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Klipsch Cinema 400 review: Great sound, eye-popping looks

Klipsch has made excellent speakers for decades but has never been able to fully translate its expertise to soundbars. While last year’s Bar 4x models were a huge step up from previous designs, they remained hamstrung by tiny subwoofers. The new Cinema 400 keeps the last series’ main speaker combined with a new subwoofer that is, quite frankly, humungous. The result is one of the best TV speakers in this price range I’ve ever heard.

Despite the prodigious amount of bass on offer, the Klipsch Cinema 400 doesn’t sound leaden or muffled. Its pair of horn-loaded tweeters create bigger, more open sound than the JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass in the same price range. The Klipsch offers solid connectivity too, although its single HDMI port and lack of Wi-Fi streaming are limitations compared to some other soundbars. If you don’t need those features, however, the great sound and bombproof build of the Klipsch Cinema 400 should ensure its place on your shortlist.  

Design and features

Klipsch Cinema’s 400’s Tractrix horn

Ty Pendlebury/CNET

Klipsch made its name with horn-loaded speakers — technically, a driver amplified by a widening diaphragm — and the technology is used in both public address systems and megaphones. This design aesthetic takes pride of place on the Cinema 400. At either end of the soundbar is a gunmetal-colored Tractrix horn with a 1-inch tweeter inside. These distinctive horns flank a pair of 3-inch oval, fiber-composite cone woofers hidden behind an attractive, black tweed grill.

Unlike most soundbars the Cinema 400 is constructed of wood (MDF), and feels really sturdy. The bar itself is relatively wide at 40-inches across and quite tall at 2.8 inches high. The height can be an issue with some TVs, and proved tall enough to block the remote sensor on the Sony XBR-55X950G I used for testing. I had to raise my remote hand above the sound bar to get the TV to register commands. By contrast the shorter JBL 2. 1 Bar Deep Bass had no problems allowing commands to pass to the television. Whether the Klipsch’s height is an issue for you depends on your TV and installation, so it’s something to keep in mind.

Ty Pendlebury/CNET

The wireless subwoofer is also constructed from wood and measures 11.87 inches wide by 16.12 inches high and 16.12 inches deep. It dwarfs the JBL 2.1 Deep Bass’ sub and is one of the largest I’ve seen on any soundbar, period. The sub helps the system achieve a claimed 35Hz frequency response. If you crave even more/deeper bass, the soundbar does feature a subwoofer out to connect a wired sub, which could be used with or without this one.

The Cinema 400’s connections include HDMI-ARC, Bluetooth, and 3.5mm analog and optical digital input. These should be fine for most users but I’d love to see a second standard HDMI input as well. HDMI ARC, which feeds a signal from your TV to your outboard gear, can be a little finicky depending on your equipment. Connecting your set-top box directly to the soundbar via a second HDMI port is always a nice option, and one available on competitors like the JBL 2. 1 Deep Bass and Polk Command Bar.

The soundbar offers a Dolby Digital decoder, not DTS. Lack of the second major surround format isn’t a big deal because DTS broadcasts and streams are relatively rare, and in a pinch you could always set up your source to output DTS as PCM instead. The soundbar also offers a number of sound modes which dialog, surround enhancement and “night” processing.

Ty Pendlebury/CNET

The remote is friendly little pointer with control over the sound modes, EQ and input. I found I would sometimes need to adjust the sub based on what I was playing, and the remote helpfully gives you a direct subwoofer volume control.

How does it sound?

If I had to characterize Klipsch’s sound it would be “detailed and gutsy,” and it’s no surprise the brand has been adopted by the rock establishment: both by fans of the genre and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame itself. The Klipsch Cinema 400 upholds this tradition but doesn’t stray into upper-midrange unpleasantness as some other “bright” speakers can.  

I compared the Klipsch to the similarly priced JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass, and found that the Klipsch sounded airy without being too forward while the JBL sounded a little more boxy. This is something I remarked upon in my Deep Bass review — when it came to music in particular, the JBL lags behind others in terms of transparency and slam.

I started my testing with the lobby scene from the Matrix — wherein our heroes Neo and Trinity trip the bad guys’ metal detectors by carrying human truckloads of weaponry, and an over-the-top firefight ensues. The Klipsch subwoofer was able to go impressively deep, but it didn’t gel as well with the main bar as the JBL combo. The bass line from this scene never came to the fore on the Klipsch in the way that it should. It wasn’t a great start, but things quickly improved for Klipsch.

Avatar was next, and the jungles of Pandora became lush and full of life when heard through the Klipsch. I had an enjoyable romp alongside Jake’s catlike avatar as he escaped the cutches of the rampaging thanator ending with a dunk in a waterfall. The JBL, on the other hand, made this scene seem a little smaller and some details weren’t conveyed as well: voices were hollower and the click of the machine gun less natural. However, the Bar 2.1 was capable of some pretty tight bass effects and it offered better slam as the thanator smashed against the trees trying to get at Jake.   

I listened to a wide selection of music on the Klipsch — from country to electronica to hardcore punk — and the soundbar didn’t waver. It was as comfortable with the Strokes’ fantastic comeback album, The New Abnormal, as it was with the trippy sounds of Maynard James Keenan’s Puscifer. 

Coriky includes two former members of Fugazi, and the chiming guitar and guttural vocal line of Clean Kill evoke memories of the DC quartet’s Red Medicine record. The Klipsch pulled away from the JBL here, with better separation of the instruments and more of a sense of dynamics when I listened to the interplay between the drums and the guitar. I could feel Joe Lally’s bass line with my feet.  

The Klipsch wasn’t all about power, though. It was able to convey the undulating guitar picking of Dolly Parton’s classic Jolene, and the instrument’s snap seemed to come out of a space much wider than physical speaker. Her voice sounded expressive and haunted in the best way. The JBL was a disappointment after that and, while the lyrics were still understandable, her voice didn’t soar quite as much.

Should you buy it?

In over 15 years of testing soundbars I’ve yet to come across a model that is in my mind “perfect.” There’s always some kind of compromise made to fit a size, price or both. The Klipsch Cinema 400 isn’t going to fit everyone — it’s big, and it doesn’t have a laundry list of features — but for the money it does a lot better than most competitors. If you value sound quality, the Klipsch Cinema 400 is well worth the money.

Vizio M512a-H6 review: The best, cheapest Dolby Atmos soundbar you can buy

$374 at Amazon

$500 at Best Buy

$379 at B&H Photo-Video

Don’t like

  • Lacks Chromecast and AirPlay support
  • No dedicated Voice preset


Dolby Atmos surround audio may have been with us for some time, but it wasn’t until streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus got on board that manufacturers finally took the format seriously. There are a lot of Atmos soundbars on the market now, many of which are quite affordable, but just because they support the standard doesn’t mean they can play it to full advantage. Take the Sonos Beam Gen 2 for example — while it sounds very good it can only emulate Atmos effects, using digital processing, as it lacks height speakers. 

If you want “true” Dolby Atmos sound in a soundbar, you need to look at systems with dedicated height speakers. One of the least-expensive is the Vizio M512a-H6. This $500 speaker system offers full 5.1.2 surround and looks good while doing it, borrowing some high-end bling from the superb Vizio Elevate. 

The M512a-H6 fills the big shoes of its predecessor, the SB36512, admirably: It sounds great for music and movies, lets you enjoy Atmos soundtracks the way they’re meant to be heard, and doesn’t cost a fortune. This Vizio is the new “must audition” if you’re in the market for a capable, affordable Dolby Atmos system.

Watch this: Vizio M512a-H6: This is the Dolby Atmos soundbar you should buy

What it is

The Vizio M512a-H6 is a surround system consisting of a main soundbar, a 6-inch subwoofer and two wired rear speakers. Notable additions over the SB36512 include the ability to handle competitive DTS:X format, Atmos’ chief competitor, as well as the latest HDMI eARC connectivity.

The soundbar itself is 40 inches wide and a relatively tall 2.68 inches high, while it extends back 4 inches on an AV stand. The main grille, which hides three sets of mid-drivers and tweeters, is made of fabric, while the one that hides the two upfiring drivers is made of perforated plastic. These two drivers are closer to the center than most Atmos speakers, but still work well to beam Atmos effects off your ceiling and down into the room. 

The system includes separate rear speakers for surround effects.

Ty Pendlebury/CNET

The Vizio features four different types of physical connectivity: HDMI in/out (with eARC), optical, USB (for WAV playback, naturally!) and two 3.5mm (headphone-size) analog input jacks. The second of those two 3.5mm connections is designed to connect a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo Dot, and the soundbar volume will mute if you issue it a command.  

Unfortunately the system’s wireless connections are limited to Bluetooth. That’s fine for many uses, but It’s a shame that the M512 loses one of the better features of the Vizio SB36512-F6 — its ability to stream music from a wide variety of phones over Wi-Fi using Google’s Chromecast system, which also enabled control via the Google Assistant. As it stands, the $999 Elevate is now the only Vizio soundbar to offer Wi-Fi connectivity with Chromecast built in and Spotify Connect, while Apple AirPlay is found on Sonos speakers, among others.

Ty Pendlebury/CNET

The system offers a number of sound modes including Movie, Music, Game and Direct, but one thing it doesn’t have is a dedicated voice mode for making TV dialogue more understandable.

One of my major criticisms of the SB36512-F6 and recent Vizio soundbars is that they use a series of LED dots instead of a sensible display. This has been dispensed on the M512. Not only does each input have its own color LED but the soundbar will verbally read out which input you’re on when you change.

Ty Pendlebury/CNET

There’s a limited number of controls at the top of the bar including power, volume, input and Bluetooth, but most people will likely use the remote. The control is a proper wand rather than a plastic credit card, and it even includes its own one-line LCD display, which is very useful for initial setup and altering advanced settings.

21st century digital box

As I write this there are only two soundbars that offer “true” Dolby Atmos for under $500: the Vizio and the Monoprice SB-600. Both have dedicated heights and rears plus wireless subs. Monoprice has gathered itself a reputation as an excellent value brand, so naturally I wanted to compare the two against one other.

In testing, there were definite similarities between the two — both were generally excellent with TV and movie material — but I found that the Vizio did have the upper hand. Those voice prompts and greater tunability of each channel helped the Vizio in the usability department. Also, the Monoprice’s sound would cut out intermittently and would also lose some sound settings if you turned it off, something which the Vizio simply doesn’t do.

I started with music testing and Caroline Rose’s jaunty Soul No. 5. Its surf guitar and distorted vocals can trip up any bar tuned for home cinema rather than music. Surprisingly, though, it wasn’t the mids that were the problem with the Monoprice. It simply wasn’t able to reduce the volume of its larger subwoofer enough that the bass didn’t dominate the song. Even after dragging the sub to different places around the room, it was still too loud. 

The Vizio offered stronger than normal bass too, but it was better integrated into the whole. The sound was more fun and even more danceable than the Monoprice could make it. The same thing happened with a song better known for its bassline: Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand. The bass simply boomed (like a bird of doom) on the Monoprice, but managed to complement Cave’s snarled tenor on the Vizio system.

“What’s the Vizio Atmos soundbar like with some actual Atmos content?” I swear I heard you ask. Well, a lot better than I ever expected for the money. The very beginning of Mad Max Fury Road, for instance, offers excellent Atmos effects as the ghostly voices of Max Rockatansky’s past appear from all around and even above him. The Vizio captured this effect faithfully. At the 1:10 mark a little girl’s voice says “Hello,” and on a well-tuned Dolby Atmos system it should originate from directly above you. This was exactly where the Vizio put it, while its placement on the Monoprice was more indistinct, coming from some place in front of the screen.

The Vizio’s sub was also more articulate, a difference that came through during the lobby scene from The Matrix. I was able to pick out all the notes of the bassline, and the surround speakers offered better immersion, such as bullet casings that fell with more, uh, tinkle. The poor Monoprice just couldn’t keep up with the synth bass, which sounded muffled, and the movie was less exciting as a result.

There was one small win on Monoprice’s behalf though: the Voice preset gave it an advantage when watching hard-to-decipher dialogue. The Monoprice was able to add clarity to the mumbled words at the beginning of Batman Begins, for example, pulling the prisoner’s dialogue out from the strangled distant screams and water drips of the movie’s dank prison setting. It would be nice if the Vizio offered such a mode, but it doesn’t.

Should you buy it?

If you want the most cost-effective way to get true Dolby Atmos playback, nothing beats the Vizio M512a-H6. Due to microchip shortages it’s no longer possible to buy even an entry-level Atmos AV receiver for less than the price of the Vizio, and afterward you’d still have to add speakers and a sub.

If you already own a streamer, and don’t need onboard Chromecast audio, the Vizio offers excellent performance in movies and music alike. The M512a-H6 earns our hearty recommendation for both home cinema fans and people looking to listen to their favorite album (whether in Atmos or not).

TOP 10 Best TV Soundbars in 2023

The sound quality from your TV speakers often leaves a lot to be desired, but hooking up a multi-speaker surround sound system can be a hassle. The best alternative is the soundbar, which offers vastly improved sound quality in a relatively compact package that can be placed in front of your TV.

Depending on your budget, your soundbar can do much more than play sound from your TV—some high-end options offer AirPlay and Chromecast compatibility, while others offer music service integration for wireless music playback. There are even some that offer compatibility with virtual assistants such as Google Assistant and Yandex Alice, allowing you to control the soundbar with your voice.

With so many options available, which one is best for your needs? Here’s our pick of the best soundbars available in 2023, along with the top features to consider when choosing a soundbar.

Best TV soundbars in 2023


JBL Bar 5.1 Surround is the best soundbar overall

JBL Bar 5.1 Surround is the best overall

  • Looks great
  • Impressive connectivity
  • Impressive sound
  • Expensive
  • Wide Assembly
  • No Dolby Atmos
  • The

JBL Bar 5.1 Surround is our favorite TV soundbar right now. The soundbar looks glossy, and while it may lack standard connectivity like an auxiliary input, it more than makes up for it with the inclusion of AirPlay 2 and Chromecast along with optical input, HDMI and Bluetooth.

Using JBL’s own cinema-grade MultiBeam technology in the system, the Bar 5.1 Surround sounds incredible, with the ability to easily project sound around the room in impressive detail, creating an immersive viewing experience. It is backed by a 10″ wireless subwoofer that delivers thunderous bass, adjustable with the included remote control.

Overall, the JBL Bar 5.1 offers both excellent value for money and flawless performance.

2. Denon DHT-S416 – Best for booming bass

Denon DHT-S416 – Best for booming bass

  • Incredible sound
  • Powerful bass
  • Premium design
  • No remote control
  • No display
  • Application with errors

The Denon DHT-S516H Soundbar meets many of the demands of tech-savvy consumers: it sounds great, with crisp highs and booming bass that you can really feel in your chest, a wide, immersive soundscape, and a variety of connectivity options from AirPlay to YouTube Music and other compatible services means you’ll likely use the system as your primary speaker for everything music-related, not just TV.

Admittedly, this is high-end, but it’s worth noting that you get a similar offering without a subwoofer from the rival Sonos Arc. The only real downside is the lack of a remote control – the soundbar’s controls revolve around an app available for iPhone and Android, and it’s not the most convenient way to control the soundbar.

3. Creative Stage 360 ​​Best Value Soundbar

Creative Stage 360 ​​Best Value Soundbar

  • Support Dolby Atmos
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Subwoofer included
  • 2.1 system
  • Unused USB port
  • No 3.5 mm inlet

If you’re looking for a soundbar with the best value for money that doesn’t compromise on sound quality, the Creative Stage 360 ​​is a good option. It’s affordable but can still include premium features like Dolby Atmos, and the combination of HDMI, optical, and Bluetooth connectivity makes it a versatile option, though a standard 3.5mm port would be appreciated.

Unlike other entry-level soundbars, the Creative Stage 360 ​​comes with a free subwoofer to enhance your home theater experience. It’s wired, not wireless, but that shouldn’t be a big deal for most consumers.

Of course, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of more premium soundbars, including a full 5. 1 speaker system that offers easier 2.1 setup and AirPlay/Chromecast support, but it fits a lot of the bill at a lower price than us. seen before.

4. Sonos Beam – best compact soundbar

Sonos Beam – best compact soundbar

  • Sonos sound quality
  • AirPlay and digital assistant
  • Compact design
  • No subwoofer
  • Connectable via HDMI only
  • No remote control

If you’re looking for a Sonos soundbar, the Beam is the best choice for most consumers, offering a combination of great sound quality and an attractive price.

The Beam’s main advantage over the Playbase and other Sonos soundbars is its size: it’s much more compact than any other soundbar in our chart, making it ideal for small spaces. But, despite its small size, there are no victims in the audio system.

Great sound quality on offer, although it should be noted that the Beam, like most other Sonos speakers, does not come with a subwoofer.

5. Sonos Arc – the most versatile soundbar

Sonos Arc – the most versatile

  • Spacious sound
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Smart functionality
  • Expensive
  • No HDMI pass-through
  • No subwoofer

It took a while for Sonos to replace their original soundbar with the fantastic Arc.

In addition to all the usual features you get from Sonos soundbars like multi-room, the Arc is all about spatial sound thanks to omni-directional drivers and Dolby Atmos support.

This is one of the best TV soundbars we’ve ever tested, and it looks quite nice.

It also benefits from eARC HDMI, although the issue here – aside from the high cost of the Arc – is making sure your best TV is compatible to get the most out of the soundbar. There’s also no HDMI pass-through, making things harder for those with limited ports.

6. Samsung HW-Q930B is the best soundbar with Dolby Atmos

Samsung HW-Q930B – Best Samsung Soundbar

  • Most Immersive Dolby Atmos Sound
  • Powerful yet nuanced and balanced sound
  • Extended number of channels
  • Not very good with music
  • High-pitched treble can sometimes sound harsh.
  • Dear

The Samsung HW-Q930B is a big change in the company’s approach to Dolby Atmos soundbars. Despite being about half the price of Samsung’s 2022 flagship soundbar (HW-Q990B), HW-Q930B consists of four components: main soundbar, subwoofer and two rear speakers. In fact, it delivers an attractive 9.1.4 channel count, just two channels less than the class-leading 11.1.4 Q990B configuration, making it the best Dolby Atmos soundbar for the price.

The HW-Q930B matches most of the soundbar’s features, including HDMI pass-through with support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+ HDR, and playback of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio formats that represent the best of movies and music.

7. Sony HT-G700

Sony HT-G700

  • Impressively wide and high sound
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support
  • 4K HDR via HDMI
  • Cannot control true altitude
  • Not as dynamic as more expensive
  • variants

The Sony HT-G700 is an excellent choice for performance, price and sound. It is a combination of a soundbar and a wireless subwoofer, and the soundbar is sized to fit 48″ TVs and up.

Along with support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, the HT-G700 is equipped with an HDMI eARC port, as well as a second HDMI pass-through port and an optical digital input. There are no audio streaming features other than Bluetooth.

8. Samsung HW-Q990B

Samsung HW-Q990B

  • Striking Dolby Atmos Positioning
  • Excellent communication
  • Non-4K 120Hz HDMI Through
  • Music is not as strong as movies

9The 0002 Samsung HW-Q990B continues the company’s tradition of giving its flagship soundbar four physical units, but this year the total number of channels remains at 16. Never mind. Adding new control, balance and precision to the sheer power and channel count of its predecessors, the Q990B creates the most complete and immersive surround sound we’ve ever heard from a Dolby Atmos soundbar.

The Samsung Q990B has finally added a proper built-in automatic calibration system – Space Fit – to its flagship soundbar. There is an HDMI pass-through system with two HDMI inputs in addition to an HDMI eARC connection to a TV, and it supports 4K HDR video, including HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. It is also the first Samsung soundbar to support Dolby Atmos wireless streaming when used with compatible Samsung TVs.

9. Sony HT-A7000

Sony HT-A7000

  • Reliable Low Level
  • Excellent Performance Atmos
  • Multifunctional
  • No VRR or ALLM
  • Equalizer control would be nice
  • Slightly confusing style

Sony is in great shape, making some of the best TV soundbars. The award-winning HT-A7000 is no different. This Dolby Atmos soundbar is a 7.1.2 soundbar. It consists of two upward firing drivers, two firing tweeters, five front facing speakers and a built-in dual subwoofer in one cabinet. Through a combination of speaker layout and psychoacoustic techniques, the Sony HT-A700 delivers a wide and high soundstage whether you’re watching immersive content or not, while maintaining musicality, presence and detail.

In terms of height and fidelity, the performance is similar to that of the Sonos Arc, but the width of the soundstage and its forward projection are more convincing. It’s not the same as direct sound from a top or side speaker, but it’s effective and incredibly engaging, enriching the viewing experience. The built-in subwoofer is also particularly impressive with its tight, controlled and powerful performance.

10. Sonos Beam Gen2

Sonos Beam Gen2

  • Effective Dolby Atmos
  • Warm, sophisticated sound
  • Streaming Minds
  • No additional HDMI ports
  • No Bluetooth
  • Does not support DTS:X

Delivering Dolby Atmos from a small chassis is no small feat. The award-winning Sonos Beam Gen 2 delivers compelling, immersive performance even without a vertical speaker. Instead, when watching Atmos content, two of the soundbar’s five front-facing arrays are dedicated to reproducing overhead and surround sounds. Packed with massive processing power, the Sonos Beam Gen 2 uses HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) psychoacoustic technology to give the impression of height without having to stand upright.

While authentic overhead sounds may be too much for this diminutive performer, its Atmos-format virtual transmission outperforms any similarly priced soundbar, and even slightly more expensive ones. Beam Gen 2 offers an enveloping spatial soundscape with rich, detailed sound as well as palpable movement and depth.

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Tips for choosing a soundbar

What connection ports do I need for my soundbar?

The most important factor to consider when buying a soundbar is how you connect it to your TV. The most common way to connect a soundbar is with an optical cable, and most modern TVs support it, but it’s probably worth checking if your TV has one before buying a soundbar. You’ll also find soundbars with HDMI connectivity to any ARC-enabled TV – again, it’s worth making sure your TV supports Audio Return Channel before spending the money.

Most soundbars have more than just optical and HDMI—many have aux and stereo jack ports—and while they offer lower quality analog channels, the advantage is that either will work with just about any TV (and other devices that support 3.5mm).

It’s all about wireless now, so if you want to play music from your best smartphone or best tablet, we recommend investing in a soundbar with Bluetooth connectivity. Admittedly, this is a pretty standard feature, and all the soundbars featured here offer Bluetooth support, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

Some soundbars go even further by offering wireless connectivity via AirPlay 2 and Chromecast, but these soundbars tend to be at the higher end of the market.

Does amplifier power matter?

Some manufacturers try to impress consumers with huge amplifier power ratings, but don’t pay too much attention to this. Even if the power figures are accurate, power is not a true representation of loudness, as speaker sensitivity also plays a role when it comes to overall loudness.

Do you need a subwoofer?

Although there are exceptions to this rule, most standalone soundbars simply cannot reproduce full range sound, so many send bass tones to a separate subwoofer. A dedicated subwoofer delivers far deeper, richer bass than any standalone soundbar, making explosions, gunfire and soundtracks from Hollywood blockbusters and the latest AAA games sound incredible.

There are two types of subwoofer – active and passive – the latter does not have a built-in amplifier and therefore the need for mains power. This was made possible by using a wire to connect the subwoofer to the soundbar and using an amplifier inside the soundbar, but if you’re looking for a wireless subwoofer, you’ll need a second plug nearby to power the subwoofer separately.

Can the soundbar be mounted on a wall?

This is getting more and more popular, but the ability to wall mount the soundbar is not a universally supported feature. This is possible, depending on the design of the soundbar, and any wall-mounted soundbar will come with all the brackets and parts you’ll need to mount it – except for a drill, of course!

Dolby Atmos Premium Soundbars – Reviews and Articles

Obviously, soundbars as a means of sounding television panels and projectors were created as a compromise solution when a full-fledged audio system cannot be used. Nevertheless, the models assembled here can be safely called the elite of this segment of audio equipment, many of them have functionality that in some places even surpasses a conventional DC.

Loewe klang bar5 mr

One hundred years ago, the Loewe brothers founded Radiofrequenz in Berlin, followed by the vacuum tube company Loewe-Audion, and shortly thereafter Loewe Radio, a loudspeaker and resistor company. In 1929, the development of televisions began, and two years later the first sample was presented at the Berlin Radio Exhibition. Last year, Loewe won the Picture and Sound Expert Association’s Cinema Solution Award for its klang bar5 mr soundbar with sub5 subwoofer that supports Dolby Atmos/DTS:X and can be used with TVs from 55 inches. The base configuration provides native support for the 5.1.2 configuration, and with the addition of compatible Loewe speakers, it can be increased to 7.1.2. The workmanship and sound quality is traditionally German, premium, the functionality is also pleasing, protocols such as DTS Play-Fi, Apple AirPlay and Google Home are supported.

Canton Smart Sounddeck 100

Germany’s largest loudspeaker manufacturer Canton, founded by four HECO employees, celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. Its name is a combination of the Latin word cantare (to sing) and the German word ton (sound), and the logo shows a crescendo infographically. The Smart Sounddeck 100 model is an all-in-one system, moreover, despite the declared 2.1 format, we practically have a full-fledged three-way stereo pair. Judge for yourself: two pairs of 4-inch woofers and a pair of 2-inch mid-range speakers with aluminum cones are complemented by a pair of 0.75-inch woven tweeters, the crossover frequencies are 150 and 3000 Hz, the total power of the built-in amplifiers is 300 watts. Add to this a full-fledged HDMI connection (three inputs and one output with 4K support), Google Chromecast and Bluetooth, and you have a universal system for music, movies and other home entertainment.

Klipsch Cinema 800

In January 2019, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Klipsch shows prototype soundbars, from which a series of models was subsequently formed under the indices 40, 44, 48 and 54. About a year later they were significantly upgraded and renamed, now these are the 400 models, 600, 800 and 1200. The meaning of both the original and current markings is extremely simple, in the first case it was the width of the soundbar itself in inches, and in the second – the total power of the system.

The Cinema 800 is constructed using wood and, with a height of less than three inches, fits easily under a wall-hung or stand-mounted TV. The audiophile enclosed cabinet houses two pairs of 3″ composite fiber oval cone midrange drivers and three 1″ soft dome tweeters loaded with 90° x 90° Tractrix horns. Incidentally, these horns are 30 years old and are proprietary Klipsch designs designed to reduce acoustic resonances and the associated impedance swings that impede speaker-crossover interaction.

The subwoofer uses a 10-inch woofer, the connection is made wireless, but the panel also has a traditional wired output. In addition to HDMI with support for eARC Audio Return Channel, HDCP 2.3 and 8K HDR, as well as Bluetooth 5.0, you can connect to the panel through a traditional optical input. The kit comes with a backlit remote control and supports Dolby Atmos, and in addition, there is Wi-Fi with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Spotify Connect, as well as a proprietary application for controlling the system. The total power of the amplifiers in the system, as we have already said, is 800 W, and its weight is almost 10 kg, so there is no doubt about the qualitative potential of the model.

Polk Audio MagniFi MAX AX

MagniFi MAX AX is Polk Audio’s flagship model with Dolby Atmos/DTS:X support and a wireless subwoofer. In addition, music streaming via Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast or Spotify Connect is available here. The eleven speaker array, including two high-height and two wireless rear channels, work with Polk’s patented SDA technology to deliver immersive sound with a stunningly realistic 3D soundstage. The 10″ down-firing subwoofer is the most powerful Polk Audio soundbar subwoofer, delivering the deep, airy bass that Polk is known for. Wireless signal transmission provides convenient placement. Polk’s patented VoiceAdjust technology for clear speech works with the optimized MagniFi Max AX center speaker to raise speech louder than the rest of the soundtrack. The intuitive front panel OLED display dims when not in use. The soundbar can be installed under the TV or mounted on the wall. The included remote control allows you to control most TV models.

Creative SXFI Carrier

The SXFI Carrier soundbar features a 7-speaker system, each individually driven by a dedicated DSP-controlled amplifier. The placement of these speakers is closely related to the acoustic concept developed by Dolby. Each one is built with premium components to deliver high-quality, high-definition home theater audio. The included wireless subwoofer with 10″ speaker in a deceptively small package is capable of fighting above its weight class. The grandeur and drama of the on-screen action that we all love cinemas for is now achieved with this compact subwoofer with rich bass.

In SXFI Carrier, by integrating specially designed low distortion drivers and intelligent voice enhancement algorithm, it was possible to make sounding speech extremely clear, lively and understandable. Further enhancement comes from voice processing technology that is purposefully tuned to intelligently detect and enhance vocals and speech, so you can easily follow the story.

Achieving accurate and powerful bass reproduction in rooms of all sizes and shapes is no easy task. Working on its solution, Creative engineers conducted countless experiments with different spaces. Acoustic design and DSP processing were then combined to carefully calculate low frequencies to ensure optimal bass reproduction in a variety of room types. The SXFI Carrier subwoofer produces powerful and high-quality low frequencies that are really impressive. Get clean, deep bass without rumble and dirt. Detailed and accurate sound without distortion will not overload your hearing.

Denon Home 550

The Home 550 is a powerful and compact soundbar that adds great surround sound to your TV. Users will also be able to play music from popular music services, from mobile devices and from home network in high resolution using the convenient HEOS app. The Home 550 soundbar can be used with optional Denon Home 150, 250 or 350 compact wireless speakers to create a full-length home theater experience, which can be connected to the soundbar as surround back channels. And users looking for more impressive bass can purchase the DSW-1H Wireless Subwoofer for even more realistic sound. The main thing is that the new soundbar is focused not only on cinema, but also on high-quality music reproduction. With cutting-edge audio technology, professionally tuned DSP and 6 speakers, this soundbar offers everything home audio lovers need without taking up too much space under your TV. With support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound and 4K video, the Denon Home 550 is a modern, compact home theater system. For added convenience, the soundbar’s touch control panel automatically lights up when your hand approaches, allowing you to quickly change the volume or skip to the next track without using the app or remote control. In addition, the remote control and the HEOS app have three quick select buttons. Thanks to this, users can remember and instantly turn on not only different sound sources, but also save different sound settings for each source. All Denon Home models, including the Denon Home 550, provide quick access to streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music HD, TIDAL and more, as well as high-resolution music files on your mobile devices or home network via Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2 or Bluetooth connection. Built-in HEOS technology gives users wireless access to thousands of albums and millions of songs, all easily controlled from the free HEOS smartphone app. Listeners can play different music in each room, or group all HEOS and Denon Home devices together to play the same music in Multiroom throughout the home or office. The soundbar is compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 to play music from Apple devices.

Sonos Arc

The Arc is a slim soundbar with Dolby Atmos support and built-in AirPlay 2, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This model is suitable for watching TV, movies, games and even listening to music. Arc delivers breathtakingly realistic sound. Trueplay technology optimizes the sound for the room in which the Arc is installed, calibrating the channels for precise localization. Trueplay takes into account the size and configuration of the room in which the speakers are located and adjusts them for the best sound. All setup is done with one touch through the Sonos app on your mobile device. The Arc is equipped with 11 high-performance drivers, including eight elliptical full-range drivers and three silk tweeters. Each emitter has its own amplifying module in class D.

Tone Winner AT-02

Tone Winner AT-02 is an active TV soundbar. It features high-quality wireless transmission technology and supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D audio standards. The top of the AT-02 soundbar consists of two 3-inch full-range speakers that form a high-altitude sound channel. The height speakers form a certain angle strictly in accordance with the requirements of panoramic sound, sending a sound signal to the ceiling, and then reflecting it down to the listener. to create a high-pitched sound effect. Adding channels that emit sound upwards allows you to more accurately position and move channel objects anywhere in 3D space (for example, fighters and helicopters in the sky), without limiting them to a specific channel. Then the scene of realistic movement reappears, the plot appears on the screen in an unprecedented form of vivid demonstration.

Chromebook review acer: Acer Chromebook 315 (2020) Review

Acer Chromebook 315 review: should you buy this budget Chromebook?

By Tom May

last updated

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Looking for a cheap laptop? Then look no further than this Acer Chromebook 315 review, there’s a reason it’s always popping up on price comparison sites, as well as in T3’s authoritative best student laptops guide. But is it actually any good? That’s the question this Acer Chromebook 315 review will hope to answer.

At first glance, it seems this laptop ticks all the boxes with a large, Full HD touchscreen, decent battery life and a capable processor. As well as a sub-£300 price tag, of course. 

But impressive specs don’t always mean a great customer experience. So we got our hands on the Intel-powered version of the Acer Chromebook 315, the (not very) snappily titled CB315-3H, to learn what it’s like to use in practice. 

To that end, we put in a serious number of hours doing things such as writing emails, managing our Google Calendar, listening to music, watching movies, surfing the web, and more. 

The first thing to know is that the Acer Chromebook 315 runs on Chrome OS, an easy-to-use interface that relies heavily on having an internet connection because it stores most of your files online. The reason? You don’t need to have loads of in-built storage, which ultimately brings the price of the laptop right down. 

If you’re still unsure what sort of laptop you want, then be sure to scope out T3’s best laptops, best 2-in-1 laptops and best lightweight laptops guides, as they are full of great advice and top products.

And, if you like to do a bit of gaming, be sure to also take a look at T3’s best gaming laptops guide, as that has systems with serious pixel-pushing power.

All that said, read on to see if the Acer Chromebook 315 is the right system for you in 2022.

Today’s best Acer Chromebook 315 deals

383 Amazon customer reviews







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Acer Chromebook 315 review: is a Chromebook right for you?

First a quick note in case you’ve never used a Chromebook before. (If you have, then just skip to the next section.)

The reason Chromebooks are generally cheaper than, say, Windows or Mac laptops is that there’s not much in the way of an operating system. Basically you get an internet browser, a folder for files you’ve downloaded, and that’s your lot. 

(Image credit: Acer)

This might sound limiting. But it’s surprising how much you can do with the software available on the web, much of which is provided by Google for free, such as Google Sheets (for spreadsheets), Google Docs (for word processing) and Google Drive (for cloud storage).  

The main restriction of Chromebooks, then, is the need for a constant internet connection; because although there are ways to work offline, they’re usually a little clunky. On the plus side, you won’t get slowed down by the buggy software and endless updates that plague Windows operating systems in particular.

The system on review here is from Acer, who currently have multiple products in our best Chromebooks buying guide, and is a maker of respected reputation. We would suggest that as well as reading this review, you also take a look at some of the systems in that guide, too, as well as at its advice, before making a purchasing decision.

Looks-wise, this is the sleekest and most attractive Chromebook we’ve seen at this price point. Not far off a MacBook in terms of aesthetics, the look is sleek metallic, and reflects the light in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

Note, though, it only looks like metal: it’s actually plastic, which can be a bit of a disappointment when you first feel it in your hands. As long as you’re prepared for that, though, it’s quite a beaut. 

The laptop is hinged and can be opened out a full 180 degrees. At 1.9kg, this device isn’t the lightest, but it’s certainly light enough to carry around from place to place.

(Image credit: Future)

Oddly, the keyboard takes up just the top half of the base. (Specifically: 115 x 330mm out of an available 250 x 366mm). That leaves room for a surprisingly large trackpad (78 x 106mm), which sits below the spacebar and, well, a lot of empty space. It’s a bit of a weird layout, and when using it on the sofa, we tended to rest our right hand to the right of the trackpad, while the left hand had nowhere to go, leading eventually to a bit of strain and discomfort. We’re sure we’d eventually develop better typing habits, but it does take some getting used to. 

The keyboard itself isn’t exactly premium. Although it functions perfectly well, the keys are light and flimsy, and typing on them is not the most joyous experience. There’s no backlight and the Enter key is strangely thin and easy to miss. 

On the plus side, there is a number pad, which is a godsend for tasks such as typing figures into spreadsheets. And the trackpad feels smooth and intuitive in action. It’s fully responsive wherever you click, and we like that it makes an audible noise when you do. Plus its large size mean your fingers never need struggle to reach it. 

Acer Chromebook 315: screen

One of the best attributes of the Acer Chromebook 315 is the size of its screen, which is a generous 15.6in in diameter. That’s large indeed for a Chromebook, and is great for watching TV and movies. You’ll be able to see people on Zoom calls in more detail too, which may be a bug or a feature, depending on how attractive your friends and colleagues are.

(Image credit: Future)

A larger screen can also make you more productive when doing work, study, or organising your household. You can, for example, comfortably fit multiple windows side-by-side on your screen, and view extra columns and rows of a spreadsheet, without having to reduce characters down to magnifying glass proportions.  

The screen has an anti-glare coating that does a good job of letting you work with sunlight behind you, and works beautifully as a touchscreen too.

Acer Chromebook 315: setup and operation

Setting up the Acer 315 is just as quick and easy as with any Chromebook. You just need an internet connection and a Google log-in. If you don’t have the latter, you’ll need to hop on your phone or another computer to set one up first.

Once you’ve entered your username and password, it’s just a few steps to get going, such as choosing whether to sync your device with your Android phone. If you want to get started very quickly, you can just skip most of these and come back to them later. That way, you can be up and running in literally a couple of minutes.

(Image credit: Future)

Even if you’ve never used a Chromebook before, there’s no real learning curve here; after all, you do pretty much everything in the browser, with your main apps grouped at the bottom. The only other thing to be aware of is the basic folder structure, which organises your Google Drive files and direct downloads in one simple space, and can be opened and closed at will. As you can see from the screengrab above, it all adds up to a clean and minimal workspace.

Although Chromebooks are generally geared towards cloud storage (you get 15GB free with Google Drive, for instance), sometimes you do need to store things locally.  For example, if you were going on a long trip, you’d want to load up some movies  for offline viewing. So the inclusion of 64GB of flash memory storage is more than welcome here.

Acer Chromebook 315: performance

The Acer Chromebook 315 comes in two flavours: one powered by AMD and the other by Intel. The model we were given to review runs on a dual-core 1.1GHz Intel Celeron N4020 processor, teamed with a Intel UHD Graphics 600 processor. 

This setup certainly isn’t as powerful as your average Windows or Mac laptop. But in truth, it doesn’t need to be for the main tasks you’re likely to use a Chromebook for, such as web browsing, word processing, video streaming, and listening to music. For all these activities, we found the Acer Chromebook 315 performed smoothly and efficiently, with no problems to report.

(Image credit: Acer)

With cheap Chromebooks, what usually happens is that once you open multiple tabs, things start to slow down. With the 315, however, we didn’t have that problem, going beyond 10 tabs and still finding everything working perfectly. Obviously, if your web connection isn’t great you might experience difficulties, but in our experience, it won’t be the fault of the device itself.

The LCD screen offers full HD (1080p) resolution and is perfectly enjoyable to watch TV and movies on. The picture is, admittedly, a little flat: you’ll find sharper colours, better brightness and 4K resolution on more expensive laptops. But is it spending a lot more money for what amounts to small improvements? It depends on your priorities, but for most people, we’d suggest not.

What may dampen your enjoyment a little more is the audio. The stereo speakers are placed in the bottom of the device, sending the sound into your desk or lap, which is hardly ideal. And even if you prop up the bottom of the laptop for greater clarity, things still sound decidedly tinny. On the positive side, you can turn everything up nice and loud, which compares favourably to other Chromebooks we’ve tried. 

Acer Chromebook 315: connectivity and battery life

Connectivity is pretty decent on the Acer Chromebook 315. There’s a total of 4 USB ports: two USB-C ports, and two USB-A ports. You also get a headphone jack, a microSD card slot and a slot for connecting a Kensington security cable (not included).

These are divided between the left and right hand sides, and nicely spaced so your various plugs and leads don’t fight each other. And here’s something that gets us very excited: a choice of powering your device from USB-C ports on either the left or the right side. 

This means even when your power outlet is in an difficult place related to where you’re sat, you won’t need to awkwardly twist your plug to get it in the socket. And that helps protect your device in the long term. Darn it, ultimately even if one of your power ports fails, you’ll still have a backup.

(Image credit: Future)

Data transfer speeds are not, it has to be said, particularly fast, but that’s kind of what you’d expect of a device at this price point. In a similar vein, the HD, 30fps web cam is nothing to write home about, but does the job.

There is one true jewel in the 315’s crown, though: battery life. The 3-cel Lithium Ion battery promises “up to” 12.5 hours’ battery life, and we found it coming close to this target in some pretty resource intensive tasks. 

Impressively, we spent a full nine hours 35 minutes watching full screen Marvel movies offline, via the Disney+ Android app, which would certainly be enough to get you through a long journey. Then to test battery life on WiFi, we streamed HD videos on YouTube, and the Acer kept going for a stonking 11 hours 16 minutes. 

That level of battery life is not to be sniffed at, and so we’d recommend the 315 to anyone who spends a lot of time away from a power outlet.

Acer Chromebook 315: verdict

(Image credit: Acer)

In conclusion, we’d say the Acer Chromebook 315 is one of the best budget Chromebooks on the market today, and a great choice for school children, students and, well, most people really. 

Don’t get us wrong: this is by no means a premium product. There’s no fingerprint reader, no optical drive, no stylus. And the keyboard, web cam, video playback and audio quality are all decidedly average. But to get such a sleek and attractive laptop, a generous-sized touchscreen, substantial battery life, and a processor capable of running multiple tabs smoothly, for under £300, is little short of a miracle. 

It’s not for everyone, of course. If you want a laptop for business, you’ll need something more powerful and expensive. If hardcore gaming’s your passion, you’d be forced to rely on web-based platforms like Google Stadia. And as with any Chromebook, you won’t be able to run resource-heavy creative software such as Photoshop or After Effects.  

However, most people won’t want to do any of that. They just want a laptop for simpler tasks such as web surfing, listening to music, watching videos, and all the daily things we now need to do online, from writing emails to making Zoom calls. For such tasks, this Chromebook does everything you need to, on a beautiful big screen, and at a very lovely price indeed. 

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Acer Chromebook 317 Review: 17-inch Chromebook Trades Mobility for Utility

$660 at Walmart

$499 at Best Buy

Don’t like

  • Slower Pentium processor and eMMC storage

Chromebook variety has grown over the last several years as these laptops moved from fringe devices into the mainstream. There is one thing that hasn’t changed too much with them, though, and that’s size. Except for the occasional 15-inch Chromebook, manufacturers have stuck with screen sizes of 14 inches or smaller. It wasn’t until last year that the first 17.3-inch model was released, the Acer Chromebook 317 — 10 years after the first Chromebook arrived. 

The 317 is essentially a portable all-in-one Chrome OS desktop, otherwise known as a Chromebase. The big display makes multitasking a breeze. You can stream a YouTube video in the corner while you work on a presentation and keep an eye on email or chat — all without overlapping windows. It is big and heavy compared to all the smaller Chromebooks here, so it’s not a great option if mobility is a priority. But it’s certainly small enough to move around the house and with more than 10 hours of battery life in my tests, you can work all day and still have time left for a video chat with family, gaming or streaming a movie.   

Josh Goldman/CNET

The Acer Chromebook 317 I tested is $500 but it actually starts at a low $329, £299 in the UK or about AU$590 in Australia. At that price, you’re getting a Chromebook good for productivity basics, but still with a big full-HD 17.3-inch screen. The $500 version is markedly better inside and out with a faster Intel Pentium processor, twice the RAM, a full-HD touchscreen, a backlit keyboard and a 1080p webcam that improved sharpness and detail in my video chats compared to the typical 720p webcams. Basically, spending the extra money not only gets you better performance but an overall improved experience. 

Acer Chromebook 317 (CB317-1HT-P5PF)

Price as reviewed $500
Display size/resolution 17.3-inch 1,920×1,080-pixel touch display
Processor 1.1GHz Intel Pentium Silver N6000
Memory 8GB LPDDR4X 2933MHz
Graphics Integrated Intel UHD Graphics
Storage 64GB eMMC flash memory
Ports USB-C (x2), USB-A (x2), audio/mic jack, HDMI out, microSD card slot
Networking 802. 11ax (Wi-Fi 6) Bluetooth 5.0
Operating system Google Chrome OS/Android 11
Weight 4.8 pounds (2.2 kilograms)

That said, the performance is still a notch or two below that of an Intel Core i-series processor or an equivalent AMD Ryzen chip. So, if you need the fastest performance, you’ll have to consider other options. Also, if you think you’ll download a lot of apps or keep your files, photos and videos on the Chromebook, its 64GB of eMMC flash storage will fill up fast (and it’s slower than a solid-state drive). There is a microSD card slot for storage expansion, and there’s always cloud storage. 

Acer put single USB-C and USB-A ports on each side.

Josh Goldman/CNET

The lower-end storage and processor keep this 317 from being a truly premium Chromebook, but honestly, this should satisfy most needs for a general-purpose family machine. The big screen is definitely a bonus when you want to have multiple windows open. It especially makes schoolwork easier compared to the 11.6-inch models typically handed out by schools. (Or at least, that was the feedback I got from my kids.) And, while the display’s color accuracy and brightness are just OK, they didn’t take away from watching movies and gaming on it. Having Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) helps, too, especially if you subscribe to a streaming-game service like Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now, Amazon Luna or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Obviously, the larger size — it’s just under 1 inch thick — and its nearly 5-pound weight make it better for use around the home or office than carrying around campus or a regular commute. (If you need a Chromebook that’s smaller and lighter, here are our best recommendations at the moment.) But unlike many 17-inch Windows laptops we’ve tested in the past at this price, battery life here is good: Although Acer rates it at up to 10 hours, mine ran for 11 hours, 58 minutes on our streaming video test. 

The 317 has a simple, clean design. But also dull. 

Josh Goldman/CNET

It’s a little disappointing there isn’t an HDMI output to make the 317 less complicated for connecting to an external monitor. Then again, with two USB-C ports (one on each side), you can always connect a hub to handle all your needs when you want to actually use it more like a desktop than a laptop. 

The Acer Chromebook 317 is an easy choice for a WFH Chromebook that is rarely if ever going to leave your home. I would highly recommend spending the extra money if possible for the $500 configuration. Whether you like to run several apps in the background or love to keep every tab you’ve ever opened open, the extra RAM and better processor will keep things running smoothly. Add in extra features like the full-HD webcam, backlit keyboard and touchscreen, and the deal just gets sweeter. 

Acer Chromebook 15 Review | Reliable Reviews


  • Crisp visuals
  • Touchscreen
  • Solid large keyboard


  • Chrome OS is base 9000 6
  • Big and heavy
  • Competitors have longer battery life

Key features

  • Review price: £399. 99
  • Review price: £399.99
  • Intel Pentium N4200 1.1 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64 GB SSD
  • 15.6″ IPS Full HD display
  • 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 3.1, microSD reader
  • 1.95kg

What is the Acer Chromebook 15?

While most Chromebooks aren’t too comfortable for perfect mobility, Acer’s latest for Chrome OS is a marvel designed to live happily on a desk and occasionally carry around the house. With the catchy full name Chromebook 15 CB515-1HT, this 15.6-inch laptop delivers Full HD images and impresses with ease of use. And all for a low price, you’ll be happy to hear.

Chrome OS is easy compared to Windows. If you’re happy working in a browser using services like Google Drive, then you’ll love the simplicity of Google’s operating system. You can also download Android apps, although most of them are not designed for laptop screen and settings, so mileage may vary.

Acer Chromebook 15 Design & Build

Many of the Chromebooks I’ve tested in recent months have been compact, like the Spin 11 (which can be converted into a tablet on demand) and Google’s own lightweight Pixelbook.

The Chromebook 15 reflects this trend perfectly, with a beefy 15.6-inch chassis that more closely resembles affordable Acer Windows laptops. This machine breaks the scale by almost 2kg so you will definitely notice when it is tucked away in your backpack. If you can even get it there, that is. At 38 cm wide and 26 cm deep, I just managed to squeeze this laptop into my largest backpack.

Like the previous Acer Chromebook 14, this laptop has a silver design that isn’t too dissimilar to the styles of the Apple MacBook. Of course, since this is an inexpensive laptop, you won’t get a premium metal chassis. That said, the Chromebook 15’s plastic frame feels solid: it didn’t seem too bothered by being tossed into a bag and generally roamed around. I couldn’t find any obvious kinks or weak spots, while the chunky lid does a good job protecting the display.

Despite the complex assembly, the connection is mostly standard. You get a pair of full-size USB 3.0 ports and a pair of USB Type-C ports, split between the two sides to make life easier. Other than that, all you get is a microSD card (for 64GB storage expansion) and a Kensington lock slot. There is no dedicated video output, although you can always connect a monitor or TV using one of those Type-C ports. And, as usual with Chromebooks, you don’t get Ethernet.

The 720p webcam sits above the screen, which is great (just great) for chatting with cohorts. Normally you can expect a dull and grainy image when sitting indoors, and at night I seem to turn into a pale ghoul. At this price point, I wouldn’t expect anything else.

Similar: The best laptops you can buy right now0046 The biggest strength of the Chromebook 15 is its ease of use.

Although this chiclet-style keyboard looks like it’s in the middle of a laptop, it’s actually great for fast typing. The keys are perfectly placed, and the board itself is pleasant to the touch and travel-friendly. I really enjoyed parsing scripts, emails, and this very review on the Chromebook 15 when I started using it.

Even the cursor keys, which are usually always pressed on these machines, have enough room to avoid disappointment. And, as usual, you have a row of dedicated Chrome OS shortcuts at the top of your keyboard. Unfortunately, there are still no media controls other than volume up/down/mute buttons.

I was surprised to find that the Chromebook’s touchpad is actually pretty good too. It’s spacious enough that you don’t have to constantly lift your finger, and tapping the bottom half to select something doesn’t cause the cursor to slide across the screen. Double-tapping the pad acts like a right-click, and I found my multi-touch gestures to be well handled.

However, you can completely ignore the touchpad and just press the touchscreen. This is a Chromebook after all.

Similar: Best laptops for students

Chromebook Acer 15 screen

This 15.6-inch IPS sensory screen is quite good at a requested price. On the one hand, touch controls work well. You can quickly and easily navigate web pages and documents while selecting text is a breeze. The display also supports multi-touch for zooming – though for some reason that didn’t work when I fiddled with Google Docs in the Chrome browser.

Viewing angles are quite narrow as the image darkens when you tilt the screen away from your face. Thankfully, the Chromebook 15’s hinge lets you tilt the display back 180 degrees until the lid touches your desk. As such, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a comfortable working position unless you’re crammed into a tiny train or plane seat.

In terms of picture quality, I was impressed with this budget model. Full HD resolution ensures photos and videos look beautiful and crisp, with plenty of detail. Color reproduction is typical of a simple Chromebook – bright photos don’t look quite accurate, but the range stays the same. Just don’t expect accurate hues for photo editing purposes and whatnot.

Acer Chromebook 15 audio

The sheer size of this laptop means that Acer was able to position two speakers on either side of the keyboard instead of pushing them under the Chromebook. They throw out quite a powerful sound, of course, in terms of volume. Even when I watched Netflix outdoors, next to some particularly nasty construction work, I had no problem understanding every word.

Of course, it’s not surprising that the sound quality isn’t quite right for music. At the top of the volume, rock and dance music sounded like an insane cacophony. You’re much better off plugging in your headphones.

Chromebook Acer 15 Performance

Chrome OS is not a demanding operating system, as it is essentially Google’s desktop version of Android OS. Because of this overall efficiency and simplicity, Chromebooks often have pretty basic specs.

Acer has implemented the Intel Pentium N4200 chipset in the Chromebook 15 with 4 GB of RAM. This proved to be very good for playing with multiple applications at the same time. You can stream high-definition video while browsing and messaging without any sign of slowdown.

Games like Cover Fire and other recent action games run at reasonably smooth frame rates, although using a Chromebook for phone games isn’t the best option. Using a laptop’s touchscreen to play something that should be in your hand is just clumsy. However, you won’t have a problem with soft puzzle games and the like, but be careful.

While the Chromebook 15 behaved most of my time with it, in one instance it completely lost the plot. After four hours of non-stop use, the screen suddenly began to flicker and warp. Luckily, restarting the laptop solved the problem and this little incident didn’t happen again, although I’ve been a little wary since then.

Acer Chromebook 15 Battery Life

I wasn’t completely convinced by the Chromebook 15’s battery life report. then suddenly drops by 25% over the next hour. All with the same basic usage.

Overall, I found that with mixed use (mostly running on a web browser while streaming music), the Chromebook typically lasted about six hours on a full charge. This is at the average brightness of the screen too. In other words, if you’re going to be taking this car on the road all day, you’ll need to plug it in at some point.

I also tried closing all apps except Netflix and then non-stop streaming video to see how the battery could handle. In this case, I was able to complete just over seven hours without a box set break before the Chromebook died. Not a bad effort, although some of the smaller Chrome OS laptops offer an extra two or three hours on top.

Should I buy the Acer Chromebook 15?

If you’re looking for a Chrome OS computer that you can carry around with you all day, then the Chromebook 15 is far from the best choice. Acer and its competitors such as Asus have released many Chrome laptops that are more compact and significantly lighter, while laptop battery life is also easily reduced.

Still, as a simple device for family use, the Chromebook 15 works great. Strong usability means staying productive and browsing the web is a breeze, while the Full HD screen is good enough to recoup a movie. As long as you don’t mind Chrome OS’s limitations, and you don’t take them off too much, there’s plenty to enjoy here.


The Acer Chromebook 15 is a basic family laptop best left at home unless you know you can charge its battery wherever you work.

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Acer Chromebook 315 Review: Should You Buy This Budget Chromebook?

Looking for a cheap Chromebook? Then you’ll no doubt see the Acer Chromebook 315 pop up on price comparison sites, as well as Ditching’s authoritative guide to the best student laptops. But is it good? That’s what defines our review of the Acer Chromebook 315.

At first glance, this laptop fits the bill. Large Full HD touchscreen? Check. Decent battery life? Check. Capable processor? Check. And most importantly: the price is less than £300? Check.

But impressive performance doesn’t always equate to a good customer experience. So we got our hands on the Intel-powered version of the Acer Chromebook 315, (not very) quickly dubbed the CB315-3H, to learn how to put it into practice.

To that end, we spend a serious amount of hours doing things like writing emails, managing our Google Calendar, listening to music, watching movies, browsing the web, and more. Read on to find out what we found in our review of the Acer Chromebook 315.

However, just before we get started, if you’re still not sure which laptop you need, be sure to check out the best Ditching laptops, the best 2-in-1 laptops, and the best lightweight laptop guides as they’re full of great tips. and top products.

And, if you like to play a little, don’t forget to also take a look at Ditching’s guide to the best gaming laptops, as it has systems with serious pixel power.

Acer Chromebook 315 review: Is a Chromebook right for you?

First, a little note in case you’ve never used a Chromebook before. (If so, just skip to the next section.)

The reason Chromebooks tend to be cheaper than, say, Windows or Mac laptops is because there aren’t many features in the operating system. Usually you have an internet browser, a folder for the files you have downloaded, and that’s up to you.

(Image credit: Acer)

This may seem limiting. But it’s amazing how much you can do with software available on the web, much of which is provided by Google for free, such as Google Sheets (for spreadsheets), Google Docs (for word processing), and Google Drive (for cloud storage). .

Thus, the main limitation of the Chromebook is the need for a constant Internet connection; because while there are ways to work offline, they are usually a bit inconvenient. On the other hand, you won’t be slowed down by buggy software and endless updates, which are especially dangerous for Windows operating systems.

The system in question here is from Acer, which currently has several products in our Best Chromebook Buying Guide and has a respected reputation. We suggest that you not only read this review, but also take a look at some of the systems in this guide, as well as its tips, before making a purchase decision.

Acer Chromebook 315 Review: Design

At first glance, this is the most elegant and attractive Chromebook we’ve ever seen at this price point. Not far from the MacBook in terms of aesthetics, it has a sleek metal body and reflects light aesthetically.

Note that it only looks like metal: it’s actually plastic, which can be a little disappointing when you first feel it in your hands. But if you are ready for it, it will be great.

The laptop is articulated and can be opened to 180 degrees. At 1.9kg, this device is not the lightest, but definitely light enough to be carried from place to place.

(Image credit: Future)

Ironically, the keyboard only occupies the top half of the base. (Specifically: 115 x 330 mm out of the available 250 x 366 mm). This leaves room for a surprisingly large trackpad (78 x 106mm) that sits below the space bar and, well, plenty of empty space. It’s a bit of an odd layout, and when we used it on the couch, we tended to place our right hand to the right of the trackpad, while the left hand had nowhere to go, which ended up with a bit of tension and discomfort. We are confident that over time we will develop better typing skills, but it takes some getting used to.

The keyboard itself is not exactly premium. Although it functions perfectly, the keys are light and flimsy, and typing on them is not the most pleasant experience. There is no backlighting, and the Enter key is surprisingly thin and easy to miss.

On the other hand, there is a numeric keypad, which is a godsend for tasks such as entering numbers into spreadsheets. The trackpad works smoothly and is intuitive. It’s fully responsive to every click, and we love that it makes an audible noise when you do. Plus its large size means your fingers will never have to struggle to get to it.

Acer Chromebook 315: Screen

One of the best attributes of the Acer Chromebook 315 is its screen size, which is 15.6 inches in diameter. It’s a really big size for a Chromebook and great for watching TV and movies. You’ll also be able to see the people involved in Zoom calls in more detail, which could be a bug or a feature, depending on how attractive your friends and colleagues are.

(Image credit: Future)

A large screen can also make you more productive at work, school or household. You can, for example, conveniently place several windows side by side on the screen and view additional columns and rows of a spreadsheet without reducing the characters to the proportions of a magnifying glass.

The screen has an anti-reflective coating that allows you to work in the sunlight behind you and also works great as a touch screen.

Acer Chromebook 315: setup and operation

Setting up your Acer 315 is as quick and easy as on any Chromebook. You just need an internet connection and a Google login. If you don’t have the latter, you will need to install it on your phone or other computer first.

After entering your username and password, there are only a few steps left, such as choosing to sync your device with your Android phone. If you want to get started really quickly, you can simply skip most of them and come back to them later. Thus, you can get started in just a couple of minutes.

(Image credit: Future)

Even if you’ve never used a Chromebook before, there’s no real learning curve here; after all, you do almost everything in the browser and your main apps are grouped at the bottom. The only thing to be aware of is the basic folder structure, which organizes your Google Drive files and direct uploads in one simple space and can be opened and closed at will. As you can see from the screenshot above, all of this results in a clean and minimal workspace.

While Chromebooks are usually cloud-centric (you get 15 GB for free with Google Drive, for example), sometimes you still need to store things locally. For example, if you’re going on a long trip, you’ll need to download a few movies to watch offline. So the inclusion of 64GB of flash storage is more than welcome here.

Acer Chromebook 315 performance

The Acer Chromebook 315 comes in two flavors, one from AMD and one from Intel. The model we received for review is powered by a 1.1GHz dual-core Intel Celeron N4020 processor coupled with an Intel UHD Graphics 600 processor.0047

This setup is definitely not as powerful as a typical Windows or Mac laptop. But it’s not really necessary for the basic tasks you’ll likely use a Chromebook for, such as web browsing, word processing, video streaming, and listening to music. In all of these activities, we found the Acer Chromebook 315 to run smoothly and efficiently without any issues.

(Image credit: Acer)

What usually happens with cheap Chromebooks is that when you open multiple tabs, things start to slow down. However, with 315 we didn’t have this problem, we went over 10 tabs and still found everything to work perfectly. Obviously, if you have a poor internet connection, you may run into difficulties, but in our experience, the device itself is not at fault.

The LCD screen offers Full HD (1080p) resolution and is a pleasure to watch TV and movies on. The picture is admittedly a bit flat: you’ll find crisper colors, better brightness, and 4K resolution on more expensive laptops. But is it worth spending a lot more money on what amounts to small improvements? It depends on your priorities, but for most people we don’t recommend doing this.

What might dampen your enjoyment a bit is the sound. The stereo speakers are located at the bottom of the device, sending sound to your desk or to your lap, which is hardly ideal. And even if you prop up the bottom of the laptop for more clarity, it still sounds decidedly tough. On the plus side, you can make everything nice and loud, which compares favorably with other Chromebooks we’ve tried.

Acer Chromebook 315: connectivity and battery life

Connectivity is pretty decent on the Acer Chromebook 315. There are 4 USB ports in total: two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports. You also get a headphone jack, a microSD card slot, and a Kensington security cable slot (not included).

They are separated between the left and right sides and are well spaced so that the various connectors and wires do not fight each other. And here’s what really excites us: the ability to power your device from USB-C ports on the left or right side.

This means that even if your socket is in a difficult place due to where you sit, you won’t have to fidget around with the plug to insert it into the socket. And it helps protect your device in the long run. Heck, in the end, even if one of your power ports fails, you’ll still have a backup.

(Image credit: future)

It should be noted that the data transfer speed is not particularly high, but it is what you would expect from a device in this price category. Similarly, a 30fps HD webcam is nothing special, but gets the job done.

However, there’s one real gem in the 315’s crown: battery life. The 3-cell lithium-ion battery promises “up to” 12.5 hours of battery life, and we found it came close to that goal in some fairly resource-intensive tasks.

Impressively, we spent a full nine hours and 35 minutes watching full-screen Marvel movies offline via the Disney + Android app, which would certainly be enough to get you on a long journey. Then, to test the battery life over Wi-Fi, we streamed an HD video to YouTube, and the Acer ran for an amazing 11 hours and 16 minutes.

This level of battery life is undeniable, which is why we recommend the 315 to anyone who spends a lot of time away from a power outlet.

Acer Chromebook 315: verdict

(Image credit: Acer) Indeed, most people.

Don’t get us wrong, this is by no means a premium product. There is no fingerprint reader, no optical drive, no stylus. And the keyboard, webcam, video playback and sound quality are clearly average. But to get such a sleek and attractive laptop, large touchscreen, long battery life and a processor capable of running smoothly across multiple tabs for less than £300 is almost a miracle.

Of course, this is not for everyone. If you need a laptop for business, you will need something more powerful and expensive. If your passion is hardcore gaming, you will have to rely on web based platforms like Google Stadia. As with any other Chromebook, you won’t be able to run resource-intensive creative software like Photoshop or After Effects.

However, most people do not want to do this. They just need a laptop for more basic tasks like surfing the web, listening to music, watching videos, and all the day-to-day activities we now need to do online, from writing emails to calling Zoom. For tasks like this, this Chromebook does everything you need on a beautiful big screen and at a very attractive price.

Microsdxc 128gb: SanDisk 128GB Ultra microSDXC A1 UHS-I/U1 Class 10 Memory Card with Adapter, Speed Up to 100MB/s (SDSQUAR-128G-GN6MA)

Review: SanDisk Ultra Plus UHS-I V10 A1 128GB microSDXC Memory Card

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The SanDisk Ultra Plus microSD is an upgraded version of the SanDisk Ultra, one of the best selling memory cards. Ultra cards represent a good value, with fast read speeds and moderate write speeds. While they are never among
the fastest cards in our tests, their performance is consistent and the price is always competitive. The Ultra Plus brings a 100MB/s read speed and V10/U1 write performance by promising at least 10MB/s continuous write speed for
recording video. The A1 rating on the label indicates the card meets Application Performance Class 1 performance standards. This means the card will perform at least 1,500 input-output operations per second (IOPS) random read
and 500 IOPS random write. Mobile phones, tables and portable devices use microSD cards for expanded storage, and a card that meets A1 specification will perform well when storing small data files and execuating programs
directly from the card. Ultra Plus microSD cards are available in 16, 32, 64, 128GB, 256GB and 400GB capacities. The 128GB microSDXC version model SDSQUSC-128G-ANCMA with UPC 619659135416 is tested in this review. The memory card
and included microSD to SD adapter are both made in China. SanDisk covers the Ultra Plus card with a limited lifetime warranty,


The SanDisk Ultra Plus 128GB microSDXC card was tested in memory card readers to evaluate its performance. In benchmark tests using USB 3.1 and 3.0 readers the highest sequential read speed was 99.5 MB/s, which is right
in line with the 100MB/s maximum read speed quoted by Sandisk. Moving on to write speed, the highest benchmark result was 62.9 MB/s sequential write. This is higher than expected
given the card is rated V10 and U1 which only indicate the mininum write speed at 10MB/s. The card performance was stable among all card readers tested.

Card: SanDisk Ultra Plus V10 A1 microSDXC 128GB
Benchmark: CrystalDiskMark 3.0.3 x64
Program settings: 1000 MB, 5 passes, random test data
Operating system: Windows 10 Pro
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K @ 4. 40GHz
RAM: 32GB DDR3 1600

SanDisk Ultra Plus V10 A1 microSDXC 128GB
Card Reader Benchmarks
Hama USB 3.0 UHS-II SD Card Reader 99.542 62.334 91.677 42.792 6.877 1678.9 2.583 630.6 7.944 1939.5 2.648 646.5
Lexar Professional Workflow SR2 UHS-II 99.495 61.995 92. 286 48.163 6.880 1679.8 2.729 666.2 7.959 1943.2 2.813 686.8
Lexar LRWM04U-7000 UHS-II Reader 99.485 62.061 92.409 47.119 7.026 1715.3 2.655 648.2 7.923 1934.3 2.822 689.0
Hama USB Type-C 3.1 UHS-II SD Card Reader 99.344 62.441 90.605 44.899 7.622 1860.8 2.581 630.1 8.030 1960.5 2.631 642.4
Sony S1 High Speed UHS-II Reader/Writer 99.288 61.947 88.305 44.489 4.861 1186.7 2.134 521.1 5.794 1414.5 2.228 543.9
SanDisk Extreme Pro SD UHS-II Reader/Writer 99.288 62.289 88.465 48.658 5.050 1233.0 2.123 518.2 5. 943 1450.9 2.252 549.8
Delkin Black Rugged Card Reader 99.175 61.969 88.130 43.852 4.830 1179.2 2.122 518.0 5.737 1400.6 2.229 544.3
SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II USB-C Reader SDDR-409 99.062 62.564 86.947 44.330 5.524 1348.5 2.135 521.2 5.969 1457.3 2.241 547.1
SanDisk Extreme Pro SD UHS-II USB-C Reader 99.053 62.319 87.120 45.039 5.493 1341.0 2.115 516.4 5.969 1457.2 2.255 550.5
Delkin Dual Slot SD UHS-II and CF Card Reader 98.016 62.282 92.485 42.764 6.970 1701.6 2.746 670.3 7.932 1936.5 2.788 680.7
Delkin Multi-Card CFast SD UHS-II microSD Reader 97. 888 62.348 92.194 45.893 6.986 1705.5 2.722 664.5 7.885 1925.0 2.825 689.7
SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II SD Reader/Writer 97.442 61.885 92.255 44.208 6.871 1677.5 2.773 677.0 7.922 1934.1 2.771 676.6
Transcend Multi-Card Reader RDF9 97.343 62.079 92.118 45.819 6.838 1669.4 2.734 667.5 7.928 1935.6 2.781 678.9
Lexar Professional Dual Slot UHS-II Card Reader 97.343 62.189 92.240 46.058 6.988 1706.0 2.435 594.5 7.925 1934.7 2.642 645.1
Delkin Travel Reader 97.252 62.617 89.740 49.550 6.949 1696.5 2.773 677. 1 7.968 1945.3 2.751 671.7
ProMaster Professional Dual Card Reader SD UHS-II 97.252 62.245 92.225 46.268 6.865 1676.1 2.726 665.6 7.905 1930.0 2.818 688.0
Kingston FCR-HS4 Card Reader 97.234 62.212 92.194 44.885 7.048 1720.7 2.744 670.0 7.937 1937.8 2.770 676.4
Kingston MobileLite G4 UHS-II 97.216 61.845 92.485 42.869 6.989 1706.4 2.572 627.9 7.931 1936.3 2.631 642.4
SanDisk MobileMate USB 3.0 Reader 97.072 62.267 85.378 44.863 4.737 1156.4 2.135 521.3 5.316 1297.8 2.171 530.1
Transcend Multi-Card Reader RDF8 Black 96. 279 62.925 90.245 43.309 6.269 1530.6 2.225 543.2 7.355 1795.6 2.365 577.4
DriverGenius USB 3.1(G1) / 3.0 UHS-II SD Card Reader 96.200 62.486 88.686 43.495 6.513 1590.2 2.255 550.5 7.627 1862.1 2.464 601.5
SanDisk ImageMate Pro Multi-Card Reader/Writer 96.120 61.918 85.921 43.323 4.849 1183.8 2.043 498.8 5.692 1389.7 2.229 544.2
Delkin Universal Memory Card Reader 95.918 62.564 90.081 49.493 5.988 1461.8 2.385 582.3 6.375 1556.5 2.531 617.9
Verbatim USB-C Pocket Card Reader 95.839 62.348 87.927 44.215 7.365 1798. 0 2.412 588.8 7.858 1918.3 2.493 608.7
Transcend SD Card Reader RDF5 Black 95.273 62.763 89.159 44.366 5.268 1286.1 2.032 496.0 5.810 1418.6 2.129 519.8
Sony MRW-E90 XQD 2.0 / SD UHS-II Card Reader 93.431 62.223 86.161 47.865 6.499 1586.8 2.350 573.9 7.566 1847.2 2.586 631.3

The SanDisk Ultra Plus microSDXC 128GB card will be used in upcoming in-camera tests. Write speed results during extended continuous shooting will be shown in the following table.

Cameras tested with this card:

The following table contains information encoded in the SD card.

SanDisk Ultra Plus V10 A1 microSDXC 128GB microSD — Internal Card Information
Serial number (PSN) 2592920923
Product Name (PNM) SL128
Product Revision 8. 0
Manufacturer ID (MID) 0x000003
Manufacture Date (MDT) 09/2018
Total capacity 127,865,454,592 bytes

The Ultra Plus card internal card register shows this card was produced September 2018. The Manufacturer ID 0x000003 and OEM ID “SD” are consistent with memory cards produced by SanDisk.

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Memory chips in Rostov-on-Don: 752-products: free shipping [link]

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video memory GDDR5 1GB H5GC8h34AJR S2C part number: H5GC8h34AJR S2C


GDDR6 video memory D9WCW 9EA77 unassembled Part number: D9WCW 9EA77


video memory GDDR6 D9WCW 9CA77 unassembled Part number: D9WCW 9CA77


GDDR6 video memory D9WCW 8ZA77 unassembled Part number: D9WCW 8ZA77

256MB H5GQ2h34MFR R0C Unassembled Part Number: H5GQ2h34MFR R0C






RAM 9008 0 memory H9TKNNNBPDAR 220FBGA LPDDR2 1066 Mbps 2 GB parsed K3QF10DH-AGCE LPDDR3 253Mbps 1Gb unassembled S5ES1G1633FCF-25


RAM Memory 8GB LPDRR5 K3LK3K30EM-BGCN BGA parsed Part Number: K3LK3K30EM-BGCN 0 memory H5TQ2G63BFR 11C disassembled Part number: D9WCW 0XA77


GDDR6 D9WCW 9AA77 video memory from parsing programmerintercom programmerintercom programmer for 24cxx via usbnand flash for apple iphone 5s 16vizit dm15 intercom programmer

GDDR6 Video Memory D9WCW 0JA77 Unassembled

GDDR6 video memory D9WCW 0iA77 disassembled Part Number: D9WCW 0CA77


Video Memory GDDR6 D9WCW 9KA77 Part Number: D9WCW 9KA77


GDDR6 video memory D9WCW 0BA77 parsed :


Memory EEPROM, Microwire, 2Kx8bit, 2. 5-5.5V, SO8 STMicroelectronics M93C86-WMN6P


Memory EEPROM, I2C, 256x8bit, 2.5-5.5V, SO8, Serial STMicroelectronics M24C0 2-WMN6P


Memory EEPROM, I2C, 1Kx8bit, 2.5-5.5V, SO8, Serial STMicroelectronics M24C08-WMN6P


Chip 9008 0 memory EEPROM MICROWIRE 64×16 2.5-5.5B SO8 MICROCHIP 93LC46B-I/SNG



9001 1 V STORE

Memory , EEPROM, I2C, 4Kx8bit, 2.5-5.5V, 400kHz, SO8 MICROCHIP 24LC32A-I/SN


Memory , EEPROM, Microwire, 128x16bit, 2.5-5.5V, 2MHz, SO8 MICROCHIP 93LC56B-I/SN


90 002 IC: memory FLASH, 256kb, Dual- Output Read, SPI, 104MHz, 1.65-3.6B ADESTO AT25DF256-SSHNB


Integrated IC Memory EEPROM SO8-150-1.27 STMicroelectronics M24 C02-WMN6TP


Chip : memory EEPROM, I2C, 4Kx8bit, 2. 5-5.5V, SO8, serial STMicroelectronics M24C32-WMN6P


Chip memory EEPROM; I2C; 4Kx8bit; 1.8-5.5V; SO8; Serial STMicroelectronics M24C32-RMN6P


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Hp omen gaming desktops: HP® OMEN Gaming PCs and Desktop Computers

HP OMEN Desktops

OMEN 45L Gaming Desktop GT22-1000m

Windows 11 HomeAMD Ryzen™ 5 7600X (up to 5.3 GHz max boost clock, 32 MB L3 cache, 6 cores, 12 threads)AMD Radeon™ RX 6700 XT Graphics (12 GB GDDR6 dedicated), Display Connectors: DP*3, HDMI*1Kingston FURY 8 GB DDR5-5200 MHz XMP RGB Heatsink RAM (1 x 8 GB)



OMEN 45L Gaming Desktop GT22-1470se

Windows 11 HomeIntel® Core™ i7-13700K (up to 5.4 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, 30 MB L3 cache, 16 cores, 24 threads)NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060 Ti (8 GB GDDR6 dedicated) with LHR, Display Connectors: DP*3, HDMI*1Kingston FURY 16 GB DDR5-5200 MHz XMP RGB Heatsink RAM (2 x 8 GB)



OMEN 45L Gaming Desktop GT22-0238m

Windows 11 HomeAMD Ryzen™ 7 5800X W/RGB Liquid Cooler (3.8 GHz up to 4.7 GHz, 32 MB L3 cache, 8 cores)NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060 (12 GB GDDR6 dedicated) with LHR, Display Connectors: HDMI*1, DP*3HyperX 16 GB DDR4-3733 MHz XMP RGB Heatsink RAM (2 x 8 GB)



OMEN 40L Gaming Desktop GT21-1455se

Windows 11 HomeIntel® Core™ i7-13700K RGB Cooler (up to 5. 4 GHz, 30 MB L3 cache, 16 cores, 24 threads)NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060 (12 GB GDDR6 dedicated) with LHR, Display Connectors: HDMI*1, DP*3Kingston FURY 16 GB DDR5-5200 MHz XMP RGB Heatsink RAM (2 x 8 GB)



OMEN 40L Gaming Desktop GT21-1355st

Windows 11 HomeIntel® Core™ i5-13400 RGB Heat-pipe Cooler (up to 4.6 GHz, 20 MB L3, 10 cores, 16 threads)NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060 (12 GB GDDR6 dedicated) with LHR, Display Connectors: HDMI*1, DP*3Kingston FURY 16 GB DDR5-5200 MHz XMP RGB Heatsink RAM (2 x 8 GB)



OMEN 45L Gaming Desktop GT22-1470se

Flashy lights, tons of RAM, and a NVIDIA GPU that’s only slightly smaller than a mid-sized sedan, the HP OMEN 45L with the Intel Core i9-13900k is a PC screamer that’s cool to the touch. Though not inexpensive, the OMEN 45L is competitively priced – about on par with building it yourself – and easier to order, customize than a pizza. Having owned close to dozen HPs over the past 25-30 years, the OMEN 45L is by far the best designed of the lot. Plenty of room to expand, it’s a PC that will likely serve you well for years. I’d recommend HP again without hesitation.


OMEN 45L Gaming Desktop GT22-0238m

Very pleased with this gaming tower. Smoking fast – plays most games made in 2021 or earlier at Max settings without a glitch. Have only tried a couple of 2022 games, but they played seamlessly at Max also (although these were hardly graphic intensive games in fairness). It’s also very quiet thanks to the liquid cooling system. It has a larger footprint than my old system, but worth it.


OMEN 40L Gaming Desktop GT21-0126m

Worth the dollars spent on this great gaming system! Would highly recommend this HP product. The system speed is amazing!


OMEN 45L Gaming Desktop | HP® Official Site

Scientifically cooled, metaphysically fire.


Desktop Caliber Gameplay with 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 Processors.1

Scientifically cooled, metaphysically fire.​


Desktop Caliber Gameplay with 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 Processors.1


View all

  • Up to Intel® Core™ i9-13900KF Processor1
  • Up To a NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4090 (24 GB GDDR6X dedicated) with NVIDIA DLSS 3, ultra-efficient Ada Lovelace architecture, and full ray tracing
  • Up to Kingston FURY 64 GB DDR5-5200 MHz XMP RGB Heatsink RAM (4 x 16 GB)



Built for extreme performance, easy toolless upgradeability and room for the kitchen sink. The OMEN 45L is a one stop, can’t stop, shop for DIY performance mastery. Dream, adapt, overcome.


Up to Intel® Core™ i9-12900KF (3.2 GHz base frequency, up to 5.2 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, 30 MB L3 cache, 16 cores, 24 threads)1


Up To a NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4090 (24 GB GDDR6X dedicated) with NVIDIA DLSS 3, ultra-efficient Ada Lovelace architecture, and full ray tracing

Power Supply

Up to 1200 W 80 Plus Gold certified ATX power supply (ATX 3.0 Compliance and PCIE 5.0 12VHPWR)


Up to HyperX 64 GB DDR4-3467 MHz XMP RGB Heatsink RAM (4 x 16 GB)

Memory Slots


4 total bays (2 support both 2.5″ and 3.5″ form factor storage

2 support 2.5″ form factor storage only)

Operating System

Up to Windows 11

Expansion Slots

1 x16 lanes PCI-E Gen4  

1 x 4 lanes PCI-E Gen3  

External I/O Ports Top:

2 USB 2.0 Type-A​

2 USB Type-A 5Gbps signaling rate (Battery Charging 1. 2, HP Sleep and Charge)​

1x Headphone/Microphone Combo​

1x Microphone Jack

External I/O Ports Rear:

2x USB 2.0 Type-A

1x SuperSpeed USB Type-A 5Gbps signaling rate

1x SuperSpeed USB Type-A 10Gbps signaling rate

1x SuperSpeed USB Type-C® 5Gbps signaling rate

1x SuperSpeed USB Type-C® 10Gbps signaling rate

1 DisplayPort 1.4


The OMEN 45L takes cooling way up, with the OMEN CRYO CHAMBER. This patented system uses the ambient air to create extreme cooling inside the system. The OMEN CRYO CHAMBER is also end user upgradable because Ice is the new fire.


Intel Cryo Cooling Gen2 Technology

Up to

4x 120mm RGB or ARGB system fans​

Up to

360mm AIO liquid cooler



Looks matter, and so does jaw dropping performance. So we prioritized both: 45L case with tempered glass panels. Full-metal frame with toolless entry and 4 RGB zones.  


Powered by NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ RTX 40 Series and DLSS 3


Cutting edge GPUs with the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture and dedicated ray tracing cores.​


With AI-Accelerated NVIDIA DLSS 3 performance, NVIDIA Reflex low-latency platform, and studio drivers, you are game ready.​


Fast track your content with NVIDIA Encoder, NVIDIA Broadcast App, and NVIDIA Studio


From getting rewards just by gaming, to controlling every little performance and lighting option of your machine, the list goes on. Every game, every play, every moment is now in your control.




Now you can easily sync your lighting effects across your OMEN devices. From spatially-aware lighting animations to interactive effects, the personalization possibilities are endless.



We don’t always need our PC to be ready for a full blown war. Choose between performance modes to match it up with whatever’s coming its way.



Keep an eye on all the vitals with a dashboard that tracks every key metric in real time. Scan utilization, temperature of your CPU, GPU and memory.


Get smoother, faster gameplay in your favorite games. Optimizer automatically reduces system resources you don’t need while you play, then restores them back to normal when you’re done. 


More play, less hide and seek. Our dashboard is the simplest way to locate and launch games from your library.3



Play over 100 high quality games with your new OMEN Gaming PC and one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate including EA Play. With new games added all the time, there’s always something new to play.2




HP Omen at a price of 126641 rubles.

Select by options

Retail price


In stock 6


Home 1

Gaming 6

Premium 1


Tower 6

Operating system

No OS 3

Windows 11 3

Processor type

Intel® Core™ i5 2

AMD Ryzen™ 7 4

Number of processor cores

6 2

8 4

RAM size

16 GB 6

Hard disk capacity

SSD 512Gb 3

SSD 1Tb 3

Optical drive

Without drive 6

Video subsystem type

Discrete 6

Discrete video card

nVidia® GeForce® RTX 3060ti 1

nVidia® GeForce® RTX 3070ti 2

nVidia® GeForce® RTX 3080 1

AMD Radeon™ RX 6700XT2

Number of USB 2. 0 ports

Network interface

10/100/1000 Mbps 6


WiFi 1

bluetooth 1


12 months 6

Weight, kg

Home computer
Computer for games
Computer for work

HP Omen GT

Super powerful desktop dedicated to gamers
To become a legend from a simple gamer requires power that does not need constant amplification. The OMEN desktop is designed with sleek, modern design, the latest hardware, and the easy upgrade you need to succeed in gaming. This is exactly what any gamer needs to conquer new heights.



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PC/ HP Omen GT13-1154 Tower/ AMD Ryzen 7 5800X/ 16GB/ 1TB SSD/ RTX 3080 10GB/ WiFi/ BT/ Win11 (328N9AA) (328N9AA#ABA)

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Computer HP Omen GT21-0013ur MT/ Ryzen 7 5800X/ 16GB/ 1TB SSD/ noODD/ GeForce RTX 3070Ti 8GB/ Win11 (5D439EA#ACB)

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Computer HP Omen GT21-0014ur MT/ Ryzen 7 5800X/ 16GB/ 1TB SSD/ noODD/ GeForce RTX 3070ti 8GB/ DOS (5D440EA#ACB)

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Computer HP Omen GT21-0018ur/ Ryzen 7 5800X/ 16GB/ 512GB SSD/ noODD/ GeForce RTX 3060Ti 8GB/ DOS (5D444EA#ACB)

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Computer HP Omen GT12-1048ur/ Core i5-11400F/ 16GB/ 512GB SSD/ noODD/ Radeon RX6700XT 12GB/ Win11 (5D426EA)

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Computer HP Omen GT12-1049ur/ Core i5 11400F/ 16GB/ 512GB SSD/ noODD/ Radeon RX 6700XT 12GB/ DOS (5D427EA#ACB)

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HP OMEN 30L GT13-1043ur Desktop (60Q86EA)


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Brand: HP


Desktop type:

Gaming PC

Preinstalled OS:

Without OS

Processor Type:

Intel Core i9

Processor model:
Processor frequency, MHz:
Number of processor cores:

Intel Z590


All specifications

The technical description of the goods is compiled taking into account the data of the manufacturer’s website. The appearance of the product, its configuration and characteristics may be changed by the manufacturer without notice.

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We approximate your location from your internet IP address by matching it to a geographic region or from the location entered during your previous visit to Apple.

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How to distinguish a restored iPhone from the original in 2023


And what is it all about

Maria Gercke

figured out the issue

It’s better to buy a refurbished iPhone than a used one.

Refurbished, or refurbished, are iPhones that you bought, returned to the store, and then put up for sale again at a discount.

They are inspected, repaired, cleaned and tested for function before they are returned to the market. The recovery program most often includes smartphones with non-critical malfunctions, display cases, and fully functional iPhones that customers returned to the store for one reason or another.

Refurbished and used iPhones are two different things. In the first case, it is assumed that the device does not differ in performance from a new one, and its components have been tested and repaired before being resold. In the second case, we are talking about an iPhone that is being resold in the same condition it was in by the previous owner: most likely, no one has repaired, tested or cleaned it.

What kind of refurbished iPhones are

Refurbished iPhones can be divided into three categories.

iPhones officially refurbished by the manufacturer. These are devices refurbished by Apple itself, in English they are called Manufacturer Refurbished or Certified Refurbished.

Apple accepts for restoration iPhones that were returned to stores shortly after purchase, for example, the buyer changed his mind, who found some non-critical defects – warranty cases – or who passed the trade-in program. Heavily worn phones with serious breakdowns are not included in the recovery program, but are sent immediately for recycling.

The recovery process takes place at the Apple factory and consists of several stages. First, the company’s employees diagnose the iPhone and identify problems in its operation. After that, all defective components are replaced with new ones. The restored device is thoroughly cleaned, its case and battery are changed without fail, and then it is sent for detailed testing – the same that all Apple equipment undergoes.

We bought refurbished smartphones in China

If the testing is successful, Apple specialists assign a fresh serial number to the smartphone, pack it in a new box with the entire set of accessories, and ship it for sale at a discount of up to 15%. It is important to note that they are not trying to pass off such an iPhone as a new one: the appearance of the box differs from the usual one and it has a special marking – Apple Certified Pre-Owned. The rest of the iPhone is positioned “as new”.

Apple Store section with refurbished devices. Source: apple. com

iPhones refurbished by sellers. These are devices refurbished from masters who have nothing to do with Apple – in English Seller Refurbished. For example, Amazon has an Amazon Renewed division that sells equipment that was restored by their own contractors.

Apple announces prices and start date for Apple Watch Series 7

If Apple always restores iPhones to “like new” condition, then in the case of unofficial restoration, each seller decides for himself what quality bar to set. The same Amazon Renewed immediately warns that their equipment may have minor scratches and dents, boxes and accessories may not be original, and the battery capacity will not be full, but not lower than 80%.

Amazon Renewed home page. Source:

Sellers can classify refurbished iPhones into different categories, such as appearance. In the “ideal” category, there will be fully functional iPhones with a body without visible defects. The “good” category includes devices with minor external damage: small scratches or scuffs. The “satisfactory” category includes iPhones with noticeable external defects, but which will also function normally. The lower the category, the greater the discount.

The procedure for restoring iPhones may differ significantly from that adopted by Apple. For example, craftsmen may not change defective parts, but simply repair them. If some components are still changed, then it is not a fact that they will turn out to be original. Health testing criteria are also different for everyone, and often they are much less stringent than Apple’s.

How prices for previous iPhones have changed since the release of the iPhone 13

Seller Refurbished appliances are a very common occurrence in the American market. There are marketplaces in the USA that restore equipment and then resell it at a big discount. In order not to lose customers, they try to keep the bar of quality and always provide a guarantee for their devices.

Homepage of BackMarket, one of the largest sellers of refurbished vehicles in the US. Source:

Handicraft restored iPhones. These may include counterfeit devices that are sold under the guise of new ones. There are unscrupulous companies on the market that buy broken or drowned phones, disassemble them into components and reassemble them into more or less working devices.

These iPhones are packaged in boxes very similar to the original ones, and sometimes they are even given fake serial numbers and identifiers. Most often they are sold through online stores.

How to buy an iPhone from your hands

Where to buy an officially restored iPhone

Apple support told me that officially restored iPhones are not delivered to Russia. According to a company employee, , if someone sells refurbished iPhones and claims that they are official, then you can be sure that this is not true.

I wrote to the online hardware store BigGeek, which also sells refurbished iPhones, and clarified this issue. The support service told me that their iPhones were restored by Apple, but these are unofficial deliveries. That is, the store itself purchases officially restored devices abroad and brings them to Russia for resale.

Thus, the only way to buy a refurbished iPhone from Apple in Russia is to look for unofficial supplies from abroad. But keep in mind that these will be devices released for the foreign market, that is, without Rostest certification. In technical terms, they will not differ in any way from certified ones, but if you decide to contact an Apple service center with it, problems may arise.

What is the difference between legal and illegal smartphones

The fact is that Russian centers do not accept some models under warranty without a Rostest certificate, in particular, this applies to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Therefore, before buying, it is better to clarify this issue in advance.

Another option is to order an officially restored iPhone from abroad. For example, this can be done directly in the American Apple Store using one of the overseas shopping services that order goods to their warehouses in the US or Europe and then send them to Russia. But it is not a fact that it will be much more profitable than buying a new iPhone in Russia.

How to distinguish a refurbished iPhone from the original

Apple makes no secret of the fact that it resells some of its technology, so it will not be difficult to distinguish an officially refurbished phone from a new one. Just look at the box: it will not have an image of the iPhone, instead it will just print the name of the model with the signature Apple Certified Pre-Owned.

The second detail that will indicate that you have a restored smartphone is the model number. It starts with the letter F, while the new model numbers start with the letter M.

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This is how the box of an officially restored iPhone looks like. Source:

Another question is if they try to sell you an unofficially restored iPhone under the guise of a new one. Here are a few steps to help identify the substitution.

  1. Check all the information about the model on the box and in the smartphone settings – they must match. These are the model name and number, serial number, IMEI, memory capacity, and so on. If you want to check this data directly in the store, just click on the “i” icon on the activation screen.
  2. Pay attention to the model number: if you buy a new phone, then it must begin with the letter M. The last letters RU / A in the number will indicate that the iPhone was delivered to Russia directly from Apple and has been certified by Rostest.
  3. Check contents. The box should contain all instructions, stickers, a SIM card eject pin, original headphones and a cable.
  4. Check the appearance of the device: it should not have any abrasions, dents or scratches. Pay attention to the screws next to the charging connector: if there are marks from a screwdriver on them, then the phone was taken apart.
  5. Check the performance: screen responsiveness, button presses, camera quality, speaker performance, Wi-Fi connection, and so on.
  6. Check your smartphone on the Apple website. Enter the IMEI number indicated on the box in the field and see what it will give you in response. If the site says “iPhone needs to be activated”, then you have a new device. If it says there that the service period has already expired or ends earlier than in a year, then you have a phone that has already been in use.
  7. Try connecting your iPhone to a computer or laptop with iTunes installed. If the program does not recognize it, then you have a fake.

Page for checking iPhone by serial number or IMEI. Source:

Is it true that a refurbished iPhone often breaks

If we are talking about an officially refurbished iPhone, then the probability that it will break is no higher than that of a regular iPhone. For all refurbished products, Apple issues the same warranty as for new ones. When restoring an iPhone, all components that worked incorrectly are not repaired, but replaced with new ones, so the risk of repeated breakdowns is eliminated.

In the case of an unofficially restored iPhone, the situation is more complicated. The performance of such a device will entirely depend on the conscientiousness of the store where you buy it.

If the craftsmen are not highly qualified and if they used non-original components, then the risk that the iPhone will break increases many times over. Therefore, when buying unofficially refurbished devices, it is important to choose large sellers with a good reputation.

iPhone 13 Review – Best Apple Smartphone in 2023

Is there a warranty for a refurbished iPhone? Unofficially refurbished devices are, of course, not covered by this warranty.

On the other hand, unofficially restored phones can be guaranteed by the sellers themselves. For example, BackMarket, a large American refurbished equipment store, gives customers 30 days to return the goods and 12 months of free service. Amazon Renewed allows you to return or exchange your iPhone within 90 days.

Well, other sellers may not give a guarantee and even not accept the purchased iPhones back if something turns out to be wrong with them. Therefore, before buying such a device, it is important to clarify the terms of the warranty and return.

Is it worth buying a refurbished iPhone

Officially refurbished iPhones are a good alternative for those who want to save money on buying a new smartphone. True, given that Apple does not supply them to Russia, this benefit may be offset by the cost of shipping the device from abroad. If you buy a refurbished iPhone from unofficial supplies, then there is a chance of running into scammers.

Before you buy a refurbished iPhone in one of the Russian stores, you should contact the support service and clarify who exactly was involved in the restoration. Make sure the model you choose will be covered by the Apple warranty and that the store allows you to return the product if you don’t like it.

“Takes shameless photos”: 18 smartphones worth buying in 2021

If you want to purchase a model that is not covered by the warranty of Russian Apple service centers, then the store itself must provide it.

Carefully study the terms of the warranty service: what it covers and who exactly will be responsible for the repair. Be sure to read reviews about the seller to make sure that he sells original products. The best option is to come to an offline store and see for yourself.


  1. Refurbished iPhones are official and unofficial. The first ones are collected by Apple itself, and the second ones are collected by third-party stores.
  2. Officially refurbished iPhones are not sold as new – they have different packaging. Before being sold, they are reassembled and thoroughly cleaned, and then they are given a new warranty period.
  3. Handicraft restored iPhones may turn out to be counterfeit, in “gray” stores they are often sold under the guise of new ones. Double-check serial numbers and warranty periods.
  4. Refurbished iPhones from Apple are not officially sold in Russia, but they can be bought from third-party suppliers. True, given the markup, the benefit is unlikely to be worth it.

iPhone Parts and Service History

Genuine parts are designed, tested, and manufactured to Apple quality and performance standards.

View your device’s service and replacement history

In iOS 15.2 and later, you can view your iPhone’s service and replacement history by going to Settings > General > About This Device.

    • On iPhone XR, XS, XS Max and later, including iPhone SE (2nd generation), you can see battery replacement information.
    • On iPhone 11 models, see battery and display replacement information.
    • For iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 models, see information about replacing the rear system, TrueDepth camera, rear cameras, battery, and display.

    If genuine Apple parts and processes were used in the service, “Genuine Apple Part” will be listed next to the component. If your iPhone was already connected to the Internet after service, you can click on the line with the name of the replacement part to view more information, including the date of service.

    The message “Unknown part” means that the installation of the component was not completed or that it:

      • was replaced by a non-genuine part;
      • was previously used or installed in another iPhone;
      • does not work properly.

      Displays and batteries may additionally display the following message: “Apple has updated the device information for this iPhone.” It means that Apple has updated information about this iPhone that is collected for service purposes, security analysis, and future product improvements.

      These notices do not restrict the use of the iPhone itself, its battery, display, or camera.

      The Parts and Service History section may display one of the following messages: Face ID Problem Detected, Cellular Communication Problem Detected, Ultra Wideband Problem Detected, or Apple Pay Problem Detected.

      Learn more about “Face ID problem detected” message

      Learn more about cellular, Ultra Wideband, and Apple Pay 9 problem messages0003

      In versions of iOS earlier than 15.2, only a warning is displayed that a new spare part is unknown.

      Parts and service history information is collected by Apple and stored with other information about your iPhone. It is necessary for maintenance, security analysis and improvement of future products.

      The Parts and Service History is only displayed if an iPhone component has been replaced or is not working properly. If the spare part has been serviced several times, only the information about the last service is displayed.

      iPhone replacement parts and service history is linked to the serial number of the device. If a new serial number was created during an iPhone repair, the system will only display the parts and service cases associated with that serial number.

      The Importance of Qualified Technician Service Using Apple Parts

      The safest and most reliable repair option is to go to a professional service provider with certified technicians using genuine Apple parts. These vendors include Apple, Apple Authorized Service Providers, and independent repair providers with access to genuine Apple* parts. Repairs carried out by unqualified personnel using non-original spare parts may affect the safety and operation of the device. Apple original spare parts are fully consistent with the parameters of the device. If screws or shrouds are not properly replaced during repairs, loose parts may damage the battery, cause overheating, or cause injury.

      Depending on your region, you can contact an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider for iPhone service (under warranty or out of warranty).

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