Electricity bank: 16 Best Portable Battery Chargers (2023): For Phones, iPads, Laptops, and More

The Best Portable Chargers and Power Banks for 2023

Watching your phone or tablet steadily run out of power when you’re nowhere near an outlet is stressful. Fortunately, third-party portable batteries are available in many sizes and capacities. Some power banks offer fast charging, wireless charging, built-in cables, AC adapters, and LED flashlights—and even the ability to jump-start your car. Regardless of your budget, you can find a portable charger that keeps your device going when your battery icon starts to dip into the red.

But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Read on for our tips, followed by the most important points to consider as you shop.

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What Is Fast Charging?

Best Affordable PD Power Bank

Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD

$29. 99 at Amazon

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Why We Picked It

Despite its reasonable price, the Anker PowerCore Slim PD 10000 offers high-end features like USB Power Delivery for fast charging, as well as both types of USB ports.

Who It’s For

This 10,000mAh charger doesn’t have the highest capacity, but it’s more than enough for people who need just a little extra power throughout the day and don’t have the patience for slow charging speeds.

Best Ultra-Portable Power Bank

Anker 321 Power Bank (PowerCore 5K)

$24.99 at Amazon

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Why We Picked It

A huge battery capacity is convenient, but sometimes you need a small device that you can carry around without a backpack. The 5,200mAh Anker 321 Power Bank fits that need perfectly, especially because it offers both a USB-A and USB-C port.

Who It’s For

This is ideal for people who care more about portability than capacity. It won’t charge your phone multiple times, but it can still get you through a long day.

Best for Charging Laptops

Anker 737 Power Bank

$159.99 at Amazon

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Why We Picked It

The Anker 737 features 140W output, which means it can charge bigger, more power-hungry devices like a laptop just as effortlessly as it can juice up a phone or tablet.

Who It’s For

If you often need to charge a laptop when you’re nowhere near an outlet, this 24,000mAh backup battery can lower your stress levels. It’s more expensive than other options on this list, so people who tend to charge smaller devices like phones or tablets are better off with the more affordable choices.

Best for iPhone Owners

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

$91.00 at Amazon

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Why We Picked It

True to its name, Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is notable for its MagSafe support. You can simply stick it to the back of your phone to charge it wirelessly.

Who It’s For

If you need to keep your iPhone running while away from home, you won’t find a more convenient solution. People with older iPhones (before the iPhone 12) need to look at other options, though, as MagSafe isn’t supported.

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Review

Best High-Capacity Power Bank

Mophie Powerstation XXL

$35.90 at Amazon

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Why We Picked It

The Mophie Powerstation XXL does it all—it has a considerable 20,000mAh capacity, 18W PD charging, and both USB-A and USB-C ports.

Who It’s For

If you’re looking to recharge a phone or tablet several times on the go (and quickly), this is a top choice. The only drawback is that it doesn’t support larger devices like laptops.

Most Durable PD Power Bank

Otterbox Fast Charger Power Bank

$38.66 at Amazon

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Why We Picked It

Many people know Otterbox for its durable phone cases, but the company is now bringing that expertise to the world of power banks. In addition to its strong build quality, the Otterbox Fast Charger Power Bank has all the key features you need, such as fast charging with PD, both types of USB ports, and several options for battery capacity.

Who It’s For

If you are worried about damaging your backup battery when you travel or commute, this is one of the safest bets. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Best Solar-Powered Portable Charger

QiSa Solar Charger

$39.99 at Amazon

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Why We Picked It

The QiSa Solar Charger can use the sun to recharge itself, supports both wired and wireless charging, and even has a built-in flashlight. Best of all, it offers a massive 38,800mAh capacity.

Who It’s For

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, this is among your best choices for keeping your devices running while off of the grid. In other words, it’s camping approved.

What Size Battery Do You Need?

On the pocket-friendly front, most smaller batteries have a capacity of around 5,000mAh, which is typically enough to top up most phones once.

Meanwhile, a 10,000mAh battery can give today’s flagships two full charges. A 20,000mAh battery can charge a flagship four times, or two phones two times. Some power banks have enough juice to power laptops. Of course, a higher capacity often translates to a heavier, larger, and more expensive battery.

Most companies advertise how many times their products can recharge popular phones, but if you want to calculate that number for yourself, RAVPower has a useful guide(Opens in a new window) that can give you an estimate.

In the end, it’s best to assess your typical needs before buying. If your phone hits the red zone by mid-afternoon and you only need enough juice to get you to the end of the workday, a 5,000mAh battery should be plenty.

What’s the Difference Between Power Input and Output?

You’ll find three types of ports on today’s portable batteries:

Generally speaking, you charge the battery itself via micro USB or USB-C (input). Some batteries charge faster than others and USB-C charges much faster than micro USB.

Nearly all batteries include a standard USB-A port (output). This is for plugging in USB-A-to-micro-USB, USB-A-to-Lightning, or USB-A-to-USB-C cables for charging your iPhone or Android device.

Some batteries include built-in output cables and these generally have micro USB, USB-C, or Lightning connectors.

The most important thing to do is to match the battery’s output to your phone’s input. For example, if you have an iPhone, be sure the battery has its own Lightning connector or supports USB-A-to-Lightning or USB-C-to-Lightning cables.

Larger batteries with higher capacities might include a multitude of ports to support input and multiple outputs at the same time. You may see two USB-A and two USB-C ports, for example, though micro USB ports are becoming less common.

If you picked up an iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 and were surprised by the lack of an included wall charger, see our article on charging your iPhone.

What Is Fast Charging?

Another factor to consider is how quickly a power bank can charge your device. Battery output is measured in voltage and amperage. Amperage (or current) is the amount of electricity that flows from the battery to the connected device, while voltage is the amount of potential energy. Multiplying volts by amps gives you wattage, the measure of total power. To make devices charge faster, most manufacturers either vary the voltage or boost the amperage.

Today’s devices support a wide range of rapid-charging technology, such as Qualcomm QuickCharge, USB Power Delivery, or proprietary fast-charge systems.

Quick Charge works by increasing voltage rather than amperage. This standard typically allows you to charge supported phones to 50 percent capacity in 30 minutes, which is especially helpful when you need power in a pinch.

Power Delivery is a newer protocol in which two compatible devices negotiate on the fastest charging option available based on the charger, cable, and circuitry. It also allows for power to flow both ways.

The most common devices (Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxies) support charging rates of 27W and 45W, respectively. It’s best to look for batteries that can support charging in that range.

Is Pass-Through Charging Safe and Useful?

Pass-through charging is another feature to consider; with it, you can charge devices and the portable power bank simultaneously. That’s convenient if both your phone and backup battery are running on empty. You shouldn’t encounter any safety issues if the manufacturer of the portable battery you buy advertises pass-through charging as a feature, but the power output might change in this mode.

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

Wireless charging has become popular because it allows you to power up compatible devices without a cable. Qi is the dominant standard for compatible Android phones (up to 18W) while Apple iPhones rely on MagSafe charging (up to 15W). iPhones will charge wirelessly on Qi chargers, but only at 7.5W.

Some battery makers have built Qi or MagSafe-compatible wireless charging into the surfaces of their portable batteries. Such batteries mean you can leave the cables at home.

Should You Buy a Battery Case Instead of a Power Bank?

If you find that you often forget to carry your backup battery when you need it most, you should consider a dedicated battery case instead. These combine the portability and protection of a case with additional battery capacity to keep your phone topped off at all times.

There are several drawbacks. First, they have limited additional capacity on board. Second, they are limited in terms of the number of phones they support (mostly just iPhones, Galaxies, and Pixels). Third, you can’t charge much else with them.

The Best Wireless Chargers

Why fumble around for a charging cable when you can rest your phone on a wireless charging pad? Whether you’re an Android user or an iPhone fan, check out our roundups of the best wireless chargers and the best MagSafe chargers to help you cut the cord.

Steven Winkelman contributed to this story.

Best power banks 2023: Reviews and buying advice


Don’t leave home without one.

By Jason Cipriani

Contributor, PCWorld Jan 17, 2023 9:00 am PST

Image: Rob Schultz / IDG

Traveling nowadays typically involves taking along multiple devices—smartphone, tablet, laptop, and the like. But you won’t always have access to a wall outlet to charge all, or even any, of them. That’s why it’s important to add a power bank to your pack. With so many options available, how do you know which power bank best suits your needs? Everything from various charging specs, to different ports, to the included cables need to be considered before making a purchase. It’s enough to leave a buyer scratching their head.

That’s where we come in. We’ve tested a ton of power banks from different manufacturers spanning the range of available price points and specs. We’ve curated a list of our favorites to help you find the best value. You can rest assured that our recommendations are all great picks as the PCWorld staff puts each power bank through a battery—pun intended—of tests. You can learn more about our evaluation process below our picks.

While our recommendations reflect a range of needs, if you spend a lot of time commuting you might also consider our roundup of USB car chargers. Additionally, check out our roundup of best power stations if you’re looking for something more substantial that can power your appliances while off-grid or in an emergency.

Mophie Powerstation XXL – Best overall


  • Incredibly efficient
  • Sleek fabric design
  • Small footprint


  • The indicator lights are an afterthought

Building on the success of the Powerstation Plus XL (our previous pick for best overall power bank), Mophie’s Powerstation XXL matches its predecessor in efficiency, achieving 92. 51 percent of its stated maximum current, plus it’s stylish, portable, and affordably priced. It’s a no-brainer recommendation if you’re in the market for a dependable power source on-the-go.

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Mophie Powerstation XXL review

Tronsmart Presto PBT10 – Most portable


  • Small and lightweight
  • Efficient
  • QC 3.0 compatible


  • Port alignment inside isn’t exact, but it still works

Small enough to fit into a coat pocket or the side pocket on a backpack, the Tronsmart Presto is an obvious companion when you’re on-the-go. It’s a 10,000mAh (37Wh) pack, with two USB-A ports, one with QC3.0 for fast charging.

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Tronsmart Presto PBT10 review

Otterbox Fast Charge 20,000mAh – Best USB-C power bank with Power Delivery 


  • Well designed
  • Reasonably priced
  • Supports multiple charging standards


  • Would love to see another port or two on it

With above-average efficiency, a rugged case, and Power Delivery, Otterbox’s Fast Charge power bank is a great option for your bag. It could easily be our pick for best overall power bank, if not for the fact that our top pick—Mophie’s Powerstation XXL features more ports.

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Otterbox Fast Charge 20,000mAh review

Einova Laptop Power Bank – Most stylish


  • The display is actually useful
  • Fabric covering is a nice touch
  • Above-average efficiency


  • Both USB ports should have the same charging speeds

With its stylish fabric-clad body, its discreet yet useful battery-status display, and its three USB ports (one of which is USB-C), Einova’s power bank adds flair and above-average battery efficiency to your everyday carry.

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Einova 64W Ultra-Fast Power Bank review

Powercore Fusion 5000 2-in-1 Portable Charger and Wall Charger – Best budget option


  • Built-in wall adapter
  • Two USB ports


  • Not the most efficient battery pack we’ve tested

The combination wall charger and portable power bank format makes the Powercore Fusion 5000 exceedingly convenient. The bank itself can be recharged via either method—power outlet or MicroUSB port. It’s limited to two USB-A ports for device charging, but that doesn’t dimish its great handiness-to-cost ratio.

Sherpa 100AC Portable Power Bank – Best for road warriors


  • Informative display
  • Airline approved
  • Numerous ports


  • Pricey
  • Slow wireless charging

If you spend a lot of time on the road and value device preparedness, the Sherpa 100AC makes a trusty, if pricey, companion. Yes, at $299.95, you’re looking at a big investment. But that buys you two USB-C ports capable of fast-charging speeds, two standard USB ports, a Qi wireless charging pad, a standard U.S. 110V outlet, a full complement of cables, and a nifty status display and buttons for controlling various functions of the pack. The pack itself can be charged in just a couple hours.

Belkin 10K USB-C Power Bank with Integrated Cables – Most novel convenience


  • Built-in cables
  • 18W output
  • USB-C and Lightning supported


  • Average efficiency
  • A little pricey

Belkin’s Charge Plus 10K USB-C Power Bank is a capable mobile companion in its own right—both its USB-C and Thunderbolt ports are capable of delivering 18W of battery power to your device, or 23W total if both ports are used simultaneously. But it’s the built-in cables for each port that really sets this power bank apart. Of course, you’ll pay a slight premium for the convenience.

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Belkin 10K USB-C Power Bank with Integrated Cables review

7Wh Power House”>
RAVPower Portable Power Station 252.7Wh Power House – Best power station


  • Small form factor
  • Plenty of ports
  • Comes with a case and built-in flashlight


  • Built for quick trips, not for extended use

There are times when a mere power bank isn’t enough—the circumstances call for a power station. Say you’re spending the weekend off the grid. Or you want to be prepared for a future emergency. The RAVPower Portable Power Station 252.7Wh Power House will get the job done. With a capacity near 252.7Wh, a nice complement of ports, a built-in flashlight, and an included carrying case, this highly portable power station makes a great travel companion for road trips. (For more options, see our roundup of best portable power stations.)

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RAVPower Portable Power Station 252. 7Wh Power House review

How we test

Determining whether a power bank lives up to a company’s promise entails more than simply connecting it to a phone and charging. Testing battery packs is done over weeks, not days, and requires extra equipment in order to ensure the batteries work as expected.

1. Upon receiving each battery pack, it’s fully charged, using indicator lights as a means to track charge level.

2. Then to track efficiency, we use an AVHzY USB Power Meter in tandem with a DROK Micro Load Tester.

As we use the DROK load tester to drain the pack of power, we are able to test against a battery’s stated maximum current, and verify that proper shutdown mechanisms are in place should something go wrong during a charging session (such as a device drawing over the maximum amps).

By using the AVHzY USB Power Meter, we are able to monitor volts and amps, total power throughput, and total amount of time to deplete a battery from full to empty. The meter can create an Excel spreadsheet of the entire process for future reference.

3. Next, we recharged the battery, this time using the AVHzY to track it and chart the amount of time it takes to reach full charge.

The AVHzY meter solves a shortcoming we had with our previous method with the PortaPow. Previously we had to use a GoPro camera to track each battery through its charge cycle, as the PortaPow monitor would continue to collect data after the battery was fully charged (trickle charging is normal, and unfortunately interferes with our testing).

If a battery was capable of charging through USB-C, we use that instead of Micro-USB.

4. The AVHzY also has a feature built in that checks a charging port for all of its supported charging standards. We are able to run that test and get an instant readout to confirm support for QC 3.0, for example, without needing to have compatible phones or devices on hand.

Power source and cables
All of our tests were conducted using the same wall adapter and, when possible, USB-C or Micro-USB cable. This was done to eliminate any discrepancies with wall adapters and cable throughput.

What to look for in a portable power bank

Without fancy testing equipment, you never truly know if you’re getting what you paid for with a battery pack. Vendors, especially in Amazon listings, like to throw around a lot of terms and certifications.

Here are a few tips to help you make a decision:

  • For those with a compatible device, make sure the battery pack is Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0, or PD certified. Depending on your smartphone, this can make a big difference in performance. If you own a QC 2.0 device, however, ask yourself if paying extra for a QC 3.0 capable pack is worth it.
  • Don’t put 100 percent confidence in a company’s claims of a pack being able to charge, say, a Galaxy S8 or iPhone X six times over. Battery capacity and efficiency varies based on a number of factors. Read this Macworld report on USB-C packs to learn more about batteries and capacity.
  • Look at the specs of the battery, and ensure that its input isn’t limited to slow charging such as 5V/1A. The faster the input, the faster your battery pack rechargers, the faster you’re ready to hit the road.



What devices can a power bank charge?

Power banks are most commonly intended to charge mobile devices such as cellphones, tablets, cameras, and portable speakers. They can also be used to charge laptops provided the ports allow for it and the power charging rate is compatible.

Power banks are generally not suited to charging larger electronic devices in your home. If you’re looking for a backup power source during an emergency or while camping, you should instead opt for a power station.


What is mAh capacity?

The mAh (milliampere per hour) capacity rating refers to the available storage capacity for a battery. A higher number means that the battery can store more energy and has a longer battery life when charging a device. So for example, an iPhone 13 Pro Max’s battery is rated at 4,352 mAh. This means that a power bank with 10,000 mAh can fully recharge that phone a little over twice before running out of power.


What battery capacity should you look for?

For a portable power bank that you can easily travel with, you should look for a minimum of 10,000 mAh. Most models nowadays even offer 20,000 mAh for reasonable prices. The more mAh, the better, just be sure to weigh your capacity needs against the physical size of the power bank.

Generally, the more mAh a power bank has, the larger its physical size and the heavier it is as well. Therefore, it is recommended when looking at a power bank, that you first consider the amount of power you need to charge your devices and then adjust your expectations based on the size and weight you are willing to carry around with you.


How fast can a power bank charge my devices?

How fast your power bank can charge a device is dependent upon the available output of the power bank and the available input of the device. Without getting too much into the electrical details, a standard 3,000mAh device such as a smartphone can be expected to charge in about 90 minutes by most power banks. However, many power banks nowadays come with quick charge technology, which helps speed up the process even more. Larger devices such as tablets and laptops may take much longer to charge as they require much higher inputs than smartphones.

Always double-check that the power bank you want has an output that matches or exceeds the input of your device to ensure the fastest possible charging.


What is the lifespan of a power bank?

Power bank lifespan is determined by a few factors such as how often you charge the power bank, the quality of the power bank itself, and the conditions in which the power bank is kept. That being said, you should expect a high-quality power bank that is charged every few days and kept in a cool dry place to last several years or more.

Author: Jason Cipriani, Contributor

Based in beautiful Colorado, Jason Cipriani is a freelance writer who contributes to, Greenbot, IGN, TechRadar, ZDNet and CNET.

How to pay for electricity through Sberbank Online? Electricity through Sberbank Online

Payment of utility bills for many Sberbank customers is almost the only reason to use the Sberbank Online service. Let us consider in more detail how you can pay for electricity through the service in question, features and all the important points.

How to pay for electricity through Sberbank Online?

Other methods

How to create a template in Sberbank Online?

Manage the Auto Pay feature

How do I get a check for payment?

How to pay for electricity through Sberbank Online?

Payment for electricity through this system is a convenient and easy way, at least for the reason that there is no need to stand in queues. In addition, thanks to Sberbank Online, you can make payments on time and very quickly. Instruction:

  1. Go to the official website of the bank and find the button to enter your personal account on the right side of the screen.
  2. Register in the system if it has not already been done. There is a special button for this. You will need a Sberbank client card and a phone number associated with it.
  3. Log in to your personal account. You will need a username and password. This data is issued immediately after registration in the form of a set of numbers and letters. Subsequently, the client himself can change both the login and his password.
  4. Enter the control code from the SMS message (it will be sent to the phone number linked to the card).
  5. Go to the payments and transfers section.
  6. Scroll down the page and enter the name of the management company or housing office in the search bar. This information will be shown on your utility bill.
  7. Select the desired company and proceed to payment. It is recommended at this stage, or in advance, to take the meter reading.
  8. Enter the customer’s current account.
  9. Specify the meter reading. The rest of the information is most often pulled up automatically, but it is recommended to double-check absolutely all the data.
  10. Confirm the operation with another code from the SMS message.

Other ways

Electricity through Sberbank Online can be paid very quickly and easily, but this is far from the only option. The financial institution of the same name has other ways by which you can both make a planned payment and pay off existing debt.

Payment for electricity through an ATM or terminal

If for some reason the bank’s personal account is not suitable (for example, there is no free access to a PC or smartphone), then payment can also be made through a terminal/ATM. It should be borne in mind that not all ATMs accept cash and if the client chooses this particular device, then he will most likely have to pay from the card. Instruction:

  1. Go to the bank’s website and go to the section with branches and ATMs.
  2. Find a suitable nearby device. The first and second points can be skipped if the client already knows where the ATM/terminal that suits him is located.
  3. Insert the card into the device.
  4. Enter PIN.
  5. Select payment point.
  6. Select “Utilities”.
  7. Find the right management company or housing office.
  8. Specify the customer’s account.
  9. Enter the meter reading.
  10. Check data.
  11. Confirm the operation.

The ATM interface and controls may vary depending on the model and firmware of the device. Despite the fact that the general principle is preserved in each such device, sometimes interface elements can be located in the most unexpected places.

Through the personal account of Sberbank

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a payment through the personal account of Sberbank (aka Sberbank Online) were presented above. To this we can only add the fact that similar payments can be made through the smartphone application of the same name. You can download it on the official website of the bank.

At a bank branch

If the client is not particularly familiar with ATMs, terminals, mobile devices and a computer, then he has only one option left – to pay directly at the bank branch. Of all the options, this one is the most inconvenient and long, as you will have to personally go to the office, stand in lines, and so on. Instructions:

  1. Find a suitable branch on the bank’s website using the same service that was used to search for an ATM in the previous example.
  2. Visit the branch, taking your electricity bills with you. It is also recommended to bring your passport as well, although it is usually not needed.
  3. Get a ticket for the queue (sometimes not relevant).
  4. Go to the cash desk and pay utility bills. This can be done both by card and in cash.

How to create a template in Sberbank Online?

In order not to search for all the information and enter data every time, you can save the payment in templates. For this you need:

  1. Log in to Sberbank Online as described above.
  2. Make a payment in exactly the same way as described at the beginning of the article.
  3. At the stage of full payment, when information about successful payment is displayed, find the button “Create template” and click on it.
  4. Enter a name for the template and save it.

Alternatively, you can create a template in another way:

  1. Log in to Sberbank Online.
  2. On the right side of the screen, find the “My Templates” section.
  3. Expand the list and click on the Manage Templates button.
  4. A new page will open listing all existing templates (if any). There is also a Create Template button.
  5. Enter all required information.
  6. Confirm creation.

Auto payment function management

Utility bills must be paid regularly. In order to automate this procedure and not forget about it, Sberbank has a special Auto Payment service:

  1. Log in to your personal account.
  2. Go to the auto payments section, it is 1 point below the templates section, as seen in the image above.
  3. Create auto payment.
  4. Enter all required data.
  5. Confirm task.

How do I get a check for payment?

If the payment was made at a bank branch, then the receipt is already issued by the cashier immediately after the transfer of funds. It is signed and stamped by the bank. This moment is the only convenience in the case of payment in a structural unit. When paying through an ATM / terminal, after the payment is made, the corresponding check is also issued. Given the fact that such documents quickly fade, it is recommended to make a copy or photograph them. After making a payment in Sberbank Online, at the bottom of the screen it will be possible to print a check:

By clicking on it, the client automatically goes to the print menu. It should be noted that it is absolutely not necessary to have a printer for this. It is allowed to save the check in PDF format. It can be stored as a file or printed later. Moreover, if necessary, such a document can be “certified” at a bank branch by asking the manager to sign and seal.


Energy is at the heart of development. Energy opens up opportunities for investment, innovation and the emergence of new industries that drive job creation, inclusive growth and shared prosperity in all countries.

Yet, worldwide, almost 733 million people live without electricity. If the current pace of progress is maintained, by 2030, 670 million people will remain without electricity, i.e. 10 million more than forecast last year. About 2.6 billion people cook or heat their homes using “dirty” fuels that are harmful to health and the environment.

Energy shocks hit the poor hardest

In the first half of 2022, the world’s energy markets experienced the worst shocks the world has seen in decades. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemicand war in Ukraine, energy prices skyrocketed, increasing energy scarcity, exacerbating fears about energy security and further slowing progress towards universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy by 2030 – the Sustainable Development Goal ( SDG) 7.

Energy price shocks affect most countries, but developing countries, especially energy-importing countries, are the hardest hit. They have less room to mitigate the effects of rising energy prices, leading to energy caps in a number of countries and increased poverty.

In Asia and Africa, nearly 90 million people with access to electricity are no longer able to pay for their basic energy needs. At the same time, rising energy prices have affected the entire food value chain, pushing up food prices with devastating consequences for the poorest and most vulnerable people.

Renewable energy is the key to clean, safe and affordable energy

Using renewable energy sources, countries can mitigate climate change, increase resilience to price volatility and reduce energy costs. The latter is of particular importance in the current situation, when soaring fossil fuel prices are draining the capacity of poor energy-importing countries.

For many developing countries, solar and wind power can make a difference because solar and wind power is abundant, competitively priced, and, when combined with batteries, a reliable source of electricity supply. Hydropower also provides clean, renewable energy and is one of the cheapest sources of electricity for consumers.

In particular, the cost of electricity generated by solar mini-grids has decreased from $0.55/kWh in 2018 to $0.38/kWh today. Modern solar mini-grids provide electricity to remote communities that are not connected to the power grid: they provide enough electricity to power vital electrical equipment – medical equipment in hospitals and pumps that supply clean water to the rural population – and become the cheapest way to reliably provide remote areas clean electricity. Calculations show that if 490 million people are connected to solar mini-power systems, the amount of CO emissions 2 can be reduced by 1.2 billion tons.

Energy transition financing

More than three-quarters of all greenhouse gas emissions come from energy consumption. Financing large-scale renewable energy development and energy efficiency measures, along with phasing out fossil fuels, are of paramount importance in addressing climate change.

What is the best laptops brand: The 7 Best Laptop Brands – Spring 2023: Reviews

The 7 Best Laptop Brands – Spring 2023: Reviews

Updated May 24, 2023 at 05:06 pm

By Ryan Lim

Shopping for a laptop can be challenging. Tons of models are released yearly from over a dozen major manufacturers; even the best laptop brands sometimes produce an inferior product. We’re also often bombarded with complaints of poor quality control, inadequate after-sale customer support, and other issues associated with a particular manufacturer. While no company is perfect, quite a few, like Apple, ASUS, Dell, and Microsoft, stand out among the crowd.

We’ve bought and tested over 70 laptops, including models from over a dozen brands, and below are our recommendations for the best brands for laptops. The order in which these laptops appear in the article doesn’t represent any ranking; they’re listed alphabetically. For more options, check out our recommendations for the best laptops, the best business laptops, and the best gaming laptops.

  1. Acer

    Acer Chromebook Spin 714 (2022)


    Finding Store


    Finding Store


    8. 1











    Operating System

    Chrome OS

    See all our test results

    Acer is a Taiwanese company founded in 1976 as Multitech and was renamed Acer in 1987. Although it was known for making affordable, budget laptops for a long time, it now has one of the widest selections of models, with multiple laptop lineups like Aspire, Swift, Nitro, Predator, Concept, and more. Acer is one of the biggest Chromebook manufacturers, producing popular models like the Acer Chromebook Spin 713 (2020). Our pick for the best Acer laptop is the Spin 713’s successor, the Acer Chromebook Spin 714 (2022).

    The Spin 714 is a well-built 2-in-1 convertible Chromebook. It has a bright, sharp 14-inch screen, a spacious, tactile keyboard, and an outstanding 1080p webcam. Its 360-degree hinge lets you set the laptop in tent mode for media consumption or use it as a tablet. You can also take handwritten notes with its included stylus. Plus, there’s a spot on the front of the laptop to store and charge the pen. Its Intel 12th Gen. CPU provides a smooth experience on Chrome OS, and its battery lasts well over 13 hours of light use. If you prefer a Windows laptop or need more processing power, the Acer Swift 14 (2023) is a great alternative. Its battery life isn’t as good as the Spin 714, but its Intel 13th Gen. H-series CPU can handle significantly more intensive tasks.

    See our review

  2. Apple

    Apple MacBook Pro 14 (2021)


    Finding Store


    Finding Store


    8. 7











    Operating System


    See all our test results

    Apple is one of the most recognizable electronics companies in the world. Apple products have become synonymous with exceptional build quality, and the company is well-known for its amazing customer support and service. Since 2020, Apple has switched to producing its own SoCs (System on Chip) instead of relying on Intel x86 processors. This move gives the company near total control of the hardware and software on MacBooks, resulting in amazing performance and efficiency. Another advantage of MacBooks is their integration with other products within the Apple ecosystem. You can use your iPhone as a webcam through Continuity Camera, transfer files wirelessly via Airdrop, use your iPad as a second display, and so on. While other companies have attempted this approach, it’s safe to say that no one does it as well as Apple. The downside of MacBooks is that they just aren’t designed for gaming, so if you want to play games, it’s best to look elsewhere.

    The best Apple laptop we’ve tested is the Apple MacBook Pro 14 (2021). This premium mobile workstation has nearly everything you’d want on a laptop: a sturdy build, a thin and light design, plenty of processing horsepower, and long battery life. It has a sharp Mini LED display, a comfortable keyboard, an easy-to-use haptic touchpad, and tons of ports, including three USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 ports, an HDMI, and a full-size SD card reader. If you want a larger screen and don’t mind paying more, the Apple MacBook Pro 16 (2021) is essentially the same device but with better-sounding speakers and longer battery life. Of course, we can’t talk about Apple without mentioning the ever-popular Apple MacBook Air 13 (2022). This 13.6-inch ultraportable is a great option if you only need to perform light productivity tasks like text processing, web browsing, and video playback. A few tradeoffs exist, like its limited port selection and single external monitor support. See our recommendations for the best Apple laptops here.

    See our review

  3. ASUS

    ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 (2022)


    Finding Store


    Finding Store








    8. 7





    Operating System

    Windows 11

    See all our test results

    ASUS, also known as ASUSTek, was founded in 1989 by four members that had previously worked at Acer. It’s currently one of the largest laptop manufacturers in the world. It’s also one of the best gaming laptop brands and frequently sponsors esports events and players. ASUS makes a wide range of laptops, including ultraportables, mobile workstations, gaming laptops, and Chromebooks. Like Lenovo, ASUS often experiments with new form factors and features, like dual-screen laptops, touchpads with an integrated Numpad, a customizable dial (like the ASUS ProArt Studiobook Pro 16 OLED (2021)), and 2-in-1 gaming tablets like the ASUS ROG Flow Z13.

    The best ASUS laptop we’ve tested is the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 (2022). This 14-inch gaming laptop has a powerful AMD Ryzen 9 6900HS CPU, and you can configure it with an AMD Radeon RX 6700S or 6800S GPU. Its 120Hz IPS display has a fast response time to deliver a clear image and supports FreeSync variable refresh rate to reduce screen tearing. The display also has full DCI P3 coverage, making it suitable for viewing and producing HDR content. Its varied port selection includes two USB-As, two USB-Cs, and an HDMI port, although the USB-Cs don’t support Thunderbolt 4 or USB4. Battery life sits around ten hours of light use or a little over an hour when gaming.

    See our review

  4. Dell

    Dell XPS 13 Plus (2022)


    Finding Store


    Finding Store




    5. 5









    Operating System

    Windows 11

    See all our test results

    Dell is an American company founded in 1984 by Michael Dell. The company makes desktops, laptops, workstations, monitors, and a wide range of computer peripherals. It’s one of the largest laptop manufacturers, with well-known brands like XPS, Precision, Latitude, and Inspiron. In 2006, Dell acquired Alienware, now considered one of the best gaming laptop brands on the market. High-end Dell laptops like the XPS, Precision, and Alienware models often have unique designs that stand out among the crowd and generally provide a great user experience. A common criticism of Dell is its use of proprietary parts, which make repairs and upgrades challenging for the average user.

    Like other laptop brands in this article, it’s hard to say which laptop is best from a specific manufacturer, as it depends entirely on your use case. For general productivity like web browsing, text processing, spreadsheets, and video playback, we recommend the Dell XPS 13 Plus (2022). This sleek ultraportable feels exceptionally well-built and is easy to carry around. It’s available with Intel 12th Gen. CPUs, which are plenty fast for light productivity tasks, and you can choose among multiple display options, including a bright and colorful 3.5k OLED panel. Biometrics include a fingerprint sensor and a Windows Hello facial recognition IR camera. Unfortunately, its port selection is very limited, as it only has two USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 ports, and its battery life is pretty short at around six hours of light use.

    See our review

  5. HP

    HP ENVY x360 13 (2020)


    Finding Store


    Finding Store


    7. 9











    Operating System

    Windows 10

    See all our test results

    HP, also known as Hewlett-Packard, is an American company founded in 1939. As one of the oldest tech companies in the world, HP has produced a wide range of products, including calculators, digital cameras, personal digital assistants, scanners, printers, desktop computers, and laptops. It’s currently among the top three laptop manufacturers in market share. Its laptop lineup is varied and includes popular brands like ENVY, Spectre, Pavilion, EliteBook, ZBook, Victus, and OMEN. HP also makes a large number of Chromebooks, offering both budget-friendly and premium models like the HP Chromebook 14 (2021) and the recent HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook.

    The best HP laptop we’ve tested is the HP ENVY x360 13 (2020). It has a sturdy build, a thin and light design, and excellent battery life. You can configure it with an AMD Ryzen 5000 or Intel 11th Gen CPU, and you can also choose between various 1080p displays, including one that’s bright enough for outdoor use. Plus, since it’s a 2-in-1 convertible, you can flip the screen around and use it as a tablet. Its wide port selection includes a USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 port, allowing you to transfer files quickly and connect up to two 4k displays at 60Hz with a single cable. Unfortunately, the speakers sound unnatural, and the webcam’s video quality is sub-par.

    If you’re looking for an HP gaming laptop, we recommend the HP OMEN 16 (2022). This 16-inch laptop has Intel 12th Gen. CPUs and various NVIDIA GPUs, from an entry-level GTX 1650 to a powerful RTX 3070 Ti. There are also multiple display options, including a QHD panel with a 165Hz refresh rate. The keyboard feels great to type on, and there are many ports, including an Ethernet port for a stable internet connection when gaming online. Battery life is short at around seven hours of light use or a little over an hour of gaming, so you’ll have to play with the laptop plugged in most of the time.

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  6. Lenovo

    Lenovo Yoga 9i 14 (2021)


    Finding Store


    Finding Store








    6. 7





    Operating System

    Windows 11

    See all our test results

    Lenovo is a Chinese company and one of the largest laptop manufacturers in the world. Lenovo’s current laptop lineup is vast and includes popular brands like IdeaPad, Legion, Yoga, and ThinkBook. The company is often at the forefront of new technology and experiments with more unique form factors and features, like laptops with an e-ink display on the lid, dual-screen laptops, and ultrawide laptops with a 21:9 display. Lenovo’s laptops are often among the best value models you can get, whether you’re looking for a cheap Chromebook or a premium mobile workstation. A source of frustration with Lenovo is its tendency to give the same product multiple names, confusing the average consumer.

    The best Lenovo laptop we’ve tested is the Lenovo Yoga 9i 14 (2021). It has a sturdy aluminum chassis and is easy to carry around, thanks to its thin and light design. Like other 2-in-1 convertibles with a 360-degree hinge, you can set up the laptop in tent mode or flip the screen around and use it as a tablet. You can configure it with a 1080p or 4k display, an Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU, and up to 16GB of memory. Biometrics include a Windows Hello-compatible IR camera and a fingerprint sensor. Another worthy mention is the Lenovo Chromebook Duet 5 (2021). This 13-inch 2-in-1 tablet is great for media consumption and is one of the most affordable devices with an OLED display. However, it could be better for productivity as the keyboard feels cramped, and its SoC can only handle light tasks. See our recommendations for the best Lenovo laptops here.

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  7. Microsoft

    Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 (2022)


    Finding Store


    Finding Store


    7. 7











    Operating System

    Windows 11

    See all our test results

    Microsoft is well-known as the creator of the Windows operating system. Although it has made computer peripherals since the 1980s, its Surface line of personal computers is relatively young, as the first Surface device was released in 2012. Microsoft popularized the 2-in-1 tablet form factor with its Surface Pros and make laptops with unique features, like the Surface Laptop’s Alcantara-covered keyboard deck and the Surface Book’s detachable display. Like Apple, Microsoft has a relatively small laptop lineup, focusing almost solely on productivity and media consumption devices. Microsoft laptops are usually well-built and provide a great user experience overall, but they tend to be more expensive than similar Windows laptops from other brands.

    Our pick for the best Microsoft laptop is the Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 (2022), a premium thin and light model in a 13.5-inch or 15-inch size. This well-built model provides an amazing user experience with its sharp display, comfortable keyboard, and responsive touchpad. The webcam is excellent even though it’s limited to a 720p resolution, and there’s also an IR camera for quick logins via facial recognition. You can configure it with an Intel 12th Gen. Core i5 or i7 CPU; both are fast enough for general productivity tasks. Unfortunately, its port selection is limited, and the battery lasts only around eight hours of light use.

    Another device worth mentioning is the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 (2021), a 2-in-1 tablet PC. Its form factor is very versatile, as it allows you to detach the keyboard to save space or make the device easier to hold, and you can pop the keyboard back on when you need to type something out. You can also take handwritten notes or draw with a stylus, although you’ll have to buy the pen separately, and the same goes for the keyboard. It has a sharp, bright 120Hz display, an excellent 1080p webcam, and clear-sounding speakers. Battery life sits around seven hours of light use, which isn’t a lot but still decent for a tablet.

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Recent Updates

  1. May 24, 2023:
    Verified that all picks are still valid. No change in recommendations.

Notable Mentions

  • Framework: Framework is a relatively new laptop company. It makes modular laptops that are easy to service and upgrade to reduce environmental waste. Their laptops also have a modular port system that lets you swap out the ports on the fly for whatever you want.
  • LG: Although LG has been making electronics and appliances for some time, it only started making laptops in 2009. The most popular LG laptop lineup is the LG gram, which includes models well-known for their lightweight design.
  • MSI: Like Acer, ASUS, Dell, and HP, MSI makes a wide range of laptops, including ultraportables, creator laptops, and gaming laptops. MSI laptops are often tuned to provide the best performance possible, even at the cost of high thermals and loud fans.
  • Razer: Razer is an American-Singaporean company well-known for its PC gaming peripherals. It makes productivity and gaming laptops, but its lineup is fairly small and only includes premium models.
  • Samsung: Samsung is one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. It mainly makes productivity Windows laptops and Chromebooks. Like Apple, Samsung has built an ecosystem that allows various Samsung devices to work together.

All Reviews

Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best laptop brands and the best laptops available to buy for most people, in various price ranges, from the seven biggest laptop brands.

If you prefer to make your own decision, here’s the list of all of our laptop reviews, sorted by price from low to high. Most laptops are available in various configurations, and the table only shows the results of the model we tested, so it’s best to see the full review for information about other variants.

Best laptops for students in 2023

Shopping for a laptop can be stressful — doubly stressful if you or your children will be learning online for the first time. Kids of different ages have a range of different laptop use cases and different needs. And as the choices for best laptop and best Chromebook evolve, so do students’ needs. So I spoke to some experts on the subject: students themselves.  

My recommendations here are meant to accommodate a variety of preferences and price ranges. But they’re a jumping-off point rather than an exhaustive list: every student is different. Before making a decision, you’ll want to make sure you read reviews and try out devices yourself if you can. I’ll do my best to keep this article up to date with items that are in stock. 

Best laptop for students

Google’s Pixelbook Go has solid battery life and a rippled base that’s easy to grip, making it a good choice for kids.Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Best laptop for elementary school

For younger students, a touchscreen device is easier to use than a keyboard and touchpad, says Michelle Glogovac. Glogovac’s five-year-old son uses an iPad for Webex meetings with his kindergarten class. He’s gotten the hang of it; Glogovac says he’s already learned how to mute and unmute himself, “a skill that many adults aren’t familiar with. ” 

That said, it may be worth investing in a keyboard case if you go the tablet route. Glogovac has to type her son’s meeting codes and passwords for him, which can be cumbersome on the iPad’s flat screen. 

As kids get older, their best laptop choice will vary depending on their needs. As a parent, it’s important that you and your child are in sync about how they intend to use it and the size of the programs they want. 

Kristin Wallace purchased a budget HP laptop for her daughter, Bella, but didn’t realize how quickly the nine-year-old would fill up 32GB of storage. “It is really slow and has no space for games. I need a computer with more storage space,” said Bella, who uses the laptop to Zoom with friends and take virtual guitar lessons and math enrichment classes. Wallace plans to buy Bella a better device in the next few weeks. 

Audio quality is an important consideration for kids’ laptops. Lisa Mitchell, an elementary library media specialist, says her students use their devices to watch YouTube videos in addition to their online classes. Battery life is also a plus, even for distance learners who may not be far from a wall outlet. Bella likes to use her laptop all around the house and doesn’t want to bring the cord with her.

Durability is also worth paying for, according to Mitchell. If you’re using a tablet, get a protective case. “If a reasonably-priced insurance or replacement policy is available, it’s usually worth the extra expense.”

Check out:

  • Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition ($199.99): a colorful, fast tablet with kid-friendly content
  • Lenovo Chromebook Duet 3 ($299): a tiny 11-inch Chromebook with a detachable keyboard
  • Apple 10.2-inch iPad ($329): a great budget tablet that supports the Apple Pencil
  • Microsoft Surface Go 3 ($399.99): a solid Windows tablet with a built-in kickstand
  • Google Pixelbook Go ($649): a sturdy touchscreen Chromebook

Lenovo’s Chromebook Duet 3 is a small and light touchscreen with a magnetic keyboard.Photo by Monica Chin / The Verge

Best laptop for middle school

The middle school students I spoke to don’t use their laptops for much more than web-based schoolwork and browsing. Don’t be too concerned about power — prioritize a machine that’s comfortable and easy for your child to use. 

“We just got the most basic Chromebook and it is totally perfect,” says Gabrielle Hartley, an attorney and mother of three children. “The most basic Chromebook serves all the needs of the basic middle schooler.”

The Surface Laptop Go 2 is a good choice for students who need a Windows machine.Image: Dan Seifert / The Verge

Hartley’s son Max, who is in eighth grade, agrees. “I would really like a gaming PC or gaming laptop that can plug into a monitor and run video games with 120fps, but I really don’t need that,” Max says. “Most eighth graders aren’t going to be running any video games on their laptops or any software that requires a lot of power.”

Max mostly uses his laptop for Google Classroom applications, including Gmail, Slides, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. They’re very easy to use on his device, which he describes as “a run-of-the-mill Samsung Chromebook. ” That said, if your child is starting middle school this year, it could be worth checking with their teachers to see what operating system is most compatible with their workflow. Caspian Fischer Odén, a ninth grader from Sweden, told me he has trouble with his Chromebook because his school has blocked downloading apps from the Google Play Store. 

Even kids with more demanding hobbies think a budget device can get the job done. Sam Hickman, an eighth grader from the UK who uses his laptop for photo and video editing, says, “For most middle schoolers, any processor developed within the last two years will be able to handle any tasks they can throw at it.” 

So, what is worth paying for? A comfortable keyboard, several students told me. Many middle school kids aren’t used to typing for long periods of time. You should also look for a device that’s compact and easy for them to carry around, particularly if they’re preparing for in-person school. Shoot for an 11- to 13-inch model — certainly nothing larger than 15 inches.  

Check out:

  • HP Chromebook x360 ($789.99): an affordable Chromebook with great battery life
  • Lenovo Flex 3 Chromebook ($210): a small but sturdy laptop made for students
  • Lenovo 300e ($419.99): a durable 2-in-1 with a stylus and LTE
  • Acer Aspire 5 ($749.99): a portable option for kids who need a 15-inch screen
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 ($599.99): an attractive, light Windows laptop

The Surface Laptop 5 is a capable, no-nonsense laptop — just what many high schoolers want.Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Best laptop for high school

High schoolers’ laptop needs can vary based on their interests, but most don’t need powerful machines with lots of bells and whistles — especially if they come with glitches or serious downsides that could interfere with schoolwork. Miles Riehle, a student at Laguna Beach High School, has a high-end Surface Pro 7 but finds it overwhelming. “There is so much other stuff that I don’t use very often,” he said. “Something simpler might be a little more straightforward.”

The best operating system may depend on what your child is used to. Aryan Nambiar, a student at Barrington High School in Illinois, has an iMac at home and enjoys using an iPad for his schoolwork. Riehle says he would prefer a Chromebook because he has an Android phone and often uses Google services. 

But almost every student I spoke to agreed that the most important feature of a high school laptop is portability. Kids attending in-person classes may be carrying their device around for much of the day with a stack of other books. Look for a 13- or 14-inch screen, or a lighter 15- to 17-inch model. 

Students also recommend something sturdy. “Most high schoolers I’ve seen will throw their laptop in their bag without too much care,” says Moses Buckwalter, a student at Penn Manor High School. Backpacks can be jostled in the hallway as well. Kids can also run into trouble at home. “Anything can happen,” says Aadit Agrawal, a high school student from India. “My own brother scratched my laptop with his nails.”

Battery life is another key feature. “It can be a real struggle to find a place to charge while in class,” says Cas Heemskerk, a sophomore from the Netherlands. Unlike college students, many high schoolers don’t have frequent breaks to juice up their devices, so try to find something that can last a full day. 

Many students recommend a touchscreen with stylus support. Nambiar uses the feature for his biology class, where he does a lot of visual modeling. “The touchscreen is always a bonus for drawing diagrams, whereas if you’re using a laptop it’d be a whole process to submit a diagram you drew,” Nambiar says. Riehle uses a Surface Pen to fill out school forms and annotate PDFs. Agrawal finds it useful to take notes on the same screen as his online lessons.

Depending on the broadband situation in your area, you may also want a laptop with multiple connectivity options. Agrawal’s online classes are sometimes interrupted by powercuts, so he recommends an LTE model. Matej Plavevski, a junior at Yahya Kemal College in North Macedonia, recommends looking for an Ethernet port in case slower connections disrupt meetings. That’s hard to find on smaller laptops, but there’s a slew of affordable dongles and docks to consider. 

Check out:

  • Acer Chromebook Spin 514 ($699.99): a convertible Chromebook with all-day battery
  • Apple iPad Air ($599): a powerful tablet with a great screen
  • Acer Chromebook Spin 714 ($729): a fantastic Chromebook that’s not too pricey
  • Dell XPS 13 ($999): a solid clamshell Windows laptop
  • Surface Laptop 5 ($999.99): an excellent, light laptop that’s comfortable to use

The Chromebook Spin 714 is one of the most powerful Chromebooks you can buy, and the price isn’t too bad.Photo by Becca Farsace / The Verge

Best laptop for college

College kids are justified in spending a bit more money than other age groups. Some (especially in STEM courses) can expect to do some fairly demanding work. Assad Abid, an electrical engineering undergrad from Pakistan, needs to run simulation software for his assignments. Aakash Chandra, a student at New Horizon College of Engineering in India, does a lot of coding, in addition to creative work in Premiere Pro and Photoshop, and gaming. Students also noted that it’s worthwhile to pay for a laptop that will last for a few years after graduation. That means you won’t have to worry about finding and financing your next device until you’re (hopefully) settled into a job.

But among high-end, capable devices there’s still a wide range of options. Students stressed that a college laptop should be light. Expect to bring it between classes, meals, meetings, the library, and other locations on campus. “It’s a boon that I can carry my laptop as well as some notebooks without feeling like I’m carrying too much for six hours a day,” says Haseeb Waseem, a senior at Villanova University. 

The Acer Swift 3 is a solid option for students with many configurations at many price points to choose from. Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Another universally-lauded feature: battery life. Waseem, who uses an HP Spectre, says the all-day juice gives him “the flexibility to study in a bunch of different locations, and even outside.” 

Speakers and webcams are often overlooked, even in top-end devices. But students say it’s worth looking for good ones if you’re starting college this year. Though many college students are now back to in-person classes, some will still be meeting with clubs and attending events online. Waseem isn’t satisfied with his laptop’s audio and picture quality, which he says has made it difficult to pay attention in class and to engage with other students.  

Many students will need to invest more in areas tailored to their interests and schoolwork needs. Chandra’s dream laptop would include a stylus and touchscreen for his creative work as well as a high-end GPU. Waseem, who uses his laptop for a hodgepodge of activities, including streaming, coding, social media, video chatting, and Microsoft Office work, would prefer to prioritize a large screen to keep track of his multitasking.  

Check out:

  • Acer Swift 3 ($649.99): a super light laptop that performs well
  • HP Envy x360 13 ($899.99): a fast and stylish 2-in-1
  • Dell XPS 13 ($999): a solid clamshell Windows laptop
  • Surface Laptop 5 ($999.99): an excellent, light laptop that’s comfortable to use
  • HP Spectre x360 14 ($1,549.99): a premium convertible with standout battery life

What is the best brand of laptop to choose?

The offer of laptops is so large that it is very difficult to choose a specific device. It can often seem that many devices from the selected price segment are similar, and the differences between them are related to details that are not necessary for the understanding of the average person. And here many are wondering which brand of laptop is better? How to choose the best laptop in its class? What to look for? Which ones are the most popular?

Of course, it is difficult to single out one manufacturer. Especially against the backdrop of fierce competition. But we can say for sure that the best laptop brands are Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Panasonic. That is, the world giants, which have been presenting their equipment on the market for more than one year, compete with each other, which means for us consumers that we receive innovative developments and competitive prices.

It is definitely impossible to answer. I would like to highlight the following proposals:

  1. Many buyers give high marks to Lenovo technology. Lenovo is one of the strongest brands in the mobile computing segment in the world – it has recently taken a leading position in the global sales rankings. At times second only to HP in the European market

Nevertheless, we have long known that the European market is very important for a Chinese manufacturer – that is why Lenovo is present in every major chain of stores, competing with competitors not only on low prices, but also on technical equipment.

Result? More and more customers are choosing Lenovo laptops for work, business, claiming that this is the best laptop brand. This result not only guarantees Lenovo a leadership position, but also provides a significant advantage…

  1. … ahead of the second manufacturer on the list, which is ASUS. The brand is weakening – according to the report of the international research company IDC for the 4th quarter of 2018, it is already outside the TOP-5 in the world. But in Kazakhstan, he still remains one of the most important players.

  2. Next come Dell and HP, while Apple closes the top five. Good laptop brands are also Acer, Huawei, MSI and Microsoft.

Business Notebook Rating

The rating of laptops for office and business work includes devices with various parameters that are ideal for work. These devices are equipped with reliable components and numerous protections that increase the level of security of the equipment itself, as well as the data collected on it. Good business devices should have a large disk, at least 8 GB of RAM and a powerful processor. The best solution is laptops with integrated graphics, which are cheaper and work reasonably well with most office applications. In the case of laptops, the external aesthetics of the materials and the quality of the materials used are also important for the company – therefore, the choice of buyers often falls on Lenovo devices (especially ThinkPad laptops), as well as equipment from Apple and other leading manufacturers.

Business laptops can be equipped with various types of security measures, such as a fingerprint reader, Kensington Lock slot, and hardware-based data encryption. As sales statistics show, these solutions are quite popular.

If you are looking for high-performance laptops for the office, and you don’t know which laptop brand is best, contact the consultants of the itmag. kz online store. Only we have the best solutions for business, in which city it was not located (Almaty, Nur-Sultan (Astana), Karaganda). We will pick up and promptly deliver equipment in any quantity.

Best laptop manufacturers 2023. Which laptop brand is better?

Notebooks have been known for decades. True, at first they were very voluminous and heavy, which did not allow you to constantly carry them with you, even though they were still lighter than desktops. Their cost was also simply cosmic. Over time, technology has improved so much that laptops have become much lighter and, most importantly, cheaper. Therefore, now the store shelves are full of such a variety of models that the buyer’s eyes just run wide. The rating developed by the Quality Expert editors will allow any person to determine the best laptop manufacturers that should be paid attention to in the first place.


  • TOP 7 best laptop manufacturers
  • Apple is the best manufacturer of reliable laptops
  • HP is laptops with an ideal price-quality ratio
  • DELL is the best laptop brand for office
  • 9004 4 ASUS is the best manufacturer of thin laptops

  • MSI is the best manufacturer of gaming laptops
  • Acer is the manufacturer of compact and affordable laptops
  • Lenovo is the manufacturer of affordable laptops for the home
  • Which company’s laptop is better

TOP 7 best laptop manufacturers

The first thing that catches your eye when looking at a laptop is the logo of its manufacturer. It would seem, what does the logo have to do with choosing a laptop for certain tasks. In fact, the most direct, because each manufacturer has a certain reputation and a penchant for certain areas of activity.

The rating below shows the most popular and widespread brands of laptops. Basically, their choice was based on feedback from buyers and users of these devices. Therefore, if it is difficult to decide which company is better to buy a laptop, you can take into account the following list, as well as reviews on the websites of online stores.

Keep in mind that some companies promote their brand so well that the mere presence of their logo on the lid already adds value. However, this does not mean that the buyer overpays for nothing. In fact, these manufacturers provide him with high quality workmanship and subsequent after-sales service.
Also, you can not discount the ease of maintenance of the laptop during its operation. This applies to cleaning the keyboard, the ability to add RAM or replace the hard drive, and ease of disassembly.

Apple is the best manufacturer of reliable laptops

There is no doubt that Apple laptops are one of the most revered and colorful devices among all mobile computers. At the same time, ultrabooks from this manufacturer also have many opponents who believe that their cost is too high.

Customers of this product should be aware that they will not be able to upgrade their notebooks when their performance is not sufficient. This is due to the philosophy of Apple, which is that the modernization of outdated equipment is irrational. And yet this does not negate the fact that the equipment of this company is distinguished by a high degree of reliability and quality. Perhaps this is the best manufacturer of reliable laptops.

Key features include:

  • stunning design and functionality;
  • excellent performance;
  • accessory combination;
  • high end displays;
  • excellent autonomy.

Among the minuses it is worth noting:

  • slightly overpriced;
  • webcams of poor quality;
  • non-dismantling design.

HP – laptops with an ideal combination of price and quality

This company has a huge variety of models. The range of devices of this brand is quite capable of confusing not only an inexperienced buyer, but even a person who is well versed in this type of technology.

HP notebooks are primarily targeted at business and home use. However, it is better for gamers to turn their eyes to the models of another manufacturer, because Hewlett-Packard has only recently begun to master this area of ​​​​digital entertainment and the choice of models for this direction is not large enough.

Among the advantages of the products of this brand are:

  • a wide range of models for work, home and study;
  • comfortable keyboards;
  • high quality components and assembly;
  • democratic pricing policy.

Of the minuses can be identified:

  • difficulties with drivers;
  • Most models are difficult to upgrade.

DELL is the best laptop brand for the office

This company has a huge range of devices for any purpose. DELL produces both simple multimedia devices and inexpensive office laptops. Also in the lineup you can see transformers, netbooks, powerful gaming models. At the same time, each of the above devices has a very high workmanship and reliability. This puts DELL at the top of the list of top laptop brands.

There are cases when, after using the devices of this manufacturer in conditions of high dustiness and not too careful attitude towards them, laptops continued to work for a long time until they became morally obsolete. It is also important that DELL pays a lot of attention to technical support and service.

The main advantages of the equipment include:

  • high level of service and technical support;
  • ease of access to accessories;
  • displays of decent quality;
  • Elegant, minimalistic design.

Among the minuses is the presence of easily soiled plastic in many models.

ASUS is the best manufacturer of thin laptops

The main advantage of this company’s devices lies in the special elegance of their design. Some laptops from ASUS, in this parameter, came close to Apple products. However, their cost is much less than that of the apple company. It is also impossible not to take into account that the range of devices for a wide variety of purposes from this company is very large. ASUS produces high-quality laptops for business or home use, as well as for professional gamers. Everyone will be able to choose the device of this company for individual needs.

Benefits include:

  • logical positioning of model lines;
  • a large number of models with a small body thickness;
  • elegant design;
  • workmanship and materials.

They have the following disadvantages:

  • not too high reliability of components used in budget models.

MSI is the best manufacturer of gaming laptops

This company is the only one to focus on the gaming audience. All the best gaming laptops currently known are made by MSI. The range of gaming devices consists of five lines, which include specialized solutions and models with support for virtual reality or device control using eye movement.

MSI laptops have large Full HD or 4K screens, powerful processors, large amounts of RAM and powerful graphics cards. The rest of the components also have outstanding performance compared to conventional laptops. Most MSI gaming laptops can match even many desktops in terms of performance, making them the best in their class.

The main advantages are:

  • the ability to choose the best laptop for a specific gaming genre;
  • ergonomic keyboards;
  • excellent combination of price and power;
  • outstanding performance.

The disadvantages are as follows:

  • considerable cost;
  • difficult to remove cover for maintenance;
  • ambiguous case design.

Acer is a manufacturer of compact and inexpensive laptops

Acer has been producing laptops of various kinds for a long time. However, Acer brand laptops received real recognition when the main attention was paid to models with small dimensions and transformers. It is in this field that Acer has achieved high popularity among buyers of mobile computers. At the same time, the company’s engineers manage to put in a compact case both ordinary components and very productive ones, allowing the device to be used as a workstation. Acer also produces excellent ultrabooks, which are represented by several series at once. There is one model among them with a case thickness of less than 10 mm, which is positioned as the thinnest ultrabook in the world.

Main advantages:

  • reasonable price;
  • light and compact;
  • good build quality;
  • wide range of convertible models;
  • a large number of compact devices;
  • nice design.

Among the shortcomings, one can note the relatively low reliability of products in the budget price category.

Lenovo is a manufacturer of inexpensive laptops for the home

As a manufacturer of laptops, the Chinese company has become famous for the release of inexpensive, but high-quality and reliable devices for the home. Its range currently includes four families and 33 series. Separately, you can highlight the YOGA line of transformers, which includes transformer laptops that improve their usability through transformation.

Lenovo laptops use time-honored components to position them as reliable workhorses. In most cases, they are not designed to run modern “heavy” games, but, as for everything else, they work out their cost quite adequately. Perhaps the company produces the best budget laptops of all presented.


  • good value for money;
  • large selection of models;
  • good speakers.

Among the shortcomings can be called not very high-quality service.

Which company’s laptop is better

In fact, choosing the perfect laptop is an almost impossible undertaking. An exception may be perhaps unlimited financial opportunities that allow you not to compromise. And even then, something will have to be sacrificed, be it color or case design, or performance level. Therefore, when choosing a laptop, it is worth deciding what it will be used for.

If status matters, APPLE products are the perfect choice. For home use or for simple office tasks, Lenovo laptops are an excellent choice. For an uncompromising gaming laptop, you should turn to MSI or Acer. If you need a reliable working machine that can last for a long time, then DELL and HP laptops are out of competition here. Each of the companies listed in the rating is able to pleasantly surprise its customers, the main thing is that they understand what exactly they need.

Phones with big screens: Best big phones 2023 | Tom’s Guide

A history of the best super-sized smartphones

Remember when super-sized smartphones were the exception and not the rule? Just a few years ago, devices with 4.7- to 5-inch displays were considered normal and anything larger was readily referred to as a phablet. In 2021, it’s nearly impossible to find compact Android phones at all. As displays continue to grow larger the design philosophy that inspired phablets has become the standard.

But how did we get here? With the current heavyweights in mind, we take a look back at some of the most notable big-screen devices that first blurred the lines between smartphone and tablet, opening the door for today’s pocket killers.

Let’s take a look at some of the best biggest phones of all-time!

Samsung Galaxy Mega (2013)

Screen size: 6.3-inches

Dimensions: 167.6 x 88 x 8mm

Weight: 199g

The Galaxy Note series wasn’t always Samsung’s big-screen smartphone option. In 2013, the Galaxy Mega wore its screen size as a badge of honor. The phone itself measured over 167mm in length and nearly 90mm in width, with enough space to fit a 6.3-inch display.

The Mega was an absolute monster of its time. Its screen dwarfed its smartphone contemporaries, like the HTCOne M7, Nexus 5, iPhone 5S, and Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4. While this meant it was the definitive choice for those who wanted more screen for content, it was nearly impossible to use one-handed.

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Another downside was the specs. The Mega was powered by the Snapdragon 400 SoC and packed just 8GB of internal storage. There was plenty of real estate to browse the web or pixel-peek shots taken with its 8MP camera, but the phone lacked the power enthusiasts craved. There was also a 5.8-inch version, but that was even more underpowered than its larger counterpart.

Buyers were asked to fork out ~$570 for the Galaxy Mega, which made it a hard sell when the more trim, refined, and successful $700 Galaxy Note 3 existed.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra (2013)

Screen size: 6.4-inches

Dimensions: 179.4 x 92.2 x 6.5mm

Weight: 212g

The super-sized screen genre didn’t die after the Mega. Instead, it seemingly gained popularity. Just a month later, Sony joined the revolution with the Xperia Z Ultra — a ludicrously large phone with flagship-grade specs.

The Z Ultra packed a then-intimidating 6.44-inch display, pushing the phone’s dimensions to over 179mm in length and 92mm in width. If you had a problem using the Mega’s size, the Z Ultra was definitely not the device for you either.

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That said, Sony did pair that 1080p screen with a more powerful Snapdragon 800 SoC, 16GB of storage, and 2GB of RAM, making it a more refined entertainment hub and reliable workhorse.

Although we lamented its outrageous lack of usability as a phone at the time, Android Authority praised the Z Ultra for appealing to “the toy driven kid in all of us. ” That’s something few current smartphones really do.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 (2018)

Screen size: 6.9-inches

Dimensions: 176.2 x 87.4 x 8mm

Weight: 221g

Five years on from the Galaxy Mega and Xperia Z Ultra and smartphone screens were only getting bigger. Xiaomi’s run of super-sized devices culminated with the 6.9-inch screen Mi Max 3. Launched in 2018, the phone was a tidier evolution of the big-screen smartphone philosophy. It gave users an affordable device that demonstrated elegant design decisions despite its bulk.

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For starters, the Mi Max 3 had minimal rails running alongside its screen, and employed aluminum construction instead of plastic. For its size, the phone was surprisingly practical too, with a quick capacitive fingerprint sensor at the rear, dual SIM slots, and a headphone jack. A 5,500mAh battery also ensured enough juice for up to two days, but it did mean that the phone was almost 10g heavier than the Z Ultra.

While big screens almost always came with a steep premium, the Mi Max 3 launched at around $250 in China, opening the door for larger affordable devices to enter the market.

HUAWEI Mate 20 X (2018)

Screen size: 7.2-inches

Dimensions: 174.6 x 85.4 x 8.2mm

Weight: 232g

This wouldn’t be much of a big-screen roundup if we didn’t mention this absolute monster. We don’t think it would be a stretch to call the HUAWEI Mate 20 X one of the most unique devices from 2018.

The Mate 20 X’s selling point was, and still is, its extreme size. Its ballooned dimensions were considered a feature when held alongside its more refined Mate 20 siblings. Featuring a 7.2-inch display paired with stereo loudspeakers and the Kirin 980 chipset, the phone was an excellent pocket entertainment system for those who had pockets large enough to accommodate it.

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Although the much-touted gaming performance was pretty average and the device was impossible to use without scaffolding, we praised the Mate 20 X in our review saying, “it’s the closest a phablet has come to balancing both the usability of a smartphone and a truly tablet-like screen so far. ” You can still find this beast of a phone listed on storefronts today, now packing 5G support, too.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (2020)

Screen size: 6.9-inches

Dimensions: 166.9 x 76 x 8.8mm

Weight: 220g

Flash forward to February, 2020, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra made its debut with a 6.9-inch display, the largest we’d ever seen on a Samsung smartphone that doesn’t flip or fold and a major size increase for the company’s flagship line.

Although the S20 Ultra’s display is larger than most of the devices we mentioned above, it’s both shorter and narrower than every single one — a testament to the advances in display and device design. That said, it didn’t make the phone any more usable. Its heft made it cumbersome in the hand and pocket, but did leave enough room for a whopping 5,000mAh cell to ensure users enjoyed excellent battery life, even with the screen’s 120Hz refresh rate enabled.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra saw the graduation of the super-sized smartphone from a gimmick that didn’t quite tick all the right boxes for enthusiasts, to one of the most feature-filled, super-sized phones ever to be released.

Today’s giants, tomorrow’s foldables?

There’s a parallel that can be drawn between super-sized phones of the past and the foldable smartphones of today.

Giant smartphone screens are now the norm, but it’s clear companies are not quite done pushing the boundaries of display size in more experimental form factors. These include flexible phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and HUAWEI Mate series, as well as dual-screened devices like the Surface Duo. Plenty of manufacturers are jumping into the foldable game, so this will definitely become a standard in the next few years.

These are all slightly cumbersome phones that further muddy the distinction between phone and tablet. They may have high price tags and questionable durability, but in many ways, that’s keeping to the spirit of super-sized smartphones, don’t you think?

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the biggest phones ever, so be sure to share your memories of your favorite super-sized smartphones in the comments!

7 Largest Android Phones You Can Buy

Android phones have made significant progress since their beginnings, and users now have a wide variety of options accessible to them in terms of size and design. Choosing a large display that provides a more immersive experience for consumers has been one of the more popular options in recent years.

A variety of large Android phones are available on the market right now, each of which comes with a set of features and advantages that are exclusive to itself.

There is a huge Android phone out there that is right for you, regardless of whether you need a phone that can manage demanding activities, keep up with your hectic schedule, or shoot fabulous photographs and videos.

This article will discuss some of the biggest Android phones that have ever been made available on the market and what distinguishes these larger phones from their more compact competitors.

  1. SONY Xperia 1 IV

Screen Size: 6.5 inches
Year Released: 2022
Brand: Sony
Release Price: $1,599
Other Key Features: Cinematography Pro, 120 Hz Refresh Rate

  Source: Wikimedia

The Sony Xperia 1 IV kicks off our list of the largest Android phones, with its screen size of 6. 5 inches diagonally. The new Xperia 1 IV smartphone was introduced today by Sony.

It was primarily designed for people searching for the latest smartphone technology, including cutting-edge image processing technology and advanced gaming prowess.

It provides an engaging entertainment experience with a brighter HDR screen and powerful audio features, all wrapped up in a portable and contemporary design.

Did You Know?

Every lens on the back camera may shoot at a high frame rate of 4K 120 fps and up to five times slower than usual.

  1. SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Ultra

Screen Size: 6.8 inches
Year Released: 2022
Brand: Samsung
Release Price: $1,099
Other Key Features: S Pen, 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED Screen

  Source: Wikimedia

Samsung Electronics has introduced the Galaxy S22 Ultra, a new premium smartphone that combines the finest features of two of the company’s previous smartphone series. The S22 Ultra has a luxurious glass and haze treatment that provides an attractive touch.

These features include the unparalleled power of the Note series and the professional-grade photography and performance of the S series.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is Samsung’s most sophisticated Ultra handset yet, including a built-in S Pen, improved Nightography and video capabilities, and a battery life that lasts more than a day. It is also the company’s most powerful smartphone overall.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has Samsung’s most luxurious look, thanks to its camera lenses that are merged into the body without any visible seams and its sleek metal frame that provides the appearance of a mirror.

Did You Know?

Because it comes with an S Pen, the S22 Ultra is more than just a phone. Instead, it honors the history of the Note series while introducing new approaches to creative problem-solving and getting things done. The result is a mobile experience that is unparalleled by anything else available.

  1. SAMSUNG Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Screen Size: 6.9 inches
Year Released: 2020
Brand: Samsung
Release Price: $1,299
Other Key Features: S Pen, 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED Screen, SD Card Slot

  Source: SAMSUNG

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was the most advanced version of Samsung’s Note product line in 2020. However, at the time of release, the release price is considerably high against other phones, listing the 128GB version at $1,300.

The phone is a fantastic feat of technology, despite its cumbersome dimensions and weight. The 120Hz AMOLED screen maintains its rich appearance in all environments except intense sunlight.

This smartphone had everything, including an excellent display, the most cutting-edge specifications available when it was released, and software designed to assist users in remaining ahead of their competition. As a result, this phone can be described as a behemoth.

Did You Know?

Samsung did not release a new Note in 2021, making the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra to be officially the final phablet under the Note series. It was also the last flagship from Samsung to have an SD Card slot.

  1. Vivo X Note

Screen Size: 7 inches
Year Released: 2020
Brand: Vivo
Release Price: €900
Other Key Features: Expanded Biometric Sensor, 7-inch Screen, Call Recording

  Source: GSMArena

The Vivo X Note is a phone from the Chinese company Vivo. It has a screen size that breaks the 6-inch barrier, weighs 221 grams, and has a battery capacity of 5,000 mAH.

Additionally, the telephone features are compelling. Calls made via VoLTE and Wi-Fi are supported. The Vivo X Note can also hold two nano-SIM cards in its slots.

When held up to the ear, the X Note provides a decent speech quality and reduces much of the background noise; when used in speaker mode, however, it reverberates quite. Additionally, the call app itself allows for the recording of phone conversations directly.

Even individual applications may be guarded with two-finger authentication, wherein the sensor simultaneously examines two separate fingers. This kind of protection is beneficial for protecting sensitive data.

Did You Know?

A sizable 3D ultrasonic fingerprint sensor performs the necessary biometric checks. The setup can be completed in a flash with only one touch and is quite dependable. In addition, the area of identification is significantly expanded in comparison to traditional smartphone cameras.

  1. OPPO Find N

Screen Size: 7.1 inches unfolded, 5.5 inches folded
Year Released: 2021
Brand: Oppo
Release Price: CNY 7699
Other Key Features: Landscape Unfolded Ratio, Snapdragon 888 Chipset

  Source: OPPO

This marks our first entry into the innovative foldable space in Android phones. The OPPO Find N qualifies as a phone and tablet because of its unique form factor. The phone’s design resulted from multiple years of prototypes and research.

Regarding the primary screen that folds out, the Find N has one that looks great. It is a flexible OLED panel with a variable refresh rate reaching as fast as 120Hz.

As a result, animations seem smoother than they would on a regular screen. In addition, the absence of a crease provides superior viewing angles than those offered by rivals.

When folded, the 18:9 aspect ratio provides customers with a complete smartphone experience that is familiar to them and a simple display with one hand.

Did You Know?

Using a landscape aspect ratio for the first time in a foldable smartphone, the OPPO Find N strikes a balance by allowing them to seamlessly shift between an unfolded screen and a folded screen that, offers a complete smartphone experience.

  1. HUAWEI Mate 20 X

Screen Size: 7. 2 inches
Year Released: 2019
Brand: Huawei
Release Price: €899
Other Key Features: Dual Sim Dual Standby, Graphene-based Cooling

  Source: HUAWEI

The HUAWEI Mate 20 X is the world’s first smartphone capable of dual-mode 5G connectivity, and Huawei launched it. Unfortunately, this Huawei Mate 20 X was released before the company migrated its operating system away from Android, making it eligible for the list.

The HUAWEI Mate 20 X is also one of the world’s first 5G/4G Dual SIM Dual Standby smartphones. This allows it to cater to the requirements of dual-SIM consumers in the age of 5G while also preserving compatibility with other diverse network standards like 4G, 3G, and 2G.

In addition to that, the HUAWEI Mate 20 X has an outstanding power management system. It has a graphene-based and liquid-based cooling system, a large-capacity battery with a capacity of 4200 mAh, and a 40-watt SuperCharge charging technology.

Did You Know?

The Global Certification Forum granted the device certification in July 2019, making it the first 5G smartphone to complete all of the GCF’s 5G tests successfully.

  1. SAMSUNG Galaxy Fold 4

Screen Size: 7.6 inches unfolded, 6.2 inches folded
Year Released: 2022
Brand: Samsung
Release Price: $1,800
Other Key Features: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 + Chipset, Superb Cameras

  Source: Wikimedia

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the largest Android phone you can buy. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the fourth iteration of Samsung’s foldable smartphone, which can be opened to reveal a little tablet.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4’s updated taskbar and operating system, Android 12L, make it simpler to switch between applications when multitasking.

In addition to improved cameras, a more prominent front display, and a brighter main screen, Samsung delivers these improvements in a more streamlined design with this model than it did with its predecessor.

With Qualcomm’s newest and greatest top CPU, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, which is the most powerful chip currently available on Android, the Fold 4 is swift and fluid in its operation.

Did You Know?

Many interior components are crafted using nylon or plastic that is 20% recycled. In addition, Samsung provides trade-in and recycling options for customers with older electronic gadgets.


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Top 6 Big Screen Phones

Do you like big phones? I am sure that many will answer in the affirmative. I myself do not like them very much and I constantly advocate that manufacturers produce more compact models. But for one reason or another, I myself use large smartphones all the time. Something for work, something of my own, but almost all popular models have passed through my hands. I am often asked the question of which phone to choose with a large screen, and it is extremely difficult to answer it, but I have in stock a certain list of models that I name among the first. Then we think about what features are needed, and expand the list. Now I will share the basic smartphones that I recommend, and you write your favorites in the comments.

These phones will also be in the selection.


  • 1 Best big phones
    • 1.1 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the best foldable phone
    • 1.2 iPhone 13 Pro Max is the biggest iPhone
    • 1.3 Galaxy S22 Ultra is the coolest Samsung
    • 1.4 Google Pixel 6 Pro – phone with unique features
    • 1.5 OnePlus 9 Pro – new OnePlus
    • 1.6 Moto G Power (2021) – inexpensive phone

The best is a relative concept. In any case, this is a combination of characteristics, one of which is the price. There is no universal advice here, so there will be different models on the list, and we will end with the cheapest of the above.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the best foldable phone

Let’s start with the most expensive device, but it’s hard to find a phone whose screen surpasses it. This is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, which has a 6.2-inch display but can be opened to reveal a tablet-sized 7.6-inch screen.

What’s more, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is more durable than before with an IPX8 water resistance rating and stronger glass and aluminum used for the screen and body. Samsung has added support for the S Pen, though the stylus will have to be purchased separately.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

With more screen-optimized apps on Galaxy Z Fold 3, you can enjoy multitasking features. While the Galaxy Z Fold 3 isn’t for everyone, it’s a very good choice for productivity fans. I myself have used it for a while and speak well of it.

iPhone 13 Pro Max is the biggest iPhone

iPhone 13 Pro Max is a huge and beautiful 6.7-inch OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. It’s also a good camera and great battery life. I myself use this phone and I can say that I am very satisfied. Apple really made a good device.

The main and ultra-wide cameras now have larger sensors that let in more light for better photos. The telephoto lens supports zoom up to 3x.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple didn’t stop there, adding Cinematic Mode and Photo Styles to enhance your creativity. Cinematic mode is essentially a portrait video with dynamic focus shift. Photo Styles are real-time filters that you can customize to your liking. All this is expensive, and now even very much, but if you are ready to spend money, then you will not lose.

Galaxy S22 Ultra is the coolest Samsung

At first glance, not much seems to have changed from last year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra to this year’s model. After all, both phones feature 6.8-inch high refresh rate displays. But there is still a difference.

The new phone features an ultra-bright display with a maximum brightness of 1750 nits and a refresh rate of 1Hz. However, the latter can be argued after the incident the day after the presentation.

Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Ultra

In addition to an improved display, the Galaxy S22 Ultra features a new chipset, 45W fast charging, and a bigger main camera sensor to help you shoot better in low light. Android fans looking for a phone with a big screen and premium features should go for this particular Samsung model.

Google Pixel 6 Pro is a phone with unique features

While the 6.4-inch Google Pixel 6 is a big phone in its own right, the Pixel 6 Pro offers the most screen real estate of any of Google’s new flagships. You get a 6.7-inch screen that can refresh at up to 120Hz depending on your activity.

The screen isn’t the only cool feature of this new Pixel, powered by Google’s Tensor chip. You also get a 48MP telephoto lens with 4x zoom. And like the regular Pixel 6, Tensor paired with Android 12 brings some other possibilities. Among them are a magic eraser to remove unwanted people from the background of photos and smarter Google Assistant .

Google Pixel 6 Pro

The battery life of the Pixel 6 Pro could be better, but its enhanced capabilities make it perfect for people who want a big screen and pure Android.

OnePlus 9 Pro is the new OnePlus

OnePlus 9 Pro’s 6.7-inch AMOLED panel is one of the highlights of this flagship phone, and not just because of its size. As with the Galaxy S21 series, OnePlus has equipped its latest phone with a dynamically variable refresh rate. On paper, the OnePlus 9 Pro offers the same wide range as the Galaxy S21, switching between 1Hz and 120Hz depending on your activities.

As impressive as that display is, the OnePlus 9 Pro is more than that. It features Hasselblad cameras and the best set of lenses ever used in a OnePlus phone. The model lasts a long time without recharging, and fast charging technology means that it does not matter to you whether you power your phone wirelessly or wired. Let there be only Snapdragon 888, but it is enough to match the performance of any Android phone.

OnePlus 9 Pro

Although there is a newer version of OnePlus 10 Pro, this device is still of great interest, it can still be bought and it will serve you for a long time.

Moto G Power (2021) – Inexpensive Phone

The ‘s large screens require large batteries to run, but this is not a problem for the Moto G Power (2021). Like last year’s version of Motorola’s long-running phone, this device packs a 5,000 mAh battery. And it makes full use of all that power, offering longer battery life than others.

Moto G Power (2021)

Other features of the Moto G Power, such as the cameras and processor, don’t look quite as impressive, but the price certainly makes up for it. The 64GB version of the Moto G Power with 4GB of RAM costs just $249 in the US. But if you can get by with less RAM and storage, you can find a phone for less than $200. This is a great price for such a device. The brand no longer has the opportunity to offer bad devices for a lot of money, and this should be used. The problem is that it still needs to be found on sale or ordered with delivery from another country.

Top 10 Best Big Phones of 2023

The Best Big Phones are more than big screen phones – they are also great mobile devices in their own right.

In this list of the best big phones, we’ve focused on the really big models. This means that their screens are at least 6.5 inches, but usually larger. Thanks to such a device, you will have enough space for all your applications, movies and games. That big screen even means you’ll be able to fully work or create, though one of the best tablets might be the best option here.

02/10/2023 Update

New Samsung and OnePlus models have been added to the ranking of the best big phones.

From the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, all of the phones below are excellent smartphones for other features as well as being included in our list of the best phones overall.

We’ve only included the very best big phones here, so they tend to have great cameras, fantastic performance and great battery life, all while looking good. Count on the fact that they are expensive, but worth every penny.


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Largest smartphone

Weight: 235g
Display size: 6.8″ Super AMOLED
9005 1 Processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
RAM: 8 GB, 12 GB
Memory: 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB / No
Rear camera: 200 MP primary, 12 MP ultra wide, 10 MP 3x telephoto, 10 MP 10x telephoto
9 0051 Front camera: 12 MP
Battery life: 12:22 (adaptive) / 13:09 (60Hz)


  • Powerful 200MP camera
  • Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip outperforms iPhone by graphics
  • Stunning display


  • Curved screen can be awkward

Our pick for the best big phone comes from Samsung and the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It’s a monster device with a massive 6.8-inch Super AMOLED display, a powerful Galaxy Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, a stunning 200MP camera, and the beloved S Pen.

Battery life has improved significantly compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra (which is still available for purchase). Samsung has kept the same design as last year. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is also the most expensive smartphone on this list, but at least you get 256GB of base storage.


iPhone 14 Pro Max

The best large phone from Apple

weight: 240 g
OS: iOS 16
screen size: 6.7″ OLED
CPU: A16 Bionic
Memory: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Rear camera: 48 MP wide-angle, 12 MP ultra wide, 12 MP telephoto
Front camera: 12 MP
Battery life (hours:minutes): 14:42


  • Best-in-class cameras 900 12
  • Amazing battery life
  • Always-on display and Dynamic Island


  • Charging slow
  • Heavy and bulky

iPhone 14 Pro Max is not only the best big phone, but also the best phone overall. Its battery life is even better than last year’s iPhone 13 Pro Max, and other new upgrades further expand the experience.

In addition to the new, even longer battery life, Apple has changed the cameras by adding a 48MP primary sensor, replacing the notch with a new Dynamic Island notch, and adding an always-on display. Some of these updates may be the same as those that have been on Android phones for the past few years, but Apple’s level of quality takes them to the next level.

If you want the best phone, you need the iPhone 14 Pro Max.


Google Pixel 7 Pro

The best flagship for the price

CASHBACK for purchases, learn more… 051 Weight: 212 g
OS: Android 12
Screen size: 6.7″ OLED (3120 x 1440, 10-120Hz)
Processor: TensorG2
RAM: 12 GB
Memory: 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB
Rear camera: 50 MP (f/1. 85) main, 12 MP (f/2.2) ultra wide, 48 MP (f/3.5) with 5x optical zoom
Front camera: 10.8 MP (f/2.2)
Battery life (hours:minutes): 6:31


  • Not probable chambers
  • Amazing new Tensor features
  • Brighter display
  • More powerful chipset


  • Poor battery life

With its large 6.7-inch OLED display, the Pixel 7 Pro is no doubt a big phone. But thanks to the curved edges and the front glass, it fits easily in your hand (albeit a little slippery). It has a large 5000 mAh battery, which somehow continues to disappoint us in the battery life test.

But the strengths of the Pixel 7 Pro come down to the new Tensor G2 chipset and its cameras. The photos the Pixel 7 Pro can take are amazing, with beautiful colors, sharp focus, and great features like Photo Unblur. The Tensor G2 itself is a big improvement over the first generation chip, offering near-Qualcomm performance.

The Pixel 7 Pro is a big boy and worth it if you want the best cameras in an Android phone.


OnePlus 11

Best Value Big Phone

Weight: 204g
Display Size: 40; 1-120Hz)
Processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
RAM: 8 GB, 16 GB
Storage: 128 GB, 256 GB
Cameras (front/front): 50 MP main, 48 MP ultra wide, 32 MP 2x tele/16 MP
Battery life: 13:10 (adaptive frequency), 12:48 (60Hz)


  • Good battery life
  • Excellent performance
  • Affordable price
  • Great cameras


  • No wireless charging
  • 9 0100 Regional restrictions possible

If you’re looking for the best big phone for your money, check out the OnePlus 11. This flagship boasts top-notch specs, great cameras, and outstanding battery life for a relatively low price. It goes toe-to-toe with devices like the Pixel 7 Pro, Galaxy S23, and iPhone 14 Pro, but it costs less.

With a 6.7-inch QHD+ AMOLED display, the OnePlus 11 has plenty of room for games that it can handle with its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 system-on-chip. It’s the best value for money right now and worth your attention.


Samsung Galaxy S22+

Big phone with great performance

Weight: 95 g
Dimensions: 157.4 x 75.8 x 7.6 mm 9 0118 OS: Android 12
Size Screen: 6.6 inch
Resolution: 1080 x 2340
CPU: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 / Exynos 2200
Pa wrinkle: 128 GB / 256 GB
Battery: 4500 mAh
Rear camera: 50 MP + 12 MP + 10 MP
Front camera: 10MP


  • Bright, large display
  • 45W charger
  • Improved scalability


  • So-so battery life

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ is the middle child in the Samsung 2022 family, but still offers decent performance. It’s not the most comfortable phone, but it’s far from heavy for a big phone.

Its 6.6-inch display offers Full HD+ 1080 x 2340 resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate. Its resolution is a little average, but its maximum brightness is an impressive 1750 and it offers remarkable contrast.

Four cameras, including a 50-megapixel f/1.8 main camera, a 12-megapixel f/2.2 ultra-wide-angle lens, a 10-megapixel f/2.4 telephoto lens at the front, and a 10-megapixel A selfie camera with an f/2.2 aperture means plenty of options. It lacks the versatility of the S22 Ultra, but has some great features, including a portrait mode that’s second to none.

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ is equipped with the same chipset as its more expensive sibling and offers decent performance, especially in games.

Read more – Samsung Galaxy S22+ review


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Best foldable phone

Main screen size: 7.6 inches
Additional screen size: 6. 2″
CPU: Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1
RAM/Storage: 12 GB / 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB
Open size: 155.1 x 130.1 x 6.3 mm
Closed size: 155.1 x 67.1 x 14, 2-15.8mm
Weight: 271g


  • Impressive primary and secondary screens
  • Optimized for multitasking
  • 9010 0 Slimmer hinge


  • Cameras not the best for Samsung
  • Wrinkle still visible

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the best big-screen foldable phone you can buy at the time of this ranking, and has thoughtful upgrades over the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

It’s not a completely different device, but it has better cameras, including a great 50MP main camera, plus a much more powerful Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset, slightly improved design, and software better suited to its large 7.6-inch screen.

The actual displays and battery are pretty much the same, so if you already own a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, it’s probably not worth upgrading to the new model, especially since it remains an extremely expensive device.

But the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the best multi-tasking smartphone Samsung has ever made, the best foldable phone, and a great all-around phone that we have no hesitation in recommending if the price doesn’t put you off.


iPhone 14 Plus

Best big phone for iPhone fans on a small budget

Weight: 203g
Screen size: 6.7-inch OLED (2778 x 1284)
Processor: A15 Bionic
Memory: 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB (f/2.4)
Front Camera: 12 MP (f/1.9))
Battery life (hours:minutes): 11:57


  • Excellent battery life
  • Strong photo capabilities
  • Excellent performance


  • Display only 60 Hz
  • No telephoto lens
  • 20W charging slow

The iPhone 14 Plus is here to let you get an iPhone the same size as the iPhone 14 Pro Max at a much cheaper price.

Unfortunately, this big iPhone doesn’t have a 120Hz display refresh rate, a telephoto lens, or particularly fast charging. It’s everything its competitors running Android have, which means it’s hard to recommend in some ways.

Luckily for Apple, there’s still a lot to like about the iPhone 14 Plus. Its main, ultra-wide, and selfie cameras take fantastic photos, its A15 Bionic chipset still outperforms everything but the iPhone 14 Pro, and it’s surprisingly light for its size. Plus, with all the standard iPhone software and an improved user interface, it’s a pleasure to use.


Asus ROG Phone 6

Best Big Gaming Phone

Weight: 239g
Dimensions: 173 x 77 x 10.3mm 9011 8 OS: Android 12
Screen size: 6 .78 inch
Resolution: 1080 x 2448
Processor: Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
RAM: 8/12/16 GB
Memory: 128 GB/256/512 GB
Battery: 6000 mAh
Rear camera: 50 MP + 13 MP + 5 MP
Front camera: 12 MP


  • Powerful performance
  • Bright screen
  • 900 09 Special for gaming


  • No wireless charging
  • Poor camera for the price

If you like to play games on the go, the Asus ROG Phone 6 is the phone for you. Its 6.78-inch Full HD AMOLED display is bright and looks great while gaming. A smooth 165Hz refresh rate also helps deliver exceptionally smooth motion here.

The Asus ROG Phone 6’s camera selection is a bit weak despite offering a 50MP main camera with IMX766, but in terms of performance the phone is fantastic.

It uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 while staying cool thanks to Asus’ clever design work. The gaming-focused user interface completes the package, which at times feels more like a gaming device than a phone.

Read more – full review ROG Phone 6 Pro


Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Big screen budget phone

Weight: 177g
Dimensions: 74, 5 x 155.7 x 7.9 mm
Screen Size: 6.4″ OLED (2400 x 1080)
CPU: Snapdragon 888
Memory: 128GB 256GB / No
Battery: 7:46
Rear camera: 12 MP (f/1. 8) main, 12 MP (f/2.2) ultra wide, 8 MP telephoto (f/2.4)
Front camera: 32 MP (ƒ/2.2)


  • 90 100 Large , bright screen
  • Cost less than other Galaxy S models
  • Powered by Snapdragon 888


  • Low battery life
  • 9000 9 Screen refresh rate is not dynamically adjusted

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE can have a larger 6.4-inch screen than the 6.2-inch Galaxy S21, but it comes with a lower price tag. And that’s the kind of size difference that fans of the best big phones want to see.

You pay less for the Galaxy S21 FE than the standard S21. The result is less RAM and a fast-refreshing display that you have to manually adjust. But the core features we’d associate with the S21 family – the Snapdragon 888 processor, great rear cameras, and a vibrant display – are available with the FE.


Xiaomi 12 Pro

Well balanced in every way

Weight: 204 g
Dimensions: 163. 6 x 74.6 x 8.2 mm
OS: Android 12
Screen size: 6.73 inches
Resolution: 1440 x 3200
Processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
Operational memory: 8/12 GB
Memory: 128 GB/256 GB
Battery: 4600 mAh
Rear camera: 50 MP + 50 MP + 50 MP
90 051 Front camera: 32 MP


  • Fantastic screen quality
  • Great design and materials


  • Limited optical zoom
  • No official IP rating

Xiaomi 12 Pro offers a lot at a reasonable price for a big phone. It features a stunning 6.73-inch display that uses Samsung LTPO AMOLED technology and excellent WQHD+ resolution. Four speakers with Harmon Kardon tuning and Dolby Atmos support make this phone ideal for movie streaming.

Gaming performance is also good thanks to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. Battery capacity is small, but 120W charging makes it the fastest to restore from scratch.

The only downside is the performance of its camera. It has a weak optical zoom and an ultra-wide-angle camera that lacks autofocus, but the main 50MP camera remains excellent and smart software helps you get great results.

How to choose the best big phone

Android or iPhone? Android phones give you more choice in terms of price, size, and innovative design—many of them are also bigger. However, the iPhone offers faster software updates, better games and apps, and better security and privacy.

Screen Size: For fans of big phones, it’s best to start at 6 inches and up. The largest phones range in size from 6.5 to just under 7 inches. If you want something that you can easily use with one hand, choose one of the best small phones with a sub-6-inch screen.

Cameras: ignore the megapixel count. Instead, look at the cameras of different phones to see the quality of your photos, and look out for special features like night mode to improve quality in low light.

Ram ddr4 32gb: Computer parts, laptops, electronics, and more

Crucial 32GB DDR4-3200 UDIMM | CT32G4DFD832A

Crucial Confirmed Compatibility

Make sure this item is compatible with your computer or motherboard.

Check compatibility→

Crucial Confirmed Compatibility

Simply select your computer or motherboard’s manufacturer and model to verify compatibility with this item. .

See compatible options→

Will it work with my computer or motherboard?

Start typing or select manufacturer

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Crucial 32GB DDR4-3200 UDIMM

Designed to help your system run faster and smoother, Crucial Desktop Memory is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve your system’s performance.

Release Date:


Crucial 32GB DDR4-3200 UDIMM

Product resources


$57. 99

Release Date:


General tech specs
Technology DDR4
Density 32GB
Module type UDIMM
DIMM type Unbuffered
Voltage 1.2V
Module quantity 1
Speed & timing
Speed DDR4-3200
CAS latency 22
Extended timings 22-22-22
Warranty & returns
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Product resources

  • Complete support resouces for Crucial memory:


    DRAM installation and support resources:

    DRAM installation and support resources:

  • Our warranty policy

    Micron® quality and reliability are baked into every one of our memory modules. Backed by one of the industry’s most in-depth quality testing programs and over 35 years of manufacturing expertise, Crucial and Ballistix modules offer a limited lifetime warranty*.

    *Limited lifetime warranty is valid everywhere except Germany, where the warranty is valid for 10 years from the date of purchase.

    The Crucial returns policy

    It’s rare for customers to return Crucial products, but we offer a 45-day money-back period. If the problems exists after this period we are still here to help. Please contact Customer Support.

  • RoHS Certificate of Compliance

    Part-specific certification of how this product meets the requirements of the current DIRECTIVE 2011/65/EU and 2015/863/EU, a. k.a. Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive (Recast).

    File Type: (PDF)

    Updated: 12/1/2021

    China RoHS Certificate

    Part-specific certification as required by China’s Management Methods for Controlling Pollution by Electronic Information Products.

    File Type: (PDF)

    Updated: 12/1/2021

  • Company statement regarding REACH SVHC compliance

    File Type: (PDF)

    Updated: 12/1/2021

LC-RAM-DDR4-3200-RGB-32GB-KIT: LC Power

LC-RAM-DDR4-3200-RGB-32GB-KIT is a dual memory kit with RGB ilumination, which provides an improved performance as well as a high stability for your system!

  • dual kit
  • 32 GB capacity (overall)
  • 16 GB capacity (each RAM bar)
  • DDR4 Dual Channel
  • 3200 MHz
  • CL: 16 – 19 – 19
  • supports XMP 2. 0
  • RGB illumination (Digital-RGB/ARGB, colour adjustment via the mainboard’s RGB software)

Buy now

  • Technical Overview

  • Specials

  • Datasheet

  • Reviews/Videos

Capacity overall 32 GB
Capacity each 16 GB
Number of RAM bars 2x
Memory configuration DDR4 Dual Channel
Format UDIMM
Memory type unbuffered
Memory interface DDR4
JEDEC norm PC4-25600
Frequency max. 3200 MHz
Voltage 1,35 V
Memory connection 288 pin
Latency (CL) 16 – 19 – 19    
RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD) 19
RAS Precharge Time (tRP) 19
Row Active Time (tRAS) 39
XMP support yes – XMP 2.0
Heat sink anodized aluminium
Dimension (each RAM bar) 145 x   47 x   6 mm
Dimension (retail) 185 x 134 x 11 mm
Weight (each RAM bar) 0,046 kg
Weight (overall) 0,122 kg
Compatibility Intel 100/200/300 Series                                                             
AMD B450, B550 & X570
Mark of conformity CE
Barcode 4260070128097
Manufacturer code LC-RAM-DDR4-3200-RGB-32GB-KIT

LC-RAM-DDR4-3200-RGB-32GB-KIT is a dual memory kit with RGB ilumination, which provides an improved performance as well as a high stability for your system!

  • dual kit
  • 32 GB capacity (overall)
  • 16 GB capacity (each RAM bar)
  • DDR4 Dual Channel
  • 3200 MHz
  • CL: 16 – 19 – 19
  • supports XMP 2. 0
  • RGB illumination (Digital-RGB/ARGB, colour adjustment via the mainboard’s RGB software)

Intel 100/200/300 Series                                                             
AMD B450, B550 & X570

Included in delivery:
2x RAM bar (16 GB each)

Random access memory (RAM) DDR4 32 GB

RAM type: DDR4
RAM type: DDR5
RAM type: DDR5, Volume: 32 GB
Type of RAM: DDR5, Capacity: 32 GB, Number of modules: 2
Designed for: Stationary computers (PC), Type of RAM: DDR4
Type of RAM: DDR4, Capacity: 16 GB, Number of modules: 2
RAM type: DDR4, Volume: 8 GB
Designed for: Desktop computers (PC)
Designed for: Notebook computers, RAM type: DDR3, Capacity: 8 GB
Designed for: Laptop computers, RAM type: DDR5

    • ” data-type-sn=” 5 лет гарантии ” data-type-sp=” Рекомендуем ” data-type-tm=” Застраховано ” data-type-ts=” Популярный товар “/>

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    • ” data-type-sn=” 5 лет гарантии ” data-type-sp=” Рекомендуем ” data-type-tm=” Застраховано ” data-type-ts=” Популярный товар “/>

    Add to cart

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    • ” data-type-sn=” 5 лет гарантии ” data-type-sp=” Рекомендуем ” data-type-tm=” Застраховано ” data-type-ts=” Популярный товар “/>

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    • ” data-type-sn=” 5 лет гарантии ” data-type-sp=” Рекомендуем ” data-type-tm=” Застраховано ” data-type-ts=” Популярный товар “/>

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    • ” data-type-sn=” 5 лет гарантии ” data-type-sp=” Рекомендуем ” data-type-tm=” Застраховано ” data-type-ts=” Популярный товар “/>

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    • ” data-type-sn=” 5 лет гарантии ” data-type-sp=” Рекомендуем ” data-type-tm=” Застраховано ” data-type-ts=” Популярный товар “/>

    Add to cart

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    • ” data-type-sn=” 5 лет гарантии ” data-type-sp=” Рекомендуем ” data-type-tm=” Застраховано ” data-type-ts=” Популярный товар “/>

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    • ” data-type-sn=” 5 лет гарантии ” data-type-sp=” Рекомендуем ” data-type-tm=” Застраховано ” data-type-ts=” Популярный товар “/>

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… 22


How much memory do you need for games?

Jul 2021

  • Games

  • PC performance

  • Memory

  • DDR4

  • Kingston FURY

Blog Home

Game memory is very important for PC gamers who want to make their gaming experience as realistic as possible. If your PC is experiencing crashes and slow response while playing a game, it may be worth increasing the amount of RAM. Having enough memory for the games you want to play is recommended for any gamer who wants to improve their gaming experience and load faster. Expanded RAM will increase system responsiveness, load games faster, and improve frame rates. The exact amount of storage you need will depend on the type of games you want to play and whether you need to use any other apps at the same time. However, it is important to note that RAM is not the only component that allows you to improve the overall gaming experience. It will also be affected by the operating system, SSD, processor, and graphics card.

How does RAM work?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a computer’s short-term memory for temporary storage of information that the PC needs to access. In contrast, a computer hard drive or solid state drive is its long-term memory, in which information is stored for a longer time. When you launch a game on a PC, all relevant data that your computer may need to access while playing the game is loaded into RAM. Constantly retrieving information from a hard drive or SSD drive is inefficient and much slower. RAM is much faster, so it can load the game and read the game data faster.

How much RAM do you need to play games?

The amount of RAM you need actually depends on the games you want to play, since the RAM requirements for different game types and formats vary. For specific games, it is important to familiarize yourself with the system requirements recommended by the developers. For a clearer idea of ​​how much RAM you’ll need, check out the Can You Run It website. *

The right amount of memory is important for every game, because without enough RAM, your computer won’t be able to store all the information you need to play the game. This will result in reduced frame rates and performance.

In this article, we will provide recommendations on how much RAM you need for games and provide frames per second (FPS) for four popular games: World of Warcraft, Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends and Fortnite.

4 GB

A few years ago, 4 GB of RAM would have been enough for gaming. However, as games evolve and become more complex, this volume is no longer enough. Older games can still run with 4GB of RAM, but it’s worth investing in at least 8GB to afford a wider range of games. However, games such as Valorant, League of Legends (LoL), Minecraft, Counter Strike: Global Offensive System, DOTA 2, and GTA 5 can still be played with 4 GB of RAM, but performance may degrade.

Game FPS
World of Warcraft: 42 fps
Call of Duty Warzone: 43 fps
Apex Legends: 58 fps
Fortnite: 64 fps
8 GB

8 GB RAM is the minimum amount of RAM for any gaming PC. 8 GB of RAM will allow you to play most released games without problems, but some of them may not play at the highest quality, and you may have to close other applications. Games like Cyberpunk 2077, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Rainbow 6 Seige (R6) and World of Warcraft Shadowlands can be played with 8 GB of RAM.

Game FPS
World of Warcraft: 73 fps
Call of Duty Warzone: 61 fps
Apex Legends: 108 fps
Fortnite: 85 fps
16 GB

16 GB is the recommended amount of RAM for most games and will provide a noticeable performance boost over 8 GB. You will also be able to run apps in the background without affecting your gameplay. Games such as Call of Duty Warzone and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) are recommended to be played with 16 GB of RAM.

Game FPS
World of Warcraft: 91 fps
Call of Duty Warzone: 69 fps
Apex Legends: 135 fps
Fortnite: 108 fps
32 GB

32 GB RAM is becoming more and more popular among gamers and the most likely reason is probably the increase in frames per second compared to 16 GB. 32 GB will improve the graphics performance of the game, while providing the ability to perform many tasks in the background, such as streaming, using Chrome, system software or Spotify. However, it is unlikely that you will ever be able to use all 32 GB in the game. So if you’re on a budget or only use your PC for gaming, it’s probably best to stay at 16GB. However, with 32GB you will see a significant performance boost and will also be able to confidently face any upcoming game releases requiring more RAM.

Game FPS
World of Warcraft: 103 fps
Call of Duty Warzone: 81 fps
Apex Legends: 143 fps
Fortnite: 115 fps


How much RAM you need to play games really depends on what games you want to play and how many other apps you have open in the background. For some older games, 8 GB can be used. If you like to play modern games and leave other tasks in the background, 16 GB will definitely improve your gaming experience. What about 32 GB? 32GB of RAM is a lot, but the FPS difference shows why so many gamers spend money to upgrade their system’s RAM to 32GB.

Heart monitor watches: 11 Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches of 2023

8 Best Heart Rate Monitors of 2023

We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Why Trust Us?


Best Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

Fitbit Luxe Fitness and Wellness Tracker


Best Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

Fitbit Luxe Fitness and Wellness Tracker

$120 at Amazon$130 at lenovo.com$130 at dell.com

Credit: Fitbit

  • Expert-recommended
  • Long battery life
  • Not as many features as some other products

“Most of my patients have better success with long-term heart rate monitoring using watches such as the Fitbit,” says Dr. Harkin. This sleek watch doubles as an accessory with a tracker and offers up to five days of battery life without having to stop for a charge, according to the brand. You can also track how hard your heart is working with the Active Zone Minutes feature.

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Best Reliable Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin HRM-PRO Premium Heart Rate Strap


Best Reliable Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin HRM-PRO Premium Heart Rate Strap

Now 25% Off

$98 at Amazon$130 at Walmart$130 at QVC

Credit: Garmin

  • Expert-recommended
  • More reliable than wrist accessory
  • Relies on lithium batteries

“Chest straps can be a bit more reliable,” says Dr. Harkin. And her next pick comes with an electrode pad sensor to track the heart rate and provides detailed running metrics, including stride length, vertical ratio, and ground contact time. It’s also small, lightweight, and can connect to any Bluetooth smart technology.

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Best Smartwatch Heart Rate Monitor

Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch 4


Best Smartwatch Heart Rate Monitor

Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch 4

$229 at Amazon$220 at adorama.com$306 at Overstock

Credit: Samsung Electronics

  • Expert-recommended
  • Similar features for Apple Watch
  • Special feature for AFib
  • Only compatible with Samsung phone

Another pick of Dr. Shah’s, this smartwatch offers a bunch of heart-tracking features. It has real-time ECG Monitoring that gives accurate readings, according to the brand. And it has an atrial fibrillation feature, a common form of irregular heart rhythm that can lead to blood clots. It stores the data gathered from monitoring, which can also be viewed on your smartphone.

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Best Heart Rate Monitor Features

PREVENTION circul+ Smart Ring by Prevention


Best Heart Rate Monitor Features

PREVENTION circul+ Smart Ring by Prevention

$299 at Walmart

Credit: Walmart

  • Stylish
  • Accurately measures heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and more
  • One of the pricier options on our list

We partnered with BodiMetrics to create this Prevention circul+ ring. It’s the only wearable pulse oximeter on the market that provides continuous monitoring to accurately measure heart rate, blood oxygen, finger temperature, and heart rate variability. It also records a single-lead ECG and blood pressure. Plus, the oximeter has been validated for all skin tones. It also has a unique patented design, according to Neil Friedman, COO of Bodimetrics, which allows the sensor to be stabilized against the bottom of the finger for accurate measurement. It’s made of stainless steel and durable plastics and comes in three different sizes to fit any of your fingers.

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Best Heart Rate Monitor for Sleep

Oura Ring Generation 3


Best Heart Rate Monitor for Sleep

Oura Ring Generation 3

$299 at ouraring.com

Credit: Oura Ring

  • Expert-recommended
  • Stylish
  • Better sleep tracking than other devices
  • Pricey

“I think this ring, in particular, may be more comfortable for people that don’t want to have something on their wrist when they go to sleep,” says Dr. Shah. “It has the same health monitoring features as traditional smartwatches but offers a different way of getting the same information and potentially getting better sleep tracking than some of the other devices.”

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Best Overall Heart Rate Monitor

Apple Apple Watch Series 8


Best Overall Heart Rate Monitor

Apple Apple Watch Series 8

Now 14% Off

$429 at Amazon$429 at Walmart$499 at adorama. com

Credit: Apple

  • Expert-recommended
  • Synchronizes well with other Apple products
  • Can measure actual heart rhythm
  • Pricey

“My personal preference is the Apple Watch, simply because I’m in the Apple environment,” says Dr. Shah. “It talks to my phone, to my laptop, and plays well with my other devices. In addition to heart rate monitoring, it can also measure the actual heart rhythm with an electrocardiogram. It provides oxygen levels and a whole bunch of other things, like step counts that help me understand my health better.”

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Best In-Ear Heart Rate Monitor

Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds


Best In-Ear Heart Rate Monitor

Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds

$125 at Amazon$99 at Walmart$39 at adorama.com

Credit: Jabra

  • Heart rate monitoring through your ears
  • good option for people who dislike wrist/finger accessories
  • Not ideal for noise canceling purposes

Besides offering superior sound quality and a secure fit, these wireless earbuds also come equipped with a heart rate monitor. It’s able to read your heart rate through the blood passing through your ears, unlike the way smartwatches and fitness bands read the blood flowing at your wrist. “I have been using these for three months now and I’m very happy with the connection,” wrote one reviewer. “The heartbeat monitor seems to be accurate and gets a read relatively quickly after putting them on.”

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Best Heart Rate Monitor for Beginners

POLAR H9 Heart Rate Sensor


Best Heart Rate Monitor for Beginners

POLAR H9 Heart Rate Sensor

$60 at Amazon$60 at Walmart

Credit: POLAR

  • Pairs with multiple smartwatches
  • Machine-washable strap
  • Relies on lithium batteries

This iconic chest strap monitor is known for its superb accuracy, a comfortable fit, and all-around versatility thanks to Bluetooth and ANT+ (a wireless sensor network) compatibility. “This has been a fantastic heart rate monitor. It quickly pairs with my Apple Watch 4 and continuously monitors my heart rate, without gaps like when I used the sensor on the Apple Watch. I can tell it’s working because my watch displays my heart rate, but the green light sensor on the underside of the watch isn’t flashing. This tells me the Polar H9 is providing the heart rate data,” wrote one satisfied customer.

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How to shop for the best heart rate monitor

✔️ Check if the product really works. “Does it actually do what it says in terms of tracking your heart rate? You’ll want to ask questions like what data it has, does this particular device track the heart rate relative to some other gold standard?” advises Dr. Shah. “And do some research about the company and their technology,” he adds.

✔️ Look for something comfortable. “If it’s not comfortable, you’re more likely to forget to keep it on and it’s not going to provide much useful data,” says Dr. Harkin. So make sure you test out how the product feels before committing to it.

✔️ Make sure it’s easy to use. Any kind of technological device you purchase should communicate with you specifically. “It should have an easy-to-read display, older individuals may prefer something with a larger interface,” says Dr. Shah. “The information should also be digestible at your education level. If it’s confusing, it won’t be of much use,” Dr. Shah adds.Now that you’ve got a better idea of how to select the right heart rate monitor, we’ve rounded up some of the best user-friendly picks.

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How we chose the best heart rate monitors

We consulted Nishant Shah M.D., co-chair of the American College of Cardiology Digital Health and Devices Work Group and associate professor of medicine at Brown University Alpert Medical School and Nicole Harkin, M.D., board-certified cardiologist based in San Francisco and founder of Whole Heart Cardiology, for their expert-recommended picks. We also sifted through countless online reviews by verified customers, who have shared some of their own insights, to ensure that we recommend the best heart rate monitors your money can buy.

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Why trust us

For more than 70 years, Prevention has been a leading provider of trustworthy health information, empowering readers with practical strategies to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our editors interview medical experts to help guide our health-focused product selections. Additionally, Prevention also examines hundreds of reviews—and often conducts personal testing done by our staff—to help you make informed decisions.

Shauna Beni

Shauna Beni is the Associate Commerce Editor at Prevention. An NYC native and beauty product lover, Shauna has written for Beauty Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, and ABC News. She enjoys testing out new beauty products, watching makeup tutorials on Youtube, and binge-watching her favorite shows on Netflix. When she’s not writing, you can find her taking Zumba classes at Crunch, trying out natural curly hairstyles, and giving her friends advice on what makeup and haircare products they should buy. Follow her on Instagram @Beni127.

Madeleine Haase

Madeleine, Prevention’s assistant editor, has a history with health writing from her experience as an editorial assistant at WebMD, and from her personal research at university. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in biopsychology, cognition, and neuroscience—and she helps strategize for success across Prevention’s social media platforms. 

The best heart rate monitors and best heart rate monitor watches

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Choosing the right heart rate monitoring wearable comes down to a few questions:

  • Do you care what brand makes it or the platform it runs on?
  • Are you particularly interested in resting or active heart rate?
  • What additional features would you like to see?
  • What form factor are you interested in wearing?

Heart rate is an essential metric for monitoring your health and improving your fitness. With more and more fitness trackers and smartwatches offering built-in heart rate sensors, tracking has never been easier. But which wearable is right for you? We’ve reviewed the most popular picks to help you choose the right one. Keep reading to learn more about the best heart rate monitors you can buy in 2022.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is the best heart rate wrist monitor

Apple Watch Series 8 (Wi-Fi)

Apple Watch Series 8 (Wi-Fi)

Excellent Retina display • Premium design and build • Advanced health tracking sensors

A very powerful device for anyone inside Apple’s walled garden

The Apple Watch Series 8 with Wi-Fi connectivity features advanced fitness and health tracking tools, including a temperature sensor to monitor body variations and better insights into women’s cycles. The device also features a thick front crystal over its display for improved durability. Additional highlights include Crash Detection, Low Power Mode, and extensive third-party app support.

See price at Amazon

We had a poor experience with the Apple Watch Series 7’s heart rate tracking, and that meant the Series 6 stood as our recommended device for quite some time. However, Apple has addressed these issues with the Series 8.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is now one of the best wrist-based heart rate sensors we’ve used. Unfortunately, you must be an iOS user to snag this choice. Apple Watches don’t work with any other smartphones.

As with its predecessors, the Series 8 is a very capable smartwatch and a reliable device. We put its sensor through the paces, testing resting and active heart rate accuracy. For comparison, AA‘s Ryan Haines wore a Coros Pace 2 synced with a Polar h20 chest strap during his review. The Series 8 barely skipped a beat and was regularly within one beat per minute in terms of average and peak figures. Chest strap monitors are far more accurate than smartwatches, so this result is extremely impressive.

The Apple Watch provides accurate data compared to a chest strap, even during interval workouts which can often throw off wrist-based sensors.

Additionally, the Series 8 features a medically validated ECG monitor. Taking an ECG reading right from your wrist is quick and simple and the results are immediately accessible in the Health app. This means easy data sharing with your loved ones or your medical team. The Apple Watch will also alert you to high or low arrhythmias. Plus, with Apple’s watchOS 9, irregular heart rate rhythm detection is now possible.

Beyond tracking your beats, Apple offers the best smartwatch experience available. User interaction with the highly responsive touchscreen is consistently smooth and navigation is intuitive while integration with the iPhone is seamless. We also can’t say enough about the endless third-party app support.

In fact, the Apple Watch Series 8 syncs with many popular fitness apps, so you can continue using whatever you prefer if Apple’s Fitness app isn’t enough. As far as recording your stats, Apple also delivers. The watch tracks everything from steps and calories to sleep and SpO2, plus so much more. We recorded accurate results for all of the basics, including step count and SpO2 levels. At the same time, sleep tracking has finally received the bump it needed with more accurate readings thanks to a skin temperature sensor and sleep scores. Speaking of the skin temperature sensor, it also informs more accurate menstrual cycle and fertility tracking.

The watch also offers plenty of sport modes and a very accurate built-in GPS. Users can depend on auto-detection for the most common workouts, such as an outdoor walk or run. Once your activity is recorded, Apple’s native apps are easy to navigate to review your stats and, as mentioned, sync well with other apps you may already be using.

Battery life on the Apple Watch is an unresolved issue. The Series 8 will last 18 to 24 hours on a single charge, so you must top up the device daily. Apple has tried to remedy this with a new low-power mode, but this isn’t great compared to the likes of Garmin or Fitbit. If you can streamline your charging, you should be able to track your sleep and get in a day of wear without much fuss.

All that being said, the Apple Watch Series 8 isn’t the pick for everyone. If you’re still reading, we’ll assume you’re an iPhone user; if not, this device is unfortunately walled off. It also doesn’t offer the absolute pinnacle of fitness tracking like some much more expensive specialty devices from Garmin. However, it’s a well-rounded watch with a reliable heart sensor. It’s sleek and versatile and comes in multiple sizes and colors so you can find the perfect fit for your wrist and style.

What makes it stand out

  • Reliable heart rate sensor: This device’s heart rate accuracy is among the best we’ve tested. That includes both resting heart rate and measurements during intense activity.
  • All the apps: The fully-packed App Store offers more apps than you can possibly need (and a bunch you don’t). Apple’s third-party support is truly unrivaled.
  • Integrated user experience: Device integration is something Apple excels at and the Apple Watch is no exception. The experience is seamless for Apple loyals and very approachable for newcomers.
  • Accurate health tracking: This device delivers advanced health tracking that’s accurate and helpful, plus companion apps that make analyzing your stats easier than ever.
  • Software support: Regular and annual watchOS updates mean new features and tools are delivered right to your wrist for a device that keeps getting better and better.

Best of the rest: 3 other wearables worthy of your consideration

The Apple Watch Series 8 is our top recommendation if you own an iPhone. It houses a reliable heart rate sensor and some of the industry’s top features. If the Apple Watch is not for you, consider one of the devices below.

  • Withings ScanWatch: An excellent heart rate monitor watch for keeping up on your all-day heart health, the ScanWatch can monitor your ECG and blood oxygen levels, too.
  • Garmin Fenix 6: The Garmin Fenix 6 series offers reliable readings for all-day resting heart rate, active readings during workouts, and consistent measurements overnight.
  • Fitbit Charge 4: This fitness tracker remains a solid and affordable heart rate monitor and outperforms the newer Charge 5.

The Withings ScanWatch is the best hybrid watch for heart rate data

Withings ScanWatch

Withings ScanWatch

Premium, classy design • Long-lasting battery • Clinically validated health sensors

The Withings ScanWatch is more than just a “specialty” smartwatch

A health-focused hybrid device, the Withings Scanwatch features the aesthetic of an analog watch but packs undercover smarts for tracking your health and fitness, including fantastic sleep tracking. It is even clinically validated to detect early signs of AFib and sleep apnea.

See price at Amazon

One of our favorite devices for smarts undercover, the Withings ScanWatch is another great option for monitoring heart health. The device is a hybrid smartwatch, so you don’t have to advertise that you’re tracking anything, let alone your heart rate data. It also offers a beautiful design and a build quality that is all class.

More importantly, it’s a reliable health tool. For starters, the watch packs a medical-grade ECG monitor, a pulse oximeter, and 24/7 heart rate monitoring. While you sleep, the ScanWatch even automatically tracks blood oxygen levels and uses heart rate and heart variability data to detect signs of sleep apnea. The solace of a clinically approved monitor is a great perk for anyone with sleep apnea concerns.

Similarly, the watch allows you to take ECG readings on demand for anyone with imminent heart health concerns. Afterward, you can also easily share a PDF of your readings with your doctor just like with the Apple Watch above. The ScanWatch will also keep tabs on your beats in the background and notify you if your heart rate regularly seems too high or too low. This translates to early detection of the warning signs of bradycardia or tachycardia.

Finally, the Withings ScanWatch also performed well in terms of heart rate data during workouts. We found it took a few workouts to level out but then had no problem keeping up with other dedicated fitness devices, such as the Fenix 6 Pro. Since the watch can’t connect to an external monitor, this accuracy was nice to see. The ScanWatch offers 30 different sport modes and even features auto-detection for the most popular workouts. Activity data and other daily stats can be found in the Health Mate app which we found super user-friendly.

Beyond these advanced health tools and fitness tracking features, the ScanWatch is a relatively basic device. You won’t find contactless payment or onboard music, but that is pretty expected for a hybrid device. One major benefit of its simplicity is a long-lasting battery. While putting all its tools and sensors through the wringer, we could clear over ten days without a charge. Plus, when the battery does tap out, the ScanWatch automatically drops into power-saving mode. This allows you to use your device for 20 days longer while it continues to tell time and track your steps and sleep.

Simply put, the Withings ScanWatch is practically a specialty device for heart health. As a hybrid, it won’t offer you a full smartwatch experience, or a detailed fitness tracking suite. However, it’s a beautiful accessory that may be great for your heart.

What makes it stand out

  •  Certified health sensors: The ScanWatch offers peace of mind. Its ECG monitor and clinically validated AFib provide data that could literally save a life.
  • Beauty and brains: We love a classy hybrid. If a sporty smartwatch doesn’t fit your vibe, this device delivers the perfect compromise of smarts and style.
  • Track your Zs with ease: Comfortable for overnight wear, the ScanWatch provides in-depth sleep tracking that even compared well to one of our most reliable Fitbit sleep trackers.

The Garmin Fenix 6 is the best heart rate monitoring watch from Garmin

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

Elevate heart rate sensor • all-day heart rate • heart rate variability data

The Garmin Fenix 6 Pro is one of the most durable and powerful outdoor smartwatches on the market. It’s preloaded with maps and ski routes, and the battery lasts up to 14 days with full functionality enabled.

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Save $165.51

The Garmin Fenix 6 Pro is one of our favorite running watches and one of the best Garmin watches you can buy, and that’s primarily due to its reliable heart rate monitoring. In terms of a comprehensive feature set, the Fenix 6 has been outdone by the Fenix 7, but we found the latter’s heart rate data less than accurate during our review period. Luckily, there are still plenty of features to tap into on the older generation, (and now you can score it for a deal). Most importantly, we found the Fenix 6 Pro’s heart rate sensor in line with other wrist-based heart rate sensors.

Backing up for a second, the Garmin Fenix 6 series houses more than ten different models. These include three sizes, plus a base model, Pro, Sapphire Pro, and Pro Solar versions. Any of these options will feature extensive battery life, GPS, and a full suite of health features. However, the base model won’t support onboard music storage so we suggest bumping up to at least the Pro model.

Once you choose the right model for you, you’ll find endless features to explore. Garmin’s everything-but-the-kitchen-sink offering, the Fenix line is absolutely packed with fitness tracking and health monitoring tools. You’ll find all the usual suspects including PacePro, ClimbPro, ABC sensors, and daily suggested workouts plus a pulse ox sensor, respiration tracking, and a heart rate sensor. With support for dozens of sport activities and Garmin’s top-tier training analysis tools, you can pour over your workout data in Garmin’s data-rich companion app. In fact, the only reason you might not want this watch is that it is more than you need.

For heart health, Garmin’s Elevate heart rate sensor provides heart rate data for the company’s impressively accurate Body Battery feature, all-day heart rate, heart rate variability data, and advanced sleep monitoring. It can even track your heart rate during swim workouts without necessitating a waterproof chest strap. All of this can again be reviewed and saved in the company’s health app which offers extensive data analysis.

The Garmin Fenix lineup is expensive. As an older gen device, you can likely find the Fenix 6 on sale, but it is still not cheap. What you get for the price is a high-end multisport watch that’s perfect for everything from long-distance training to hiking and much more. What you won’t get is the Fenix 7’s touchscreen.

Notably, if you want ECG functionality from your Garmin watch, you won’t find it on the Fenix 6. At the time of this writing, only the Garmin Venu 2 Plus can check your heart’s health.

What makes it stand out

  • Feature overload: Garmin’s Fenix stable is one of the most reliable lineups of high-end multisport watches available. For athletes constantly on the move, this watch will keep up.
  • Last year’s tech beats this year’s prices: Shopping for an older device will almost always be easier on the wallet. The Fenix 6 offers much of the best you’ll find on the Fenix 7 without breaking the bank.
  • It’s a Garmin: The value of any Garmin device goes beyond the watch itself. Garmin’s companion app is stellar and its reputation for supporting its devices is five star.

The Fitbit Charge 4 is the fitness tracker for monitoring your heart

Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4

Sleek, customizable design • Good battery life • Built-in GPS • Fitbit Pay now standard on all models • Sleep tracking is fantastic • (Mostly) accurate GPS and heart rate sensors

Looking for the best fitness tracker you can buy? Fitbit Charge 4,it’s essentially no contest

The Fitbit Charge 4 is the best fitness tracker you can buy, period. Fitbit didn’t need to do much to achieve this title again, but it managed to fix all our gripes with the Charge 3 and keep it at the same price point. The built-in GPS is welcome, as is Fitbit Pay being standard across all models. The only reason you should consider buying another wearable at this price point is if you want a more smartwatch-y experience.

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Save $26.95

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Save $11.95

The Fitbit Charge 4 is among the best fitness trackers you can buy, and it packs a fairly accurate heart rate sensor. While the Fitbit Charge 5 is now available, we can’t quite recommend it purely because of heart rate inaccuracies experienced during our review. That said, it trumps the Fitbit Charge 4 in several other areas, so it might be worth a look if you’re seeking a solid all-around tracker and fancy its ECG smarts.

Back to the 4, you can grab this device in two colorways, either black or Rosewood, and each comes with two band sizes, small and large. It features a monochrome, OLED, touchscreen display with plenty of room for viewing stats. On the inside, it’s packed with features including built-in GPS. This alone makes it a strong choice for runners and cyclists who don’t want to carry a phone during workouts. Throughout testing, we found the GPS performed well, though it did take a few minutes to lock on when trying to start our outdoor workouts.

We also tested the Charge 4’s heart rate sensor on those same runs and compared its data to that of a Garmin running watch. Though the Charge 4 struggled to keep up during sprints or excessive slowdowns, it matched up better than we even expected. Keeping in mind this is an affordable device and not a dedicated heart rate monitor, we were pleased with the data. The Charge 4 provides a good overall look at your active heart rate. For a tracker you can often find around $100, this is a great pick for basic data.

Fitbit also offers some additional heart rate features. First, Active Zone Minutes is Fitbit’s way of ensuring you get enough weekly exercise. As such, the Charge 4 will notify you of the time spent in each heart rate zone after your workout and track your numbers over time. The goal is to reach the American Heart Association’s recommended 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous weekly activity.

After each GPS-enabled workout, you’ll also see a workout intensity heat map in the Fitbit app. This color-coded map shows your completed route marked in different colors representing your heart rate zone at that point in your run or ride. We found this a useful feature for quick at-a-glance data. Finally, the Charge 4 will notify you whenever your heart rate zone changes during a workout. Our reviewer found this a bit distracting, especially during HIIT workouts, but it’s an optional feature you can disable if needed.

Other device highlights include good battery life, Fitbit Pay support, and of course, access to one of the best companion apps in the business, the Fitbit app. This is one of the most successful companion apps we use regularly with clear organization and detailed insights. You can also use the Charge 4 to tap into Fitbit’s fantastic sleep tracking, including sleep stages and sleep score.

Since this is a tracker, not a smartwatch, smart features are limited to notifications, music controls, and the aforementioned digital payment support. Likewise, you won’t see as much onscreen. Instead, you get a smaller form factor that won’t drain your battery life.

What makes it stand out

  • Most reliable fitness tracker for your heart: There are plenty of other options in the Fitbit stable but the Charge 4 is the best choice for a fitness tracker you can count on to count your beats.
  • A fantastic companion app: Fitbit’s companion app is digestible and reliable. You’ll find all the data you need without being overwhelmed.
  • Accuracy for a low cost: At a very approachable price, the Charge 4 delivers GPS, heart rate data, and many other basic health and fitness stats. Its sleep tracking is even better.

What to look for in a good heart rate monitor

There are plenty of reasons to shop for a heart rate monitor. Some individuals simply need to keep an eye on their resting heart rate throughout the day. Others need heart rate monitoring for sleep tracking purposes. Some people need the most accurate heart rate data possible. But not all heart rate sensors are created equally. There’s also no guarantee that the latest version of a device will have a more reliable heart rate sensor than older devices, at least in our experience.

For heart rate accuracy above all else, consider a heart rate monitor chest strap. Chest straps are more precise than wrist-worn wearables and can quickly pick up on important and telling nuances when working out. However, for a device with more utility, chose a wrist-worn tracker or fitness watch with a reliable sensor. These accessories offer plenty of data for the average user, plus more tools and features beyond heart rate tracking. Consider the factors below when shopping.

  • Resting heart rate accuracy
  • Active heart rate accuracy
  • Additional advanced health monitoring
  • User-friendly companion app
  • Battery life
  • Sleep tracking
  • Fitness tracking
  • Built-in or connected GPS
  • Training/recovery features
  • Voice Assistant
  • Digital Payment support
  • Form factor

Why you should trust us & how we test

Android Authority has a long history with wearable devices, spanning back at least as far as the Pebble in 2013. Since then, we’ve reviewed hundreds of wearables and learned a lot along the way. Our team of dedicated health and fitness experts tests dozens of new wearables and fitness trackers every year, but only the very best make it onto recommendation lists like the one you are reading. How do we determine what’s worthy? When testing we have two main focuses in mind: user experience and accuracy. To that end, we start by utilizing the device as a daily driver:

  • We wear the product 24/7, (except for charging time), to evaluate its day-to-day performance, capabilities, and comfort.
  • We note everything from strap materials and display brightness to navigation and battery life.
  • We tap into as many features as possible, leaving no stone set unturned.
  • We set alarms, chat with voice assistants, and fire off texts, follow breathing exercises, sweat through workouts, and much more.
  • We test sleep tracking accuracy and wear the watch to bed and compared its data to other products well-regarded for their sleep analysis.
  • We test SpO2 sensors against other wearables or a pulse oximeter.
  • For heart rate monitoring, we equip chest straps to test the device’s accuracy and push the sensor through interval training workouts.
  • We also test GPS accuracy on outdoor runs and rides wearing the device, along with a notably accurate GPS device, to see how the review unit performs.
  • When possible, we strap on a comparable device from the current market to analyze how the review subject stands up to similarly-priced competition.
  • We dig into the companion app. We look to see how the data is organized and analyzed and evaluate the ease of use.

As you can see, we don’t mess around! There is a ton of variety in smartwatches and trackers, and reviewing each product is quite nuanced. A Garmin Fenix 7 review looks a lot different from a Xiaomi Mi Band review, for example. So, we also determine the wearable’s place in the market in terms of form factor, target audience, and budget. Finally, we check to see if the device is missing anything important that users might expect to see and verify that it lives up to its brand’s (measurable) claims.

You can trust that our experts put every device through its paces. Typically, our review period lasts about a week, but we can sometimes extend it to weeks or months for especially feature-packed devices. We also revisit watches and trackers regularly to ensure they still hold up through the test of time.

Top heart rate monitor questions and answers

The three major options for a wearable heart rate monitor are chest straps, watches, and fitness trackers.

You will often record the most accurate heart rate monitoring on a dedicated chest strap. If you are interested in a chest strap rather than a wrist-based tracker, we recommend the Polar h20.

In short, nothing. Read our dedicated guide to learn more about this vital health tool.

According to Harvard, a normal resting heart rate for adults ranges between 60-100 beats per minute. Those with a resting heart rate below 60 may have better cardio fitness.

Yes, heart rate monitors can be beneficial to all who choose to use one. A heart rate monitor will allow you to view your heart rate trends over time. Whether you’re fit or unfit, you can then act upon this information and change your lifestyle accordingly.

Professional health watch with pressure, pulse, oxygen and ECG measurements Health Watch Pro WP90

An elegant health watch with the most powerful functionality of a health watch and sports watch. An ideal solution for those who want to combine a real solid watch, a gadget for express monitoring of key health indicators and a smart everyday assistant in one device. It is convenient to use the watch autonomously, without being tied to a smartphone, due to the fact that key measurement analytics will be available directly on the watch itself without an application.


Health Watch Pro #70 is equipped with a full touch screen and two additional mechanical buttons. This combination makes control as simple and comfortable as possible. To scroll between menu items, “swipes” are used from left to right / right to left – go to the main menu, from top to bottom – opens a menu with quick settings. To enter a particular menu item, it is enough to press it 1 time.

I. The bottom side button is responsible for:

turning on the screen and performing a “back” step. Being in any section of the clock, to go to the previous menu item, just press the top button once.

II. The top side button is responsible for:

a) Short press: turn on / off the screen and quickly exit from any menu item to the main watch screen.

b) Long press: switch the device on/off.

To activate the measurement process, you need to scroll to the “Pulse” section in the menu (menu item with measurements), select the necessary item in it (pulse, pressure, oxygen, ECG), click on it and wait for the end of the measurement. The size of the base straps is 23 cm in wrist circumference, which is approximately for a weight of up to 120 kg, but the model has a classic fastening, so if necessary, you can change the straps yourself if 23 cm is not enough for you.


How does the watch measure heart rate? (read)

Health Watch Pro №70 has 2 pulse measurement modes.

To start the process of measuring the pulse in manual mode, enter the “Pulse” section on the watch and select the “Heartbeat” item. After about 15 seconds, the first data will appear on the screen. In manual measurement mode, it is important to immobilize the hand as much as possible so that there is no error.

Data on the results of heart rate measurements will be sent to the application, where you can analyze the dynamics of heart rate changes for a day and for a different period of time.

In the section with basic analytics, you will have access to information about the minimum / average / maximum heart rate per day, and in the “Details” section you can analyze your heart rate, where the measurement data is superimposed in the form of a sinusoid on the graph. Viewing the graph from left to right, you can observe the difference in the intervals between the minimum and maximum heart rates. And also under the graph, the history of heart rate data obtained as a result of auto-measurements will be accumulated.


How does the watch measure blood pressure? (read)

To start the pressure assessment process in manual mode, you need to enter the “Pulse” section on the watch and select the “Pressure” item. Next, you will observe the measurement process. After about 30 seconds, the final value will appear on the screen. At the end of the measurements, the data will automatically enter the application, where you can see the results of the last measurement: SYS / DIA / HR. And in the “Details” section, you will have access to the history of measurements for the day and the dynamics of changes on the chart.

In case your “reference” (working) pressure differs from the 120/80 level, it is recommended to calibrate by setting a new starting pressure level, from which the watch will start when measuring.

It is recommended that you base your calibration on your “reference” (normal) pressure. You can learn more about the calibration rules in this article. If you do not know your “reference” level, it can be detected using a tonometer. Take a measurement on a medical tonometer in the morning 15 minutes after waking up, without taking any drugs before the measurement, without drinking coffee and without doing physical activity that can cause an increase in pressure. To obtain the most objective data on your normal pressure, carry out the procedure several times. “Reference” (normal) is the usual level of pressure at which a person feels good. The working level of pressure can shift as a result of the development of diseases, as well as with age.

When using any device other than a medical cuffed sphygmomanometer (including this watch) to control blood pressure, take into account all the features of measurement by the principle of photoplethysmography – remember that the watch is only intended to monitor the dynamics of pressure changes in the presence physical activity. In some cases, the data can be very different from the readings of the tonometer, and not in all situations it is possible to measure pressure with a watch or any non-cuff device. You can read more about measuring blood pressure with a watch in this article.


How does the watch measure blood O2? (read)

To start the process of measuring the pulse in manual mode, you need to enter the “Pulse” section on the watch and select the “Oxygen O2” item. Next, you will observe the measurement process. After 20 seconds, the final value will appear on the screen. At the end of the measurements, the data will automatically enter the application, where you can see the average saturation value per day, as well as the upper and lower thresholds that were recorded. In the “Details” section, you will have access to the history of measurements for the day and the dynamics of changes on the chart.

The oxygen saturation level must not fall below 95%, and especially below 90%. If abnormally low values ​​are found, be sure to visit a doctor.


What is an ECG? (read)

How does the watch take an ECG? (read)

Health Watch Pro №70 is equipped with 2 carpal cardiac electrodes, which are designed to take an electrocardiogram. To start the pulse measurement process in manual mode, you need to enter the application in the ECG section and activate the measurement. At the end of the registration, a fresh entry will appear in this section with the date and time of removal and the display of the average heart rate that was recorded during the removal process. Select the desired entry to view.

The received data will give you an understanding of the exact state of the pulse, which was rechecked through cardio electrodes, the data accuracy of which will be as high as possible.


The watch is able to record the number of hours spent in sleep and the division of sleep into deep and light sleep phases. Statistics will be saved in the application, and you can always see the data for a specific day or the average values ​​for the selected period.


How does the bracelet count steps?

The watch will count your steps during the day. The calculation is performed using the accelerometer, and the statistical data is stored in the application. You will be able to understand how many steps you have taken during the day or for another period of time. You will also have access to information about the distance traveled.


How does the bracelet count calories burned?

Based on your physical activity data, the watch will calculate the calories that your body burns during daily activities and sports. Information about the calories burned will be saved in the application in the “Steps” section.

If you are counting calories while losing weight, then you need to know how to correctly interpret the data displayed by the bracelet, since the bracelet only displays the number of calories that a person burns as a result of physical activity, excluding basal metabolic calories. Everything is discussed in more detail in this article: How the bracelet counts calories burned.


The Health Watch Pro #70 is an elegant and useful accessory. The model is absolutely autonomous, so it will be an ideal solution for those who care about the ability to use the watch without a smartphone, for people with low vision, for those who care about the functionality of the health watch and smart functionality, for whom the appearance of a real watch is important, as well as for those who likes quality and solid assembly.

Professional health bracelet with body temperature, pressure, pulse, oxygen, ECG and arrhythmia control Biomer BT68, (black)

Professional health bracelet with body temperature, pressure, pulse, oxygen, ECG and arrhythmia control Biomer BT68 is the flagship among watches and bracelets in the field of quality assessment of pressure and body temperature. In addition, the bracelet does an excellent job with tasks such as automatic data monitoring, critical value alerts, statistics collection and ECG.



900 02 In view of the fact that watch users are not only athletes, but also elderly people, for whom management should be as simple and clear as possible , the bracelet is equipped with a simple touch panel, which is also a frontal cardioelectrode. There are 2 modes of pressing the buttons – “short” and “long”. To scroll between menu items, a short press on any of the buttons is used, and to enter a menu item that has attachments in the form of sub-items, for example, “Settings”, you must hold any of the buttons for a long time until entering the sub-section. Biomer BT68 has 3 interchangeable main screen screensavers – a classic analog clock, a sporty style with progress bars for physical activity and an informative display with large numbers, the current heart rate. The bracelet interface is completely in Russian, which makes it easy for anyone to master the control. Moisture protection allows you to wash your hands in the bracelet and take a cool shower (IP67 moisture protection), but you can’t take a hot bath or swim in the bracelet. Permissible wrist coverage varies from 15 to 23 cm (+ – up to 120 kg).


How does the watch measure body temperature? (read)

Biomer BT68 is capable of measuring body temperature in 2 modes: a) from the surface of the wrist (the temperature of the upper tissues, which is exposed to the external environment), b) in the armpit (thermoisolated space, where the temperature is almost identical to the temperature of internal organs).

1) To measure the temperature from the surface of the wrist, it is enough to scroll to the “Temperature” section and wait 10 seconds, after which the value in °C will appear on the screen. In this mode, the bracelet will reflect the current temperature of the area of ​​the skin on which the measurement is made.

2) The bracelet is capable of continuous temperature monitoring with an interval of 10 to 60 minutes, for this you need to enable automatic temperature monitoring in the settings. All received data will be stored in the electronic log “Temperature” in the application. In this mode, the bracelet will give a signal when the temperature rises above a critical level, which you can also set in the corresponding section in the settings.

In wrist temperature monitoring mode, it’s not so much the data you see on the screen that matters, but how much it has changed. Since, for example, if you take a measurement outside in winter at -10 ° C, when the bracelet itself and the skin on the hand can cool, the bracelet will show the actual temperature of the surface of the hand, which can drop to 30 ° C or lower, but this is not means that the temperature of the internal organs is at the same level. Therefore, the reference data of the bracelet when measuring temperature from the surface of the wrist can be considered if the ambient temperature is in the range from 26 to 36 ° C, in other cases it is better to focus on changes. And for reference data in any situation, use armpit measurement mode.

3) To measure the temperature in the armpit, you need to disconnect the straps from the bracelet, then go to the section “Measuring the temperature in the armpit” in the electronic journal in the application, after which the screen of the bracelet will be blocked. Next, the capsule itself must be placed under the arm, like a regular thermometer. For convenience, it is better to place the bracelet with protruding strap holders in the direction of the hand under which you place the bracelet. That is, if you place the bracelet under the arm of your left hand, then the holders should look to the left. Further, the bracelet in this thermally insulated environment will heat up to a temperature that is kept in the armpit. At the same time, on the smartphone screen, you can watch online how the temperature of the bracelet rises. When the data stops changing within 2 minutes, the measurement can be considered finished. The maximum duration of the procedure is 10 minutes, after which the measurement is turned off.

When taking the temperature in the armpit, the connection with the smartphone via Bluetooth may be interrupted! If the connection is interrupted, the data will stop changing. To check the connection, you can go to the main section of the application and check the connection. If there is no connection, then you can bring the smarfton closer to the armpit and wait until the connection is restored. In such cases, you can first wait until the bracelet warms up (5-10 minutes), and then connect to your smartphone and check the temperature in the application.


How does the watch measure heart rate? (read)

Feature #1. The presence of the interval measurement mode , in which the heart rate monitor will be activated every 10 minutes (or with another set interval) and fix the current heart rate level, saving the data in the heart rate history.

Feature 2. Abnormal heart rate alarm. The anomalous threshold level is set from a value of 100 U/m and above. And at the moment when the heart rate monitor is operating in automatic mode, the fact that the pulse exceeds the critical mark is accompanied by vibration and a flickering alarm screensaver with the inscription “Arrhythmia”.

Feature #3. 2 sensors and 3 ways to check the pulse. The main sensor used to measure the pulse is the photoplethysmograph. The second sensor that the watch is equipped with is a set of cardioelectrodes, with the help of which an electrocardiogram is taken. Sensors have a different measurement principle, but in the case of a cardio watch, this is a clear advantage. The photoplethysmograph is able to evaluate the pulse even at the moment of movement, and the cardiac electrodes need a state of rest and participation in the measurement of both hands, however, the data when measuring the pulse through the electrodes will be more accurate. You can measure the pulse in 3 ways: a) through the main section in the watch using a photoplethysmograph, b) through a heart monitor, where the pulse is recorded using electrodes, c) and in the process of taking an electrocardiogram.

The history of heart rate measurements taken in manual and automatic modes will be stored in the application in the measurement log, which is located in the application on the main screen in the heart rate section.


What is an ECG? (read)

How does the watch take an ECG? (read)

Rules for taking ECG from watches (read)

Feature No. 1. For full removal, you need to launch from the application. In the process of full-fledged recording, you can observe the drawing of the cardiograph, the change in the current pulse, heart rate variability (HRV) and the current pressure assessment online. Upon completion of the removal, you can get a printed form that can be sent for diagnosis to the attending physician. To obtain the maximum result, it is necessary to follow the rules when taking a cardiogram using a watch, which can be found at the link.

Feature #2. At the end of the ECG recording, the program will automatically prompt you to go to the transcription service, in which the printed form will be analyzed for suspicions of key pathologies in the heart rhythm, including:

  • Sinus tachycardia
  • Sinus bradycardia
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Premature contraction of the heart
  • Extrasystoles

The watch is equipped with 2 sensitive cardiac electrodes, with the help of which the impulses emitted by the heart during contractions are recorded:

Based on the incoming pulses, a sinusoid is drawn, which forms the cardiogram pattern itself. Also, when taking an ECG, a photoplethysmograph works continuously to additionally check the heart rate. Compared to other heart bracelets, Biomer BT68 is equipped with the most sensitive electrodes, like Health Watch Pro No. 5, which allows you to more clearly capture impulses and draw more teeth on the cardiogram.


How does the watch measure blood O2? (read)

The oxygen level can be checked on the bracelet in manual mode by filling up to the appropriate section – SpO2. The measurement will start automatically, and how much time remains to wait until the end, it will be clear on the percentage scale. The received data will be displayed on the watch screen. The reference level of oxygen in the blood is in the range of 96-99%. Read more in this article. Also, when the automatic data monitoring mode is activated, the assessment of blood oxygen saturation will be performed automatically at the interval you set from 10 to 60 minutes. The collected data will be stored in a special section in the application.


How does the watch measure blood pressure? (read)

Feature #1. The Biomer BT68 is the most advanced blood pressure monitor available on the market today. The peculiarity of the bracelet is the ability to adapt to a person of any age and his personal level of pressure, formed taking into account his lifestyle and diseases. Before use, the bracelet must be calibrated according to 3 parameters:

1. Set the working pressure range in the profile settings

  • Hypotonic (90-110 / <80) mm/rs.
  • Normal pressure (110-120 / 80-84) mm/rs.
  • Initial stage of hypertension (135-145 / 85-95) mm/rs.
  • Hypertension stage 1-2 (155-165 / 95-105) mm/rs.
  • Hypertension stage 3 (165 and up / 100 and up)

2. In the same section, set the age value, which in essence means not the actual age, but the biological age of the vessels. In other words, the greater the age of the vessels, the higher the pressure in a person increases with any physical activity. For example, in a 20-year-old person, during normal walking, the pulse rises by 10-15 w/m, and the pressure by 5-10 mm, and in a 60-year-old, with the same walking, the pulse similarly increases by 10-15 w/m, and pressure by 20-30 mm. This is an important point that only a few devices on the market can take into account, including Biomer BT68 and Health Watch Pro No. 5, which differs from BT68 in terms of pressure assessment only in the absence of automatic monitoring, otherwise the models are equally strong.

3. In the “Calibration” section in the electronic journal, set the point working systolic and diastolic pressure to a millimeter. You can read more about calibration here.

    Feature #2. There are 3 ways to evaluate the pressure: a) on the watch, by scrolling to the corresponding menu item and waiting for the vibration, which means the end of the measurement. The result data will be displayed on the watch screen. The result of each measurement will be saved in history. The history will be available in the application on the main screen in the “Blood pressure” section; b) in the process of taking an ECG through the application on the screen where the sinusoid is drawn, the dynamics of pressure changes online will be displayed above the drawing along with heart rate and HRV; c) in automatic mode, if the automatic data monitoring option is enabled. In the settings, you can independently select the interval for automatic pressure monitoring from 10 to 60 minutes.

    When using any device other than a medical cuffed blood pressure monitor (including this watch) to monitor blood pressure, take into account all the features of measurement by the principle of photoplethysmography – remember that the watch is only intended to monitor the dynamics of pressure changes with physical activity. In some cases, the data can be very different from the readings of the tonometer, and not in all situations it is possible to measure pressure with a watch or any non-cuff device. You can read more about measuring blood pressure with a watch in this article.


    The watch can monitor the number of hours spent sleeping. Subject to analysis

    • Total sleep time
    • Sleep phase analysis: deep, light, active
    • Sleep time
    • Wake-up time
    • Sleep time

    Additionally, the sleep and wake times will be displayed on the bar graph.


    The watch is equipped with an accelerometer that will record the number of steps taken, distance and calories burned. The data received for 24 hours will be displayed on the watch screen, and also saved in the application in the activity log, which will save the history for the entire period.

    If you are counting calories while losing weight, you should know how to correctly interpret the data displayed by the bracelet, since the bracelet only displays the number of calories that a person burns as a result of physical activity, does not include basal metabolic calories.

Scanner documents to pdf: Scan documents to PDF, Adobe Acrobat

PDF & OCR Scanner on the App Store


Adobe Scan is free to download and turns your mobile device into a powerful scanner that recognises text automatically (OCR) and allows you to create, save, and organise your paper documents as a digital file.

Scan anything — receipts, notes, ID cards, recipes, photos, business cards, whiteboards — and turn them into PDF or JPEG files you can work with on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

• Scan any document and convert to PDF or photo.
• Create high-quality scans of lengthy documents with Book Mode.
• Quickly scan and save your important documents to Dropbox or Google Drive so you can access and share them wherever you are.
• Adjust the brightness and contrast of your scans in just a few taps.

• Scan anything with precision with this mobile PDF scanner.
• Advanced image technology automatically detects borders, sharpens scanned content, and recognises text (OCR).

• Whether it’s a PDF or photo scan, you can preview, reorder, crop, rotate, resize, and adjust colour.
• Remove and edit imperfections, erase stains, marks, creases, even handwriting.

• Capture forms, receipts, notes, ID cards, health documents, and business cards and organise into custom folders so they are easy to access and find.
• Contact information will be automatically extracted so you can quickly add to your device contacts — no typing needed. You can even highlight expenses on tax receipts with ease.

• This powerful scanner app automatically finds documents and receipts in your photos and turns them into PDF scans, so you don’t have to.
• Touch up scans or photos from your camera roll.

• Turn your scan into a high-quality Adobe PDF that unlocks text for reuse through automated text recognition (OCR).
• Automatic OCR turns text into content you can edit, resize, and reuse in other documents.

• The Adobe Scan scanner app even lets you scan multi-page documents and save with a single tap.
• Even lengthy legal documents become manageable and scannable with the Adobe Scan scanner app, which lets you search, select, and copy text.

• You can also open a PDF scan in Acrobat Reader to highlight key sections, add comments, fill and sign documents.
• Free, built-in optical character recognition (OCR) lets you reuse scanned text and content to work with in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

• Subscribe for even more scanning power. Subscriptions work across Scan and Reader mobile apps and Acrobat on web.
• Combine scans into one file so you can take multiple scans and consolidate into one document.
• Export PDFs to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file formats to repurpose or reformat your documents.
• Increase OCR capacity from 25 to 100 pages so that you can find text in multiple scans.

Download the free mobile scanner to convert important photos and documents into PDF and JPEG files to help you stay organised. Adobe Scan is the PDF converter trusted by millions worldwide.

Terms & Conditions:

Your use of this application is governed by the Adobe General Terms of Use http://www.adobe.com/go/terms_linkfree_uk and the Adobe Privacy Policy http://www.adobe.com/go/privacy_policy_linkfree_uk

Do not sell or share my personal information http://www.adobe.com/go/ca-rights-linkfree

Version 23.06.06

IMPROVED WORKFLOWS WITH ACROBAT READER: Scan users can now carry over their scanned PDFs to the Acrobat Reader app to edit text and images in the PDF.

Ratings and Reviews

17K Ratings

Most innovative addition to PDFs ever!

This is an incredible and useful app that I can’t live without! After wasting hours scanning with my phone and then retouching in Photoshop, this does the same job in a fraction of the time! Love the way it saves me from pressing the button, it just aims and shoots as soon as it can focus. The best invention this year!!!

So much worse than what used to be in the reader

Is this supposed to be an improvement? It’s awful. When you save a PDF, it automatically (tries to) uploads to the Adobe cloud storage. Is this so that you’ll buy more storage? I don’t want it there. I want it on my iPad. Only if I decide to keep it, after making notes, etc., will I store it in the cloud. I found a kludgy workaround by choosing to share it and then copying to Adobe Reader, but why should I need two apps for this? Further, the automatic finding of a document is difficult to work with and I have to scan something quite a few times before I get the whole page and in a decent quality. If I work with the method of framing it with the blue frame, it is also rather awkward – I can’t size the frame. All in all, I spent a lot of unnecessary time in the library trying to scan something and I’m not happy with the result, either. I might have to go back to using a different scan app, especially if I have to export to the reader, anyway.

Love it

This is a great app that you can install on a Mobile and scan any paper and then it makes it look so neat you can erase some wiring and also crop the photo. Then you’re able to share it on ‎WhatsApp email and also able to save it as a PDF.


Adobe Scan Pro – Monthly

Edit, convert & combine PDFs with pro OCR.

Free Trial

The developer, Adobe Inc., indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

  • Purchases

  • Contact Info

  • User Content

  • Search History

  • Identifiers

  • Usage Data

  • Diagnostics

Privacy practices may vary based on, for example, the features you use or your age. Learn More



169 MB



Age Rating

© 2017-2023 Adobe. All rights reserved.


  • App Support

  • Privacy Policy

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Method to Convert Scanned Document to PDF File

Margarete Cotty

2023-04-13 17:06:35 • Filed to:
• Proven solutions

Any scanned document can be converted into different formats, including PDF. PDF is a great format for capturing and sending electronic documents in the intended layout because it presents the same way across all devices. By converting a scanned document to PDF you can add more value to your important scanned documents. This article will help you learn how to convert scanned documents to PDF with Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor. This makes it easier to make modifications to a scanned document and save it into many output formats such as editable PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB, and more.

Try It Free
Try It Free

Part 1: How to Convert a Scanned Document to PDF Offline
Part 2: How to Convert a Scanned Document to PDF Online

How to Convert a Scanned Document to PDF

Learn how to convert and edit a scanned document as a PDF file. Follow the steps below after you’ve ensured you downloaded and installed OCR.

Step 1. Import Scanned Document into PDFelement

Run PDFelement on your computer. The file can be opened directly with PDFelement by clicking on the add button.

Step 2. Convert Scanned Document to PDF

Using the OCR function, the program will automatically detect the scanned file and then prompt you to use OCR. Click on the “Perform OCR” button from the top information bar and select the language of the document. You can then click “OK”. While OCR is being performed, don’t try to perform any other activities.

Step 3. Edit Content in Your PDF (Optional)

After the OCR is complete, you can further edit your document if necessary. PDFelement offers a variety of editing and annotation tools. To modify the text in your document, you can go to the “Edit” tab and choose edit mode. Then click on the text that you want to edit and make the change.

Step 4. Save Your File as PDF

If you’re satisfied with the changes you’ve made, you can now save the scanned document as a PDF. Use the “Save” icon in the upper menu bar or you can go to “File > Save as”. You will be able to choose where to save the file and the file name.

PDFelement offers fast recognition of text, images, and numbers, and effectively keeps document layout intact. It also supports a wide range of OCR languages, enabling you to get an editable file with high accuracy.

Video on How to Convert Scanned Document to PDF

To make you know how to convert scanned documents to PDF more directly and comprehensively, you can view this video and explore more videos about PDFelement from Wondershare Video Community.

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Try It Free

How to Convert a Scanned Document to PDF – HiPDF

There is another method to convert scanned documents into PDF. HiPDF is one of the best online PDF converters, it can not only convert PDF to Microsoft Office format but also encrypt PDF, compress PDF, crop PDF, etc. Now, follow the steps below to learn how to convert scanned documents to PDF.

Step 1. Upload Scanned Document

When you open the HiPDF website, click the “Convert” option on the top toolbar, and select “Image to PDF.” After selecting the “Image to PDF” option, you will open a new web page that allows you to upload the scanned document. Click the “Select File” button and then open the scanned document. In addition, you can upload files by dragging them to the web page.

Step 2. Convert scanned document to PDF

After uploading the scanned document, click the “CONVERT” button. In only a few seconds, the scanned document will be converted to a PDF file and you can click “DOWNLOAD” to save your file.

How to Convert a Scanned Document to PDF – PDF Converter Pro

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is another powerful PDF converter which can not only help you convert scanned document to PDF but can also help you convert PDF to other Microsoft Office format. Here, you will be guided on the easiest way to convert scanned documents to PDF.


Step 1. Add scanned document

Launch Wondershare PDF Converter Pro, go to the “OCR” tab, then click the “Add” button to add a scanned document into this PDF converter.

Step 2. Convert scanned document to PDF

After uploading your scanned document, choose “PDF” under the “Format” drop-down menu, then go to “OCR Setting” to choose the language you need to recognize. Click the “SUBMIT” icon then click the “Convert” button, the OCR process will be finished in seconds. Then you will get the converted PDF file.

Tips for How to Convert Scanned Document to PDF using OCR

  • There are more than twenty languages that you can select from. This will ensure that you won’t have issues with the recognition of special characters in your document.
  • If you have a larger document with hundreds of pages, you can customize the page range as you wish.
  • After you access the OCR feature, you are able to select multiple options such as how your document should be displayed, the zoom view for your document, and the default font for a text box.
  • You can convert your files from multiple formats such as image, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML, into PDF and vice versa, from PDF to many other formats.

Free Download
Buy PDFelement
right now!

Free Download
Buy PDFelement
right now!

Buy PDFelement
right now!

Buy PDFelement
right now!

Other Popular Articles From Wondershare

Top 6 Free Scan to PDF Software

Digital documents such as PDF are far superior to paper documents in terms of usability and versatility. The digital format is better for protecting the file and sending it to others. To convert paper documents to digital format, you will need a scanner to create a PDF version of your documents. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to do it and list 6 Best Free Scan to PDF Tools currently available.

In This Article

Part 1: Scan to PDF on Windows and Mac – PDFelement

Part 2: Top 5 Best Free Scan to PDF Software

Part 1: Scan to PDF on Windows and Mac – PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement – PDF File Editor provides the most useful set of tools to scan paper documents to digital PDF files directly. Also, PDFelement has an optical character recognition function, with which you can recognize the contents of a scanned PDF file and convert it to searchable and editable text.

After creating a PDF, you can use the PDF OCR function to recognize the scanned content and convert the scanned PDF to text so that it can be edited and searched. You can also rotate, crop, merge or split the scanned PDF file. It is not only a PDF scanner, but also a PDF editor and converter.

PDFelement can scan documents not only to PDF, but also to other file types such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, Excel and Word. The program supports scanning to PDF from various devices. You can change settings such as DPI, page size, and resolution.

Free Download
Download for free

Step 1 Connect Scanner

Launch PDFelement. Click the “Scan” button and select a scanner to connect to. Set the settings for scanning if necessary.

Step 2: Scan and Create Document

Click the Apply button to start the scanning process. After scanning the first page, a pop-up window will appear on the screen asking if you want to continue scanning and add more pages to a single PDF file.

Step 3: Save the generated PDF file

After the scan is completed, the generated PDF file will open automatically in PDFelement. If necessary, you can edit it or save it on your computer.

Wondershare PDFelement – PDF application for the most convenient work

Free Download
Download Free

Powerful automatic shape recognition function makes it easy to process shapes.

Retrieve data easily, efficiently, and accurately with Form Data Extraction.

Convert stacks of paper documents to digital format using OCR for better archiving.

Edit documents without changing fonts or formatting.

A completely new design that allows you to evaluate the working documents it contains.

Part 2. Top 5 Best Free Scan to PDF Software

Everyone loves free Scan to PDF software that makes your life at home and office much easier. However, while most of these free PDF scanners will help you create great quality output files for free, there may still be malware or virus related issues in the process. Below you will find a list of the most secure programs of this type. Here are the top 5 free scan to PDF software currently available on the market.

1. Advanced Scan to PDF Free

Advanced Scan to PDF Free is one of the most popular free tools for scanning paper documents to PDF. Unlike most free applications, this program has a large set of functions that allows you to change scanned PDF files in various ways. For example, the application allows you to adjust the page size and change the type of compression when setting up a scan.

Another nice addition is the ability to add digital signatures and passwords to protect your files.

2. Free Scan to PDF

When you search “ Free Scan to PDF ” on the Internet, you will probably get a huge number of results. This tool was created by the FreeAudioVideo Software team, a website with an extensive collection of free applications. As the name suggests, Free Scan to PDF is a free application currently available for Windows devices.

Like many free applications of this type, Free Scan to PDF provides users with a set of standard functions for scanning preparation and post-processing, including tools for page adjustment, rotation, cropping and copying. In addition, you will be able to edit PDF metadata, send scanned files via email, and secure your PDFs with a password and digital signature.

3. NAPS2 – Free Scanner Software

NAPS2 (Not another PDF Scanner 2) is a very functional PDF scanner with many useful and free features. NAPS2 lacks the user-friendly interface, detailed user manual, and other nice touches that we’re used to when working with other applications of this type.

But these minor shortcomings of NAPS2 are fully compensated by the functionality and simplicity of the program. The scanning process is organized as follows: you need to select a custom scan profile, specify a destination folder, scan documents and save them as PDF. The application’s scan profiles are configured according to scan sources, document size, resolution, and more. Using them is quite simple.

4. Scan2PDF – Free Scanning Software

Scan2PDF is another simple but effective program that allows you to scan paper documents into various formats, including PDF. This is a free app for Windows devices. In addition to the basic tools, the program has several additional features, which is quite generous for a free app.

For example, users of the program can merge several scanned files into a single PDF document, which is usually only possible in paid applications. In addition, you can change the order of combined files, rotate pages, and add documents from your hard drive to the created file.

All in all, Scan2PDF is a good working tool for those who don’t need to scan a ton of documents every day.

5. Quick Scan – Free Scanning Software

Quick Scan allows you to scan documents quickly and free of charge on Windows devices. The speed, simplicity and functionality of Quick Scan make it the best free scanner for private use.

The application features a variety of color modes, including grayscale, RGB, and black and white. You can choose the appropriate color mode for your PDF file based on the quality and speed you need. For example, scanning in RGB mode provides much higher quality than black and white, but the process takes longer. In this case, scanning in black and white is faster and produces sharper text.


That’s it – now you can scan documents to PDF for free! I hope you found this quick guide helpful.

Scan to PDF Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Adobe Scan to PDF free?

Adobe Scan to PDF is a free application for your mobile device. By installing this application on your phone, you can scan documents, forms and other paper files to PDF easily and free of charge. It can also rotate, crop, merge PDF documents after scanning.

2. Does Windows 10 have scanning software?

Yes. Windows 10 comes with built-in scanning software – Windows Fax and Scan. Alternatively, you can download Windows Scan to PDF free software from Windows Store to help you scan documents to PDF on Windows PC for free.

3. How do I get my HP printer to scan to PDF?

Using the HP Smart app on your computer, you can easily scan documents to PDF. Launch the application, click Scan > Get Started and select Scanner. After setting up the scan configuration, click Save to save your documents as PDF.

‎App Store: Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner


Adobe Scan is a free application that turns your mobile device into a powerful scanner. With it, you can automatically recognize text (OCR), as well as create, store and organize your paper documents in electronic format.

Scan anything – receipts, notes, documents, photos, business cards, whiteboards – and convert them to PDF or JPEG files for further work on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

• Scan any document and convert it to PDF or photo.
• Store and organize important documents for easy retrieval.

• Scan anything with an accurate PDF scanner for mobile devices.
• Advanced imaging technology automatically detects document boundaries, improves the clarity of scanned content, and performs OCR.

• Color, crop, view, rotate, organize and resize PDF documents and photos.
• Remove and retouch blemishes, erase smudges, comments, creases and handwriting.

• Scan forms, receipts, notes, documents, medical records and business cards and organize them with folders for easy retrieval.
• Contact information is read automatically, allowing you to add it to your contact list without manually entering data. You can even scan receipts and highlight relevant information for expense tracking.

• This powerful scanner automatically finds documents and receipts in your photo folder and converts them to PDF format. No extra work for you.
• Edit scanned photos and documents from your device’s gallery.

• Convert scans to high quality Adobe PDF files and use text after OCR.
• Auto character recognition turns content into text that can be edited, scaled and used in further work.

• The Adobe Scan application allows you to scan documents on multiple pages and save the result with one touch.
• Adobe Scan simplifies even long legal documents with the ability to select, copy, and search for text.

• Scanned PDF files can be opened in Acrobat Reader to highlight important passages, add comments, complete required fields, and sign.
• An integrated, free Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine allows you to reuse text and other document data in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

• Subscribe and get even more features. Subscriptions apply to the Scan and Reader mobile apps and Acrobat on the web.
• Merge scanned documents into one file.
• Export PDF documents to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files for reuse or formatting.
• Expand OCR limits from 25 pages to 100 pages to search data across multiple scanned documents at once.

Download the free mobile scanner to organize and convert your important photos and documents to PDF and JPEG on any device. The Adobe Scan app for PDF conversion is the choice of millions of users around the world.

Terms and Conditions. Use of the app is governed by the Adobe General Terms of Use (http://www.adobe.com/go/terms_linkfree_en) and the Adobe Privacy Policy (http://www.adobe.com/go/privacy_policy_linkfree_en).

No sale or transfer of personal information www.adobe.com/go/ca-rights-linkfree

Version 06/23/06

IMPROVED WORKFLOWS IN ACROBAT READER: Scan users can now bring their scanned PDF files into Acrobat Reader to edit the text and images in those files.

Ratings and reviews

Ratings: 55.9k

First time using the app

Scanned documents on thick paper (glossy) into the scanner in a batch through the receiver is not accepted. Spent 4 minutes scanning 18 sheets and mailing. Satisfied


Documents are scanned from standard notes, PDF is created in the same place. So, in fact, I don’t see the point of having this application in the App Store. They also require authorization for no reason.

Great app!!

Everything works great!! But a big request, do not add a premium version for the Russian Federation !!! In the Russian Federation, and so everything is fine.


Adobe Scan PDF Pro Monthly

Edit, convert and merge PDF (with OCR)

Trial subscription

Developer Adobe Inc. indicated that, in accordance with the application’s privacy policy, data may be processed as described below. Detailed information is available in the developer’s privacy policy.

with user data

The following data may be collected, which is related to the user’s identity:

  • Purchases

  • Contact details

  • User Content

  • Search history

  • Identifiers

  • Usage Data

  • Diagnostics

Sensitive data may be used differently depending on your age, features involved, or other factors.

Fridges on sale: Best refrigerator sales and deals in June 2023

Best refrigerator sales and deals in June 2023

When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Here’s how it works.

(Image credit: LG)

Good refrigerator sales can be tricky to find, especially when you’re searching for deals on some of the best refrigerators.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. We’re rounding up the best refrigerator sales from retailers like Home Depot, Walmart, and more. Whether you’re looking for a high-end model or or a cheap refrigerator that will last you years, here are the best refrigerator sales you can get right now.

Plus, if you need more appliances, check out our lists of the best air conditioner sales and the best air fryer sales.

Today’s best refrigerator sales

  • Amazon: fridges and mini fridges from $139
  • Best Buy: refrigerators on sale from $219
  • Home Depot: refrigerator sales from $494
  • Lowe’s: up to $1,000 off Samsung, Whirlpool, GE and more
  • Overstock: up to $240 of compact refrigerators
  • Wayfair: GE, Samsung, more from $663

Best refrigerator sales

LG refrigerator sales

LG Refrigerators: deals from $499 @ LG
LG currently has refrigerators starting from $499. Need help choosing? Our favorite LG refrigerator is the LG LRDCS2603S. It has a compact design, but still has plenty of capacity.

LG – 27.9 French Door Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Refrigerator: was $2,999 now $1,899 @ Best Buy
This three-door refrigerator has four adjustable split tempered glass shelves, an external water dispenser, and connects to LG’s SmartThinQ app, which lets you control key features and get important notifications — such as if the door has been left open — from anywhere.

LG InstaView 4-Door Refrigerator: was $3,799 now $3,419 @ Best Buy
We love the sleek design of LG refrigerators with InstaView. You get a glass door on one side that’ll illuminate the interior of the fridge when you knock on it. This means the temperature won’t increase when you want to check what’s in your fridge. With 27.8 cu. ft. of space, there’s more than enough room for your groceries, and it also comes with app connectivity so you can control and monitor it from your phone.

LG 20.2 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator: was $888 now $649 @ Best Buy
This deal slices the cost of this compact top-freezer model. This 30-inch wide fridge has a humidity-controlled crisper and full-width gallon door bins.

LG LRFCS25D3S French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker: was $2,099 now $1,398 @ Best Buy
You can now save on this LG French Door Refrigerator, which comes with 25.1 cu. ft capacity and a stainless steel finish. It features app connectivity, so you can monitor and control it from your phone, and the ice maker can be found in the freezer.

LG LRMDS3006S: was $4,299 now $2,999 @ Best Buy
Do you like making cocktails? This 29.5 cubic foot 4-door French Door refrigerator can make craft ice — slow melting spheres great for mixed drinks. In addition, it has a door-in-door, so you can get to items quickly without opening the entire refrigerator, a drawer that can convert from fridge to freezer, and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant.

LG LRFWS2906S 29 cu. ft. 3 Door: was $2,221 now $1,699 @ Best Buy
Make a saving with this great deal. It has a large capacity of 29 cu. ft, which is ideal for large families or professional cooks. It also comes with an external water dispenser for chilled water, and built-in ice maker. It either comes in an attractive stainless steel or black stainless steel and has premium LED lighting to make an attractive addition to your kitchen.

LG LRDCS2603S: was $1,799 now $1,299 @ Best Buy
This LG refrigerator is one of the best we’ve tested, due to its generous capacity, compact design and Energy Star certification. While it lacks an ice maker and water dispenser, it’s a simple but effective bottom-freezer refrigerator.

LG LRFVS3006S: was $4,399 now $2,998 @ Home Depot
This is our choice for the best premium refrigerator for cocktail lovers. It has 19.3 cu. ft. refrigerator and 10.4 cu. ft. freezer capacity. There’s a door-in-door with a light, and the fridge is energy star certified. Best of all, it has an ice/water dispenser that can make clear spheres of ice.

GE refrigerator sales

GE large appliance sale: up to 25% off
GE is taking up to 25% off large appliances in this sale. They also offer 7-day free returns on major appliances and a 1-year limited warranty.

GE Profile French Door Refrigerator: was $3,499 now $2,398 @ Home Depot
The GE Profile French Door Fridge (PFE28KYNFS) is the best overall fridge we’ve tested. It has a full width shelf with temperature control; at the coldest setting it will keep meat fresh longer and on the warmer one it’s ideal for stashing party trays or a cake when you’re entertaining. We also like that it has an advanced water filtration system that reduces trace pharmaceuticals from water and ice. It offers 18.66 cu. ft. capacity and 9.7 cu. ft. freezer capacity. 

GE GIE18GSNRSS: was $1,079 now $968 @ Home Depot
This small refrigerator is great for anyone limited on space. It has an ice maker and a sliding deli drawer. It’s also very energy efficient. However, it’s a shame there are no independent controls for the refrigerator and freezer temperatures.

GE 27.0 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator: was $2,399 now $1,498 @ Home Depot
This French door refrigerator from GE comes with a capacity of 27 cubic feet, which is more than enough for a family. There’s an internal water dispenser as well as an icemaker and two humidity-controlled drawers — so you never have to worry about your food drying out.   

Samsung refrigerator sales

Samsung: up to $1,200 off refrigerators @ Samsung
Samsung is offering up to $1,200 off refrigerators right now, and up to $1,400 off bespoke refrigerators. You can also save up to an additional $100 by shopping bundles.

Samsung RF27T5501SR 26.5 cu. ft. Family Hub French Door Smart Refrigerator: was $3,399 now $2,498 @ The Home Depot
If you want the latest tech in your refrigerator, then this is the one to get. It features an integrated touch screen display which can connect with your smart home, help you plan out your meals and shares photos and calendars. The refrigerator itself has a huge 26.5 cu. ft capacity to boot, and comes with an ice/water dispenser.

Samsung RF28T5021SR/AA: was $2,159 now $1,599 @ Best Buy
This three door French door refrigerator comes with a large 28 cu. ft. capacity as well as a built-in water pitcher. There’s an automatic ice maker as well, which can hold up to 5.5 lbs of ice, and it’s Energy Star certified. The fingerprint resistant finish means it will keep looking good too.  

Samsung RF28R7201SR 28 cu. ft. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator: was $2,879 now $2,099 @ Best Buy
The Flex Zone drawer in this Samsung fridge lets you set up to four different temperatures; adjustable shelves go from standard to slide-in or flip-up; and you can connect to it from your smartphone to control the temperature remotely.

Samsung RS27T5200SR: was $1,499 now $1,199 @ Best Buy
One of the best refrigerators we’ve tested, the Samsung RS27T5200SR has an excellent capacity and inner door shelves with plenty of room for your groceries. The main downside to this model is that it’s not the most energy efficient, requiring 728 kWh/year to run.

Samsung RF28T5F01SR/AA: was $2,699 now $1,999 @ Best Buy
This French door Samsung smart refrigerator has been slashed $700 at Best Buy. It has 27.7 cubic feet of capacity, an ice maker, and can be monitored via your smartphone. It’s also compatible with Bixby and SmartThings.

Frigidaire refrigerator sales

Frigidaire FFHB2750TS: was $2,429 now $1,799 @ Best Buy
One of the best refrigerators, this Frigidaire refrigerator offers great performance, LED lighting and an ice and water dispenser. The fridge is EnergyStar rated, which means it’s more cost-efficient to run. We rate the Frigidaire FFHB2750TS as the best french-door refrigerator for families.

Frigidaire FFPS4533UM: was $289 now $259 @ Best Buy
This simple, but effective design from Frigidaire comes with 4.5 cu. ft. capacity and a top-mount freezer compartment. There are three removable glass shelves as well as handy can compartments on the inside of the door. It’s easy to see inside, thanks to the internal light, and it’s Energy Star Certified, making it as efficient as it is compact.  

Frigidaire 13.9 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator: was $746 now $579 @ Best Buy
This top-freezer from Frigidaire features a compact design, with a useful 13. 9 cu. ft. capacity. It’s Energy Star Certified for efficiency and you have the option to add an ice maker to the freezer. It’s available in brushed steel, white and black colorways, although the steel option is the only one on offer at the moment. 

Frigidaire Top Freezer Refrigerator: was $779 now $701 @ Home Depot
Available in black, brushed steel, or white, the Frigidaire fridge is on sale for just $701. The fridge’s adjustable glass shelving helps you create more space for taller items. It features 10.2 cu. ft. total capacity, which includes 2.7 cu. ft. freezer capacity.

Frigidaire 38-Bottle Wine Cooler: was $799 now $549 @ Best Buy
The Frigidaire FFWC38B2RS wine cooler has room for up to 38 bottles of wine with a 4.4 cubic feet capacity. The temperature is adjustable between 41 and 64 degrees between two temperature controlled zones.

Other refrigerator sales

Maytag French Door Refrigerator: was $2,799 now $1,899 @ Maytag
This Maytag French Door refrigerator has a 25 cu. ft. capacity, a temperature controlled deli drawer, an ice maker and a crisping drawer. The PowerCold feature brings the contents of your refrigerator to temperature super fast.

Bosch Counter-Depth B36CT80SNS: was $3,499 now $3,149 @ Best Buy
This stylish Bosch refrigerator is the best counter-depth model we’ve tested. The internal water dispenser and ice maker keep this fridge looking sleek, and there’s also a temperature and humidity controlled pantry drawer. It’s also EnergyStar certified.

Whirlpool WRQA59CNKZ 19.4 Cu. Ft. 4-Door French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator: was $2,339 now $1,599 @ Best Buy
You can save on this Whirlpool refrigerator right now. It comes with 19.4 cu. ft. capacity — which is more than enough for a family, and you can organize the layout of the space within to suit your preferences. There’s an ice maker in the freezer, and it’s app compatible, so you can control and monitor it from your phone. There’s even a Vacation Mode, to save on energy while you’re away. 

Cafe Smart 24 in. 46-Bottle Wine Beverage Cooler: was $2,899 now $2,788 @ Home Depot
If you want a premium wine cooler and you’re happy to pay for it, then this is the best deal for you. This striking design from Cafe can hold 46 bottles of wine and features an LED light wall across the back. It also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can monitor and control it from your phone, or using voice commands. It’s available in black, white, glass and stainless steel, so you can match it to your kitchen. Although the deal above is only available on the stainless steel model for now. 

Minifridge sales

Frigidaire EMFIS129: was $49 now $27 @ Amazon
This stylish mini cooler can hold six cans, but is still compact (measuring 10 x 7 x 10 inches.) It’s available in four colors, including white, pink, red, and mint.

Cooluli mini fridge: was $69 now $49 @ Amazon
This Cooluli mini fridge is super-cute, and can hold four cans as well as having room for extra snacks like a bar of chocolate. It comes in several fun color options (even including cow print!)

Frigidaire EFR115: was $169 now $108 @ Amazon
This mini fridge has an adjustable thermostat, a reversible door with storage space for cans. It’s compact, but has plenty of space inside and comes in a range of stylish colors.

Black + Decker BCRK32V Mini Fridge: was $289 now $214 @ Amazon
This Black + Decker mini fridge has a premium design and plenty of storage, with space to hold up to six 12-ounce cans and a two-litre bottle in the door. It also has a reversible door and an ice cube tray.

Galanz GLR31TBEER Retro Compact Refrigerator: was $279 now $251 @ Amazon
This stylish mini fridge has a 3. 1 cubic foot capacity, with a removable slide-out glass shelf. The temperature can be set manually using a physical dial on the mini fridge. It’s also Energy Star certified.

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Refrigerator Sales | Whirlpool

‡‡Ends June 14, 2023 at 11:59PM EST. Excludes ground shipped products. Discount taken off regular price excluding taxes, delivery, install/uninstall and haul-away. Only valid for new orders on whirlpool.com. Major appliances limited to washers, dryers, refrigerators, ranges, cooktops, dishwashers, microwaves and hoods. While supplies last.




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Shop sales on select refrigerators purposefully designed to fit your home and lifestyle. Save on select refrigerators with large food storage capacities to help you fit it all and innovative features designed to help you find it all. Keep your family favorites stored and organized for less so you have what you need from snacktime to dinnertime.

Explore features designed for the whole family

Discover Whirlpool® refrigerators with features fit for busy families, such as LED lighting that makes it easy to find whatever you’re looking for in a hurry. Browse models featuring exterior ice and water dispensers with EveryDrop® water filtration for convenient access to a refreshing drink without ever opening the door. Easily fit tall items inside with infinity slide shelves that adjust to give you the space and organization you need, or models featuring frameless glass shelves that make every inch usable. Store cans out of the way in an overhead Drink Loft™ or an in-door can caddy that frees up shelf space. Whirlpool fridge sales make finding refrigeration solutions for your family easy.

Find a refrigerator style that fits your family for less

Get the best of style and function with a range of select fridges and freezers for sale with designs and combinations to suit your lifestyle. Add a practical and stylish food storage solution to your kitchen with French door refrigerators featuring pantry-inspired layouts. Store all of your frozen food favorites for less in classic top freezer refrigerators, or get easy access to your items with bottom freezer refrigerators. Shop Counter-depth refrigerators to achieve a seamless integration that gives you an instant style upgrade for less. These refrigerators also come in a variety of finishes, including stainless steel, black, white, and black stainless steel models. Whatever your family needs, we’re here to help you find the best fresh food storage solution for your kitchen and your budget.

Shop all Whirlpool major appliances

Complete your to-do list with Whirlpool® major appliances from French door refrigerators and side-by-side refrigerators to Whirlpool ranges and cooktops. Take on laundry day with Whirlpool® washers and dryers, or find deals on all your family’s kitchen and laundry needs with Whirlpool outlet appliances.

In-home refrigerator delivery options

Getting your new Whirlpool® refrigerator home and installed is easy. Qualifying purchases and locations include in-home delivery with professional installation services available. Our professionals can even uninstall and haul away your old appliance for a hassle-free upgrade. See details.


‡‡Ends June 14, 2023 at 11:59PM EST. Excludes ground shipped products. Discount taken off regular price excluding taxes, delivery, install/uninstall and haul-away. Only valid for new orders on whirlpool.com. Major appliances limited to washers, dryers, refrigerators, ranges, cooktops, dishwashers, microwaves and hoods. While supplies last.

2 modes, 22 liters and a pair of cold accumulators / Cars and other vehicles and accessories / iXBT Live

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Car fridges are great
helpers for travelers and I know from my own experience when that summer
brought olives, nutella, mini cakes and other products from Turkey. Apart from
products from Turkey, the refrigerator cooled the carbonated water of Natakhtari, Kazbegi,
Borjomi, bought in Georgia, but for another time. Once I even happened to
bring yourself 7 kg of salted salmon with red caviar from Batumi and that’s it
This is using a car refrigerator. In today’s review, I
I will continue to acquaint readers with possible options for thermoelectric
automobile refrigerators and the first in line is the Harper CBH-122 with a modest volume of 22

Car refrigerator supplied in
cardboard box, which is commercial packaging. Inside is
the refrigerator itself, a pair of cold accumulators, a 220V power cord and instructions
for operation.

Complete instructions unified and
fits other Harper car refrigerators.

Harper CBH-122 car refrigerator has a vertical
execution in grey. The materials are ABS plastic with a folding top
lid. The internal volume is 22 liters, which is more than enough for
small trip to nature.

The auto-refrigerator has the ability to work from
household network 220V using a connector and a corresponding wire or from an on-board
12V networks.
Powered Harper
turns on automatically according to the selected mode: cooling or
heat. The first allows you to cool the internal volume by a difference of 20 degrees from
outdoor temperature. The heating mode is capable of maintaining a temperature of 60
degrees inside the refrigerator. One heat/cold source
Peltier element.

When connecting the refrigerator to a 220V network, we have
following consumption: 65W (cooling) and 60W (heating). From the onboard network
car consumption is different: 45W and 40W, respectively. Based on what you see
it can be concluded that no special load will be added to any generator.

The top lid on the refrigerator is equipped with a handle,
which is also a lid lock. In addition to the handle, you can see a window for
air intake and exhaust. Under the cover is the same Peltier element,
keeping the refrigerator running.

Plastic inner tank, volume 22
liters. By the standards of car refrigerators, a rather small volume, but if
it is not required to transport food to a company of soldiers at the same time, then it is quite enough for
some kind of trip to the mountains or nature.

Harper CBH-122 refrigerator comes with 2
cold accumulator to maintain a constant temperature of food and
drinks. Their job is to pre-cool (at least 10 hours
in the freezer) and placing them in a thermal bag or auto-refrigerator. The volume of one
battery — 190ml, refrigerant inside.

The main purpose of the car refrigerator
is to refrigerate food. The instructions say that the maximum
temperature difference is in the range of 15 to 20°C below ambient temperature
among. The test was carried out from a 220V network in a room with a temperature of 24-25 ° C with
using 7 bottles of water that are more than half full

Initial temperature inside the refrigerator compartment
— 24.2°С, a day later — 8.1°С. The difference was 16.1°С, which fits into
passport values. If you use a refrigerator, do not
count on transporting ice cream, but chill the water and save others
products is quite possible.

Better visualization of temperature versus time
can be seen on the graph:

As for the humidity during cooling, here
a sawtooth curve can be observed with a minimum value of 56% and
maximum 65%.

More visible humidity versus time
when cooling is visible on the graph:

In addition to cooling, Harper CBH-122 has a heating mode
products inside the chamber. The maximum declared temperature is in
range 50-60°C. Let’s conduct a test similar to the previous one and see for what
period of time the chamber will warm up to the maximum temperature. Also worth
say that the test was run immediately after cooling, so the initial
the temperature inside the chamber is 9.6°С.

Graph of temperature increase smooth, without
sharp jumps.

Temperature ranges versus time

At the start of the heating mode, the humidity inside
refrigerator was 92%. As the chamber heats up, the humidity decreases and
the end of the test is 32%, which indicates the dryness of the air.

Humidity versus time graph:

Let’s do a final test with the following
conditions: the refrigerator chamber was preheated to 63.3 ° C, the
cooling mode, 2 cold accumulators are placed. On the resulting graph,
see a sharp drop in temperature by 28.2 ° C in 2 hours of auto-refrigerator operation,
while during the day the temperature decreased from 63.3°С to 11°С. Compared to
normal cooling mode (without using cold accumulators) results
much less: 24.2°С → 8.1°С. So if you have batteries, it’s better not to

A more visual time graph:

– a classic car refrigerator built on the work of a single element
Peltier. When checking the declared characteristics, no contradictions were revealed,
which means that the auto-refrigerator performs all its functions. If this temperature
cooling is insufficient, I recommend paying attention to
compressor refrigerators.

Link to the official Harper store




Greetings! AliExpress is full of many designers made entirely of wood. I, as a lover of such solutions, decided to order several solutions from Robotime, at the same time decorating. ..

Initially, clothes swaps were just parties where girlfriends exchanged good, but unnecessary things. Then it grew into large-scale hangouts. The phenomenon reached us about five years ago. In…

There are a great many variations of keyboards, and the difference is from many sides: in format, profile, principle of operation, design, and much more. And if you combine all this, then it turns out just …

I tried a lot of sticks, out of my curiosity, here are Amazon, and Realme, and Xiaomi, and Sberbank. They completely convinced me that these are chic consoles and will be able to do almost everything from them …

You love
music? Strange question, really. Of course everyone loves music. And now another question:
when was the last time you listened to music not through headphones, but enjoyed a good
sound coming from…

Hobot’s new flagship boasts an arsenal of unique innovations: vibrates and raises the mop, cleans under curtains, offers as many as 5 (instead of the usual 2) cleaning options to choose from,. ..

Mini fridge Severin GB8882 32 l – Tallinn

Vaata meie Kuulutusi! Super hinnad!

Seisukord :UUS! Guaranteed 1 kuu!

Laius44.5 cm

Sügavus48 cm

Kõrgus50 cm

Kaal16.6 kg


Sügavkülmiku tü üp

VertikaalneEnergiatõhususe class


Energiaklasside astmestikA – G

Aastane energiatarve

148 kWh

Maht32 l


39 dBKülmutusvõimsus, kg/24h


Automaatne sulatamineEi

Turvaline aeg pärast elektrikatkestust

10 hRiiulite arv


Kood 112

Pood “SaleZone Outlet/Toysplanet” – Õismäe tee 1B (E-R 11-20.L,P 11-18) PeetriPizza kõrval.

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    Refrigerators, freezers
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    Today, 15:26

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    250 €


Thank you for your help!

Such appeals make oki doki better.

Tv deals samsung smart: Samsung Smart Tv Sale : Target

50″ Class QLED 4K Smart TV Q80B (2022) TVs – QN50Q80BAFXZA

Direct lit for bold, brilliant contrast

Direct Full Array*

With Direct Full Array on this 4K QLED TV, less light leakage makes way for details to reveal themselves, while the focused backlights deliver contrast that brings content to life.*

* As compared to Samsung TVs with Edge Lit

Intelligence behind the glorious picture and sound

Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling

Enjoy your picture automatically converted to stunning 4K by the intelligent processor. For each and every scene, the fast and powerful Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling upgrades your viewing experience to 4K resolution, no matter how your content was made.

Cinematic scale in deeper contrast

Quantum HDR 12x

Watch how your picture deepens with an amazing range of immersive color with Quantum HDR on this Samsung 4K QLED TV.  Experience the contrast and brilliance that brings fantastic detail to a new generation of Hollywood movies and shows in High Dynamic Range.

*50″ has Quantum HDR 8x

Sound that follows the action and puts you in it

Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound*

Enjoy rich 3D sound that moves with the action happening on screen.  Object Tracking Sound adjusts the audio to follow the movement, while Dolby Atmos envelops you in cinematic surround sound—all from strategically placed speakers behind the screen.

*50″ has OTS Lite

3-dimensional depth with powerful neural networks

Real Depth Enhancer*

Experience depth and dimension on screen just like you do in real life on this 4K Smart TV. Ideal for nature shows and other real-life programs, Real Depth Enhancer mirrors how the human eye processes depth by increasing foreground contrast.*

*50″ has Contrast Enhancer

100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot*

Bask in a billion shades of brilliant color at 100% Color Volume.  Quantum Dot technology brings you a fine picture by transforming light into vivid color that stays true for bold detail, even as the scene brightens. *

*QLED televisions can produce 100% Color Volume in the DCI-P3 color space, the format for most cinema screens and HDR movies for television.

Smart Calibration*

 With Smart Calibration, you have professional-quality screen calibration at your fingertips. Simply enhance your screen right from your smartphone in only 7 to 12 minutes.

*Galaxy S21 phone required for use

Intelligent picture optimized for your eye

EyeComfort Mode

Staring at your TV? Set your sights on a more soothing screen with EyeComfort Mode. With sunrise and sunset times built in, it intelligently adapts your display and reduces blue light to help keep your eyes more comfortable.

Smart Hub

Spend less time searching and more time streaming what you enjoy with  Smart Hub on your Samsung 4K QLED TV. Front and center, you’ll find the movies, shows, games and more you want most.

TV and soundbar orchestrated in perfect harmony


Surround yourself with the sound of your TV and soundbar working in harmony. With Q-Symphony, your TV speakers and Q-Series soundbar operate as one. Together, they can optimize all the channels to bring you a masterfully orchestrated sound experience.*

*Q-Symphony is available only with compatible soundbar. Check for Q-Symphony compatibility on soundbar product specifications.

Auto-optimized sound to fit your space

SpaceFit Sound

Experience sound designed for your space with SpaceFit Sound. Big or small, long or wide, the best audio is customized for you. Just calibrate in minutes right on your TV.

Exceptional motion enhancements in 4K 120Hz

Motion Xcelerator Turbo+

Action movies, sports and games look smooth and crisp up to 4K 120Hz. With Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ enhancements, you’ll virtually eliminate your lag and lessen blur to conquer your enemies and follow any chase, even at soaring speeds.

Tear free, stutter free, low latency HDR gaming

FreeSync Premium Pro

FreeSync Premium Pro helps you play at peak performance with low latency for a smooth gaming experience, plus HDR visuals.

Where gaming comes together

The first TV brand streaming Xbox games. No console required. Gaming Hub is where gaming comes together—bringing the best of console games, streaming games, and more—all in one place.

*Paid subscription to a compatible cloud gaming service and high speed internet required. Available on select 2021 & 2022 Samsung Smart TVs. Controller sold separately.

Content services may vary by regions and are subject to change without notifications.


Take control of your connected devices with SmartThings on your Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV screen. From the comfort of your couch, you can turn off lights, check the door and more—using just your voice or remote.

Make video calls on the big screen

Video Calls with Google Duo

Make video calls with up to 32 people from the Google Duo app on your TV. For work or play, it’s easier to take calls from your home on the big screen with high quality picture and sound.

Requires compatible camera. Sold separately .Google Duo is a trademark of Google LLC.

Move, sweat, burn

Samsung Health

The Samsung Health app gives you the tools to manage your physical and mental fitness all in one place. Find workouts with camera-powered coaching with Samsung Smart Trainer, and track your daily activities and more.*

*Samsung Smart Trainer requires compatible camera. This feature requires pairing a Galaxy Watch5 or Watch5 Classic. Sold separately.


You can count on us

Samsung TVs were ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction, Product Quality, and Service Quality in the 2022 American Customer Satisfaction Index surveys.

Learn more

*Compared to other measured TV manufacturers in the 2022 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI®) survey of customers. Soundbar sold separately.
The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI®) is a national measure of customer satisfaction since 1994, trusted by US government and reflecting annual feedback from more than 250K US consumers.

Buying online has never been easier and safer

Buy Now, Pay Later

$0 down with convenient terms up to 48 mo and 0% APR


Flexible ownership with Access

Enroll for the latest QLED TV, Samsung Care+, and access to content like Showtime and YouTube TV, all included in one low monthly price. Cancel anytime.Δ


Extended returns

Free returns extended to 15 days after delivery

Learn more

Price, Promotion, Processing: Pricing, delivery date and other errors may be withdrawn or revised and/or your order may be cancelled at any time, without prior notice, before we have both (a) shipped or provided access to your product or service, and (b) received your payment for the product or service. All sales on Samsung.com are subject to the full Terms of Sale. Samsung is not responsible for any errors, omissions or misdirected or lost orders, or orders which may be delayed. Samsung reserves the right to modify pricing and modify or cancel promotions at any time, without prior notice.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification. All images are dramatizations for demo purposes.

*Source – Omdia, Jan-2023. Results are not an endorsement of Samsung. Any reliance on these results is at the third-party’s own risk.

85-Inch Class Q80B 4K QLED TV with Full Array LED

Direct lit for bold, brilliant contrast

Direct Full Array*

With Direct Full Array on this 4K QLED TV, less light leakage makes way for details to reveal themselves, while the focused backlights deliver contrast that brings content to life.*

* As compared to Samsung TVs with Edge Lit

Intelligence behind the glorious picture and sound

Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling

Enjoy your picture automatically converted to stunning 4K by the intelligent processor. For each and every scene, the fast and powerful Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling upgrades your viewing experience to 4K resolution, no matter how your content was made.

Cinematic scale in deeper contrast

Quantum HDR 12x

Watch how your picture deepens with an amazing range of immersive color with Quantum HDR on this Samsung 4K QLED TV.  Experience the contrast and brilliance that brings fantastic detail to a new generation of Hollywood movies and shows in High Dynamic Range.

*50″ has Quantum HDR 8x

Sound that follows the action and puts you in it

Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound*

Enjoy rich 3D sound that moves with the action happening on screen.  Object Tracking Sound adjusts the audio to follow the movement, while Dolby Atmos envelops you in cinematic surround sound—all from strategically placed speakers behind the screen.

*50″ has OTS Lite

3-dimensional depth with powerful neural networks

Real Depth Enhancer*

Experience depth and dimension on screen just like you do in real life on this 4K Smart TV. Ideal for nature shows and other real-life programs, Real Depth Enhancer mirrors how the human eye processes depth by increasing foreground contrast. *

*50″ has Contrast Enhancer

100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot*

Bask in a billion shades of brilliant color at 100% Color Volume.  Quantum Dot technology brings you a fine picture by transforming light into vivid color that stays true for bold detail, even as the scene brightens.*

*QLED televisions can produce 100% Color Volume in the DCI-P3 color space, the format for most cinema screens and HDR movies for television.

Smart Calibration*

 With Smart Calibration, you have professional-quality screen calibration at your fingertips. Simply enhance your screen right from your smartphone in only 7 to 12 minutes.

*Galaxy S21 phone required for use

Intelligent picture optimized for your eye

EyeComfort Mode

Staring at your TV? Set your sights on a more soothing screen with EyeComfort Mode. With sunrise and sunset times built in, it intelligently adapts your display and reduces blue light to help keep your eyes more comfortable.

Smart Hub

Spend less time searching and more time streaming what you enjoy with  Smart Hub on your Samsung 4K QLED TV. Front and center, you’ll find the movies, shows, games and more you want most.

TV and soundbar orchestrated in perfect harmony


Surround yourself with the sound of your TV and soundbar working in harmony. With Q-Symphony, your TV speakers and Q-Series soundbar operate as one. Together, they can optimize all the channels to bring you a masterfully orchestrated sound experience.*

*Q-Symphony is available only with compatible soundbar. Check for Q-Symphony compatibility on soundbar product specifications.

Auto-optimized sound to fit your space

SpaceFit Sound

Experience sound designed for your space with SpaceFit Sound. Big or small, long or wide, the best audio is customized for you. Just calibrate in minutes right on your TV.

Exceptional motion enhancements in 4K 120Hz

Motion Xcelerator Turbo+

Action movies, sports and games look smooth and crisp up to 4K 120Hz. With Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ enhancements, you’ll virtually eliminate your lag and lessen blur to conquer your enemies and follow any chase, even at soaring speeds.

Tear free, stutter free, low latency HDR gaming

FreeSync Premium Pro

FreeSync Premium Pro helps you play at peak performance with low latency for a smooth gaming experience, plus HDR visuals.

Where gaming comes together

The first TV brand streaming Xbox games. No console required. Gaming Hub is where gaming comes together—bringing the best of console games, streaming games, and more—all in one place.

*Paid subscription to a compatible cloud gaming service and high speed internet required. Available on select 2021 & 2022 Samsung Smart TVs. Controller sold separately.

Content services may vary by regions and are subject to change without notifications.


Take control of your connected devices with SmartThings on your Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV screen. From the comfort of your couch, you can turn off lights, check the door and more—using just your voice or remote.

Make video calls on the big screen

Video Calls with Google Duo

Make video calls with up to 32 people from the Google Duo app on your TV. For work or play, it’s easier to take calls from your home on the big screen with high quality picture and sound.

Requires compatible camera. Sold separately .Google Duo is a trademark of Google LLC.

Move, sweat, burn

Samsung Health

The Samsung Health app gives you the tools to manage your physical and mental fitness all in one place. Find workouts with camera-powered coaching with Samsung Smart Trainer, and track your daily activities and more.*

*Samsung Smart Trainer requires compatible camera. This feature requires pairing a Galaxy Watch5 or Watch5 Classic. Sold separately.


You can count on us

Samsung TVs were ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction, Product Quality, and Service Quality in the 2022 American Customer Satisfaction Index surveys.

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*Compared to other measured TV manufacturers in the 2022 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI®) survey of customers. Soundbar sold separately.
The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI®) is a national measure of customer satisfaction since 1994, trusted by US government and reflecting annual feedback from more than 250K US consumers.

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Why choose Samsung Smart TV? | Overview

At the moment, products are not available for ordering on samsung.com/ru

At the moment, products are not available for ordering on samsung.com/ru

Samsung Smart TV is an access to a variety of content and applications, where you will definitely find something of your own.

Smart TV at a Glance

Simply put, a Smart TV is an internet-connected TV with an operating system and built-in apps and services.

TV + Internet + Applications

5 reasons why you need Smart TV

All entertainment

on one screen

Smart Hub and applications

Smart Hub is a place where everything is collected: applications, digital TV, VOD, popular OTT services. This is your ideal conduit to the world of content, with which you will watch movies, not search for them.

TV with Smart Hub and Apps >

Our recommendation Smart TV >

  • * Images are for illustration purposes only. The service and its content may vary by region, and some applications may not run simultaneously with Smart TV.
  • * Some services or applications require a subscription or one-time purchase.

Work from home

Your home office

Samsung Smart TV can connect directly from home via Wi-Fi
to a computer at work. And with Office 365, you can work on documents remotely with colleagues.
Turn your home into a comfortable workplace with Samsung Smart TV!

Smart TV with work-from-home option >

Our Smart TV recommendations >

  • * The PC must be configured to allow remote connection from the TV.
  • * Some features are not compatible with certain software models/versions.
  • * User must register a Microsoft account for Microsoft 365.

Smartphone on your TV

in one click

How to connect your smartphone

Just touch the TV with your smartphone or open the SmartThings app. After synchronization, you can duplicate content from your smartphone to TV, or put it in a separate window on your TV.

Smart TV with smartphone connectivity >

Our recommendations Smart TV >

  • * The SmartThings app must be open or running in the background on your mobile device for it to automatically recognize your TV.
  • * TV and mobile must be connected to the same network.

Manage everything at once

One Remote

Control your game console, digital TV and apps with one remote.

Smart TV with One Remote >

Our Smart TV recommendations >

* Some devices may not be compatible.

Push your boundaries

Apple TV and AirPlay

Top Apple Original series, popular Apple TV+ movies and premium channels are all waiting for you in the Apple TV app on your Samsung Smart TV. And with Samsung Smart TV compatible with Apple devices, you can enjoy photos and videos on the big screen or play your favorite music.

Smart TV with Apple TV and AirPlay >

Our recommendations Smart TV >

  • *Apple TV+ requires a subscription.
  • * AirPlay requires iOS 12.3 or later, or macOS 10.14.5 or later.
  • * The TV and Apple devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to use AirPlay.
  • * Compatible devices only.

Choose your Smart TV

A few easy steps to find your ideal TV.

Pick up

Smart TVs we recommend

See all >

QN900B >

  • Smart Hub and Apps :
  • Remote Access :
  • Google Duo:
  • MultiView :
    Up to 4 screens
  • Integrated SmartThings Hub :
  • One Remote :
  • Apple TV and AirPlay:
  • Voice Assistant :
  • Voice Always On :

To learn more

QN700B >

  • Smart Hub and Apps :
  • Remote Access :
  • Google Duo:
  • MultiView :
    Up to 2 screens
  • Integrated SmartThings Hub :
  • One Remote :
  • Apple TV and AirPlay:
  • Voice Assistant :
  • Voice Always On :

To learn more


  • Smart Hub and Apps :
  • Remote Access :
  • Google Duo:
  • MultiView :
    Up to 2 screens
  • Integrated SmartThings Hub :
  • One Remote :
  • Apple TV and AirPlay:
  • Voice Assistant :
  • Voice Always On :

To learn more


  • Smart Hub and Apps :
  • Remote Access :
  • Google Duo:
  • MultiView :
    Up to 2 screens
  • Integrated SmartThings Hub :
  • One Remote :
  • Apple TV and AirPlay:
  • Voice Assistant :
  • Voice Always On :

To learn more

BU8500 >

  • Smart Hub and Apps :
  • Remote Access :
  • Google Duo:
  • MultiView :
  • Integrated SmartThings Hub :
  • One Remote :
  • Apple TV and AirPlay:
  • Voice Assistant :
  • Voice Always On :

To learn more

The Frame >

  • Smart Hub and Apps :
  • Remote Access :
  • Google Duo:
    1:3 (except 32
  • MultiView :
    Up to 22 screens (except 32
  • Integrated SmartThings Hub :
  • One Remote :
  • Apple TV and AirPlay:
  • Voice Assistant :
  • Voice Always On :

To learn more

The Premiere >

  • Smart Hub and Apps :
  • Remote Access :
  • Google Duo:
  • MultiView :
    Up to 2 screens
  • Integrated SmartThings Hub :
  • One Remote :
  • Apple TV and AirPlay:
  • Voice Assistant :
  • Voice Always On :

To learn more

The Freestyle >

  • Smart Hub and Apps :
  • Remote Access :
  • Google Duo:
  • MultiView :
  • Integrated SmartThings Hub :
  • One Remote :
  • Apple TV and AirPlay:
  • Voice Assistant :
  • Voice Always On :

To learn more

  • Smart Services and GUI may vary by model and region.
  • User consent to Smart Hub Terms of Use and Privacy Policy is required before use.
  • Service availability is subject to change without notice.
  • Actual product and remote control may differ from images shown.
  • Images are simulated and are for illustration purposes only. Product appearance and specifications that do not affect performance are subject to change without notice.

Learn the 5 basic elements of Smart TV

What is

Smart TV?

Have you ever dreamed of a

TV that not only contains your favorite
content but also finds it especially for you?
Let’s see what
has to offer you with Smart TV.

What does Smart TV mean?

Many people search the Internet for definitions of “smart” TV, or Smart TV. And although sites may give different definitions, they all agree that Smart TV can connect to the Internet, runs on an operating system and has its own application service.

In short, TV + Internet + Apps = Smart TV.

Five Tips for Buying a Smart TV

Variety of content

The most important advantage of Smart TV is the ability to enjoy content that goes beyond conventional TV channels. Smart TV has the ability to play video on demand from your favorite resources such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, as well as use music streaming services such as Spotify. There is also the opportunity to enjoy various games and sports content at any time. Even pay-per-view cable and satellite TV is now available to watch on Smart TVs—you just need to install the app provided by the cable or satellite broadcaster.

*Internet connection and subscription to content services required.

Quick search

Regardless of the amount of content, it’s important to be able to find it right away. With the limitless amount of content available online, it can be hard to choose what to watch. That is why the convenient search function is so important.

Featured content

Another important point is whether Smart TV offers the content you are interested in even before you start searching. Isn’t it great when the TV uses your search and viewing patterns to find the content you want, or to let you know when a new season of your favorite show is about to start? The ideal Smart TV is a TV that knows you better than you do and delivers services based on your viewing data.


A good Smart TV should automatically detect any devices connected via HDMI and eliminate the need for multiple remotes. Gone are the days of frantically looking for the right remote control. With a single universal TV remote, you can even play/pause streaming content from your set-top box.

Another feature that is gaining popularity is voice recognition. It’s much more convenient than typing or using motion sensors to control your Smart TV. This is handy when you are looking for content or information.

Ease of connection

Checking the ease of connection to other devices is another important step when choosing a new Smart TV. Connect your smartphone to your TV to watch content on the big screen – you will definitely enjoy it. Photos and videos from your phone look completely different on the big screen.

The Internet of Things is growing in popularity, making it easy to connect to various Internet devices throughout the home. You can start watching a movie on your phone on your way home from work and effortlessly continue watching on your TV screen as soon as you get home.

Outside TV channels.

A whole world of content awaits you

Learn more

  • * The content on the screen is a simulated image, intended solely as an illustration of the texts.
  • * Available services and features of Smart TV and Graphic User Interface (GUI) may vary by region and/or model.
  • * Users must agree to Smart Hub’s terms and policies before use.

Geek squad customer support: How to get help with your new tech

What Is the Geek Squad Email Scam? How to Avoid It

If you’ve received an email claiming to be from Geek Squad informing you of a transaction made on your account, but you don’t recall buying anything, this is likely part of the Geek Squad email scam. You might have heard about it already from friends or colleagues, but what exactly is the Geek Squad email scam?

So how does this scam actually work? How can you avoid falling victim to it? And what should you do if you do fall victim?

The Geek Squad scam is an email scam where cybercriminals send a fake email pretending it is an official transaction confirmation from Geek Squad, a subsidiary of Best Buy, a well-known multinational consumer electronics company. The email contains information regarding a subscription renewal or an order that recipients are unaware of.

Scammers use fake invoice numbers, renewal dates, and other order details to make the email appear genuine. They use official logos and promotional banners to make the email look legit, ensuring their target believes them. Furthermore, scammers include their numbers and tell recipients to contact them if they need assistance with their order.

The targets panic when told about a large transaction and call the scammers quickly to find out more about the transaction or cancel it in time. After that, the scam can take several forms, but the cybercriminals’ end goal is to extract as much money as possible from their victims.

As soon as the recipient calls the listed number, scammers claim that a transaction has taken place from their account. To fool their victims, scammers explain that they can cancel the transaction. As a natural reaction to that suggestion, the recipients agree.

To begin with, they ask recipients for their personal details—but officials should never ask for private data like credit card details, social security numbers, etc. on the phone.

FREE EMAIL COURSELearn to Secure Your Inbox With Our FREE Course

Old-school scammers sometimes explain to their targets that they cannot cancel subscriptions from their end and must access the recipient’s computer to do so. The cybercriminal may claim that a strange PC problem led to this transaction. They suggest giving them remote access to your computer to fix the issue because they fear it may happen again.

Once their targets grant them access, they are at the scammers’ mercy with how far they will go to scam them. They may make huge bank transactions, install malicious software to scam recipients again, ask for payment for remote support they have provided, or charge “cancellation fees”.

Follow these tips and checks to distinguish a scam email from an original, real one:

  • Check the email content for spelling or grammar errors.
  • Inspect the scammer’s email address and see if it contains the misspelled company name or if it looks pretty generic and so not official.
  • Check if the scammer addressed you by name. It’s a scam if no name is mentioned anywhere, or you are only addressed as “Dear Sir/Madam.”
  • Never click on links in emails. If you’re not sure, use a link-checking website to make sure they don’t redirect you to a random, unofficial address.
  • Is the transaction in the same currency as your bank account? The email is likely from a scammer if it’s different.
  • Subscribers usually have a seven-day period to cancel their subscriptions. Be wary of emails that tell you to contact them within one to two days—the scammer is trying to cause you to panic and make a mistake.
  • Is the email you received from Geek Squad sent to the same email address you signed up with?
  • Check if this is a scam by confirming that no transaction has been made from your bank account.

If you have received an email supposedly from Geek Squad and have concerns that it might be a scam, you have done half the job of avoiding it.

Whatever you do, don’t send personal details via email or any other medium, and certainly don’t reply to the same email or call the number given.

You need to follow basic techniques to avoid falling for scams, notably: don’t click on links, and don’t download attachments. Raise awareness of the scam—but don’t forward the email on, in case someone else actually falls for it. In fact, your best bet is to delete the email altogether.

If you share the computer with someone else, block the sender to prevent them from mistakenly falling victim to the scam.

To sum it up, then, ignoring the Geek Squad scam email and blocking the sender is the best way to avoid it.

In case you become a victim of the Geek Squad email scam, here is what you should do:

  • Don’t act on anything they tell you to do if you have only spoken with the scammers.
  • To avoid scammers contacting you again, block the number you just called.
  • Call your bank and freeze your funds if you’ve shared your personal data, such as credit card information.
  • Check your computer for viruses if you’ve downloaded software or any files from the email.
  • You shouldn’t use the same login details on numerous accounts, but many people do anyway. Change your login details immediately if you have signed up using a link scammers sent you using your email address.
  • To prevent scammers from recording you, temporarily disable your webcam if it’s enabled.

You should now be aware of scammers’ traps and won’t fall victim to them. As you do your best to protect yourself, it’s equally important to raise awareness among your family and friends.

The red flags above, showing you how to spot a Geek Squad email scam, also apply to other phishing scams. So watch out for them and avoid them at all costs.

What It Is and How to Avoid It in 2023

The clever Geek Squad scam comes in eight different varieties. Here are the red flags everyone needs to know.

Internet scams are a booming business. In 2021, the United States saw the highest number of complaints—nearly 1 million—and the greatest amount of money lost—$6. 7 billion—according to the most current crime report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Of these, tech support scams, including the Geek Squad scam, are some of the costliest, bilking Americans out of $350 million last year. (In fact, one elderly New Jersey woman lost an eye-popping $98,577 to scammers posing as members of the famous tech support team.)

Why is the Geek squad scam so popular? In short, because it’s one of the simplest scams to perpetrate, costs nearly nothing to run, has endless variations and has a very low chance of the criminal getting caught, explains Matt Hathaway, a cybersecurity expert and the chief marketing and strategy officer at TrueFort, a cybersecurity company. “It’s low risk, high reward,” he says. “It’s cheap and easy to send the slightly customized email to hundreds or thousands of people and wait until someone responds.”

Read on for crucial information about Geek Squad scams, then check out more expert tips for avoiding online scams, phone call scams, phishing scams and car extended warranty scams.

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What is the Geek Squad scam?

The Geek Squad scam is a type of impersonation scam in which the criminal impersonates a tech support professional from a large, recognized and trusted company (in this case, it’s Best Buy) to get money out of victims.

If you’ve ever shopped at Best Buy, you’ve probably come across the Geek Squad, a team of technology professionals who provide on-demand support for people who purchase an extra tech support subscription plan when buying electronics from Best Buy. Because the store and its tech team are so well known, the Geek Squad scam is a go-to con for tech support scammers.

“It works because Geek Squad is a widely used service across the country, so someone is sure to take the bait and fall for the scam,” says Oliver Noble, a cybersecurity expert at NordLocker, a company that secures information in the cloud.

How the Geek Squad scam works

There’s no single version of the Geek Squad email scam, which is one reason so many people fall for it. But the end goal is always the same: to get money and/or information out of you via trickery and deceit.

A scammer will contact you using a phony Geek Squad scam email, text or phone call. (Keep in mind, emails and phone numbers can be spoofed to look like they are from the Geek Squad when they are not.) The message will give you some reason to get back to them. Once you do, the scammers will ask you to make a payment, give them account information or provide access to your device, at which point they’ll install malware and siphon off personal information.

Protect yourself by familiarizing yourself with the following eight ways fraudsters employ Geek Squad scams.

Auto-renewal scams

The Geek Squad email renewal scam starts with a bogus email or text that says your Geek Squad subscription is being automatically renewed for some exorbitant amount of money, usually around $400, and charged to your credit card. If the renewal is a mistake, the message says, call the provided number—supplied by the scammer, naturally—within 24 hours, and Best Buy will cancel the subscription for a small fee.

Everyone is fair game for this scam. It doesn’t matter whether you currently have, used to have or have never had an account with the Geek Squad.

Security support scams

When surfing the internet, you see a flashing pop-up that tells you your computer has been infected with hacking software or a virus. You must call the Geek Squad at the number on the screen—provided by the scammer—to get it fixed. Once you do, they’ll charge you a lot of money to “fix” a problem you never had.

Malware scams

Here’s a surefire way to identify a scammer: Some security support scams will ask you to download special software that will allow the Geek Squad tech to see your computer, diagnose the problem and fix it remotely. What this software actually does is give the scammer access to your entire system, where they can steal any information you have stored.

Ransomware scams

To add insult to injury, once you’ve installed the scammer’s software and they’ve remotely taken over your device, they may ask you to pay them a fee to unlock your information. They usually ask for payment in untraceable gift cards.

Tech support scams

You get a bogus email offering free or discounted tech support services from the Geek Squad as a thank-you for being such a loyal customer. When you call to set up the appointment, the customer service rep will ask for your credit card—just to book the service. Except that’s not a customer service rep, you’re not talking to Best Buy and you don’t get support. Scammers, however, get your money.

Accidental overpayment scams

You get an urgent email saying you’ve overpaid for a service and are owed a refund. You don’t remember buying anything from the Geek Squad, but hey, who doesn’t want more money? Once you call the (fake) number, the Best Buy representative will offer to send you the money. The catch: You first have to pay a small fee, often with gift cards.

Phishing scams

An official-looking email from Best Buy pops up in your inbox, saying the Geek Squad system has been hacked. The company is asking all of its customers to log in to their accounts and verify that their information is still correct. Another version of the Geek Squad phishing email asks you to reset your Best Buy password for security purposes.

These may sound legit, but everything about these emails is a scam, from the so-called hack to the supposedly legitimate links. In fact, the links included in these emails take you to a fake site that then steals your personal information when you enter it.

Recovery scams

Once the scam is completed and you realize you’ve lost your money and/or your personal data, you may feel desperate to get it back. Scammers know this, so the person who defrauded you (or a close associate) may reach out to you again. They’ll pretend to be someone from the real Geek Squad who can fix it or reclaim your lost items, money and other details—for a fee.

Don’t fall for the ruse! These recovery scammers will just take more of your money and disappear.

Red flags of the Geek Squad scam

kupritz/getty images

First, it’s important to know and learn to recognize the hallmarks of nearly all scams, including romance scams, Amazon scams and bank scams, says Hathaway. Those include the following characteristics.

Provoking a strong emotion

It’s easier to manipulate you if you’re very excited, scared, angry or greedy. In such heightened states of emotion, you’ll be less suspicious and more willing to overlook other red flags.

Creating urgency

If you feel like you have to act fast to avoid getting charged or losing your information, you’ll be more likely to ignore your instincts.

Offering a deal that’s too good to be true

Scammers prey on greed, and they know that offering you something like free money or services is a great way to get you to do things you otherwise wouldn’t. That’s true for crypto scams, OfferUp scams and, yes, the Geek Squad scam.

Including confusing or inaccurate details

Scammers often don’t take the time to make sure that all the details line up and will use bogus information, banking on the hope that you won’t verify it. And you may not—phone numbers and emails can be spoofed to look like they’re from legitimate companies, after all.

Geek Squad scams are relatively easy to spot, once you know what to look for, says Noble. These red flags are clear tip-offs that you’re dealing with a scammer:

  • The message has a generic greeting and doesn’t use your name.

  • The return email address uses a Gmail, Yahoo Mail or other nonofficial account.

  • Logos, phone numbers, email addresses and other information doesn’t match the company’s official site.

  • You haven’t purchased anything from Best Buy recently and/or you don’t have a Geek Squad subscription.

  • The person threatens you. Suffice to say, no company (including Best Buy) will issue threats.

  • The message is filled with bad grammar and spelling. Such mistakes are uncommon in information from large corporations, which double-check all their communications.

  • The message uses the word “kindly” often. For whatever reason, scammers love to use the word “kindly,” even though professional English communications almost never use it.

  • You’ve received unsolicited communication. You may get ads from the Geek Squad, but it won’t reach out to you unsolicited to ask for your personal or payment information.

  • The Geek Squad reaches out to you via social media, WhatsApp, text or other nonofficial communication channels. Official Geek Squad business always goes through official Geek Squad email accounts and phone numbers.

  • The message asks for payment in gift cards. Best Buy and the Geek Squad will never do this.

How to avoid getting scammed

The experts say there are smart steps you can take to avoid falling victim to the Geek Squad scam, including the following:

  • Do not give anyone any passwords, usernames, phone numbers, social security numbers, verification codes (a key element of Google Voice scams, by the way) or credit card numbers via text or email.

  • Always go to the website yourself rather than clicking a link in an email or text.

  • Never call the number in a web page’s pop-up window.
  • If you’re unsure of the legitimacy of an email, text or phone call, go to the Geek Squad or Best Buy website, look up the customer service number and call it yourself. Never respond with questions for the scammer.

  • Don’t download any unknown software onto your computer or phone.

  • Never make a payment with gift cards.

As a rule of thumb, stay skeptical and make people earn your trust, says Hathaway.

“The best way to avoid scammers is to treat everyone that is asking for personal information online as a scammer, even if they are a person you know well, because it is extremely easy to create fake emails, phone numbers, social media profiles and even websites that look identical to real ones,” says Noble. “Always be on guard.”


  • Matt Hathaway, cybersecurity expert and chief marketing and strategy officer at TrueFort
  • Oliver Noble, cybersecurity expert at NordLocker
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation: “Internet Crime Report 2021”
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Songs in rio: Various – Rio (Music From The Motion Picture) | Releases

Various – Rio (Music From The Motion Picture) | Releases

More images

Genre: Latin, Stage & Screen
Style: Soundtrack
The Rio Singers– Real In Rio 3:47
Carlinhos Brown– Let Me Take You To Rio (Blu’s Arrival) 1:54
Sergio Mendes*– Mas Que Nada (2011 Rio Version) 2:44
Jamie Foxx– Hot Wings (I Wanna Party) 2:16
Jemaine Clement– Pretty Bird 2:03
Jamie Foxx– Fly Love 2:39
Taio Cruz– Telling The World 3:33
Siedah Garrett– Funky Monkey 2:24
Ester Dean– Take You To Rio 3:26
Mikael Mutti– Balanco Carioca 3:01
Carlinhos Brown– Sapo Cai 2:46
Bebel Gilberto– Samba De Orly 2:49
Sergio Mendes*– Valsa Carioca 2:35
  • Beth Caucci

    Arranged By

  • Michael John Mollo

    Arranged By

  • Paul Mounsey

    Arranged By

  • Victor Chaga

    Arranged By

  • Dina Hovsepian

    Art Direction

  • Nico Abondolo

    Bass [Featured Bassist]

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    Labels & Companies


    Rio (Music From The Motion Picture)

    CD, Album

    Interscope Records – 276 771-7 Thailand 2011 Thailand — 2011

    New Submission

    Rio (Music From The Motion Picture)

    CD, Album

    Interscope Records – B0015466-02 US 2011 US — 2011

    New Submission

    Rio (Music From The Motion Picture)

    CD, Album

    Fox Music – 0602527677170, Interscope Records – 0602527677170, Will. I.Am Music Group – 0602527677170

    +1 more label…

    Europe 2011 Europe — 2011

    New Submission

    Rio (Music From The Motion Picture)

    CD, Album

    Fox Music – 60252767720, Interscope Records – 60252767720, Will.I.Am Music Group – 60252767720

    +1 more label…

    Brazil 2011 Brazil — 2011

    New Submission

    Rio (Music From The Motion Picture)

    CD, Album, Flag Edition

    Interscope Records – 0602527677170, Fox Music – 0602527677170, 20th Century Fox – 0602527677170, Will.I.Am Music Group – 0602527677170

    +2 more labels…

    Malaysia 2011 Malaysia — 2011

    New Submission

    Rio (Music From The Motion Picture)

    CD, Album

    Interscope Records – B001546602, Fox Music – B001546602, 20th Century Fox – B001546602, Will.i.am Music Group – B001546602

    +2 more labels. ..

    Canada 2011 Canada — 2011

    New Submission

    Rio (Music From The Motion Picture)

    CD, Album

    Interscope Records – 2767717 Mexico 2011 Mexico — 2011

    New Submission

    • Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

      Danny Elfman

    • Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl

      Klaus Badelt

    • Disney’s Hercules (An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack)

      Alan Menken, David Zippel

    • The Incredibles

      Michael Giacchino

    Edit Master Release
    New Submission

    Buy a copySell a copy

    • Have:121
    • Want:25
    • Avg Rating:4.22 / 5
    • Ratings:9

    Rio (2011) – Soundtracks – IMDb


    • Cast & crew
    • User reviews
    • Trivia


    • Real In Rio

        Music by Sergio Mendes, Carlinhos Brown, Mikael Mutti and John Powell

        Lyrics by Siedah Garrett

        Performed by The Rio Singers

        Produced by Sergio Mendes, John Powell, Carlinhos Brown and Mikael Mutti

    • Whoomp! There It Is

        Written by Stephen Gibson and Cecil Glenn

        Performed by Tag Team

        Courtesy of DM Records, Inc.

    • Let Me Take You to Rio

        Music and Lyrics by Ester Dean, Carlinhos Brown and Mikael Mutti

        Performed by Ester Dean and Carlinhos Brown

        Produced by Ester Dean and John Powell

        Ester Dean performs courtesy of Zone4/Interscope Records

    • Say You, Say Me

        Written, Performed and Courtesy of Lionel Richie

    • Sapo Cai

        Music by Sergio Mendes & Carlinhos Brown

        Arranged by John Powell

        Lyrics by Sergio Mendes, Carlinhos Brown and Mikael Mutti

        Performed by Carlinhos Brown and Mikael Mutti

        Produced by Sergio Mendes, John Powell, Carlinhos Brown and Mikael Mutti

    • Copacabana Dreams

        Music by Sergio Mendes and John Powell

        Performed by Sergio Mendes

        Produced by Sergio Mendes and John Powell

    • Pretty Bird

        Music by Jemaine Clement and John Powell

        Lyrics by Jemaine Clement, Yoni Brenner and Mike Reiss

        Performed by Jemaine Clement

        Produced by John Powell

    • The Girl from Ipanema

        Written by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes (as Vinicius De Moraes) and Norman Gimbel

        English lyrics by Norman Gimbel

        Performed by George Lopez and Bebel Gilberto

    • Funky Monkey

        Music by Carlinhos Brown and Mikael Mutti

        Lyrics by Siedah Garrett, Carlinhos Brown and Mikael Mutti

        Performed by Siedah Garrett, Carlinhos Brown, Mikael Mutti and Davi Vieira

        Produced by John Powell, Carlinhos Brown and Mikael Mutti

    • Mas Que Nada

        Written by Jorge Ben Jor (as Jorge Ben)

        Performed by Sergio Mendes featuring Gracinha Leporace

        Produced by Sergio Mendes and John Powell

    • Forro Da Fruta

        Music and Lyrics by Carlinhos Brown and Mikael Mutti

        Performed by Carlinhos Brown and Mikael Mutti

        Produced by Sergio Mendes, John Powell, Carlinhos Brown and Mikael Mutti

    • Balanço Carioca

        Written, Performed and Produced by Mikael Mutti

    • Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)

        Written by Will. i.am (as William Adams)

        Performed by Will.i.am (as will.i.am), Jamie Foxx and Anne Hathaway

        Produced by Will.i.am (as will.i.am)

        Jamie Foxx performs courtesy of J Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

        will.i.am performs courtesy of will.i.am music llc / Interscope Records

    • Fly Love

        Music by Carlinhos Brown

        Lyrics by Siedah Garrett

        Performed by Jamie Foxx

        Produced by John Powell and Carlinhos Brown

        Jamie Foxx performs courtesy of J Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

    • The Chicken Dance

        Written by Werner Thomas and Terry Rendall

    • Real in Rio (New Home)

        Music by Sergio Mendes, Carlinhos Brown, Mikael Mutti and John Powell

        Lyrics by Siedah Garrett

        Performed by Jesse Eisenberg, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, Will. i.am and The Rio Singers

        Produced by Sergio Mendes, John Powell, Carlinhos Brown and Mikael Mutti

    • Telling the World

        Written by Taio Cruz and Alan Kasirye

        Performed by Taio Cruz

        Produced by Taio Cruz

        Co-Produced by Alan Nglish

        Courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group

        Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

    • Take You to Rio

        Written by Ester Dean, Mikkel Storleer Eriksen and Tor Erik Hermansen (as Tor Erik Hermansen)

        Performed by Ester Dean

        Produced by Stargate for 45th & 3rd Music LLC

        Executive Producers: Tim Blacksmith and Danny D.

        Ester Dean performs courtesy of Zone4/Interscope Records

    • Drop It Low


        Written and Performed by Will.i.am

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    Rio 1 soundtrack

    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Score

    Original soundtrack and music





    John Powell

    Various artists

    Number of songs


    900 12 Format


    192 kbps

    251 Mb

    The following are the musical compositions that sounded in the cartoon “Rio 1”.
    It is not necessary to download the entire soundtrack at once, you can check if the song or background music you need is included in the collection. To do this, you can listen to any track online, and after that you can download the entire album for free.

    All music and songs from the cartoon “Rio 1″ – Rio”

    are available for online listening,
    however, its sound quality is much lower than in the album presented for download, which includes all mp3 tracks at once.

    You can download the full soundtrack to the cartoon “Rio 1” for free

    in high quality (bitrate is indicated in the album description).


    The quality of the tracks presented on the site for listening is not higher than 100 kbps.

    Original Soundtrack music by various artists

    900 62 11

    Samba De Orly

    Bebel Gilberto

    2:50 049

    Sapo Cai

    Carlinhos Brown & Mikael Mutti


    Take You to Rio

    Ester Dean


    Let Me Take You to Rio (Blu’s Arrival)

    Ester Dean & Carlinhos Brown


    Fly Love


    Pretty Bird

    Jemaine Clement


    Real in Rio

    Jesse Eisenberg, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, will. i.am , & the Rio Singers


    Balanco Carioca

    Mikael Mutti



    Capocabana Dreams

    Sergio Mendes


    Sergio Mendes


    Mas Que Nada (2011 Rio Version)

    Sergios Mendez feat. Gracinha Leporace


    Funky Monkey

    Siedah Garrett, Carlinhos Brown, Mikael Mutti & Davi Vieira


    Telling the World

    Taio Cruz

    14 9 0002 Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)

    will.i.am, Jamie Foxx & Anne Hathaway


    Original Score composer’s original music, as a rule, written specifically for a particular work, sometimes such an album includes tracks by other artists

    900 58

    Birds Moved

    John Powell


    Market Forro

    Carlinhos Brown & Mikael Mutti


    Bagged and Missing

    John Powell


    Bedtime Flyers

    John Powell


    Bird Fight 63



    John Powell

    3:37 2:33

    Chained Chase

    John Powell



    John Powell 62


    Great Big Momma Bird

    John Powell



    John Powell

    2:32 8


    Idiot Glider

    John Powell


    Juicy Little Mango 63


    Locked Up

    John Powell


    Meet Tulio

    John Powell 8


    Morning Routine

    John Powell 9



    John Powell

    1:23 9 0063


    Paradise Group

    John Powell


    Rio Airport

    John Powell


    Umbrellas of Rio

    John Powell


    Bonus tracks that sounded in the film but were not included in the official soundtrack

    9 0051



    Carlinhos Brown

    2:41 49


    Say You, Say Me

    lionel richie




    Whoomp! (There It Is)

    Tag Team


    Boom Boom Boom

    The Outhere Brothers


    Drop It Low


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