer electronics, including the Battery Universe 12 v 7ah. You can buy it right here on our website, or call us and we would be happy to take your order over the phone. Please visit us for all of your electronic needs.

Battery 12v 7ah, (12v 7ah). In stock. Selection and review of models.

The question arises – which one to buy? We give below inf. To help you, our website has specially created thematic pages and if you are looking for a battery for specific purposes, you can see more complete information and choose the most optimal 7ah battery model:

Today, in real stock in our store Vavilov 9A, 12 models of batteries you are interested in 7-7.2Ah and 9models to order, which can be brought from a wholesale warehouse within 1-3 days. The cost of batteries is indicated when buying from 1 to 10 pcs, over 10 pcs there are wholesale prices that you can find in the product card.
All presented batteries for 12v 7ah have a size of 151x65x94 mm , are made according to AGM technology and belong to the class of lead-acid batteries without liquid electrolyte.

  • Batteries for fire alarms.
  • Batteries for children’s electric cars for 7h.
  • Batteries for echo sounders.
  • Starter batteries 7 Ah for motorcycles and generators.

Low cost battery models 7-7.2ah 12v:

Low cost models are not designed for UPS use! by the manufacturers themselves, the main application is OPS (security fire alarms) and portable equipment, i.e. inexpensive models are applicable in cases of “very” rare use by small discharge currents. Structurally, they have terminal F1 (4.8mm).
When measuring the value of the capacity of a budget class of batteries, one should not expect the declared capacity to correspond to the real one, the capacity depends on the current, and since. these batteries are designed for low currents, then during the capacity test they show 20-30% less. This should be taken into account when choosing!

Security Force Alarm Force General Security Delta General Security Optimus







949 ₽

898 ₽

1 205 ₽

1 347 ₽

1 265 ₽

849 ₽

Security Force SF 1207 is now in your shopping cart

FB 7. 2-12 Alfa (Alarm Force) +A-LFA is now in your shopping cart

General Security GS 7.2-12 is now in your shopping cart

Delta DT 1207 is now in your shopping cart

General Security GSL 7. 2-12 is now in your shopping cart

BattBee BT 1207 now in your shopping cart

Attention ! The cost of batteries 12 volts 7 a.h. is indicated when buying at retail. For WHOLESALE buyers the price is indicated in the corresponding columns in the product card!

Main battery models 12v 7-7.2ah for UPS use:

Difference between terminals F1 and F2. Be sure to specify the type of terminal when choosing a replacement battery. F1 is a narrow 4.8mm wide terminal and F2 is 6.3mm wide. If your device uses batteries with a narrow terminal, then it is impossible to put a battery with a wide terminal there, without working with a file or using special adapters F2-F1. On the contrary, you can!

WBR Leoch Leoch CSB CSB BB Battery Fiamm Vision Yuasa








On request

On request

1 491 ₽


1 596 ₽

1 482 ₽

2 463 ₽


2 843 ₽

2 510 ₽

2 860 ₽

1 673 ₽

Price on request

WBR GP 1272 28W F2 is now in your shopping cart

Leoch DJW12-7. 2 is now in your shopping cart

Leoch DJW12-7.0 is now in your shopping cart

CSB GP 1272 F2 (28w) is now in your shopping cart

CSB GP 1272 F2 is now in your shopping cart

BB Battery BC 7. 2-12 is now in your shopping cart

Fiamm FG 20721 is now in your shopping cart

Vision CP 1270 is now in your shopping cart

YUASA NP7-12 is now in your shopping cart

battery models 12v 7ah high efficiency for high power UPS:

Difference between 5 year old and 10 year old batteries. The technical description of the batteries indicates the service life in exactly buffer mode . Buffer mode is the mode of operation of the battery, which is on a constant charge. This mode is used, for example, in a UPS or in security-fire alarms. More anti-corrosion additives are added to long-life batteries and the thickness of the plates is technologically increased. A 10-year battery is therefore heavier and more expensive. The second mode is cyclic. This is when the battery was charged, discharged to the load, and then charged again. For example, such a mode of operation of the battery as part of electric vehicles. Therefore, it makes no sense to choose a battery with a service life of 10 years for use in a cyclic mode, the battery will last no more than 260 charge-discharge cycles.

UPS-series, this is a special series of batteries (even more powerful than HR) designed for short discharges with high currents. It is used in UPS where the size is limited, but it is necessary to provide more power (as a rule for 19″ RM racks)



Delta CSB CSB Fiamm BB Battery


In stock

On request





2 166 ₽

2 215 ₽

2 628 ₽

2 786 ₽

3 207 ₽

4 018 ₽

3 338 ₽

Delta HR 12-7. 2 is now in your shopping cart

CSB UPS 12360 7 F2 is now in your shopping cart

Delta HR 12-28W is now in your shopping cart

Delta HRL 12-7. 2 X is now in your shopping cart

CSB GPL 1272 is now in your shopping cart

Fiamm 12FGHL28 is now in your shopping cart

BB Battery BPS7-12 is now in your shopping cart

Battery size:

The dimensions of the batteries are strictly unified for the purpose of interchangeability:

L (Long) = 151mm, W (Width) = 65mm, H (Height) = 94 mm

Height including terminal = 100 mm +/- 1 mm.

Available with two types of terminals F1 (narrow, used in OPS) or F2 (wide, used in UPS).
In case of mismatch between the terminals and the battery, you can use special adapters F1-F2 or F2-F1.

Today, rechargeable batteries of nominal value 12 volts 7 Ah 9 are supplied to Russia0004 about 12 manufacturers (brands), each of which represents 1-4 battery models that meet these parameters.

Selection help:

We have prepared information for you on alternative battery replacements for the UPS. For convenience, it is grouped by the brands of the most widely used UPSs.

  • When replacing it is important: you can not use different batteries in one UPS, if you change – that’s it! It is undesirable to change the HR series to the GP series – the voltage drop at load in the second case is greater, and the UPS inverter may not have enough battery pack voltage to convert to 220 volts, or its power will decrease.
  • 10 years in the UPS – is it real or not? Yes, it is real, but in a UPS with temperature compensation of the battery charging current, in a UPS with precise adjustable chargers, and with forced ventilation of the battery pack. It makes no sense to put 10 year old batteries in simple household UPSs. Do an experiment: put your hand on the case of a working UPS (only if it is grounded) check the temperature of the case – if the case is warm at room temperature, then the battery is even warmer than the case and is at a temperature above 36.6 degrees – and this reduces the life services twice!
  • Difference between 7Ah and 7.2Ah batteries. Please note that 0.2 Ah does not play a role either in the UPS or in other devices. 6 years ago, only 7 Ah batteries were produced, now the technologies have changed and it has become possible to place lead and electrolyte in the same size (case), allowing you to give the user a large capacity (up to 9 Ah) without increasing the size. Therefore, if a battery with a capacity of 7 Ah was installed in your device, then feel free to change it to 7.2 Ah. Batteries are produced with capacities of 7Ah, 7.2Ah, 7.8Ah, 8.5Ah, 9Ah . Most UPSs are loyal to the installation instead of the standard 7ah – a larger capacity battery.
  • Difference between “general purpose” GP and “high performance” batteries. As the name implies, the first type of battery works well in buffer mode, and the second in cyclic mode. However, at critical posts of energy protection, it is customary to use batteries with increased energy efficiency for operation in the buffer mode. The depth of permissible discharge for the latter is greater, therefore, as a result, the uninterruptible power supply will work longer on such batteries.
  • TOTAL: Batteries 12v 7ah have the same size, but structurally differ in capacity, service life, technology, terminals.

The fundamental difference between batteries of the same capacity, life and technology lies in their WEIGHT, the quality of the lead, the chemical composition of the electrolyte, the quality of the case material, and undoubtedly the date of manufacture of a particular batch of batteries

Battery WEIGHT is an indicator of its quality, since lead is the most expensive material in the entire battery. Therefore, indirectly by this parameter, you can choose the battery. It is impossible to understand the quality of other battery components without laboratory tests.

Production date is usually printed on the battery case and encrypted along with the batch number and factory number (for some). The freshest battery is 5-10 months old. T.K. almost all batteries are shipped by sea and then by rail. Travel time and downtime at customs is usually at least 3-4 months.

TOTAL: When choosing a 12v 7ah battery, pay attention to the WEIGHT and production date.

Difference between manufacturers. Battery manufacturers are strictly divided into two categories, the first – the manufacturer has its own factories in different countries and the second – the manufacturer places orders for the production of its products at different factories that do not belong to it. Thus, it turns out that quality control and parameter stability between batches is higher for the first category of the manufacturer, and the price is lower for the second. This does not mean that you can buy batteries only from famous brands, manufacturers from the second category often produce products that are superior in technical characteristics to similar products of the first ones in order to stand out and conquer the sales market.

TOTAL: If you need reliability and stability – choose time-tested brands, if advanced technical capabilities or price – consider the latter.

Note : High performance batteries use only F2 terminals . Because at significant currents, a large contact area is required.

Battery-7 – Battery 12V

Battery with a capacity of 7 Ah and voltage of 12 V is designed for backup power supply of alarms, security systems and access control systems. Designed for maximum current up to a load of up to 2 A.


Battery 12 V 7 Ah for security systems is suitable for installation in most popular uninterruptible power supplies BBP, for which the rated load current is up to 2 A. List of models of compatible sources:

  • Bastion SKAT-1200 all versions with current up to 2 A,
  • BBP 20 (all models), BBP 30 (limited if current is less than 2 A),

In charging mode, the voltage at the battery terminals of battery 7 is 14.5-14.9V, in the “reserve” mode – 13.6-13.8 V, but depends on the degree of battery charge.

Hours of battery life 7 Ah

The duration of battery life of consumers connected to the battery depends on three factors:

  • consumer power,
  • operating temperature.

To determine the time in standby mode, it is convenient to use this graph, compiled for a room temperature of 25°C.

Use it like this. We select a curve with a close total current for all connected consumers. For example, 0.350 A = 350 mA. Judging by the graph, it can be expected that the voltage at the battery terminals will be at least 12 V for at least 1.5 hours. Lowering the temperature reduces the time. There are also convenient online battery capacity calculators on the Internet.

Technical data

  • Version: lead-acid, maintenance-free
  • Purpose: installation in uninterruptible power supplies BBP-20, SKAT-1200 and analogues with a rated current of 2 A
  • Terminal width, mm: 4.8, standard Faston F1
  • Voltage, V: when charging – 14.5-14.9, in reserve – 13.6-13.8
  • Capacity, Ah: 7
  • Dimensions, mm: 151×65×100
  • Weight, kg: 1.6

Rusanov Yuri

AKB-7 is a battery for 7 ampere hours.
Black box with two electrical outlets. Inside the lead plates in a solution of sulfuric acid. The voltage on the contacts is 12V. A capacity of 7 Ah means that with a load of 1 ampere, the battery will be discharged to 10 volts for 7 hours.
We did not measure the maximum battery current, but they are successfully used in uninterruptible units with a power of up to 5A.
The battery is universal and suitable for a large list of uninterruptible units.