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Rockville XBAR-24 24″ ATV/UTV Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker System w/LED + Wire Kit




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All About Your XBAR-24

How to set up your XBAR-24:

How to install a Soundbar in your UTV:

What’s in the Box:

  • 1. 75” & 2” clamps
  • 1.5” & 1.875” rubber pads
  • Mounting screws
  • Wiring installation kit
  • User manual


  • Rockville XBAR-24 24″ ATV/UTV Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker System w/LED + Wire Kit
  • Built in Bluetooth 5.0 chip-set
  • Built in LED lights with on/off button (red, blue, purple, and off)
  • LED modes: solid color (selectable color), Pulsating (Blinking in any color you choose)
  • 6 Speakers built in
  • Extremely loud with great sound quality
  • 24″ Amplified Bluetooth Sound System
  • Built in Class D stereo power amplifier with 200 Watts RMS and 400 Watts Peak
  • (4) 3.5” mid-bass drivers with ferrite Y35 magnets
  • (2) 1″ PEI dome tweeters
  • Marine rated with rugged weatherproof exterior
  • IPx6 waterproofing/weatherproofing
  • Clean installation (Includes a harness that gets hard wired to the vehicle battery)
  • Perfect for ATV, UTV, Side X Sides, Jeeps, and other offroad applications
  • Polypropylene mica Cone
  • Butyl Rubber Surround
  • All Speakers are Forward Firing for Maximum SPL and Sound Staging
  • Includes multi-angle adjustable clamp system fits 1. 5”/1.75”/1.85”/2″ bars
  • Weather Resistant Grills and Hardware
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Height: 4.65″ Length: 23.42″, Depth: 4.69″

Inputs and Outputs:

  • 3.5mm Audio Auxiliary Input
  • RCA Audio output for a second sound bar or for a subwoofer or for an amplifier or more powered speakers

Bluetooth Features:

  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Supports A2DP audio streaming
  • Bluetooth range up to 32.8 feet
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology for handsfree talking and audio streaming
  • Automatic Pairing to Bluetooth when in range

Wire Kit Includes:

  • Rockville RWK8ATV 8 AWG Gauge Amplifier/Amp Installation Wire Kit For Motorcycle/RZR/ATV/UTV
  • 6 Foot 8 Gauge 100% OFC, Red Flexible Power Cable with 3’ Black Poly Woven Mesh to better resist chemicals in the battery compartment
  • 6 Foot 8 Gauge 100% OFC, Black Flexible Ground Cable
  • (2) 4 Foot 16 Gauge 100% OFC black Flexible Speaker Cables Protected by black nylon mesh
  • 6 Foot Pre-terminated ring terminals make connections to the battery simple
  • (1) Silver AGU Fuse Holder – Clear Shell and Clear Blue Bottom Bracket with Blue Waterproof Ring
  • (1) 60A AGU Fuse
  • (2) Ring Terminals
  • (2) Spade Terminals
  • (4) Speaker Cable Terminals
  • (4) Washers
  • (10) White Cable Ties
  • (1) hexagon spanner

Owner’s manual


  • UPC:
  • 819216027561

⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm — www. P65Warnings.ca.gov

    Fort S24 Soundbar – Buy Now for Stunning Audio Experience

    Audio Specifications

    No.of Speakers




    Woofer Driver


    Driver Type


    Drive Impedance

    2 Ω

    Woofer Driver Impedance


    Frequency Response

    50Hz ~ 20KHz

    Signal Noise Ratio


    Audio Codec


    Bluetooth Connectivity


    Bluetooth 5.1

    Bluetooth Range


    Included in the Box

    • – Mivi Fort S24 Soundbar
    • – USB cable to Type-C
    • – AUX Cable , Power Card
    • – Warranty Card
    • – Quick Start Guide


    Physical Unit

    Packaging dimensions

    420x 75 x 75 mm (LxWxH)


    1200 Gms

    4. 8

    192 RATINGS

    5 STAR


    4 STAR


    3 STAR


    2 STAR


    1 STAR



    The sound is crystal clear and the bass is nice. And it has ground-shaking bass with beautiful and nice treble. Both bass and treble are well balanced and you can hear each and every dialogue clearly a must-buy product.


    Bought a couple of days ago. The bass is really powerful. Just amazing sound quality. Perfect for small rooms . Can connect wirelessly to the TV also . Amazing product

    Simply awesome

    No words to describe … such an awesome prouct . Proudly made in india… more worthy than this price♥

    Is the SoundBar S24 wired or Wireless?

    Mivi Fort S24 comes with both features.

    What Bluetooth version does it support?

    Mivi Fort S24 comes with Bluetooth v5.1

    What is the output of the soundbar?

    Mivi Fort S24 offers 24W output.

    What is the charging time for Soundbar S24?

    The charging time for Mivi Fort S24 is 3.5 hours.

    Is the voice assistant feature available in the soundbar S24?

    Insert the earbud into your ear and rotate to fit comfortably. Ensure the microphone is pointing towards your mouth. For optimum audio experience and fit, we recommend that you try each different ear-tip sizes. The fit should feel tight and secure in your ear. The medium is pre-mounted on the earbuds. Ensure the ear-tip is firmly attached.

    Does the soundbar come with warranty?

    Yes, the Mivi Fort S24 soundbar comes with 1 Year best in the industry warranty on manufacturing defects.

    owner’s guide

    quick start guide

    More SUPPORT


    Service & Warranty

    The front soundbar does not work » Page 24

    • Please explain why after reinstalling Windows 7 my front soundbar does not work, the Realtek sound card does not work, I installed the sound drivers from the motherboard CD, the Realtek manager is installed and there is sound in the operating system. But I connect the headphones to the front panel and there is no sound, before reinstalling the operating system there was sound. George.
    • Letter #2 Answer this question, I recently reset my BIOS settings to default (default) and now I have the front sound panel does not work , on the network they say it is necessary to install the Realtek dispatcher, but I never had it, so it’s something else, probably in the BIOS settings. Anton.
    • Letter #3 Why can’t I hear sound from my headphones in Windows 7 when I plug them into the front panel? Realtek sound card. On one of the forums on the Internet, I was advised to go to Playback Devices and just turn on the headphones, but I can’t do it, because they say Device with High Definition Audio support Not connected and if you right-click on them, this menu will appear and as you can see they can be Disabled, not Enabled. I also read on one site that you need to go to Start-> Control Panel-> Sound – on the Play or Record tabs, select the correct device and click Default, but it doesn’t help either. Christina.

    This article, friends, is suitable for both the Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP operating systems, if there is a difference, I will definitely show you where.

    Answer to the first question. Let’s deal with the non-working front soundbar, firstly in most cases, you must have Realtek manager installed for it to work. If you have it installed, then its icon should be on the taskbar,

    if it is not there, go to Start – Control Panel – Realtek Manager. In Windows 7

    In Windows XP

    if it is missing there too, try to find it in the C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA folder RtHDVCpl.exe and run it, you should see the Realtek Manager main window, if you do not have the Realtek folder in the C:\Program Files folder, then you need to download the updated version of the driver for your sound card on the Realtek website and install it, how to do this is described in detail in our article How to install a sound driver.

    When you launch the Realtek Manager in Windows 7, click on the Speakers button, then click on the yellow folder in the upper right corner and the Connector Settings window appears, meme OK.

    After these steps, the front soundbar should work.

    The Realtek Manager looks a little different on Windows XP, but the essence is the same. Left-click on the button with a wrench

    and in the window that appears, check the box Disable front panel jack detection and OK,

    the front sound panel should work.

    We can also click on the Advanced device settings button in this window and adjust everything as we need, for example, check the box – Mute the rear output device when connecting the front headphone output device. This means that when headphones are connected to the front soundbar, the speakers connected to the motherboard at the back will immediately turn off.

    On Windows 7

    Now answering the second email. It happens friends that the drivers for the sound card are installed and the sound is present in the system, but the front sound bar does not work, there are usually two reasons for this.

    First of all: your front sound panel works according to the slightly outdated AC’97 standard and the cable coming from it is connected to the AAFPanalog audio front panel connector on the motherboard (designed specifically for connecting the front panel audio connectors).

    • Note: AC’97 is an outdated standard audio codec, a veteran, we can say that it was developed by Intel in 1997, it is used in motherboards, as well as cases with a front panel audio solution. But the sound subsystem built into your motherboard works according to a newer standard – High Definition Audio or HD Audio, because of this, the front soundbar may not work. Intel High Definition Audio is a relatively new specification for audio codecs developed by Intel in 2004, featuring improved digital audio quality, more channels, higher bandwidth compared to AC’97.

    You can solve this problem using the BIOS, it is there that you can set the principle of operation of the front sound panel. There are usually two options: default HD Audio and [AC97] as well.

    Reboot and enter the BIOS. We go to the Advanced item, then Onboard Devices Configuration

    and finally the option responsible for the front sound panel Front Panel Type, it can also be called like this:
    Front Panel Support Type, High Definition Front Panel Audio, Legacy Front Panel Audio, it is by default in the HD Audio position,

    move it to the [AC97] position, save the changed settings and exit the BIOS. After the reboot, the front soundbar should work.

    Also, if your front panel works in HD Audio, then in the BIOS you need to switch it from the [AC97] position to the HD Audio position. In any case, experiment.

    Friends, if you connect the AC’97 front soundbar to the AAFP connector on the High Definition Audio specification motherboard,

    then everything will work fine for you, only in some cases, when you connect headphones to the front soundbar, the sound speakers will not be muted, even if you disable the Mute rear output device when connecting the front output device of headphones in the Realtek Manager settings.

    All this is due to the fact that the manufacturers of the front sound panel use a simplified wiring diagram for the cable and AC9 front panel outputs7.

    There are two ways out here, the first is to solder (not so easy), the second is to buy a new case, with support for the front HD Audio sound panel, and if you purchase a new computer, check everything with the seller, do not be surprised if when buying a new system unit in a non-specialized supermarket, you will encounter a complete ignorance of consultants in this matter.

    Well, the last thing you need to check if the front soundbar does not work for you is whether it is connected to the motherboard with a cable, sometimes it is simply forgotten to be connected when assembling the computer, as in this screenshot.

    Forgot to connect the AC’97 front panel audio cable to the AAFP analog audio front panel connector on the motherboard.

    Well, to Christina from the third letter, we installed a new version of the driver from the official site and set up the front sound bar in the Realtek manager, everything is written in our article How to install the sound driver in detail.

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