Reviews ge refrigerators: GE Refrigerator: 2023 GE Refrigerators Reviewed

GE Refrigerator: 2023 GE Refrigerators Reviewed

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It can be difficult to choose the best GE refrigerator for your home, considering a wide price range from under $799 to well over $2,999. Moreover, the layout of your kitchen combined with many configurations available (example: French door, side-by-side, counter-depth, and more) make the decision process complicated.

In this article, we’ll help you select the right GE refrigerator along with best fridges you can find on the market. Besides, there are lots of other valuable knowledge you’ll be armed with. One quick note. GE makes the best freezer in the market for long term food storage. We covered those products in a separate article. Are you ready? Let’s dive in…

5 Best GE Refrigerators

All About GE Refrigerator: Brand And Model Options

GE Appliances, with its headquarters in Kentucky, is a major home appliance manufacturing brand with about 100 refrigerator models. With over 125 years of experience, the brand is committed to delivering innovative products that are reliable and made to improve the life and comfort of families everywhere.

GE Refrigerator is known for its innovative features, impressive design styles, and reliability. It comes in three major GE Appliance series – the regular GE series, the GE Profile series, and the Cafe series.

What is the Difference Between GE, Profile, and Cafe Refrigerator?

The major difference is in the design finishing and style. The Cafe series are modeled after restaurant refrigerators both in design and functionality. They have large control dials, robust door handles, and sturdy designs. The Profile series refrigerators have sleeker designs with curved handles.

In functionality, the Cafe series have flexible storage systems that enable maximum space usage. They dispense both cold and hot water, unlike the Profile series, which are limited to cold water only. The regular GE series refrigerators are your regular refrigerators, equipped with basic refrigerator features, and are affordable.

Are GE Refrigerators Any Good?

There are several essential factors you need to consider before buying a refrigerator. These have been covered in detail in our previous blog post on how to choose a good refrigerator.

GE Appliances, being a dependable brand, eliminates the need to look at some of the factors which are covered by all their products. They have good refrigerators with great features and are built to make your life easy. Let’s look at how GE refrigerators perform under these headings.

1. Reliability

The last thing you would expect from a refrigerator is for it to break down barely a year after purchase. This is exactly why reliability is a top factor you need to consider when buying a refrigerator. But, in the end, a refrigerator is just as reliable as the brand name.

Fortunately, GE Appliances is one of the most reliable and best refrigerator brands in the country alongside Samsung refrigerator, LG fridge, and Whirlpool refrigerator. You should expect to get about the same quality of service from GE Appliances as you would get from other popular refrigerator brands.

2. Temperature Control

This is the first of the essential factors to consider when buying a GE refrigerator. How good the refrigerator works depends on three components – the compressor, the evaporators, and air circulation. These determine four important refrigerator qualities:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air Filtration
  • Air Flow

Good refrigerators always maintain a uniform temperature inside the box. They are also designed to withstand ambient temperature swings. Most GE refrigerators have upfront and easy-to-use temperature controls that allow you to select your desired temperature.

GE’s Turbo Cool and Turbo Freeze settings help to speed up cooling when needed. For food items such as fruits and vegetables that require maximum preservation, you need refrigerators that can optimally control humidity, air filtration, and airflow.

GE Profile GFD28GSLSS is equipped with two-humidity controlled drawers for this purpose.

3. Water Dispenser & Ice Maker

Nearly all GE refrigerators come equipped with a water dispenser and ice maker. In fact, GE Appliances has the edge over other brands because they are designed to provide and store a good quantity of ice.

The GFD28GSLSS, for example, comes with an optional 2nd ice maker to ensure you do not run out of ice accidentally. The water dispenser also has an LED dispenser light to guard against overfill, a door alarm, and a water filter indicator light.

The PYE22PYNFS which replaced the popular PYE22PSKSS dispenses ice cubes and crushed ice, while the PSS28KSHSS makes ice 50% faster than other models. The PYE22PYNFS is remarkable because it also packs a Keurig K-Cup Brewing System for coffee. But unlike some high-end LG refrigerators, GE refrigerators do not make craft ice.

4. Interior Design

Your choice of refrigerator based on interior design depends on your taste and home needs. Do you want to store more small items and need sliding shelves that create space?

Do you need to access frequently consumed foods, like eggs, cheese and milk, without letting valuable, cool air out? Do you need more natural light inside the box?

GE refrigerators all have certain unique interior features. The PSS28KSHSS, for instance, comes with multilevel drawers, glass freezer shelves, and adjustable door bins to create more space. The GFD28GSLSS has a door in door feature to access frequently consumed foods and drinks, and the GDE21ESKSS comes with a sliding drawer.

Door in Door Design in GE Refrigerators

What are the Popular Styles and Sizes of GE Refrigerators?

Door Design

GE refrigerators come in various models with varying door designs. Based on this, we can classify them into four categories:

  • French Door
  • Side by Side
  • Bottom Freezer
  • Top Freezer

GE, Profile, and Cafe Refrigerator Styles

French door refrigerators have the refrigerator portion on top of the freezing compartment. The refrigerator portion is covered by two doors that swing outward from the middle. French doors are often associated with luxury and, as such, carry higher prices than similar models with different door designs.

Just like the name suggests, side by side refrigerators has two doors as well, with each door covering either of the freezer and the fridge. Most of the GE side by side refrigerators have their freezer on the left side. The style sometimes creates space and storage problems and is usually less expensive than others.

The top freezer refrigerator has its freezer on top of the fridge portion, while the bottom freezer has its own below the fridge. They are usually the most spacious refrigerators with the bottom freezer models a little more expensive than the top freezer ones.

Installation Style

All refrigerator types are either seamless counter-depth or large capacity, Standard Depth models. Your choice totally depends on how you want your kitchen to look. Thankfully, GE Appliances allows you to choose the size of refrigerators that would work for your kitchen.

The bodies of counter-depth refrigerators are designed to align with your kitchen cabinet front edges. This gives your kitchen a streamlined look. The full-depth models stick out of the cabinets and offer more space.

The average 36-inch wide GE refrigerator has a counter-depth size of 21-23 cubic ft. and a full-depth size of 27-29 cubic ft. People sometimes wrongly size their cabinet space when buying refrigerators. This is a very important factor to consider, especially if you prefer a streamlined appearance.


GE refrigerators come in either of these eight elegant colors – white, black, slate, black slate, matte black, matte white, stainless steel, and black stainless steel. Our best GE Profile series refrigerators mostly have a stainless-steel exterior. The idea is to match kitchen cabinets and make it easy to clean.

Slate and black slate colors are unique to the regular GE series. Matte black and matte white are Cafe specific colors and are meant to give your kitchen a luxurious look. With Cafe series, you can customize handle colors too. Some models, like the GTE15CTHRWW, however, have an elegant white color.

GE Refrigerator Colors

Do GE Refrigerators Have WiFi Connectivity? Is There an App?

Connectivity features are mostly present in high-end refrigerators and improve the sense of luxury at home. Depending on your need and desire, you can go for refrigerators that track what is inside or can be controlled using voice.

Yes, there are several GE refrigerators with connectivity features. A good number of these, like the PFE28KELDS and the PYE22KMKES are optional Wi-Fi connect refrigerators that require the ConnectPlus module.

The PVD28BYNFS and the PYE22PYNFS are equipped with a built-in Wifi connect option. These fridges can be controlled using voice and support Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

With the connectivity feature, you can control your GE refrigerator using the GE Kitchen App. This enables you to schedule hot water, adjust the temperature, receive important alerts, and get updates on the status of the items in the refrigerator.

Are GE Refrigerators Energy Efficient?

GE Appliances are energy efficient and offer a less environmental impact. In fact, the ENERGY STAR series are known to surpass federal energy efficiency requirements. You can save a couple of hundred bucks in energy bills per year with GE refrigerators.

Our 5 Best GE Refrigerators

Before we reviewed these refrigerator models, we had a hard time deciding which factors will weigh more than the others. GE has great refrigerators models in each series and style.

Each comes with unique features that set it apart from the others. We considered reliability, quality, comfort, pricing, and the unique features they carry. Here are the top 5 GE Refrigerator Models in the market.

1) Best for Budget: GE GTE16DTNRWW Top-Freezer

GE refrigerator GTE16DTNRWW

The Energy Star rated GTE15CTHRWW used to be our top pick of the GE top-freezer refrigerator models. Since 2016, it has also been consistently rated as the most dependable refrigerator by other merchants, consumers and third- party rating systems.

The GTE15CTHRWW has adjustable freezer shelves that make it easier to fit in items. The clear drawers make finding and monitoring items easy too. The refrigerator also has a large storage space by the door, which can accommodate large containers.

As of December 2019, GE no longer manufactures the GTE15CTHRWW. The company replaced the model with GTE16DTNRWW, which is slightly larger at 15.6 Cu. Ft..

Besides the reliability, the GTE16DTNRWW has easy-to-use temperature controls. This allows you to select your desired temperature range for your food. The refrigerator comes equipped with LED lighting, and the moveable racks make it easy to pack and arrange food items in the refrigerator.

The GTE16DTNRWW exceeds federal energy efficiency requirements, making it one of the most efficient refrigerator models in the market. This saves you some money in energy bills. The model’s high gloss white color make the outer surface and appearance easy to clean too.

2) Best Bottom Freezer: GE GDE21ESKSS

30-inch 20.9 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

GE refrigerator GDE21ESKSS

In the bottom-freezer category, the GDE21ESKSS comes out as our best GE refrigerator. Besides the basic refrigerator fittings, there are other features we found interesting.

The GDE21ESKSS is armed with an advanced water filtration system that removes 98% of trace chemicals and pharmaceuticals from water and ice. Well, if you think that’s really cool, you will find the model’s automatic factory-installed ice maker amazing.

When it comes to storage and space, the GDE21ESKSS is 30″ wide and has a sliding drawer that enables you to create more space to fit in items. There are food shelves, drawers, and bins, for storing and proper arrangements.

The model makes use of a multi-flow air system for better temperature management. The upfront easy-to-use temperature controls allow you to choose accurate temperature levels for your food and drinks.

If you are looking for a bottom-freezer temperature which is easy to operate, reliable, and gives you more than enough space, we recommend the GDE21ESKSS.

3) Best Side by Side: GE Profile PSS28KYHFS

36-inch 28.4 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator

GE refrigerator PSS28KYHFS

The Profile Series PSS28KYHFS easily comes out on top for the best side-by-side GE refrigerators. Just like the GDE21ESKSS, the PSS28KSHSS has an advanced water filtration system that removes 98% of trace chemicals.

The model is equipped with an Arctica ice maker that holds as much as 10 lbs. of ice and creates ice 50% faster than other refrigerators in the category.

The PSS28KYHFS comes fitted with multilevel drawers, glass freezer shelves, and adjustable door bins. These features make it easier to arrange food items properly for space. The temperature management system is controlled by 4 electronic sensors and a short air tower with easy-to-use, accurate controls.

Unlike the GDE21ESKSS and the GTE16DTNRWW, the PSS28KYHFS is equipped with a dispenser for chilled water, ice cubes, and crushed ice. The dispenser features include a door alarm and child lock for safety purposes. The refrigerator also has angled LED lighting that illuminates the entire freezer and fresh food compartment.

The PSS28KYHFS is a remarkable refrigerator that’s really great, especially for people that require a steady supply of ice cubes. Currently, the model is a top-rated side-by-side refrigerator.

4) Best French Door: GE GFD28GSLSS

27.8 Cu. Ft. French-Door Refrigerator, Door In Door Style

GE refrigerator GFD28GSLSS

Please note that this model is temporarily discontinued during the pandemic.

GE French doors are built to give your kitchen a luxurious look. GE GFD28GSLSS provides that and more. It has a “door-in-door” design that grants you quick access to everyday items like snacks and drinks.

The refrigerator’s icemaker is placed at the door and has integrated bins that create extra storage space. There is also an optional second icemaker placed in the freezer that comes in handy when you need a steady supply of ice.

The GFD28GSLSS has an advanced water filtration system that makes use of the RPWFE replacement filter to remove 98% of trace pharmaceuticals from water and ice. The model is also equipped with TwinChill evaporators, which maintain separate climates in the freezer and fresh food section always.

As a plus, the GFD28GSLSS packs extra features that include Wi-Fi connectivity, door alarm, ice dispenser, and electronic temperature display.

The GFD28GSLSS lacks the hands-free autofill feature that is present in some other GE door-in-door models but manages to come out ahead of others in the category.

5) Best Overall GE Refrigerator: GE profile PYE22PYNFS

36-inch 22. 2 Cu. Ft. Smart Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator

GE refrigerator PYE22PYNFS

The GE Profile PYE22PYNFS is the overall best GE refrigerator in our list. It recently replaced the popular predecessor PYE22PSKSS with the fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish. The Keurig K-Cup coffee brewing system is the first feature, among others, that sets it apart from other refrigerators.

The model uses the counter-depth installation style, which makes it fit perfectly into your kitchen layout and amplifies the general outlook.

Perhaps, the most impressive feature of the PYE22PYNFS is its smartness. It is equipped with ConnectPlus WiFi system that allows you to control the refrigerator with your voice. There’s also the GE Kitchen app with which you can schedule hot water for brewing tea or coffee.

Just like the GFD28GSLSS, the PYE22PYNFS has an advanced water filtration system that uses the RPWFE filter to remove trace pharmaceuticals. It is also equipped with TwinChill evaporators for separate climates in the freezer and fresh food compartment. There’s also the showcase LED lighting, the door alarm, and the external digital temperature display.

The Profile series ENERGY STAR PYE22PYNFS is a high-end refrigerator with premium pricing. But it surely complements a luxurious lifestyle and offers good value for the money.


GE Appliances refrigerators are known for their reliability, good quality, and innovative features. This is reflected in all their refrigerator models on the market. They have great longevity and all have at least a 1-year company warranty.

In our review, we looked at reliability, energy efficiency, user comfort, extra features, and pricing in that order before we ranked the refrigerators. The Profile series PYE22PYNFS easily beats the other models to become our #1 GE refrigerator model. We love its smartness, the Keurig K-Cup coffee brewing system, and other cool features.

The other refrigerator models on our list are our top picks in their categories and also have great features. Before you finally settle for the GE refrigerator to buy, we recommend you go through our buying guide and also consider your budget. You can always get good GE refrigerators and proper guidance at Designer Appliances, your authorized retailer.

Stay cool, always!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are GE refrigerators made?
GE makes its refrigerators in different factories around the USA and overseas. As an example, xxAP5 models come from Louisville, while xxxSXS and some value French door models come from Celaya Mexico. On the other hand, the new 4 door refrigerator platform (inlcuding Profile and Cafe) are made in the state of the art factory in China.

Finally, the top freezers (which is still almost half of the GE refrigerators sold on the market) come from a newly renovated factory in Decatur, Alabama.

How long do GE refrigerators last?
The lifespan of a good and well-maintained refrigerator can be anywhere from 14 to 26 years. With proper support, GE refrigerators may last a bit longer. Ensure you read the refrigerator guide and take care proper care of your refrigerator.

Are GE refrigerators reliable?
GE Appliances is one of the top three refrigerator brands in USA. Their refrigerators are built to be reliable and provide good value for money.

Which is better: Side by side or French Door GE refrigerator?
A French door refrigerator is basically a side by side refrigerator with a bottom freezer. So you are better off getting a French door refrigerator which is similar to your desired side by side model. But some GE side by side refrigerators have better features than some French door refrigerators.

What temperature should my GE refrigerator be set at?
Your freezer should be set at 0 F for optimal performance. The temperature of the refrigerator portion depends on the item inside, but should always be kept below 40 F (ideally at 37 F).

What do you think about GE Profile PWE23KSKSS?
After we published our review we received multiple inquiries about this GE Profile refrigerator. Here is a quick rundown of our experience with PWE23.
This counter depth French door fridge comes in 36-inch width and 69-inch height which makes it a good fit for most standard kitchens. You can set the temperature with an actual thermostat instead of relying on ancient smoke signals such as a 1,2,3 designators found on less capable fridges. The PWE23 holds the temperature and dual evaporators help keep humidity and cool air circulation balanced between the fridge and freezer compartments. This brings the benefit of longevity in food preservation.

The PWE23KSKSS comes in multiple colors – Stainless Steel, Slate, and Black Slate.

What is a garage-ready refrigerator? Can’t I just use my fridge in the garage?
Most garages are not insulated. Therefore, they get hot in the summer months and very cold during the winter time. The performance of a refrigerator depends on the ambient temperature. During days of lows or highs (not even extreme conditions) a regular refrigerator may not perform. For example, you are in New Jersey and the garage temperature has a reading of 37 F. Your refrigerator may shutdown the compressor which then lets the items in the freezer spoil.

GE Profile Refrigerator Reviews [+Our Top 3 Picks] | East Coast Appliance

The refrigerator acts as the hub of the household. It holds snacks, beverages, meal ingredients, and ice cream, drawing heavy traffic throughout the entire day. To streamline kitchen operations at home, the GE Profile refrigerator line stays current with trends while maintaining a balance in form and function. The look, advanced technologies, smart capabilities, and advanced water filtration systems set it apart from other GE refrigerator models.

The biggest difference between GE Profile and Café refrigerators are in the design, finish, and style. The Profile line has a sleeker, more minimalistic look, while the Café choices are modeled more after restaurant-grade appliances. The Profile collection is also a step up from the standard GE refrigerator line that have the standard look, feel, and features.

A new refrigerator needs to have ample space, a flexible and versatile setup, and a clean look to tie into the rest of the kitchen. Read our GE Profile refrigerator reviews to see how these products fit the bill.

At a Glance:

Is the GE Profile refrigerator right for my household?

What makes this GE Profile refrigeration better?

What are the best GE Profile refrigerators?

Who is this product for?

With plenty of features and a broad range of mid- to high-end price points, the GE Profile line is best for individual and family households with larger budgets. It is not the most budget-friendly brand, but most models are more affordable than the typical luxury pick. The Profile brand is a considerable resource for shoppers with mid-range budgets looking for a great value.

Performance Overviews

Reflective of its upper mid-range price point, the GE Profile refrigerator line has premium-tier features, making them optimal performance appliances. The Showcase LED lighting gives the kitchen a high-end feel that also enhances usability. The Turbo Cool setting uses intelligent design to keep internal temperatures at their optimum every time the door is opened.

Premium Features:

  • Showcase LED lighting
  • Turbo Cool setting
  • QuickSpace convertible shelf and adjustable glass shelves
  • Sleek, curved design
  • Advanced preservation technology
  • Smart capabilities
  • Advanced water filtration

Special features on upgraded models range from built-in WiFi operation to TwinChill™ evaporators, FrostGuard technology, and a Door in Door with rotating bin designed for easy access to snacks and refrigerated essentials.

Pros and Cons of GE Profile Refrigerators

Like any high-ticket appliance item, it is good to know the pros and cons of your purchase. Here are our thoughts on the subject:

Pros of GE Profile Refrigerators

A lot of the pros of the GE Profile refrigeration line revolve around the performance and functionality of the appliance. A great interior design leads to more efficient use of space while the exterior design gives the kitchen a more luxurious touch. They are also among the most reliable picks in the refrigeration category.

Counter depth options also allow the fridge to line up most closely with the cabinet line, preventing it from sticking out into the kitchen; however, this is done by losing valuable refrigeration space inside.

The Profile models also come in a wide range of color combinations, including matte options, stainless-steel options, and traditional black and white options.

In summary:

✓ Smart capabilities

✓ Wide range of mid to upper-level price points

✓ Great performance specs

✓ Large capacities

Cons of GE Profile Refrigerators

By the same token, the GE Profile line is not without its cons; however, the list is relatively light.

In summary:

✗ More expensive than other refrigerators

✗ No panel-ready options

GE Profile Refrigerator Reviews: Our Top 3 Picks

Within the GE Profile line, there are still several models to choose from. So, how do you pick the right refrigerator? We’ve helped by narrowing the list down to three choices, by category. Here are our top GE Profile refrigerator picks:

  • Best Overall: GE Profile 27.6 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator (PVD28BYNFS)
  • Best Value: GE Profile 25.3 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Side By Side Refrigerator (PSE25KYHFS)
  • Best Luxury: GE Profile 28.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth Side By Side Refrigerator (PSB48YSRSS)

1. Best Overall: GE Profile 27.6 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator (PVD28BYNFS)

Shop Now

Our pick for best overall GE Profile refrigerator is this four-door model. The door-in-door features an adjustable temperature drawer with a bin caddy while the clean lines of the fridge are enhanced by the minimal display over the dispenser, simple pull handles in stainless-steel, and LED wall lighting. This GE Profile French door refrigerator also features built-in WiFi that will alert the connected devices any time the internal temperature drops. Plus, soft-close drawers prevent heavy hands from slamming them shut, and the hands-free autofill dispenser makes refill day much easier.

Key Features:

  • Fingerprint resistant stainless
  • Hands-free Autofill
  • LED light wall
  • Adjustable temperature drawer with bin caddy
  • Door in Door with rotating door bin
  • Soft-close drawers
  • Built-in WiFi
  • TwinChill™ evaporators

2. Best Value: GE Profile 25.3 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Side By Side Refrigerator (PSE25KYHFS)

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This GE Profile side by side refrigerator comes with a great, clean look and robust features with a nice and affordable price tag. The exterior carries the stylish, minimalist look that is signature to the Profile line. It is adorned with curved stainless-steel handles and a water and ice dispenser that blends in seamlessly with the overall design. Inside, this refrigerator was engineered to accommodate everyday needs with style and panache. The specially engineered space-saving shelf system easily slides back to create more room. Spills are contained and easily cleaned with spill-proof shelving and raised edges.

Key Features:

  • Space-saving shelf system
  • Spill-proof glass shelving
  • Advanced water filter
  • 7 flush-mounted LED lights
  • Quick Ice in up to 50% less time
  • Large freezer baskets

3. Best Luxury: GE Profile 28.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth Side By Side Refrigerator (PSB48YSRSS)

Shop Now

A great, extra tall profile gives this GE Profile counter depth refrigerator the look of luxury. The streamlined appearance of a built-in fridge that is designed to fit inside cabinetry gives this counter-depth model an edge over freestanding options. The dispenser is integrated right into the refrigerator door with LED lighting and the control panel easily accessible. This provides easy access to temperature settings and lock capabilities on GE Profile refrigerator water filters.

Key Features:

  • Built-in WiFi
  • Large door bins
  • Freezer baskets
  • Advanced filtration system
  • Overhead cabinet access
  • Advanced temperature management system

Shop GE Profiles Refrigerators at East Coast Appliance

East Coast Appliance is The Discount King, meaning you can find all your standard appliances, great accessories, and the best brand names in once place. Shop GE Profile refrigerators online today or visit us at one of our locations in today at one of our 10 appliance showrooms in Virginia, including locations in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Richmond.

Learn More: 6 Reasons You Should Shop GE Refrigerators

ᐅ General Electric TFG20JR reviews — 1 honest customer review of the refrigerator General Electric TFG20JR





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Average rating General Electric TFG20JR – 5
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General Electric TFG20JR


Feedback information updated on 06/09/2023

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Moskalenko Igor, 21. 01.2012

Reliable, simple and convenient

Too big 🙂 There were difficulties with skidding into the kitchen, but once set – worth it and happy!)

I advise:) Has served for more than 10 years without problems)

General characteristics

refrigerator with freezer
Freezer location
Side by Side
Color / Coating material
white / plastic
Number of chambers
Number of doors
Dimensions (WxDxH)
80x78x170 cm


Freezer defrost
No Frost
super freeze, temperature display


Total volume
574 l
Refrigerator volume
392 l
Freezer capacity
182 l

Other functions and features

Ice maker
Cold water system
Shelf material
Variable humidity chamber – for fruits and vegetables.

Before buying, check the technical characteristics and equipment with the seller


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Master Sergey Brykov made a complex repair of our refrigerator. We express our heartfelt gratitude to him for the excellent work! He is distinguished by high professionalism, cool equipment with modern equipment and wonderful human qualities. Thanks to the managers and all the staff for the clear organization of the case. We wish prosperity to your family!

Thank you very much to master Sergey Brykov! Fridge made quickly and efficiently.


Nowadays every house, apartment, office and store is full of household appliances. Sooner or later, a situation happens when it breaks down, and oddly enough, it happens at the most inopportune moment. It happened to me too … On the eve of my birthday, and this is the middle of July, the refrigerator broke down, just in time for the holiday, tightly packed with food. which could quickly deteriorate as well as the festive mood. Considering that all expenses are itemized, I decided to save money and called a private master, I thought it would be cheaper and come faster than through a company. This was my first mistake. The master really came quickly, examined the refrigerator, took the money for the necessary spare part and promised to return within 30-40 minutes. I waited almost two hours, started making phone calls, but the subscriber was not online. So my money disappeared along with the master. And since I didn’t think of looking at the documents or at least asking the address of the master, the money flew into the pipe along with the master … After that, I decided to look for a refrigerator repairman via the Internet, and got on the advertisement of the Garant-Remont company. I read a lot of reviews and decided to try contacting them. Despite the fact that it was Saturday, the dispatcher entered the position and sent a mechanic on the same day. The master identified a breakdown, spoke about the cost of the work and the necessary part that he had with him, and already three hours after calling the company, my refrigerator worked like new. I was also issued a warranty card for the repair. After such an experience of communicating with two, such different masters, I realized that it is better to call a master from the company who will quickly and efficiently do the necessary repair work on any equipment, and in which case, you always know who to complain about. After this incident, my neighbors and acquaintances turned to this company and absolutely everyone was satisfied.

Satisfied with the services rendered, Valentina M.

Recently I ran into a problem where to repair my refrigerator efficiently, quickly and inexpensively. As it turned out, not all workshops undertake to make GE refrigerators, explaining this by the lack of spare parts for them. But I was lucky to get to the Garant-Remont company, which provides repair services and has components even for rare brands of refrigerators, which, as it turned out, was my General Electric. I filled out an application on the website, after 15 minutes the dispatcher called me and found out when it would be convenient for me to receive a mechanic. I clarified about the spare parts and their availability and confirmed the call. The master came the next day at the appointed time interval. He joked something about the refrigerator and quickly began to disassemble the insides. I poked around in it for about 20 minutes with a tester, then took out some kind of sensor, explaining how it should work, and how it works for us. To be honest, I didn’t understand anything, we are creative people, and we never really delved into the work of household appliances, but from the amount of information received about my refrigerator, I realized that the master knows not only his business, but also my refrigerator like his five fingers. By the way, the master’s name is Vladislav, if anyone needs an experienced mechanic! The repair lasted about an hour, and then Vladislav also told us how to properly care for our pet. I want to express my gratitude to the workshop in his person for the quality repairs and good attitude, if only there were more such people in the service sector!

Veniamin Anatolievich.

If your refrigerator starts to malfunction, for example, it makes uncharacteristic sounds and the temperature inside the chamber has noticeably increased, then the wisest decision would be to contact the service center and it’s better not to go in yourself, otherwise you can do even worse. It is impossible to delay with the repair of the refrigerator, because if the repair is carried out untimely or if non-original spare parts of household appliances are used, it can be completely damaged and cannot be restored, and the products will deteriorate :). In general, I was satisfied with how my refrigerator was repaired in this workshop! The price is also adequate and the master turned out to be pleasant – he did not swear and without fumes, which, you see, is quite rare with us. In a word – I recommend!

Sergey Sergeevich Lokritov

The specialist of the Garant-Remont company repaired our Stinol refrigerator in a very short time and at a reasonable price. After the restoration, it has become quieter and even looks newer than it was before, broken handles and drawers have been updated. It even seemed that just a family member was cured. An important point is the guarantee. After the repair, we received a guarantee, which we were incredibly pleased with, and even more pleased that after a month our refrigerator worked stably without any flaws. This once again proves that it is by no means possible to repair household appliances on your own, especially refrigerators and washing machines, only a specialist can quickly find a breakdown and provide timely assistance in repairing them. It is very convenient if it is possible to arrange a consultation with a specialist with a home visit online! We have repeatedly encountered a problem when the service requires the delivery of faulty equipment and does not ensure the departure of an employee. This is very inconvenient, since a malfunction can be eliminated by simply replacing a spare part, or vice versa, a breakdown can be very serious and require immediate repair. In any case, it is very nice to give life to old things, even if they are household appliances.

Vika and Sasha

Thanks to Danil, an employee of the company! Very competent, he told the cause of the breakdown of the equipment, and also named the final amount of the cost of replacing the damaged components after a short diagnosis. I, as a customer, had no doubts that the master who came to me would immediately eliminate the malfunction. When I ordered the repair of equipment, I absolutely did not take care of the transportation of damaged equipment, since diagnostics and repair of refrigerators are carried out at home. After the repair, my refrigerator works clearly and debugged like new. Therefore, I will advise you to use the services of this company, since the repair of the equipment of the master is carried out inexpensively and quickly.

Mikhail Stasov

For us, the breakdown of the Electrolux refrigerator was a complete surprise. It just stopped working is all. We tried several times to turn the refrigerator on and off, checked the serviceability of the outlet, but it never turned on, and the temperature inside kept dropping. Nothing to do, sat down at the computer to look for a company engaged in the repair of refrigerators. There are a lot of companies on the Internet that offer home appliance repair services and almost all of them promise the same thing. But we did not need promises, but a quickly and efficiently repaired refrigerator. First of all, we paid attention to the reviews and the cost of the work, trying to find a middle ground and not make a mistake with the choice. As a result, we chose one of the companies that offered repair of refrigerators at home at a reasonable price with a guarantee, and also has positive feedback from previous customers. We are very pleased with the repair. Firstly, master Boris arrived quickly, literally within a few hours after a phone call to the company. The company’s staff is very attentive and polite, it was noticeable even during a telephone conversation, when we left a request for repairs and our contact details. Having come to us, the master began to repair the refrigerator, it turned out that the engine had died. We were warned in advance that if a rare part needs to be replaced, the repair may take a day or two, but the master had the necessary engine with him, we were so happy that we would not have to live in inconvenience for several days. Refrigerator habitually purred after an hour. The master explained to us the cause of the breakdown and told us what to do and what not to do to extend the life of our refrigerator. Thanks to the fact that we turned to the right company that can guarantee the quality of home refrigerator repairs, we saved all the products and did not feel significant discomfort and great inconvenience due to its breakdown. Many thanks to the entire service center team!

Oksana Milonova

My mother’s refrigerator began to work abnormally at home. Malfunction: the appearance of water in the refrigerator compartment, a clear discrepancy between the temperature in the refrigerator compartment and the set mode, food spoilage.

Searches: a colleague at work suggested that repairing refrigerators at home is done quickly and efficiently by Garant-Remont. Always accepting such statements with doubt, I called about fifteen firms and private traders engaged in such activities. Everyone said that they eliminate such malfunctions, and the prices varied in some cases by half. For objectivity, I will say that everyone promised to determine the final price on the spot. Four of them named approximately the same low price and acceptable terms for the start and completion of repairs. One of them was the Garant-Remont company. I turned to her, taking into account the opinion of a colleague, so it played a decisive role.

Repair: the time of the arrival of the master was offered to call at a convenient time. Fortunately, the mother is a pensioner, the time was determined quickly and right the next day with the assurance that the master would come within an hour from 10.00 to 12.00. The master came at 11.10 and APOLOGIZED!! for the delay, citing traffic conditions. All operations were done in 25-30 minutes. The final cost was indeed determined on the spot after inspecting the refrigerator, and it turned out to be the same as the dispatcher announced. By the way, the thermostat began to act up. I am not a repair specialist and I can not say how well the malfunctions were fixed, but so far everything is working as it should. Conclusion: everyone should choose for himself, especially since there are a lot of offers, but now, if necessary, repair the refrigerator at home, based on my own experience, I recommend that my friends contact Garant-Remont.

Just a satisfied customer

More recently, I encountered the problem of freon leakage (I won’t say exactly what it is, but as I learned from the company’s employees, this is a substance that is inside the refrigerator tubes). The refrigerator is not new, about 3 years old, there is a small child in the family, so the refrigerator door was often left open, which caused the breakdown. I called an engineer from Garant-Remont, who was recommended to me by a friend as an honest and conscientious person. It was immediately clear that a professional was working – no fuss, everything was clear and harmonious. For some half an hour, the breakdown was eliminated by eliminating a complex leak, refilling freon, and the temperature in the refrigerator returned to normal. In addition, I received some valuable tips on how to care for and troubleshoot simple equipment problems. It was just a pleasure to communicate with Vlad, there was no rudeness or disrespect, only positive impressions! In short, the service is truly first class. I am very grateful to the Garant-Remont company for the quality work done and I am sure that all residents of St. Petersburg, who are clients of this organization, will join my review.

Alexey Kovalkov

Be that as it may, a refrigerator is, I believe, an integral part in the life of any person, and its freezer plays an equally important role! And now, as luck would have it, I discover that it was she (the freezer) that stopped working. Although my Atlant is not new, I handled it carefully, and before that I didn’t know any problems with it at all. He twisted something, tried to fix the problem with his own hands, but in vain. I decided to turn to professionals for help. Since I needed to repair refrigerators at home, I decided to seek help from the Garant-Remont company, which had previously repaired the refrigerator for my relatives. As in the case of relatives, what I have, I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of response to the application – this emphasizes the importance of each client for the company, and this is a plus. Of course, the quality of the work performed prompted me to apply to this company, and I want to say that I did not regret it. Everything went quickly, and the result was wonderful – the workers quickly found the cause of the failure of the freezer, and in some way incomprehensible to me (I am not experienced in the field of technology), but confidently and accurately eliminated it.

In addition, an additional service was provided – they examined my refrigerator for obvious problems, which, fortunately, were not found. Since then (about two or three months have passed) I have not encountered problems with the camera, nor have there been any problems with the refrigerator itself. As acquaintances who contacted this company said, the workshop only repairs household refrigerators of all brands, they have a large warehouse of original spare parts, and therefore they repair everything at home quickly and efficiently! I am very pleased that I chose this company.


Two or three weeks ago, I faced a difficult problem – a breakdown of the refrigerator (as it turned out later, my engine burned out, due to which the refrigerator completely failed). The Samsung refrigerator was bought five or six years ago, but throughout its entire service life it did not fail, not once. Without thinking twice, I found on the Internet the telephone number of the Garant-Remont company, which repairs refrigerators at home. Calling them, I described the current situation to them, gave a brief description of the breakdown and called the repairmen to the house.

The next day, kind and friendly workers came to me to save my priceless refrigerator. They fixed everything very quickly and without problems (even the food in it did not have time to go bad). At the same time, no one was rude or rude, even towards each other, which pleasantly surprised me – this is such a rarity in our time. It is not for nothing that St. Petersburg is called the cultural capital, the masters of this organization correspond to this statement. Keep it up!

Moreover, the employees of this company additionally changed a special gasket, which over all those years of operation has lost both its neat appearance and lost its properties (namely, it did not close the refrigerator door tightly, as a result of which its engine worked for wear). They did everything carefully, quietly and, I can already say for sure, with high quality. I advise you to contact this company for any problems with household appliances – you will not regret it. The employees of the company “Garant-Remont” not only know their work, but they were also able to explain in an accessible way to such a girl, who is far from technology, like me, the cause of the breakdown and the process of its elimination.

Tvs with built in sound bars: The best TVs for sound 2023: top TVs with sound systems

Panasonic JZ2000 4K OLED TV review

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A flagship OLED TV worth every penny

Editor’s Choice

(Image: © Panasonic)

TechRadar Verdict

The overall package of a custom OLED panel, huge built-in speakers, and a powerful HCX Pro AI processor makes the JZ2000 a truly knockout screen for 2021. The redistribution of sound into side-firing speakers only enhances the spread of sound out of this premium screen, while pictures are always engaging, detailed and smooth – as long as you used the right settings.


  • +

    Side-firing speakers

  • +

    Four HDMI 2.1 inputs

  • +

    Exceptional OLED pictures

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One-minute review

The Panasonic JZ2000 OLED is a force to be reckoned with. With its Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel, an overhauled sound system that belts Dolby Atmos sound out of every corner, and a boost to gaming specs and HDMI 2.1 connectivity, this flagship 2021 screen is easily one of the best TVs we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing.

It’s the small changes that mark out the JZ2000 over its predecessor, the (also five-star) HZ2000. You’ll now find HDMI 2.1 inputs, along with VRR (variable refresh rate), ALLM (auto low latency mode) and a reduced input lag of just 14.4ms – making this a much better bet for hooking up to a PS5 or Xbox Series X console.

While the small drop in overall audio output may sound like a loss to some, the 125W on show here is certainly enough to blast your eardrums into next week (if that’s what you’re after). We could barely get above the halfway point on this screen’s volume, while the redistribution of drivers to emit sound out of the sides only improves the spread of sound around your living room or home cinema cave.

New auto picture and sound modes should do most of the menu-fiddling for you, too, removing some admin from those who get lost in Panasonic’s extensive settings, while leaving the option for anyone to tweak and calibrate their screen as they see fit too.

And you’ll need to do some of that – or at least turn off Intelligent Frame Creation, as we go into below. But the overall package of a custom OLED panel, huge built-in speakers, and a powerful HCX Pro AI processor makes the JZ2000 a truly knockout screen for 2021.

Price and availability

The Panasonic JZ2000 is available now, and starts at £2,699 for a 55-inch size, going up to £3,499 for a 65-inch model. You won’t find it in any smaller or larger sizes (no 48-inch OLED TV here), but either size should make a big impact in your home.

You won’t get this set in the US or Australia, as Panasonic doesn’t sell TVs in either region – despite its cosy relationship with Hollywood colorists.

(Image credit: Future)

  • Swivel stand makes on-the-fly adjustment easy
  • Speaker array makes for a chunky television
  • Extensive, if large remote

Panasonic JZ2000 specs

Screen Sizes: 55-inch, 65-inch | Tuner: Freeview Play | 4K: Yes | HDR: Yes | Panel technology: OLED | Smart TV: My Home Screen 6. 0| Curved: No | Dimensions: 1227(w) x 786(h) x 360(d) mm (inclding swivel stand) | Weight: 23.5kg | 3D: No | Inputs: 2xHDMI, 2xUSB, ethernet, optical, terrestrial, cable input, satellite input, CI slot 

The JZ2000 OLED is a good-looking screen, even when it’s turned off. It features a very thin bezel, with a thick speaker grille sitting underneath the screen. And it’s the great benefit of the JZ2000 – in fact, the major difference between it and cheaper OLED TVs in the Panasonic range – that such hefty speakers are built into the set itself. 

There’s no need to buy a separate soundbar here, with front-firing, upward-firing and even side-firing speakers bulking out the screen’s body. You’ll be able to see them pretty easily from every side, though Panasonic has somehow prevented a horror-show of jutting drivers, with tidy sections of speaker grilles placed on the front, upper side, and left/right corners of the casing.

The JZ2000 is chunky, for sure, and pretty heavy (23.5kg) for a 55-inch screen, even if it shaves a few pounds on the 26.5kg of its predecessor. But it doesn’t look bulbous or out of place, with the tower of upward-firing audio giving a clear structure to the rear of the set.

The swivel stand is a returning joy, too, having been standardized in the Panasonic OLED TV range in 2020. It won’t turn 360 degrees (it stops turning at around 20-30 degrees) but it’s a great help to be able to adjust such a heavy screen’s position with relative ease.

(Image credit: Future)

The included (and rather large) remote is classic Panasonic, and a dream for those who like having every conceivable button at their fingertips. It comes with a numerical pad, playback buttons, volume buttons, key streaming app shortcuts (six of them, including a customizable option), as well as inputs for switching between TV and AV sources and even picture settings on the fly. There’s also a voice assistant button, which at first use will direct you to choose either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, depending on your preference or associated smart home devices.

You’ll find four HDMI ports here, with two inputs supporting both 4K/120Hz video and VRR (variable refresh rate), while all four support ALLM (auto low latency mode) for minimal-lag gaming. One input supports eARC (enhanced audio return channel) for lossless audio transfer to a soundbar, too, though the built-in speakers included here may make that somewhat redundant.

We didn’t see any HDMI 2.1 specification on last year’s HZ2000, so it’s great to see Panasonic course-correct now that the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles are on the market.

(Image credit: Future)

Smart TV (My Home Screen 6.0)

  • New content rows
  • Extensive menus, for those who like that
  • Disney Plus (after an update)

Panasonic makes do with its own proprietary My Home Screen platform, which has been significantly upgraded for 2021. The once-basic overlay now packs in various apps and menus by default – with highly visible, circular icons – taking up the lower section of the screen when summoned by the remote, but with a translucent background that prevents it from feeling intrusive. Hovering over apps will now bring up a preview of in-app content, in a similar vein to LG’s webOS and Samsung’s Tizen platforms, too.

You’ll find most key apps here – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Rakuten TV, BritBox, Freeview Play, etc – while Disney Plus has now been added to any post-2017 Panasonic smart TVs with the My Home Screen OS, much to our pleasure.

(Image credit: Future)

Picture quality

  • Custom OLED panel makes for incredible images
  • Some slight motion judder, but only with default settings
  • Brighter than the average OLED

The Panasonic JZ2000 uses the same custom panel, with minimal alteration, as what we saw in last year’s HZ2000 – and which is now being used in the step-down JZ1500 and JZ1000 models. That means the JZ2000’s picture isn’t quite as standout as before, but it’s still the upper limit of what you can expect from Panasonic TVs today.

This custom panel – the Master HDR OLED Professional Edition, to use its full title – is able to up the average and peak brightness usually possible through an OLED screen, in a similar vein to the OLED evo technology used to enhance light output in this year’s LG G1.

Watching Netflix’s Crazy Ex Girlfriend in HD, it’s apparent just how impressively Panasonic’s HCX Pro Intelligent processor can upscale low-res content to fit this 4K TV’s many pixels. Detail is incredible, and even if it tends to focus more on foreground elements of the picture, you’re getting the important information presented with precision.

The first thing you need to do is turn off Intelligent Frame Creation, which is in the Picture Settings (hit the Menu button on the remote, then press ok on Main Menu). It’s a scalable feature that inserts additional frames to make “the images smooth and clear,” with the option to have it on Min, Mid, Max, or Off. However, in our testing we found it brought up an irritating amount of video noise around fast moving objects.

(Image credit: Future)

It’s more prominent in older, low-res content – when watching the young Milo Ventimiglia pacing down the street, the sudden movement of picket-fences in the background will lead to grain, while even a fast flick of the head in The Greatest Showman (on 4K Blu-ray, no less) can brush up against this problem.

Thankfully, this feature is easy enough to turn off, and the strengths of the JZ2000 vastly overpower this small issue. The OLED panel makes for intensely deep blacks and crisp contrast. Watching The Greatest Showman, Zendaya swinging into view makes for a startling burst of color, out of the darkness of the tent’s crevices, and it’s this contrast of bright colors and highlights against well-defined, darker backgrounds that makes the JZ2000’s images so captivating to watch.

There are a number of picture presets, and possibly more than you might be used to (as with its remote). Panasonic is the TV maker for those who like to fiddle and tweak their picture to the best possible outcome, and that’s well on show here. 

Normal is the default picture settings, and will serve you fine for everyday watching, though the Cinema preset will lower the saturation slightly for a more, well, cinematic appearance. True Cinema is an even better choice for films, with deliciously dark edges upping the contrast and giving a firm definition to the objects on screen, though it does appear to reduce the brightness output of the screen to achieve this.

(Image credit: Future)

Filmmaker Mode appears to sit somewhere between these two settings, and is ostensibly for those who want to watch media ‘as intended’ by its creator – something that works pretty admirably on a high-end OLED TV, though may not be as successful on other sets. Dynamic, as per usual, offers increased brightness and vibrancy along with oversaturated images, but it’s not as bad as what we’ve seen on some TVs. You can also opt for the AI Auto picture setting that auto-calibrates the preset to the kind of content that you’re watching.

The light sensors built into the JZ2000 are also incredible for altering brightness output and contrast on the fly, adjusting in real time as you open or shut the curtains, or switch off a ceiling light.

This is usually only applicable for Dolby Vision HDR films and shows, such as Netflix’s The Crown, where the difference between Dolby Vision IQ (with the brightness sensor) and Dolby Vision Dark (without it) is the difference between good daytime viewing and having to wait until the evening (or get some blackout blinds for your windows) to stick on a good period drama without having to squint.

For gamers, this Panasonic TV also offers a respectable input lag of 14.4ms (with Game Mode activated), down from over 20ms on last year’s HZ2000. OLED screens benefit from a near-instantaneous response time, given how fast its pixels can change from one state to another, and PS5 or Xbox Series X games will look pretty breathtaking on a screen like this – with the intense audio output for immersive shooters, racers, walking sims, and the like.

(Image credit: Future)

Audio performance

  • 125W speakers
  • Dolby Atmos audio
  • All-sides firing sound

The major twist in this year’s flagship is the introduction of side-firing speakers. These work in tandem with the set’s upward- and front-firing drivers to create room-filling, full-bodied sound.

The JZ2000’s speakers are truly incredible for built-in audio, being capable of recreating both the delicate footstep on a stairway and roaring explosion of a car crash in equal measure. You’re getting precise audio detail as well as a strong bass response – and while some subwoofers and surround sound systems can outperform it, you simply won’t get better built-in audio on a smart TV right now.

Listening to the set, it’s hard to pinpoint a huge difference over last year’s HZ2000. It’s more of an evolution than a revolution of the set’s audio capabilities, with the majority of the volume still jutting upwards or forwards out of the screen’s speakers. The side-firing element is limited, then, but it only helps to make soundtracks and dialogue heard across a room.

While any TV will have a ‘sweet spot’ for the picture and sound (usually dead on center) the wide viewing angles of the OLED panel and side-firing sound of the JZ2000’s speakers means that sitting in almost any spot in your living room should make for an impressive movie night. And it’s this combination of picture and sound capabilities that makes the JZ2000 an all-in-one home cinema in a way the LG C1… simply isn’t.

The JZ2000 does feature a drop in overall volume compared to its predecessor, from 140W to 125W, but a move towards better audio allocation / directionality seems preferable, and we doubt you’ll miss the extra horsepower (we never got above 50 on the set’s 100-point volume scale – it’s that loud).

Should I buy the Panasonic JZ2000 4K OLED TV?

(Image credit: Panasonic)

Buy it if…

You want an all-in-one home cinema
There’s no need for soundbars here. With a custom 4K OLED panel and 125W Dolby Atmos speakers, you’re getting the benefit of a knockout picture and sound performance all in one. 

You’re always tweaking the position of your television
The swivel stand here is a godsend, allowing you to continually adjust the exact position of the JZ2000 on the fly.

You’re a keen gamer
Input lag is better than ever before on a Panasonic OLED, while the addition of VRR, ALLM, and other HDMI 2.1 specifications means this could make a solid gaming TV as well as a cinephile screen.

Don’t buy it if…

You already have a good sound system
The main perk of the JZ2000 is its beefed-up sound system, so if you have a good selection of soundbars and speakers to plug into your television, you likely won’t get the benefit.

You have a 2020 OLED TV
The advancements here are mainly in connectivity, and some auto-correction picture and sound settings, and the input lag improvement won’t impress those who aren’t into games. There’s not enough here to throw the HZ2000 in the bin, even if the overall package has improved.

You have a tight budget
This is an unapologetically premium screen, and cheap isn’t in its vocabulary.

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Panasonic JZ2000: Price Comparison

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Sony X90J review: a fantastic mid-range 4K TV

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The Sony X90J is one of the best mid-range 4K TVs you can buy

By Nick Pino

last updated


(Image: © Sony)

TechRadar Verdict

The Sony X90J offers nearly everything we’d want from a mid-range 4K LED-LCD TV. For the money, there are few LED-LCD TVs that can match it in terms of picture quality and feature set, making it top of its class for mid-range models. You also get two HDMI ports with 4K/120Hz support, but it has some issues with screen glare.


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One-minute review

The Sony X90J is nearly everything we’d want from a mid-range 4K LED-LCD TV. For the money, there are few TVs that can match it in terms of picture quality and feature set, making it top of its class for mid-range models—and this is still the case even though it was released in 2021.

It’s no surprise the Sony X90J is such a solid mid-range TV. The Sony X900H/XH90 that came before it in 2020 was one of the best TVs of the year for all of the same reasons. The Sony X90J has been made even better with Cognitive Processor XR, which offers incredible upscaling and contrast control. 

Of course, since the Sony X90J came out another newer version has been released: the X90K. The Sony X90K features the same XR Cognitive Processor tech as its more expensive counterparts, and has a precise Full Array LED panel for clear picture quality.

But we still like the Sony X90J so much because it’s a native 120Hz TV with two full-spec HDMI 2.1 ports for the Xbox Series X and PS5 next-gen consoles, Variable Refresh Rate, and Auto Low Latency Mode, plus it uses a full array panel with local dimming for better black levels… and it’s had some big price drops ready for the newer model coming out, making it superb value.

Setting it up is easy and the TV uses the Google TV platform that puts recommended content front and center. This is why it’s no surprise the Sony X90J features in many of our top TV guides, including our best 4K TV guide, our best 50-inch TV guide and our best TVs for sport guide.

There are still a few lingering issues with setting up a new console on the Sony X90J—as well as some issues of how the TV looks in broad daylight in a bright room and off-axis viewing—but the Sony X90J succeeds in delivering stellar performance for a reasonable price. Read on for our full Sony X90J review.

Sony X90J review: availability and price

  • Part of Sony’s 2021 TV collection
  • Pricing starts at $1,299 / £1,149 / AU$1,895
  • Competing with the LG C1 OLED and Samsung Q90A QLED

The Sony X90J is part of Sony’s 2021 TV collection that includes the new A90J and A80J OLED TVs, plus the X95J and X80J 4K LED-LCD TVs. 

The Sony X90J reviewed here, is the middle child of the lineup and offers many of the best features of the high-end TVs minus the color sensor of the Z9J or the X-Contrast Pro of the A90J OLED. The good news? It’s much, much cheaper than either of those two.

In terms of screen sizes and pricing, here’s what you’re looking at:

  • Sony XR-50X90J: $1,299 / £1,149 / AU$1,895
  • Sony XR-55X90J: $1,499 / £1,249 / AU$2,195
  • Sony XR-65X90J: $1,799 / £1,499 / AU$2,695
  • Sony XR-75X90J: $2,499 / £2,599 / AU$4,299

So where does that put the Sony X90J compared to the competition? Somewhere right in the middle. 

For a more affordable option, read our TCL 6-Series QLED review. This TV only costs around $649 for a 55-inch screen size.

But the Sony X90J is also not nearly as expensive as some of the 8K TVs that came out around the same time. Check out our Samsung QN900A review for a truly stunning 8K TV with the price tag to match.

The Sony X90J is right in the middle alongside a number of other mid-range models. Take a look at our Samsung QN90A review and our LG C1 OLED review for two competitors that offer a higher peak brightness and better black levels, but only the Sony X90J comes with the content-first Google TV.

The wild card here, however, is the new Sony X95J. It’s the step up above the X90J that offers X-Anti-Glare technology, higher brightness and better contrast. You can read more about it in our Sony Bravia X95J (XR-65X95J) review. 

It’s more expensive, with prices starting at $1,799 / £1,799 / AU$3,295 for the 65-inch version—which is why we’d mostly recommend the Sony X90J to friends and family over the X95J. However, scrutinizing cinephiles might want to scrape the money together for the X95J instead.

(Image credit: Sony)

  • Full array LED-LCD TV with local dimming
  • Not super slim, but very stable
  • Two HDMI 2.1 ports for 4K@120Hz (but requires you to dive into menu settings)

Because it’s a full array LED-LCD TV with local dimming, the Sony X90J isn’t as slim as the company’s OLED TV lineup—but it’s certainly not unattractive either. 

Sony X90J Specs

Screen Sizes: 50, 55, 65, 75-inches | 4K: Yes | HDR10: Yes | HLG: Yes | Dolby Vision/Atmos: Yes/Yes | Panel technology: LED-LCD | Smart TV: Google TV | Curved: No | Dimensions: 1452 x 905 x 338mm (65-inch without stand) | Weight: 22. 9kg (without stand) | 3D: No | Inputs: 2x HDMI 2.1 (1x eARC), 2x HDMI 2.0b, 2x USB, 1xRF, ethernet | Outputs: 1x optical

The front of the TV has a relatively thin bezel—though it doesn’t offer the edge-to-edge picture that some other 4K TVs do—and two thin legs. The legs themselves easily slide into position near the outer edge of the TV and do a great job of stabilizing the screen. 

Spin it around to the side and you’ll see that the Sony X90J isn’t exactly the slimmest screen on the market, but it uses the extra space to its fullest potential. Inside the TV is a full array panel with local dimming, plus a rock-solid sound system with two sound positioning tweeters on the sides of the TV and down firing woofers.

Spin it all the way around to the back and you’ll find your typical port selection: here you’ve got four HDMI ports (two of which support 4K/120 and one is eARC compatible), plus ethernet, digital optical audio out, auxiliary and an RF tuner. You’ve also got two USB ports there. 

While we wish all four ports would be HDMI 2.1 compatible, having two ports will at least allow you to connect both a PS5 and Xbox Series X simultaneously for dual 4K/120Hz gameplay, though, plugging it directly into HDMI port 4 isn’t enough. You’ll actually have to go into the settings -> Channel & Inputs -> External Inputs -> HDMI signal format -> HDMI 4 -> Enhanced format. 

There’s a second option that says Enhanced format (Dolby Vision) but don’t select that as it prevents the TV from outputting at 120Hz and right now there doesn’t appear to be a way to get the TV to accept 4K/120Hz signal and Dolby Vision simultaneously. 

Finally, in terms of a remote, the Sony X90J ships with the latest voice remote that comes with a built-in microphone and four shortcut buttons for Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and Disney Plus. The remote feels great in the hand and because it’s fairly large, it’s not easy to lose.

(Image credit: Google)

Sony X90J review: smart TV (Google TV)

  • One of the first Sony TVs with Google TV
  • Slick, content-first presentation
  • Supports Chromecast built-in and Google Assistant

At this point in the review for a Sony TV we’d traditionally be talking about Android TV, but this year we’ll be talking about Google TV instead. That’s because, while Android TV has been Google’s smart TV platform for close to a decade now, Google TV has arrived to take the reins—and we’re glad it has. 

What we like so much about Google TV is that it’s flashier, more vibrant and more dynamic than Android TV. It takes content recommendations from every service you already use (and a few you don’t) and puts them front and center of the home screen—as long as you sign into your Google account when first setting up the TV. 

Tapping into your Google account will also populate the main screen of the Chromecast’s UI with relevant and recommended content. If you’re familiar with Android TV, this will all look super familiar to you, but for the uninitiated it’s a veritable smorgasbord of content compiled from different sources. For example, on our home screen we have Captain America: The First Avenger (most likely because we binged the Marvel movies in order) and Parks and Recreation, among other comedies and sci-fi films.

Scroll down a bit more from your recommended content row and you’ll find Netflix-esque rows of content that are grouped together by genre, a row of recommended videos from YouTube and finally trending shows and movies. You’ll also find rows for hand-selected movies and shows categorized in other unique ways (like Oscar-award-winning films) that are fun to peruse through while looking for something to watch.

When you select something to watch, you can either immediately start watching it or add it to your Watch List so that you can find it again later. Google TV also uses a thumbs up / down system to help you improve the recommendations it makes. Last but not least, there’s a halfway decent built-in search feature that can show you several ways in which to stream a certain movie or show, but it’s not nearly as robust as Roku’s built-in search engine.

In terms of app selection, you’ve got a lot to choose from here including all the main services (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc…) as well as one service no one else has called Bravia Core. Simply buying an X90J before February 23, 2024 entitles you to 10 movie credits to use against a selection of at least 300 movies. Those films include most of Sony Picture Entertainment’s catalogue like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Jumanji: The Next Level. It’s something no other TV has at this point and considering it’s essentially free to try, it’s absolutely worth taking advantage of while you can.

Overall, we feel that Google TV is a great addition to this year’s Sony TV sets and it helps the X90J compete with Samsung and LG’s similarly strong smart TV platforms. 

(Image credit: sony)

Sony X90J review: picture quality

  • Exceptional image quality, color saturation and contrast
  • Fantastic upscaling thanks to Cognitive Processor XR
  • Has issues with off-axis viewing and glare

As you’d expect, colors and highlights look absolutely gorgeous here. The TV does an incredible job taking HD content and upscaling to 4K, and native 4K HDR content—especially those shot in Dolby Vision—look exceptionally beautiful. Again, that’s no surprise because we felt the exact same way about the X90J’s predecessor, the Sony X900H.

So what’s changed in the picture quality department? Well, the biggest addition this year is the new Cognitive Processor XR that adds more depth to some scenes—especially to older content shot in HD—and better contrast control.  

Let’s start first with the Cognitive Processor XR. What it does differently is that it can divide up a scene into several parts, and then can figure out what the focal point is. If the processor sees a bright neon sign it knows to boost the brightness and clarity of that sign. If it identifies a person, it works to enhance their skin tone and any fine details like hair or wrinkles. This happens instantly on a frame-by-frame basis all behind the scenes. 

As for the enhanced contrast control, well, that comes down to the way the processor works with the full array panel and an integrated light sensor. In an briefing with TechRadar last year, Sony said that the TV has a technology called XR Contrast Booster 5 that helps boost bright areas and lower the black levels in the same scenes, plus it retains that contrast regardless of what the lighting conditions are in the room thanks to the ambient light sensor.

Now, that being said, regardless of how bright it was in the room under no circumstances does the Sony X90J ever reach the same brightness levels as Samsung’s QLED TVs like the Samsung QN90A that we reviewed earlier this year. That means direct light can be a real problem. If you’re someone who has a TV right in front of an open window, you’ll likely see some glare – which will reduce some of that contrast. 

That’s doubly true if you look at the screen off-axis as the X90J struggles with limited viewing angles. It’s not as bad as, say, the Vizio V-Series, which loses a ton of color saturation when you’re just 30 degrees left or right of the TV, but it is noticeable the further off-axis you sit.

The good news is that, sitting straight on, the TV looks phenomenal with no major issues—even when it’s set to the Standard picture mode. Out of the box picture is nicely saturated and doesn’t suffer from any picture defects or motion artifacting. Switching to another mode will give you a different color tone and/or motion processing setting—which is nice if you want even smoother control for watching sports—but most times you’ll be just fine with Standard or Custom with a few tweaked settings.

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony X90J review: audio

  • Solid sound with good mid-range but weak bass
  • Uses 10W speakers and two side tweeters
  • Cognitive Processor XR offers audio upscaling

For a mid-range TV without any attached soundbar, the Sony X90J is surprisingly powerful in the sound category. Using only two 10W full range drivers and two side tweeters, the X90J delivers convincing and clear audio that, largely, sounds very good. 

Like other Sony TVs, the X90J uses Sony’s new X-Balanced Speaker to deliver clearer sound with less distortion at high volumes and the tweeters help broaden the soundstage of the TV—though, it does make some compromises on the bass response. 

Shows, movies and games we played on the TV all sounded crisp and clear with easy-to-understand dialogue and solid simulated 3D sound. While the simulated 3D audio is never quite as good as a full Dolby Atmos setup—it’s not even close, really—it is a nice feature to have while you’re waiting to install a more fully featured AV solution. 

The good news is that the TV does offer Dolby Atmos passthrough through its HDMI 3 eARC port, which means connecting a soundbar and controlling both with the TV’s remote is a breeze. Any Dolby Atmos soundbar would do the trick here, so take a look at our best soundbar guide for our top recommendations.

Overall, there’s still a bit more room for improvement, especially when it comes to more powerful bass and better simulated surround sound, but it’s one of the more powerful TV speaker systems we’ve heard on a mid-range 4K TV.

(Image credit: Sony)


The Sony X90J is a fantastic TV. We’d especially recommend it if you’ve been disappointed by poor upscaling or bad contrast in the past. The two things that Sony TVs do better than nearly anyone else are upscaling from HD sources and making full array TVs with local dimming with great black levels. While the X90J will never overtake an OLED on that metric, it’s still leagues ahead of other LED-LCD TVs. 

There are some things worth considering here though, including where you’ll put the TV. If your living room is set up in a way that you have to sit at an angle to watch TV, the Sony X90J might not be the best choice for you due to its limited off-axis viewing angles. 

What’s more, it doesn’t have the necessary brightness to overcome direct sunlight from an open window, so isn’t a good fit for folks who plan on watching a lot of daylight TV with the windows open. We’d recommend taking a look at the more expensive Sony X95J instead, a step up in price but with X-Anti-Glare technology it does eradicate one of this TV’s biggest issues while also boasting a higher peak brightness and even better contrast.

However, those positioning issues aside, if you’re looking for an exceptional 4K HDR TV with Dolby Vision, the Sony X90J’s appeal is that it delivers everything you need for a phenomenal 4K HDR performance at a reasonable price. Sure, you could shell out more for a few more features or one of Sony’s newer 2022 TVs. Or pay a lot less for a sub-optimal experience, but the X90J delivers everything you’d want to see at this price point.

Also consider…

If our Sony X90J review has you considering other options, then check out this selection of alternative mid-range TVs.

The Sony X90J and LG C1 are different TVs, as the C1 is an OLED set. That means you can expect better contrast and deeper blacks. It also handles reflections well, but can’t reach the brightness levels of the X90J. However, it does offer wider viewing angles—ideal if you have a living room or set-up that means you can’t sit directly in front of your TV.
Read our full LG C1 OLED TV (OLED65C1) review

Sony Bravia X95J
The Sony X95J is a step up from the X90J. It pairs lush 4K HDR performance with great HD upscaling, and—unlike the Sony X90J—beats ambient living room light with its X-Anti-Glare technology and high peak brightness. It costs more than the X90J, but it’s worth it if you want excellent picture quality no matter the conditions in your living room.
Read our full Sony Bravia X95J (XR-65X95J) review

Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV
Another contender if you’d like your TV to cater to wider viewing angles, the Samsung QN90A is a thin, bright and bold QLED TV that offers exquisite color saturation and powerful upscaling. Of course, you will be paying more of a premium for the QN90A—about $600/£600 more for the 50-inch model—as it’s not a mid-range TV.
Read our full Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV review

  • First reviewed in June 2021

Sony XR65X90J: Price Comparison

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Nick Pino is Managing Editor, TV and AV for TechRadar’s sister site, Tom’s Guide. Previously, he was the Senior Editor of Home Entertainment at TechRadar, covering TVs, headphones, speakers, video games, VR and streaming devices. He’s also written for GamesRadar+, Official Xbox Magazine, PC Gamer and other outlets over the last decade, and he has a degree in computer science he’s not using if anyone wants it.

how Smart TV with Internet works

In modern TVs, a wireless WI-FI adapter is a popular feature that will allow you to connect to the Internet. Choosing the best Wi-Fi TV can be tricky. Therefore, it is better to familiarize yourself with the main features of such TVs in advance and pay attention to the best devices. up to 24″ 4″

  • 2 32″ to 43″
    • 2.1 Samsung UE32T4510AU
    • 2.2 Hyundai H-LED32FS5004 32″ (2023)
    • 2.3 LG OLED55 C1RLA
    • 2.4 Samsung UE50AU7170 50″ (2023)
  • 3 From 58″
    • 3.1 LG 65NANO806PA 65″ (2023)
    • 3.2 Samsung UE85AU8000UXRU 85″ (2023)
  • 4 Cheap Wi-Fi TVs
      9000 9 4.1 BBK 32LEX-7289/TS2C 32″ (2023)
    • 4.2 Thomson T32RTM6020 32″ (2023)
  • 5 What is Wi-Fi on TV and why
  • 6 How does TV with Wi-Fi work
  • Up to 24 inches

    Asano 24LH7020T 23.6″ (2023)

    From 15 990 ₽

    Relatively inexpensive a device with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter that allows you to quickly connect to the desired network. The Android operating system guarantees convenient menu navigation and the ability to expand the capabilities of the TV by installing additional programs. You can mount the TV on a stand or on the wall using a bracket.

    Samsung UE24N4500AU 24″

    From 20 195 ₽

    Quality TV with Wi-Fi function from a well-known brand. Unlike most so-called “kitchen” models, this device has built-in Smart TV functionality. Easily connects to the Internet via wireless interfaces and maintains a stable signal for a long time.

    From 32 to 43 inches

    Samsung UE32T4510AU

    From 25 775 ₽

    A solid device for installation in a kitchen or in a small room with a diagonal of 32″. The model supports all modern audio and video formats, guaranteeing high quality pictures. It has a sound system of two Dolby Digital Plus speakers with a total power of 10 watts.

    Hyundai H-LED32FS5004 32″ (2023)

    From 13 990 ₽

    Lightweight and relatively small TV, suitable for any interior. Despite the budget, a full-fledged Salyut TV is installed here with the ability to install additional programs.


    From 133 949 ₽

    A large TV that will help you create a real home theater. Provides the user with a picture in the highest resolution and at the same time has a good built-in sound. Even without connecting a third-party audio system, everything sounds rich and voluminous.

    Samsung UE50AU7170 50″ (2023)

    From 57 790 ₽

    Multifunctional TV with Tizen and Wi-Fi with the possibility of introducing it into the smart home ecosystem. Works with voice assistants without any problems. It supports all modern video formats, so there will be no problems with playing even third-party content.

    From 58 inches

    LG 65NANO806PA 65″ (2023)

    From 88 189 ₽

    entering search queries. Recognizes any removable media, so you can easily play videos from flash drives or external hard drives.

    Samsung UE85AU8000UXRU 85″ (2023)

    From 200 000 ₽

    One of the largest TVs on the market. Allows you to slightly speed up video playback using built-in components.

    Cheap TVs with Wi-Fi

    BBK 32LEX-7289/TS2C 32″ (2023)

    From 15 220 ₽

    TV time. For its price and diagonal it has a decent display quality. Some discomfort can be delivered by a weak built-in sound, which can be replaced by external speakers.

    Thomson T32RTM6020 32″ (2023)

    For the kitchen, this TV is perfect. It can be installed on a special stand or with a bracket on the wall. Provides good picture and sound quality, although glitches may occur at some points. But all the slowdowns are explained by the cost of the device.

    What is Wi-Fi on TV and why

    TVs with a built-in WI-FI interface are superior in their capabilities to models without it. They can be connected to the Internet without getting tangled in wires. The connection is made to the router.

    Using Wi-Fi on the TV gives the user the following options:

    • search the Internet through a browser;
    • open websites;
    • use instant messengers or video call programs;
    • watch streaming video without downloading;
    • listen to music online;
    • play online games;
    • find images, etc.

    Proper connection setup will allow you to enjoy all these benefits without any restrictions.

    How Wi-Fi TV works

    WIFI TVs work via a wireless connection to the Internet. A prerequisite in this case is the presence of a distributing router, which allows you to provide a stable signal at the desired speed. If the speed is too low, using the capabilities of the TV will not be as convenient and you will have to wait a long time for even the simplest page to load.

    If there is no router available, you can always use a device that has a built-in WI-FI adapter. All modern laptops, tablets and smartphones have this feature.

    The TV detects the network most often without user intervention. You will only need to enter your password for the connection to succeed.

    To select the best model, see also the overall rating of TVs.

    The WI-FI interface seems to be an attribute of a modern TV with the ability to connect to the Internet. Its absence can reduce the usability of the equipment, up to the complete failure of operation.

    8800 series 4K Smart TV with Bowers & Wilkins Sound System 50PUS8804/12

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    Controller for laptop gaming: Best PC controllers in 2023

    PS5 controller on PC: How to use the DualSense in Windows

    When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Here’s how it works.

    (Image credit: Future)

    The PS5 DualSense is one of the Sony console’s greatest strengths… so why not use that slick PS5 controller on your PC, too? We think it’s one of the best PC controllers thanks to its advanced haptic motors and ‘adaptive’ triggers, which make it feel like no other controller you’ve used before. At least, that’s the case in games that actually take advantage of those adaptive triggers. Many PC games won’t, but the good news is some of Sony’s PC ports like Spider-Man do properly rumble to life. 

    They’re not alone either. Deathloop, Metro Exodus and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are just some of the games that can tap into the DualSense’s special features.

    Thanks to Steam, turning the DualSense controller into your go-to pad is just about as simple as plugging it in and pressing buttons. There’s no fussy setup here: it just works. If you want to play non-Steam games with the DualSense, we can help you make that happen, too.

    Here’s a quick guide on how to use the PS5 DualSense controller on PC, via either wired USB or a wireless Bluetooth connection.

    Connecting: Wired or Bluetooth

    How do I use DualSense controller on PC?


    This part of setup is easy peasy. To connect the controller to your PC via USB, you’re going to need a USB Type-C to USB-A cable for your PC (or a USB Type-C to Type-C cable if you happen to have a convenient port available). While the PlayStation 5 console comes with one packed in, the DualSense sold by itself doesn’t. Bummer! Get your hands on a cable, plug it in, and you’re on your way.

    If you need to buy a cable, here’s a two-pack from Anker for $11.


    To use the DualSense via Bluetooth, you’ll need a USB Bluetooth adapter (or a motherboard with Bluetooth built-in). To get connected, open the “Bluetooth & other devices” menu in Windows by pressing the Windows key and typing “Bluetooth.” Then click “Add Bluetooth or other device” and the first item on the next menu that says “Bluetooth.” Your PC will start searching for available devices.

    On the DualSense, hold down the PlayStation logo button and the Share button (the small one to the left of the touchpad) until the LEDs around the touchpad begin flashing rapidly. Within a few seconds, a generic entry named “Wireless controller” should pop up in your Bluetooth devices list in Windows to connect to. Just click that to finish pairing.

    If you need a Bluetooth adapter, you can get a Bluetooth 5.0 model for less than $20.

    The DualSense will now be accessible in Windows with its DirectInput driver, which some games will recognize and let you rebind controls out of the box. But many PC games today are built around Microsoft’s newer XInput driver for the Xbox controllers, so the DualSense will be a bit limited without some help.  

    That’s where we use Steam.

    Steam setup

    How do I setup the DualSense controller in Steam?

    Steam added initial support for the DualSense back in November 2020, and has continually improved the DualSense functionality since then. Using Steam is by far the easiest way to get your DualSense working on PC, even if you want to use it in non-Steam games.

    To start, connect the DualSense to your PC via wire or Bluetooth as described above. Once you have it connected, open Steam and click Settings > Controller. From this part of the settings menu, you can now click “Desktop Configuration” to check out and customize the button layout.

    You should see the DualSense is now recognized and listed as a PlayStation 5 controller. Steam will automatically configure the keybinds to mimic an Xbox controller layout; the Triangle button is Y, the Square button is X, etc.

    You can choose Calibrate to tweak the joystick sensitivity, and Preferences to give the controller a name, enable/disable rumble, and configure the color and brightness of the LED strip around the touchpad.

    (Image credit: Steam)

    One important tip here: make sure PlayStation Configuration Support is checked under “General Controller Settings” if you want to customize your DualSense controller’s layout or gyro controls. With this button checked, you can press the PlayStation logo button on the controller in any Steam game to pull up Steam’s controller configuration screen.

    (Image credit: Steam)

    From the Desktop Configuration screen you can swap button bindings, change how the touchpad works (it can do separate left- and right-clicks) and also configure the gyroscope, if you want to use gyro aiming. You can also configure Action Sets and Action Layers to enable totally different button bindings and then switch to them on the fly in-game. For example, if you only wanted to use gyro controls while in a plane in GTA, you could create an Action Set for that and trigger it by pressing a specific key anytime you hop in a plane.

    If you just want your DualSense to work like any ol’ gamepad, though, you can leave this screen alone, no tweaking required.

    Non-Steam games

    How do I use the DualSense controller with non-Steam games?

    If you want to use the DualSense in a game that you own on the Epic Games Store for example, there’s a solution that should work for just about anything, even emulators. The easy way to do it: Bring Steam back into the picture.

    Steam has an ‘Add to library’ feature for Windows executables that allows you to add other programs to your Steam library, and then make use of the Steam overlay. 

    As you can see in the image above, click the ‘Games’ menu in Steam, then choose the “Add a Non-Steam game to my library…” option to pull up a list of programs on your PC. In most cases, this should allow you to add a game and use a controller with Steam acting as the intermediary.

    DS4Windows is another option

    If you prefer to configure the DualSense for non-Steam games without adding those games to your Steam library, wonderful community tool DS4Windows added DualSense support. (Shouldn’t it be DS5Windows? Hm, that doesn’t sound quite as good).

    To use it, connect your controller to PC via USB or Bluetooth as explained above with DS4Windows open, and you should then be able to customize your keybinds, change the LED and monitor the controller’s battery level. DS4Windows will let you use the DualSense in any PC game with Xbox controller support.

    PC game support

    What games use the DualSense controller’s features on PC?

    You won’t have to use Steam to make the DualSense work in all games. In Windows the DualSense uses the generic DirectInput driver, which some games support out of the box. But most games today use Microsoft’s newer XInput driver, which is where Steam Input really comes in handy.

     PCGamingWiki keeps a list of games that use the DualSense features, but here are some highlights that support both Adaptive Triggers and haptic feedback. It’s far from an exhaustive list. There is a catch, though: for most of these, Steam Input has to be disabled. That means these games natively support the DualSense and can tap into its haptics or adaptive triggers or both.

    • Returnal
    • The Witcher 3
    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    • Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves  Collection
    • Overwatch 2
    • Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade
    • Marvel’s Spider-Man
    • Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition
    • Deathloop
    • Final Fantasy 7 Remake
    • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
    • Genshin Impact
    • Death Stranding: Director’s Cut
    • F1 22
    • Ghostwire: Tokyo

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    Wes has been covering games and hardware for more than 10 years, first at tech sites like The Wirecutter and Tested before joining the PC Gamer team in 2014. Wes plays a little bit of everything, but he’ll always jump at the chance to cover emulation and Japanese games.

    When he’s not obsessively optimizing and re-optimizing a tangle of conveyor belts in Satisfactory (it’s really becoming a problem), he’s probably playing a 20-year-old Final Fantasy or some opaque ASCII roguelike. With a focus on writing and editing features, he seeks out personal stories and in-depth histories from the corners of PC gaming and its niche communities. 50% pizza by volume (deep dish, to be specific).

    How to use a PS4 controller on PC:

    When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Here’s how it works.

    How to use a DualShock 4 PS4 controller on PC
    (Image credit: Sony)

    Using the DualShock 4 on PC isn’t the trendiest choice, but if you don’t have an Xbox controller on hand or a spiffy new console, the PS4 controller is a perfect backup—or even better, depending on where you like your analog sticks.

    For years the PS4 controller was one of our favorite PC gaming controllers, and it still feels great in the hand. The design maintains the classic DualShock shape and feel, but with updated joysticks and triggers better suited to modern shooters and action games than the older models. It’s a reliable gamepad, though not quite as exciting as the PS5’s DualSense controller.

    Unfortunately, the DualShock 4’s use of generic DirectInput drivers—as opposed to XInput that the Xbox controllers use—means using a PS4 controller on PC isn’t quite as easy as plugging in an Xbox gamepad and pressing Start. But it’s actually not much more involved.

    Getting the DualShock 4 working on PC is pretty trivial thanks to Steam, the PC gaming community, and an official (optional) Bluetooth dongle. If Steam is where you play all of your games, its native support for the DualShock 4 makes it just as plug-and-play as an Xbox gamepad. Thanks, Valve!

    To start we’ll walk you through getting your PS4 controller working with Steam, which will only take a few seconds. If you want to play games that aren’t on Steam with your DualShock 4, DS4Windows is the tool for you, and we’ll help you get it set up.


    What you need 


    • Dualshock 4 PS4 controller
    • A micro-USB cable 
    • (Optional) Dualshock 4 USB wireless Bluetooth adapter or other Bluetooth support

    Today’s best Sony DualShock 4 deals

    879 Amazon customer reviews






    Show More Deals


    • Steam
    • Or Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
    • DS4Windows

    Working with Steam

    Using a PS4 controller in Steam

    1. Open Steam
    2. Go to Settings in top left dropdown
    3. Open Controller tab
    4. Click General Controller Settings
    5. Register device to your account
    6. Change preferences
    7. Calibrate joysticks
    8. Tick PlayStation Configuration Support
    9. Remap from Settings Controller tab/in game

    Thanks to official Steam support, there’s almost no setup involved in getting your PS4 controller working in Steam. Just be sure to pair or plug in your controller before opening Steam or any Steam games, or else your controller may not be recognized (click the link to jump down to the Bluetooth section of this guide).

    If you run into any connection issues, closing and reopening Steam should do the trick. Otherwise, try using a USB 2.0 port instead of a USB 3.0 port. DualShock 4s are weird like that.

    Once connected, navigate to Steam’s settings menu—under the top left dropdown—to get everything running smoothly. Under the Controller tab, open General Controller Settings; you should see your controller listed under Detected Controllers. From here you can register it to your account, so it will remember the settings on any PC you log into.

    (Image credit: Valve)

    Click Preferences to rename, or change rumble and lighting settings. You can also click Calibrate to fine-tune the joysticks and gyro if you feel the need. One important tip: click the check box next to PlayStation Configuration Support if you want to be able to do extra configuration of the controller on a per-game basis.

    Back in the Controller tab of the Settings menu, you can configure your controller for Big Picture and Desktop usage, as well, and even set up Guide Button Chord Configuration.

    Installing DS4Windows

    How to install DS4Windows for non-steam gaming

    1. Download Microsoft .NET Framework 
    2. For Windows 7, get Xbox 360 controller driver
    3. Plug controller or Bluetooth dongle in 
    4. Download DS4Windows and extract 
    5. Open DS4Windows
    6. Check connection in the Controllers tab
    7. In Settings tab Hide DS4 Controller
    8. Set Use Xinput Ports to one
    9. Edit/Create a profile and remap 

    If you’re just playing Steam games, you don’t need to install anything else!

    First, Download the newest Microsoft . NET Framework. If you’re still stuck running Windows 7, install the Xbox 360 controller driver next. This driver is included with Windows 8 and 10.

    Before you do anything else, plug in your PS4 controller with a micro-USB directly to your PC, or pair it through the Bluetooth menu, or with a USB wireless adapter. 

    Download and extract newest DS4Windows .zip file next, and open it up. You can ignore the DS4Updater if you already have the newest version. 

    Any controllers you’ve connected will be displayed under the Controllers tab. If not, close DS4Windows, reconnect your controller, then re-open the software. Don’t worry about your controller’s ID number, we won’t be needing it.

    Next, open the Settings tab in DS4Windows to configure a few things. Make sure the Hide DS4 Controller box is checked. This will prevent DS4Windows from conflicting with any game’s default controller settings. For the same reason, make sure Use Xinput Ports is set to one. 

    From the Settings tab, you can also set DS4Windows to run at startup, or remain active in the background. You can also update DS4Windows directly from this tab by clicking Check for Update Now at the bottom left. Above that, you’ll see Controller/Driver Setup. If you run into any issues, open this setup and follow the prompts to install any missing drivers. 

    DS4Windows works by reading your DualShock 4 as though it were an Xbox 360 controller. That means you won’t get the correct Square/X/Triangle/Circle button icons by default in most games. Some games will give you the option to change, but either way, it’ll now work with any game that has Xinput support—i.e. most every modern PC game that supports gamepads.

    You don’t have to remap anything, but if you want to change some buttons or adjust sensitivity outside of in-game menus, just open the Profiles tab in DS4Windows. If you’re feeling confident, click New to start a new profile, though this is easier said than done. Otherwise, select the DualShock 4 profile and click Edit.

    Let’s say you want to swap your bumpers and triggers. First, find L1/R1 and L2/R2 in the scroll wheel in the Controls section, or just click them on the virtual controller. You want to swap L1 with L2 and R1 with R2, so start by clicking L2.

    Then, just click the button you want L2 to act as—in this case, L1. Voila, your left trigger will now act as your left bumper. Repeat this process with the other triggers and bumpers to complete the change and prevent redundancy. You can save this button setup as a separate profile and swap between profiles in the Controllers tab.

    Connect via Bluetooth

    (Image credit: Sony)

    How to connect your PS4 controller via Bluetooth  

    1. Hold controller’s Share and PS button until it flashes
    2. Make sure your PC’s Bluetooth is enabled
    3. Add your controller in your PC’s Bluetooth menu
    4. Pairing should happen automatically


    To connect your PS4 controller via Bluetooth, simply hold the small Share button and the central circular button simultaneously until the controller’s backlight starts flashing. If you own the now-discontinued official PlayStation adapter, press the button on it until it starts flashing. Once both are flashing, they will automatically pair after a few seconds.

    Don’t have the official Sony adapter? That’s okay—another Bluetooth adapter should work, too. For a PC with Bluetooth built-in (or if you have a generic USB dongle), just press the Windows key and type “Bluetooth” to open the Bluetooth & devices settings menu. Click “Add device” and look for the controller. Once it’s flashing, you should see it listed here.

    Luckily, you don’t have to pair your controller every time you want to use it with the official adapter. As long as you don’t unplug the adapter, it will save its last connection, so you can just tap your controller’s central PlayStation button to reconnect it. Windows should also remember the controller, so if yo don’t use it on a console in the interim, it should be quick to re-pair with your PC.

    The official Sony DualShock 4 USB wireless adapter is the simplest Bluetooth option. You may have to hunt for it or spend a little more than you would on a standard Bluetooth dongle, but it’s worth it for its out-of-the-box functionality if you find one on the cheap. Otherwise, roll with regular Bluetooth or pick the simplest route: a cable.

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    Wes has been covering games and hardware for more than 10 years, first at tech sites like The Wirecutter and Tested before joining the PC Gamer team in 2014. Wes plays a little bit of everything, but he’ll always jump at the chance to cover emulation and Japanese games.

    When he’s not obsessively optimizing and re-optimizing a tangle of conveyor belts in Satisfactory (it’s really becoming a problem), he’s probably playing a 20-year-old Final Fantasy or some opaque ASCII roguelike. With a focus on writing and editing features, he seeks out personal stories and in-depth histories from the corners of PC gaming and its niche communities. 50% pizza by volume (deep dish, to be specific).

    🎮 top best gamepads for PC

    We understand the need for a PC gamepad and recommend the best models.

    There is an opinion among convinced PC gamers that a gamepad, as a game pad, is not worthy of competing with a mouse and keyboard: there are few buttons, there is no possibility of fine tuning, macros cannot be recorded.

    Is this really true, or is it worth giving the gamepad a try? Let’s try to answer this question.

    Gamepad games

    Each type of manipulator – keyboard and mouse and gamepad – can be defended by a lot of arguments.

    So, the mouse provides better aiming accuracy and allows you to instantly move the virtual camera over long distances, and the keyboard allows you to use more keys and activate command bundles with the click of a button.

    In turn, the gamepad makes the control smoother: depending on the degree of stick deflection, the character can slowly walk or run, and the force of pressing the triggers affects the speed of the car. In many games with gamepad support, you can turn on auto-aim – contrary to common misconception, it does not aim instead of the player, but only slightly adjusts the aim aimed at the enemy. Do not forget about feedback – vibration feedback, which enhances the feeling of the gameplay.

    This leads us to the conclusion that different types of manipulators are suitable for different genres of video games.

    • Keyboard and mouse are indispensable in first-person shooters, strategy games, MOBAs, TCGs, MMORPGs, computer RPGs.
    • The controller is ideal for third-person action, action RPG, sports sims, fighting games, racing, and is also suitable for many multi-platform first-person shooters such as Destiny 2, Call of Duty and Battlefield games, where with proper skill you can even learn beat rivals with keyboard and mouse.

    Actually, answering the question of whether a gamepad is needed for the PC at all, we declare with confidence that it is undoubtedly needed. But not for everyone: if you prefer genres in which you can get by with a bunch of KiM familiar to a PC, then the gamepad will gather dust somewhere in a distant drawer.

    If you like games of various genres, then the gamepad will make the gameplay of many of them more comfortable. In addition, the presence of an additional controller will be useful for fans of cooperative projects that can be played on the same computer.

    And finally, if you wish, you can set up the image output from your computer to TV and play with a wireless gamepad in front of a large screen, sitting comfortably on the sofa (this can also be done with a wireless keyboard and mouse, but the level of comfort will be significantly lower).

    In conclusion, I would like to note that pointless disputes about the superiority of one type of controller over another are not worth wasting time.

    Based on the above text, it becomes obvious that the gamepad and keyboard with mouse are very different, and are suitable for completely different genres of games. A sane gamer will simply play with the manipulator that is more convenient for him, and will not pay attention to any prejudice.

    How much does a gamepad cost and how to choose the best model

    There are many gamepads from various manufacturers of gaming peripherals in stores. The choice is presented for every taste: for an inexperienced buyer, the eyes run wide from the variety of designs, colors and unique functions.

    So which one is better to choose so as not to regret the purchase? We will give some tips and recommend the best gamepad models.

    • First of all, when choosing a controller, you should pay attention to the support for the XInput input standard: if the gamepad supports this standard, then in 99% of PC games will work adequately. If the manipulator is only equipped with DInput support, it means that in some games it will either work incorrectly or not be detected at all. In this case, emulators like x360ce or Xpadder will come to the rescue. Ideally, the gamepad should support both standards, but if there is a choice between XInput and DInput, do not hesitate to choose the first one.
    • Next comes the issue of compatibility: a gamepad can work on a PC but not be detected by the console, and vice versa. Compatibility with a particular platform is usually indicated in the product description, in addition, with the help of drivers, you can make the controller for the console work on a PC. But if you have more than one gaming platform, and you plan to use the controller not only with a computer, then it is better to find out about compatibility in advance.
    • Wired or wireless gamepad – a matter of taste and personal comfort: choosing the first option negatively affects mobility, the second will force you to spend money on batteries or constantly charge the battery. Please note that when purchasing a wireless controller, you may also need an adapter to connect it to a PC.
    • Having vibration is better than not having it: vibration feedback will help you immerse yourself in the game process. This is most relevant for the Xbox One and Xbox Series controllers, which have trigger vibration feedback, which literally allows you to feel every shot, as well as for DualSense, which can boast tactile vibration feedback that transmits a variety of effects. If you get tired of the vibration, you can always turn it off in the game settings.
    • The number of buttons / sticks – it is better to stick to the golden mean. Standard – two sticks (also working as buttons), D-pad, “Start” and “Menu” buttons, “ABXY” buttons, two triggers, two bumpers. Fewer buttons are undesirable, more are unlikely to be needed, although many manufacturers add additional keys that duplicate the main ones: they are designed for better control comfort, and their functions can often be customized.
    • Appearance/design is a matter of taste. But it’s best not to go for frilly designs that may be less comfortable than a simpler but more ergonomic model.

    So which specific gamepad to buy? Here is a list of the best models:

    Microsoft Xbox Series Wireless Controller

    Controller from the latest generation of Xbox Series X|S consoles. The shape and location of the sticks and keys repeats the Xbox One gamepad, but differs in a more convenient cross, slightly improved ergonomics, the appearance of a key for taking screenshots, and some other design features. The best choice today, especially when you consider the many color options that will allow you to choose a model for every taste – from utilitarian black to festive bright.

    Microsoft Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

    Advanced version of the controller for the Xbox Series, which features the ability to adjust the smoothness of the movement of the sticks, change the depth of the trigger travel, install interchangeable sticks and auxiliary paddles. The gamepad can be configured in detail and store up to three profiles in its memory. At the same time, it is fully compatible with the PC, and will work in all games, except perhaps very old ones.

    Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

    Proven over the years and probably the best gamepad for PC (and Xbox 360). It fits comfortably in the hands, does not creak, is correctly detected by the operating system and is perfectly recognized in all games, the wireless version works up to several months without changing batteries. You can only complain about not the most comfortable cross.

    Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller

    Gamepad from Xbox One/One S/One X consoles. It differs from the previous one in improved ergonomics, vibration feedback of triggers, a more comfortable cross, and, of course, design. But it also costs more. If the question of price is not in front of you, we can recommend.

    Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller Elite is a truly elite controller made from high quality materials.

    Sony Dualshock 4

    Very handy gamepad from the Sony PlayStation 4 console. High-quality assembly, beautiful design, nice stick movement, long battery life. It is worth considering that in order to connect to a PC, you may need to “dance with a tambourine”.

    Sony DualSense

    PlayStation 5 Nextgen Console Controller. The Sony DualSense boasts exceptional comfort, stunning design, and outstanding vibration features that take your gaming experience to the next level. Not all games support these options on PC, but developers are actively adding them to new titles – for example, Metro Exodus and Ghostwire: Tokyo have the ability to enable trigger resistance when firing.

    DualSense Edge

    The DualSense Edge is a professional model designed for PlayStation 5 and compatible with PC. Controller owners can remap and disable individual buttons, adjust the smoothness and dead zones of the sticks, set the depth of travel of the triggers, as well as replace the sticks and install petals on the rear panel, which will give additional options during the game. The gamepad comes with three pairs of stick attachments and two sets of petals, as well as a protective case for transportation.

    Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition

    An option for those who want more expensive and better quality. Razer has optimized the gamepad’s ergonomics, added a few extra buttons, added a low travel trigger mode for firefights, written control customization software, and added Razer Synapse signature backlighting to it all.

    The result is a premium device compatible with PC and Xbox, which, according to the manufacturer, is ideal for e-sports players.

    Razer Raiju Tournament Edition

    The previous model is suitable for PC and Xbox, this one is designed for PC and PS4, with appropriate button labels and a touchpad. The Razer Raiju Tournament Edition also features high build quality, advanced features like slow trigger mode and proprietary software, and a rather high price – you have to pay for premium status.

    A new generation of controllers from a renowned manufacturer of gaming peripherals. The Razer Wolverine V2 is compatible with PC and Xbox and is available in two versions – Basic and Chroma, the latter with customizable backlighting. The key advantage of the gamepad is the mecha-tactile keys, which give a better feel when pressed compared to conventional membrane buttons. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting only a wired connection.

    Gamesir T4 PRO

    Inexpensive option suitable for use with PC, mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. A detachable mount is provided for playing on a smartphone, and a gyroscope is useful when playing games on the Switch. In addition, there is a vibration motor and a backlight function; the latter will not affect the efficiency in games, but will give a significant increase in the attractiveness of the device.

    Gamesir G4 Pro

    Gamesir G4 Pro is an all-in-one wireless controller that comes with a foldable smartphone holder and is compatible with PC and Nintendo Switch. There are rubberized embossed handles for better grip, pleasant vibration feedback, and the Xbox key layout is used. The only drawback of the model is the very bright illumination of the central indicator button, because of which you will probably want to cover it with something opaque.

    SteelSeries Stratus Duo

    Controller from a well-known manufacturer of computer peripherals. SteelSeries Stratus Duo works with PC and Android, as well as VR systems, so it will be suitable as a universal device if you play on different platforms. This is a wireless gamepad, and it boasts ease of connection and very good autonomy – more than 20 hours on a single charge. The device supports connection via Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz radio channel, and does not require drivers to start working – just connect it to a gaming device, and you can immediately immerse yourself in the game.

    GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro

    GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro features a neat design that resembles an Xbox Series controller. The device works with PC, Android, iOS, Mac, Nintendo Switch and even Smart TV, supports XInput and DInput, has a vibration feedback function, and its key layout is copied from Nintendo controllers. The model provides a number of advantages, including adjustment of the sensitivity of the sticks and triggers, adjustment of the vibration level, setting the turbo mode, the presence of a gyroscope, a capacious battery, the reserve of which is enough for 25 hours of play, and much more.

    Flydigi Vader 2

    Flydigi Vader 2 adds additional customizable keys to the standard Xbox layout, which provide additional possibilities and even an advantage in video games. Users can customize functions and macros, save their settings in separate profiles and freely switch between them. For greater comfort and immersion in the gameplay, a 6-axis gyroscope and asymmetric vibration motors are used here.

    PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

    Controller from the well-known company PowerA, which manufactures gaming peripherals based on the wishes and feedback of the audience. This model is compatible with PC and Xbox consoles, supports wired connection and has a 3.5mm headphone jack. Among the advanced features, auxiliary customizable keys are provided here. The device also boasts a strict appearance, which will surely appeal to lovers of minimalism.

    Ritmix GP-065BTH

    Model designed for PC and PlayStation consoles: The Ritmix GP-065BTH gamepad is compatible with PS3 and PS4 and comes with a touchpad that supports gestures and other commands required for some games. The controller also works with iOS and Android, has a built-in battery for 15 hours of uninterrupted play, a six-axis gyroscope and vibration motors.

    8Bitdo Pro 2

    8Bitdo Pro 2 is a gamepad that combines retro style with modern features: its design is reminiscent of the consoles of the 80s and 90s, but it also has sticks, customizable additional keys, vibration feedback, a six-axis sensor movements, user profiles and other options that will make gaming more comfortable.

    Flydigi APEX 3

    An advanced controller capable of satisfying the most demanding gamers. Flydigi APEX 3 is equipped with analog triggers with feedback, mecha-tactile keys, a capacious battery, an LED display that displays important information, a removable panel for additional customization, as well as a gyroscope and vibration motors. This model also allows you to play games on Android that do not support gamepads, such as PUBG Mobile or Fortnite. A versatile option that is equally well suited for PC and mobile devices.

    DOBE TNS-1176

    DOBE TNS-1176 attracts attention with its appearance: the gamepad boasts bright colors, illuminated sticks and rubberized embossed grips that improve grip. This model is suitable for PC, mobile devices and Nintendo Switch, and if you have played with an Xbox controller before, with the DOBE TNS-1176 you will have to get used to the alternative key layout. Otherwise, this is a wonderful device for working with different types of platforms.

    Logitech F310/F710

    Controller, the main advantage of which is the support of XInput and DInput standards (switching between them is carried out using a lever). Available in two versions: wired F310 (without vibration) and wireless F710 (with vibration feedback). Model F510 (with wire and vibration) has been discontinued.


    This is the best option if you want to save as much as possible. Actually, the low price, combined with XInput support, is its main advantage. Otherwise, the gamepad does not hold up in terms of quality to more expensive models.

    SPEEDLINK Xeox Pro

    Budget option, the case when “cheap and cheerful”. This wired gamepad can work in two modes – DInput and XInput, which allows the player to use it for old and new games without compatibility problems.

    Trust GXT 590 Bosi

    Inexpensive wireless controller with DInput and XInput modes, thanks to which it is freely defined in any PC games. The glossy insert in the middle of the model snaps off and acts as a holder for a smartphone – yes, the gamepad is compatible not only with a computer, but also with mobile devices, where it will become an excellent assistant in online shooters and racing games.

    SPEEDLINK Quinox Pro

    Stylish gamepad with slashed shapes and a classic design reminiscent of the Xbox One controller. Among the features of this model is the presence of special software and built-in memory, which allow you to program the assignment of buttons for several profiles, create macros, adjust the sensitivity of sticks and triggers.

    In addition, the gamepad has additional buttons, which makes it more flexible in customization and allows you to use more features in games.

    Canyon CND-GPW3

    Inexpensive and high-quality wireless gamepad with its own battery – this will save on batteries and save you from wires. There is also a backlight, and compatibility with XInput will ensure connection in any game. In general, a good gadget for your money.

    Defender X7

    Another wireless budget model. Complete set: vibration feedback, XInput/DInput, compatibility with PC and Android, good build quality and design, reminiscent of the Xbox 360 controller. However, it should be noted that there are nuances in terms of connecting to a computer – read the instructions carefully!

    IPEGA PG-9083

    If you’re into portable gaming, this is the one for you. IPEGA PG-9083 works with PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, has its own battery, and allows you to play anywhere: connect your Switch, smartphone or tablet and forget about the limits that bind you. As for the PC, the gamepad is compatible with computers, but other models may be more convenient.

    Artplays NS-45

    Once again, an inexpensive option for those who are looking for something cheaper, even at the expense of quality. Artplays is not as impressive as the Xbox One controller, but it costs significantly less and offers almost the same features. Moreover, the gamepad works in XInput / DInput modes, boasts its own battery and is compatible not only with PC, but also with Switch.

    Considering the modest cost, this allows him to claim the attention of gamers.

    8Bitdo NES30 PRO

    And this option is for fans of retro gaming: the gamepad is designed in the style of the NES console controller, but with sticks, lighting and wireless connectivity for PC and mobile devices. Not the most convenient, but definitely a very effective device that will decorate your gaming setup.

    Nacon The ESports Designed Revolution Pro Controller

    The French company Nacon is not only a publisher of games, including, for example, the WRC series, Warhammer Chaosbane, The Sinking City, but also a manufacturer of gaming peripherals.

    Behind the long name of the hero of our selection is a gamepad for PC and PS4, equipped with a three-meter cable, vibration feedback and a headset jack. In addition, users can use additional buttons to assign commands.

    Valve Steam Controller

    A gamepad designed specifically for the PC by Valve, taking into account the features of games for this platform. Engineers placed two touch surfaces on the controller, with which you can simulate cursor movements, which made it possible to use the manipulator even in strategies. In addition, the gamepad allows you to flexibly customize the layout of the buttons as desired by the user, and the built-in gyroscope and accelerometer will allow you to control some games using movements.

    Valve has now discontinued the gamepad, but it can still be found on some marketplaces.

    KP top 10 rating

    Many PC gamers, although they use a computer rather than a console, prefer to use a gamepad rather than keyboard and mouse in some games. Using this device, you can achieve a deeper immersion effect, and just drive to your favorite AAA project, displaying it on the TV screen, plopping down on the sofa. Now almost all games (well, except for strategies and competitive shooters, perhaps) are fully compatible with the controller and provide convenient control.

    But if you decide to purchase this device, the question arises – how to choose a gamepad for PC? There are hundreds of models on the market now, and it is quite difficult to understand the intricacies of choosing them. KP has selected the best PC gamepads of 2023 to ease the pain for gamers.

    Top 10 best gamepads for PC according to KP

    Defender Omega

    Defender Omega. Photo: Defender

    A minimalistic classic joystick, somewhat reminiscent of the output devices of the very first PlayStation. Strict design – nothing more. This model is the same as the previous one – wired. In the budget segment, there are no wireless as such. The build quality, as you might guess, is not very good. However, it has vibration feedback, and the cable is quite long and comfortable. There are compatibility issues with some games. The disadvantages can be forgiven given its price, the gamepad is suitable as a non-permanent device for games, “departure” or for not very neat children and adults.

    Main characteristics
    90 213 Number of joystick
    Type wired
    Vibration response yes
    2 mini joysticks
    Number of buttons 12
    Supported API DirectInput
    Cross yes
    Pros and cons

    Minimalistic non-staining design, long wire, vibration feedback, build quality

    Compatible with some games

    SVEN Scout

    SVEN Scout. Photo: SVEN

    Surprisingly, this model does not have sticks. Perhaps this is the reason for the high rating. The manufacturer, having saved on sticks, was able to release a worthy, albeit not very modern, product. This model is loved by fans of old projects, such as NES and SNES, who use emulators on PC. Sticks are not needed in them, so this drawback becomes uncritical. The build quality is at an acceptable level, which you would not expect to see in such a cheap device, there is nothing to complain about.

    Main features
    90 213 Number of buttons
    Type wired
    Mini joysticks not available
    Supported API DirectInput
    D-pad yes
    Pros and cons

    Low cost, good build quality, nothing fancy

    No sticks, button layout may seem awkward

    Logitech G Gamepad F310

    Logitech G Gamepad F310. Photo: Logitech

    The best solution from the middle price segment was a joystick from the well-known brand Logitech. At an affordable price, it has all the necessary characteristics. Perhaps this is one of the best wired devices on the market. At an affordable price, it has excellent build quality, compatibility and ease of use. There are no serious shortcomings, given its price. Although, some users note the inconvenient arrangement of the keys and are dissatisfied with the quality of the plastic.

    Main features

    9 0212

    Type wired
    Number of joystick 2 mini joysticks
    Number of buttons 10
    Supported API DirectInput / XInput
    D-pad yes
    Pros and cons

    Well-known brand, excellent price-quality ratio

    Wired, for this price I would still like to get a wireless device, there are marriages, not very good location of some keys

    Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

    Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Photo: Microsoft

    Microsoft’s impeccable joystick. Its only disadvantage, in fact, is the price, but it is so high that it covers all the advantages. Two controllers will cost almost the price of an entry-level console or PC. The design is stylish, the device is ergonomic. Everything is in order with compatibility, usability and autonomy. The gamepad has all the necessary characteristics and even a little more. Despite this, some users notice minor flaws that are unacceptable at this cost.

    Main characteristics
    Type wireless
    3 Number of joystick 2 mini joysticks
    Number of buttons 12
    Own battery 40 hours of operation
    Supported API XInput
    Cross yes
    Headset connectivity yes
    Other motion sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope
    Pros and cons 90 209

    Quality workmanship, features and functionality, A LOT of features and functionality

    Extremely high cost for gamepad, at its cost, sometimes there are minor problems

    Sony DualShock 4 v2

    Sony DualShock 4 v2. Photo: Sony

    And here is a model from the main competitor of the “small-soft” ones – Sony. The design is more aggressive and futuristic, the stick placement is classic rather than asymmetrical. The Japanese giant decided not to invent a bicycle, but to improve the existing layout. The main difference from a competitor is the presence of a touch-sensitive touchpad, with which you can perform various manipulations. This is a very cool feature for a console, but when used with a PC, the value is lost, since there is a mouse. The touchpad also has a built-in battery. The joystick is equipped with a built-in speaker. At first glance, this may seem like overkill, but when you use it, you quickly realize that this is an extremely interesting solution – during the game session, immersion and atmosphere feel much brighter (provided that the technology is supported by the game). The most common problems are an “unsuccessful” batch, marriage and difficulties in pairing with a personal computer.

    Main characteristics
    Type wireless
    3 Number of joystick 2 mini joysticks
    Number of buttons 18
    Trackpad 1
    Own battery 40 hours of operation
    API supported XInput
    D-pad yes
    Headset connection yes
    other motion sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope 902 14
    Pros and cons

    Built-in battery, touch pad, quality and functionality

    PC compatibility issues, in some batches there is a marriage

    3Cott GP-05

    3Cott GP-05. Photo: 3Cott

    The gamepad from the little-known company 3Cott opens the review. This wired device has a fairly bright and catchy design, at an extremely low price. The layout of the buttons is quite standard, there are sticks, it is connected using a USB cable. It is compatible with different devices, there should be no problems when connecting. However, it also has disadvantages – an unpleasant smell of cheap plastic, and the coating is not made of rubber, as it might seem at first glance, but of the same material, but a little softer

    Main features

    9 0212

    Type wired
    Number of joystick 2 mini joysticks
    Number of buttons 12
    Supported API DirectInput
    D-pad yes
    Pros and cons

    Cheap+Bright design, hassle-free connection

    Cheap brittle plastic, bad smell, poor build quality

    Microsoft Xbox One Controller

    Microsoft Xbox One Controller. Photo: Microsoft

    A standard solution from Microsoft. Minimalistic design – everything you need, nothing more. This device is the choice of most users. The asymmetrically placed sticks take a little getting used to and are extremely comfortable. Since Microsoft not only deals with consoles, but also develops the most popular software for computers, you can not even be afraid of compatibility problems. There is a headset jack. There is not much to say about the device, it is just as it should be. The only objective disadvantage is that the joystick is powered by 2 AA batteries. The problem can be solved simply by purchasing batteries with the station.

    Main characteristics
    Type wireless
    3 Number of joystick 2 mini joysticks
    Number of buttons 11
    Supported API XInput
    Cross yes
    Headset connection yes
    Other motion sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope
    Pros and cons

    Good value for money, modern technology, decent build

    Runs on two batteries as standard to AA, sometimes crashes when used with a PC and you have to pair again with the device

    CBR CBG 959

    CBR CBG 959. Photo: CBR

    This gamepad could enter the ranking of the best gamepads for PC in 2021 just because of its appearance. It looks extremely stylish and futuristic, matte plastic captivates. This model is already wireless, has an unusual arrangement of sticks. Users note that it is very convenient, although at first glance they take doubts. I also like the build quality – no backlash and no unpleasant smell.

    But, it also has disadvantages – a long charge, as well as a discrepancy between the declared battery capacity. Nevertheless, this is a good option, especially if you are looking for a device with a low price, good functionality and stylish appearance.

    Main characteristics
    902 13 Range
    Type wireless
    Vibration damping yes
    10 m
    Supported API DirectInput / XInput
    Cross yes
    Own battery up to 20 hours of operation
    Pros and cons

    Stylish appearance, build quality, ease of use

    Battery capacity does not match may be inconvenient due to individual preferences

    Redragon Saturn

    Redragon Saturn. Photo: Redragon

    This joystick is in the middle price segment and yes, it is wired. If you’re looking for a quality classic gamepad, this is the one for you. Its sticks have a smooth and pleasant action, the design is aggressive and modern. Some users write in reviews that L1 and R1 hang out and are not very convenient to use. It is worth noting the behavior of the company. Its representatives follow the reviews, and when they notice negative ones, they give feedback, suggest how the problem can be solved. This suggests that their products are important to the creators and they are working on its quality.

    Main characteristics
    90 213 Number of joystick
    Type wired
    Vibration response yes
    2 mini joysticks
    Supported API DirectInput / XInput
    D-pad yes
    Pros and cons

    Classic wired joystick, convenient set of buttons in the right volume, responsive company managers

    Problematic buttons L1 and R1, the keys stick on some copies

    Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller Sport

    Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller Sport. Photo: Microsoft

    The ultimate solution from Microsoft. This gamepad combines modern design, functionality, ease of use and adequate cost. This is a limited series that quickly gained popularity among users. The device can be customized for yourself, rubberized handles provide an incomparable grip with the palm of your hand. It is equipped with all possible modern chips and is great for use with a personal computer. The joystick is available in two versions – white and blue. Considering its cost, it has no objective disadvantages (other than running on 2 AA batteries), this is a great choice for absolutely any PC gamer.

    Main characteristics
    Type wireless
    3 Number of joystick 2 mini joysticks
    Number of buttons 11
    Supported API XInput
    Cross yes
    Headset connection yes
    Other motion sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope
    Pros and cons

    Super stylish design, customizable, affordable price, perfect workmanship

    No built-in battery pack

    How to choose a gamepad for PC

    We asked Ruslan Sharipov how to choose the best gamepad for PC. He works as a design engineer at Smartec and is an avid gamer. Owned different consoles and used different joysticks. For the PC, he eventually chose a gamepad from Microsoft. A few practical tips for choosing a joystick.

    Which brand of PC gamepad to prefer

    From personal experience, I can say that preference should be given to well-known brands. In the budget and mid-range segment, this is Logitech, in the high segment, Microsoft and Sony. In fact, the choice should be stopped on the last two. The only plus of other companies is the cheaper cost, the quality remains with the giants of the industry.

    Is there one best joystick

    No, there is no one best. Basically, when choosing, the individual preferences of the user decide. Ideally, you should use a few of the models you like the most and then choose “your own”. Do not blindly follow the advice of experts and understand the Internet battles on the forums. In top models, the disadvantages and advantages are quite subjective, and the functionality is very close.

    Barajita panini: Panini Store | Stickers, Trading Cards & More

    FAQ | Panini

    Can I buy products on this shop?


    This online service is reserved to customers who purchase for personal use and can provide a delivery address in United States and Canada.

    How many missing stickers/cards can I order online?


    The number of items you can order differs between collections. The maximum you can order will be shown on the product page.

    How can I create my MyPanini ™ personalised sticker or card?


    To create personalised stickers or cards, please go to and select the collection you want.

    You will be asked to register by entering your email, password and country. Afterwards, you can create your own sticker by following these steps:

    – log in with email and password;
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    Panini will print your stickers or cards after checking that the image and text inserted complies with Panini’s policies and the applicable laws such as copyright. For more information, check the Price and FAQ sections at

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    Unfortunately, if the collection is not present on the site, the missing sticker/card service is not available.

    How is stickers or card COMPLETE COLLECTION composed of?


    The complete collection includes the empty album and all loose stickers to paste to complete the collection.

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    Why did my order arrive incomplete?


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    Seagate firecuda: FireCuda HDD | Seagate Deutschland

    FireCuda Gaming Hard Drive und FireCuda Gaming Hub





    suggested searches

    Asia-Pacific (APAC)


    Middle East/North Africa

    Latin America

    North America

    Seagate Partner Program Portal

    Bietet unseren Wiederverkäufern, Integratoren, Resellern und anderen Channel-Partnern Zugriff auf Produktschulungen, Vertriebs- und Marketingressourcen, Deal-Registrierung und mehr.

    Lyve Cloud Portal

    Im Lyve Cloud Portal können Sie Ihren Objektspeicher und Ihre Dienste konfigurieren und verwalten.

    Seagate Direct-Kundenportal

    Bietet Direct-Kunden B2B-Selfservice-Tools für die Bereiche Preise, Programme, Bestellungen, Rücksendungen und Abrechnung.

    Lyve Management Portal

    Hier können Sie Lyve Mobile-Services, -Abos und -Projekte registrieren, aufrufen und verwalten.


    Bietet Lieferanten auf ihre individuellen Anforderungen zugeschnittene Selfservice-Tools.


    Hier können Sie registrierte Produkte einsehen, neue Produkte registrieren und produktspezifischen Support erhalten.

    Externe FireCuda-Festplatten




    Externe Gaming-Laufwerke

    Tauchen Sie in die Action ein

    Mit der FireCuda Gaming Hard Drive und dem FireCuda Gaming Hub läuft Ihr Gaming-PC zur Bestform auf. Erleben Sie unten die FireCuda Gaming Drives in Aktion.

    FireCuda Gaming Hub

    FireCuda Gaming Hard Drive

    Gaming in neuem Licht

    FireCuda Gaming-Laufwerke schaffen dank ihrer konfigurierbaren RGB-LED-Beleuchtung und ihres schlanken neuen Designs eine stimmige Gaming-Atmosphäre.

    Ein Gaming-PC ganz nach Ihren Wünschen

    Tauchen Sie ein in die Welt der voll konfigurierbaren Farben und Muster unserer RGB-Beleuchtung – alle FireCuda RGB-Produkte lassen sich zudem über die kostenlose Seagate Toolkit-Software synchronisieren.

    Zusätzlich sind der FireCuda Gaming Hub und die FireCuda Gaming Hard Drive mit Razer Chroma™ RGB kompatibel, sodass Sie all Ihre Chroma-fähigen Peripheriegeräte für maximale Immersion synchronisieren können.

    Ganz nach Ihren Wünschen

    Der FireCuda Gaming Dock unterstreicht den Look Ihres Gaming-PCs und kann vertikal oder horizontal verwendet werden.

    Füllen Sie Ihre Spielesammlung

    Dank ihrer großen Kapazitäten bieten die FireCuda Gaming Hard Drive (bis zu 5 TB) und der FireCuda Gaming Hub (bis zu 16 TB) reichlich Platz für neue Spiele, Anwendungen und Medien.

    Go Gaming, go!

    Die Stromversorgung über USB 3. 2 und das schlanke Design verleihen der Gaming Hard Drive Plug-and-Play-Funktionalität für unterwegs.

    Geladen und bereit

    Der Gaming Hub bietet zwei USB-C- und USB-A-Ports an der Vorderseite für den Anschluss und die Stromversorgung Ihrer Peripheriegeräte.

    Direkt einsatzbereit dank automatischer Erkennung für eine schnelle und leichte Einrichtung.

    Rescue-Dienste zur Datenwiederherstellung

    Sollte wirklich einmal das Unerwartete eintreten, wie etwa ein Wasserschaden oder eine Naturkatastrophe, sind Sie durch die Rescue-Dienste gegen Datenverlust und entstehenden Kosten abgesichert.¹

    Mehr erfahren

    Interne Gaming-SSD

    Die besten Gaming-Voraussetzungen: leistungsstarker Speicher mit beeindruckenden Geschwindigkeiten, hoher Zuverlässigkeit und großen Kapazitäten.

    Externe Gaming-Laufwerke

    Externe Laufwerke zur Speicherplatzerweiterung und als Upgrade Ihres Gaming-PCs für noch mehr Spielspaß.


    Die Seagate Game Drive wurde speziell für die Xbox Series X|S und Xbox One entwickelt und ist ein unerlässlicher Bestandteil einer jeden Xbox-Spielesammlung.


    Verbessern Sie Ihr PlayStation-Gaming-Erlebnis durch nahtlose Leistung und Portabilität.

    Seagate Inside Gaming

    Das beste externe Laufwerk für PC-Gaming

    Egal ob unterwegs oder zu Hause am Gaming-Rechner – jedes externe Seagate-Laufwerk bietet ganz eigene Vorteile. Inside Gaming verschafft Ihnen detaillierte Einblicke.

    Externe Laufwerke als Boot-Laufwerk für Gaming verwenden

    Geht Ihnen der Platz für Spiele aus? Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie externe Laufwerke zum Speichern und Laden von DRM-geschützten Spielen von digitalen Anbietern wie Steam verwenden.

    Speicher für Streamer

    Wenn Sie Gameplay für sich selbst oder für einen Stream aufzeichnen, können Sie mit den richtigen Apps und Services Engstellen und Latenzen bei der Verarbeitung vermeiden. Wir stellen einige unserer Favoriten vor.

    Benötigen Sie Support?

    Wählen Sie Ihr Gaming-Laufwerk aus

    • FireCuda Gaming

    • FireCuda Gaming Hub

    Bei Seagate steht Qualitätssicherung an erster Stelle.

    Erfahren Sie hier, warum

    1. Nicht in allen Ländern verfügbar.

    FireCuda Gaming SSD | Seagate Deutschland

    FireCuda Gaming SSD





    Händlerliste nicht verfügbar

    Leistungsstarke SSD-Technologie für erstklassige Performance und ein ansprechendes Design – die perfekte Ergänzung zu High-End-Gaming-PCs.

    Jetzt ansehen

    Die FireCuda Gaming SSD nutzt USB 3.2 Gen 2×2-Technologie für optimale NVMe-SSD-Performance. Erzielen Sie blitzschnelle Übertragungsgeschwindigkeiten von bis zu 2.000 MB/s.

    Im PC-Gaming kommt es auf das richtige Ambiente an. Die FireCuda Gaming SSD verfügt über eine konfigurierbare RGB-LED-Beleuchtung mit einem vollen Spektrum an Farben und Mustern, die über das Seagate Toolkit Softwarepaket angesteuert werden. Außerdem ist sie mit Razer Chroma™ RGB kompatibel, sodass Sie all Ihre Chroma-fähigen Peripheriegeräte für volle Immersion synchronisieren können.

    Video abspielen

    Eine externe USB-C-SSD zum Mitnehmen

    Diese kompakte, leichte SSD ist die perfekte Ergänzung zu jedem High-End-Gaming-PC. Das robuste Aluminiumgehäuse im schlichten Industriedesign leitet Wärme ab, was für Kühlung und eine lange Lebensdauer sorgt.

    Im Lieferumfang der FireCuda Gaming SSD sind ein USB-C-Kabel sowie eine Installationsanleitung enthalten, sodass Sie sofort loslegen können.

    Rescue-Dienste zur Datenwiederherstellung

    Sollte wirklich einmal das Unerwartete eintreten, wie etwa ein Wasserschaden oder eine Naturkatastrophe, sind Sie durch die Rescue-Dienste gegen Datenverlust und entstehenden Kosten abgesichert.³

    Mehr erfahren

    Seagate Inside Gaming

    Das beste externe Laufwerk für PC-Gaming

    Egal, ob unterwegs oder zu Hause am Gaming-Rechner – jedes externe Seagate-Laufwerk bietet ganz eigene Vorteile. Inside Gaming verschafft Ihnen detaillierte Einblicke.

    Externe Laufwerke als Boot-Laufwerk für Gaming verwenden

    Geht Ihnen der Platz für Spiele aus? Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie externe Laufwerke zum Speichern und Laden von DRM-geschützten Spielen von digitalen Anbietern wie Steam verwenden.

    Speicher für Streamer

    Wenn Sie Gameplay für sich selbst oder für einen Stream aufzeichnen, können Sie mit den richtigen Apps und Services Engstellen und Latenzen bei der Verarbeitung vermeiden. Wir stellen einige unserer Favoriten vor.

    Externe Gaming-Laufwerke

    Externe Laufwerke zur Speicherplatzerweiterung und als Upgrade Ihres Gaming-PCs für noch mehr Spielspaß.

    Interne Gaming-SSDs

    Die besten Gaming-Voraussetzungen: leistungsstarker Speicher mit beeindruckenden Geschwindigkeiten, hoher Zuverlässigkeit und großen Kapazitäten.


    Die Seagate Game Drive wurde speziell für die Xbox Series X|S und Xbox One entwickelt und ist ein unerlässlicher Bestandteil einer jeden Xbox-Spielesammlung.


    Verbessern Sie Ihr PlayStation-Gaming-Erlebnis durch nahtlose Leistung und Portabilität.

    Bei Seagate steht Qualitätssicherung an erster Stelle.

    Ein zuverlässiges Produkt weist über seine ganze Lebensdauer hinweg hohe Qualität auf, unabhängig davon, wann es getestet wird.

    Erleben Sie den Unterschied

    1. Nicht in allen Ländern verfügbar.

    Erhalten Sie den Support, den Sie benötigen

    Hier finden Sie Produkthandbücher, Artikel, Videos und andere Self-Service-Tools. Produkt registrieren. Garantie überprüfen. Rücksendung erstellen. Laden Sie Software für Ihr Laufwerk herunter, und aktualisieren Sie sie.

    Support erkunden

    Difference between Seagate Barracuda and Firecuda

    When it comes to popular manufacturers of storage systems around the world, Seagate takes the first place.

    IT quiz

    Test your knowledge on technology-related topics

    1 / 10

    Mac operating system developed by which company





    2 / 10

    Which file usually refers to the extension “.BAK”?

    Backup file

    Audio file

    Animation/movie file

    MS Encarta document

    3 / 10

    The main idea of ​​AI development is to create machines and algorithms for

    works like anything

    perform computational tasks and functions, similar to the human brain

    perform only arithmetic tasks

    perform only logical comparisons

    4 / 10

    The main function of smart assistants like Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa is

    Trying to recognize a voice

    Trying to read from a dictionary

    Searching for a word in a database

    None of these

    5 / 10

    “Internet of things” refers to

    Internet of things 900 03

    Teleservices Intranet

    International Teleservices Organization

    Internet Telecommunications Organization

    6 / 10

    WWW stands for

    Warrior World Wide Web

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    World Wide Web

    7 / 10

    An app, software or website is requesting access to your location, camera, storage, contacts, etc.

    Data privacy

    AI ethics

    9 0002 AI offset


    8 / 10

    What does the abbreviation RAM mean?

    Random Access Memory

    Random Archive Method

    Really Terrible Methods

    Rotary arm memory

    9 / 10

    LED means:

    LCD display

    Line diode

    Luminance diagram


    10 / 10

    Which of the following is not a search engine





    your account

    Therefore, among the various Seagate storage devices that have been released exclusively recently, two of them have attracted the most attention: FireCuda and BarraCuda.

    Both are very popular and are considered one of the best options for storage enthusiasts and businesses.

    However, despite their supreme power as hard drives, they differ from each other, making them distinctive enough to be used depending on needs, location and type. It’s always good to store data in the best possible way.

    Key Findings

    1. The Seagate Barracuda is a standard hard drive, while the Firecuda is a hybrid hard drive that combines a traditional hard drive and solid state storage (SSD).
    2. The

    3. Firecuda offers better performance and faster access times than the Barracuda.
    4. The

    5. Barracuda has a lower cost per gigabyte than the Firecuda.

    Seagate Barracuda vs. Firecuda

    The difference between Seagate Barracuda and Firecuda is that they are a different type of hard drive, namely SSD and SSHD. Their differences in hard drive types allow them to be used for different reasons, depending on whether there are more or less functions. Seagate has opened up the world of office storage with a whirlpool of choice with the best of Barracuda and Firecuda products.

    Would you like to save this article for later? Click on the heart in the lower right corner to save to your own block of articles!

    Seagate Barracuda is announced as a branded series of internal hard drives with an exemplary speed of 7200 rpm, produced and gained popularity since 1991.

    These Seagate Barracuda internal drives are considered efficient and compatible with both laptops and desktops, especially those with larger screens.

    Barracuda is causing a rage among storage enthusiasts due to its large storage size, making it very efficient for storing large amounts of data and files.

    When it comes to choosing one of the largest SSHDs, the Seagate Firecuda is your best bet. Even though the FireCuda is an SSHD or also called a hybrid hard drive, it is designed for gamers.

    The Firecuda is said to have been built with the latest NAND technology, which is said to be based on the NAND gate and is a type of flash memory that works solely to store data on disk.

    Comparison table

    Comparison parameters Seagate Barracuda Firek da
    Hard Drive The Seagate Barracuda is an SSD hard drive. Seagate Firecuda is an SSHD hard drive.
    Power efficiency It has lower power efficiency because it does not have the green hybrid function. It has a green hybrid function which makes it extremely energy efficient and affects the durability of the drive.
    Warranty Both Barracuda models including 2.5″ and 3.5″ have 2 years warranty. Both Firecuda models, including 2.5″ and 3.5″ are covered by a 5 year warranty.
    Games Ineffective and not applicable for games. Very efficient and great for 5x gaming.
    Data recovery He has a data recovery plan to protect his data. It does not have a data recovery plan for its users.

    What is the Seagate Barracuda?

    Seagate BarraCuda has become a series of hard drives since 1991 as the world’s first 7200 rpm hard drive, which also has a large memory capacity and has propaganda to save a lot of data and files.

    The Barracuda was said to be built on proven reliability and innovation that was available in a versatile mix of features and cost options to fit any budget.

    The Seagate Barracuda, due to its rotational speed, has a faster and more expensive drive system than other hard drives on the storage market.

    Storage enthusiasts for their desktops and laptops have been using these drives for over 20 years, relying on Barracuda quality and performance.

    In addition, Seagate Barracuda drives are said to be optimized for creative professional work, especially graphic artists and designers, where they perform better than a typical desktop hard drive or any other storage solution.

    The storage capacity of the Seagate Barracuda is huge: the 3.5-inch model comes with a whopping 14TB. Also available in smaller 2.5-inch 2TB and 5TB models to store all your data on laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

    We found the best deals for you on Amazon

    5 Inch SATA 6Gb/s 7200 RPM 256MB Cache – Frustration Free Packaging ST2000DM008/ST2000DMZ08″ data-aawp-geotargeting=”true” data-aawp-local-click-tracking=”1″>

    # preview Product
    1 Seagate BarraCuda 2TB – 3.5″ SATA 6Gb/s 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive 256MB Cache -… Check price on Amazon
    2 Seagate BarraCuda 8TB Internal Hard Drive SATA 6Gb/s 256MB Cache 3. 5″ (ST8000DM004),… Check price on Amazon

    What is Firekuda?

    The Seagate Firecuda is one of Seagate’s latest SSDs, specifically integrated for gamers.

    Built with the latest and advanced NAND technology, which is based on the NAND gate and a type of flash memory used to store data on a hard disk.

    The Seagate Firecuda is ideal and designed for gamers who want their games to load faster and run smoothly, making themselves known in the new digital world.

    What makes the Seagate Firecuda a very powerful SSHD is that it has the perfect combination of speed and capacity, giving you five times the speed of any conventional hard drive or even a Barracuda for a change.

    This fact makes the gaming experience amazing as it helps gamers save a lot of time in terms of loading screens and enjoy a smooth experience. All this happens because the hard drive boots in seconds.

    Seagate Firecuda has the best hard drive with huge capacity on the market: 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB for 2.5″ and 3.5″ models.

    These locations have the advantage that the disc is great for storing media files and games. Seagate Firecuda technology is used to identify data on a drive that can be accessed frequently.

    We found the best deals for you on Amazon

    # preview Product
    “> 1 Seagate FireCuda 530 1TB SSD – M.2 PCIe Gen4 Ã-4 NVMe 1.4, PS5 Internal SSD, Speed… Check price on Amazon
    2 Seagate FireCuda ST4000DX005 4TB 7200RPM 256MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5″ Internal HDD Blank Drive Check price on Amazon

    Key Differences Between Seagate Barracuda and Firecuda

    1. The Seagate Barracuda does not have a green hybrid feature while the Seagate Firecuda has a green hybrid feature that increases its efficiency.
    2. Seagate Barracuda are SSD or Solid State Drives while Seagate Firecuda is SSHD or Solid State Hybrid Drive.
    3. The

    4. Seagate Firecuda is more efficient with a spindle speed built specifically for gaming, while the Seagate Barracuda is not as efficient as the first.
    5. Seagate Barracuda has a built-in data recovery plan, while Firecuda does not have a data recovery plan.
    6. The

    7. Seagate Barracuda gives a 2-year warranty on all of its models, while the Firecuda gives a 5-year warranty on all of its models.



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    Sandeep Bhandari

    Sandeep Bhandari holds a BS in Computer Science from Thapar University (2006). He has 20 years of experience in technology. He has a keen interest in various technical fields, including database systems, computer networks and programming. You can read more about him on his bio page.

    Saving on matches or recovering data from a grinding HDD Seagate ST3000NC002-1DY166 / Sudo Null IT News

    State-owned medical institutions constantly lack funding from the budget. Therefore, the procurement plan for expensive medical equipment is drawn up in such a way as to exclude all possible additional costs. But in the pursuit of savings, things that are quite obvious to any system administrator are overlooked.

    This happened in one of the hospitals, where the x-ray room is equipped with modern equipment, and the cost of the x-ray machine alone exceeded $100,000. An important point is that during the reconstruction of the office, only the purchase of the equipment itself was taken into account. Any “excesses” in the form of a PC of a radiologist and the implementation of a patient data storage system were not included in this calculation, and the hospital was asked to purchase everything else that was necessary for the operation of the office at its own expense.

    fig. 1

    The hospital’s own funds were only enough to purchase a PC for a radiologist with a single hard drive Seagate Constellation CS ST3000NC002-1DY166 with a capacity of 3 TB. Initially, it was planned to use this as a temporary solution, and then, when “free money” appeared, to implement plans to create a backup system.

    But the plans were not destined to come true. The hospital was still sorely short of money, and there were a lot of higher priority tasks. As a result, the temporary solution became permanent. As the days passed, patient data accumulated on the hard drive, and in some cases a human life could depend on this data.

    Three and a half years later, thunder struck. In the afternoon, the doctor noticed that the computer began to “think”, and the usual operations (viewing and saving X-ray images) began to take much more time than usual, and with every hour the situation worsened until the moment when continuation of the work became impossible, and it was necessary stop taking patients.

    The hospital’s technicians, represented by a single ½-time system administrator, could only state that the drive was faulty. After several unsuccessful attempts to launch automatic recovery programs, the drive began to tap, in connection with which the administrator decided to stop and inform the head physician that he would not be able to restore the data.

    With these symptoms, the drive was delivered to our data recovery lab. Seagate Constellation CS ST3000NC002-1DY166 Grenada family. Hard drives of this family were sold in large quantities, and due to their high prevalence, they were able to see them in many data recovery laboratories. Not only by us, but also by many other laboratories, the fact was recorded that disks of this family, when they fail, often end up with severely damaged HMG and sawn plates.

    fig. 2

    2 shows a typical case of destruction of the surfaces of the plates, it also shows contamination in hard-to-reach places. No matter how difficult it may be, it is highly recommended to remove this dust before opening the drive, since when opening a part of it will definitely fall into the HDA.

    The reasons for this phenomenon worried many. Many versions were put forward, some sounded quite convincing. For example, one of the widespread versions published on Habrahabr “If Seagate got dusty …” said that the main reason for the onset of degradation processes is the ingress of dust due to an unsuitable seal between the terminal block and the BMG case.

    This version has flaws. When examining a considerable number of drives of this family with destruction at different stages, a loose fit of the seal between the terminal block and the hard drive case is not confirmed. In situations where the destruction has just begun, there has been an incomplete failure of one or more heads, but the final destruction of the plates (sawing) has not yet occurred, there are no signs of dust under this seal, which casts doubt on the version. Also, the fact that the destruction does not always start from the zero head does not fit with this version, although if dust gets in from the bottom of the drive, it would be logical for the zero head and the wafer surface to degrade in the first place. More precisely, the degradation processes in the zero head begin no more often than the degradation processes in the remaining heads.

    Modern drives are able to control the height of the sliders above the surface of the plates through the heating element and the Seagate Grenada is no exception.

    fig. 3 (picture borrowed from a public document)

    An analysis of the operation of the dynamic flight altitude change (DFH) system shows that under certain conditions it is possible to get the slider to contact the surface, which will eventually provoke the onset of degradation processes.

    Based on this analysis, we can also give a recommendation not to change boards between drives of this family without transferring the ROM, since attempts to start with a different board (with other people’s adaptive parameters in ROM) can lead to contact of the sliders with the platter surface. Moreover, in Seagate F3 architecture drives, attempts to start with someone else’s ROM are doomed to failure.

    When we see that Seagate Grenada comes to us, which, according to the client, began to tap, then we begin diagnostic measures with dedusting the drive and opening it in a laminar flow hood. We remove the BMG, the air recirculation filter and carefully examine it under a microscope.

    In our case, there was no pronounced damage to the plates, the air recirculation filter did not contain signs of metal particles, barely noticeable scratches on slider No. 2 gave the problem. The rest of the sliders had no visible damage even at high magnification. Unfortunately, the capabilities of a microscope camera inserted instead of one of the eyepieces are not enough to show subtle damage to the slider.

    Knowing the risks of lavion-like destruction of the plate surface when trying to read the surface above which a damaged slider is found, we make a decision to physically remove the damaged slider and suspension from the BMG. An attempt to use the original BMG is made in order to read the remaining zones with serviceable original heads, since the adaptive parameters of the drive are ideal for them. It is not always possible to obtain a stable reading with donor heads.

    Carrying out the drive assembly procedure with one slider and hanger physically removed. Since if one of the heads is physically missing, the drive will not be able to go through the calibration procedure, it is necessary to modify the head map in ROM in order to bypass the calibration step for head #2. To do this, we change the head map in ROM 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to 0, 1, 1.3, 4, 5. Before writing the modified ROM, we will create several backup copies of the original one with the obligatory comparison of the reading results with previous.

    With a modified ROM, this drive came to readiness without unnecessary alarm sounds.

    fig. 4

    We make changes to the drive settings in RAM: disable all offline scanning and autoreallocation procedures when reading and writing. We check the ability of these heads to record on a module that is not used by the drive during operation. Having made sure that this procedure worked without any complaints, we modify the parameter module so that during further restarts of the drive, unwanted procedures do not start.

    We read the contents of sector 0 and find someone’s omission there. On a 3 TB disk with 512-byte sector emulation, a classic partition table was used instead of the required GPT. The disk has three partitions.

    fig. 5 – Partition table

    The first NTFS partition (0x07) has an active status and starts at 0x00000800 (2048) sectors, the size is 0x00032000 (204 800) sectors.

    Second NTFS partition (0x07) starts at sector 0x00032800 (206848), size 0x06175800 (102193 152) sectors.

    The third NTFS partition (0x07) starts at 0x061A8000 (102,400,000) sectors, size 0xF9E58000 (4,192,567,296) sectors.

    Let’s look at sector 0x100000000 (4 294 967 296). It is completely filled with zeros, there are no signs of a partition table or partition boot sector.

    Preliminarily, we can conclude that this disk was used only within the boundaries of the first 2TB, the remaining 794.52GB were not used during operation.

    We create a sector-by-sector copy task in Data Extractor, we build a zone distribution map without taking into account the zones of head No. 2, since there is no head itself, but instead of it there is a snag in the map.

    fig. 6 – Map of mini zones

    The reading process proceeds without much difficulty, and within several passes we get 4,846 xxx xxx sectors read out of 5,860,533,160. Heads 0, 1, 3, 4, 5 remained unread after several rereading operations 72 sectors (36Kb), and all of them are concentrated on the surface read by the #5 head. Given that the reading was stable, all zones were read after 4,294,967,296 sectors. The assumption that the disc was partially unused was confirmed.

    Based on the analysis of the fragments of the read file systems by the second and third partitions, their roles were determined. The second partition played the role of the system disk, and there was no user data there. On the third section, on the contrary, there were only user data in the form of a file database of patient images.

    For full reading, we need to transplant donor BMG. Given that this is a Seagate Grenada, we choose a donor among similar drives belonging to this family, with the same revision of the preamplifier switch and similar adaptive parameters. ST3000NC002, ST3000DM001 are members of the same family. Having selected a suitable donor, we will perform BMG transplantation.

    fig. 7

    We write the ROM with the original head map back to the patient hard drive. When power is applied, we hear a somewhat uncertain passage of the calibration test, but, nevertheless, the firmware is loaded, and the translation system is initialized. We test the ability to read head No. 2 in zones of different density. After making sure that reading is present in different zones, we proceed to reading user data.

    We are viewing the contents of the boot sector of the third partition.

    fig. 8 – NTFS boot sector

    WORD 0x0200 is located at offset 0x0B, which means that the sector size is 512 bytes.

    At offset 0x0D, BYTE 0x08 is located, which means that there are 8 sectors in one cluster, the cluster size is calculated by multiplying the sector size by the number of sectors in the cluster, that is, 0x0200*0x08=0x1000 (4096) bytes.

    At offset 0x30 is QWORD 0x00000000000C0000 (786 432) it contains the number of the first MFT cluster.

    Parse the first MFT entry, map the MFT chains of the third partition, and read the missing fragments. The MFT was read successfully, which allows you to put the drive into sleep mode and perform a complete analysis of the file system on the copy in order to be able to build a map of the location of the necessary data. Reading everything in a row in such a situation is too much of a luxury, since there are risks that further degradation will continue when reading a damaged surface.

    Based on the analysis data, we build chains of location of the necessary files by head No. 2 and combine their chains, which are located within the boundaries of one mini-zone. After this action, some extra data will be added, the reading of which is not indicated in the terms of reference. But this approach will allow you to skip the entire mini-zone in case of unstable behavior, which increases the chances of successfully subtracting more data.

    This is followed by the stages of localization of large defect formations on the surface read by head No. 2, and reading by skipping the most problematic areas. Zones with a high content of defects are read last, since reading them is associated with the risks of the final degradation of the drive without further possibility of reading data.

    Over the course of two days, with constant changes in the reading scenarios, it is possible to complete the subtraction of more than 99.9% of the required chains, and the positive dynamics stops there, and a washdown appears on the defective zones, similar to the one in Fig. 2.

    fig. 9 — View washed down under a microscope

    Unfortunately, there were no other reading options, this was the last chance to read at least something from the damaged areas. When generating a report on files located in problem areas, we observe a relatively good picture: out of more than 198,000 files, a little less than 2,000 remain unread. these slightly less than 2,000 files are worth several hundred living people, whose results of visiting the X-ray room have sunk into oblivion due to petty savings. I really want to believe that the lost results were not critical, and their loss did not affect anyone’s life.

    When this information was issued, the system administrator was consulted on how to monitor the status of hard drives. Drives like this don’t degrade overnight. If you regularly check SMART readings, control at least the necessary minimum of attributes, and not wait for the drive to start reporting “SMART status – BAD” to the 0xB0 0xDA command, then in most cases you can notice an impending threat and take timely action.

    Rca 3.5mm: Amazon Basics 3.5mm Aux to 2 RCA Adapter Audio Cable for Stereo Speaker or Subwoofer with Gold-Plated Plugs, 4 Foot, Black : Electronics

    Standard Series 3.5mm Stereo Mini Plug to 2 RCA Plugs Audio Cable 25ft


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    Standard Series 3.5mm Stereo Mini Plug to 2 RCA Plugs Audio Cable 25ft


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    Comprehensive Standard Series cables provide exceptional value while still providing legendary Comprehensive quality and reliability. Standard Series cables are designed to ensure good picture and sound quality at a price to fit your budget. Standard Series cables are high quality molded cables with Comprehensive flexibility and dependability. Standard Series cables come in all the most popular configurations and lengths and are covered under Comprehensive’s Lifetime Warranty.


    Connector Type 1: Stereo 3.5mm Mini Male
    Connector Type 2: RCA Male (2)
    Connector Finish: Nickel
    Performance Grade: Good
    Gauge: 24 AWG
    Center Conductor: Oxygen Free Bare Copper
    Dielectric: Chemistry Foam PE
    Shielding: <95% Oxygen Free Bare Copper Spiral
    Jacket Type: Xtra-Flex PVC
    Jacket Color: Black
    UL Rated: Yes
    Temperature Rating: 60 deg C
    Voltage Rating: 30V
    Weight Lbs: 0.4
    RoHS Compliant: Yes
    Warranty: Lifetime


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    WWX-RCA-3.5mm 2FT | Wet Wire RCA To 3.5mm




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    Grid BP 3, 4, 5 mm


    Prices for mesh VR-1, d = 3, 4, 5 mm

    • 50x50x3
    • 100×50
    • 100×100
    • 50x50x4
    • 150×150
    • 200×200

    Grid VR 3, 4, 5 is a metal product having the shape of a lattice, which is made of special reinforcing wire VR1 by welding. Its distinctive feature is the presence on the surface of special dents of a strictly regulated shape and size. The numbers 3, 4, 5 characterize the diameter of the wire in mm from which the mesh is made.

    Welded meshes from the VR1 profile (GOST 6727-80) are made mainly for construction needs. The most popular cell sizes of these products are a square from 50×50 to 200×200 mm.

    Theoretical weight of 1 m2 mesh VR-1

    Mesh size / Wire diameter D = 3 mm D = 4 mm D = 5 mm
    50×50 2.22 kg 3.86 kg 5.92 kg
    100×50 1.66 kg 2.96 kg
    100×100 1.13 kg 2.00 kg 3.10 kg
    150×150 0.77 kg 1.35 kg 2.10 kg
    200×200 0. 58 kg 1.02 kg 1.59 kg
    Prices in the APEX METAL price list* open open open

    * You can find out the current prices depending on the volume if you follow the link to the Catalog page and click on the name of the selected product or the “Buy” button.

    Grid characteristics BP 3, 4, 5

    Let’s compare the characteristics of welded meshes 100×100 from rolled products with a thickness of 3 – 5 mm with a periodic profile.

    Characteristics Grid VR 3 Grid VR 4 Grid BP 5
    Breaking force of wire 39rH 71rH 106rH
    Yield force 35rH 62rH 97rH
    Minimum number of kinks 4 4 4
    Relative extension at least 2% not less than 2. 5% at least 3%

    It can be seen that a mesh with a cell size of 100×100 from different wires with an increase in diameter withstands a breaking force that is as many times greater (approximately) as its mass per square meter is greater.

    Technical requirements for meshes VR

    Requirement Value for VR welded meshes with a diameter of 3, 4 or 5 mm
    Accuracy Requirements Welded mesh in accordance with the provisions of GOST 8478-81 can be manufactured with increased and normal accuracy
    Straightness of bars Permissible deviation from the straightness of the transverse rods – no more than 4% of the cell size for products of increased and 5% – for products of normal accuracy.
    Distance deviation between longitudinal bars Along the edges of the mesh – within ± 5 mm and ± 10 mm for products of increased and normal accuracy, respectively.

    27 inch smart tvs: 27″ Flat Monitor with Smart TV Experience LS27BM500EMXZN

    SAMSUNG 27 Inch LT27D390EW Smart Built-in WiFi Full HD LED TV (14V DC – IFESOLOX

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    26/27/28/29 INCH USED TV

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    LG 27LA6500: 27” Class Cinema 3D 1080p LED TV with SmartTV (27 inch diagonal)

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    • 27LA6500


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    This TV exceeded all my expectations. Easy to use and set up! Great picture quality while Wi-Fi streaming. I am very happy I chose this TV!

    Date published: 2022-08-18

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    Base for 27 in lg tv

    Asked by: Nostod

    Parts and accessories can be obtained through our parts distributor, MCM Electronics. Their contact number, for placing orders, is 800-824-9491. You can also use their website, at

    Answered by: NeilE

    Date published: 2016-12-16

    What is&nbsp;Hdcp 2.2 on tv

    Asked by: Bill42

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    Review of the smart monitor Samsung M5

    Author:&nbspArtyom Semin. Photo: Alexander Ruzhechka

    The Samsung M5 is a 27-inch Full HD monitor with speakers and TV functions. On it you can watch a movie with a remote control on the couch, and then work by connecting it to a computer. The smart monitor system has a semblance of office applications, so you can work on it without a PC. How convenient all this is in reality, read in the new review.

    Smart Monitor Samsung Smart S27AM500NI

    1 review

    27″, 16:9, 1920×1080, VA, 60 Hz, speakers, HDMI interfaces

    499 р. Samsung TV monitors are produced without built-in TV

    Why are they needed? same screen

    So you can open a movie in a browser on any monitor. That’s right. With a smart monitor, you will be lying on the couch browsing the Netflix catalog using the remote control .

    In addition to entertainment, the Samsung M5 monitor has built-in several more options for work. And here everything is not so smooth, but first things first.

    Regular monitor

    The Samsung M5 is convenient to use as a regular monitor. It has thin screen bezels and a large diagonal. He confidently stands on a wide stand that does not take up useful space.

    The monitor has two HDMI and two USB ports for peripherals. Keyboards and mice can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth or via a USB dongle directly to the monitor. Of course, you can turn on the movie directly from the flash drive.

    Smartphone content streaming works like other Samsung TVs.

    • All Android smartphones can send videos from YouTube to the big screen.
    • Samsung smartphones can still mirror the screen on TV.
    • iPhone mirror screen via AirPlay.

    This is a VA panel with high contrast and moderate brightness. Without professional equipment, relying on your own feelings, the monitor can be praised for the quality of the picture, but not by all 100 points. In terms of color reproduction and brightness, there are no problems. As well as there are no highlights that interfere with viewing dark content. There are some minor issues with blur when moving objects smoothly. In this price group, however, it is unlikely that someone will be better with this. The main problem here is more fundamental.

    For 479 rubles (Discounted at the time of publication) This is a 27-inch Full-HD monitor. Due to the resolution, the pixel grid is highly visible from a meter distance. And if during normal office work you can still ignore it, like a windshield heating grid in a car, then when watching movies from a short distance, it already becomes harder, because the content is distorted. Sitting further away, you do not notice the pixel grid, and you can even enjoy viewing on the big screen.

    When connected to a PC via a cable, only the basic picture settings can be adjusted in the monitor. There is a special game mode, which, judging by the description, reduces input lag. But this effect was not felt. In addition, there is a separate mode for widescreen gaming – it automatically switches the monitor to a 21:9 aspect ratio.

    Connect your PC wirelessly

    Windows 11 allows you to connect to your monitor wirelessly in all desktop modes. However, the maximum screen refresh rate will be 30 Hz, which is not at all suitable for work.

    With the Samsung EasyConnection app, you can mirror your PC screen wirelessly. As a result, you get low quality, low speed and a very large input lag. It’s funny that the mouse and keyboard connected to the monitor still work on the PC.

    Samsung’s signature Dex feature left about the same impression: slow and uncomfortable. You connect your Samsung smartphone as a docking station, and then you can use applications from your smartphone on the big screen: instant messengers, spreadsheets, documents, photos, etc. The usual fast pace of work in this scenario cannot be achieved.

    Monitor as a TV

    The monitor has a Tizen system from Samsung TVs. Settings, menus, icons and the app store are exactly the same. Popular online movie theaters are available, including Netflix and Kinopoisk. You can’t install your own movie-watching apps like on Android, but there are ways to do it through Tizen Studio. When you launch online movie theaters, toggles for improving contrast appear in the settings. So to some extent, the monitor can be customized for yourself and for the content you are viewing.

    The native sound from the speakers is quite loud. Their presence in this Samsung monitor is not a quality claim, but rather a tick that they exist at all. If desired, you can connect Bluetooth headphones. But in general, the sound of native speakers was enough.

    Complete remote control one to one as in Samsung TVs. Minimalistic, plastic and with voice search that does not support Russian. But the very fact of its presence is important. Indeed, for a scenario with watching a movie on the couch, it is an indispensable accessory.


    Thanks to built-in online cinemas and YouTube, this monitor enters the field of competition with conventional TVs, where Samsung models start from 882 rubles, LG – from 589 rubles, and Xiaomi – from 585 rubles.

    Buyers’ Choice

    Xiaomi Mi TV A2 32″ (international version)

    4 reviews

    35 offers

    LG TV 24TQ520S-PZ

    23.6″ 1366×768 (HD), matrix frequency 60 Hz, Smart TV (LG webOS), Wi-Fi

    600 rubles

    30 offers 0003

    27″, 16 :9, 1920×1080, VA, 60 Hz, speakers, HDMI interfaces

    499 р.

    41 offers

    Next is the question of the desired diagonal, because the TVs in this group are mostly only 24 and 32 inches, and the Samsung M5 with a 27-inch panel occupies an advantageous position between them. This is partly where brand strength comes into play. Judging by our online chat in the Catalog with a selection consultation (in any section on the web version of the Catalog), the Samsung brand has a lot of fans, including on TVs.

    Work on the monitor without a computer

    One of the strong advertising features of Samsung smart monitors is the ability to work without a computer. You can edit a document, presentation or tablet immediately on the monitor, with a keyboard and mouse connected. How it works?

    The pretty PC on Screen menu has a link to Microsoft 365, the online version of office apps. The idea is great. We didn’t have time to finish something, the computer is busy or urgent changes need to be made – here you are, everything is on the monitor. But the implementation sucked.

    The built-in Microsoft 365 service actually turned out to be a web version of the “office” that runs in a slow and outdated Samsung proprietary browser. You can work, but very slowly, with glitches and noticeable input lag.

    Can I have another service? No. The popular Google Docs service writes that the browser is no longer supported, and it is recommended to install the latest one. Even manually updating the monitor software to the latest version did not help.

    Another piece of tar is added by the Tizen system itself, where it is impossible to download a normal browser (officially, this is exactly the case, but it was not possible to find ways in another way). Processing the picture, for example, cropping or changing the format, will also fail, because there is no application, and everything is buggy in the browser.

    Otherwise, it would be an interesting idea to use the monitor as a stand-alone PC remotely or in the office. If you still have a keyboard that can switch between multiple devices, then generally beauty.


    The Samsung M5 is good as a monitor if you can get used to the stretched Full-HD resolution pixel grid on a 27-inch panel. It has two HDMI connectors and two USB connectors that even read audio and video from flash drives. To work with graphics, it is better to look for other options, but for office work and just for social networks, it will be just right. And now it is literally one of the most inexpensive 27-inch monitors in the Catalog.

    Samsung M5 is also good as a TV for its price. Yes, there is no tuner. But if you are an experienced user of Netflix or Kinopoisk, then this will not be a problem for you. Even if your flag is “Jolly Roger”, you can find ways, for example, through Tizen Studio. As a TV, the Samsung M5 is also suitable for the kitchen according to the same principles. At least it makes sense to consider it thanks to 27 inches against the background of 24- and 32-inch competitors and thanks to a nimble proprietary system. The dual purpose of the monitor is well manifested here: lying on the couch with the remote control to flip through films, and then work at the table in front of the same screen.

    I was very disappointed with the functions of working on a monitor without a PC with a very interesting and great potential. In reality, it was impossible to use Microsoft 365 and other services due to the slow and inconvenient browser on which they were launched.

    Smart monitor Samsung Smart S27AM500NI

    1 review

    27″, 16:9, 1920×1080, VA, 60 Hz, speakers, HDMI interfaces 003

    Smart monitor Samsung Smart M7 LS32BM700UUXEN

    32″, 16:9, 3840×2160, VA, 60 Hz, speakers, HDMI+USB Type-C interfaces

    1671 р. “, 16:9, 3840×2160, VA, 60Hz, Speakers, USB Type-C+micro HDMI, Height Adjustable


    7 offers

    Samsung smart and conventional monitors in the Onliner Catalog

    Author’s rating


    convenient smart TV system for watching movies, there is a remote control

    streaming photos and videos to the monitor, including AirPlay

    cool appearance and stand

    reading content from flash drives


    slow built-in browser that devalues ​​work on the monitor itself without a PC

    small artifacts when moving objects 9 0003

    the pixel grid is highly visible at a short distance

    We thank the Tekhnika Uspeha online store for providing the monitor for review.

    Smart TV Samsung UE40H6400AK | Smart TV News












    Smart TV Samsung UE40H6400AK

    Author: Smart TV News



    Samsung presented its sixth series of TVs in several models with different diagonals as technically balanced devices with an ideal ratio of quality and cost. All the advantages and capabilities of TVs of this model range can be seen on the example of a 40-inch Samsung UE40H6400AK device.

    Design Samsung UE40H6400AK

    Manufacturers have gone to great lengths to make the TV look perfect in any interior, and when viewing images, the user’s attention is focused on what is happening on the screen. The body made of plastic is almost imperceptible, the screen is framed by an ultra-thin frame, which creates the feeling of its absence.

    The thin cruciform base stands out for its elegance. The panel looks more effective attached to the wall. With this arrangement of the TV, it seems that the image is displayed directly on the wall. But for such an arrangement of the TV, you will have to buy a special mount. It is extremely convenient end arrangement of ports that as much as possible facilitates their use.

    Embracing the latest technology

    The Samsung UE40H6400AK is a Full HD 3D TV. The device uses technologies that optimize the tone of each pixel and widen the color gamut, resulting in a bright, vivid image:

    • Segmented dimming ensures that the finest details are displayed on the screen, regardless of the degree of screen lighting. Light shades acquire brightness, and dark ones acquire a clear contour. This provides the image with clarity, adds drama and depth to the scenes.
    • Clear Motion Rate technology increases frame rates up to 400 fps. For the most part, TVs show one, maximum two hundred frames per second. Not even all flagship models can boast of an indicator of 400 frames per second. This speed is provided by backlight technology and the presence of a super fast quad-core processor. Thanks to all three components, any image on the screen moves smoothly, while maintaining clarity. When viewing, there are no blurry figures or torn frames.
    • Smart View technology provides wireless video transmission, which allows you to use other devices (tablets, computers, smartphones) to watch TV.
    • There is also a reverse Screen Mirroring function that transfers images from mobile devices to the panel, which allows you to view games, applications and other content from a variety of devices on a large screen.

    Specifications Samsung UE40H6400AK

    As befits devices with an interactive Smart TV platform, the Samsung UE40H6400AK TV displays a high screen resolution (1920×1080), which provides a high level of detail on a 40-inch screen. According to the manufacturer, the viewing angle of the screen reaches 178 degrees.

    With a small case thickness, the TV has a sufficiently long working life, which is ensured by modern technological solutions:

    • To achieve maximum screen brightness, the matrix has an Edge LED backlight.
    • Built-in Wi-Fi with DLNA function provides Internet access directly from the TV.
    • Surfing the Web, fast channel switching, fast multitasking is provided by a powerful quad-core processor. Its use reduces loading time and provides increased viewing pleasure.
    • The Samsung UE40H6400AK has two digital TV modules that allow you to view satellite TV and digital terrestrial content. You can also record TV shows on removable media.
    • All the necessary connectors are located at the end of the TV panel, which makes it easy to connect various devices, the TV is equipped with 3 USB and 4 HDMI ports, through a separate port you can connect it to the local network.
    • Samsung UE40H6400AK supports 3D technology. The package comes with special glasses for viewing 3D content.
    • Sound is provided by a standard speaker system for TVs of this segment, surround sound is achieved using 20-watt speakers.

    Control options

    Separately, it is worth considering the control of the TV. For this, a unique remote control with a Smart Control touchpad is used. The buttons on the remote control are located in the right places, they are easy to press, providing convenient and clear control.

    You can control your TV using voice control technology. So to watch a movie, you need to press the Search button on the screen and say the name of the movie aloud. In a similar way, you can open applications or browse a website. The use of voice technology has made it as easy as possible to control the TV.

    In addition, Samsung UE40H6400AK can be controlled using a Samsung smartphone, but for this, a special application must be installed on the mobile phone.

    You can even control the device with gestures. The touchpad of the remote control can recognize gestures. It only takes one swipe of your finger to flip through menu pages, move the cursor, launch applications or adjust the volume. Using such a remote control is extremely convenient for viewing long web pages. But for this function to work, you need to purchase a webcam.

    What’s in the box

    The TV comes with two pairs of 3D glasses, a network cable and an IR cable, a remote control with a touch panel and instructions. The only thing missing is the camera, which the user will have to purchase on their own.

    The Samsung UE40H6400AK is priced at $615.

    Screen size
    1920 x 1080
    Smart Hub
    Image processor
    3D HyperReal Engine
    Clear Motion Rate Technology
    Cinema mode
    Natural Mode support
    Dynamic Contrast
    Mega Contrast
    Surround (3D) sound
    Speaker type
    Down-firing speakers + Full Range
    Auto volume control
    Sound output power (RMS, RMS)
    2 x 10 W speakers.
    TV SoundConnect support
    USB connector
    Composite input (AV)
    1 (component Y connector)
    Ethernet (LAN)
    Digital audio output (optical)
    Headphone jack
    IR receiver for remote control
    Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)
    Dimensions with stand (WxHxD)
    917.6 x 598.4 x 266.9 mm
    Dimensions without stand (WxHxD)
    917.6 x 535.4 x 63.1 mm
    Weight with stand

    Directv remote controls: DIRECTV RC73 IR/RF Remote Control : Electronics

    How to Program Your DIRECTV Remote

    Does using your new DIRECTV remote have you scratching your head? We’ve made a step-by-step guide to help you get it paired and ready to go.

    Jump to:

    • Reset your DIRECTV Genie remote
    • DIRECTV universal remote
    • DIRECTV Genie remote
    • Genie remote with DIRECTV Ready TV
    • DIRECTV remote FAQ

    Pair DIRECTV with the right internet

    DIRECTV doesn’t have internet but we can help you find the best internet service to bundle with your DIRECTV TV service.

    How to reset your DIRECTV Genie remote

    If your DIRECTV remote stopped working or is just not responding, a simple reboot may resolve the issue. Here’s how to reset your DIRECTV remote control.

    1. Locate the reset button. This is a small red button located inside the access card door, or, on some models, on the side of the receiver. No button? Go to step 3.
    2. Push the button. Wait 15 seconds. Go to step 4.
    3. Unplug your receiver from the wall outlet. Wait 15 seconds, then plug it back in.
    4. Try your remote.

    If that doesn’t work, try the following:

    1. Move anything that could be blocking your remote’s infrared light from reaching the receiver’s sensor. Even the glass door on your entertainment center can cause interference.
    2. Using a microfiber or other lint-free cloth, wipe away any greasy fingerprints or nacho cheese streaks from your remote’s emitter and the receiver’s sensor.
    3. Keep your receiver and remote out of direct sunlight. Also, try turning down the brightness on your TV. Bright light can interfere with your remote’s signal.

    First, which remote do you have?

    Depending on how long you’ve been a customer and what equipment you have, you probably have one of two DIRECTV remotes: a standard universal remote control or the DIRECTV Genie remote.

    If you have a DIRECTV Ready TV, that’s another pairing process that we spelled out below, too. We’ll start with the universal remote.

    How to program a DIRECTV universal remote

    Your DIRECTV universal remote control can control up to four devices, including DVD/Blu-ray players, DVRs, gaming consoles, soundbars, and TVs. Here’s how to program your remote for both SD and HD receivers and how to change your TV’s input source.

    Program a DIRECTV universal remote for an HD DVR or HD receiver

    1. Press Menu on your DIRECTV remote.
    2. On the on-screen menu, select Parental Favs & Setup > System Setup > Remote or Remote Control > Program Remote.
    3. Select the device (DVD/Blu-ray player, DVR, gaming console, soundbar, TV, etc.) that you want the remote to control. If your device isn’t listed, enter a DIRECTV remote code. Find them by using this code lookup tool.
    4. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

    Program a DIRECTV universal remote for a standard DVR or SD receiver

    Great news! You can use the exact steps above to program your DIRECTV universal remote control for an SD receiver.

    Change your TV’s input source using the DIRECTV universal remote

    1. Slide the mode switch (located at the top of the remote) to TV.
    2. Hold down the Mute and Select buttons at the same time. Let go when the green light flashes twice.
    3. Enter 960. The green light should flash twice again.
    4. Slide the mode switch to the DIRECTV logo.

    How to program a DIRECTV Genie remote

    If you have a Genie remote, there are both automatic and manual pairing processes—plus a third option for DIRECTV Ready TVs. Let’s start with the automatic pairing process.

    Program a DIRECTV Genie remote for your HDTV or audio device

    These instructions will help you program your DIRECTV Genie remote automatically.

    1. Point the Genie remote at your Genie HD DVR, Genie Mini, or Wireless Genie Mini.
    2. While you continue to aim the remote at your device, hold down the Mute and Enter buttons. Let go with the remote’s green light blinks twice.
    3. The TV should display “Applying IR/RF Setup.” That means you’re in RF mode—it’s time to program the remote.
    4. Turn on the device you’re pairing with your remote.
    5. Press Menu on the remote.
    6. Select Settings & Help > Settings > Remote Control > Program Remote.
    7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process.

    If this method didn’t work for you, don’t stress. Use the instructions below for manual pairing.

    Program a DIRECTV Genie remote manually

    1. Point the Genie remote at your Genie HD DVR, Genie Mini, or Wireless Genie Mini.
    2. While aiming the remote at your device, hold down the Mute and Select buttons. Let go when the remote’s green light blinks twice.
    3. Enter 961.
    4. Press the Channel Up button.
    5. Press Enter.
    6. When you see “Your remote is now set up for RF” on your TV screen, select OK.
    7. Turn on the device you want to pair.
    8. Press Menu.
    9. Select Settings & Help > Settings > Remote Control > Program Remote.
    10. Select the device you want to pair and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
    11. Your remote should now be paired and ready to go!

    Program a Genie remote with a DIRECTV Ready TV

    A DIRECTV Ready TV, when connected to a Genie DVR, allows you to watch DIRECTV without an extra Genie or Genie Mini. Here’s how to pair a DIRECTV Ready TV with your Genie remote:

    1. Point the remote at your Genie DVR.
    2. Press and hold Mute and Enter. Let go when the green light blinks twice.
    3. The TV screen will display the message “Applying IR/RF Setup.”
    4. Turn on your DIRECTV Ready TV.
    5. Hold down Mute and Select. Let go when the green light blinks twice again.
    6. Enter the manufacturer’s code for your DIRECTV Ready TV. Here are TV codes for Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba:
    7. Samsung TV Code: 54000
    8. Sony TV Code: 54001
    9. Toshiba TV Code: 54002
    10. For other manufacturers, use the DIRECTV website lookup.
    11. Your remote should now be paired and ready to go!

    With your remote paired and devices active, you’re ready to set aside this guide and enjoy your DIRECTV service.

    If your remote still won’t work with your device(s), visit DIRECTV’s remote troubleshooting page or contact DIRECTV technical support at 1-800-531-5000.

    Happy watching!

    Program DIRECTV Remote for a Vizio TV

    These instructions help you program a DIRECTV remote to use with a Vizio TV.

    1. Find the model number for your DIRECTV remote control. You may find it in the upper left corner of the remote.
    2. Go to DIRECTV’s remote control website lookup.
    3. Choose the model number of the remote. Enter Vizio in the Brand Name field and click Search.
    4. Slide the Mode Switch button to TV on the remote.
    5. Press and hold the Mute and Select buttons down until you see the remote’s LED light flash twice. When that happens, release the buttons.
    6. Enter the code for the Vizio TV.

    Program DIRECTV Remote for a Sharp TV

    These instructions help you program a DIRECTV remote to use with a Sharp TV.

    1. Find the model number for your DIRECTV remote control. You may find it in the upper left corner of the remote.
    2. Go to DIRECTV’s remote control website lookup.
    3. Choose the model number of the remote. Enter Sharp in the Brand Name field and click Search.
    4. Slide the Mode Switch button to TV on the remote. *
    5. Press and hold the Mute and Select buttons down until you see the remote’s LED light flash twice. When that happens, release the buttons.
    6. Enter the five-digit code for the Sharp TV.
    7. The LED will blink red if the code doesn’t work. If the remote accepts the code, it will blink green.

    *This is not applicable on the RC73 remote.

    Ready to start watching?

    Check out our DIRECTV channel lineup guide to find all your favorite channels.

    View DIRECTV channel lineup

    DIRECTV Remote FAQ


    Our experts have spent hundreds of hours testing and researching tech so you don’t have to. For more on our process, see How We Rank.

    How to Use Your DIRECTV Remote

    • Blogs
    • How to Use Your DIRECTV Remote


    The universal remote can control up to four devices, including sound systems and gaming consoles. So, let’s get you familiarized with the Genie® remote.

    Follow these steps to program your remote for your high-definition TV or sound systems:
    1. Aim your remote at the Genie® HD DVR, Genie® Mini or Wireless Genie® Mini, and press and hold the MUTE and ENTER buttons at the same time until a green light at the top of the remote flashes twice.
    2. The TV screen should now read Applying IR/RF Setup.
    3. Turn on the device you want to program.
    4. Press the MENU button on the remote.
    5. Go to Settings & Help, then Settings, then Remote Control then Program Remote.
    6. Choose the device you want to the remote to control.
    7. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish programming your remote.

    Should those instructions not work, visit this page to manually program the remote control.

    If you’re thinking this is all fine and dandy, but you don’t have that remote, no worries! Here’s a breakdown of the universal remote.

    Follow these steps to program your remote for an HD DVR or HD receiver:
    1. Press the MENU button
    2. Go to Settings & Help, then Settings, then Remote Control, and, lastly, Program Remote
    3. Find the device you want to program, such as DVD or audio. If the device isn’t listed, find the 5-digit code under the code lookup tool.
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish programming your remote.
    Follow these steps to program your remote for a standard DVR or standard-definition receiver:
    1. Press the MENU button
    2. Go to Parental Favs & Setup, then System Setup, then Remote or Remote Control, and, lastly, Program Remote
    3. Find the device you want to program, such as DVD or audio. If the device isn’t listed, find the 5-digit code under the code lookup tool.
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish programming your remote.

    Now that you’ve programmed your remote for a standard DVR or SD receiver, you’ll also need to know how to change the input source, which will dictate whether you’re watching something on television, your DVD player or even your VCR player.

    Here’s how to do that.
    1. Find the MODE switch at the top of the remote, and slide it over to TV.
    2. Press and hold the MUTE and SELECT buttons at the same time until a green light flashes twice from the top of your remote.
    3. Punch in the numbers 960, which should prompt the green light to flash twice again.
    4. Switch the MODE to the DIRECTV logo.

    Now you should be all set to binge your favorite shows and movies! And get a total entertainment package by adding Kinetic Internet.

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    Kinetic TV FAQ
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    Kinetic TV is being discontinued on April 1, 2022.

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    Windstream World Chicken Festival

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    Questions and Answers about Remote Controls | Sony UK

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    Remote control sandblaster DMH

    Among the units for abrasive blasting of surfaces produced by the German plant Comprag, there are models with remote control. This is convenient, since one person can do abrasive blasting, besides, nothing else is needed, since the regulation of the unit’s functionality is carried out by the same pneumatic flow that the compressor produces to ensure the main functions of the unit.

    The remote control system consists of several components, including a remote control, a double arm and a DMH remote control, which you can see in this item.


    Equipment for remote control of sandblasting machines is universal for all Contracor sandblasting models, which provide for the use of the remote control system. This applies to the sandblasters of the DBS RC and DBS RCS series.

    The remote control, which is part of the remote control system and ensures the operation of the remote control unit, is a component without which it is impossible to supply and stop the supply of compressed air for abrasive blasting.


    There is nothing complicated in the design of the remote control. It consists of two nozzles for the inlet and outlet of compressed air, a lever and a place for fastening on the sleeve. Mounted on the blast hose with the supplied clamps and connected to the Twin-Line.

    The process of operation is as follows:

    • by pressing the lever of the DMH remote control, you start the RCV remote control unit, as a result of which the pneumatic flow begins to flow into the abrasive blast hose;
    • If the lever is released intentionally or unintentionally, as well as due to an emergency, the spring-loaded shutter will return to the vertical state and the compressed air supply to the sleeve will stop, as the remote control unit will turn off.

    Please note that if there is a remote control unit in the sandblasting design, the operation of the unit with faulty components of the remote control system is not possible. Therefore, it is better to have in stock those components on the functioning of which the performance of the remote control system, and hence the entire unit, depends.

    Machine cutting hair: The 4 Best Hair Clippers for Home Use in 2023

    Best Hair Clippers For Men 2023

    Sure, you may have Clooney-level clearance at your local barbershop, but everyone needs a set of the best hair clippers in their bathroom drawer for last-minute cleanups and maintenance between appointments. And for those with a more skillful hand, having the right tools can mean nixing the expensive visits altogether (similarly to having a solid beard trimmer or electric razor). Either way, the right set can help you maintain your own short, buzzed or shaved hairstyles at home, often for the price of a single appointment. (We chose the Andis Master Cordless Clipper as our top pick for its power and versatility.)

    Whether touching up a buzz cut or trying out a new style, you’ll want to use the best hair clippers … [+] for your hair type and preferences.

    illustration: Forbes / Photos: Retailers

    Whether you’re looking to perfect an easy fade or going for a modern, layered look, there are a few things to consider before channeling your amateur barber. You’ll want to evaluate your grooming needs and history, your hair type and overall desired look. For help, we tapped New York-based barber Julien Howard and other experts for their recommendations on the best hair clippers for men for every scenario. In addition, we’ve included smart and efficient picks beloved by our staffers as well as online reviewers.

    • Best Hair Clippers Overall: Andis Master Cordless Clipper
    • Best Corded Hair Clippers: Wahl Professional Magic Clip
    • Best Hair Clippers For All Hair Types: BaBylissPro Barberology MetalFX Series Lithium Clipper
    • Most Classic Hair Clippers: Andis BGRC Detachable Blade Clipper
    • Best Hair Trimmer: Beard Trimmer By Bevel
    • Best Hair Clippers For Fades: Remington Cordless PowerSeries + Titanium Haircut And Beard Trimmer 5000, HC7130
    • Best Hair Trimmer For A Close Shave: Wahl 5 Star Finale Finishing Tool
    • Best Value Hair Clippers: Wahl Color Pro Cordless Hair Clipper And Trimmer

    Best Hair Clippers Overall

    A Versatile Option For Every Type Of Haircut


    Andis Master Cordless Clipper

    Attachments: None | Cordless: Yes

    Here’s your pick if you want the best clippers for home use that come barber-recommended. With over 2,000 glowing reviews, this option (suitable for lengths 000 to 1) is a favorite for both pros and amateurs alike. “This has a masterfully designed aluminum body and powerful motor that can cut through any hair type,” says Howard. “The adjustable blade handle is perfect for precise fading or getting that five o’clock shadow just right. The 10-ounce weight reflects the power.” If desired, the device can also be zero-gapped, which means its teeth can be aligned to deliver the closest, sharpest cut possible (this is best avoided with sensitive skin, however).

    What the reviews say: One 5-star Amazon reviewer says, “Bought these clippers to cut my boys hair. Super efficient, battery works well on a fast charge and lightweight. The cordless feature is really nice to use when trying to move around.”

    What you’ll love:

    • Durable and professionally-vetted 
    • Powerful 
    • Good for precise cuts 

    Keep in mind:

    • Expensive
    • Loud
    • Blade clippers sold separately

    Best Corded Hair Clippers

    A Reliable Grooming Workhorse


    Wahl Professional Magic Clip

    Attachments: 8 comb guards, 3 T-trimmers | Cordless: No

    Wahl’s Magic Clip is popular with barbers worldwide, according to Howard. “Many of my coworkers use them since they are comfortable to hold, but also strong [on all types of hair],” he says. The device weighs just one pound, which gives it the necessary bulk for trims while staying steady. It’s got eight comb guards and three T-trimmers, which allows for the customization and precision you need. The oil cleaning brush is a nice, included bonus.

    What the reviews say: One satisfied user praises its power, saying, “The V9000 motor is basically the most powerful motor any home user would ever have use for. I wanted two things on my new set of clippers: power and price—powerful yet would not break the bank—and these clippers met those criteria for me.”

    What you’ll love:

    • Comb guards included
    • Barber-approved
    • Powerful V9000 motor 

    Keep in mind:

    • Not cordless

    Best Hair Clippers For All Hair Types

    The Ferrari Of Hair Clippers


    BaBylissPro Barberology MetalFX Series Lithium Clipper

    Attachments: 8 combs | Cordless: Yes

    BaBylissPro’s cordless clipper is notable for its customization since it has eight different attachments. You can navigate depth and detail while it steadily mows through the hair (no matter how coarse, thin, curly or coiled). Its power is owed to a Ferrari-designed engine, which holds a stunning three-hour charge. Reviewers also praise the weightless feel. 

    What the reviews say: “I like a close shave but hate to lather up and use a blade every morning,” says one Amazon reviewer. “With the BaBylissPro I can shave daily or push to 3 days and still get a nice close shave. My shave time is roughly 2-3 minutes, tops. It’s super easy to clean too. Might be heavy for some but I find the bulk warrants the quality cuts it gives. If you’re on the fence, let me say…just buy it. You won’t regret it.”

    What you’ll love:

    • Lightweight
    • Sleek design 

    Keep in mind:

    • Not as powerful 
    • 2-hour battery life 
    • Expensive

    Most Classic Hair Clippers

    A Streamlined Yet Powerful Option


    Andis BGRC Detachable Blade Clipper

    Attachments: None | Cordless: Yes

    A powerful alternative to the barber-beloved Oster Classic 76, these versatile Andis clippers work on any hair type and can also be used cordless. While it’s not quite as bulky as the Oster, it’s still a tried-and-true favorite. The heftier price tag (compared to other picks on this list) is certainly worth it.

    What the reviews say: As one reviewer describes, the compact shape allows for better mobility. “I’m a female barber, so the smaller size is great for smaller hands and allows for greater mobility around kids’ shoulders and narrow spaces,” she says. “They are so quiet my clients comment all the time. They are smooth, the switch works great, and I am eager to try the cordless attachment.”

    What you’ll love:

    • Quiet 
    • Blade oil included
    • Powerful 

    Keep in mind:

    • Detachable blades sold separately
    • Pricier 
    • Cordless battery pack sold separately

    Best Hair Trimmer

    Lightweight Clippers For All-Over Touchups


    Bevel Beard Trimmer

    Attachments: Square and T-blade | Cordless: Yes

    For clean lines and optimal definition, this lightweight, user-friendly pick features an easily adjustable blade that’s perfect for short, freshly-shaved looks—though it’s also versatile enough to tackle buzz cuts, body touch-ups or beard trimming. The ergonomic design will prevent the trimmer from slipping outside your palm. And thanks to its eight-hour charge, waiting 30 minutes after plugging in is a thing of the past.

    What the reviews say: “The sleek design is for sure a plus but I am even more impressed with the utility. It works perfectly for a lineup and provides for a clean, smooth shave with no burning or irritation, and so far I have not had any issues with razor bumps. This is a must-have if you are in the market for a multi-functional trimmer,” one fan of the product says. Another reviewer says, “The packaging is in the realm of Apple packaging: very clean and professional…these trimmers are a game-changer.”

    What you’ll love:

    • Lightweight 
    • No attachments required
    • Non-slip design

    Keep in mind:

    • Expensive
    • Finicky blade

    Best Hair Clippers For Fades

    A Totally Customized Clip


    Remington Cordless PowerSeries + Titanium Haircut And Beard Trimmer 5000

    Attachments: 2 adjustable combs | Cordless: Yes

    Remington’s affordable clipper has an ergo-friendly design and piercing stainless steel blades. If you’re feeling more adventurous than a buzz, this has all the guards you need to taper and fade with ease. There are two adjustable combs, plus 16 different guard attachments for a totally customized clip. Lastly, its strong, lithium-powered battery carries a 60-minute charge—or you can use it while it’s plugged in.

    What the reviews say: Reviewers praise with the convenience of the gadget. “The clippers run smoothly through the hair and I didn’t notice any grabbing or pulling on the hair while cutting. I really like that you can change the length just by adjusting the slide on the back and not having to change the guard between each length, saving so much time,” says one reviewer. Another customer writes, “This powerful trimmer is great for trimming hair on the top of your head and the hair on your chin. I have used this on myself for my facial hair and on my 3-year-old son for trimming his hair. I love how easy it is to handle.”

    What you’ll love:

    • Affordable 
    • Travel-friendly

    Keep in mind:

    • Shorter battery life 
    • Less durable blade

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    Best Hair Trimmer For A Close Shave

    A Great Alternative To A Straight Razor


    Wahl 5-Star Finale Finishing Tool

    Attachments: None | Cordless: Yes

    This classic tool is best described as a straight razor replacement. For the sharpest look, regional barber manager at Fellow Barber Raquel Fajardo suggests first trimming your hair down with an at-home device like the Wahl Peanut or the Bevel pick on this list. “Once you’ve taken as much hair off as you can, use the foil shaver to get down to a baby skin finish,” she says. “If you want a buzz cut or a shaved head but would rather avoid a razor, use this.” It’s super user-friendly and leaves little room for cuts or damage to the skin.

    What the reviews say: “This thing absolutely shaves as close as a disposable blade razor. No difference, other than no razor burn,” one Amazon user writes. Another says, “This is the absolute best electric razor I have ever used, hands down. Best feature: I am able to clean up my next and cheek around my beard up to three times a day with no rash.”

    What you’ll love:

    • What the pros use 
    • Attractive design
    • Portable

    Keep in mind:

    • Foil and shaver sold separately 
    • Shorter battery life (90 minutes)

    Best Value Hair Clippers

    An Inexpensive Pick That’s Suitable For Newbies


    Wahl Color Pro Cordless Hair Clipper And Trimmer

    Attachments: 8 color-coded guards | Cordless: Yes

    This all-in-one kit is perfect for beginners. Thanks to a color-coded key design, it’s easy to switch between eight different guards for up to nine ultra-precise cuts. The cord is removable, meaning you can remain unplugged for up to two months in between charges. As Fajardo says, cordless options are ideal for anyone still getting the hang of the at-home trim. With over 58,000 mostly 5-star reviews, this model is wildly popular for a number of reasons including its easy-to-use guards.

    What the reviews say: One user says, “This Wahl Color Pro is awesome. It’s basically foolproof. Use the colored attachments as directed and you can actually give yourself a great haircut and not scalp yourself in the process.”

    What you’ll love:

    • Easily portable 
    • A cordless option 
    • 9 precise guard lengths 

    Keep in mind:

    • Shorter lifespan

    How We Chose The Best Hair Clippers Of 2022

    We’ve done extensive research—interviewing barbers and experts who use the tools throughout the day and on a regular basis and poring over hundreds of firsthand reviews from consumers. We’ve also tested (and loved) many of these hair clippers ourselves (also using them on partners and family members).

    This article is routinely updated so that availability, prices and reviewer ratings and quotes stay up to date. We also re-evaluate our hair clipper picks to ensure that they’re still some of the best choices in their categories. This story was last updated in November 2022.

    What To Consider When Shopping For Hair Clippers

    There are several factors to consider when looking for the best hair clippers for you. Below, our experts weigh in on the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for one.

    Hair Type

    According to Howard, it’s important to think about your hair thickness and density. Men with coarse, unruly or curly hair require more power and force from clippers, compared to those with straight or thin hair.

    Grooming Needs

    Fajardo suggests first identifying your grooming goals. “There are so many different types of clippers, so figure out what your desired result is,” she says. It also matters ho frequently you’re planning on using hair clippers to help determine how whether investing in a professional-level tool is worth it. And though you shouldn’t technically use beard trimmers on your head, it is typically fine to use hair clippers as a beard and body trimmer, given their added power and speed.


    More weight often means more power. So while some guys might prefer a lightweight option for the ease of mobility, heft is considered a sign of high-quality engineering and can even give you a steadier hand during the haircut. Plus, clipping the hairs on your head requires more precision and force than those on your face, so don’t skimp on engineering.


    According to Fajaro, the best clippers use a lever with detachable clips and guards of various lengths—instrumental tools for guys looking to get a fade. In fact, experimenting with adjustable clippers and finding the blade that consistently delivers the same results is the key to achieving a sleek, professional look at home.

    Corded vs. Cordless

    Fajardo recommends cordless clippers, which are more user-friendly and universal. And if you’re new to at-home grooming, there are a whole slew of expert how-to tutorials on YouTube. A bonus tip? “Less is more,” Fajardo says. “The less grooming, the better. Start slow, using a clipper that’s first going to keep most of your hair on.”

    Which Clipper Brand Is Best?

    Professional clipper brands all have their specialties and a fair share of pros and cons. While it comes down to preference, your budget and hair type, clippers from Andis, Babyliss Pro and Wahl all come recommended by barbers. The pros are even known to keep multiple brands and a variety of clipper types on hand to tackle different cut styles.

    What Hair Clippers Do Barbers Use?

    Barbers rely on their tools to make their jobs infinitely easier and more enjoyable. And while they keep their workstations stocked with options, they come highly vetted when it comes to performance, feel, handle and versatility. However, one that can almost always be found in a workstation is the Wahl Professional Magic Clip. Julien Howard says it’s a favorite among his fellow barbers.

    What Are The Best Hair Clippers For Beginners?

    Shopping for your first pair of clippers can feel intimidating, but a good starting point is finding one with adjustable blades and different length guards. The Wahl Color Pro Cordless Hair Clipper And Trimmer is a great option for those learning because it comes stocked with color-coded easy-to-use guards. Once you’ve experimented with an entry-level system, you can graduate to different brands and clipper styles.

    What’s The Difference Between Hair Clippers And Beard Trimmers?

    Hair clippers are intended for use on longer, more coarse hair, whereas beard trimmers are designed for precise, shorter trims. The difference in how they’re made boils down to the length of the hair you’re aiming to cut. As Fajardo says, it’s certainly fine to use hair clippers for a beard trim, but beard trimmers won’t be as effective if you’re cutting or trimming longer hair.

    Should You Use Hair Clippers On Wet Or Dry Hair?

    Barbers generally avoid using hair clippers on wet hair. However, motor-power clippers—such as the Andis and Wahl options on this list—are comparatively more powerful and therefore versatile. For optimal results, double-check your clipper’s product specifications.

    How Do You Maintain Hair Clippers?

    Oil is your best bet. (Some hair clippers come with blade oil, though you’ll likely have to buy it separately.) As Andis recommends, first wipe off hair from the blades with a brush or dry towel. Then, apply small oil droplets directly to one side of the blade before running the motor for three to five seconds and repeating the process on the other side. Wipe excess oil from the blade before use. This will help prevent general wear and tear, plus discoloration.

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    Buy Hair Cutting Machine Online In India

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  • Which men’s haircut is better – a typewriter or scissors?

    Scissors and clipper – competitors in the hands of a barber or equivalent tools for creating a haircut? What is more convenient and efficient to use? Why do some masters claim that a high-quality haircut can only be done with scissors, while others prefer a machine and prove in practice that their result is no worse? Let’s talk about it with the masters of the barbershop PORT. Who, if not them, will be able to simply and clearly explain which haircut is better – made with scissors or a typewriter?

    Advantages and disadvantages of the clipper

    The clipper is a product of modern engineering that works similarly to scissors, but gives faster results. Perhaps, in vain, many barbers belittle the dignity of the machine, because it significantly speeds up the work, the purpose of which is to shorten the length of the hair?

    On this subject, professional hairdressers have a firm opinion: if the goal of visiting a barbershop is to radically and universally shorten the length of your hair, you can also use a machine.

    Advantages of the machine:

    • It is faster than scissors, it will cut the length almost to zero on large areas of the head. This will save up to 20-30 minutes of time.
    • Clipper haircut is good if the client does not need transitions and length contrast. The machine creates a really uniform “background” over the entire surface of the head.
    • You don’t have to be an expert to create a classic clipper cut, so it’s the perfect tool for the beginner. With her, he definitely will not “pinch” the hairs and will not leave bald spots and bushes on his head.
    • Without a typewriter, it is almost impossible to create fashionable scarring, as well as hair-tattoo on the temples and the back of the head.

    The minus of the machine is that it does not adapt so finely to the natural shape of a person’s skull as a master with “live” scissors, so after it there are inevitably areas that require manual correction. Also, the machine does not involve the creation of haircuts with strands stretched in different directions – it can be used to give the desired length, and after that, “edit” the shape with scissors.

    Advantages of scissors

    Scissors are a classic tool of a hairdresser, barber, barber, who once replaced a straight razor. They, according to many masters, are a continuation of the hand, and therefore allow you to finely adjust the haircut to the features of the shape of the skull.

    Benefits of using scissors:

    • Possibility to create fashionable haircuts for long hair, and the strands will lie harmoniously, without vortices and single hairs breaking out.
    • The ability to hide the flaws of the client’s appearance by varying the length of the hair, the direction of their haircut, smooth or sharp transitions between different lengths.
    • The ability to create a beautifully growing haircut that will look neat even without correction.
    • More accurate result on the head with numerous tops, uneven skull, whirlwinds.

    Among the shortcomings of cutting with scissors, one can only name the duration of the session (it is at least 1 hour) and the higher cost of the service in the barbershop.

    To sum up: the machine is good if you need to cut your hair short, cheaply, quickly and without claiming to be a masterpiece, and scissors are able to give a truly jewelry result on any length of hair, and the effect will be preserved when growing back. However, both instruments go well together. For example, the masters in the PORT barbershop create the haircut itself by hand, and the machine is used for edging, scarring, parting and creating hair-tattoo. The result is always beautiful and durable – come and see for yourself.

    Men’s clipper haircuts at home


    Clipper haircuts are an easy, convenient way to maintain a neat and stylish look for men’s hair. The use of special hairdressing accessories saves time on visiting a beauty salon, because everything can be done at home. The main rule is attentiveness, accuracy and work with a professional machine and high quality scissors. Then even a hairstyle made at home will become the best decoration for a man, and you will feel pride in the ability to create spectacular images with your own hands.

    Machine requirements

    Even a professional hairdresser will not be able to make high-quality men’s haircuts with a low-class machine – what can we say about novice stylists. Therefore, start with the selection of high-quality equipment, which has a powerful battery, several different attachments, a sharp knife and other elements that simplify the work. To get a beautiful haircut with a machine and make it convenient for you to do it, pay attention to the main characteristics:

    Motor. Experts recommend choosing machines that vibrate as little as possible – it is more convenient to work with them, the haircut will turn out neater. For example, the pivot motor of the Barbers Spirit machine is twice as powerful and quieter than the standard vibration motor, and it runs at speed 9000 rpm Convenience of work is increased by a professional power cord 3 m long and eight nozzles in the kit (from 1.5 mm to 19 mm).

    Batteries. If the power supply is not mains, but autonomous, choose a machine that turns off when the battery is low, and does not “chew” your hair. To extend the battery life of the equipment, look for models with two batteries, such as the Genio Pro from Moser. Each of them provides work without recharging up to 75 minutes. Replaceable knife blocks are established literally by one movement.

    Blades of knives. They are often coated with materials to maintain sharpness – titanium, nickel-chromium alloys, ceramics. It is better not to buy nickel models – metal reduces the strength of knives and often causes an allergic reaction. For a clean cut, choose a clipper with a precision-ground blade, such as the Moser Edition. It works stably on hair with different structures and provides an even glide with attachments for any length.

    A little trick: choose machines with lubricating oil in the kit. PILOT 916-31, many Moser models have it. The machine needs to be treated with oil after each haircut, then the blades will retain their original state longer, the hair will be cut neatly, and not torn.

    Other clipping accessories

    Even simple men’s haircuts with a machine cannot be done without hairdressing supplies. First of all, you will need scissors – special, hairdressing, sharpened. The Katachi 3D Daisy inventory is a great example of ergonomics that ensure comfortable work without straining the hand. Katachi Classic Lefty are designed for left-handed hairdressers who need special scissors. Carbon steel blades are very high quality sharpened, any female and male equipment is available to them.

    The list of mandatory equipment includes combs. They should be single-row, with frequent teeth. Hercules IONIC combs are made of flexible ionized thermoplastic and ebonite. Antistatic materials are much more convenient than wood or standard metal – they do not electrify or injure hair, they easily separate them.

    For the convenience of the client and the hairdresser, you also need clips that fix the strands, and a cape-peignoir that protects clothes from hairs. After the haircut, it will be enough to shake them off the surface and fan the man’s neck with a brush.

    Basic technology

    The best way to understand how to cut with a clipper is men’s haircuts for beginners, simple, but giving skill and confidence. The main basic options are boxing with a half-box. They are distinguished by a short length of the temples and the back of the head and a more elongated crown, so they need two or three different nozzles.

    Short men’s haircuts for a typewriter are suitable for owners of a skull with regular lines. But the density and structure of the hair is not important. Short clipper haircuts successfully solve the problem of thinning hair or uneven growth.

    General scheme:

    • zones with different lengths are separated according to the control line – on the upper occipital lobe and neck;

    • the area below from the central part of the back of the head is cut with a machine with a short nozzle, for example, “one”;

    • the back of the head and temples are also shortened, and in the parietal region the length is increased – the transition should be smooth, smoothing a couple of cm above the control line, so you will need different nozzles, from “two” to “three” or even “four”;

    • after processing with a machine, it is desirable to profile the hair using scissors with special blades or a razor;

    • if you have a long clipper with bangs, it should be cut above the midline of the forehead.

    Haircutting for beginners requires careful selection of lower-level edging. It depends on the lines of the skull – its main options can be seen in the photo.

    Featured Products

    Men’s clipper cutting chart

    Let’s consider how to cut hair with a machine step by step, let’s take a basic haircut for men. You will also need a comb, scissors (standard and thinning), a razor to trim the back of the head. Before clipping men’s haircuts, make sure the hair is clean. They must be washed and dried immediately before the procedure, and then combed.

    Then you need to shorten too long hair with scissors. To cut a strand, hold it with your left hand between your middle and index fingers and pull it at a right angle to your head. The next stage after shortening is cutting the length with a machine. It is performed against hair growth so that the teeth of the nozzle lift them better. Need to:

    • moving up from the neck, carefully remove the lower level with a nozzle up to 10 mm – up to the edging, trying to immediately capture large areas;

    • using a small nozzle, make a border;

    • smoothly, with the transition of the machine, rise to the elongated crown area – nozzles from 11 and 12 mm are needed there;

    • on the crown, remove the length with a “three” or a larger nozzle, depending on the preferences of the man, and without pressing the machine to the skull;

    • cut the hair at the temples and the lines along the growth of the beard – you need to work very carefully so as not to spoil the hairstyle (it is advisable for beginners to watch the training video in advance).

    Whiskey is more often made straight than oblique, and a smooth transition is left on the border between them and the beard. The bangs in the half-box haircut are cut with scissors, lifting the strands one by one. If a man is curly, it is better to remove it altogether, so the hairstyle looks more harmonious.

    The last stage is the design of the hairline. A man can shave it, teenagers are only cut with scissors so that stiff bristles do not appear in this area. After cutting, the nozzles must be removed, rinsed with running water, wiped with a brush with hard hairs of the blade and apply lubricating oil to all cutting surfaces of the equipment.

    If you don’t like the classic men’s haircut with a typewriter or are tired, try an alternative to them. For example, for hot days or creating a brutal look, a universal short version is suitable, for which you do not need to change nozzles, or a “hedgehog”. In this hairstyle, the hairs stick out, and the transition between zones is almost imperceptible.

  • Printer canon selphy: Canon Selphy CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer with AirPrint and Mopria Device Printing, Black (2234C001) : CANON: Office Products

    ‎Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY on the App Store


    Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY is the print and scan app for PIXMA, MAXIFY and SELPHY from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. *1

    *1: Functions and services may not be available in certain printers, countries or regions and enviroment.

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    Ratings and Reviews

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    Finally, an App that WORKS – 6 out of 5!!

    I just moved to Europe, and I needed a printer that would work but I did not want to break the bank. So I purchased the cheapest canon printer I could. well much to my surprise, these days even the cheapest Canon printer works really well. Once I set it up to the Wi-Fi, and set it up to my phone I found this app. This app works incredible. And this is coming from someone that professionally finds flaws with applications and mechanical items. I have influenced multiple companies to spend thousands of dollars on particular tools due to the applications associated with the tools and how they work. This application works amazing, and if you have an issue with it, it’s most likely user error, or some form of weird bug or strange fluke with the device you’re using. I am using an iPhone 12 Pro MAX, and I understand that that is a flagship phone, but it works perfectly on this device and therefore on other iOS devices it should work just the same as long as your iOS is updated to the latest version. Typically I do not give reviews on random utility apps but this one works extremely well. As I stated before, I am now an expert living in Europe, so it’s crucial that I print and scan documents so that the local government, can have all the documents that they demand… (that aren’t even necessary smh…). 6 out of 5 stars!!

    Overall excellent, but

    I bought this printer a few months ago and it was pretty easy to set up and use. I was pretty happy. Then I decided to print a photo from the rear tray instead of the front cassette tray. The print was fine for my purposes (granddaughter photo), except that I couldn’t get the right size photo and it cropped off her feet in a way that I didn’t want. No big deal, I figured that I just need to learn more. Today I spent half an hour trying to get it to print from the front tray again. It refused to acknowledge that there was paper in the tray. It was set on automatic for the tray. I turned the printer off and on, I read the manuals, I tried canceling and printing again. I studied the manuals and the internet for half an hour without success. I finally went to a different place to try the print command on my IPad, and it finally printed, but not double sided, even though I wanted double sided. Now it will probably print fine again. But it was a lot of irritation and nothing in the manuals told me how to switch trays, or that only certain print commands will work.
    I would buy this printer again as you can buy large bottles of ink and refill the ink yourself which saves a lot of money and aggravation. Overall, I have really liked this printer, despite these two problems, compared to every other printer I have owned, this one is superior, works well 98% of the time, the quality is good enough for my home business and general needs.

    It works fine for me.

    I dont know why some people don’t have a black and white print only option OR don’t have the ability to print their photos OR even landscape option.
    This is what I do when I need to print black and white, I go into “Change settings” and select “Grayscale” to On.
    As for those not being able to print their photos, do you remember if you gave permissions to access your photos when you first opened the Print app? Go into your iphone/ipad Settings and find the Print app and see if you allowed Read and Write access. And don’t try to access your photos through “Document Print”.
    As for landscape mode, I haven’t tested this out yet, but I do see that there is an option to do that, which is only through the “Smartphone Copy”. In “Smartphone Copy”, take or select a photo, click “Next” and the icon that represents landscape or portrait mode is located on the lower left. I never write reviews but seriously I needed to get this off my chest.

    The developer, Canon Inc., indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

    Data Used to Track You

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    • Identifiers

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    Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


    Canon Inc.

    66.3 MB


    Photo & Video

    Age Rating

    © Copyright CANON INC. 2013


    • Developer Website

    • App Support

    • Privacy Policy

    More By This Developer

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    Create unique images

    Create and share unique printed images in super-quick time using a wide range of layout and ‘shuffle’ options, including photo-booth strips and ID print.

    Print on the go

    Small and neat, this printer is easy to carry for fast, reliable, lab-quality photo printing anywhere you go. Print up to 54 photos with the optional high capacity battery.

    See all features

    Need support for your device?

    Drivers support

    Find the latest driver for your printer.


    Set up support

    Useful information to set up your printer.


    Create and print photo collages with SELPHY Photo Layout app

    Print directly from your smartphone on your portable photo printer via Canon’s free picture montage app and enjoy adding creative touches to your prints such as stamps, filters, borders, text, overlays and layouts.

    Learn more

    Print from any device – anywhere

    Wherever your pictures are stored, it’s easy to print them on a SELPHY CP1300. Print photos directly from your smart device, camera, memory cards, USB sticks or a computer. Use the Party Shuffle feature on the Canon PRINT app to wirelessly create unique collages using images from multiple smartphones.

    Learn more


    Wi-Fi printing

    Apple AirPrint


    Fast lab quality prints

    Large 8.1 cm tilt up screen

    2×6 photo-booth prints

    ID photo print

    Choice of 4 finishes

    See full specification

    Get Inspired


    Be bold. Be expressive. Be original. Show us life through your lens. Whether through photo, print or film, we want to see your unique perspective on the world, as captured by you.

    Learn more

    Canon SELPHY CP1300

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    Canon SELPHY CP1000 – SELPHY Compact Photo Printers

    SELPHY Compact Photo Printers

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    • General Information
    • Product Specifications
    • 900 09 Ratings and reviews

    • Accessories and accessories
    • Support


    SELPHY CP1000

    Get professional-quality prints instantly, anywhere, anytime. Compact and stylish, this portable photo printer offers a choice of four coatings and dual ID photo printing for a seamless user experience.


    • Compact and portable photo printer ideal for printing photos at home and on the go
    • Print quickly and easily from your camera, USB devices and memory cards
    • Capture your memories in long lasting professional quality prints
    • printing on standard photo paper
    • Create ID photos in your desired standard size

    Detailed description

    Learn more about the Canon SELPHY CP1000

    Ultra-small portable photo printer

    Ultra-compact and easy to carry, the SELPHY CP1000 photo printer delivers fast, reliable, professional-quality photo printing wherever you go.

    Easy to use

    Anyone can print with intuitive on-screen menus for easy navigation 6.8 cm (2.7″) LCD design for easy viewing of information Easily save your favorite print settings for easy consistent quality results

    Professional-quality printing

    Get quality, durable prints in less than one minute. Dye sublimation technology provides superior color depth and gradation without the need for a long wait.

    Memories for years to come

    A special coating protects each print from water droplets and fading for 100 years when stored in an album. You can print your photos with one of 3 semi-gloss finishes to further protect them from fingerprints and give them a photo lab look without having to change any consumables.

    No surprises

    The SELPHY CP1000 delivers low cost printing, high quality and ease of use. Plus, you can control your costs by knowing exactly how many photos you can get with each pack of consumables. Get even lower printing costs with large media sets.

    Print the way you want

    Simply connect your PictBridge compliant camera directly to the printer to quickly print your pictures. The ability to print images from various types of memory cards or USB flash drives provides incredible flexibility.

    ID Photo Print

    ID Photo for home and business with Face Frame Guide allows you to create and print ID photos in almost any size. The dual ID photo printing feature allows you to print in 2 different sizes on one sheet of paper, while cropping pattern printing ensures accurate framing.

    Variety of print sizes

    This printer provides many ways to share your memories, including postcard, square¹ or credit card¹ format, all in no time.

    Make your photos even better

    Automatic image optimization with Scene and Face Detection technology guarantees excellent results. This intelligent feature corrects image imperfections by reducing unwanted noise, making photos clearer and colors more saturated.

    Print on the go

    Print on the go, indoors or outdoors, with the optional NB-CP2L battery that mounts conveniently on the back of the printer. Over 36 postcard-sized prints per charge

    Product Specifications

    Learn more about the Canon SELPHY CP1000, its features and capabilities.

    Print quality photos quickly

    Large, easy-to-view swivel LCD screen

    Compatible with SD and CF cards

    Choice of glossy and 3 semi-gloss finishes

    Easy USB printing

    Dual ID photo printing with advanced size selection

    Smart correction

    9 0002 Durable Canon quality

    Print on the go

    Print only the best part of your image

    See all specifications What’s in the box

    • SELPHY CP1000 Compact Photo Printer

    • Paper Cassette (Postcard Size)

    • Compact Power Adapter [CA-CP200 V]

    • AC cable

    • User instruction kit


    Canon SELPHY CP1300 – Printers

    Canon SELPHY CP1300 – Printers – Canon Ireland

    Stylish and portable Wi-Fi photo printer that prints stunning prints perfectly and quickly from compatible smartphones, tablets, cameras and more.

    Stylish and portable Wi-Fi photo printer that prints stunning prints perfectly and quickly from compatible smartphones, tablets, cameras and other compatible devices. Quick professional quality printing from smartphones, tablets and other devices

    This Wi-Fi-enabled portable photo printer lets you instantly create high-quality, durable prints from compatible mobile devices, cameras, and more, anywhere, anytime. Share precious memories in style with a variety of creative layouts and random photo arranging options.

    See full specification sheet



    Enjoy fast wireless printing from smartphones and tablets with the Canon PRINT App, Mopria Service TM , Apple AirPrint TM and Wi-Fi buttons. Combine images from different smartphones with Party Shuffle.

    Long-lasting quality

    Print vibrant, high-quality, durable materials in less than 1 minute with sublimation technology. The automatic image optimization feature finds and corrects imperfections, making your photos even better.

    Create unique images

    Create unique photos with a variety of layouts and random layout options, including a photo booth-style strip of multiple shots and ID photos, all at incredible speed.

    Print on the go

    This small and neat printer is easy to take with you for fast, reliable photo printing in professional quality wherever you go. Print up to 54 photos with the optional high capacity battery.

    See all features

    Create and print photo collages with SELPHY Photo Layout

    Print directly from your smartphone to a portable photo printer with Canon’s free image montage app, and add additional elements to your photo collages such as stamps, filters, frames, text, stickers.

    Learn more

    Print from any device, anywhere

    Wherever your images are stored, it’s easy to print them with the SELPHY CP1300 printer. Print photos directly from your mobile device, camera, memory cards, USB drives or computer. Use the Party Shuffle feature in the Canon PRINT app to wirelessly create unique photo collages from multiple smartphones.

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