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7 Best 24-Inch Smart TVs In 2023

Enjoy the best features like Chromecast and good connectivity.

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If you’re looking for a medium-sized TV for your bedroom, living room, or other purposes, a 24-inch tv can be a good size to consider. So, here’s our list of the best 24-inch smart TVs to help you choose the right one. These smart TVs would let you watch your favorite shows and switch to streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney, and more. You can also surf the web, listen to music, or play video games on these TVs.

With various exciting features and designs, choosing the right one may be challenging. So, take a look at the products listed to learn more.

Top Picks

Best With Dual-Band Wi-Fi:All-New Insignia NS-24DF310NA21 24-inch Smart HD 720p TV

Best Wide Viewing Angle:LG Electronics 24Lh5830-PU 24-inch Smart LED TV

Best Brilliant Picture Quality:Vizio D-Series 24-inch HD (720p) Smart LED TV

Best Dolby Audio:Westinghouse 24-inch Roku HD LED Smart TV

Best With Built-In Chromecast:Vizio D-Series 24-inch Class Full HD LED Smart TV

Best Digital Noise Reduction:Sansui 24-inch 720p HD LED Smart TV

Best Built-In Subwoofer:Philips 6000 Series 24inch Android TV- 24PFL6704

7 Best 24inch Smart TVs


Best With Dual-Band Wi-Fi:Insignia NS-24DF310NA21 24-Inch Smart HD 720p TV


Image: Insignia

BUY ON AMAZON | $99.99

Buy on Walmart

Featuring a voice remote with Alexa, this 24-inch smart TV allows you to launch apps, play music, watch live TV, control the smart home devices, and more. You can have endless entertainment with over 500,000 movies and TV episodes to stream. This smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi offers a convenient connection, LED display, and seamless integration, so you can manage your favorite content without a single hassle.


  • Conveniently connects with dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Three HDMI inputs
  • Multiple input and output options
  • Backed with automatic software updates
  • Remote includes shortcut buttons for apps


  • FireTV interface may be slow

Price at the time of publication: $99. 99

Buy on Amazon | $99.99Buy on Walmart

2. Best Wide Viewing Angle:LG Electronics 24Lh5830-PU 24-Inch Smart LED TV


Image: Lg

BUY ON AMAZON | $404.49

Buy on Walmart

The 24-inch flat-screen TV has an HD 1366x768p display and is a fusion of technology and comfort. This smart TV for bedrooms offers great color detail and clarity. It connects with Wi-Fi directly and allows access to unlimited content online. Among the best 24-inch Tvs, this smart TV has built-in Wi-Fi to stream your favorite content using Miracast and Bluetooth and offers the convenience of screen sharing. Check out the detailed review of the product in this video.


  • Offers impressive audio and sound quality
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Convenient to set up
  • Has various apps


  • Does not have a web browser

Price at the time of publication: $404. 49

Buy on Amazon | $404.49Buy on Walmart

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3. Best Brilliant Picture Quality:Vizio D-Series 24-Inch HD (720p) Smart LED TV


Image: Vizio

BUY ON AMAZON | $159.99

Buy on Walmart

Designed for uninterrupted entertainment, this 24-inch smart TV with Wi-Fi comes with a built-in Google Chromecast. Download the VIZIO SmartCast mobile app to have complete control over your TV from anywhere in the house. This is a pre-owned product that has been professionally tested, inspected, and cleaned. Watch this video of the product for more information.


  • Brilliant picture quality
  • Has high-speed wireless
  • Offers automatic updates
  • Features voice control using Google Assistant- and Alexa-enabled devices
  • Allows access to over 100 live and online streaming channels


  • Updates may take quite long

Quick Tip: Clean and dust your smart TV regularly using a soft cloth and ensure the ventilation system is always open.

Price at the time of publication: $159.99

Buy on Amazon | $159.99Buy on Walmart

4. Best Dolby Audio:Westinghouse 24-Inch Roku HD LED Smart TV


Image: Westinghouse

BUY ON AMAZON | $164.99

Buy on Walmart

Enjoy this smart TV with streaming capabilities for endless entertainment, from popular international and streaming channels such as Apple TV, Prime Video, Netflix, Google Play, and more. This HD television requires you to download Roku mobile app to conveniently voice control this device and share content from your phone.


  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Convenient to setup
  • Simple interface
  • Equipped with Dolby Audio
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Offers automatic updates for the software


  • May not work without registering with Roku
  • Remote may not be handy

Price at the time of publication: $164. 99

Buy on Amazon | $164.99Buy on Walmart

5. Best With Built-In Chromecast:Vizio D-Series 24-Inch Class Full HD LED Smart TV

This smart TV offers a 1080 full HD feature with crystal-clear detailing and radiance. It lets you take complete control over your device with the voice control feature. This is one of the best 24-inch TVs packed with over 100 channels for free for your endless entertainment. It has a 178° viewing angle that lets you watch TV from different directions.


  • Built-in Chromecast
  • Compatible with virtual assistants
  • Equipped with free automatic updates
  • Backed with a one-year warranty
  • Offers high-quality picture


  • May not be a good choice for gaming

Quick Tip: Just say it! Control this smart TV with your voice by combining it with an Alexa device.

Buy on Amazon

6. Best Digital Noise Reduction:Sansui 24-Inch 720p HD LED Smart TV

4. 1

Image: Sansui

BUY ON AMAZON | $299.99

Buy on Walmart

Built using an HD panel, this is the best 24-inch TV. Its smart features include multi-viewing modes and impressive stereo speakers. Designed to offer detailed visuals, it doesn’t cause fatigue on watching TV for long. It is a smart TV with app support that allows you to download different apps and stream movies without any interruptions.


  • Offers immersive sound experience
  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • Wide range of brightness
  • Three built-in HDMI ports
  • Offers digital noise reduction


  • Does not have a Bluetooth

Price at the time of publication: $299.99

Buy on Amazon | $299.99Buy on Walmart

7. Best Built-In Subwoofer:Philips 6000 Series 24-Inch Android TV- 24PFL6704


Image: Philips

BUY ON AMAZON | $124. 98

Buy on Walmart

Philips Android TV with a built-in Google Assistant makes a complete entertainment solution. It has a far-field microphone that lets you control your TV even from a distance. Equipped with 16-watt smart speakers, this smart TV offers dynamic sound quality for an immersive experience. It also allows you to access your favorite shows, movies, music, and more hands-free.


  • Simple and easy to setup
  • Built-in subwoofer
  • Includes a separate music option for better sound
  • Offers good picture quality
  • Easy to control and operate


  • May allow running of limited apps

Price at the time of publication: $124.98

Buy on Amazon | $124.98Buy on Walmart

How To Choose The Right 24-inch Smart TV?

Here are some factors to keep in mind while buying a 24-inch smart TV.

  1. Audio and display quality: Choose a TV with good HD resolution for better display and speakers for clear sound. You can even go with small smart TVs designed around digital noise reduction technology for better effects.
  1. Smart features: Consider a smart TV with smart features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  1. Screen share: Smart TVs with Miracast and Chromecast enhance the TV viewing experience as they allow screen sharing.
  1. Voice assistance: Look for smart TVs with voice control and voice assistant features, such as Google Assistant and Alexa.
  1. Ports: Always look for HDMI and USB ports as they further add to the convenience of using the smart TV.

For those who enjoy the world of entertainment, having a good 24-inch smart TV is a worthy investment. Fill your life with the best of entertainment by streaming your favorite shows, movies, music, and videos. Pick the best 24-inch TV packed with smart features from the above list.

How We Selected The Best 24-Inch Smart TVs

With the latest technology and features, choosing the right smart TV can be challenging. We brought to you the list of best 24-inch smart TVs after comparing various products. We have considered the clarity, performance, and quality of these TVs to compile this list. For your convenience, we have also included pros and cons for each product to offer an unbiased opinion. Moreover, we have considered the reviews of real buyers, posted on multiple websites.

1. How far should I sit from a 24-inch TV?

It is recommended to sit six to ten feet away from a 24-inch TV for comfortable viewing and to protect your eyes.

2. Do smart TVs emit radiation when turned off?

Yes, a smart TV emits a small amount of radiation. However, the low level of radiation is not harmful to you or your children.

3. Is a 24-inch TV big enough for gaming?

Yes, a 24-inch TV is big enough for gaming purposes. Just ensure it has the required features, such as HDMI and USB ports. And to play online games, you would need a Wi-Fi connection.

4. What image quality do I get with 24-inch TVs?

It varies with different brands and types of TV. You need to check how many pixels they offer. TVs with 1080p offer good image quality.

Choosing the right smart TV can be challenging, given the wide range of options available. We brought you the list of the best 24-inch smart TVs after comparing various products and their features. We have considered the performance, sound and visual quality, and durability of these TVs while compiling this list. For your convenience, we have also included the pros and cons of each product to offer an unbiased opinion. The above buying guide will also help you select the best product for your home.

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How Big is a 24 inch TV?

All television sets look alike at first glance, but take a deeper look and you discover technological differences which will dramatically affect your viewing pleasure. How big is a 24 inch TV, after all, you don’t want the picture you see on the advertisement not to give you a good picture in your own living room. Twenty-four inches is one of the smallest sizes available for a TV but we take a look to see just how big it really is.

How big is a 24-inch TV?

The advertised screen size of a TV is the diagonal of the TV.  Diagonal length is the one corner of the TV to the other corner of the TV set.  So if you’re measuring the width of the screen, check the distance from corner to corner diagonally and don’t include the bezels, just the screen. Bezels make the overall size of the TV a bit bigger.

So essentially what you get with a 24 inch TV is the width being 20.9 inches and the height being 11.7 inches. In centimeters, a 24 inch monitor will be 61cm diagonally.

An advantage of this small TV size is that it’s so inexpensive. If you’re looking for a smaller TV like the 24 inch you don’t have to think for one minute that you’re getting something inferior.

Small in size, big on features

The smallest smart TVs like the 24 inch are still big on features and functionality. They can do well in a bedroom. Many people use them in kitchens so they don’t miss a thing when they leave the living room to whip up a drink.

TV experts tell us that if you’re going to buy a new TV, then a wise move would be to buy a 4K TV which means it has 4K resolution.

4K TVs have four times more pixels than your regular Full HD TVs. It means you get more vivid and detailed images because of the greater pixel density.

Room size and distance for 24 inch TV

Before you choose the right size TV for a room, take a good look at the size of the room and also the spot where you want to place your TV set. Do you want your TV set mounted on a table or sideboard or are you thinking about mounting it onto a wall?

You need to measure the distance between the desired location of your 24-in TV and your seating.   You can view a 24-inch TV comfortably and get a good picture at around 6 feet away from it. In general, a 24-inch TV will suit being in a small to medium size room such as a bedroom.

One of the main TV quality considerations in a room is the resolution.  The best resolution of a 24 inch TV is 1920×1080. Because 4K TVs have such a high resolution, you’re able to sit  closer to them and still benefit from a clear picture.

Will a 24 inch TV fit in my car: transporting

Yes, a 24 inch TV will fit into- and be transported easily enough in any size car really. However, to keep it safe, you’re going to need a number of materials to transport it in your car. It can be useful if you opted to keep your 24-in flat screen TV’s box.

If possible, use the original packaging material, and if you no longer have it, make use of bubble wrap and some kind of tight-fitting box. The corners of your TV set are always vulnerable, so look for ways to protect the corners within the cardboard box.

When you bought your TV as new, it came with foam inserts, but if you no longer have yours, wrap additional bubble wrap around the corners. Place your TV in an upright position in your car. This means it is better to place your TV on the back seat of your car or on the floor behind the front seats.

Fitting a TV into a car

Fitting a TV in your car for viewing isn’t an easy task, and yet the Internet has information on how to install a TV in your car so that it is safe and secure. Choose the location for your TV set – either in the center console or behind the driver and passenger seat headrests. You will be guided as to how to mount the TV and connect the necessary cables. It can be amazing watching TV while going on a long road trip.

24 inch TV models – which one is the best?

If you’re looking for the best 24 inch TV for your home, these compact television sets are available at affordable prices. These smart TVs are packed full of features and also allow you to stream, surf the web, play music, launch apps, control smart home devices and play video games from the different ports.

→ Check the best 24 inch tv’s

Some of the 24-inch TV brands available today are:

  • Samsung
  • Sansui
  • Insignia
  • LG Electronics
  • Vizio
  • Supersonic
  • Sanyo
  • Element
  • Sceptre
  • RCA
  • Westinghouse

Of these brands, the Vizio D-series with dimensions 22.15 x 13.21 x 2.36 inches offers superb picture quality and voice control offers automatic updates too. It is considered the best overall TV ri buy. This 24-inch smart TV with wifi comes with a built-in Google Chromecast. 

The Westinghouse with dimensions 21.62″ x 12.81″ x 2.95″ is considered an excellent budget 24-inch TV and you can benefit from having access to popular streaming channels such as Netflix and Apple TV. It is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa and has built in wifi.

If you live in a small place and don’t have much space, the 24-inch Insignia LED HD Fire TV Edition is a cool choice. With its dimensions being 7. 1 x 21.7 x 14.4 inches, the 720p-resolution TV can work. It has some smart features such as Alexa being built in so that you can use your voice to navigate and also play content.


When people ask how big is a 24 inch TV, apart from manually measuring it and measuring your room, a small TV like the 24 inch is a super choice for small living rooms, man caves or in the  kitchen.

Don’t be fooled by its small size though because they are packed full of amazing features and placed correctly in a small room, they can be the centerpiece of your home in the limited space you have. 

Find more info about tv’s and sizes on this website

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, Все обеспечивает ряд патентов и передовые технологии в настоящее время на рынке.

Доля обеспечивает профессионально различные отраслевые решения, такие как облачные клеммой встроенного программного обеспечения в области образования,hotel программное обеспечение,и индивидуальные системы Cloud терминала для операторских центров и предприятий, выделенной SOP терминала для производственной линии и т.д.

Доля технология предлагает клиентское оборудование OEM и ODM для всех внутренних и международных его на заводе или компаний , которые специализируются в области профессионального развития виртуализации.

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Ответ: Да, мы предлагаем OEM / ODM. В BIOS, ПХД, слот цвет, пакет, компакт-диск, инструкции и т.д.

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Q5: Какие на арест -все в одном компьютере?
A: бесплатная гарантия в течение одного года со дня покупки.

TOP 10 best 24″ TVs by price/quality in 2023

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In our new rankings, we’re picking the best value for money 24″ TVs in 2023 to make a good choice for those on a tight budget. They are usually bought in a small room, in a garage or in a country house, where viewing is carried out from a short distance. In this case, you do not need a huge diagonal and extra functions, for which you usually have to pay extra.

For more convenience, the TOP is divided into two categories – with and without Smart TV, if you do not need smart functions. Their presence opens up new opportunities for you – you can watch new items in online cinemas, use a browser and install any necessary applications. But even if you took a TV without Smart TV, you can connect it in the future by purchasing a special TV box .

Comparison of 24-inch TVs opens the cheapest model with Smart TV, built on the Android operating system. It is distinguished by ease of use, a built-in media player that supports most modern formats, but the main thing is that you can install any application you need, whether it is an online cinema, IPTV, browser, your possibilities are not limited by anything.

To access network functions, you can connect via Wi-Fi or by wire, for which a LAN port is provided on the back. There is also a VESA 100 x 100 mount for hanging the TV on the wall, a pair of USB 2.0 connectors, a headphone output, HDMI, audio and video jacks. With a diagonal of 24 inches, the TV operates at a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, which provides good picture detail. Viewing angles are maximum – 178 degrees in any direction, and support for HDR technology allows you to see the details hidden in the shadows and in overexposed scenes.

Refresh rate – 60 Hz, which gives a smooth playback of any, including dynamic scenes. Playback from external media is supported, you can also record TV broadcasts on them. Polarline 24PL51TC-SM is one of the most economical models, because the power consumption does not exceed 25 watts. Stereo speakers with a power of 6 watts give good sound for the price.


  • 3D digital filter reduces noise and improves image detail;
  • 2 USB ports;
  • Modest case weight and dimensions;
  • Interesting design;
  • Can be placed on a table or hung on a wall;
  • TV recording function;
  • Internet access via Wi-Fi and wire;
  • Android TV;
  • Support for most modern formats;
  • Maximum viewing angles and rich color reproduction;
  • The sound does not wheeze.


  • Slow, Smart TV takes a long time to load;
  • The speakers are fairly quiet.

Best Inexpensive 24″ Smart TV with VA technology and maximum viewing angles of 178 degrees vertically and horizontally. Thus, it will be convenient to watch a movie from any part of the room, the image is not distorted. One of the interesting features is the ability to save TV broadcasts to a USB flash drive or HDD drive so that the missed program can be watched later.

Android TV is used as the operating system, which gives access to an unlimited range of applications on Google Play and the possibility of flexible customization. You will have access to all popular online cinemas, such as Kinopoisk HD and Megogo, a convenient browser, IPTV viewers and much more, and you get such wide opportunities for little money. Internet connection is possible both by wire and Wi-Fi. The digital noise filtering system improves image detail even with poor input signal, allowing you to enjoy watching digital terrestrial television (DVB-T/T2).

The built-in player supports popular music and video file formats that you can play from external media. The picture is broadcast on a screen with HD resolution, which is the standard for a 24-inch diagonal. A pair of built-in speakers of 3 W each is responsible for sound reproduction. The speakers are far from top-end – the sound is quite flat and inexpressive, but you won’t find anything better for this price. good soundbar will help to solve this problem. HARPER 24R490TS can be wall-mounted with a 100 x 100 VESA bracket or placed on the supplied side-mounted feet. On the back side there are 2 USB inputs, 2 HDMI, a wired headphone jack, DVB CAM and CI/PCMCIA interfaces, as well as 5 inputs for video and audio. For more convenient use, you can connect a wireless mouse and keyboard, set a timer and a TV lock.


  • Most affordable Smart TV option;
  • 2 USB ports;
  • Best Budget 24″ Android TV;
  • Able to record air to external drives;
  • Full-fledged Google Play with a huge range of applications;
  • Image quality;
  • Compact size and light weight;
  • Can be hung on the wall;
  • Quick Shell Smart TV;
  • Strong Wi-Fi reception;
  • Color reproduction and viewing angles.


  • Mediocre sound;
  • Embedded player does not support AVI format.

Excellent TV from the South Korean brand is characterized by compact dimensions, low price and at the same time good functionality. The device received a classic design with noticeable frames and a fairly thin body. At the back, there are Ethernet ports, USB 2.0, a pair of HDMI 1.4, a headphone audio output, a CI slot, as well as composite and coaxial connectors.

The model is equipped with a pair of speakers with low power – only 4 watts. The sound quality leaves much to be desired, we would recommend adding 9 to the TV0003 good soundbar . On the other hand, not the best sound in general is a problem with cheap TVs. The TV received an LED display with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels, which, with a small diagonal and taking into account the cost in general, is a good indicator.

Viewing angles, both horizontally and vertically reach 178 degrees, and therefore the image remains legible from any place in the room. In terms of brightness and contrast, everything is pretty standard – 200 cd / m2 and 3000: 1. The refresh rate is also typical for budget models – 60 Hz.

The development of the Russian brand – Yandex TV – was chosen as the operating system for the TV. Support for all useful Yandex functions has been implemented, including the Alice voice assistant, which is activated via the remote control. There is relatively little RAM (1 GB), but this is more than enough for the installed OS. It also has 8 GB of internal memory. Of the wireless modules, there is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but for some reason the manufacturer did not consider it necessary to provide data on which versions of the modules were installed.


  • Fast and convenient Yandex TV OS;
  • Wide range of ports;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • Pleasant laconic design;
  • Can be integrated into the Yandex smart home ecosystem;
  • Low power consumption – only 35W;
  • Wall mount compatible 200x100mm;
  • There is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
  • Internet can also be connected by wire;
  • Convenient voice assistant Yandex Alice.


  • Sometimes works slowly;
  • Weak sound.

A good 24 inch TV with Smart TV will be an excellent solution for a small room or kitchen, where it will become a place of attraction for all family members. It boasts a high level of brightness (250 cd / m2), which ensures the richness of the picture, and a refresh rate of 60 Hz contributes to the smoothness of the image and eliminates twitching when playing dynamic scenes. The resolution was left standard – HD (1366×768 pixels), unfortunately FHD TVs with a diagonal of 24 inches are no longer produced.

The picture looks great regardless of the angle at which you look at it, because the viewing angles are maximum – 178 degrees vertically and horizontally. The sound will also please, because the power of the speakers has been increased to 10 W in comparison with the models described above. The sound is louder and richer, which is facilitated by Dynamic Action Sync and Virtual Surround technologies. The main advantage of the model is the WEB OS system, with which you get access to your favorite TV shows, streaming services, online cinemas, YouTube, Netflix and any other applications.

The Miracast function allows you to display the image from the phone screen on TV, which is very convenient – you can watch family photos together, turn on any video and movie. LG 24TQ520S-PZ LED features no flicker, built-in game mode, an equalizer for fine-tuning the sound and modes for different types of content – for sports, movies. Thus, the ideal settings for the selected genre are set, which makes what is happening even more exciting and realistic.

On the case there was a place for 1 USB port, 1 HDMI 1.3, satellite input, antenna input, Ethernet and AV. The rear has holes for a VESA 75 x 75mm wall mount.


  • Good picture and sound;
  • Wall mountable;
  • Large selection of modes for different types of content;
  • Flicker free;
  • Ability to fine-tune the sound;
  • Miracast for broadcasting pictures from your phone;
  • Network connection via Wi-Fi and wire;
  • Edge LED-backlit;
  • Automatic volume equalization;
  • Game Mode;
  • Ability to integrate into the smart home ecosystem;
  • Speed;
  • Functional and convenient webOS shell.


  • No input for wired headphones;
  • Only one USB connector.

Best 24″ Smart TV supports HDR technology for better color fidelity and picture clarity. The difference is especially noticeable when viewing scenes that are too bright or dark, where you can see more details. The HD TV is built on the basis of the new Ultra Clean View algorithm, which minimizes distortion and provides excellent picture quality. PurColour technology delivers true-to-life colors, bringing the realism of what is happening on the screen to a whole new level.

The Tizen operating system features a user-friendly interface, good speed and a wide range of supported applications, including popular online cinemas like IVI, Megogo and Kinopoisk HD. The sound quality is also impressive, for which stereo speakers with a total power of 10 watts are responsible. The TV supports playback from external media, for which 1 USB input is provided, and 2 HDMI ports are provided for the game console, TV set-top box and similar equipment.

Internet connection is possible both by wire and Wi-Fi. The model is very economical – it consumes no more than 24 W of electricity, so after buying it, electricity bills will practically not increase. The Micro Dimming Pro local dimming option divides the screen into sections, analyzes the image in each of them and improves the reproduction of details hidden in the shadows and in the light.


  • Favorite channels can be saved to a separate list;
  • Proprietary technologies for image and sound enhancement;
  • Powerful 10 W speakers;
  • Wall mountable;
  • 2 HDMI ports;
  • Support for digital tuners DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-S2;
  • Refresh rate 60 Hz;
  • Nimble and functional shell Tizen;
  • Intuitively simple operation;
  • Handy remote;
  • Design.


  • Doesn’t know how to record TV programs on external media;
  • No wired headphone input.

Our review of the best 24-inch TVs moves on to the STARWIND SW-LED24BA201, which is ideal for watching TV shows and playing movies from USB sticks. To do this, there is a USB port on the back side, to which you can connect a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. The built-in player supports all popular formats, so there will definitely not be any difficulties with playback. An HDMI input is also available, so you can use your TV as a monitor or connect set-top box to it, having received the missing functions.

The legs of the TV are located at the edges, which gives good stability and allows you to place it even on a small table. In addition, there are holes on the back for VESA 100 x 100 wall mounting. With the option “parental control” you can protect your children from inappropriate content, TimeShift allows you to save TV channels on an external drive. This way you can go about your business and watch TV shows later.

The model supports DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C and teletext digital tuners, and unpretentious 6 W speakers with Dolby Digital surround sound technology are responsible for sound reproduction. Despite all the advantages, we would not recommend STARWIND SW-LED24BA201 for purchase. This is due to the use of a TFT-matrix, which gives meager color reproduction and limited viewing angles – 170 degrees vertically and 160 horizontally. This option is only suitable for undemanding users who want to get the simplest and cheapest TV possible.


  • Good option for undemanding users;
  • Able to play video from external media and store TV programs on them;
  • If desired, you can connect a TV set-top box;
  • Good picture and sound for the price;
  • One of the cheapest on the market today;
  • Possibility of hanging on the wall;
  • Confident reception of digital channels.


  • Limited viewing angles;
  • There are no buttons on the case, not even to turn off the power.

The 4th best 24″ TV is ranked by the Polarline 24PL12TC, which is the perfect choice for use in a garage or small room. The picture is broadcast on it with HD resolution (1366×768 pixels) at a refresh rate of 50 Hz and maximum viewing angles. They reach 178 degrees vertically and horizontally, so that the color reproduction is not distorted, no matter how you look at the screen.

The sound is quite ordinary – not bad and not great, built-in stereo speakers with a total power of 6 watts are responsible for its reproduction. If desired, Polarline 24PL12TC can be used as a monitor, for which an HDMI port is provided on the back. You can also connect a TV box to it to add Smart functions, and the USB input opens up the possibility of playing from a USB flash drive and other media.

Another plus in comparison with STARWIND SW-LED24BA201 is the presence of a wired headphone jack and a 3D digital filter that reduces the amount of noise and generally improves the picture quality. The TV can be placed on a sleek stand or wall-mounted with a VESA 100 x 100 bracket.


  • Beautiful and stable stand;
  • Lightweight and compact;
  • Good picture quality;
  • Able to record air to external drives;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • Image saturation;
  • Maximum viewing angles;
  • Nice design;
  • Can be hung on the wall;
  • Channel switching speed;
  • Input for wired headphones.


  • No timer;
  • The sound is quite quiet, but this can be fixed by purchasing a soundbar.

One of the best non-Smart 24″ TVs is the Asano 24Lh2110T with HD resolution, 178/178 degree wide viewing angles and 60Hz refresh rate. It is made using VA technology, which gives realistic color reproduction, but the sound, like all inexpensive models, leaves much to be desired. The fact is that stereo speakers of 3 W each are responsible for it, which is why we get a small margin in volume.

Asano 24Lh2110T is painted in classic black, which will be appropriate in any style of interior. It can be placed on a complete stand or hung on a wall by purchasing a VESA 100×100 bracket. Features include parental controls to prevent children from accessing inappropriate content, hotel mode, a TimeShift option for recording broadcasts to external drives, and a teletext option. The lack of Smart TV is easy to fix – just connect TV box to the HDMI port.


  • Parental control and hotel mode;
  • Interesting design;
  • Headphone output;
  • Ability to record television programs on external drives;
  • USB port and HDMI 1.4;
  • Can be hung on the wall;
  • Picture quality and maximum viewing angles;
  • Beautiful stand;
  • Slim bezels;
  • Lightweight.


  • Small headroom;
  • Does not support AVI format.

When choosing the best budget TV with a diagonal of 24 inches, we recommend that you pay attention to the HARPER 24R490T, which does not have a Smart TV, but has other popular features. Among them is a 3D filter that removes noise from the picture and improves its quality. There is also a pre-installed video player that allows you to play content from a USB flash drive and other external media. In addition, you can save television broadcasts on them if you do not have time to watch an interesting program.

“Parental control” will help protect children from inappropriate content, there is also a TV guide, support for 5 digital tuners and even an equalizer. Stereo speakers with a total power of 6 W are responsible for it here, the sound is rather flat, but for this price you should not expect more. The advantages do not end there, because the HARPER 24R490T has maximum viewing angles, and its compact size allows you to install it even in the smallest room.

To do this, the set comes with a table stand, and separately you can purchase a VESA 100 x 100 bracket and hang the TV on the wall. The screen is made using VA technology, which gives the saturation of the picture, and the refresh rate of 60 Hz contributes to a smooth change of dynamic scenes.


  • Simple and convenient remote control;
  • Decent picture quality;
  • Great viewing angles;
  • Finds digital channels easily;
  • Supports broadcast recording to external media;
  • Hangs on the wall;
  • Build quality and reliability.


  • The sound is quite quiet and inexpressive, but this can be solved by connecting a soundbar.

The first place in the top of the best 24-inch TVs with good picture and sound is occupied by KIVI 24H500LB, which is ideal for playing games, watching your favorite films and broadcasts. Due to good detail, you will not miss a single important detail, and the sound will be pleasant thanks to support for Dolby Digital and Surround technology for added volume. Power is also good – 10 watts, which gives ample headroom in terms of volume.

The range of ports is also impressive, including modern HDMI 2. 0, VGA, USB-A, digital coaxial audio output, a CI slot and a wired headphone output. Viewing angles are close to the maximum – 178 degrees, and the brightness level of 230 cd / m2 ensures the saturation of the picture and realistic color reproduction. Another important plus is efficiency, because during its operation the TV consumes only 23 watts of electricity – one of the best indicators in the ranking. The TV can be placed on a stand or hung on the wall with a 100x100mm VESA bracket.


  • Working speed;
  • Easy to set up;
  • Excellent viewing angles;
  • Good picture quality;
  • Thin frame around the screen;
  • Light;
  • Nice design;
  • Value for money;
  • Can be hung on the wall;
  • Handy remote;
  • HDMI 2.0, USB port and headphone jack.


  • The sound is quite flat, but at the same time loud.

Nominated Winner
Top selling Samsung UE24N4500AU
The best of inexpensive without Smart TV Polarline 24PL12TC LED
24″ TV with best picture and sound Samsung UE24N4500AU
Best option with smart TV Samsung UE24N4500AU

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