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Best Overall: GE® 2.4 Cu. Ft. White on White Front Load Washer/Condenser Dryer Combo (GFQ14ESSNWW)

Best Compact: Speed Queen® Laundry Pair-White (SPQUDR3000WE)

Best Washer/Dryer Combo: LG 2.3 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Compact All-In-One Washer/Dryer Combo (WM3488HW)

Best Stackable Laundry: LG 4.5 Cu. Ft. Washer, 7.4 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer Graphite Steel Front Load Stack Laundry (WKE100HVA)

Best Laundry Center: GE® Unitized Spacemaker® 3.8 Cu. Ft. Washer and 5.9 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer-White On White (GUD27ESSMWW)

Although we try to avoid it, overflowing laundry baskets are a common occurrence in every home. For some, having a laundry room or even extra closet space means these troublesome piles of laundry can be put on the backburner. But for those who live in small quarters where every inch of space is valuable, taking care of idle dirty laundry is more of a priority. While installing a washer and dryer is the obvious solution, it’s not the easiest when you’re working with limited room.

Luckily, there are great alternatives for shoppers looking to add laundry appliances to their compact living arrangement. In this article, we’ll go over two space-saving laundry solutions (plus a bonus), along with their considerations, the pros and cons, and our personal recommendations for the best washer and dryer for apartments.

Stackable Washers and Dryers

Reclaim the space in your laundry room, pantry, or closet with the compact footprint of a stacked washer and dryer. Available in two configurations — either as a top load washer and dryer center or a stackable front load washer and dryer pair — this appliance solution is one of the best ways to maximize space in small homes, such as urban living situations and apartments.

How much space do stacked washers and dryers save? On average, these upright washer and dryer pairs run between 24-28 inches wide and tap out at around 34 inches deep. But by using a vertical design, you can essentially fit two appliances in a single area. Keep in mind, though, enough overhead room is required. Depending on the models and brand, the height of a stacked washer and dryer pair can range anywhere from 67-80 inches, on average.

Pros to Stacked Laundry Appliances:

☑ More floorspace means room for laundry essentials or even another appliance, like a drying cabinet.

☑ Thanks to a vertical design, washer dryer stacks require less bending, resulting in a more ergonomic user experience.

☑ Stackable front load washer and dryer sets can often be separated in case you want a more traditional layout.

Cons to Stacked Laundry Appliances:

✗ With most models measuring well over 60 inches (five feet) tall, dryer controls located at the top of the unit might not be accessible to every user.

✗ All in all, washer and dryer centers tend to come with less features than standard washers and dryers, though there are models that are comparable at a higher price point.

✗ Traditional stacked washer and dryer units are relatively affordable, starting around $1,450, or around $750 per unit. However, the jump is more considerable when it comes to stackable front load washer and dryer pairs with a starting price of around $2,000.

Washer/Dryer Combo

Did you know you can actually wash and dry a full load of laundry all in a single appliance? While not as popular as full-size washers and dryers, combination washer dryers are capable of doing an entire load of laundry from wash to dry, making them a smart choice for small living spaces. If prefer the experience of a top load washer and dryer pair, though, you might want to make this an alternative since washer/dryer combos are only available as front loaders.


☑ On top of an already small profile, ventless combination washer dryers can help save even more floorspace by eliminating the need for a dryer duct.

☑ Trusted laundry appliance names such as LG, GE, Whirlpool, and more manufacture washer dryer combos.

☑ In a washer dryer combo, you can wash and dry, or run each function independently.


✗ Wash and dry times can be significantly longer.

✗ Long washes can lead to greater energy and water usage.

✗ On ventless washer/dryer combos, the condenser dryer system can be expensive to repair. 

✗ Unlike standard washers, combo washer dryers can only be run at half capacity in order for drying to be fully effective.

Portable Washers

If both budget and space are limited, a portable washing machine might be a handy solution. While apartment-size washers certainly provide far less washing capacity than full-size models, their major advantage is a small profile that fits easily into a closet, under a cabinet, or neatly tucked away in a corner. Portable washers work by plugging into a faucet — whenever a load is done washing, simply disconnect the hose and the unit is ready to be stored away.

However, this space-saving appliance comes with a major caveat: You’ll still have to buy a dryer in order to do a complete load of laundry, and that will require more space. Unless you’re ready and able to line-dry clothes, consider this a last-case-scenario option.

Our Top Picks

For those who need laundry equipment for a small space, there are many options. These are a few of our favorites.

Best Overall: GE® 2.4 Cu. Ft. White on White Front Load Washer/Condenser Dryer Combo (GFQ14ESSNWW)

Say hello to all the extra room this GE ventless washer/dryer combo will create in your home. With the flexibility to install in a closet or beneath a counter, this combination washer dryer with 2.4 cubic feet of washer and dryer capacity turns any space with a 120-volt outlet into a full laundry setup. While modest on floorspace, this washer-dryer is loaded with features including five soil selections, wash temperatures, and spin speeds, and even a steam wash option.

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Best Compact: Speed Queen® Laundry Pair-White

While we can’t recommend this pair for every home, if you happen to have a little more wiggle room, this Speed Queen washer and dryer pair is a worthy investment. With a build slightly smaller than standard dimensions, this top load washer and dryer duo is able to squeeze into more spaces than full-size laundry counterparts. Along with the washer’s 3.2 cubic feet of loading capacity, Full Tub Wash and Rinse, plus Speed Queen’s Perfect Wash system deliver the performance and room to wash bulky loads efficiently. And with the electric dryer’s drum featuring 7 cubic feet of capacity, you can dry large loads of laundry quickly and properly.

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Best Washer/Dryer Combo: LG 2.3 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Compact All-In-One Washer/Dryer Combo

Some of LG’s best washer features can be found in this all-in-one washer and dryer, including 6Motion Technology that uses a series of wash actions for superior fabric care. Whether you’re living solo or with a plus-one, the 2.3 cubic feet of capacity on this best small washer and dryer combo provides sufficient space for a two-person household. On top of a limited 10-year warranty, the Direct Drive Motor on this LG compact all-in-one washer also uses a True Balance Anti-vibration system that runs quieter than belt motors, making it suitable for upstairs installation.

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Best Stackable Laundry: LG 4.5 Cu. Ft. Washer, 7.4 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer Graphite Steel Front Load Stack Laundry

Wash more and compromise less with the space-saving design of this LG WashTower featuring a 4.5 cubic-foot washer and 7.4 cubic-foot dryer. But the ultra-capacity on this single-unit washer and dryer is just the beginning. This duo also comes packed with some of the best wash and dry features on the market, including AI Fabric Sensors that optimize washes based on clothing type and Smart Pairing that automatically customizes a dryer cycle based on the wash. Enjoy protection for you and your favorite garments with the Allergiene Wash Cycle that eliminates up to 99 percent of bacteria and 95 percent of allergens, plus Sensor Dry technology that defends clothes from over-drying.

Always tech-forward, this smart stacked washer and dryer also comes complete with LG’s ThinQ Technology diagnosis and an easy-to-use center control panel that makes it easier than ever to operate the washer and dryer functions.

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Best Laundry Center: GE® Unitized Spacemaker® 3.8 Cu. Ft. Washer and 5.9 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer-White On White

With a 4.4 star rating from over 4,000 reviewers, this stacked washer and dryer center from GE proves that simplicity doesn’t have to be ineffective. Going from the top load washer to the dryer in one step is simple, and the intuitive controls conveniently located at the center of the unit mean you don’t have to stretch to operate the dryer. On top of a spacious 3.8 cubic-foot washer and 5.9 cubic-foot dryer, this pair also provides 11 wash cycles, six water temperatures, four water levels, and auto-load sensing to ensure every load receives the proper wash and rinse.

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Before You Buy

➤ Can I put a washer and dryer in my apartment without hookups?

In most cases, it is challenging to install a washer and dryer in an apartment without existing hookups. Traditional washers require a water supply for both hot and cold water, a drain for wastewater, and electrical connections. Dryers also need a ventilation system to expel moist air.

However, there are a few alternatives you can consider if your apartment doesn’t have these hookups:

  1. Portable Washer and Dryer: Portable washers are compact units that do not require permanent installation. They typically have smaller capacities and connect to a standard sink faucet for water supply and drain into a sink or bathtub. Some portable washers also come with a built-in dryer function or can be paired with a ventless dryer unit.

  2. Washer-Only Compact Unit: If you don’t need a dryer, you may consider a compact washer unit. These are designed to wash clothes but do not have built-in drying capabilities. They usually require a water supply and drain but may not need a ventilation system.

  3. Laundry Service or Laundromat: Another option is to utilize a local laundromat or laundry service. This allows you to have your laundry done without the need for a washer and dryer in your apartment.

  4. Seek Permission for Installation: If you’re determined to have a washer and dryer in your apartment, you can inquire with your landlord or property management about the possibility of installing hookups. Some apartments may have shared laundry facilities in the building that you could access.

It’s crucial to consult with your landlord or property management before making any modifications or installing appliances in your apartment. They can provide guidance on the apartment’s infrastructure, any restrictions or regulations, and what options may be available to you.

FAQ: Apartment Size Washer and Dryers

Q: What is an apartment-sized washer and dryer?
A: An apartment-sized washer and dryer refer to compact laundry appliances specifically designed to fit into smaller living spaces, such as apartments, condos, or small homes.

Q: What are the dimensions of apartment-sized washers and dryers?
A: The dimensions of apartment-sized washers and dryers can vary, but typically, they have a width of 23 to 27 inches, a height of 33 to 36 inches, and a depth of 22 to 28 inches.

Q: Can apartment-sized washers and dryers handle the same laundry load as standard-sized units?
A: Apartment-sized washers and dryers have smaller capacities compared to standard-sized units. They are generally designed to handle smaller laundry loads, typically ranging from 2.0 to 4.0 cubic feet.

Q: Are apartment-sized washers and dryers as effective as standard-sized units?
A: While apartment-sized washers and dryers may have slightly smaller capacities, they are designed to provide efficient cleaning and drying performance for smaller loads. They offer similar functionality and features as standard-sized units.

Q: Can apartment-sized washers and dryers be stacked?
A: Yes, many apartment-sized washers and dryers are stackable, allowing you to save space by placing the dryer on top of the washer. However, not all models are stackable, so it’s important to check the specifications or product descriptions to ensure compatibility.

Q: Do apartment-sized washers and dryers require any special installation?
A: Apartment-sized washers and dryers generally require a standard electrical outlet and access to a water source and drain. Some units may also need a ventilation system for the dryer. It’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or consult a professional for proper installation.

Q: Can apartment-sized washers and dryers be used without a dedicated laundry room?
A: Yes, apartment-sized washers and dryers are designed to be versatile and can be installed in various locations, including small laundry closets, kitchen areas, or even bathroom spaces, depending on the plumbing and electrical requirements.

Q: Are apartment-sized washers and dryers energy-efficient?
A: Many apartment-sized washers and dryers are designed with energy-saving features. Look for units with Energy Star certification, which indicates higher energy efficiency and reduced water consumption.

Q: Can apartment-sized washers and dryers accommodate different types of laundry, such as delicates or bulky items?
A: Yes, apartment-sized washers and dryers often offer different wash cycles and dryer settings to handle various types of laundry, including delicates, bulky items, or specific fabric care requirements. Check the product specifications or user manual for available options.

Q: Are apartment-sized washers and dryers noisy?
A: Most modern apartment-sized washers and dryers are designed to operate quietly, with noise reduction features to minimize disruptions. However, the noise level can vary between models, so it’s advisable to read customer reviews or inquire about noise levels before purchasing.

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Best portable dryer for apartment: Our recommended options (reviews)

As an Amazon affiliate, we earn a commision from qualifying purchases.

If you’re an apartment dweller or you will soon move into an apartment, you may want to invest in the best portable dryer for apartment (you know, one that dries clothes very well).

Of course, hang drying clothes in a drying rack can take forever – and your time is definitely worth money.

Also, air-drying clothing can make some clothes become a bit stiff.

And so below we review our top 3 portable clothes dryer for apartments to point you in the right direction as you shop for the best portable dryer for apartment.


Best portable dryer for apartment:  Check these apartment clothes dryers out

Here are the apartment clothes dryer we love most:

For small apartments, COSTWAY110V Electric Portable Dryer is one of the best- You can dry nearly all your clothes!

You just plug it in and voila! wait for it to work its magic- it’s really amazing and works pretty much like a full-sized dryer despite it being way smaller in size.

And yes, it fits a good amount- you can even throw a small to medium size blanket in there (obviously, you can’t dry thicker blankets in these little things).

Sheets, also yes (and even large towels) though full size comforters are simply too bulky.

And it’s silent (you could even sleep).

And it’s lightweight too- which makes it easy peasy to move around every time.

You will be perfectly happy with it and you can pair it with the popular Comfee 1.6 CU. Ft portable washer for small apartments (the combo works like a dream).

The manufacturer says it doesn’t have to be vented outside but you can buy this indoor vent to go with it (just for your peace of mind).


Weight: 37.3lbs

Size: 19” (wide) x 15” (deep) x 22.5” (high)

Power rating: 850W

Capacity: 10 lbs

Material Type: Stainless steel

Customizable: Set different time length or drying modes depending on what you’re drying.


  • Works perfectly for tiny apartments.
  • Easy to move around and connect.
  • Quiet!


  • Not big enough to dry big comforters/blankets




This is another good apartment dryer -It fits nicely in a small apartment /studio and works just fine

It is a durable dryer and efficient (it dries really good).

Items like adult male jeans (it fits 3 perfectly) and king size sheets will fit and be dried superbly (no damp spots are left).

In a nutshell, Panda portable dryer dries like a champ as long as you put small loads of clothing such as shirts, socks, underwear, hand towels, etc.

In addition, you can dry out even some heavy-weight clothing like heavy sweatshirts, towels (but not so thick), a bathrobe, and a few other heavy garments/clothes.

But beware that it gets super hot if you set it on 180 – note that you typically have to begin the cycle twice (at 180) and this is where you need to have it if you’re trying heavier items.

Also, don’t forget to thoroughly clean the filter (after every use) because this mini portable dryer gets quite dirty fast. .


Optimal Capacity:  5.5 pounds

Voltage: 110V/60Hz

Rated Input: 850W Tumble 

Drying Programs: Hot(120-200mins), Cool(0-20mins), Air Dry(0-80mins), Warm(20-120mins) 

Material: Stainless Steel 

Heat: High, Low (High always recommended)

Automatic shut-off: Yes

Product Weight: About 40lbs

Product Dimensions(WxDxH): 21x17x26 Inches (when assembled)

Includes: Wall mounting kit, exhausted venting pipe(to vent it to outside). You can again purchase the indoor venting kit for the dryer.


  • Pretty fast drying!
  • Very energy efficient (You will barely notice a difference in your energy bill).
  • It’s fairly quiet. 


  • Like any other portable electric clothes dryer, it performs best with small loads (2 to 3 T-shirts, a few pairs of underwear, 1 – 2 pairs of pants)




BLACK+DECKER has built this cool portable dryer for apartments and other small spaces and it’s our final recommendation.

It dries almost as quickly as a standard full-sized dryer though it won’t handle as many items at once.

It is also fantastically quiet (for a smaller dryer) and you can easily clean the filter (you should do it after every load). 

It is super easy to setup (no technical expertise needed) and works beautifully once it is up and running.

It doesn’t put out too much lint (beyond the filter) to cause temperature or humidity issues when vented inside.

That said, it tends to work a lot better when vented outside – use the exhaust connector to vent it appropriately.

Bottom-line? If you are still on the fence about the best portable dryer for apartment, just buy it (you can’t go wrong with such a brilliant unit)

Oh, and if you’re living in a studio, this combined with black and decker’s compact portable washer can be a godsend (and they won’t take up a lot of space)


Size: 23.6”x17.1”x27.5”(WxDxH)

Item Weight: 48. 40 lbs (once assembled)

Recommended load volume/capacity: 8-4/5 lbs.

Inside capacity: 2.65 cu. ft.

Drying modes: 4 different modes including Cool, Warm, Air Dry, and Hot (with 1,400 Watts of drying power)

Overheat protection: Yes

Leveling legs: Yes (adjustable)

Sensor Dry function: Yes (automatically measures moisture of loaded clothes and adjusts the heat accordingly for more efficient drying).

Eco-mode: Yes (perfect for any eco-aware homeowner or anyone who’s looking to save on their power bills).

Includes: Front-loading transparent lid, stainless steel drum, 4 in. vent hose (and exhaust connector), lint plus exhaust filters


  • Runs very quiet.
  • Dries well with optimal loads (dries really fast).
  • Option to set it on different modes.


  • The cord is not super long so you need to have it close to an outlet.




Final words about portable dryer for apartments without hookups

Overall, the above portable dryers take much longer than full sized dryers to dry clothes properly but they’re way faster than hanging your stuff to dry so keep that in mind.

Another thing we need to emphasize is venting it properly…..

Now, if you have serious concerns about humidity, always buy an indoor venting kit to go with it- it helps collect the moisture and can be very useful especially if you have purchased a cheap portable dryer on Craiglist (or another used items marketplace).

Reminder: Here is the venting kit we always recommend.


Dryer not venting outside? Here is what to do

Indoor dryer vent pros and cons (must read!)

Common electric dryer problems [causes and fixes]


Floor dryer, sliding: photo, models

Not everyone is as lucky as the residents of private houses who easily solve the problems associated with drying washed clothes. They simply hang laundry in the yard or use the veranda for this purpose. Dust, dirt, soot are not afraid of him. But the owners of premises in an apartment building have to get out based on living conditions. The output for them is floor and sliding clothes dryers , which will take up little space in a small room.

If you rewind time, there was no problem with choosing a dryer, as tenants in apartment buildings used clotheslines or installed dryers. But today the concept of “courtyard” is becoming a thing of the past. After all, it is not always possible to install even a small playground for children among residential buildings, what can we say about laundry devices?


  • Where to install the dryer?
  • Modern models, which one to choose?
  • What material is used to make dryers?
  • Afterword or which design is suitable for an apartment?
  • 41 photos of floor dryers for a small apartment:

Where to install the dryer?

Although having the opportunity to install such a device, no one will guarantee that the laundry will not have to be washed again. Dust and gas pollution, dirt and soot – this is what remains on clothes dried in the yard of apartment buildings!
A functional place in the entire living room for drying freshly washed clothes is considered a loggia. The modern market for designs for drying clothes on a balcony or loggia offers a huge variety. And every day there are more such devices, as new modifications are offered.

However, in this case there are also disadvantages – small-sized balconies do not provide an opportunity to install a full-fledged drying unit. But if you approach this wisely, then you can purchase a floor-mounted sliding device for a balcony, suitable not only in size and configuration, but also in style. After all, a modern approach to choosing any interior item for the home requires matching style and design.

Do not forget that the balcony is also used for storing various items and things that could not find a place in the residential area. Or it performs another important function – a smoking room or a pantry, a terrace where it is pleasant to drink a cup of refreshing coffee in the morning or aromatic soothing tea in the evening. A loggia or a balcony are the necessary premises where there may not be room for installing a drying structure.

The correct solution would be to install the sliding apparatus in the corner of the room, which allows you to attach the drying product. Such a place is a corridor or a hall. This is especially true for residents who do laundry on certain days of the week – then just install a sliding dryer for a day or two and your problem is solved!

True, if the family has small children, then the process of drying the washed clothes will be permanent – the floor sliding mechanism will become an indispensable accessory. But this device will take up a lot of space, and the kids will constantly try to overturn this product, which leads to unpleasant consequences.

But, the modern market for clothes dryers offers apartment residents to purchase a floor-mounted sliding building specially designed for the bathroom – this room is suitable for such purposes. And the bathroom itself is the cleanest room in the apartment, where children and pets will not be able to enter. And those configurations and models that are offered by shops and supermarkets make it possible to install the dryer in a free corner of the room.

Modern models, which one to choose?

Clothes dryers are divided into horizontal, vertical and sliding. Each of these models has its own advantages, but it is worth saying that they are roomy and practical, the main difference between clothes dryers is the folding system or the arrangement of tiers.

Horizontal models feature a work surface that is parallel to the floor, and the amount of laundry that the device can dry at the same time depends on the size of the device. For a huge family, the best choice is a floor dryer with several sections. For young families living in small apartments, a floor structure with one horizontal plane is enough.

Vertical floor units for those who want to save space in their apartment. Vertical devices take up less space when compared to horizontal counterparts and their appearance resembles a multi-tiered shelf.

But if you listen to the reviews of people who bought vertical floor structures, then it is inconvenient to dry curtains or sheets with duvet covers on such a mechanism. In this case, it is better to purchase horizontal fixtures.

But sliding models will not leave anyone indifferent, because with their help both width and length are regulated. And depending on the number of washed things, the size of the dryer increases or decreases.

As already mentioned, the modern dryer market provides us with a wide range of different shapes, configurations, materials of production, as well as design. It should immediately be said that there are wall, floor, ceiling structures, as well as street ones. But now we will consider floor linen systems.

Floor drying systems are the most versatile, because they are laid out in a free area of ​​the room.

There are stationary and sliding floor dryers, often they come with wheels, which makes them even more mobile in operation. Using a similar element, the structure folds up instantly and is sent to the pantry or other secluded place until it is reused.

The main bonus of such a device is that there are no additional fasteners. And by purchasing a multi-tiered sliding floor system, the residents of the apartment have the opportunity to dry different clothes and linen.

Need to dry your clothes quickly? Lay out the newly acquired structure, adjust the desired height and hang the laundry. You can install it on a balcony or loggia, corridor or living room or in the courtyard of a private house.

Each model is designed for a different weight. There are also such devices that can withstand at least 30 kilograms of only washed and wrung out laundry. Now there is no need to hang things all over the living space – almost everything that is washed can fit on the dryer.

When washing clothes by hand, it should be wrung out strongly, because drops of water flowing down the linen can lead to breakage of this design.

What material is used to make the dryers?

The advantages or disadvantages of various floor-mounted sliding structures for drying clothes lie precisely in the material of manufacture. For such structures, the following materials are used:

  • weightless and inexpensive clothes dryers are made of aluminum. Just keep in mind that they quickly oxidize when water gets on them, so you can’t count on a long service life;
  • stainless steel products are made of sufficient strength, but they will also cost more. Such material is often completed with aluminum strings. The main plus is that stainless steel does not oxidize;
  • dryers are made of steel, they are very attractive in their appearance, but you cannot call them durable. By purchasing steel structures coated with a polymer, it will still not work to achieve strength and durability;
  • plastic devices are robust, compact and ergonomic. The only negative is that the heavy weight of the laundry can lead to sagging of the device and over time, such a device loses its elasticity.

Afterword or which design is suitable for an apartment?

Buying one or another dryer, the tenants of the apartment get completely different results from using the device. When choosing a device for a balcony or a bathroom, consider the interior design of this room and the features of the mechanism – dimensions, designs, shape.

Now special clotheslines in the bathroom or on the loggia are no longer useful – just use the floor sliding system that is suitable in size. This system will be easy to use – just a couple of movements and it can be extended or folded. To store a sliding drying structure, you will need a minimum of space – it will fit in a narrow opening between the wall and furniture or will be stored on the mezzanine.
You need to choose the right model, taking into account the size of the frame and the presence of shelves at the bottom of the device.

Plus floor element – ready to work as intended immediately after purchase – drilling walls or fiddling with fastening and installation is not necessary.

When choosing a dryer for a house or apartment, consider some points, including:

  • model manufacturer. Do not use cheap Chinese fakes, it is better to overpay a little, but buy a device that meets high demands;
  • durability and quality. Test the product for durability. Good performance properties are guaranteed when using a durable material for manufacturing. Do not forget that the material from which this unit is made must be moisture resistant;
  • weight of washed clothes or linen. The packaging or instructions indicate what weight of laundry is suitable for this product
  • Remember, overloading the dryer reduces the life of the structure!

    Choosing the right drying system is easy! The main thing is to correctly measure the capabilities of the apartment and the dimensions with the dimensions of such a device.


    41 photos of floor dryers for a small apartment:

    Where and how to dry clothes in an apartment without a balcony: where to put a clothes dryer and a tumble dryer

    Drying clothes is a household moment , which rarely gets on glossy photos. And this is the last of the problems that apartment owners think about when renovating themselves.

    Designers pay quite a lot of attention to practical issues. They lay in the project, if not utility rooms (laundry rooms), then at least corners / fixtures with such a purpose. Drying laundry or interior aesthetics – how architects solve this problem in projects for their customers.

    Shelter Solutions LLC – ADU Specialist

    1. Tumble dryer
    Many people are annoyed by the sight of rows of laundry hanging out. It is clear that the easiest way to get rid of them is to start the dryer. But even here there can be problems with the place.

    • If there is no space on the floor next to the washing machine, we put it in the second row (for this you need to look for special devices that are integrated into the column).
    • If there is no room in the bathroom, we look for it in the rooms nearby (corridor or kitchen).

    Designer Marina Kunitsyna: “According to the norms, the size of a drying room can not exceed one square meter, which means that you can always find a place where to put a dryer: it can be a closet in the hallway, a small nook in the pantry or under the stairs, in the kitchen or above the washing machine with the doors closed.

    Emily Campbell

    This small utility unit, wherever it is located, can really be “out of sight”. In addition to ordinary doors, it can be closed with sliding doors (as in the project with a photo) or a partition. So household appliances will not be an eyesore to you at the time when they are not in use. This option is often used in cases where the too “modern” look of household appliances contrasts with the general style of the room.

    Interested in luxury repairs?
    Let’s select a performer according to your criteria

    Single | Odnushechka

    Photo idea: if a door or a sliding partition does not fit, a curtain can be an alternative. And technology does not spoil the interior

    John Hannah Architectural Design & Rendering

    Photo idea: closed space under the stairs not the most common place for household appliances . Yes, and it suits mainly owners of private houses and townhouses in . Still, take a closer look at this idea: perhaps in your apartment there is an unused corner where you can build in or just put a dryer

    What are the benefits of a tumble dryer and dryer cabinet


    2. Washer-dryer
    What if the places where to put the dryer are you still haven’t found it? Try replacing the washing machine with a model with a drying function – yes, there are limitations, and far from everything can be dried in such machines (t-shirts with a polymer pattern, for example, or tulle – you can’t). But still it is better than drying on a line or in the middle of the living room. Most often, this option is dismissed because the old washing machine works fine.

    3. Aesthetic floor dryer
    Try to find a folding dryer that you like and plan for it to be unfolded.

    Designer, decorator, artist Yevgenia Nemirovskaya: “An ordinary folding dryer comes to the rescue and the place provided for it, which, importantly, is considered at the project stage. In my opinion, nothing better has been invented for apartments in the absence of a balcony and a loggia.

    Architect and designer Anastasia Zvonareva: “Now you can buy a very aesthetic folding dryer made of wood. This option, of course, cannot be called a designer one, but it is a way out of a situation where there is no place for an automatic dryer and there is not even a balcony.

    Important: dryer must be collapsible and temporary. Don’t plan on a permanent, non-removable model!
    Designer Polina Ivanova: “I would not recommend using stationary dryers above the bathroom, because there is always a desire to hang something there. And this is very far from aesthetics.

    burlanes interiors

    Ekaterina Nesterenko

    Photo from ozon.ru

    ka, which is temporarily attached to the battery (search for on request “dryer for battery”).

    Architect Inna Sidamon-Eristavi: “A folding dryer with a battery mount allows you to dry your laundry in just a couple of hours during the heating season. At the same time, it temporarily creates a barrier to overdried air. Although capacity is not its main trump card, the drying speed compensates for this shortcoming. Drying is released literally during the next batch of washing.

    Tip: This battery mount will also help if you don’t know where to dry your laundry in winter, because it doesn’t dry on the balcony.

    Closets To Go

    5. « Smart » (mobile) structure
    Architect Svetlana Tikhonova: “I would advise installing a small pull-out clothes dryer in the bathroom or on the balcony. Now there are many “smart” models that are almost invisible when folded.”

    Such “dryers” are called “smart” not because they can be controlled by voice, read the pulse, or are developed with the involvement of NASA / Roscosmos technologies (although there are also options that include mechanisms of varying complexity). It’s about the ingenuity of the approach. We have collected some of the most interesting options for where and how to integrate clothes dryers.

    Rabaut Design Associates, Inc.

    A very popular type of dryers-transformers those that are built into furniture or attached to the wall. When folded, they do not take up space and do not catch the eye. The functional parts of such a dryer can merge with the furniture (as in the photo) or be contrasting and work as a decorative element

    Erika Bruder Interior Design LLC

    Photo idea: another kind of smart dryer is an accordion that unfolds if necessary

    Total Spaces Design

    Another example of a drawer dryer built into furniture. The capacity of this subspecies depends on the size of the cabinet

    Denise Biggins

    Idea from the photo: these dryers can have a variety of sizes and be used for different things. In this example, is a small dryer that is suitable for socks, small towels and other small things

    DryAway by Jilidoni Designs

    Designer Svetlana Gerasimova: “I plan for such things at the project stage. If there is no space, then in built-in wardrobes or dressing rooms we plan a place to store a folding dryer. At night it unfolds, and in the morning it is removed.

    Designer’s Tip: Designate a shelf in your closet or dressing room for dry but not ironed linen. As a rule, we do not have enough time to iron it right away, and a bunch of unironed clothes on chairs and sofas (and even just in a basin with a mountain) does not add coziness to the interior.

    BiglarKinyan Design Planning Inc.

    Idea from the photo: not only a folding dryer, but also other household appliances, such as an ironing board, can be built into the furniture

    thea home inc

    Photo idea: the ironing board can also be attached to the wall like a console, making it discreet or contrasting . In the latter case, it can become a bright accent spot in the interior

    Gabriel Holland Interior Design

    6. Ceiling system
    A special type of dryers – those that are located under the ceiling and therefore less likely to fall into the field of view. When necessary, they are lowered and loaded with things. Such systems can be lowered mechanically, or they can have a control panel, blowing functions, automatic shutdown, a timer, etc. A good way to dry things in an apartment without a balcony.

    Mary Mac Elree Interiors

    As you can see from the photo, in foreign projects such ceiling dryers are often placed not only in bathrooms and utility rooms, but also, for example, in the kitchen. The main thing is to observe safety precautions and not to try to dry laundry over gas

    ReTouch Design-Build-Renovate

    The following two photos are an example of the fact that even such prosaic things as clothes dryers in the interior are not necessary mask. You can do exactly the opposite. For example, in this room there is a bright yellow dryer « rhymes » with a door (as well as with the wall of the corridor behind it) and works as a color accent


    The idea with the photo is the answer to the question: n nice . The material from which this dryer is made echoes the elements of interior decoration and raw wood furniture just look at the board above the block with household appliances


    Instead of pins
    1. The dryer-appliance or dryer fixture must have its permanent place in the interior. Only then will they not argue with the design of the room as a whole.

    2. Dryer attachment must be foldable or withdrawable. Any non-retractable “rope” will inevitably become overgrown with things.

    3. Preferably cabinet options – pull-out with tray or folding. During the night, the linen dries, in the morning it is removed, and the drying folds into a closet.

    4. If you can’t hide the dryer, focus on it (choose aesthetically pleasing models, not from the nearest hardware store).

    5. Plan a place not only for the dryer itself, but also for a washbasin / drawer. There is not always time to immediately disassemble it immediately after drying.