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IcyBreeze v2 Pro – IcyBreeze

  • 5 star rating


    Awesome product

    Posted by Genaro Jose on 21st Jul 2023

    Works as advertised, my family will not go camping or to the beach without it. Will be purchasing another unit soon.

  • 5 star rating



    Posted by stacie vosler on 16th Jul 2023

    We recently bought the icy breeze and it has been a hit! Definitely satisfied with this purchase. The shipping was beyond fast too! Thank you for making such a great product!

  • 5 star rating


    Ice chest

    Posted by Le rewer on 14th Jul 2023

    Good option for secondary ac in motor homex

  • 5 star rating



    Posted by Richard a lewey on 13th Jul 2023

    Very good machine cools as advertised. The small wire from the fan speed control to the pump was pinched between the shell of cooler and pump housing.
    Loosened the nut and screw and paced it in the Ferrell were it belonged and all seems well. This thing works very well and I’ve already recommended to family members.

  • 5 star rating


    Icybreeze pro

    Posted by Tom.C on 10th Jul 2023

    I run a mobile auto detailing business, I had multiple campers to detail at the beach this past weekend and it was a hot one, the Icybreeze pro made it much more manageable since it was able to keep me nice and cool as well as my waters, wish I bought one sooner

  • 5 star rating


    Almost perfect

    Posted by John Kovatch JR on 6th Jul 2023

    This thing works as advertised and I will NEVER be miserable sitting at the beach ( or anywhere else hot ) ever again. I am a professional powder coater in the humid south, standing in and around 400⁰ ovens all day so my idea of a vacation is no where hot .My wife LOVES THE BEACH , Ido not . My only issues are 1, the SIZE !! Why why why is it only 39 qt. ??? . 2, the cost . I can appreciate capitalism more than anyone but they are expensive, especially if you purchase any of the almost necessary add ons. For the price ,they should be at least a much larger capacity. I do not regret my purchase one bit and I can say I don’t belive anyone else would neither . It simply does work !!

  • 5 star rating



    Posted by Stephen Taft on 6th Jul 2023

    Best invention yet! I love it and have bought several for my buddies. It’s been a game changer in the Texas heat.

  • 5 star rating


    Portable cooler

    Posted by Mable Cook on 18th Jun 2023

    I would like to thank the owner of Icy Breeze for this solution / alternative cooling way instead of purchasing a generator etc . This was the best decision/ investment made for my semi truck. I needed an alternative way of being comfortable in my truck w/o idling using soo much fuel . This is like a dream come true. Although I was skeptical because I didn’t want something that would just blow hot air around in my truck instead of cooling it off. This is such a magnificent idea. I thank you guys for this. It gets so uncomfortably hot in my truck that it’s unbearable. This product absolutely helps . I will let other truck drivers know if they’re trying to save fuel and their engines from constantly idling . Thanks so much!!!! All kudos from me!!!!!

  • 5 star rating


    Works as advertised

    Posted by Stephen Ritter on 15th Jun 2023

    It works as advertised.

How it Works – icybreeze



How does the IcyBreeze portable AC unit help you beat the heat?


The big secret behind the IcyBreeze is a unique design that sends water through a heat exchanger cleverly
placed in the lid. Fresh air is drawn from hidden vents in the top of the cooler, pulled across the
exchanger, and chilled down to 35 degrees below the initial temperature. A cool (dare we say… ICY?) breeze
is then dispensed whatever direction the unit is facing. The power and speed of the air current is
comparable to that of the average air conditioner found in most modern automobiles.

The full range of IcyBreeze accessories make the portable air conditioner work pretty much anywhere you want
to have cold drinks and air conditioning! The IcyBreeze becomes truly portable with the optional battery
pack designed specifically for the IcyBreeze. This specialized battery allows the IcyBreeze to provide hours
of refreshing chill.

Learn More about Your IcyBreeze

Get answers to commonly asked questions before you make your decision.

Frequently Asked

Rock Solid Lifetime Warranty

The IcyBreeze Portable Air Conditioner units are guaranteed against failure for the lifetime of the unit.

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This seems like a very clean process. Is it environmentally friendly?


IcyBreeze engineers designed the unit to be like nothing else available today, and that includes taking extra
steps to ensure the final product was as friendly to the environment as possible. No dangerous refrigerants
are used, and no chemicals! Water and ice are the only sources needed to cool the air, and the optional
rechargeable battery means less waste and minimal power usage. When possible, recycled plastics are used in
the construction of IcyBreeze units, components and accessories. The device is also lead-free.







  • AMP DRAW: 1. 0 (LOW), 1.3 (MED), 2.4 (HIGH)








Fan or air conditioner: what is better for the home

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October 14, 2022 fans. Few people like the heat, so many people want to minimize its impact, at least in their apartment. In fact, both have their advantages and disadvantages. In this material – a detailed comparison that will help with the choice.

Air cooling

If the main purpose of buying equipment is air cooling, an air conditioner will be the best option. The fact is that the fan does not reduce the temperature in the room at all. It only moves air masses. As a result, the owner feels a pleasant breeze, which helps to escape from the heat. But there is one thing: if the air is very warm, then the operation of the fan in the apartment will be of little use.

The air conditioner, on the other hand, cools the air masses. If they are very hot, the technique will have a tangible effect – it will really become cooler in the room. How much – depends on the power of the equipment and the mode selected by the user. Most air conditioners offer a set temperature that will be maintained while they are running. For example, if you put +20 degrees, then that’s how much it will be in the apartment (with minimal deviations).

Air heating function

Air heating function is available in winter split systems. When the air temperature in the street drops to a certain level, the heating mode becomes available on them. Most models allow you to turn it on if outside the window is -5 and below. Some air conditioners with a heating function can successfully heat rooms at -15 and even -30. But this type of equipment has several disadvantages: high energy consumption during air heating and the high price of the system. In addition, winter air conditioners are more expensive than conventional ones, without heating.

Some fan models can also heat the air in the room. In the people they received the name “heat guns”. The design of such devices is simple: a heating element in the form of a grid is located in front of the blades. When passing through it, the air flow warms up properly, as a result, the room becomes warmer.

This technique also has pros and cons. The main advantage is the cost: fans with heating are much cheaper than air conditioners with a similar function. The second advantage is not so high, compared to split systems, energy consumption. The main disadvantage is low efficiency. Most models are able to maintain the desired temperature in only one room, and with closed doors. If you open them, the warm air will quickly leave and it will become cold again, since the technician will not be able to warm the room.

You can buy air conditioners and fans with heating function in M-Video. The store offers a good selection of models with different characteristics. And M-Video promo codes will help you save on purchases.

Noise level

The fan will always run louder than the air conditioner. This is due to its design: all moving parts are located in the room, and they are the ones that make the noise. The air conditioner is the opposite – everything that can make noise is on the street. Of course, it will still make sounds, but not as loud.

The maximum noise level of the fan is 65 dB and sometimes more. For an air conditioner, this figure is much less – up to 56 dB. Modern split systems are even quieter: during operation, the volume of the sounds they make is in the range of 26–30 dB. However, quiet household fans have recently begun to appear, the noise level of which does not exceed 30–35 dB.

In any case, you need to understand: absolutely silent climate technology does not exist. Any device will make sounds. It’s just that in one case they will be completely quiet, and in the other they will cause discomfort.


The fan wins in terms of mobility. He does not need installation, he has small dimensions and weight. Thanks to this, the equipment can be easily transferred from place to place. Large models, as a rule, are disassembled, so there are no problems with them during transportation either. It also greatly facilitates storage, which is especially important in conditions of limited space (for example, in a small apartment).

Everything is more complicated with air conditioners. Most need to be installed. This is a long and complicated process; it will not work to dismantle and install the equipment again. Of course, there are small mobile models, but they have a number of drawbacks, and the main one is low power. They cool the air in the room and give coolness, but the performance of such equipment is much less than that of a full-fledged split system. However, even taking into account the possibility of transportation, air conditioners in this category are heavier and have more fans. In addition, they are not disassembled, which also makes transportation and storage difficult.

Equipment price

All fans and air conditioners can be divided into 4 large groups:

Expensive. The price for devices in this category starts from 100,000 . This includes only powerful split systems that are capable of cooling a large area, have many operating modes and provide the owner with a high level of comfort.

Medium. This is a technique from 30,000 to 100,000. This also includes air conditioners. Models in this category have fewer modes and lower power. The air heating function is absent in most cases, although there are rare exceptions.

Inexpensive. This includes all devices priced between 10,000 and 30,000 . Here, in addition to air conditioners, there will already be fans. 30,000 is expensive for them, so premium models that sell for just 25,000-30,000 fall into this category. These are really good devices, many have a heating function. But air conditioners at this price should be bought with caution. The choice must be approached responsibly, but there is no need to wait for an abundance of modes and high power – they will not be in this price range.

Budget. Here, only devices up to 10,000 . You can’t buy an air conditioner for this money, but a fan is easy. If desired, in this category you can find worthy models that will serve the owner for more than one year.

You can find air conditioners and fans of all these categories in El Dorado. The choice of equipment in the store is very good: models are presented from budget to premium. You can save on purchases in the distribution network using the promotional code of the Eldorado store. Some discount codes reduce the original cost of the product by 40-50%.

The general recommendation for choosing is as follows: do not chase maximum savings and rely on high quality for very budget models. There is a risk of running into a marriage, especially when it comes to buying inexpensive equipment from a no-name manufacturer.

Safety in use

Fans win when it comes to safety. The usual air flow is not beneficial, but it is not capable of harming human health (even strong). With air conditioners, everything is different – the following factors can adversely affect the body:

Extreme temperature change. Split systems and mobile models cool the air a lot. Because of this, the difference in temperature between the street and the room can be 10 degrees or even more. The human body is not adapted to such changes. When exposed to them, hypothermia can occur, which can cause respiratory diseases.

Risk of development of pathogenic microflora. Condensation forms in air conditioners and accumulates on the internal parts of the equipment. This is a favorable environment for the development of harmful bacteria and molds. They can harm the body and cause various diseases or allergic reactions.

Risk of neurological diseases. If the flow of cold air from the air conditioner for a long time hits the same place on the body, it may cause muscle problems.

Fans do not have all these unfavorable qualities, but they cool the air much worse. But what if you need more efficiency? The harm of air conditioners can be minimized or even reduced to zero. Firstly, in the summer you don’t need to set too intense mode – the temperature difference in the room and on the street should not be large. Secondly, the equipment must be cleaned regularly – this will help prevent the development of pathogenic microflora. And, of course, you should not sit directly under a stream of cold air. In order not to have to do this involuntarily, you need to take the most responsible attitude to the installation site of the air conditioner and carefully weigh its pros and cons.


Both the fan and the air conditioner have their advantages and disadvantages. The first is worth buying if there are fears of getting sick from a temperature difference, you don’t want to pay a lot for equipment and you need mobility. The second makes sense if the main goal is to achieve a comfortable microclimate in the apartment. An intermediate solution is a portable air conditioner that does not require installation, is easy to transport and store. But it will still be more expensive than a fan, even a good one.

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Basic functions and modes of operation of air conditioners

An air conditioner is a device for maintaining optimal climatic conditions in the premises. It is mainly used for cooling, but in addition to its main function, it can perform a number of other tasks. The ability to configure the device in a way that will be comfortable for you depends on the operating modes and additional functions.

Basic operating modes of air conditioners:

  • “Cool” – cooling mode. Each air conditioner is designed primarily to cool the air mass in the room. Cooling occurs due to the process of converting a substance (refrigerant, freon) from a liquid to a gaseous state. The minimum temperature that most air conditioners can maintain is 16-18 degrees.
  • “Heat” – heating mode. The heating mode is very convenient in the off-season – autumn and spring, when the central heating is not working and the temperature outside has dropped. In heating mode, the air conditioner turns on when the room temperature falls below the set temperature. Thanks to the operation of the fan, heating with an air conditioner is very efficient, since the heat does not linger near the ceiling, but is evenly distributed throughout the room.
  • “Fan” – ventilation mode. In ventilation mode, the outdoor unit compressor and fan are off, and the indoor unit fan runs at the speed set by the remote controller. Thus, the air conditioner evenly distributes air throughout the room. This mode is convenient to use, for example, in winter, when warm air from central heating radiators accumulates at the top, and remains cold at the feet.
  • Dry mode. To reduce air humidity in split systems, a special dehumidification function is provided without lowering or raising the temperature. Operation in this mode prevents dampening of the walls and the appearance of mold in rooms with high humidity. The dry mode is also handy for eliminating discomfort during wet weather.

Additional modes:

  • Auto automatic mode In this mode, the air conditioner itself controls the selection of the operation mode (Cooling, Heating or Ventilation) to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Turbo ” – turbo mode. This function of the air conditioner activates the maximum power of the unit to cool the room as quickly as possible.
  • « Sleep » night mode. Provides the most ideal conditions for a good rest. After turning on this mode, the fan located inside the unit starts to rotate at a lower speed, reducing the noise of the operating device. In this case, the temperature can drop or rise by two degrees, depending on the mode of operation of the split system (heating or cooling) and is maintained at this level for the time set on the timer. After that, the air conditioner turns off.

Main functions of air conditioners:

  • Filtration. All split systems are equipped with a pre-filter that traps dust to protect the heat exchanger. The air filter must be washed or cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Many models also provide additional fine filters.
  • Temperature setting. The temperature that the air conditioner must maintain can vary from +16 to +31°C for cooling and heating modes with an accuracy of 1°C.
  • “SWING” – regulation of the direction of the air flow. When using this option, the slope of the horizontal louver changes, which allows you to evenly blow air into the room or concentrate the air flow in one direction. In some models, it is possible to adjust the air flow not only vertically, but also horizontally, using automatic vertical louvers (3D AUTO AIR function)
  • “SPEED” – fan speed control. The indoor unit fan can rotate at different speeds to change the amount of air passing through the indoor unit accordingly. Usually the fan has 3 to 5 fixed speeds plus an automatic mode. In automatic mode, the fan speed is selected based on the current and set temperature – the more the current temperature differs from the set temperature, the higher the fan speed.
  • “TIMER” – timer. Using the timer, you can program the automatic switching on and off of the air conditioner. For example, it can be programmed to turn on half an hour before your usual arrival from work, etc.

Safety functions:

  • Self-diagnosis. During the operation of the air conditioner, the microprocessor controls the mode of its operation, as well as the status of the external and internal units. Each mode and possible malfunction has its own combination of LED operation on the front panel of the indoor unit, by which you can determine the status of the air conditioner.
  • Restart in automatic mode. If there is a power failure or power outage, the air conditioner will start in the same mode that it worked before the incident;
  • Warm start. This function is for heating mode only and allows the indoor unit fan to operate only when the temperature of the indoor heat exchanger is already high enough. This eliminates the possibility of cold air entering the room.
  • Defrost mode (defrost). In winter, frost forms on the outdoor unit of the split system due to the collection of condensate. The function is designed to remove frost. During defrosting, the indoor unit stops the cooling or heating process.

Additional features of air conditioners:

  • Additional air purification. ROYAL Clima air conditioners are equipped with fine air filters. The Silver Ion filter effectively destroys mold spores, bacteria and viruses in the air. The Active Carbone filter is a carbon filter cassette, passing through which the air is cleaned of harmful impurities and odors.
  • COLD PLASMA. Installed in the indoor unit, the cold plasma generator device (COLD PLASMA) eliminates unpleasant odors and toxic gases in the room. In addition, harmful microorganisms inside the air conditioner itself are deactivated. This function is available in ROYAL Clima PRESTIGIO and PRESTIGIO EU Inverter air conditioners.
  • Ionizer. Thanks to the built-in ionization, the air flow passing through the indoor unit is saturated with negatively charged particles – ions, which purify the air from bacteria, unpleasant odors and create the effect of fresh forest air in the room. In addition, the saturation of the air with negatively charged particles contributes to an increase in working capacity, and helps fight lethargy and drowsiness. The ionization function is present in ROYAL Clima GLORIA air conditioners.
  • 3D AUTO AIR. Air conditioners with 3D AUTO AIR technology are equipped with automatic horizontal and vertical louvers, which provide an even distribution of air flow in the room. Adjust the optimal position of horizontal and vertical blinds using the remote control and enjoy maximum comfort without drafts and dead spaces. This function is available in ROYAL Clima split systems of the GLORIA, PRESTIGIO, TRIUMPH Inverter, TRIUMPH GOLD Inverter and PRESTIGIO EU Inverter series.
  • I FEEL. The air conditioner responds to the temperature, which is determined by the sensor in the control panel. It is enough to place the remote control in the right place, the split system will monitor the climate in this zone. This function is available in ROYAL Clima air conditioners of the GLORIA, VELA, VELA Inverter, VELA GRANDE, SPARTA series.
  • Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi Ready. Thanks to this function, you can freely control the climate in your apartment using your mobile phone (on the iOS or Android platform), even when you are outside your home Wi-Fi network. The ROYAL Clima range includes a series with a built-in Wi-Fi module – ROYAL Clima SPARTA, as well as series prepared for connecting a Wi-Fi adapter (Wi-Fi ready) – TRIUMPH, TRIUMPH GOLD, PRESTIGIO, TRIUMPH Inverter, TRIUMPH GOLD Inverter and PRESTIGIO EU Inverter.
  • Low temperature operation. Household split systems as standard are not designed for cooling at negative temperatures. For heating on / off split systems operate at an outdoor temperature of -7 ° C, inverter split systems ROYAL Clima can operate for heating from -15 ° C, and inverter split systems of the SPARTA series from -20 ° C. Where it is necessary to cool the air at any time of the year, for example, in server rooms, air conditioners are additionally equipped with the so-called th “winter set”, which allows them to work at very low temperatures (down to -40 ° C). All ROYAL Clima semi-industrial split systems are equipped as standard with a winter kit up to -15 ° C.