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Today’s topic lasting longer in bed. A lot of people right in with premature ejaculation issue and that as many women right in these men and they seem to have a different idea about what the problem really is. And to me, one of the biggest solutions, and I really hope that you’re working on this already, is communication. Talk to each other. If you talk to each other, anxiety level drops, this problem probably goes away by itself with a little bit of time and practice just by reducing the anxiety, just by being on the same team and not having a dirty secret between you.

The easiest part of this issue is to use premature ejaculation supplement. The one that is recommended and approved my medicals is Prosolution Plus. You will find a lot of medical facts around this formula and my advice to you is to compare Prosolution Plus to other supplements you find. It’s easy, just take a closer look at these checkpoints:

  1. Natural ingredients used in the formula (check every component and look if it’s FDA approved)
  2. The speed of results (how long do you need to wait before the formula starts to work)
  3. Published studies and clinical reports (I’m sure you will not find any information around any premature ejaculation product except Prosolution Plus)

If you’re steel not sure, you better check this review website to learn more about Prosolution Plus

So if you are already doing that, here is a concrete hard technique that you can use, that a lot of guys have spoken to have found incredibly effective. And this is kind of the first basic tip that I give guys, because it is easy to do and it really works. I got this idea from a friend of mine who’s yoga instructor and I have this thing called triangular breathing. And they use it for relaxation and to enter meditative states.

And I thought to myself, relaxation, that sounds like a cool thing, because a lot of times the problem is the excitement builds, and builds, and builds and pretty soon you have no control at all over your ejaculation. What if you could do something physically with your body that reduces all that excitement, reduces that anxiety? Major relaxed. Will that work? Well, it turns out, for a lot of guys it is working. And it is very simple.

Triangular breathing is just done like this: you inhale very very slowly for about a five-count, inhaling with great control, very slowly. And when you reach the very top, you hold it. You hold that breath for exactly as long as it took it to inhale. Nice, slow five-count, and then exhaling. Again very slowly, calmly, with great control for exactly as long as it took you to inhale. And then again inhaling for nice slow five-count relaxed and control, holding it, relaxed, control. And as you can see I am building the legs exhaling of a triangle. Very slowly. And if you control this breath in exactly this way, making triangles as it were while you are making love, I think you will find it really gives you a lot of control; they really let you relax and get centered in yourself and not so filled with anxiety. And I really recommend you try this.

I think this also works on another level, saddle level, a powerful level. My yoga instructor friend told me that there are systems in the body that we have no control over them involuntary: your heartbeat, or digesting some food that you just ate. All these other things that the body does not think about it. There are other things that we have absolute control over like making a fist, bending your arm, running or walking. We have total control over that. The breath is that thing in the middle. It can either be involuntary, or it can be voluntary.

How To Maintain Sperm Health Fri, 16 Dec 2016 08:37:42 +0000

So today I want to tell you about how your lifestyle can affect your sperm health. This is an important topic. I talk a lot about how 50% of the equation is going to be with the woman, 50% with the man. Both in the importance of preparing for fertility as well as overcoming fertility issues. So it’s going to be something that both partners need to look at and work on. And so today is more of a what do you do, if you need to improve sperm health and sperm count or if you want to prepare for conception.

You don’t have to have an issue or low sperm count in order to do something healthy to prepare for conception. So a lot of the work we do with natural health and fertility is based around (especially for men) the fact that sperm production is about a two-and-a-half to three months cycle. So what you’re doing today and what you are doing and eating and exposing yourself to good and bad today, will affect the sperm that you’re using in about  90 days. We will just say 90 days to keep it simple, but I think it is about  72 days. But anyways, so what you’re doing today affects that sperm.

So if you’re getting an IVF, if you’re preparing to conceive, and you’ve been trying for a while, if you’re doing an IUI, if you got your sperm count happens to be low, or if you  just know “we’re going to start trying to conceive this year”, this is going to be very helpful for you. Because it’s important. You want to make sure that the health of the sperm is as best as it can be, because that is the DNA and the material that you’ll be using to make your child. So this is one of the best things you can do to ensure healthy future for them, so they have a healthy mind, healthy nervous, system everything. It really does make a huge impact.

So the great thing about natural health and sperm health is you can have a huge impact on all the factors that affect fertility. So there’s motility, mobility, morphology. So you can have an effect on those things through diet, through herbs, through circulation, and then also avoiding things such as pesticides, plastics, stress, laptops on the laps. So you can have a huge impact. And it’s also really easy to measure, you just go and get tests done.

So if you want to improve your sperm health and, in particular, to increase sperm count naturally, then I would recommend you to start taking special supplements for semen enhancement that are made only from natural herbs and vitamins. You should take them every day for at least three months in order to see the results. The most popular pills are Semenax, Volume Pills, Spermomax and Vimax Volume. You can choose any one of them. Just read the reviews first.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes Tue, 07 Jun 2016 12:12:13 +0000 erectile-dysfunction2

Let’s focus on one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. Is going to be people, so it’s been coming on gradually over time, the definition of erectile dysfunction is at least 25% of the time that you’re trying to initiate sex either the inability to achieve an erection or you able to achieve an erection but unable to maintain it. And that doesn’t count if you’re drinking 25% of the time, alcohol can impair one’s ability to have an erection. So that would be a whole another issue to treat. But if it’s not any sort of drug or alcohol use as 25% of the time you are unable to do that or more than one dealing with an erectile dysfunction.

If you have a sudden onset, and nothing changed, you’re feeling great in your relationship or just whoever your sexual partner is, you have to have a relationship, right, but if that hasn’t changed, stresses ok, nothing suddenly has happened, then it is important to see your physician and get a full check. Now, I don’t want to scare you but a sudden onset of inability to have an erection, we’re concerned about nerve issues and nerve damage, concerned about possible cancer – is a small incident – but as a doctor I always think worse case scenario and I want to rule out those big bad things before I feel really comfortable treating on herbal level.

see your physician

So sudden onset of erectile dysfunction, pay attention there are situational change, if not – then you go in and see your physician and get some laboratory tests to rule out some of these big bad causes.

As well as some of the other causes could be kidney issues, which is also a problem with circulation; it could be thyroid issues, people with thyroid disease, low thyroid –  that can cause erectile dysfunction; blood sugar issues as well –  all these can contribute to that.

The next step would be figuring out what are the causes. So unable to get an erection in the morning and unable to perform, now I’m thinking more circulatory issues. What we want to do, generally, if you are a patient coming in to see me, I’d want to do some blood work. And I’d want to check things like your thyroid, I’d  want to check your blood sugar, I’d want to check your cholesterol.

How Does Natural Penis Enlargement Occur? Thu, 28 Apr 2016 10:02:13 +0000 Penis enlargement is a process that might or might not enlarge your penis. There is a medical way to enlarge your penis such as taking drugs. Taking drugs could really be a risky process because of so many chemical products that it has. The herbal version, despite claiming to be safe, you can’t really tell about the success rate. Medical surgery can also be costly and dangerous for your penis. For that very reason, it is always a good idea to go with a natural penis enlargement instead. But how do natural penis enlargement work? Here are a little bit of an explanation for you. This review will open the doors to the most effective ways to make your penis bigger.

Exercising the muscle


Most of the natural penis enlargement are aimed to enlarge the muscle tissue in your penis. That is why you do need to exercise the muscle on a regular basis to gain a bigger penis muscle. Natural penis enlargement technique such as jelqing and stretching are aimed to break down the muscle tissue in the penis so that you can grow it back to be bigger. The more often you exercise your penis muscle, the faster you will gain more size because the bigger your muscle, the bigger your penis also.

All About the Blood Circulation


Another answer on how does natural penis enlargement occurs is that it happens through the blood flow. If you are doing the natural penis enlargement correctly, you will make your own blood circulates better whether it is from or to the penis. And by doing so, you can see how your penis will be able to get more blood when you have an erection. The more blood stored in your penis, the bigger your penis will be. And because the blood is stored in the penis then you will feel that your penis is larger than before.

The blood vessels too


Enlarging the penis is not just about how much blood can the penis get when erected. The penis enlargement happens when the blood vessels are also widened because it will make the penis filled with more blood when erected. That is how some of the best natural penis enlargement techniques like jelqing or stretching do. They are exercising the blood vessels so that it can get more blood. By getting more blood in their penis blood vessels, your penis will be bigger than before. The flexibility of blood vessels allows it to widen or stretch twice as it original size.

The skin tissue


Natural penis enlargement will also target the skin tissue of the penis. The penis enlargement process will not complete without the stretching of the skin tissue itself whether it is external or internal. The skin tissues are usually flexible which means that you can actually stretch it twice as much as the original size. That is why people are doing an exercise like penis stretching or jelqing because they want to stretch their penis. Growing the size of the penis should be about increasing the overall size of the penis, and that includes the blood vessels, muscle, and also the skin tissue.

How Does Male Enhancement Creams Work? Thu, 21 Jan 2016 09:14:44 +0000 male-enhancement-cream

Sexual prowess is one of the most important things in a man’s life. While they are very proud of their sexual prowess when they were young, it is a different story when they get older. People will lose their sexual prowess as they age and become older. To combat such issue, they would choose to use male enhancement cream to boost their sexuality. But do you know how does it work exactly? How does the male enhancement cream work in the body? Well, let’s find out together through this amazing article that we made.

The ingredients within it

The male enhancement creams do not just work like magic. There is a science behind the work of the cream. It all depends on the ingredients that are within the cream itself. But in most of the creams, there are several ingredients that can always be found in most of them. Those ingredients are L-arginine and Saw Palmetto. These two elements are known to enhance male sexuality in the best way possible. But how does exactly it work in our body? Well, keep reading this article below in order to find out the real answer.

The function of Saw Palmetto


Saw Palmetto is some kind of herb that you can find plenty in the heartland of America. This herb has been used since the old days by the native American people. It is naturally used as a male sexual enhancement. You can eat the berries or the extract from the plant.

Saw palmetto has a natural benefit of preventing erectile dysfunction in the male population. For that very reason, people use the extract of saw palmetto in male enhancement cream. By doing so, you can have a longer and a more durable erection while maintaining a good and firm erection.

Saw palmetto is not only used to have a firmer erection in the male. It also has such an energizing effect to whoever consume it. That is why it is also included in male enhancement cream in order to add more stamina and durability in bed.

The function of L-Arginine


The second ingredients that are often found in every male sexual enhancement cream is a substance called L-Arginine. Our body cannot produce a lot of L-Arginine which is a form of amino acid. This amino acid would help your body produce nitric oxide which is important in generating erection in the penis.

So how does the L-Arginine react to our body? Well, the penis itself can be erected when it receive a smooth flow of blood into the central blood capillaries. Sometimes, the penis cannot obtain a proper flow of blood because it lacks in amino acid and nitric oxide. By adding more nitric oxide into the body, the blood circulation will become smoother in our body. Therefore, the more your have L-Arginine in your body, the more it can produce nitric oxide. By having l-Arginine in your body, you will have an increased blood circulation and bigger and also firmer erection in your penis.

Female Sex Enhancement Cream VS. Pills Thu, 21 Jan 2016 09:02:13 +0000 It seems that people only know sex enhancement products to be something specific to the male species. And it is very common that sex enhancement pills are sold with the male as the primary customers. But do you know that women can also take sex enhancement products? If you feel like lacking in the sexual area, maybe you should try those products. You can also try several products whether it is cream or pill. As a first timer, you might be a little bit confused by those options. That is why we are here to give you tips regarding cream or pills of sex enhancement.

The Pros of Cream


One of the main benefits of taking a sex enhancement cream for women like Vigorelle is it has such an immediate result. The cream is usually applied directly to your vagina, mainly in the outer area. This will give an effect such as increased blood flow and tingling sensation. This can create an immediate arousal in the area that you want to feel sensation the most.

Plus, sex enhancement cream is considered safer by many people. That is because you do not consume the cream, you only swipe it on your outer skin area.

The Cons of Vigorelle Cream

As sexual enhancement cream creates an immediate result, sadly it also can immediately vanish. And by it, we mean the sensation that is caused by the cream. If you want a short period of arousal in your private part, cream of sexual enhancement for women should not be a problem. If you want something a little long-lasting, you should opt for pills instead.

Plus, sex enhancement cream can sometimes create an allergic reaction for those who have sensitive skin. It can come in the form of redness of rash or even uncomfortable itchiness.

The Pros of Pills


The one thing that people like the most when taking a female sex enhancement pills is the fact that it is durable. It is designed to create a result that is long-lasting or even permanent. Because you are taking it in your body, the result will come from inside your body.

You should also notice that sex enhancement supplements are very easy to get on the market. They are sold in practically every pharmacy out there.

Sex enhancement pills are also something that can be used without any fear of developing an allergic reaction or itchiness.

The Cons of Pills

One of the most complained aspect about sex enhancement pills is that they take a long time to see a result. You will have to take the medicine on a daily basis for several weeks or even months. That is why you will have to be patient if you choose to take pills instead of cream to increase your sex life.

Plus, some pills are made out of an a pure chemical substance that might not be good for our body. Despite so, there have been new trends where people use sex enhancement pills that have so many different natural ingredients in it.

Vigorelle is the most effective solution for female sexual enhancement, because it gives fast and guaranteed results. There’s no need to wait weeks until it works. You simply apply it to the genital area and enjoy the results:

  • better orgasms
  • increased sexual desire
  • Multiple orgasms
  • Better vaginal lubrication

You can visit Vigorelle official site to get more information about the product and buy it