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Samsung Electronics – QN85QN85CAFXZA – 85″ Class QN85C Samsung Neo QLED 4K Smart TV-QN85QN85CAFXZA


Titan Black

85″ Class QN85C Samsung Neo QLED 4K Smart TV

85″ Class QN85C Samsung Neo QLED 4K Smart TV


Width: 74.5

Height: 45.1

Depth: 12.9


Titan Black

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  • Series – 8
  • See just how brilliant every detail becomes on a screen that’s packed with over 8 million pixels with Quantum Matrix with Mini LEDs.
  • Utilizing 20 specialized networks the Neural Quantum Processor drives expertly upscaled 4K resolution.
  • Highs and lows. Brights and darks. And all the hues in between. Discover variety in every frame—with dynamic contrast and brilliant colors, all in 4K resolution with Neo Quantum HDR.
  • Every whisper, every chime, every creaking door—hear the audio move with the story with Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound.


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Samsung 85″ QN85C Neo QLED 4K Smart TV (2023)

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  • Height (in) :
  • Width (in) :
  • Depth (in) :
  • Screen Size (in) :
  • Resolution :
  • Refresh Rate :
  • 4K (3840×2160) Resolution
  • Quantum Matrix with Mini LEDs
  • FreeSync Premium Pro
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Neo Quantum HDR
  • Supreme UHD Dimming –
  • Samsung Gaming Hub
  • Wi-Fi 5
  • Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound
  • Motion Xcelerator Turbo+
  • Neural Quantum Processor 4K
  • Q-Symphony
  • Black Finish
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Samsung Neo QLED 4K is a whole different deal. We’re talking over a billion shades of color. Larger-than-life sound that reacts to the action on screen. And resolution that’s automatically enhanced, no matter what you’re watching. This is 4K for the future.


  • Quantum Matrix with Mini LEDs
    See just how brilliant every detail becomes on a screen that’s packed with over 30 million pixels. You’ll appreciate every freckle on your favorite actor’s face thanks to the huge grid of Samsung’s ultraprecise Quantum Mini LEDs that take control of the individual zones of light in your picture for sensational color and contrast.
  • Neural Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling
    Sit back and be mesmerized as your content is transformed to 4K. Whether you’re streaming an HD movie, watching live sports, or looking back at home videos, experience it all transformed into sharp 4K resolution with our highperformance, AI-powered processor that upgrades your content scene by scene.*
    • *Utilizes AI-Based formulas.
  • Neo Quantum HDR
    Highs and lows. Brights and darks. And all the hues in between. Discover variety in every frame—with Neo Quantum HDR’s dynamic contrast and brilliant colors, all in 4K resolution. Contrast is adjusted to best fit each scene, helping showcase more accurate colors.
  • Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound
    Every whisper, every chime, every creaking door—hear the audio move with the story with Dolby Atmos® and Object Tracking Sound. When cars are speeding across the screen, 3D sound moves right along with them thanks to Object Tracking Sound.
  • Motion Xcelerator Turbo + (4K @120 Hz)

    Why go slow when you can play smooth—even during super-fast gaming content. Feel the thrill with smooth performance during even the fastest games and action scenes. Keep up with the supersonic speed and catch every thrilling frame without lag or motion blur. Instead, you’ll enjoy seamless action and sensational 4K visuals at speeds up to 120Hz.
  • Q-Symphony 3.0
    Amp up your audio with the greatest duo of all time—Samsung TVs paired with a Samsung soundbar. With QSymphony, your TV speakers paired with Q-Series and S-Series soundbar operate as one. Together, they can optimize all the channels to bring you a masterfully orchestrated sound experience.*
    • *Q-Series and S-Series soundbars sold separately
  • Samsung Gaming Hub
    Where gaming comes together. Stream your favorite games right from your TV. No console required.*
    • *High speed internet connection, additional gaming service subscriptions and compatible controller required.
  • 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot
    Max out your experience with 100% Color Volume. Take in a billion shades of unwavering color and enjoy vivid, lifelike color at any brightness level as Mini LEDs and Quantum Dot technology work together to create every shade you see on screen.*
    • *100% color volume measured to DCIP3 standard, certified by VDE.
  • NeoSlim Design
    If you’re like us, you just can’t stand it when presentation is an afterthought. With its NeoSlim Design this TV’s ultra-slim silhouette and hexagonal plate stand nails that first impression.
  • SolarCell Remote
    Turn up the volume on sustainability with the innovative SolarCell Remote™. It features a solar panel for charging, as well as other smart features including a built-in microphone to use with your favorite voice assistant.

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League of Legends — Kled Hero Guide :: Job or Game

d on Kleda ( Top)

  • Build Kleda Forester (Jungler)
  • Pros and Cons of Kleda
  • Enemy Champions
  • General Game Tips
  • Passive




    9002 2 R

    Skaarl, the Cowardly Lizard – Kled’s passive skill makes this hero really unique of a kind. The fact is that under normal conditions (that is, from the start of the game), Kled rides on a shy lizard Skarl. At the same time, the hero and the lizard have two health indicators. While Kled is on horseback, it is the lizard that receives all the damage and all items to increase maximum health increase the survival rate of the animal. If the lizard completely loses health, then it simply runs away, and Kled jumps to the ground and continues the fight. Of course, in this case, the hero already has to rely only on his base health, which is much less than the health of the lizard. To return the shy animal, Kled must either continue the fight, or he can return to the base, in which case the lizard will immediately return to its owner. Returning the lizard to the battlefield is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Kled needs to fill the “courage” scale to 100%. The scale is replenished when Kled finishes off a minion, attacks an enemy hero or building. You can also replenish courage while dealing damage to epic monsters. The last option to replenish courage is to use the “Pocket Pistol” skill, which appears in Kled after he jumps off the lizard. All this is of course very confused and in the first games even understanding the principle of the passive skill can cause difficulties. It is important to note that playing on a mount and dismounting are very different. The fact is that on horseback Kled can use all his skills, and when dismounted, he immediately loses 3, but receives one new one in return. In addition, it is important to understand that without his lizard, Kled moves very, very slowly, or rather, his base movement speed becomes 285, which in turn is the lowest in the League of Legends. This lack of movement speed is compensated by the fact that when Kled begins to move towards the enemy champion, his movement speed increases significantly. In other words, Kled seems to become enraged and can quickly catch up with enemies, but in the event of an escape, you will have to rely only on the base movement speed. A very important point in the work of the passive action is that at the moment when Kled jumps off his lizard, “aggro” is removed from him. For example, you could start a fight under a tower and kill the enemy, but the building deals a lot of damage to you and you jump off the animal. After that, if there are, for example, allied minions nearby, the tower will simply start attacking them, and you can safely run out of the danger zone.

    Bear Trap on a Rope is a very interesting and powerful skill that helps Kled a lot at the beginning of the game. The fact is that the skill allows you to deal damage to several enemies (minions) at once and can be effectively used during an attack on the enemy. To begin with, it is worth touching a little more on the mechanics of the skill. The trap deals damage to all enemies in its path and stops the moment it touches an enemy champion or large monster. This way, in the lane, the skill can be effectively used just to farm a group of minions. You can, for example, more safely finish off minions from a distance if the enemy is playing very aggressively. When you start your attack, the skill plays a very important role, since in fact it is Kled’s only control skill. On the first hit, the trap only clings to the enemy and deals some damage. Next, you need to keep a certain distance from the enemy so that the rope does not break, and if you hold the enemy in this way for 1.75 seconds, then he receives additional damage, is slightly attracted to Kled and slows down for 1.5 seconds. To put it simply, it is very important to keep in touch with the enemy and inflict additional damage, since initially the skill does not do much damage. If you use a trap and the next second you are knocked off a lizard, then the skill will still work and you can still deal additional damage and slow the enemy.

    Pocket Pistol – Kled has this skill when he jumps off the lizard. The skill is incredibly important, as it essentially becomes the only damage-dealing skill that gives Kled the ability to quickly jump to the side under the effect of the recoil of a shot. Often it is the good recoil of a shot from a pistol that is the key factor, as this allows you to perfectly kite the enemy and dodge powerful skills. It is important to note that when hitting enemy champions with this skill, Kled restores 5% of Skarl’s courage for each pellet hit (for a total of 5 pellets per shot). At the moment when Kled loses his animal and jumps to the ground, he immediately has two pistol charges and subsequently can also accumulate up to two charges. Thus, losing a lizard, you need to be immediately ready to use a new skill that deals damage and makes it possible to jump back.

    Violent Tendencies – on the one hand, it may seem that the passive skill works very simply and clearly. Partly it is. From time to time, Kled’s attacks will have bonus attack speed, and the last 4th attack will deal very good bonus damage, the strength of which depends on the target’s maximum health. In practice, the competent use of a passive ability no longer seems like an easy task. The main problem with the passive is that we can’t use the attack speed bonus whenever we want. The passive automatically activates after the first hit if the cooldown is over. Thus, when playing on the line, if you have already decided to attack the enemy, then you should definitely do this using a passive. If the enemy plays correctly and he understands the principle of Kled’s skills, then he will simply wait. Sooner or later, Kled will have to activate his passive anyway in order to finish off the minion in the lane. Seeing that the passive has worked, the enemy can already act more calmly, not being afraid of a lot of damage from Kled. Then the enemy only has to count down the initial cooldown of the skill and again step back a little at the moment when the passive is ready to be used. At a higher level and in the presence of items to reduce cooldown, the passive will work very often and then the enemies will not be able to do anything, but at the initial stage of the game, a good implementation of this skill can become a real headache. The undoubted advantage of the passive is not only the attack speed bonus and damage, but also the fact that the skill works both on horseback and dismounted. This is especially true for situations where Kled loses his friend.

    Jousting – of all Kled’s skills, this ability is probably the simplest and most understandable. On first cast, Kled dashes in the target direction and deals damage to all enemies in its path. If Kled hits an enemy champion while doing so, the skill can be recast, in which case Kled will dash through that champion again and deal damage again. At the same time, a special marker with the direction of the dash appears under the enemy champion and you can safely determine where Kled will jump. The skill helps a lot during the attack and pursuit of the enemy. The skill shows itself especially well during various ganks.

    Chaaaaaaaarge!!! is another odd but incredibly powerful skill in Kled’s arsenal. The effect of the skill is that Kled (necessarily on horseback) chooses the end point of the path (within a limited radius) and then quickly rushes there. At the same time, Kled leaves a trail, moving along which, allied champions receive a huge bonus to movement speed. In other words, Kled can speed up not only himself, but his entire team. While moving, Kled begins to build up an absorbing shield. If an enemy champion crosses Kled’s path while moving, Kled will rush towards them, knocking them back a bit and dealing a massive amount of damage based on the target’s maximum health. The movement will automatically stop. The collision with the enemy hero occurs in a certain radius, that is, you do not need to very accurately predict the movement of the enemy. Kled, as it were, will slightly correct the movement himself and deviate slightly from the course at the moment when an enemy hero appears nearby. The main disadvantage of the ult is that if you activate it, then until Kled reaches the end point or until he collides with an enemy hero, you cannot interrupt the effect of the skill. In some cases, this can lead to the fact that you simply run far behind enemy lines and you are quickly killed there, taking advantage of the numerical advantage. Of course, the ability is very powerful and has important tactical value, but they need to learn how to use and hope that your allies will use the movement speed bonus and rush to attack with you.

    Spell Selection:

    When choosing spells, it’s best to use the standard top lane spells, i.e. Flash and Teleport. If you plan on very early aggression and are sure that you can dominate the lane from the first minutes of the game, then in this case it makes sense to replace the teleporter with Ignite. In this case, Kled will have the opportunity to deal a huge amount of damage in a short period of time, and perhaps it will be the fire damage that will be decisive. Also, fire can be useful against enemies with very good healing or regen.

    Skills leveling order:

    Skills for Kled are leveled quite simply. First of all, Bear Trap on a Rope is maxed out, as this skill allows you to constantly use a trap and deal good damage, or in extreme cases, just farm minions. In addition, when Kled loses the lizard, he will have the opportunity to deal excellent damage with a pistol. At the first level, I would advise you to immediately upgrade the Violent Tendencies passive by one. The fact is that even one level of this skill allows you to exchange health with the enemy very profitably already at the first level. Of course with the use of passives. The enemy will no longer just climb on you and will always be afraid of damage from the passive. The second skill usually maxes out the Violent Tendencies passive, since increasing the skill level reduces the cooldown and increases the damage. In addition, the passive works while dismounting. The Jousting skill should definitely be taken to one, as it is a great way to catch up with the enemy and initiate a fight. Ult download out of turn.

    2 4 5 7 9
    1 8 10 12 13 3

    3 9

    14 15 17 18
    90 083

    6 11 16 900 83

    Runes :

    Artifact selection:

    In most cases, when starting the purchase for Kled, you can safely use a standard sword and health bank:

    If you are confident in your abilities and know that you can easily dominate the lane, then Doran’s Blade can be replaced on Long Sword. In this case, the first time we return home, we can, for example, assemble Phage or Caulfield’s Warhammer faster.

    The first item for Kled is usually Black Cleaver, since the item simultaneously increases the lizard’s maximum health, damage, reduces cooldown and allows you to very well chase enemies, increasing the speed of the hero. Paired with the Black Axe, Boots of Swiftness pairs very well, greatly increasing the hero’s movement speed and making it possible to effectively kite and chase enemies.

    The third item is usually also going for damage, and there are already options. First of all, you should pay attention to the Hydra, that is, the Titanic Hydra. The item is really good and sits perfectly on the Kled. An alternative to the Hydra is the Death’s Dance item, but it is already used less frequently.

    After purchasing the first three items, you need to carefully study the composition of the enemy team and decide for yourself what you need most in the current situation. Often at this stage of the game, Kled is forced to increase his survivability through defensive items. Below I would like to give a few options of course assembly, so that you can understand how diverse the final assembly can be.

    Option 1:

    Sunfire Cape

    Option 2:

    Depending on the situation, the build may include: Sterak’s Gage, Spirit Visage, Randuin’s Omen, Frozen Mallet or Youmuu’s Ghostblade.

    Spell selection:

    In order to be able to comfortably farm the jungle, you must definitely take the Smite spell. The second spell is best to use Flash, as this will allow you to more reliably attack lanes.

    Skill leveling order:

    Skills for Kled the jungler can be leveled in exactly the same way as for the top lane.

    2 4 5 7 9
    1 8 10 12 13 3

    3 9

    14 15 17 18
    90 083

    6 11 16 900 83

    Runes :

    Choice of artifacts:

    At the start, be sure to take the jungler’s item, otherwise it will be very difficult to farm the jungle:

    Hunter’s Machete

    When choosing artifacts on the jungler’s Kleda, first of all, you need to be guided by what is required from your hero in this game. There are situations when, for example, your team does not have normal initiators or tanks, and in this case, you will have to take the lion’s share of the damage at the beginning of the battle, and there are situations when the team simply does not have enough damage to quickly kill enemies. Kled can tank and deal damage equally well, which gives rise to a huge number of different final build options. Below I would like to suggest you some options that you can try in your first games.

    Option 1:

    Stalker’s Blade – Cinderhulk

    The first option is for situations where you need to make Kled as survivable as possible.

    Option 2:

    Stalker’s Blade – Warrior

    Option 3:

    Skirmisher’s Saber – Warrior


    • There are two Violent Tendencies and Chaa skills at once aaaaaarge!!!, which deal a large amount of damage depending on the maximum enemy health.
    • Good increase in skill damage from purchased artifacts (big scale).
    • Due to his riding lizard, Kled has a very good health reserve. In addition, the lizard can be brought back directly to the battlefield and thus, as it were, restore part of the health.
    • Good movement speed and the ability to quickly catch up with the enemy through the use of the Jousting skill. Even without the lizard, Kled can catch up to enemies very quickly.
    • Destroys buildings quite well and quickly.
    • Later in the game, the hero has a lot of health and excellent damage.
    • Chaaaaaaaarge!!!
    • Skills do not consume mana, that is, the use of abilities is limited only by cooldown.


    • Without a lizard, the hero loses several skills at once, but instead receives a powerful pistol, which is very good to use for kiting enemies.
    • Without Skarl, Kled’s movement speed becomes the slowest in the game. If you catch up with the enemy, then of course it feels less, but if you need to run away, then the chances of escaping become very small.
    • Kled is somewhat wadded at the initial stage of the game.
    • The ult cannot be interrupted. Kled will run to the end point or until he meets an enemy hero on the way.
    • A difficult hero to master. Kled is not suitable for every player.

    When playing in the lane, the first danger will be heroes who have the ability to keep their distance and constantly harass Kled. In other words, we simply lose the opportunity to calmly attack the enemy and constantly have to look for opportunities for a breakthrough. For example, Kled will have a hard time laning against: Swain, Kennen, Kayle, Quinn or Graves. It will also be difficult to stand against those enemies who initially have a very good potential for harassment and are strong at the start. These heroes include: Wukong, Rumble, Illaoi, Darius, Fiora and the like.

    Kled is best against thick toppers that are not strong at the start. In this case, Kled will be able to play aggressively at the beginning of the game and will gradually build up his strength through artifacts. For example, Kled will stand up well against: Malphite, Nasus or Nautilus.

    In the vast majority of cases, Kled is taken to the top solo lane. In the jungle, Kled can also farm very well, but it is very difficult for him at the start and this is far from the best position for him. Below we will mainly consider the game on the top lane.

    The beginning of the game is the most important and most difficult stage in Kled’s life. The main problem is that at the beginning of the match, Kled’s skills have a large cooldown and you have to literally monitor every ability of the champion. This is especially true for the passive skill Violent Tendencies. A little advice: even if you decide to open a passive at the first level, do not rush to pump it. Come to the lane and start farming minions calmly. The enemy will see that your passive does not work, think that you took Q-ku and maybe act more aggressively. You just need to wait for the right moment to attack and calmly pump the skill. That is, we open the passive at the time of the first attack. For finishing creeps, the skill will not help us much anyway. No matter how hard it seems for you to stand on the lane, you still need to try to play as aggressively as possible. If you play passively, then gradually the enemy will begin to increase the advantage and the entire first half of the game will have to endure and suffer for a long time. In order to play aggressively, you can immediately upgrade the passive skill Violent Tendencies and start using it actively. It is enough just to watch the cooldown of the passive effect and try to guess the moment in such a way that when the skill is ready, you are as close to the enemy as possible. Often, the enemy simply does not expect that you at the first level will strike with such great speed, and even with such bonus damage (meaning the final blow). Even if the enemy will answer you, the exchange of health will most often be beneficial to you. In addition, Kled has more health than other heroes and can afford to trade health. In addition to actively using the passive, you need to keep track of when you get level 2 of the hero and it is desirable to level up before the enemy. At level 2, you can immediately go into a tough aggression, as we open the Bear Trap on a Rope trap (or Jousting dash) and can slow the enemy down and deal additional damage. Of course, if the enemy has full health, then only passives and a trap will not be enough to kill, but in any case, you will force the enemy to retreat and take the initiative in your own hands. It is enough just to keep the situation in their hands and not seek any early risky kills. Be sure to try to farm as well as possible. In general, you need to attack the enemy in such a way as not to miss the minions. Kled’s skills have a very good increase in item damage, and each new artifact significantly increases the hero’s combat potential. A good start to the game is when you farm well, don’t die, and chase the enemy a bit. If you managed to kill the enemy, then it’s just super.

    I would like to say a few words about the early skirmishes with the enemy. Understanding your strength, the enemy will try with all his might to drive away the Skarl lizard in order to deprive Kled of the ability to use some skills and reduce his base movement speed. If you see that the enemy is going into a serious exchange of health, then you should not just run away. Try to deal the maximum amount of damage before Skarl runs away and remember that you will immediately have a new skill with which you can jump back and deal damage. Having lost the lizard, Kled can of course return to the base and immediately return it, but it is better to try to return the animal. To do this, you can finish off the minions on the line, attack the enemy or the enemy tower. If before losing the lizard you dealt a lot of damage to the enemy, then in principle you can even try to continue the attack and return Skarl due to damage to the enemy champion. The most important thing here is to understand that, having dismounted, Kled will no longer be able to escape from anyone. The maximum you can count on the return of the gun. The fact is that without the lizard, Kled has the lowest base movement speed and he can only increase it if he pursues the enemy, that is, he moves towards the enemy champion. Thus, when losing Skarl, you need to know in advance whether you can escape or not at all. Here I would like to note one very important point. When Skarl leaves Kleda, aggro is removed from the champion and this primarily applies to enemy towers. In other words, Kled can attack the enemy right under his tower, kill him and quietly run away. The most important thing is to kill the enemy before the moment when Skarl runs away. It is also important that there is some kind of allied creature in the zone of destruction of the tower, which the tower will begin to attack.

    If you played well in the first half of the game, and especially at the start, that is, you didn’t die actively farming once again, then playing on Kleda starts to bring pleasure. The fact is that the presence of artifacts significantly increases the combat potential of the hero and skills begin to recharge very quickly. In addition, Kled does not even have mana, that is, you can literally spam with all available skills. In the middle of the game, even if you played passively at the start, you definitely need to start playing more aggressively and actively move around the map. In general, Kled has a very good potential for attacking enemies and chasing, and this should be used. When entering the lane, Kled can close some distance with Jousting or activate his ult Chaaaaaaaarge!!! By the way, the ult at this stage of the game is one of Kled’s most insidious skills, which can greatly help or, on the contrary, drive your champion into a corner. The problem with the ult is that once activated, you can’t slow down the hero. He will run to the end point until he reaches it or until he runs into an enemy hero along the way. Thus, using the ult, you need to predict the movement of the enemy and lay risks. In some cases, the ult can be used simply to speed up your allies and get to a specific point quickly. Even if Kled does not encounter enemies along the way, at the end point he will already have an excellent absorbing shield that lasts 2 seconds. Ideally, of course, it is desirable that the ult hit enemies, since the damage of the skill depends on the maximum health of the enemy. That is, the enemy in any case will receive a huge amount of damage.

    Kled can act as a good initiator of the battle, that is, burst into the ranks of the enemy very first and take damage. In most cases, upon initiation, you will immediately lose the lizard, but you should not run away from the battlefield. It is enough to step back a little, for example, using the recoil of a pistol, and calmly restore Skarl’s courage with a few basic attacks, assists, or a shot from a pistol. Yes, it is difficult and most importantly dangerous to restore courage in battle, but it is more than realistic. By returning the lizard, Kled can drastically increase his health and rush into battle again. In this case, the enemies usually simply don’t have the strength to fight Kled and you just have to calmly finish off the surviving opponents. In words, of course, everything sounds wonderful and simple, but in reality it is not easy to implement all this in battle. It’s great if your team will have some healers or heroes with shields that will support you at the moment of dismounting, but if there are none, then you will have to rely only on your own strength and good reaction.

    Kled is definitely a very complex hero, which is not easy to learn to play well. In the hands of an experienced player, the champion can simply tear apart enemies and vice versa, in the hands of a beginner, he will become fodder for the enemy. You can improve in the game for Kled for a very long time, since the hero is very unusual and requires a special approach and style of play. The champion is definitely not suitable for a novice player and not everyone will like the cavalryman. However, the hero is very strong, with a very good set of skills and high potential during team fights.

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    What is QLED TV

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    At the moment, products are not available for ordering on samsung.com/ru

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    Neo QLED is an evolution of Samsung’s existing QLED technology, which stands for Quantum Dot LED.

    Neo QLED uses a brand new light source called Quantum Mini LED. This is a completely new display technology using thousands of LEDs that are much smaller than standard LED modules. Quantum Mini LED provides the most detailed image and precise backlight control.

    How does it work?

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    What is

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    Want to know what QLED TV is and how quantum dot technology works? Let’s figure it out.

    What is QLED TV and quantum dots?

    QLED TV is a TV that runs on quantum dot technology, which makes it different from other TV models.

    What are quantum dots?

    These are tiny balls of semiconductor materials that can emit different colors of light depending on their size. The larger the dot, the closer it is to the red spectrum, the smaller it is to the blue spectrum. Why do these dots emit light of one color or another? Their particles function at the quantum level and can accurately reproduce the desired color. Quantum dot technology provides high screen brightness, and hence the highest image quality.

    What makes

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    The main advantage of QLED TV is the high brightness of quantum dots. Brightness is an important factor affecting the quality of the
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    Let’s see how brightness affects color.

    Here’s an example: the spectrum of red can contain many different shades of red. QLED TVs are good because
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    QLED vs OLED: What’s the difference?

    How is QLED different from OLED? It’s all about different technologies for obtaining color. QLED TV uses Quantum Dots – solid
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    OLED TVs, on the other hand, use self-luminous organic materials that leave an afterimage on the screen and lead to unwanted
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    Burn-in is a defect caused by displaying the same items on a TV screen for a long time. Imagine the situation: you watched an interesting program, turned off the TV and continue to see the logo of the channel you just watched. This is because the logo has been displayed in the same place for a long time. And this is enough for the screen pixels in this place to start to burn out. And when a pixel burns out, it is no longer able to glow brightly enough.

    OLED TVs are not protected from pixel burn-in, while QLED TVs are free from this disadvantage, which significantly increases their service life. With them, you can watch content for a long time without worrying about the problem of pixel burn-in.

    Which type of TV would you prefer – QLED or OLED?

    * The screen images are simulated for illustrative purposes only.

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