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Cheap Ink Cartridges & Printer Ink from $2.99 @ CompAndSave

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Home Printer with Cheapest Ink

HP DeskJet 3755 All-in-One Printer w/4 months ink included with HP Instant ink

Print, copy, scanPrint speed ISO: Up to 8 ppm black, up to 5 colorBuilt-in WiFi, mobile printingInstant Ink ready; High yield ink available.


HP DeskJet 3755 All-in-One Printer w/ 4 months free ink through HP Instant Ink

Print, copy, scanPrint speed ISO: Up to 8 ppm black, up to 5 colorBuilt-in WiFi, mobile printingInstant Ink ready; High yield ink available.


HP DeskJet 3755 All-in-One Printer w/ 4 months free ink through HP Instant Ink

Print, copy, scanPrint speed ISO: Up to 8 ppm black, up to 5 colorBuilt-in WiFi, mobile printingInstant Ink ready; High yield ink available.


HP ENVY Inspire 7255e All-in-One Printer with Bonus 3 Months of Instant Ink with HP+

3 months ink + 2 year warranty w/ HP+

Print, copy, scan, photo, built-in photo tray, wirelessHome and work documents, creative projects, advanced photo features3 months Instant Ink and more with optional HP+ upgrade during setupHP+ requires HP account, internet, works only with original HP inkDynamic security enabled printer


HP ENVY Inspire 7955e All-in-One Printer with Bonus 3 Months of Instant Ink with HP+

3 months ink + 2 year warranty w/ HP+

Print, copy, scan, 2-sided print, auto document feeder, mobile/wirelessHome and work documents, creative projects, advanced photo features3 months Instant Ink and more with optional HP+ upgrade during setupHP+ requires HP account, internet, works only with original HP inkDynamic security enabled printer


HP DeskJet 3755 All-in-One Printer w/4 months ink included with HP Instant ink

So far so good! Setting up this printer was almost too easy. I don’t understand how other people are having such a difficult time with theirs it’s so easy my 10 year old daughter could do it. I’d have to say the 1 and only issue I have with this printer… It doesn’t have borderless printing for photos.


HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All-in-One Printer

Väldigt bra och nätt skrivare, grymt bra med batteriet.
Numera ställer jag undan skrivaren i en garderob, men kan ta fram den de få gånger jag skriver ut. Det sparar lite plats vid mitt arbetsbord. Den är så lätt att ta fram, så det är inget besvär. En vanlig skrivare är lite för stor och tung för att flytta fram och tillbaka.
Funkade dessutom utmärkt som kopiator.


HP Smart Tank 7001 All-in-One Printer

Great Printer – very fast – excellent resolution – fantastic photo prints (no smears, lines or runs) and the Wi-Fi connection makes it incredibly convenient. You can place it anywhere in the room!


HP Tango Printer w/ 4 months free ink through HP Instant Ink

Great printer! This is what I was looking for. I love it! It fits everywhere since it’s a small printer


Which printer is better: laser or inkjet


Author: Dmitry Mukharev

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Inkjet or laser printer: which is better for home and office?






What is the difference between a laser printer and an inkjet printer? What are their strengths and weaknesses? We answer these questions so you can choose the right printer for you. Everything is not as difficult as you think.

Once upon a time, printers were considered expensive devices, and you could only find them in offices or special copy centers. Those days are far behind us, and during the days of remote work, the printer has become almost an essential item. The only question is which printer is better – laser or inkjet? We will try to answer this question in our article. But first, let’s see what their differences are.


  • Print technology
  • Print Quality
  • Print speed
  • Printing cost
  • Monthly resource
  • Dimensions
  • Which is better: laser or inkjet printer

Most modern inkjet printers use thermal printing technology. It involves heating the nozzle and then ejecting drops of ink from the print head onto the print surface. At the same time, the head itself, together with the nozzles, gradually moves, forming an image on paper.

Laser printing, as the name of the technology implies, uses a laser beam falling on a drum with a photosensitive coating. At the point where the laser beam hits it, the surface of the drum changes the sign of the charge to the opposite, and then particles of toner with a different charge “stick” to these areas.

After that, the toner is transferred to the paper using a special roller with the charge opposite to that of the toner, and is fixed on it due to the pressure of the roller and heat.

Which do you think is easier to mix, liquid or powder? Of course, liquid. That is why liquid inkjet ink allows you to get much more shades than the powder, which is the toner. Actually, this is why an inkjet is better suited for printing color images.

The much higher image resolution that can be achieved with inkjet printers also speaks in favor of inkjet printers. And this makes them more suitable for photo printing. Therefore, the answer to the question of which color printer is better – laser or inkjet, is obvious.

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As for laser printers, they remain unrivaled in printing black and white documents, outperforming inkjet printers due to a clearer drawing of letters.

If you need photo printing and color image printing, buy an inkjet printer. When printing documents, it is better to opt for a laser printer.

The speed of a printer is traditionally measured by the number of sheets of A4 paper it can print per minute. And according to this indicator, it is laser printers that remain out of competition – the very principle of operation of the inkjet will not allow it to work as quickly. An inkjet printer, on average, is capable of delivering 5-8 A4 sheets per minute, while for lasers this figure can be an order of magnitude higher.

However, the first page out of an inkjet printer is usually faster because the laser printer needs to warm up before it can start working. And as a result, at a “short distance” (for example, printing 1-2 pages), the first one can be even faster than laser models.

The laser printer is much faster and therefore better suited for printing large amounts of text. When photo printing and printing 1-2 pages of documents, the difference between them is not fundamental.

By themselves, inkjet printers are usually much cheaper than their laser counterparts and, in fact, available to absolutely everyone. However, this does not at all answer the question of which printer is more suitable for printing – laser or inkjet. After all, the operation of an inkjet printer will almost certainly cost you much more than a laser one.

The thing is that the average cartridge for an inkjet printer has a very small resource and is often designed to print only a couple of hundred documents. At the same time, the price of the cartridge itself is quite high and can sometimes be comparable to the cost of the printer, and the ink consumption of the technology is extremely inefficient.

In fact, the inkjet printer is wasted not only for printing, but also for blowing the nozzle. And that’s not to mention that if a cartridge runs out of any color, you may need to replace the entire cartridge. And ink of different colors in them is very rarely consumed evenly.

Printers with continuous ink technology can solve this problem. In simple terms, these are cartridges connected to ink tanks with flexible cables. As a result, a continuous supply of ink to the cartridge is ensured, and if one of the colors is lacking, it is enough for the user to add the corresponding ink to the tank. The problem is that inkjet printers with CISS usually do not have a democratic price tag and are often more expensive than laser counterparts.

Laser printers, on the contrary, are more expensive than inkjet ones, but the cost of their operation is noticeably lower due to the much longer resource of cartridges. It may well be enough for 20, and 30 thousand pages, and the most inexpensive cartridges for laser printers usually print at least 600-700 pages of text.

A laser printer is usually more expensive than an inkjet printer, but has a much lower cost of ownership. Therefore, with long-term use, buying a laser printer can be much more profitable.

The difference between an inkjet and a laser printer also lies in their different resource – the number of pages they are designed to print in a month of work. Laser printers are generally more reliable than inkjet models and are designed to print more pages per month. Depending on the device model, it can be 5, 10, or even 50,000 pages/month.

Inkjet printers cannot boast of such a resource. For example, such an HP DeskJet 2720 is designed for a thousand pages per month. However, for a house more than usual is not needed. Another issue is that any inkjet printer is designed for regular use, and its long downtime is fraught with numerous problems. For example, by clogging the spray device with the remnants of dried ink.

If you print a large number of pages every month, a laser printer is the best choice. An inkjet printer is designed for more modest print volumes, but requires regular use.

Inkjet printers are usually much smaller than their laser counterparts, which can be especially critical when space is limited on a desk or shelf. And the weight of such models is also noticeably less.

If you don’t have much free space, it’s better to consider buying a small inkjet. Laser printers are usually much larger and heavier.

We think you have already understood that the answer to this question depends on the scenario of using the printer, their strengths and weaknesses. A laser printer is worth buying when printing documents and other texts. Moreover, the larger the estimated volume of such printing, the more correct this choice will be. Here, in favor of such printers, their efficiency, higher print speed, and much more resource speak. In other words, a laser printer is worth buying if:

  • you need a device for the office;
  • you want to print large volumes of documents;
  • you want a printer for your home but will rarely use it;
  • you don’t really need color printing capabilities;
  • you are ready to spend more money, but expect to save it in the future.

At the same time, if you need a printer for the home, you can easily get by with an inkjet. They perform much better in photo printing and printing color images. And the lower price of such devices can be much more attractive if you are not going to print thousands of pages per month. It will suit you if you are:

  • choose a printer for your home;
  • want to print photos;
  • are going to print small volumes of documents frequently;
  • don’t have a lot of free funds.

Exactly the same principles, by the way, should be guided by if you want to know which MFP to buy – laser or inkjet.

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Dmitry Mukharev

Editor of “Computer hardware” and “Technologies” directions

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Advertising on CHIP

Chipless Inkjet Firmware

Chipless Firmware – overwriting the control program (built-in firmware / firmware) of a cartridge printer or MFP in such a way that the device no longer requires replacement of cartridges after the end of their resource on the chip. 99% of these solutions apply to Epson devices.

Cartridge resource per chip

Disposable printer cartridges are equipped with special chips, in which a clearly specified resource for printing is stitched. Having developed a resource according to the ink counter on the chip, the printer stops printing and informs the user that the cartridge has run out – it’s time to replace it. In the case of original consumables, the only solution is to buy and install a new cartridge.

In general, the market for alternative consumables for inkjet printers offers several ways to bypass blocking at once, not counting the banal purchase of cheaper non-original disposable cartridges. Depending on the printer model, you can:

  • disable ink level monitoring and reload originals,
  • buy PZK or CISS with compatible chips,
  • install paid chipless firmware (only for Epson),
  • exotic options available only for some devices – decoder or resetter.


For a long time, Epson has been successfully promoting the Print Factory series of printers and MFPs (and the similar Ecotank line) with a built-in continuous ink supply system (CISS). Devices with integrated donor tanks can be refilled with original or compatible ink without any restrictions, but their price is much higher than cartridge counterparts. The latter are still quite popular in the markets of the USA, Japan and Western Europe, but in Russia there are a minimum of such models on official sale.

Due to the hardware similarity between the two types of devices, it is possible to buy a relatively cheap cartridge printer, reflash (i.e. rewrite the internal firmware) and install a chipless CISS on it. After that, the device will begin to consider itself a full-fledged “Print Factory” and will no longer require replacement cartridges. After that, you can print without restrictions (occasionally you need to simulate the replacement of ink in additional containers).

You can organize a printer with a chipless CISS on your own by ordering an MFP on cartridges from Europe or the USA (there is a very small range of similar models in Russia) and flashing the device using special software. It is worth considering that the procedure, although simple (you need a USB cable and a computer), is paid, usually you need to buy a license from the developer for each operation. Appendix 9 is especially popular for such tasks.0055 PrintHelp (easily searched on the Internet).

The Russian market also sells ready-made solutions with chipless CISS “out of the box” (the seller independently reprograms the printer and includes his own costs in the price of the goods). It will cost more than if you do everything yourself, but still much cheaper than the new factory “Printing Factories” from official dealers.

Disadvantages and alternatives

Sudden factory reset is the most common problem with reprogrammed printers and MFPs. At any time, chipless firmware can fail. The machine will stop printing and start asking for ink cartridges again. In this case, the installation of standard chipped CISS / PZK or a new flashing, for which the creators of the program will again have to pay, can help. In the long run, the problem can become too costly, the firmware can be reset to the factory settings quite often: after a sudden power outage, the printer hangs and reboots, changes in settings by an unskilled user (child, new employee, etc.). In addition, usually flashed devices are brought from other regions, so it is not always easy and quick to find cartridges or CISS for them in Russia.

An alternative solution is to purchase compatible refillable cartridges or CISS with non-original auto-reset chips. Such chips issue PZK / CISS for standard cartridges, and when the ink level on the counter comes to an end (0%), they reset it to 100%, and the device “thinks” that new full cartridges are installed. It does not require any additional firmware and works with printers and MFPs at factory settings. Of course, such solutions do not appear immediately after the release of a new printer model – it takes some time to crack the chips. But chipless firmware also does not appear on the first day.