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    ENERGY STAR Ask the Experts | Products

    If you are looking to replace the air conditioning or heating system in your home, you may want to consider an air-source heat pump. These products provide cool air in the summer, just like standard air conditioners, but also provide heat in the winter. But how exactly do they do both?  

    How Heat Pumps Work in the Summer 

    In the summer months, a heat pump works just like a standard air conditioner would. Standard air conditioners, use a refrigerant to absorb unwanted heat in your home and transfer it to the air outside. This happens by changing the pressure of the refrigerant fluid.  At low pressures, the refrigerant will easily absorb any heat available in the air and evaporate from a liquid to a gas. At high pressures, a gas refrigerant is higher energy than the outside air, so it passes heat to the surrounding air and the refrigerant condenses back to a liquid when it cools. By controlling the pressure of the refrigerant, an air conditioner can extract heat from your home, even on very hot days.  

    How Heat Pumps Work in the Winter 

    A heat pump uses this same cycle “run in reverse” in the winter to extract heat energy from the outside and transfer it into your home. Even when it’s really cold out, there is still some amount of heat energy in the air. Because the outdoor air has higher energy than the cold, low-pressure refrigerant, the refrigerant absorbs that heat and evaporates. Just like the air conditioning cycle, the gas refrigerant can be pressurized, which raises the temperature. When the refrigerant is piped back into your home, it is used to warm up the air inside, until the heat is extracted and it condenses back into a liquid, and the cycle continues. 

    How Does a Heat Pump Save Energy? 

    Because it moves heat from one place to another rather than generating it, a heat pump uses less energy to warm your home than a conventional electric or gas system. In fact, many of them are efficient enough to earn the ENERGY STAR label. If you are replacing a central air conditioning system, heat pumps can work with the existing ducting in your home or are available as mini-split, or “ductless,” units, if your home does not have ductwork.  

    Even if you aren’t replacing your existing heating system as you add air conditioning, a heat pump can provide cooling in the summer and more efficiently cover some of the heating load of your home. In the coldest days of winter, even a small system can offset the operating cost of your main heating system. When looking at upgrading or replacing your home heating and cooling system, ask your contractor about ENERGY STAR certified heat pumps. 

    Author: Abigail Daken, ENERGY STAR Certified Products

    Top 6 heating air conditioners from HolodService

    What do you associate the word “air conditioner” with? Surely, the first thing that comes to mind is: “summer”, “heat”, “coolness”, “freshness”, etc. But time does not stand still, which means that it is time to break stereotypes.


    • About the operation of split systems in winter
    • Benefits of air conditioning heating
    • Cooper & Hunter Vip Inverter Series
    • Cooper&Hunter Series ICY Inverter NG R32 (up to -30°C)
    • TOSOT LYRA Winter Inverter Series up to (-23°C)
    • Cooper&Hunter Arctic inverter NG
    • Cooper&Hunter Series Nordic Evo NG (R32)
    • Tosot Series NORTH Inverter PLUS R32
    • Conclusion

    More than 10 years ago, global manufacturers asked themselves the question: if the mechanics of the air conditioner allows you to cool the air, can it also work effectively “in the opposite direction”? And one fine day they gave an answer to their question: they created a completely new and improved air conditioner for heating! Such devices turned out to be so in demand that soon more and more manufacturers started the production of improved split systems at their enterprises, which operate in two modes: heating and cooling. Holod Service company has been in the field of air conditioning and ventilation since 2000. During this time, we have completed thousands of orders for the sale of air conditioners, installation of air conditioners, repair and maintenance of air conditioners in the Khmelnytsky region. Based on our many years of experience, we can share with you a time-tested and user-proven fact – in most cases, breakdown of split systems occurs for three reasons: incorrectly selected air conditioner, insufficiently professional installation, untimely maintenance. Therefore, in order for your air conditioner to work uninterrupted all year round in winter summer, cooperate only with qualified specialists who have a long work experience.

    How air conditioners work for heating in the cold season

    After you decide to buy an air conditioner, you probably begin to look at different brands and models (and often this happens even before the decision to purchase). And the first thing you pay attention to is the technical characteristics. In these indicators, different figures are presented, for example: the recommended operating temperature range of the air conditioner. Exceeding it, the air conditioner is out of the warranty area. But this is far from the biggest minus, because the following awaits you:

    • The promised heating capacity of the air conditioner is lost;
    • The compressor wears out in accelerated mode and eventually fails completely.

    And this happens as a result of the fact that the oil dissolved in the refrigerant effectively lubricates rubbing and moving parts only at temperatures announced by the manufacturer. In this article, we will tell you about air conditioners for heating, which are able to heat the room up to -30 ° C outside the window, as well as about their analogues.

    A conventional inverter air conditioner can operate at a minimum outdoor temperature of -15 ° C, but if you want something more, you need to select from options equipped with compressor and sump heating, air conditioners with large heat exchangers and automatic defrost modes, air conditioners with an electronic injection system refrigerant and modern compressors.

    Air conditioning heating – myth or reality?

    We understand that it is a little strange and unusual to think about warming up a room with an air conditioner, and even this phrase cuts the ear and consciousness. But if we analyze reality and discard all stereotypes, it becomes clear that heating with air conditioning is many times more profitable than in the usual ways. Judge for yourself:

    • It’s cheaper. The air conditioner produces 4 times more heat at the same power consumption, compared with an electric boiler;
    • This will keep your family safe. Unlike electric heaters, the split system is located in a place inaccessible to children and pets, which minimizes the possibility of damage;
    • It’s convenient. You can benefit from air conditioning winter summer throughout the year;
    • This is much faster. Air conditioners heat the room up to 25 sq. m in 5 minutes! And they don’t dry out the air.

    Of course, many do not understand how it works, and in general they are afraid of everything new, after all, we are talking about heating, and this is the safety of the whole house and those who live in it. But spending a little time on a more detailed study of this issue, you will gain new knowledge that entails all of the above benefits. They will serve you well for many years to come. But decide for yourself which air conditioner to buy, starting from your personal needs and capabilities. We hope our TOP 6 + selection of analogues will make your choice easier and help you make the right decision.

    TOP 6 series of air conditioners for heating from the company “Holod Service”

    1. Cooper & Hunter Vip Inverter series

    Powerful Cooper&Hunter inverter air conditioner The Vip Inverter series provides climate support at outdoor temperatures from +54 ° С to -30 ° WITH. This model has the function of reducing the humidity of the air without lowering the temperature in the room. With control lock, you can restrict other users from changing the settings. The extremely low noise level, which is only 18 dB, allows you to use the air conditioner in a children’s room or bedroom.

    Price: from UAH 49,360 to UAH 55,200.

    Air conditioners for heating Cooper&Hunter Series Supreme GOLD R32 can become an excellent analogue of this model range.

    Price: from UAH 44,760 to UAH 59,640.

    2. Cooper&Hunter ICY Inverter NG R32 series (up to -30°C)

    Air conditioner Cooper&Hunter ICY Inverter NG R32 series works for heating up to -30°C. Includes functions of ionization and stabilization of air humidity. These units are equipped with the latest, two-stage inverter compressors, are resistant to temperature fluctuations and operate stably at ultra-low frequencies.

    • Heating operation down to -30°C and cold operation up to +54°C.
    • Wi-Fi function, remote monitoring and control.
    • Oversized “huge” outdoor unit heat exchanger, performance increase due to the large amount of air passed through the enlarged condenser.
    • Availability of ERV, electronic refrigerant injection system, increase in productivity due to more accurate gas supply to the system.
    • The most unique compressor. Two-stage inverter compressor with intercooler, 20% more performance than the competition.
    • Intelligent defrost. The air conditioner automatically defrosts only if necessary when the efficiency decreases, the system automatically determines the moment of defrosting without user intervention and does it extremely quickly.

    Price: from UAH 41,560 to UAH 63,640

    If you are looking for an inverter air conditioner similar to this series, then pay attention to the LYRA TWO STAGE R32 Series

    Price: from 41,400 UAH to 61,000 UAH.

    3. Tosot LYRA Winter Inverter R32 Series (down to -23°C)

    Tosot LYRA Winter Inverter R32 works for heating down to -23°C. The unique design line is distinguished by grace and smooth outlines. It is famous for high rates of energy efficiency thanks to ecological freon R32. This winter/summer air conditioner supports Wi-Fi/remote control and airflow control.

    • Heating operation down to -25°C.
    • Informative LED display.
    • Turbo.
    • “Comfort sleep” and “I Feel” functions.
    • Air preparation.
    • Self-diagnosis.
    • Self-cleaning heat exchanger.

    Price: from UAH 26,280 to UAH 46,560

    Cooper&Hunter DAYTONA (R32) proved to be high-quality analogues of this line

    4. Cooper&Hunter Arctic Inverter NG 9 Series0003

    Cooper&Hunter The Arctic Inverter NG series is C&H’s next development, featuring enhanced functionality and a stunning, trendy design. C&H inverter air conditioners are endowed with various smart functions.

    • Heating operation down to -25°C and cold operation up to +54°C.
    • Wi-Fi function, remote monitoring and control.
    • Oversized “huge” outdoor unit heat exchanger, performance increase due to the large amount of air passed through the enlarged condenser.
    • Availability of ERV, electronic refrigerant injection system, increase in productivity due to more accurate gas supply to the system.
    • Intelligent defrost. The air conditioner automatically defrosts only if necessary when the efficiency decreases, the system automatically determines the moment of defrosting without user intervention and does it extremely quickly.

    Price: from 28 960 UAH to 54 040 UAH.

    Did you like this conditioner, but for some reason it doesn’t suit you? Then perhaps the analog Tosot Series Hansol Winter Inverter R32 will be exactly what you are looking for.

    Price: from UAH 28,120 to UAH 52,520.

    5. Cooper&Hunter Nordic Evo NG (R32) Series

    Cooper&Hunter Nordic Evo NG (R32) is a practical combination of economy and stylish design. Also, the samples presented above are famous for their reliability and safety. When cooling the room, the air is supplied horizontally, due to which, descending from the ceiling to the floor, the flow evenly cools the area of ​​​​action and you will not feel an unpleasant draft. But when operating for heating, heat is emitted vertically downwards to maintain a cozy atmosphere at foot level.

    • Heating operation down to -25°C and cold operation up to +54°C.
    • Wi-Fi function, remote monitoring and control.
    • Oversized “huge” outdoor unit heat exchanger, performance increase due to the large amount of air passed through the enlarged condenser.
    • Warm start technology G10. Such an air conditioner is not afraid of any frost, easy start is provided in any frost.
    • Intelligent defrost. The air conditioner automatically defrosts only if necessary when the efficiency decreases, the system automatically determines the moment of defrosting without user intervention and does it extremely quickly.

    Price: from UAH 27,000 to UAH 50,520.

    6. Tosot Series NORTH Inverter PLUS R32

    Tosot air conditioners Series NORTH Inverter PLUS R32 are efficient in operation and on areas up to 50m2. The user will choose one of the many modes of operation. Forget about any compressor vibrations, because the new generation G10 engine is installed. Self-cleaning system that prevents the appearance of fungus or mold and the use of R410A environmentally friendly freon.

    • Heating operation up to -25 and cold operation up to +48.
    • Oversized “huge” outdoor unit heat exchanger, performance increase due to the large amount of air passed through the enlarged condenser.
    • Technology G10, allows you to keep the compressor ready in any frost, the so-called “WARM START”. The air conditioner is able to start without problems in any frost without the risk of damaging the air conditioner.

    Price: from UAH 25,920 to UAH 50,200.


    The modern market is huge and the range of air conditioners for heating is impressive. But in such abundance it is not difficult to get confused. Today you have learned about the TOP 6 model ranges which, in our opinion, are the best in their segment. The manufacturers listed above are reliable and have been tested for decades. And what is important, the company Holod Service is the official dealer of all the above TM in Ukraine, which means that we can provide after-sales service for all our air conditioners. High-quality, professional installation of air conditioners, timely maintenance and inexpensive repairs – all these are the advantages of cooperation with a highly qualified team. Choose only the best!

    Air conditioner with heating function: selection, setting, how to use

    Modern air conditioners work not only for cooling, but also for heating. Such a device can be effectively used all year round, creating a comfortable microclimate in the house in any season of the year.

    In the article we will look at how to use the air conditioner in heating mode in winter, the rules and operating conditions of the equipment, how to switch the device to heat, tips on choosing an air conditioner.

    Table of contents:

    Air conditioning heating in winter: pros and cons

    Air conditioning is a special household appliance designed to cool the air. Manufacturers of climate equipment equip modern split systems with a heating function, which allows the owner to operate the air conditioner not only in summer, but also in the cold season, creating a warm comfortable atmosphere in the room. Thanks to the built-in settings system, the user can set the required air temperature in the room.

    The heating option is an indisputable plus of climate systems. But there are also disadvantages.

    Features and disadvantages of air conditioning heating:

    1. Air conditioning is not a full-fledged heating device, so many manufacturers recommend using them as an additional source of heat or for heating rooms in the off-season, when the central heating system is not yet working. But if you choose an air conditioner with sufficient power based on the heated area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room, such a device will completely replace conventional radiators.
    2. Split systems cannot be used for heating if the outdoor temperature is below the critical temperature indicator specified in the user manual. As a rule, the maximum value of many models is -10 0 , -15 0 . Thus, for many northern regions of Russia, cold winter weather becomes a serious obstacle to the operation of climate equipment for heating. The only way out is to purchase a special winter kit for connecting to an air conditioner, which allows you to operate the equipment at high sub-zero temperatures.
    3. In the southern regions, where the air temperature rarely drops below -10 0 in winter, such a device can become a full-fledged source of heat, given the right power.
    4. The air conditioner is powered by the mains and consumes a certain amount of energy during its operation. During the winter season, the appliance operates at high power and consumes more energy. The owner is advised to calculate in advance how profitable it will be for him to operate the air conditioner for heating, or is it still cheaper to heat with convectors or other types of heaters in the winter season.

    The principle of operation of the air conditioner for heating

    When the air conditioner is turned on for heating, the refrigerant changes from a liquid state to a gaseous state and evaporates, partially taking heat. The compressor transfers the gas refrigerant to the indoor unit of the split system, and all the heat accumulated along the way is released in the evaporator. Warm air enters the room, raising the temperature.

    Efficiency and efficiency of air conditioning heating

    Efficiency – efficiency factor, expressed as a percentage.

    In the data sheet of the split system, you can see the efficiency, EER and COP, where EER determines the efficiency of cooling work, and COP is the average efficiency for cooling and heating. As a rule, EER is always less than COP, since during operation the compressor generates heat and warms the freon. These parameters can be used to determine the efficiency of heating.

    For example, the following data is indicated in the product passport: COP – 2.6; EER – 2.4; Efficiency – 260%. These parameters indicate that with the consumption of 1 kW of energy, the air conditioner will produce 2.4 kW of cold and 2.6 kW of heat. However, these values ​​also depend on the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. The greater the difference, the lower these figures, so the colder it is outside, the worse the efficiency of the air conditioner for heating.

    How to increase the heating efficiency of the air conditioner:

    1. Keep the outdoor unit free of frost.
    2. Connect a special winter kit to the split system.
    3. Perform preventive cleaning of the blocks from dust and other contaminants that impair the operation of the device.
    4. If the weather is too cold outside, use other heat sources for heating.
    5. When installing the outdoor unit of a split system, try to choose a place closed from wind and moisture.

    Choice of split system with heating function

    The range of climate systems includes a large selection of air conditioners with heating function. When buying such a device, it is recommended to pay attention to important criteria.

    Selection options:

    1. Energy efficiency category.
    2. Permissible operating temperature range.
    3. Thermal energy productivity.
    4. Energy consumption power.
    5. The area of ​​the premises and its purpose (living room, industrial premises, etc.).
    6. Condensate auto-defrost mode available.

    Good reviews have inverter models of air conditioners complete with winter equipment, which operate effectively in an extended range of sub-zero temperatures.

    Features of the operation of the air conditioner in winter

    Air conditioners for heating in the winter season should be operated, adhering to certain rules.

    Instructions and features of operation of split systems in winter:

    1. It is forbidden to turn on the device if the outside temperature is below the critical value specified in the product passport.
    2. During prolonged operation at sub-zero temperatures, the radiator freezes over, which reduces the efficiency of the equipment. The device with a certain frequency (every 40-60 minutes) goes into the defrosting mode, in which hot freon from the indoor unit passes into the outdoor module. The frequency and duration of such a cycle depends on the degree of frostbite.
    3. During heating operation, water flows from the radiator grilles into the sump. At sub-zero temperatures, it turns into ice, which must be removed, otherwise serious deformation of the heat exchanger tubes may occur. You can not knock down the ice by hand, you need to spill the frozen places with water from a hot kettle. To eliminate such consequences and troubles in the fight against icing, you can purchase an air conditioner with a built-in sump heating cable.
    4. Do not set the temperature parameter too high for heating the air in the room, as this will force the device to work at high power, which will lead to rapid wear. Recommended value +18+25 0 .

    In winter, the air conditioner also needs periodic maintenance. At least once every 2 weeks, you need to clean the filters and flush the impeller, where pathogenic bacteria often accumulate. Timely refueling with freon and a preventive check of the operability of important mechanisms of the system, performed by experienced specialists from the service center, are also required.

    Outside temperature range

    Each split system model has a specific temperature range parameter. Some models are designed to operate at a maximum temperature not lower than -5 0 . Advanced and expensive models are effective at outdoor temperatures down to -15-25 0 .

    It is very important to comply with the requirements for the temperature parameter on the street, otherwise, when the air conditioner is running, the compressor wears out quickly, and in the future, a sudden failure of the split equipment.

    You can increase the outside temperature range by connecting the winter kit to the air conditioner. The set of such an installation includes a heating element for the compressor, a heating cable for the drainage system and a device that reduces the fan speed.

    How to turn on the air conditioner for heating

    The control panel is used to switch the mode to heating. After turning on the option, you should not expect an instant release of a stream of warm air. He will enter the room in 10-15 minutes.

    Turning on the air conditioner for heating (step by step instructions):

    1. Press the “ON” button on the remote control.
    2. To turn on the heating mode, use the MODE button, then HEAT. On some remotes, this button is marked with a “sun” symbol.
    3. Using the +\– buttons, the user can set the desired temperature value.
    4. After setting the temperature, the device is activated into operating mode. The fan will start and after a few minutes warm air will begin to flow into the room.

    In some models of split systems, the heating mode is turned on in the reverse order: first, the user sets the temperature, and then presses the start button for the operating mode.