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There are tablets, and then there’s the iPad. Apple may not have been the first to create a tablet computer — that honor remains with Microsoft’s Bill Gates — but Apple has nearly perfected the slate. The iPad, a 9.7″ stunner that is faster, sleeker, and easier to use than any other tablet on the market, has improved so drastically in the past six months that it’s unquestioningly the best tablet you can buy today.  Its features makes it one of the best iPads.

But if Android and Windows RT makers have their way, the lead Apple has may disappear by this time next year. Can this fourth-generation iPad stand the test of time? If you’re looking for an older model, consider our iPad air vs the iPad 2 review instead.


The iPad 4 (it’s simply called the iPad. This is the fourth generation of the iPad. The third-generation iPad has since been removed from Apple’s stockpile of units, though it still sells the iPad 2. For this review we’ll maintain the name iPad) is nearly identical to its March-release brother. It has the same 2048×1536 Retina display IPS panel that is now even brighter and provides a higher level of color correctness. You can read our full review of the older iPad here; the iPad 4 shares the same external components and design as the previous generation iPad.

What’s different about the iPad 4 is on the inside. The brand new A6X processor, an iteration of the A6 in the iPhone 5, makes the tablet twice as fast as the iPad 3 was in nearly every way. Web browsing, graphics processing, and general application use feels like it should on a tablet — instant. For the first time on a tablet the limitation on loading web pages rests more on your Wi-Fi connection, not on the iPad. That is to say that the iPad will load websites as fast as your Wi-Fi connection can throw at it, within reason. Take a look at our Zugu Case review for a military-style case for your iPad.

In fact, the speed boost goes as deep as typing. This is the first iPad that I am comfortable typing on the virtual keyboard because it’s fast enough to track my key presses. It’s instantaneous. Apps open very quickly. With the exception of very large games, most open instantly without load times. Because of its responsiveness, it could be one of the best reading tablets.

Everything else about the tablet remains nearly identical to the previous model. The iPad 4 has an improved speaker, and uses the new Lightning connector for charging and transmitting data to/from a computer. It features the new iSight 5MP camera, same as the iPad mini, sans flash. If you are upgrading from an iPad 2 (which I highly recommend) or an iPad 3 (which I partially recommend), carrying cases will work across all three models with rare exception. You may want to check out the Esr iPad Case review for a thin and lightweight case.

Another major improvement is Wi-Fi strength, which in my experience has been one of the most troubling parts of the iPad before the iPad 4. In low Wi-Fi signal areas, the iPad regularly dropped the connection. This made even buffering streaming video a nightmare. The iPad 4 has a much better Wi-Fi antenna that improves the signal strength up to 33% in my tests, though unlike tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire HD it still uses a single antenna. This means that the iPad 4 will have a better signal when held in a certain direction.

There is only one thing that would have improved the current design of the iPad, and that is front facing stereo speakers. Most tablet makers (with rare exception like Samsung and their Tab 2 10.1 and Note 10.1) don’t produce slates with front-facing speakers. That’s a real shame for media playback and gaming because sound is not directed towards the user; either louder volume or external speakers are required for the proper experience. Watching video is still great on the iPad 4, albeit the 4:3 display leaves a lot of empty space, but while the mono speaker has been improved, audio is the one area where Apple can improve on the iPad significantly.

The hardware and design of the iPad 4 is mostly unchanged from previous iterations, which goes to show how well the tablet was built originally. It’s extraordinarily capable, and while the latest tablets using Android and Windows RT are catching up, when it comes to sheer design the iPad 4 is still the best.


The iPad 4 ships with iOS 6, which as we discussed in the iPhone 5 review is excellent albeit more cluttered and less organized than past versions of iOS. On the iPad that’s not such a big deal; one expects a tablet to come with more features than a phone, and the larger screen handles the organization far better.

There isn’t much to tell about iOS 6; the improvements are mostly to efficiency and speed. Apple Maps is now available on the iPad, which is much better looking for satellite imagery. The app turns into a more appropriate topographical map than Google Maps, at least in some cases. Additional Siri functions like the ability to look up movie and restaurant data are available, but those are better off as phone functions. Shared photo streams is great for people who use their iPads as digital picture frames, allowing users to instantly share and change photo streams from a Mac or another iPad.

The most impressive features are really with Safari, specifically iCloud-based tab sharing (sharing pages online so you can continue where you left off from any of your connected Apple devices). However, this feature has been available on the highly competitive Google Chrome browser for over a year. However, as you’ll see in the benchmarks section below, I’ve started to use Safari almost exclusively because of how fast it is. Apple still limits the functionality of 3rd party browsers, so no browser is as fast as Safari on the iPad.

Overall the software improvements are almost moot. The iPad didn’t necessarily need significant improvements in software, but there are a few things I’d liked to have seen, like more functions in the web browser, and perhaps more customization options. Jailbreaking iPhones is rampant, but there’s little need (or desire) to do so on the iPad, and for good reason. Yet even without those iOS 6 is far better than any Android tablet, in part thanks to the excellent software, and in part thanks to the 250,000+ iPad specific apps.


As much as I adore battery tests, the iPad 4 wouldn’t budge with my normal slew of concoctions. I instead had to rely on general use of the iPad 4, which means playing games, running streaming video, and using the iPad for everything imaginable.

In my use I’ve found that the iPad 4 has the same great battery life as before, roughly 9-10 hours of consistent use. Under heavy stress, such as playing games like Grand Theft Auto 3: Vice City or Modern Combat 4, the battery drain is faster, but it’ll still last for about eight hours. Unlike the iPhone 5, the iPad is a great gaming device that will last an entire continental flight and the waiting time at the airport.

Recharge time, however, is more cumbersome. Using the included 12W power connector (up from 10W of the previous iPad models), the iPad charges to 50% in 2:21 and to 100% in over five hours. This is much better than the iPad 3, which took over six hours to fully recharge. But keep in mind that if you plan on taking the iPad for an all-day outing,  you’ll want to charge it the night before and plan to sleep awhile.

Benchmarks and Performance

In the few benchmarks that are shared across all devices, the iPad 4 is the most powerful device available by a longshot. It destroys the competition in graphical performance and web browsing performance, though in both areas the once remarkable lead is not as impressive as it once was. However, Apple said that the iPad 4 offers 2X the performance of the previous model, and the company is right about that. Take a look at these stats.

In the Browsermark 2.0 test, most tablets tested fared only decently while the iPad offered excellent performance. Compared to other benchmarks the iPad (and iPhone) perform outstandingly thanks to the new A6 processor.

It’s a very different story when it comes to the Sunspider Javascript benchmark test. Sure, the iPad and iPhone 5 have a pretty big lead above the majority of devices, but just look at the four closest competitors. The ASUS VivoTab T600, which I’ve already briefly written about, is a very fast and far more capable browser thanks to Flash support (and the fact that it’s essentially Internet Explorer 10, not a tablet browser). Meanwhile the latest CPU in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 makes it supremely fast. Acer’s A700 tablet is very fast and uses the same processor as the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T, and both are only a few hundred points behind the iPad 4.

In effect, while the iPad is both faster in benchmark testing and general use, other recent devices are comparable. Windows RT proves to be a better OS for browser-based functions, though it’ll depend on the tablet and hardware inside it to see if it’s indeed faster than the iPad. But if you want a great browser experience, the iPad with Safari does an excellent job.

As if the disparity between the iPad and all other tablets wasn’t ridiculous enough, the latest A6X processor is so much faster in graphical performance than everything else it’s just sad. Even the last-gen iPad is only 2/3 the speed of this monster. In fact, if the iPad 4 didn’t have to push the massive 2048×1536 resolution display, it would be more powerful than the PlayStation Vita. Mind you, the Vita released in February 2012, and the iPad 3 had an identical GPU to Sony’s portable gaming console. The iPad 4 is much more powerful.

Just comparing the iPad to anything else, the closest non-iOS device is the LG Optimus G, which has the latest from Qualcomm but only keeps up with the iPad 3 and iPhone 5. It manages 22 frames per second, just shy of the requisite 24fps for stable gameplay. The iPad 3 and iPhone 5 get 27fps and 29fps respectively, just under the 30fps requisite for normal gameplay. And the iPad 4? A whopping 51fps. The iPad is the most powerful gaming device today, by a longshot. It offers a no-compromise GPU and the battery life to support it.

Based solely on the benchmarks, the iPad is the fastest tablet available. It’s better for web browsing and gaming, and has the battery life for extended use while competing tablets die much more quickly. Considering everyday use, there is still nothing better than the iPad for the price.


Just like the iPad mini, the iPad 4 has the same excellent 5MP camera that originally appeared in the iPhone 4. It’s extremely fast, albeit a bit slower than the iPad mini and iPhone because it has to show the picture at the full screen resolution.

That said, picture quality is excellent. Colors are sharp and accurate, and contrast is good. There is no flash, which isn’t a problem for tablet users. It’s a camera that works and takes clear, accurate shots, and that’s what matters.


The iPad 4 is the best slate device you can buy. There’s no doubt about it. It is the most well-rounded and most powerful tablet available, though the available competition is making the iPad a harder purchase to stomach. I know that for myself, I’ve regularly purchased the 16GB models, but that’s too small for anyone with over 20 apps. I was forced to remove all high-resolution magazines, all media, and most of my games on my 16GB iPad 3 every time I got a new game. 32GB is the minimum capacity the iPad should sell with.

However, Apple’s pricing structure is the biggest difficulty for potential buyers. The iPad 4 starts at $500 for a 16GB model, which is fine if you just want a tablet for reading and web browsing. But if that’s the case, I recommend buying the iPad 2 or iPad mini, or any much cheaper Android tablet like the Nexus 7. For just web browsing the iPad mini is a better, albeit a slower option. For web browsing and perhaps viewing web-based media, a Windows RT-based tablet would be a better bet. Ultimately, the full iPad does not fit in the same class of tablets, but based on pricing Apple seems to think the iPad is comparable.

It isn’t hard to see the problem: the iPad 2 and iPad mini sell for $400 and $330, respectively, and both are overpriced. The iPad starts at $500 for 16GB, while most competing tablets for that price have double the capacity. The choice is this: for the iPad, users either purchase 2-year old hardware for much more than new Android devices, or spend at least $600 for a tablet with enough capacity to last its lifetime of use. For $600, or $700 for the 64GB capacity model, it’s not difficult to justify spending a little more for a Windows 8 (not RT) tablet as a laptop replacement. That way, you have a tablet and laptop in a single device that is thicker and heavier, but far more powerful.

There is no denying that the iPad is the best tablet on the market. The trouble is that Apple’s device faces too many aggressive competitors that offer far more than it does for reasonable prices. Today, users can buy a Windows RT tablet for less than the iPad with more capacity and flash in the web browser. In effect, Windows RT tablets have access to millions of flash-based apps and games that the iPad never will. Alternatively, Android tablets are far less expensive and just as capable, though they lack the quality and number of apps that the iPad has. And finally there are Windows 8 tablets, which are true laptop replacements that are more expensive but are, measure for measure, worth the extra money.

I certainly recommend the iPad, but this year will be a critical one for tablets. From 2010-2012 tablets were their own form of electronics; similar to smartphones with nearly identical operating systems, but with different apps made specifically for them. This year that changes. In 2013 we have tablet computers, which are actual computers, and these very standard tablets that everyone is used to. But they aren’t the future, clearly. That’s not to say that the iPad is dead; nothing could be farther from the truth. Instead, what a tablet is is changing, and Apple may very drastically change their best-selling device this year. If this is your first iPad, it’s a safe purchase; for iPad 2, iPad mini, or iPad 3 owners however, be warned: you’ll love how fast and how capable this new iPad is every time you turn it on and use it, but the very definition of what the iPad is may completely change by the year’s end.

Editor’s Rating:
[Rating: 4.5/5]

Bottom Line: The iPad 4 is the best tablet you can buy.


  • There is no faster tablet for web browsing, gaming, and media playback
  • Battery life is impeccable with up to 10-hours of continuous use
  • The Retina display is gorgeous, and provides excellent colors and brightness
  • No tablet can compete when it comes to apps


  • For iPad 3 owners, it’s a tough buy
  • Media playback capability is limited due to one rear-facing speaker and the 4:3 display
  • Pricing for higher capacity models is outrageously expensive

Apple iPad Air (2020) review: The best tablet for most people

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Our iPad Air (2020) review shows why Apple has made one of the best tablets ever

Editor’s Choice

(Image: © Henry T. Casey/Tom’s Guide)

Tom’s Guide Verdict

The iPad Air 4’s screen, charging and performance make it one of the best iPads ever, as it’s essentially a more affordable iPad Pro.

  • +

    Elegant thin and light design

  • +

    Super-fast A14 Bionic processor

  • +

    Bright, colorful and sharp display

  • +

    Excellent webcam

  • +

    USB-C charging

  • +

    Magic Keyboard and 2nd Gen Apple Pencil support

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iPad Air (2020) specs

OS: iPadOS 14
CPU: A14 Bionic
Storage: 64GB, 256GB
Display: 10. 9-inch (2360 x 1640 pixels) Liquid Retina
Rear cameras: 12MP wide (f/1.8)
Video: Up to 4K at up to 60 fps
Front camera: 7MP TrueDepth
Wireless: Wi-Fi 6, optional 4G LTE
Battery: 28.6 watt-hour
Battery life: 10:29 (tested)
Size: 9.7 x 7 x 0.24 inches
Weight: 1 pound 
Price: $599

The $599 Apple iPad Air (2020) occupies a pricing tier between the $329 10.2-inch iPad 9 (2021) and the $799 iPad Pro 2021 (11-inch). It’s a mid-range iPad option for those who want Pro-level perks without the need to pay up to a grand with the Magic Keyboard. But is this iPad great enough to spend almost twice as much as you would on the standard iPad? I’d say so, as it’s my new favorite iPad.

Not only does the 10.9-inch iPad Air 4 impress with its flat-edge design (which has the cool color options of the iPhone 12 in the shell of the 11-inch iPad Pro), but its Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) and Magic Keyboard support mean it’s more capable of replacing your laptop (provided you spend more for those accessories). It’s also got speedy A14 Bionic performance and USB-C charging, two upgrades I wish the normal iPad could get.

This iPad Air (2020) review will explain how the tablet’s only real downsides are comparative issues you might not notice otherwise. Its screen is bright and colorful, but competitors shine brighter and produce more color. Oh, and its long battery life is outpaced by two of its competitors — which include the normal iPad.

That said, this model was replaced — and Apple no longer sells it. Our Apple iPad Air (2022) review) shows how its internal upgrades (its speedy M1 chip and 5G connectivity) make a whole deal of improvement. But has the new tablet rendered the previous model obsolete? Here’s everything to know about why Apple’s iPad Air 4.

iPad Air (2020) review: Release date and price

The iPad Air 4 came out on Friday, Oct. 23, 2020. It starts at $599 for the 64GB configuration, and you can upgrade to 256GB for $150 — which brings you to $749. LTE cellular connectivity costs $130 more, bringing the max price to $879.

That price looks good next to the iPad Pro, but some may experience sticker shock if they remember how the iPad Air 3 was $499. Fortunately, we’ve started to see (minor) sale pricing so far.

The iPad Air 4 looks enough like an iPad Pro that it could fool you into thinking Apple just released new colorways of the 11-inch version of its high-end iPad. It’s available in the green model we tested (a minty fresh option I’d recommend), blue (which I wish I’d seen in person), rose gold, silver and Space Gray. The iPad Air (2022) is identical in shape and size and ports.

Thinking about the iPad Air 4 as the successor to the iPad Air 3, you can see how removing the home button from the bottom of the screen gave Apple the ability to increase its screen size, as the iPad Air 4’s 10.9-inch screen is bigger than the iPad Air 3’s 10.5-inch panel.

(Image credit: Henry T. Casey/Tom’s Guide)

The other key differentiators are in its buttons and security measures. Apple opted to give the iPad Air 4 a Touch ID fingerprint scanner that’s hidden inside of its lock button. I prefer the iPad Air 4 to the Galaxy Tab S7 (which also puts its fingerprint sensor in its lock button), as Apple’s button sticks out slightly, making it easier to detect visually. The Tab S7’s fingerprint scanner is slightly recessed, making for a minor search mission each time.

The iPad Air 4 also dumps the Lightning port for USB-C, which will help me cut down on the number of cables I use (retiring another Lightning cord for just my iPhone and AirPods). This is a welcome change and one I wish the regular iPad would also get.

(Image credit: Henry T. Casey/Tom’s Guide)

The iPad Air 4 doesn’t have a headphone jack, but neither does the iPad Pro nor Tab S7. Apple’s letting too many devices drink from the iPhone’s fountain of ‘courage,’ and that’s probably annoying for those who haven’t jumped to wireless headphones. And while I wish this trend would end, I love my AirPods Pro and I’ve started to just keep my wired headphones connected to my podcast mic, the only device that truly needs them.

(Image credit: Henry T. Casey/Tom’s Guide)

Measuring 9.7 x 7 x 0.2 inches and weighing 1 pound even, the iPad Air 4 has the same measurements as the 11-inch iPad Pro, while being slightly thinner and lighter than the 10.2-inch iPad (9.8 x 6.8 x 0.3 inches, 1.1 pounds). The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (10 x 6.5 x 0.2 inches, 1.1 pounds) is also a touch heavier.

iPad Air (2020) review: Display

The iPad Air 4’s screen is sharp, but it could stand to be brighter. Watching a 4K version of the film Midsommar on the iPad Air 4, I saw plenty of detail when Florence Pugh’s character hallucinated that her feet were made of grass, with blades of grass weaving in and out and poking up. Color reproduction looked good when I watched a sneak preview for The Suicide Squad, where the reds and blues of Peacemaker’s outfit practically popped off the screen.

Later on, I noticed a wide range of greens in the foliage surrounding the According to our Klein K10-A colorimeter, the iPad Air 4 produces 102. 9% of the sRGB color spectrum, a rate that falls under both the Galaxy Tab S7’s ratings (111% on Natural mode, 152% on Vivid) and the 122.9% from the 12.9-inch iPad Pro as well. The regular iPad comes close, at 97%. The iPad Air (2022) beats its predecessor here, but its 111.8% score is only a minor upgrade.

(Image credit: Henry T. Casey/Tom’s Guide)

The iPad Air 4 maxes out at 440 nits of brightness, a rating that’s good on its own, but outshined by its competitors. That includes even the normal iPad (484 nits), which is only slightly dimmer than the Galaxy Tab S7 (499 nits). The iPad Pro (559 nits) gets even brighter. The iPad Air 5 is in the middle, at 484 nits. This, again, is a measurable yet minor upgrade from the iPad Air 4.

In terms of sharpness, the iPad Air 4 has a 264ppi pixel density, which is the same rate as you find in the normal iPad and the iPad Pro. The Tab S7’s 11-inch 2560 x 1600-pixel panel has a density of 276 ppi, a hair better.

The other reason to go for the iPad Air 4 over the iPad is its screen has a few extra perks. Those include full lamination and an anti-reflective coating, so it’s more resistant to glare and fingerprints.

Watching a scene of the documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette, the hues of the actor’s pink and blue luchador mask and tights stayed strong beyond the normal 30 degrees to the left and right, and even stayed accurate when I turned the iPad Air 4 85 degrees to the side. And even in the darker scenes of this film, I saw much less of myself reflected in the tablet’s screen than I had on the Galaxy Tab S7. 

The iPad Air 4 doesn’t offer the smoothness of 120Hz refresh rates that the iPad Pro and Tab S7 do. I don’t think most folks outside of early adopters will notice.

iPad Air (2020) review: Touch ID security

The iPad Air 4 feels almost like a merger of the iPad and iPad Pro when it comes to the Touch ID fingerprint scanning power button. I don’t know why Apple decided not to include the iPad Pro’s Face ID selfie camera when the Air already has the tiny bezels that the iPad Pro fits that sensor into.

The Touch ID sensor in the iPad Air 4 allows for fast authentication when using Apple Pay and using passwords, but I wish they hadn’t ditched Face ID. Why? Well, the iPad Pro’s facial recognition just works, provided your hand isn’t covering up that camera (I’ve had that happen to me a number of times, though).

(Image credit: Henry T. Casey/Tom’s Guide)

The iPad Air 4’s A14 Bionic chip gives it a serious speed advantage over most tablets.

Either way, the iPad Air 4’s Touch ID power button is a nifty trick, and pulled off better than the Galaxy Tab S7’s as I’ve said earlier. Samsung gets points here, though, by giving both facial and fingerprint recognition, when Apple only offers one.

The iPad Air 4’s fingerprint sensor looks like one way Apple could give its iPhone 13 a Touch ID sensor if the company fails to embed the biometric scanner in its screen. The iPad Air 5 has the same Touch ID, and lacks Face ID.

iPad Air (2020) review: A14 Bionic performance

The iPad Air 4 runs on the A14 Bionic chip, which has a hexa-core CPU and a quad-core GPU, which combine to give it a serious speed advantage over most tablets. I saw zero stutter under basic everyday usage — splitting its screen between 12 Safari tabs and a 1080p YouTube video (The Batman 2021 trailer) — with Tweetbot open in slide-over mode. With all of that going on, I opened an image in the Pixelmator Photo image editor, and saw its ML Super Resolution up-rez’ing complete in less than 30 seconds.

(Image credit: Henry T. Casey/Tom’s Guide)

The iPad Air 4 earned a 4,262 on the Geekbench 5 general benchmark, which beats its main competitor. The Galaxy Tab S7 (Snapdragon 865+) hit a mark of 3,074 and the iPad 2020 (A12 Bionic) notched 2,685. The iPad Pro 2020 (A12Z Bionic) is the only model that did better, at 4,720. This is the biggest win for the iPad Air 5, which notched a 7,151 score.

The mobile racing game Asphalt 9: Legends ran super-smoothly on the iPad Air 4, as I drove a Mitsubishi lancer around a snowy hill. I saw nary a stutter or frame drop as I knocked cars off the road and sped through to the finish line in first place.

iPad Air (2020) review: Audio

The iPad Air 4’s stereo speakers produce enough sound to fill not just my small-to-medium-sized home office, but also spill over sweet tunes to adjacent rooms. As I listened to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” on the tablet, Stevie Nicks’ serene vocals filled the room around me, taking some of the stress out of my shoulders as I noted the crisp-hitting drum cymbals.

(Image credit: Henry T. Casey/Tom’s Guide)

The big difference between the Air 4’s sound and the iPad Pro’s sound is in its smarts. You’ll get a true stereo sound experience on the Air 4 in landscape mode, while the iPad Pro has a quad-speaker setup that allows you to consistently get stereo sound no matter which position it’s in, as it’s smart enough to adjust to stereo when you’ve got the tablet in a vertical/portrait orientation.

iPad Air (2020) review: Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard

My favorite part of the iPad Air 4 is that it means you don’t have to spend $800 to get to use (and buy) Apple’s best iPad accessories. Let’s start with the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen, which simply snaps to the top edge of the iPad Air 4, and doesn’t charge by plugging it into the port on the bottom edge (as the original Apple Pencil does with Lightning port-based iPads).

(Image credit: Henry T. Casey/Tom’s Guide)

And that’s important because iPadOS 14 gives you Scribble. It’s the ability to write into text fields with the Apple Pencil and have that handwriting turn into legit text. And it even works with my chicken-scratch.

Selling a keyboard for nearly the price of the entry-level iPad just doesn’t feel right.

More importantly, the iPad Air 4’s support for the Magic Keyboard means that typing on this iPad is as easy as on the iPad Pro. As I explained in my iPad Pro Magic Keyboard review, its keys make for a much more comfortable typing experience thanks to increased vertical travel, the movement that makes them feel like you’re using a real keyboard, and not clicking the small sensors of the iPad Smart Keyboard Folio. The Magic Keyboard also wins because it has a touchpad, which the Smart Keyboard always lacked — and which makes the iPad Air 4 more like a real laptop. 

I’m plenty used to typing on the Magic Keyboard (the 2018 iPad Pro is becoming my main computing device when I’m off the clock), and hit 78 words per minute (with 97% accuracy) on my first try of the 10FastFingers typing test.

(Image credit: Henry T. Casey/Tom’s Guide)

Frustratingly, the Magic Keyboard costs too much at $300. I don’t know how Apple makes it, but selling a keyboard for nearly the price of the entry-level iPad just doesn’t feel right. That being said, anyone considering the $179 Smart Keyboard Folio should really pony up the extra $121. It’s that much better of a typing experience. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 Bookcover Keyboard may also offer a touchpad, but its number keys are small and its overall design is a clunky 2-piece design that makes the Magic Keyboard’s so-simple attach/detach process look even more seamless than it already is.

One more thing about that Magic Keyboard, if you’re waiting to buy one. We’ve learned that Apple seems to have a 2nd Gen Magic Keyboard, which would likely support both the iPad Pro and Air, in the works.

The $129 Apple Pencil 2nd Gen also is a bit too pricey, and I wish they’d include it for free as Samsung does with the Galaxy Tab S7’s S-Pen. That being said, the Apple Pencil 2 feels a lot more substantial than the S-Pen. Again, though, do not buy the $99 Apple Pencil 1 for the iPad Air 4, the extra $30 for the 2nd gen Pencil is more than worth it. The Apple Pencil 1 isn’t a good fit for the Air 4 as it can’t be plugged into the base of the iPad Air 4 without a USB-C to Lightning adapter.

iPad Air (2020) review: Cameras

Some people will use the iPad Air 4 as a camera, and who am I to say they shouldn’t? Apple’s definitely encouraging tablet photography by giving the iPad Air a 12-megapixel wide-angle webcam. That sensor did a good job of capturing the reds and yellows of a gala apple I ate as a mid-review snack, as well, as the browns, blues and blacks in the Persona 5 gift box I placed the apple upon.

The 7MP front-facing webcam provides sharp and accurate image captures, as I tested with a selfie in my living room.  I actually thought it captured a bit too much detail of my nose and skin. 

(Image credit: Henry T. Casey/Tom’s Guide)

But then I put the iPad Air 4 to the ultimate work-from-home-test, on a Google Meet call with my boss. After he said the video quality was “as good as, if not better than, a real webcam,” I connected an external Logitech C920 webcam to my work laptop and joined the call from that device. Lo and behold, my boss’ judgment was proven correct, when he could see their image quality side by side. The iPad Air 4’s camera captured stronger greens on my t-shirt and handled sources of light better, allowing them to illuminate backdrops instead of just render as blown-out white areas in photos.

iPad Air (2020) (L), Logitech C920 (R) (Image credit: Henry T. Casey/Tom’s Guide)

Just like with the Galaxy Tab S7, the iPad Air 4’s camera bump protrudes a bit, and there’s a little back and forth rocking if you lay the tablet screen-up on a table — the only way you ever should.

iPad Air (2020) review: Battery life

The iPad Air 4 offers all-day battery life, going 10 hours and 29 minutes on the Tom’s Guide web-surfing-based battery test. This is 20 minutes more than the 10:09 time we got from the iPad Air 5, and it narrowly beats the iPad Pro (10:16), but the 10.2-inch iPad (12:57) and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (13:16) lasted longer. That difference may mean you’re going to charge the iPad Air 4 a little more often, but not by much.

(Image credit: Henry T. Casey/Tom’s Guide)

iPad Air (2020) review: Verdict

When relatives and friends ask me what tablet to buy, I’m telling them to get the iPad Air 4. It’s not only faster and more stylish than the normal iPad, but the Magic Keyboard support means the iPad Air is finally a laptop beater. If its battery life was longer, or its display were brighter, Apple might have made the best tablet ever. 

For longer battery life, you could get the Galaxy Tab S7, which costs $50 more or the much-cheaper iPad, but the iPad Air 4 beats both on speed. Those who want the brightest screen out there should check out the iPad Pro, but you’re spending $200 more to get there, and many might not notice the differences.

Wondering about the iPad Air 5? Well, its only major win comes on performance, so only those pushing their iPads to the limit should consider that.

(Image credit: Henry T. Casey/Tom’s Guide)

Overall, this iPad Air 4 review has shown why it’s the best iPad out there, thanks to taking most of the iPad Pro features people will really appreciate, and making them available to a wider audience.

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90,000 Apple iPad 4th generation. Differences, prices and features

In the small town of San Jose, California, with a population of just under a million people, on October 23, 2012, Apple’s presentation took place, at which new mobile devices were presented to the world, among which new tablets appeared: iPad Mini and iPad 4 . Of course, the new Mini line got the most attention, which is why some didn’t even notice the arrival of the big 4th generation iPad.

On Apple’s official website, the fourth-generation tablet was called “ iPad with Retina display “, Californians for some reason avoid the simple and sonorous name iPad 4. A similar situation was with the predecessor of the iPad 3, which was referred to as “ The New iPad “. Along with the release of the fourth-generation Apple tablet, the third iPad dropped out of the Apple Store, and sales of the iPad 2 continue. We will not delve into the specifics of the work of Apple’s marketers and go directly to the review of the fourth iPad.

Characteristics of iPad 4 and difference from iPad 3
The first thing you notice when you get acquainted with the new product is the hardware stuffing. Appearance, of course, also matters, but in the case of Apple tablets, the differences in design are minor. And if we talk about the difference between the third and fourth iPad, then there is simply none, except for the new Lightning connector, which was first used in the iPhone 5. The new interface is nothing more than a replacement for the usual 30-pin connector for charging the device, connecting accessories and sync with PC. It was also received by the latest iPod Touch and iPad Mini.

Insanely Simple, author of Apple’s success story, Ken Segall, wrote in one of his articles that the retirement of the 30-pin connector was necessary not only for brand owners, but also for consumers. Selling devices with an outdated interface on the eve of the Christmas holidays, in his opinion, is not advisable. A 30-pin to new Lightning adapter is available at the Apple Store for $30.

Now let’s take a look at the key differences between the iPad 3 and iPad 4 (let’s call them that for ease of reference). The fourth iPad received a more powerful dual-core processor Apple A6X, whose frequency is 1.4 GHz. The graphics accelerator, in turn, contains 4 cores and has a performance of 76 GFLOPS.

The next difference, you guessed it, is the new Lightning connector. The 4G module has also undergone modernization – it received extended support for LTE, which will increase the speed of Internet access via a cellular network. Unfortunately, networks of this kind are far from being everywhere; in the countries of Eastern Europe, for example, they are known only by hearsay. For some reason, they didn’t equip the 4th generation of “large” tablets with new Nano-SIMs, leaving support for Micro-SIM cards. Unlike its predecessor, the new 4th generation iPad comes preloaded with Apple iOS 6. 0.1.

Speaking about the new Apple A6X processor, I would like to note that it has a hardware image processing technology – this will speed up the built-in camera (its resolution is 5 megapixels) and improve the quality of images. The iSight front camera in the fourth iPad has a resolution of 1.2 MP and can now shoot 720p video.

The Wi-Fi module received support for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies, which will improve compatibility with new models of routers.

In other respects, the iPad 4 literally copies its predecessor: here is the same Retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, a glass and aluminum case with a black or white frame around the display, the built-in storage capacity leaves: 16, 32 and 64Gb. The possibility of expanding the built-in memory is still missing. The dimensions and weight of the 4th iPad (652 g) are exactly the same as the parameters of the 3rd generation tablet: 241.2 x 185.7 x 9.4 mm.

Witty observers call Apple’s latest line updates not revolutionary, but evolutionary. It is difficult to disagree with them, since the new products of Californians are only gradually being improved and are perceived quite calmly.

The iPad 4 is no exception. It is endowed with an excellent display, high-quality workmanship and a powerful filling that far exceeds the needs of a typical consumer. At the same time, it does not contain anything revolutionary, moreover, the main competitor, Google, recently introduced its Nexus 10 tablet, the display resolution of which is 2560 x 1600 pixels, which is slightly larger than that of the iPad 3 and 4.

Prices for the iPad 4
In terms of price, it remained at the level of the third iPad: $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version, $599 for the 32 GB Wi-Fi version and $699 for the 64 GB Wi-Fi version. Prices for models with 4G LTE were distributed as follows: $629, $729 and $829 for 16, 32 and 64GB versions, respectively.

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iPad does not turn on, apple lights up and goes out

If you are faced with a situation where your favorite iPad does not turn on, the “apple” lights up and goes out, do not rush to carry the device to a service center. There are several ways in which it is possible to restore the tablet at home.

Charging check

The very first thing to do if the iPad does not turn on, the “apple” lights up, then goes out, is to check the degree of charge of the device. It is possible that you missed the signal on the iPad screen that its battery is in a discharged state. At the same time, the charging icon itself may not blink – the iPad will respond to a complete discharge with a completely black display, on which the apple logo will appear only for a second. Even if the tablet “hangs on an apple”, the cause of the malfunction may be the same.

What to do in this case:

  • connect the iPad, which lights up “apple” and then turns off, to the “native” charger (charges from phones, iPad mini and other Apple gadgets are not suitable)
  • wait at least 20 minutes
  • restart the iPad

Using the original charger is extremely important. Similar chargers are capable of overheating the iPad while it is connected to the network, which leads to various problems in its operation. Incorrectly used iPads freeze when turned on and stop charging at all. The iPhone and iPod freeze in the same way.

If your iPad still won’t turn on after charging, also check the charging cable and power socket – connect some other phone or smartphone to them and make sure they are charging. If gadgets work with this cable and socket, move on to other methods to restore iPad.

Restarting the device

Another way to restore any Apple smartphones when the iPad does not turn on, the “apple” lights up and goes out, is to restart the device. This is done in three steps:

  • press the Home and Sleep keys at the same time (switch off)
  • hold them for 10-15 minutes until the “apple” logo appears on the display
  • wait until the tablet reboots

Almost all Apple gadgets are restored by a similar reboot method in case of any software failures. Often this method is used after installing a tweak from Cydia or jailbreak, after which the iPad freezes quite often.

Flashing gadget via iTunes

This is a pretty aggressive way to deal with software bugs, but if the iPad “hangs on the apple” and stubbornly does not turn on, then flashing is the last thing you can try at home. The method is bad because you run the risk of erasing all or part of the data on your device after updating the iPad. This will happen if you have not backed up your iPad to iTunes in the recent past.

Flashing in situations where the iPad freezes when turned on is performed in several stages:

  • install the latest version of iTunes on your computer
  • connect an iPad to a PC that turns off or constantly restarts on an “apple”
  • select the appropriate type of device in the program settings and wait until the program downloads the latest software version for it
  • Simultaneously press and hold the power and home buttons on the iPad – an “apple” will appear on the iPad screen, which will go out
  • follow the instructions in the iTunes dialog that will launch on the PC screen

The program will prompt you to set up an iPad that is frozen and won’t turn on as brand new (with a factory reset and a complete loss of all data) or restore the latest backup.

Mechanical Damage Repair

All methods described are suitable for DIY home repair of an iPad that is frozen and won’t turn on, provided the device was not mechanically damaged. If your tablet has turned off and no longer boots up after it has fallen, then a broken cable may be the reason for the constant reboot of the device.

Additional indications of this are the following faults:

  • screen lights up and flashes when switched on
  • streaks and other image defects are observed before it fades
  • Appearing “apple” has a fuzzy white color

If your iPad turns off due to mechanical damage, do not repair the device yourself. Try rebooting the tablet or charging it as described above, then flash the device. If none of the methods helped, and the iPad reboots and goes out, take it to a service center.

The most profitable option is to entrust the repair of an unbootable iPad to Yudu’s performers. They will restore the tablet, which does not turn on and does not charge, as quickly as possible right at your home:

  • will solder the broken cable
  • will replace broken screen glass
  • will carry out a professional installation of software

Any model of the iPad that reboots on an “apple” will work like a new one after the update.

Car speaker: Car Speakers at Crutchfield

Car Speakers at Crutchfield

How to shop for car speakers

If your existing factory stereo sounds muddy and muffled, a new set of speakers will provide that extra crispness and detail you’re missing.

Dollar for dollar, installing new speakers is the best way to improve your car stereo’s sound.

Crutchfield carries car speakers of nearly every size, shape, and type. With so many choices available, it can be hard to know which ones to buy. Below, we’ll discuss the highlights to get you started, but for more guidance on what to look for when shopping, read our car speakers buying guide.

You’ll quickly notice that every step of the way, we’ll ask you to tell us about your car. That’s because, just like with pants, the best way to shop for speakers is to start by knowing which ones will actually fit. This will also help narrow your search so you can focus on what’s relevant for your vehicle. After all, if you’re looking for a single 6-1/2″ dash speaker for your ’69 Beetle, you don’t need to see a 4″x10″ speaker tooled to fit your neighbor’s vintage Ford hotrod.

Speakers come in one of two forms:

Full-range speakers

The basic speaker. The tweeter and the woofer are mounted together in one body. These are also called “coaxials” or “2-way speakers.” You’ll also see 3-way and the occasional 4-way speakers that have an extra tweeter or midrange driver mounted on the same frame to help further separate the musical frequencies and deliver more detailed sound.

Component speakers

Also referred to as “separates.” The tweeter and woofer are not mounted in the same basket. This design allows for better placement of the tweeter. The woofer mounts in the lower door location, but you can mount the tweeter in a more optimal spot, usually higher on the door or on the dash. This helps direct the high-frequency sounds toward your ears, instead of your legs, and dramatically improves how your music sounds.

At Crutchfield, we’ve grouped our speakers into several different categories to match the way people shop.

Speakers by size category

These are all of the standard speaker sizes found in today’s vehicles. If you know you need 5-1/4″ speakers, you can go straight to our 5-1/4″ offerings


The whole tweeter and nothing but the tweeter. Sometimes you want to add a set of tweeters to your existing speakers to improve the high-frequency details in your music. Or maybe you want to replace a blown factory tweeter. Then this is the category for you. You’ll find everything from inexpensive replacements to high-end tweeters that need an amplifier.

Midrange speakers

Similar to the tweeters category, midrange speakers are smaller woofers that deliver the midrange and mid-bass frequencies. Many car audio fans install midrange speakers as their rear speakers instead of full-range speakers. The lack of tweeter in the back of the car serves to pull the soundstage forward so that it sounds like the band is up front with you, the driver.

Vehicle-specific speakers

These are speakers are designed to be direct replacements in specific vehicles. Here you’ll find options for classic cars and a few modern vehicles that don’t have many speaker options due to cramped locations or non-standard speaker sizes.

Extreme performance speakers

These speakers are built to handle TONS of power, built from the ground up for sound competitions. They come in a variety of sizes for custom installations, including tweeters, midrange drivers, woofers, and subwoofers. If SPL competition or the absolute best sound quality is your thing, then this is your speaker category.

Speakers for custom installations

This curated category contains speakers geared for the custom installer who’s looking for voice-matched components without regard for fit. In fact, many of these speakers won’t fit in standard speaker locations because they’re built to handle power rather than be squeezed into a Camry’s door panel.

Crutchfield SpeakerCompare™

Ever wished you could listen to speakers — online — before buying them? Yeah, us too. That’s why we created our patented SpeakerCompare technology. Read on to find out how it works.

Power handling

Are you powering your speakers with the factory radio or a 1,000 watt amplifier? This is an important detail when shopping for new speakers.

Tweeter design

What the tweeters are made of dramatically impacts how they sound. Read our article about tweeter design for more details.

Built-in crossovers

Having an external crossover to limit the sound frequencies sent to the tweeter can really help keep the musical details clean.

Speaker accessories

Everything from speaker wire and connectors to sound deadening materials. We have everything you need to make your new speakers sound their best.

Speaker installation tools

Installing speakers always involves removing panels and connecting wires. We offer a wide selection of tools that’ll make the installation process much simpler. The right tool for the job, and all that.

All Car Speakers at Crutchfield

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Find what


your vehicle


Choose the Ship to Store option when you check out, and we’ll let you know when your item is ready to pick up.


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How to shop for Car Speakers

How to shop for car speakers

If your existing factory stereo sounds muddy and muffled, a new set of speakers will provide that extra crispness and detail you’re missing.

Dollar for dollar, installing new speakers is the best way to improve your car stereo’s sound.

Crutchfield carries car speakers of nearly every size, shape, and type. With so many choices available, it can be hard to know which ones to buy. For more guidance on what to look for when shopping, read our car speakers buying guide.

Popular questions customers ask

It’s simple – you replace your car speakers because you want your music to sound better. Car makers cut corners when it comes to car speakers, and aftermarket speakers use better materials and superior construction to deliver improved sound. Replacing your old speakers is an inexpensive way to get better sound in your car.

Read the full article

Replacing your car’s speakers usually involves removing interior panels (doors, dash, rear dash, etc.), unbolting the factory speakers, using a bracket and wiring harness to install replacement speakers, and then reinstalling your panels. As a Crutchfield customer, you’ll benefit from our free, vehicle-specific instructions, free wiring harnesses that eliminate splicing, and our friendly, toll-free technical support.

Read the full article

No! Speakers are sold in pairs, and it’s common to replace your front speakers first, then later replace your rear speakers. It’s a good idea to choose the same brand speakers for front and back, if possible. That way, the tone settings that sound good in the front seat will sound good in the back seat too. Of course, you can replace all your speakers at one time for the most dramatic improvement.

Like we said above, it depends on the RMS power rating of the speakers. Speakers with an upper range of 50 watts RMS or higher will definitely sound better powered by an external amplifier. If you intend to power them with your factory radio, then speakers with a lower RMS power rating and higher efficiency rating will sound best.

Cone size isn’t the only factor in determining if a speaker fits your car. Sometimes speakers are too tall or too deep to fit your vehicle. In addition to measuring every speaker model we carry, we also measure thousands of vehicles. That’s how we know that we’re recommending the right stuff for your car or truck. If a speaker you’re interested in isn’t listed as fitting, give us a call. Sometimes minor modifications can make it work.

The difference between car and home speakers – AK acoustics from Ural (Moscow)

Many car enthusiasts who want to install a high-quality audio system with deep bass and clear sound are wondering which speakers to buy and whether it would be worth saving? Car audio “experts” on various specialized resources often claim that even home audio speakers will give good sound, but none of them went into the differences between the device and the principles of operation of both types of speakers. In today’s article, you will find out what are the functional differences between home and car systems and why the use of home acoustics in a car is strongly discouraged.

Home acoustics in the car

The main differences between the two types of speakers are their design, ergonomics and impedance. When choosing a car speaker, you should pay attention first of all to the impedance. They call the indicator of the electrical load that the speaker has on the amplifier. Like resistance, impedance is measured in ohms. The principle of operation is quite simple: the higher the resistance (impedance), the less electrical current can pass from the amplifier to the speaker. Accordingly, a device with an impedance of 8 ohms will need a more powerful amplifier than a device with 4 ohms. If the sound amplifier is designed for 8 ohms, then acoustics with a resistance of 4 ohms will give a large maximum volume for clear and high-quality sound. In general, depending on the amplifier used, the choice of future speakers also depends.

Low impedance speaker features

In addition, in home acoustic systems, equipment with an impedance of 8 ohms is most often used. Simple physics is used to explain the reason why only 4 ohm speakers are used in cars. A car battery produces much less volts than an outlet in an ordinary home: 12-14 volts versus 110/220 volts. Due to the low voltage, the amplifier in the car will be low-voltage and designed for high current strength, while the amplifier for the home is diametrically opposite: low-amp and high-voltage. It is precisely because of the low voltage and, accordingly, less resistance that 4-ohm amplifiers and speakers are used in cars.

Home and car audio systems differ in their ergonomics. While home theater speakers can be big, spacious, and sophisticated in design, car speakers need to be small, ergonomic, and practical. In a car, the speakers will constantly be exposed to environmental factors, they will hit the walls of the car, loosen while driving. These audio systems are designed with exceptional reliability and practicality in mind.

Home audio systems are unaffected by external factors, they are kept clean and tidy, and car speakers are affected by the sun, heat, cold, frost, rain and shock, which dismisses the need for beauty and exquisite design.

Subwoofer from home theater to car

Home and car subwoofers are much the same as speakers: the sound quality will be about the same, but there are a number of reasons why a dedicated car subwoofer would be preferable.

The first reason is, of course, the size of the subwoofer. Home audio systems use larger cabinets than cars, allowing more powerful hardware to fit inside. A subwoofer from a home theater to a car may simply not fit in the interior of your car, while car subwoofers are designed to maximize the use of internal space to install the most powerful sound filling capable of delivering deep bass and clear sound.

The second reason is the type of subwoofer. There are two options here: active or passive. An active subwoofer is one that has its own amplifier inside. Such systems are more powerful and more flexible in use, but to install them in a car, you need to spend a lot of time connecting electronics. The main problem with active subwoofers is the need to connect to an outlet.

Passive amplifiers are much more preferred when installing such an audio system in a car, because they only require connection to an amplifier. No fussing with sockets – just plug into an amplifier and everything will work.

The power of a home subwoofer can play a trick on the owner. Home subwoofers are designed to move a lot of air and fill a large area with crisp sound, while in a car the space is much smaller and the more power can put unnecessary pressure on your hearing.

In summary, dedicated speakers and their components designed for cars are preferred over home audio systems for a number of objective reasons. These are impedance, design, ergonomics, and active/passive subwoofer. There is no need for modifications and conversions in an attempt to fit home speakers to a car format, when special car speakers have long been invented to replace stock speakers.

Car speaker Gorilla Bass Mid 6.5″ M2 (4 Ohm)

All types of car speakers are divided by size. additional podiums.This type of equipment includes the Kicx Gorilla Mid 6.5 “M2 (4 Ohm) speaker, the task of which is to fill the vehicle interior with medium and high frequencies. This equipment broadcasts within 88-13200 Hz. The aesthetic point here is also worth emphasizing, the speaker looks really cool due to the interesting design of the voice coil box and the selected color scheme.
Structurally, the Gorilla Bass Mid is a large speaker with a diameter of 6.5 inches (165 mm), in the center of which a high-frequency radiator horn is installed. For smooth reproduction of the midrange, the manufacturer uses a paper diffuser attached to a metal frame through a suspension.

Speaker size 6.5″ (165mm)
Equipment Speaker – 1 pc., pack
Warranty period (months) 12

all specifications

Speaker size 6. 5″ (165mm)
Equipment Speaker – 1 pc., pack
Brand KICX
Warranty period (months) 12


Express delivery (Astana)

250 tenge.

1-2 days

Delivery is made from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00. After placing the order, the operator will contact you to agree on the delivery details.

Pickup points (Astana)

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for free

The shelf life of the order is 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the order at the point of issue.

73/1, Bogenbai Batyra Ave. Trade House “GARANT AUTO CITY”, 2nd floor, boutique №226

delivery by DPD service

from 250 tenge

2-5 days

Delivery is made from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00.

14 inch laptop asus: Zenbook 14 UX433|Laptops For Home|ASUS Global

Zenbook 14 UX433|Laptops For Home|ASUS Global

Unlimit your creative vision

The world’s most compact 14” laptop with NumberPad*

Creativity. Style. Innovation. These are the qualities that define the elegant new ZenBook 14. It’s one of the world’s smallest 14-inch laptops, and features the breathtaking frameless NanoEdge display and the exclusive NumberPad to give you the freedom to discover your creative power.

Compact Size

The most compact design ever

ZenBook 14 heralds a new era of ultraportable design, with an ultracompact, ultralight chassis. Featuring the four-sided NanoEdge display, ZenBook 14 is one of the world’s smallest 14-inch laptop and is 13% smaller than the previous generation ZenBook 14 (UX430) — so you can explore your creative vision anywhere!






compact size



13% smaller

2019 ZenBook 14

319 x 199 mm

2017 ZenBook 14

324 x 225 mm

NanoEdge Display

Unbounded beauty

Designed to give you more screen area in less physical space, the NanoEdge design has slimmer bezels on all four sides to make any visuals more immersive, with less distraction for your eyes. It also features wide-view technology for clear images even when viewed from extreme angles. ZenBook 14 has a crisp, clear, high-resolution display that makes any visuals look their best, with wide viewing angles and vivid, accurate colors.


ultraslim bezels2


screen-to-body ratio


FHD display




wide-view technology



ErgoLift Hinge

Designed with you in mind

With any ZenBook, your comfort is one of our top priorities. ZenBook 14 goes the extra mile with its exclusive ErgoLift hinge, an engineering masterpiece designed to automatically tilt the keyboard to the most comfortable typing position. But that’s not all: the carefully calculated tilt improves cooling and audio performance, too.

optimum typing position

enhanced cooling system

enhanced audio performance




Extraordinary elegance

None of the traditional ZenBook style has been lost, though: there’s the iconic Zen-inspired spun-metal finish on the lid and a choice of prestigious Royal Blue or sophisticated Icicle Silver finishes, both newly enhanced with a contrasting Rose Gold trim panel above the keyboard for an extra touch of luxury. The elegant Royal Blue color is inspired by the awesome beauty of a golden sunrise over the deep-blue ocean. The sophisticated Icicle Silver reflects the stunning contrasts of native gold and moonlight silver, a harmonious pairing celebrated in this classic theme.


Uncompromising performance

Designed to empower your creativity, ZenBook 14 doesn’t sacrifice performance for size. It’s built to give you all the raw power you need for effortless on-the-go computing. Featuring the latest Intel® Core processors, discrete NVIDIA® graphics and a full complement of high-quality, high-performance components, ZenBook 14 will never keep you waiting. Whether you’re creating complex documents, mining data, retouching photos, or editing videos, ZenBook 14 lets you do more — and do it quicker.


Windows 10 Pro


Up to


10th Gen Intel® CPU

Up to


Turbo Boost

Up to



Up to



Up to


PCIe® SSD storage

Keyboard and Touchpad

No-compromise productivity

ZenBook 14 features a large touchpad incorporating the amazing new NumberPad — an LED-illuminated numeric keypad that solves the problem of lack of space for a separate numeric keypad on small laptops. ZenBook 14 is also equipped with backlit keyboard that delivers a superb typing experience with just the right amount of key travel. There are also several dedicated hotkeys for convenient access to common functions.


exclusive multi-function touchpad


bigger touchpad


key travel

backlit keyboard


Every connection you need

When you’re working on the go, it’s vital to be able to connect with anything and everything. ZenBook 14 features the revolutionary USB-C port for any-way-up connections and superfast USB 3.1 Gen 2 data transfers. And you’ll also find a USB 3.0 Type-A port, a USB 2.0 port, a HDMI port and a microSD card reader, so it’s easy to connect to all your current and future peripherals.

Audio jack

USB 2.0

MicroSD card reader



USB 3.1 Gen 2

USB-C 3.1 Gen 2


Mobility without bounds

Step out of your workstation and into the future — whether at home, a quaint downtown café, or the airport — your office is wherever you choose it to be. Intel Wi Fi 6 with Gig+ (802.11ax) delivers superfast networking speeds for faster large file transfers, responsive online gaming, and super smooth video chats.

Up to



Up to


faster than Wi-Fi 5

Up to


network capacity

Up to


lower latency


All-day battery for non-stop lifestyles

ZenBook 14 is powered by a high-capacity battery that won’t let you down, however long and demanding your working day is. Extended journeys or day-long meetings are no problem for ZenBook 14, even when power outlets are in short supply!



Li-polymer battery

Up to


battery life5


The ultimate audio experience

To create the next generation of ASUS SonicMaster audio technology, the ASUS Golden Ear team worked with renowned home and automotive audio experts Harman Kardon. The results are astonishing. A tailored mix of superior hardware — including smart amplifier technology that delivers louder sound with no distortion — and cleverly designed software ensure that ZenBook 14 gives you the ultimate audio experience.

Learn more about ASUS SonicMaster


User Experience

The laptop that recognizes you!

So you can stay productive throughout the day, ZenBook 14 features the convenient, time-saving Alexa6 and Cortana voice-controlled digital assistants that let you do more, anytime and anywhere. It also includes an advanced infrared (IR) camera that ensure fast, reliable hands-free face login with Windows Hello. Once you’ve experienced the convenience of hands-free computing, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!


Ultratough: military-grade durability

ZenBook 14 meets the ultra-demanding MIL-STD-810G military standard for reliability and durability, undergoing a punishing test regime that includes extended tests for operation in harsh environments including extreme altitudes, temperatures and humidity. It has also passed ASUS internal laptop tests that far exceed the standards set by the industry.

Learn more about ASUS Laptop Quality Tests

drop test

vibration test

altitude test

high temperature test

Meet the family!

ZenBook 14 is part of an exciting new creative laptop family, with a model to suit every need. For the ultimate traveler there’s the ultralight ZenBook 13, and for a larger screen in a compact chassis, the all-powerful ZenBook 15 is ready and waiting. Pick your ideal creative partner today!

Zenbook|Laptops For Home|ASUS Global

By Category

Tablet and 2-in-1 laptop

Thin and light

High Performance

Everyday use

OLED display

By Brand / Series

ProArt Studiobook


Zenbook Pro

Zenbook S


Zenbook Flip

Zenbook Duo

Zenbook Fold


Vivobook Pro

Vivobook S


Vivobook Flip

Vivobook Go

Vivobook Slate



Chromebook Flip

Chromebook Detachable

Chromebook Vibe

Operating System

Windows 11 Pro

Windows 11 Home

Windows 11 Home S

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Home

Chrome OS

Screen Size

less than 12″


HD (1366 x 768)

Full HD (1920 x 1080)

4K UHD (3840×2160)

Other resolution (e. g. 3:2, 16:10)

Touch/ Non Touch

Touch Screen Display


Intel® Core™ i3

Intel® Core™ i5

Intel® Core™ i7

Intel® Core™ i9

Intel® Pentium®

Intel® Celeron®

AMD A-Series

AMD Ryzen™ 3

AMD Ryzen™ 5

AMD Ryzen™ 7

AMD Ryzen™ 9


Memory (RAM)






Integrated Graphics




AMD Radeon Vega

Storage Drive Size

Less than 256GB

256GB – 512GB

1TB and up

Optical Drive


I/O ports


ASUS Antimicrobial Technology

ASUS Antimicrobial Guard

ASUS Antimicrobial Guard Plus

ASUS Military Grade Durability

US MIL-STD-810H Standard

EPEAT Verified


EPEAT Silver

Laptops 14 inches on HOTLINE – buy a laptop up to 14 inches


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Best 14-inch laptops of 2023 which one to choose?

A standard size laptop is a laptop with a 15 inch screen, 15. 6 inch to be exact. There are several large ones for those who need to see content in a larger area, but there are also much smaller ones whose main reason for being is their portability. Among these small computers, there are some very limited ones with 10-inch screens, but if we want something more powerful, it is worth buying 14″ laptop .

Many of the ‘s are the lightest laptops on the market , or more specifically, some of the lightest low-cost laptops on the market with 13″ to 14″ screens. Its size allows us to take it anywhere, but it also includes medium complexity components with which we can perform almost any task without any restrictions. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about 14-inch computers.

Manual index

  • 1 Best 14 inch laptops
    • 1.1 HP Pavilion 14
    • 1.2 Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Pro
    • 1.3 ASUS VivoBook Flip 14
    • 1. 4 ASUS ZenBook 14
    • 1.5 MEDION S4251
  • 2 14 inch laptop perfect size for those looking for:
    • 2.1 Value for money
    • 2.2 Performance
    • 2.3 Lightweight
    • 2.4 Slightly larger screen
  • 3 Top 14-inch laptop brands 9030 4
  • 3.1 HP
  • 3.2 Lenovo
  • 3.3 ASUS
  • 4 Dimensions of a 14-inch notebook
  • 5 Is a 14-inch notebook small?
  • 6 13″ or 14″ laptop?
  • 7 14″ laptop with 15.6″ screen
    • 7.1 14 Pulgadas
    • 7.2 15.6 Pulgadas
  • 8 Where to buy cheap 14″ laptop 903 06

    Best 14″ laptops

    ASUS F415EA-EK1258W-…

    Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Gen 6 -…

    With discount

    Acer Swift3 SF314-43-…

    With discount

    HP 14s-dq2025ns-…

    With discount

    Lenovo ThinkBook 14-…

    Aokway Computer. ..

    Looking for an affordable laptop? Let us know how much you want to spend and we’ll show you the best options:

    * Move the slider to change the price

    HP Pavilion 14

    HP Pavilion is a notebook. 14 Pulgadas for those who are looking for the best performance in lightweight equipment and at a low cost. It stands out because it includes powerful components such as an AMD Ryzen 7 processor, 16 GB of RAM and an SSD hard drive, 512 GB in this case, with which we can do almost everything, smoothly and quickly.

    HP Pavilion 14-ec0009ns-…

    The screen has Full HD resolution , something that once you try it, you can’t use anything smaller anymore. Also in terms of the image, its dedicated AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 graphics card reassures us that we can also move many video games without major problems.

    The operating system that comes with this equipment is Winddows 10 Home, and its price, amazing for its specifications, is less than 700 euros, the opportunity to get it. in some specialist shops less than 600 euros .

    Lenovo Ideapad 5 Pro

    All Lenovo Ideapad tablets offer good value for money, although in many cases the quality is slightly reduced, so the price can be significantly reduced. In the case of the Ideapad 5 Pro, the price has dropped the most, keeping the internal components that ensure we can work with a certain fluidity and stability. And we can get this Ideapad for just over 700 euros , which is surprising considering the features it includes.

    With discount

    Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Gen…

    This Ideapad is not a regular computer, but rather is a convertible . A convertible computer is a computer that can be used as a laptop or tablet, so at the previous price, we will only pay for one option and the other as a gift.

    As for its most outstanding features, we have a 14 inch Full HD screen, which I never tire of saying is an option, when you use it, you don’t need anything less than Intel Core i5 and an SSD drive, in this case 512 GB, with which we will open any application or file with good speed, and 8 GB of RAM, which will allow us to work with ease. Without a doubt, an option worth considering if we want something good, beautiful and cheap.

    ASUS VivoBook Flip 14

    If you’re looking for a laptop with 14 inch screen for personal everyday use, you’re probably looking for something like the ASUS VivoBook Flip 14. Available for less than $800.

    ASUS VivoBook Flip 14…

    This VivoBook isn’t the fastest in its class, but it doesn’t claim to be. In its specifications we have a Full HD screen, which I would say is one of its highlights, the processor. Intel i5, 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD hard drive, which is enough to move the default Windows 10 operating system.

    ASUS ZenBook 14 as well as to perform certain tasks. Its 14-inch Full HD screen will allow us to see everything that happens in good quality, so much so that when you test it (FHD), you don’t think about anything else.

    ASUS Zenbook 14…

    Internally, default Windows 10 will be moved by the processor. Intel i5, 16 GB of RAM and a SSD hard drive, 512 in this case. It includes a special Intel UHD graphics card that will increase performance when we perform certain tasks or work with software that requires it.

    We can get this ZenBook from ASUS for for just over 700 euros and it’s also available with an Intel i7/AMD Ryzen 7 processor, up to 32GB of RAM, 512 SSD, and the best graphics cards.

    MEDION S4251

    If you are only interested in a computer with a reasonable screen size and at the lowest possible price, you should pay attention to the MEDION S4251. Its main attraction is the price and that is that we can get it for for less than 400 euros . This is such a low price that, until recently, it was about the price of computers with a 10.1-inch screen, and this MEDION has a 14-inch screen.

    MEDION E4251 – Computer …

    As for other features, the aforementioned 14-inch Full HD screen, which is becoming the minimum standard because it offers excellent quality, and once we try it, we won’t want anything less. In addition, it includes weak discrete components such as an Intel Celeron processor, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of eMMC.

    The operating system is installed by default. Windows 10 which will move a bit slowly, but that’s what it makes up for in the low price and quality screen.

    14 inch laptop ideal size for those who are looking for:

    Value for money

    With discount

    TECLAST Computer…

    14-inch notebooks are not designed for demanding users. While there are some really powerful ones, they are designed to provide good portability in a solvent-based device, which in other words means they are good value for money. The smaller screen is reflected in the lower price, but while they’re usually less powerful than their big brothers, it doesn’t reflect that much on its components internal

    14-inch laptops are big enough that we can fit the best components in them, including good processors, good amount of RAM, better hard drives and medium-sized batteries that provide them more autonomy. Therefore, this is a good option if we want a good laptop at a slightly lower price than , keeping in mind that your screen will be slightly smaller than the standard size (15.6 ″).


    Although this will depend on the hardware chosen, 14-inch computers offer good performance. As we explained in the previous point, they are smaller in size, but not so much that manufacturers have to drastically reduce specifications. Therefore, there are options with good processors, RAM and other components such as a graphics card. On the other hand, some have, in addition to a smaller screen, a lower resolution, which makes it lighter and allows the team’s “engine” to focus on the really important processes.


    14-inch computers lighter over 15.6 inches, which is the standard size for laptops. Logic tells us that with the same designs and the same components, the smallest ones will weigh less. Aside from the weight, the size will also make it easier to transport, and it’s easier to fit in any backpack or purse than a laptop that’s about 2 inches larger diagonally.

    Many laptops, known as ultrabooks, have screens between 13 and 14 inches. These laptops always weigh less than 1.5 kg, but Some weigh less than 1 kg . If we have to constantly move it, we are more interested in a 14-inch laptop than a standard one.

    Slightly larger screen

    Yes. 14″ laptops have a slightly larger screen, because they are actually laptops they are 14″ in the size they used to put 13″ in . This has been made possible by shrinking the bezels: now almost every computer on the market has bezels a little over one centimeter on each side, maybe two on the top margin, but there used to be more bezels.

    So they were able to fit a larger screen in the same space, weight, and size as they used to fit an inch smaller screen.

    Top brands of 14″ notebooks


    With discount

    HP 14s-dq2025ns-. ..

    HP is a company that started to gain popularity with its printers, but is now a multinational information technology company.

    A few years ago, he created laptops with extra buttons that many people didn’t like, but today it’s one of the best options when buying a new computer. In his catalog we will find all kinds of laptops, among which we will have 14 inches of quality, like series Pavilion . Lenovo

    Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Gen 6 -…

    Lenovo is a technology company based in Beijing, China. As manufacturers in an Asian country, practically everything they offer they make at a good price, which does not always mean that resources are limited.

    In his catalog we find notebooks of all kinds, as well as some very interesting 14-inch notebooks like those of the Ideapad series, although in the same series we also find equipment with larger and smaller screens.


    ASUS VivoBook 14 …

    ASUS is a Taiwanese company that specializes in electronics and robotics, but if they have achieved some popularity in anything, it’s because they are also hardware specialists.

    Among its hardware we find computers of all types, for example some 14-inch laptops that we can find in their VivoBook and ZenBook series. They make high-quality laptops, so much so that some kind of rival is even the almighty Apple.

    14-inch laptop dimensions

    Las- 14-inch screens They have a diagonal of 35.56 cm, that is, from the lower left corner to the upper right. Depending on the aspect ratio (the ratio of the width to the height of the screen), it can be larger or smaller.

    For example, one of the most popular 16:9 ratios would leave an approximate dimensions of 31 × 17 cm (width and height). However, to this we must also add the size occupied by the frame, unless it is a laptop without a frame or with an infinity screen, which usually does not have one or the other, will only take a few millimeters.

    Is the 14″ laptop too small?

    Un 14 inch It’s compact, yet it’s a fairly balanced work surface between a 15.6-inch and a 13-inch screen, allowing you to have the best of both worlds in one device. These laptops are great for:

    • Compact and less heavy, for those who need better mobility. In addition, due to the smaller screen size, it will also require less power to operate, which means more autonomy. For example, it can be a great option for students who have to carry it in their backpack, professionals who don’t have a fixed workspace, etc.
    • They may allow you to have good equipment to be able to connect it to an external shield for your work if you need more surface without having to transport larger equipment to use external shields.
    • The price of equipment with a smaller screen is also usually somewhat better.

    13″ or 14″ laptop?

    The good thing about the new bezels is that they can be almost the same size as 13-inch bezels, as infinity screens or bezel-less or slimmer bezels have managed to squeeze these laptops even further. So you can have the same portability as a 13 but with an extra inch that never hurts to watch videos, read or do other tasks where you need a little more work surface.

    The only advantage of the 13 Pulgadas laptops is that its consumption is slightly lower, making the batteries last even longer, but they can be inconvenient due to their small size.

    14 inch laptop with 15.6 inch screen

    14 inches are between 13 and 15 Pulgadas, which means is the best compromise between size and portability of . Instead, in some situations, it is better to choose a 14-inch laptop:

    14 Pulgadas

    ASUS F415EA-EK1258W-…

    advantage :

    • More compact.
    • Fairly balanced size.
    • Less consumption so it will prolong battery life.

    shortcomings :

    • May not be enough for some applications.
    • The smaller the size, the less space for design and equipment.

    15.6 Pulgadas

    LG gram 15Z90R-G.AD78B-…

    advantage of :

    • Larger size, so it can be better for watching videos, streaming, writing, reading or playing games.
    • The larger the size, the larger the laptop case, which will allow it to have more room for a better cooling system, more free expansion slots, or a few more powerful components.

    defects :

    • Higher price.
    • More battery consumption.
    • More weight and size.

    Where to buy a cheap 14-inch laptop

    ASUS F415EA-EK1258W-…

    Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Gen 6 -…

    With discount

    Acer Swift3 SF314-43-…

    Finally, if you are trying to buy 14 inch laptop at a good price , you can buy it from the following outlets:

    • Amazon – The online sales management platform lists laptops of all brands, models and sizes, including 14 inch. In addition, he has many distributors who sell through this website, which makes it possible to find several different offers for the same product. On the other hand, you should also know that this is a reliable, secure platform with all the guarantees. If you are a prime customer, you can place your order without shipping costs and it will be delivered sooner.
    • El Corte Ingles : The Spanish brand also has a good selection of portable equipment, which you can find in the electronics and technology section of these centers. Besides, you can also order it from the official website if you don’t have a store nearby or don’t want to travel. In any case, this is not the place with the best prices, but you can expect promotions and discounts like Tecnoprecios.
    • junction : This other network of French centers also has a good repertoire of major brand laptops and the latest models released. You can go to your nearest outlet to purchase in person or request it through their web platform to have it shipped to your home.
  • Signos de tierra y fuego: Qué elementos son compatibles según tu signo zodiacal: Guía fácil

    Qué elementos son compatibles según tu signo zodiacal: Guía fácil

    Podemos pasar infinitas horas mirando a las estrellas y nunca veremos lo mismo. Esto también sucede al contemplar nuestra carta astral, ese retrato del cielo del momento de nuestro nacimiento que devela la esencia de nuestra personalidad. Existen cientos de maneras de interpretar el lenguaje de los astros, y una de ellas es observando los cuatro elementos o signos –agua, aire, fuego y tierra– que se destacan en nuestro mapa natal.

    Cada elemento representa a un grupo de rasgos psicológicos y sus proporciones determinan nuestra naturaleza esencial. ¿Cómo saber cuál es nuestro elemento astrológico predominante? Los planetas en la carta astral están posicionados en diversos signos del zodiaco. Estos doce signos corresponden a un elemento. Aries, Leo y Sagitario, por ejemplo, son los tres de fuego. Cuantos más planetas se encuentren sobre un mismo elemento, más resonaremos con el mismo. El ascendente, al igual que los planetas personales –el sol, la luna, Mercurio, Venus y Marte– ejercen un peso mayor sobre el elemento que residen.

    Los cuatro elementos y los signos del zodiaco

    • Elemento agua: Cáncer, Escorpio y Piscis
    • Elemento aire: Géminis, Libra y Acuario
    • Elemento fuego: Aries, Leo y Sagitario
    • Elemento tierra: Tauro, Virgo, Capricornio

    ¿Cuáles son los elementos y su significado con los signos zodiacales?

    El agua, el aire, el fuego y la tierra en un mapa natal pueden manifestarse en armonía, lo que hace a las personas más equilibradas. Sin embargo, alguno puede florecer en demasía, exacerbando sus cualidades, o brillar por su ausencia, dificultando la sintonía con sus atributos.

    ¿Quieres conocer cuáles son las cualidades de cada elemento, cómo se expresan en abundancia o en déficit, y de qué maneras compensar su energía ante un desequilibrio? ¡Toma nota!

    Elemento agua y sus signos: Cáncer, Escorpio y Piscis

    Portada por Cáncer, Escorpio y Piscis, el agua en un mapa natal simboliza el océano de las emociones. Su presencia vuelca sensibilidad sobre la carta astral, diluyendo rigideces y derramando gotas de empatía. Este elemento es un transmisor de energía y las conexiones psíquicas, como la intuición, ascienden ante la presencia del mismo. Como todo líquido, el agua fluye, se adapta a formas sólidas, se infiltra hasta en las cavidades más profundas y se fusiona con otros líquidos o superficies. En un mapa natal, el agua hace a las personas más transparentes, adaptables, profundas y diluye el trazo delineado entre el ‘yo’ y el prójimo.

    Un exceso de agua es sinónimo de hipersensibilidad. Si bien también es claridad, en temporadas de tormenta, ver a través de una cortina de agua solo distorsiona las imágenes. Para desagotar una inundación, nada como salir a la superficie en búsqueda de aire a través de actividades como las reuniones sociales. Contrariamente, la sed de este elemento puede dificultar la inmersión emocional. En estos casos, unas vacaciones frente al mar, terapias para conectar con los sentimientos, o la piedra de luna como amuleto para estabilizar y sintonizar con las emociones, son lo recetado.

    Elemento aire y sus signos: Géminis, Libra y Acuario

    En el mapa natal este elemento vuela a través de los signos de aire Géminis, Libra y Acuario. Asociado a la mente racional, el mismo arrastra el intelecto, las ideas y los dones comunicativos. La agilidad del aire hace a pensadores rápidos que socializan con frescura. Al igual que el agua, el aire cambia de forma, y su presencia en una carta astral hace a las personas más adaptables. La curiosidad, el humor y la afinidad estética son cualidades que porta este elemento. Para las personas más airosas, el espacio deviene una necesidad vital.

    Signos de fuego, aire, tierra y agua: conoce las diferencias entre los elementos | Estilo de Vida Bienestar

    Cada signo tiene un elemento astrológico que indica las raíces de la constitución de la persona y la esencia de su personalidad. Los 12 signos se dividen entre los elementos de fuego, tierra, aire y agua y esto hace que se diferencien entre los más explosivos, calmos, intelectuales o sentimentales del Zodiaco.

    «Es una forma bastante interesante de entender nuestro signo zodiacal, pues los elementos muestran la constitución básica del significado de los mismos, y muchas veces es una forma de identificarnos con nuestra esencia. También estaremos hablando de la posición del Sol en el día del nacimiento, mostrando las cualidades del carácter y el brillo personal. Es decir, aquello que le permitió desarrollarse como ser humano», explica la astróloga Patrícia Ungarelli.

    Según la experta, existen diferencias entre los signos del mismo elemento, pero ellos, en esencia, poseen el mismo fundamento. «Entender tu elemento de origen es siempre un excelente comienzo para identificarte con la astrología», asegura.

    Características de los signos y sus elementos

    Los signos se separan en grupos de tres para cada uno de los cuatro elementos.

    Signos de Fuego: Aries, Leo y Sagitario.

    Signos de Tierra: Tauro, Virgo y Capricornio.

    Signos de Aire: Géminis, Libra y Acuario.

    Signos de Agua: Cáncer, Escorpio y Piscis.

    • Te recomendamos: «Así es como limpia su casa cada signo del zodiaco»

    Característica de cada elemento

    Si eres de Aries, Leo o Sagitario, tu elemento es el Fuego. Es representado por el ánimo, el entusiasmo, la energía, la voluntad y la pasión. El fuego trae la acción, la proactividad, la energía. El placer de vivir, el impulso de la superación y el crecimiento continuo como seres humanos. Pero si lo encontramos en exceso, trae agresividad, irritabilidad, arrogancia, orgullo y vanidad que pueden ser clasificados como los puntos negativos de los signos de fuego.

    Si eres de Tauro, Virgo o Capricornio, tu elemento es la Tierra. Está representado por la materialidad del impulso energético del fuego. La habilidad de concretar cosas, la practicidad y la creatividad son sus características. En exceso trae terquedad, estancamiento, lentitud, rigidez, crítica, escepticismo, crueldad e insensibilidad.

    Si eres de Géminis, Libra o Acuario, tu elemento es el Aire, que representa la mente, el intelecto, la respiración. El aire trae la razón, la comunicación, el entendimiento. El aire representa las ideas, la objetividad, el raciocinio, los intercambios. En exceso nos encontramos con la dispersión, la superficialidad, la frialdad, la indecisión, la rebeldía, el anarquismo, la falsedad y la mentira.

    Si tu signo es Cáncer, Escorpio o Piscis, tu elemento es el Agua. Es el sentir, la emoción. No entienden con la mente sino con el corazón. Es la comprensión que va más allá de la mente. En exceso causa actitudes infantiles, caprichos, manipulación, infiltración, vulnerabilidad, inconstancia e inestabilidad.

    ¿Cuál es tu elemento del Zodiaco? ¿Agua, fuego, aire o tierra?

    • Tienes que leer: «Un signo del Zodiaco será el gran destacado de 2018. ¡Averigua cuál es!»

    Original Author: Ana Toledo Original Author URL: https://www.vix.com/pt/users/ana-toledo
    Original ID value: 506824
    Original Site: pt
    Original URL: https://www.

    Cables de internet: categorías, protecciones y cómo saber cuál comprar

    categorías, protecciones y cómo saber cuál comprar

    Vamos a explicarte qué tipos de cable de red Ethernet tienes disponibles para que sepas cuál comprar para mejorar la velocidad de tu casa. Las conexiones domésticas no paran de mejorar en velocidad, por lo que si has contratado una fibra óptica de gran velocidad quizá quieras intentar aprovechar al máximo su velocidad ya no a través de la WiFi, sino conectando directamente a tu router los dispositivos.

    Para ello vas a necesitar un cable de red, también conocidos como cables RJ45 o simplemente cable Ethernet, y no todos son iguales. Existen diferentes tipos de cable organizados por categorías, y dependiendo de cuál elijas la velocidad de conexión que son capaces de transmitir es diferente.

    Este tipo de cables son los que utilizas para conectar tu ordenador de sobremesa o NAS al router de forma directa. Y si por ejemplo tienes una salida de Ethernet en otra parte de tu casa, ya sea por la instalación o porque tienes un PLC o repetidor, también puedes conectar otros dispositivos como tu tele inteligente o la videoconsola a la toma.

    ¿Y para qué es importante todo esto? Pues imagina que tienes en tu casa una conexión de 200 Mbps, pero que tu cable de red sólo es capaz de mover 100 Mbps. Estarías desaprovechando parte de la velocidad que tienes contratada. Sí, a tu router llegará toda la velocidad, pero si el cable no es el adecuado no podrás transmitir toda esa velocidad del router a los dispositivos que haya conectados a él. Y se supone que si utilizas un cable de red, es para que la conexión sea más rápida que el WiFi.

    Cuáles son las categorías de un cable de red




    Velocidad de descarga

    Ethernet Cat 5

    100 Mbps

    100 MHz

    15,5 MB/s

    Ethernet Cat 5e

    1.000 Mbps

    100 MHz

    150,5 MB/s

    Ethernet Cat 6

    1. 000 Mbps

    250 MHz

    150,5 MB/s

    Ethernet Cat 6a

    10.000 Mbps

    500 MHz

    1.250 MB/s ó 1,25 GB/s

    Ethernet Cat 7

    10.000 Mbps

    600 MHz

    1,25 GB/s

    Ethernet Cat 7a

    10.000 Mbps

    1.000 MHz

    1,25 GB/s

    Ethernet Cat 8

    40.000 Mbps

    2.000 MHz

    5 GB/s

    Esta es la tabla en la que puedes ver los principales datos de cada una de las categorías de cable Ethernet que puedes encontrarte. La velocidad determina la velocidad máxima soportada por cada cable. Verás que hay veces que diferentes categorías soportan la misma velocidad, pero eso no quiere decir que sean iguales, ya que hay otros parámetros como la frecuencia a tener en cuenta.

    La frecuencia define la potencia de la red, y suele establecer su anchura y el rángo de pérdida de datos a lo largo del cable. Cuando más largo sea un cable de red, más potencia se irá perdiendo. Y es que un cable de un metro normalmente ofrecerá un mayor pico de velocidad que uno de tres, aunque la diferencia la establece la frecuencia.

    Cómo diferenciar la categoría de los cables

    Cuando vayas a una tienda, puede que veas que hay cables de Ethernet de diferentes colores. No te preocupes mucho por eso, ya que el color de los cables de red no influye en nada, y lo único para lo que sirve es para que puedas diferenciar los cables en los casos en los que tengas varios conectados a un mismo router o servidor.

    La categoría de cada cable viene impresa en su propia cubierta de plástico. En ella, como ves en la foto que viene un poco más arriba, te aparecerá la categoría exacta. Cuando vayas a comprar uno también te aparecerá la categoría en el embalaje. Entonces, sólo tendrás que recordar los datos de la tabla que te hemos puesto antes para saber las velocidades a las que aspiras.

    Otros aspectos a tener en cuenta

    Hay otros aspectos que debes tener en cuenta a la hora de elegir el cable que debes utilizar. Uno de ellos es el apantallamiento electromagnético de los hilos de cobre que hay en su interior. Es el blindaje que protege los cables por debajo de la cubierta de plástico, ayuda a la estabilidad y calidad de las velocidades de transmisión. Sin embargo, no son tan vitales para las instalaciones eléctricas.

    Eso es porque los apantallamientos se centran más en las instalaciones con cuentes electromagnéticas, como transformadores o algunos motores, y a nivel doméstico no suelen ser necesarios. De hecho, en algunos escenarios como las tiradas largas, incluso llegan a ser poco recomendables. A continuación te dejamos los tipos de apantallamientos que vas a encontrarte en los cables.

    • UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair – Par trenzado no apantallado): Es un cable sin apantallamiento. Esto lo sigue haciendo bueno para utilizar en casa, por ejemplo, para conectar tu ordenador, NAS o cualquier otro dispositivo al router. Pero es el menos indicado para ser utilizado en instalaciones que van por dentro de la pared y requieren de cables especialmente largos.
    • FTP (Foiled Twisted Pair- Par trenzado con pantalla global): Es un tipo de cable parecido al UTP, donde los pares de cables trenzados no están apantallados. Sin embargo, sí tienen una pantalla global, una especie de protección que envuelve todos a la vez para darles un poco de protección ante interferencias externas.
    • STP (Shielded Twisted Pair- Par trenzado apantallado): Los pares de cables trenzados van recubiertos cada uno por una malla conductora que actúa como una pantalla frente a las interferencias y el ruido eléctrico. Su protección es mayor que la la de los dos tipos anteriores, y los convierten en cables mejor preparados para las instalaciones eléctricas que van por dentro de la pared.
    • SFTP (Shield Foiled Twisted Pair – Par trenzado blindado y apantallado): Es un tipo de cable especial que combina las protecciones del FTP y STP. Los pares trenzados de cables van recubiertos cada uno por una malla protectora, pero a la vez todo el conjunto de pares también tiene un recubrimiento extra. Estos son los que mejor evitan las interferencias eléctricas y más idóneos para tiradas largas, aunque son más costosos.

    Cómo saber cuál comprar

    Para un uso doméstico suelen ser suficiente los cables de Categoría 5e o 6, que por su parte son los más extendidos y los que suelen venir con los routers que compras. Ofrecen velocidades de transferencia de un gigabit, teniendo, y suele ser suficiente para la mayoría de conexiones domésticas teniendo en cuenta que las operadoras no ofrecen de momento más de esa velocidad.

    Es muy posible que estos no tengan ningún tipo de protección y sean de apantallamiento UTP. Si lo que quieres es utilizarlos para conectar un dispositivo al router, entonces no debes prestarle importancia a que no estén protegidos. Serán suficientes para esas tiradas cortas, y el no tener protección los hará mucho más económicos.

    Sin embargo, si lo que quieres es hacer una instalación interna de tu casa pasando los cables por los huecos de las paredes, entonces sí que deberías preocuparte por la composición interna del cable. El trenzado es el aspecto que los protege del ruido eléctrico que evitando interferencias, y en este aspecto, a partir de la categoría 5e suelen ser suficientes para cualquier conexión GigaLan.

    Además, si quieres tener un mejor soporte para la transmisión de datos desde varios dispositivos, como por ejemplo conectando un ordenador o un NAS a la vez al router, quizá te interese probar con cables de más categoría. Lo mismo pasa si quieres hacer una instalación que esté a prueba de futuro, y con unas categorías 6a o 7 deberías asegurarte de poder soportar las velocidades que pueden llegar a ofrecer las operadoras en un futuro próximo.

    También es importante que sepas que por normativa, ninguna de las categorías de cable va a aceptar tiradas de más de 100 metros. La categoría puede determinar lo protegidos que están en tiradas relativamente largas, pero no tan largas.

    Preguntas frecuentes sobre cable de red

    1. ¿Qué tipos de cable de red hay?

    Los cables de red son los denominados RJ45 o simplemente cable Ethernet. Tienes varias categorías que van desde la 5 hasta la 8. Cuanto mayor es la categoría, más velocidad total y de descarga ofrecen. También tienen distintos tipos de trenzado y apantallamiento interior. Para uso doméstico es suficiente con cables de categoría 5e o 6, y el apantallamiento no es importante para conectar dispositivos al router, pero sí protege los cables de instalación interna del ruido eléctrico.

    2. ¿Para qué sirve el cable de red?

    Sirve para transportar los datos entre tus dispositivos. Puedes conectar un PC al router mediante estos cables para que tenga Internet, pero también se usan para las instalaciones internas de casa, para llevar Internet a tomas Ethernet que puedas tener en el salón o en una habitación.

    3. ¿Cómo saber si un cable de red está dañado?

    Si estás teniendo problemas de conexión, cabe la posibilidad que sea por el cable de red, pero también por otras ocas. Puedes probar reiniciando el router para ver si el problema persiste, y probar si el fallo de conexión sucede en todos los dispositivos. Si solo pasa en el dispositivo conectado a un cable de red, prueba conectar otro al mismo cable para ver si el error persiste.

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    About cable internet

    Capable of download speeds over 1,000 Mbps, cable internet is one of the fastest internet types in the US. And because cable internet uses the same infrastructure as cable TV, it’s widely available with about 88% of Americans having access via the 200+ cable ISPs spread across the country.1 This combination of speed and accessibility makes cable internet the most practical internet type for many customers.

    However, cable internet isn’t perfect. Cable upload speeds are slower than fiber internet and are prone to network slowdowns during busy hours.

    Still, cable internet is much better than DSL or satellite internet options—and you are more likely to have cable internet in your area than fiber internet. Additionally, cable internet is often easy enough to install yourself if you already have cable TV lines.

    Use our guides on DSL vs. Cable and Fiber vs. Cable to see if cable internet is right for you. For a more broad overview, see our comparison of internet provider types.


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    *Ratings taken from our annual customer satisfaction survey


    Many cable internet providers started as cable TV providers that began offering internet service once the technology was available. These providers often still offer TV along with other products, making cable internet ideal for those interested in bundling services. Plan pricing can range from as low as $20 per month to over $100 per month for the fastest speeds.

    The most important part of picking a cable ISP is finding one in your area—you likely only have access to one. Use our quick zip code search tool below to see what you can get before getting your heart set on a specific cable internet plan.

    Find cable providers in your area.

    Pros and cons of cable internet


    • Wide availability
    • Fast download speeds
    • TV and internet bundle deals
    • Easy self-installation


    • Network congestion when lots of people are online
    • Slower upload speeds than fiber

    Pros of cable internet

    Wide availability—Cable companies have been around for decades. In that time, they’ve established wide cable networks across the US, covering just over 88% of the population. 1 A lot of houses and buildings are already wired for cable TV, so getting an internet connection often doesn’t require laying any additional cable or wiring. This gives cable internet an edge over fiber internet because fiber is available to only half as many people. In many areas of the country, cable is the best type of internet you can get.

    Fast download speeds—Cable internet can reach speeds just over 1,000 Mbps—that’s comparable to fiber internet. And while not all cable internet plans are quite that fast, not everyone needs gigabit internet. Cable providers generally offer a wide range of plans that cater to different internet speed needs and budgets. See our guide on internet speed to learn more about the benefits of higher download speeds.

    Bundle deals—Since cable internet and cable TV use the same coaxial cables, it’s really easy for internet service providers (ISPs) to provide both, so they incentivize you to bundle services with discounts. It’s a good setup if you want both internet and TV because you can keep it down to one bill through one company, and you’ll end up paying less than subscribing to each thing separately.

    Easy self-installation—Cable internet is typically very easy to install yourself. Unlike fiber installations, which often require a technician appointment, nearly all cable internet providers have the option to install services yourself, saving you time and money.

    Cons of cable internet

    Network congestion—This issue is mostly a thing of the past, but there may be areas where cable internet customers still experience slowdowns due to high internet activity in their neighborhoods—like during the evening, for instance. Cable lines can handle a lot of bandwidth, but they all converge to a node that feeds internet into the neighborhood. To help ease congestion, cable internet providers like Xfinity and Spectrum are adding more and more nodes. So, while it does happen, network congestion isn’t usually a huge problem for cable internet customers.

    Slower upload speeds—The speed cable ISPs advertise for specific plans is the max download speed available for that plan—upload speeds are different. Upload speeds for cable internet are usually only one tenth of the download speed. Most of us are download-heavy users and get by just fine with cable internet’s limited upload bandwidth.

    Can be expensive—Cable internet plans can get expensive, though this is largely dependent on your region and which ISPs you have to choose from. If you’re in an area with only a single ISP,  rates could be higher due to a lack of competition. Also, some ISPs are just plain pricey for what you get.

    Want to know what plans are available in your area? Enter your zip code into our search tool to find out.

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    * For 24 months. No term contract. Taxes not included. Includes $10/mo automatic payments and paperless billing discount. Regional price differences may apply.

    † Limited time offer; subject to change; valid to qualified residential customers who have not subscribed to any services within the previous 30 days and who have no outstanding obligation to Charter.

    ‡ For the first 12 months with a 1-year term agreement.

    § w/Auto Pay & Paperless Bill. Terms apply. Not available in all areas.

    || w/Auto Pay & Paperless Bill plus taxes. Terms apply. Not available in all areas.

    How cable internet works

    Cable internet uses a network of coaxial cables (the same cables used for cable TV) to bring internet signals to and from your home. Even though it’s called cable internet, cable ISPs actually use extremely high-bandwidth fiber lines for the central parts of their networks. The coaxial cable is only used to get the signal from the home to one of these fiber lines that serve as internet superhighways. By using these hybrid coaxial-fiber networks, cable ISPs bring excellent high-speed broadband connections to much of the country.

    Internet signals travel on the surface of the copper-clad cores in the coaxial cables. The modem in your house is equipped with an advanced protocol called DOCSIS that translates the signals received from the coaxial network. 

    DOCSIS stands for data over cable service interface specifications, and basically, it’s the technology that has allowed the use of existing coaxial networks for high speed internet. DOCSIS has been around since 1997 and gone through several major advances, each one drastically increasing the abilities of cable internet. The current iteration, DOCSIS 3.1, is responsible for the gigabit (1,000 Mbps) speeds we’re now seeing from cable ISPs.    

    Once the signal is translated by your modem, it’s sent to your router via an Ethernet connection. From this point on, all internet types function essentially the same. The signal can be broadcasted by the router as Wi-Fi for devices to connect to wirelessly or through another Ethernet cable to a device with it’s own Ethernet port (typically a computer).

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    Cable internet FAQ

    Can I get cable internet without TV?

    You can certainly get cable internet without also getting cable TV, and vice versa. While bundling both services together can be a great deal for some, those savings are wasted if you don’t use both services frequently.

    If I already have cable TV, can I simply add internet?

    Almost always! Unless you have a very obscure provider, you can feel confident that your cable TV provider will make it easy for you to bundle TV and internet. They can usually throw in phone service too.

    What are the advantages of bundling with cable companies?

    Cable companies tend to make bundling TV, phone, and internet easy, which means lots of savings for you. Not only are bundles cheaper than buying the services individually, but they’re also convenient because you don’t have to deal with more than one supplier—that cuts out hassle and paperwork. Use our site to compare prices and check for providers offering phone, internet, and cable bundles.

    Looking to bundle up? Find the best internet and TV package in your area.


    1. Federal Communications Commission. “Compare Broadband Availability in Different Areas,” June 2020. Accessed 2 September 2020.

    types of wires for computer and router, Ethernet cable for local area network

    Yury Sanaev

    System administrator. Sales manager for computers and wi-fi equipment. Experience – 10 years. Knows everything about hardware and software and even more.

    A special wire is needed to bring the Internet into the house, lay a local network, connect a computer to a router. To choose a good Internet cable, you need to know what types of cables exist, what tasks they are designed for, and what characteristics they have.


    1. Main types
    2. Twisted pair
    3. Optical fiber
    4. Coaxial
    5. Comparison of fiber and twisted pair
    6. Network cable device
    7. Structure of a coaxial cable
    8. Twisted pair device
    9. Structure features of an optical cable criteria to select cable
    10. Category
    11. Core type
    12. Shielding
    13. Cross section
    14. Marking
    15. Fiber optic connection

    Main types

    There are three types of Internet cable: coaxial, fiber optic and twisted pair.

    Twisted Pair

    This network cable is the right solution for local networks. It consists of two or four pairs of wires twisted together. Every two wires connected in pairs are only used to send or receive a signal.

    The principle of twisted pair is to connect two nodes and use separate media to transfer data in different directions.

    Twisted pair connects equipment at a distance of up to 100 meters into one network. Due to its low price and ease of use, it is increasingly being chosen for building local area networks (LANs) and running the Internet indoors.

    Optical fiber

    Optical fiber is the fastest way to transfer information today.

    Among its advantages:

    • high throughput;
    • long service life;
    • quick detection of unauthorized connection, which makes the network more secure;
    • high noise reduction, good anti-interference;
    • fast data transfer.

    Fiber optic network wires use a method of transmitting light rays using total internal reflection. An important advantage of such a cable for connecting to the Internet is the absence of restrictions on the length of the backbone. That is why it can connect significantly distant objects.

    The fiber itself is inexpensive, but the equipment for it is very expensive.


    This type is used in burglar alarms, video surveillance and television. The principle of its operation is the transmission of radio frequency electrical signals, while the signal strength is closely related to the length of the line and the distance to which it will be sent.

    Coaxial cable can be thin or thick.

    The diameter of the first one (category RG-58/U) is up to 0.5 cm. It stands out for its high flexibility, but the signal transmitted through it quickly attenuates. You can use it to send data over short distances, the maximum speed is up to 10 Mbps. Wave impedance – the main characteristic that affects the quality of the cable and the broadcast signal – 50 ohms.

    The diameter of the thick cable is 1 cm. It has increased rigidity and is mounted using expensive equipment. These are categories RG-11 and RG-8. The impedance of the first is 75 ohms, the second is 50 ohms.

    Today, coaxial cable products are increasingly being replaced by twisted pair. The latter is cheaper, laying networks with it is easier and faster.

    Comparison of fiber and twisted pair

    To determine which wire for the Internet is better to buy – fiber or twisted pair, you need to decide in what conditions it will be used.

    Twisted-pair pair works well for normal computer network connection. It is inexpensive, easy to lay, the transfer speed is sufficient for home and office. Such a computer cable for the Internet bends well and can be stretched in the most inconvenient places. If it is accidentally damaged, then it is easy to replace it, because the price is very low.

    Optical fiber for home and office is expensive due to the equipment, it is unreasonable to use it as a wire for a local network. The main advantage – a significant speed of information transfer – will not justify the costs, since several computers are not able to create the kind of traffic for which it is designed. Optical fiber is used to conduct the Internet to settlements or multi-storey buildings. It is not afraid of interference on the line and long distances, so it is well suited for such tasks.

    Thus, fiber optic cable is usually suitable for a multi-storey or private house. And inside the building there is already a wiring using a twisted pair.

    Network cable assembly

    Different types of Internet cables have different structures. The simplest is coaxial. The most advanced design of the fiber optic wire.

    Structure of the coaxial cable

    The coaxial wire has a central core. A thick insulating layer is applied around it, with an aluminum or copper braid on top. Overall insulation is made on top of the entire structure.

    Twisted Pair Device

    The best cable for the Internet is a twisted pair or Ethernet cable (so it is often called because of the plug of the same name at the end and the connector in the technique where the wire is connected). It is he who allows you to set up a local network between several devices, connect a printer to a computer, conduct the Internet from a provider to a modem or router.

    This wire is formed from two or four pairs of copper conductors (four-core and eight-core).

    Inside each conductor there is one copper strand with a diameter of 0.4-0.6 mm or many small strands. The first is easier to crimp and is used to connect Internet outlets. The second is more flexible and is designed to connect a PC and other equipment.

    Features of the structure of an optical cable

    While users are often familiar with the structure of a twisted pair or coaxial wire, few people know what a network fiber optic cable looks like from the inside.

    The fiber inside consists of many tiny wires separated by a special coating. Each such wiring has a silicon core through which these optical beams pass and carry. In addition to the core, it has an optical shell, buffer coating and protection.

    The sheath surrounding the core is made of glass. Light, reflected from it, is distributed over the core, but does not leave the limits of the wire.

    How to choose a cable

    Of all types of network cables for Internet in an apartment, office or house, it is better to choose category 5E twisted pair cable. When buying, you need to pay attention to a number of criteria, otherwise a bad wire will cause a weak signal and a permanent loss of communication.


    There are 7 wire categories in total.

    • Category 1, 2, 4 hardly used. Type 3 is selected for telephone lines.
    • Categories 5 and 5e have almost no differences, there is virtually no fifth for sale. Since 2010, after the appearance of 5E, manufacturers, practically without changing the Internet cable, began to apply this category to the shell. It is she who is most popular today.
    • In category 5E there is a 2-pair (4-wire) or 4-pair (8-wire) cable with data transmission up to 100 and 1000 Mbps. Also, a four-pair cable is laid for networks with a speed of 1 Gbps. The maximum allowed distance for him is 100 meters.
    • Category 6 consists of four pairs and is designed for networks up to 10 Gbps. For speeds up to 1 Gb / s, the maximum wire length is 100 meters, for speeds up to 10 Gb / s – 55 meters.
    • Category 6a, 7 and 7a are shielded cables for networks up to 10 Gbps and backbones up to 100 meters. The use of such a screen means increased requirements for equipment and installation (good grounding is required), so fiber optics are most often preferred to this wire.
    Category Frequency, MHz Signal transfer rate, Mbps
    5 1-100 10, 100
    5e 1-100 10, 100, 1Gbps (8-wire cable)
    6 1-250 10, 100, 1Gbps
    6a 1-500 10, 100, 1Gbps , 10 Gbps
    7 1-600 10, 100, 1Gbps, 10Gbps
    7a 1-1000 10, 100, 1Gbps, 1 0 Gbps

    Required remember that the category only reports the quality of the Internet cable.

    It is erroneously believed that changing the wire will change the frequency at which it operates. This is not true. The cable operates on the frequency of the network equipment. Replacing a high-quality fifth category with a sixth one will not increase the signal transmission rate and the communication status.

    Core type

    The WLAN core type can be solid or stranded. In the first case, one thick vein goes inside. It bends poorly and is used for mounting Internet outlets. Stranded wire has many thin wires. Such an Internet cord is easy to bend, easy to install and is used to connect different devices in the room. For example, you can connect a cable of this type to the LAN connector in the router, run it to the PC and insert it into the network card.

    According to the material of manufacture, the cores can be copper and copper-plated. The first type is more reliable, suitable for networks up to 50 meters long. The second type is cheaper, its core is an inexpensive vein. It has poor conductivity, so it is covered with copper on top. The current passes through the copper part, which means that the conductivity is practically not reduced.

    When choosing, you need to consider that the wire can be of two types – CCS and CCA. The first has a steel core, the second has an aluminum core. Steel is more difficult to mount, brittle. Aluminum almost does not differ from copper, but is afraid of long distances.


    The shielding protects the Ethernet cable from external interference and dampens the radiation from the pairs themselves. It can be common for all couples or personal for each couple.

    The following varieties are known:

    9 0169 U/UTP
    ISO/IEC designation 11801 Overall shield Single pair shield
    U/FTP Foil
    F/UTP Foil
    STP Braid
    SF/UTP Braid, foil
    F/FTP Foil Foil
    S/FTP Braid Foil
    SF/FTP Braid, foil Foiled

    A cable connected to a router or used to lay a network around an apartment, usually of the UTP type. Shielded types are suitable for placing a wire in the same corrugation or strobe with an electric cable, when laying a line in close proximity to electrical wiring, as well as for outdoor installation.


    Another standard to look at is the AWG or core diameter. The lower this value, the thicker and better the cable. In UTP 5e twisted pair, AWG24 is usually used. In categories 6 and 7 – AWG 23 and 22.


    Marking an Internet cable on it is a good way to understand what a wire is.

    Marking example: NetLink PVC CAT5E UTP 4Pair 24 AWG.


    • NetLink – manufacturer;
    • PVC – PVC braid;
    • Cat5E – Category 5E;
    • UTP – unshielded;
    • 4Pair – 4 pairs;
    • 24 AWG – section type.

    Another example: Cabeus FTP-4P-Cat.5e-SOLID-OUT


    • Cabeus – manufacturer;
    • FTP – foil protection;
    • 4P – 4 pairs;
    • 5e – category 5e;
    • Solid – one core;
    • OUT – for outdoor installation.

    Thus, knowing the characteristics of an Internet cable, one can understand by the designations on its outer sheath what it is and whether it is suitable for the user’s tasks.

    Fiber optic connection

    Most well-known providers have already upgraded their own lines and use fiber optics and related equipment to connect subscribers. This is more convenient for a number of reasons:

    • good throughput;
    • long lines without signal degradation;
    • saved space in OLT cabinets.

    Some providers offer the introduction of fiber into the premises, which provides a stable high quality signal.

    But even when introducing optical fiber into an apartment, it is better to do the wiring inside from a twisted pair. It is cheaper and easier to install. The fiber optic wire is fragile, afraid of kinks. If it is damaged, the signal will be lost.

    For these reasons, a special optical fiber is introduced into an apartment or house and connected to a converter, and a twisted pair cable is distributed from the latter throughout the room.

    Twisted pair is used for networking in an apartment or office. Fiber optics is expensive and not a suitable solution for such applications. It is usually involved when connecting apartment or private houses. Choosing a cable for breeding indoors should be according to the needs of the user, having previously become acquainted with the selection criteria and studying the markings on the wires when buying.

    Internet via cable or Wi-Fi? What’s better?

    Even 20 years ago, everyone used a wired connection to access the Internet. In offices, apartments, wires “snaked” along the walls. They were covered with cable channels, hidden under the plinth or wallpaper.

    With the advent of wireless Internet access, an unspoken “war” began between cable and WI-FI supporters. The first believe that there is nothing more reliable than a twisted pair. The second prefer freedom of action. Thanks to wireless access, you do not have to sit in one place. You can move with your laptop to the sofa or your favorite chair.

    Let’s try to figure out which connection is better, Wi-Fi or cable? Does a particular method matter in a particular case? Take just a few minutes to get answers to these questions.

    Wireless connection and its nuances

    Cable connection or Ethernet is considered a classic. At first, there was simply no alternative to him in matters of access to the Internet or the organization of local area networks. A standard telephone cable was brought into the room, and computers were equipped with modems.

    Gradually, the data rate increased. Now Ethernet allows you to exchange information using a sixth category cable at speeds up to 10 Gb / s. In practice, the 5e cable is more often used. With it, the speed will not exceed 1 Gb / s. Much depends on the network card of the receiving device.

    The advantages of an Ethernet connection include the following:

    • The connection remains stable. Data loss is virtually eliminated. Magnetic and electromagnetic fields do not lead to interference;
    • connection is secure. To connect to the network, you need to be near the router;
    • does not require a router to work. There is a downside to this, but more on that below.

    Internet via cable or Wi-Fi, which is better? In defense of the Ethernet connection, it is worth noting that even the most modern routers have the corresponding connectors. But do not forget about the problems that arise when using cable Internet. For example:

    • each device has to pull a separate cable. If the apartment has 2-3 PCs, a set-top box and a TV, you will have to think about how to mask all the wires;
    • no freedom of maneuver. Moving computers even within the same room (office) is problematic. You have to switch the cable. The situation becomes even more complicated if its length is not enough;
    • Only one device can be connected to one incoming cable. If additional, a router is required.

    Wi-Fi networks of the future?

    Wi-Fi has become a mandatory element of service in hotels, restaurants, cafes, shopping centers. Everyone has already appreciated the ability to communicate without connecting to a cable. The signal is transmitted using high radio frequencies. In order to streamline the use of traffic, providers and other interested parties have developed and approved a special IEEE 802.11X standard.

    Let’s try to figure out which is better, cable or Wi-Fi. First, let’s talk about the advantages of accessing the Internet using a wireless connection:

    • mobility. The owner of the smartphone can connect to an absolute source of the Internet (provided that access is open) or use its own Wi-Fi module;
    • no activation required. If you choose the right settings, the device will independently detect points available for connection. This applies not only to smartphones, but also to laptops, PCs;
    • the transmitted signal has a sufficient degree of protection against unauthorized access. It can be intercepted, but very difficult to decipher;
    • does not need kilometers of wires. One is enough, leading to the router.

    Now let’s talk about the disadvantages of using WI-FI networks:

    • The coverage area of ​​one router is sufficient for a standard apartment. In extreme cases, antennas can be replaced with more powerful ones or a repeater can be used;
    • the farther the receiving device is from the router, the weaker the signal;
    • If several devices connect to the same router at the same time, traffic is distributed between them.

    Here it is important to emphasize that at the household level the listed shortcomings practically do not matter, with rare exceptions. For example, signal degradation will be noticeable when watching streaming video.

    Which connection is better: Wi-Fi or cable?

    It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously. If you need to access the Internet from a smartphone, tablet PC, laptop, it is enough to have a powerful router in your apartment or office that supports 3G or 4G networks.

    Vantop dash cam: VanTop H612T 12-Inch 4K Mirror Car Dash Camera

    VanTop H612T 12-Inch 4K Mirror Car Dash Camera

    Last updated date: October 28, 2021

    DWYM Score

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    7. Our Car Camera Buying Guide
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    We looked at the top Car Cameras and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we’ve determined the best Car Camera you should buy.

    Update as October 28, 2021:
    Checkout The Best Car Camera for a detailed review of all the top car cameras.

    Overall Take

    This dual car camera uses an ultra HD 4K front cam and 1080p rear cam for recording details. It features loop recording, emergency recording, a parking monitor, a touchscreen, and a 23-foot-long rear camera cable. The camera even offers voice control, so you can use it hands-free!

    In our analysis of 16 expert reviews, the VanTop H612T 12-Inch 4K Mirror Car Dash Camera placed 10th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

    From The Manufacturer

    4K Ultra HD Front Recording. Features ultra HD 4K front cam and 1080P rear cam (or 1440P dual cams). 4K makes an incredible difference from other resolution in capturing details from distance. 8MP Sony STARVIS sensor IMX415 on the front camera enhances night vision efficiently to provide sharp night time video. Hands-free Control with Voice Commands. Access to basic functions using simple voice commands. Voice control paired with dash cam provides maximum convenience, giving the need for hands-free access while driving, offering you a safe, comfortable driving environment. GPS for Tracking Route and Speed. GPS records accurate speed and location data for your dash cam when driving. Check your driving route and speed by replaying the saved videos on the gxplayer (provided). Bonus: GPS antenna is included in the package. More than A Standard Dash Cam. Meet all of your demands for a dash cam: loop recording, emergency recording, parking monitor, time-lapse, and offer you much more than those. Parking assist enables park safely and easily. Voice control allows hands-free driving. GPS provides extra evidence in dispute. Compatible with More Vehicles. 23ft rear camera cables is designed for most types of cars, such as Sedan, SUV, minivan, pickup trucks, etc. 12” full touch screen captures more view on the road and brings better visual experience compared with 10” screen.

    Expert Reviews

    Expert Summarized Score

    2 expert reviews

    User Summarized Score

    714 user reviews

    What experts liked

    Features ultra HD 4k front cam and 1080 rear cam with hands free control with voice commands. It’s compatible with most cars and has a built in GPS system.

    – Gadgets Reviews

    | Full review

    This dash camera will meet all your needs. It has a 4K ultra HD front cam and 1080 rear cam. It comes with GPS and hand free controls. It has night vision that provides sharp clear pictures as well.

    – Top Seller Best

    | Full review

    What experts didn’t like

    1. ROVE R2-4K Wi-Fi Car Dash Camera

    Overall Score: 9.9

    2. CHORTAU 3-Inch 1080P Wide Angle Dashboard Car Camera

    Overall Score: 9.4

    3. Vantrue N2 Pro 256GB Max Black Dashboard Car Camera

    Overall Score: 9.1

    4. Innosinpo 1080P 3-Inch LCD Screen Dashboard Car Camera

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    5. Anker Roav A1 Wi-Fi Dashboard Car Camera

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    6. TOGUARD 1080P 7-Inch Mirror Backup Car Camera

    Overall Score: 8. 9

    7. Campark 4K &1080P Front & Rear Dashboard Car Camera

    Overall Score: 8.8

    8. APEMAN 1080P 3-Inch LCD Screen Car Dash Camera

    Overall Score: 8.8

    9. VAVA 2-Inch LCD Display Dual Dash Care Camera

    Overall Score: 8.8

    10. VanTop H612T 12-Inch 4K Mirror Car Dash Camera

    Overall Score: 8.8

    11. AUKEY 170-Degree Wide-Angle Lens Car Camera

    Overall Score: 8.7

    There are several reasons someone might want to invest in a car camera. Often, these cameras are able to capture video evidence in the event of a crash or parking incident while providing better rearview vision. Other important features are added to some cameras, making them more functional and appealing.

    If you’re in the market for a car camera, you’ll need to decide whether you simply want the unit to replace your rearview mirror or if you want it to have both front and rear view capabilities. There are even dual car cameras out there that provide a view of the car’s inner cabin. This is handy if you have small children in the back that you need to keep an eye on.

    Look for a car camera that produces crystal-clear images at a distance. These cameras need to support at least 1080p video recording in order to be able to identify license plate numbers and street signs. Grainy videos and videos that skip aren’t worth it.

    Check the car camera for infrared technology. This technology allows you to use the camera at night.

    Consider opting for a car camera that comes with a GPS function. Uber, Lyft and taxi drivers will find this feature invaluable. When engaged, the GPS will record your speed and location data and display it on your dash cam.

    Review the car camera’s features to make sure they meet your needs. A few common features include loop recording, emergency recording, time-lapse, 24-hour parking monitoring and even parking assist. There are also cameras with large LCD screens and 170-degree viewing angles.

    Look for any extras that may set one car camera apart from another. For example, there are car cameras that connect to an app on your phone and allow you to share videos and images on social media, as well as cameras that respond to voice commands so you can use them hands-free.

    • Review all of the parts included with your car camera to make sure you received everything you need to set it up. For example, if the unit comes with front and rear camera capabilities, you should have a dashcam, backup camera with screws and adhesive tape, a car charger, a cable for the rear camera, straps for installing the front camera and a user manual.
    • Some car cameras come with a battery, but the battery is meant only for emergency recording. You’ll want to use the included car charger to power the camera.
    • It’s important to keep your car camera clean in order to have the best view. When the camera becomes dirty, use water on a cloth or a non-abrasive cleaner to wipe down the unit. You can also use this to clean your car’s camera lenses.
    • If your car camera is blurry and you’ve successfully cleaned it, the problem may be with the wiring. Check to see whether any of the wires are split or have become disconnected. Once you fix the wires, the cameras will begin working properly again.
    • Check to see if an SD card is included, and if not, which model SD card the manufacturer recommends pairing with the car camera.
    • Some car cameras allow you to set a beeping sound to go off any time the camera is turned on or off. That way you know it has been successfully engaged or disengaged.
    • A number of features help determine the price of a car camera, including size. Compact models are typically budget-friendly. You’ll pay more for models that are loaded with extra features and equipped with high-definition resolution.

    Checkout Our Other Buying Guides

    VanTop H610 10-inch 2.5k mirror dash camera review

    We use affiliate links. If you buy something through the links on this page, we may earn a commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

    REVIEW – We’ve all heard tales of the minor fender-bender that somehow becomes a major lawsuit. Several years ago, I decided to install dashcams in my vehicles as unbiased observers to highway shenanigans. I was interested to see how Vantop’s H610 10-inch mirror camera would perform.

    What is it?

    The VanTop H610 10-inch 2.5k mirror dash cam is a self-contained front camera and display that is affixed to a vehicle’s mirror. A rear camera and extension cable is included. The device simultaneously records video from both front and rear cameras for later playback.

    Hardware Specs:

    • 10 x 3.8 x 1.5 inches
    • 66-inch touch display
    • 320 x 1280 screen resolution
    • ARM Cortex A7 processor, Hi3556 chipset
    • Front camera: IMX335 STARVIS Sensor, 160° wide angle
    • Rear camera: FH-2308Y, 140° wide angle
    • Supports 128GB SD cards, class 10 and above
    • Loop recording
    • 12-24VDC input voltage car adapter, 5V, 2. 5Amp output
    • -4° to 140°F working temperature
    • Video format: MP4, JPG
    • Simultaneous 2560 x 1140P and 1180P recording, front and rear camera

    What’s in the Box?

    • Mirror body/display/touchscreen with an integrated front camera
    • Rear-facing camera and extension cord
    • Rear camera mounting tape and screws
    • Car charger
    • Front camera mounting straps
    • Trim tool
    • Cleaning Cloth
    • User Manual
    • Customer service card

    Design and Features:

    The VanTop H610 arrived in a swanky black box wrapped in foamy goodness.

    Installation was easy and only took a few minutes. I used the included trim tool to tuck the exposed wires under my vehicle’s moldings.

    I don’t like exposed wires so I took extra time in hiding the wires to the rear camera. I also elected to use Velcro.

    There is an extra wire that can be optionally connected to the reverse lamp. With this wire connected, the camera will automatically switch to view the rear camera when the vehicle is placed in reverse.

    In my case, I elected to mount the camera inside the car. I chose this location carefully because it falls inside the rear windshield wiper path and near one of the defroster stripes. Since the camera takes the place of the existing rear-view mirror, it’s essential the camera view stays unimpaired. If the rear camera were mounted outside the car, road dirt could block the camera, creating unsafe driving conditions. Keep your camera lenses clean, boys and girls…

    That being said, with the display turned off, the display is reflective and can act as a conventional mirror, but you will lose the prism “dimming” or other features the original mirror provided.

    Remove the protective screen protector before operating.

    There is a GPS port covered by a small inspection sticker. This port is disabled.

    The front camera/mirror is easily attached over the existing mirror using the included straps.

    The front camera is mounted on a swivel and extension bar that can be positioned to provide the optimal view of the oncoming road.

    The power supply uses a Mini-USB connector.

    The power cable is long enough to route under a typical dash, up the roof pillar, and across the roof to the camera.

    There is a single power button on the bottom.

    Powerup takes a few seconds, accompanied by an optional audio tone. Keypresses sound like the dial-pad buttons on a touchtone phone. I found these sounds distracting and turned them off.

    The setup menu can be accessed to format the SD card, sounds, camera resolutions, loop recording modes, time-lapse recording modes, sounds, speaker volume, language, set the date and time, format the SD card and revert to factory settings.

    Once I had the settings configured to my liking, I took a few weeks to get to know the H610. Like all new devices, reading the manual is the best place to start.

    Swiping up or down on the left portion of the display changes the display “angle.” Because the display is lower resolution than the camera, the user can select the portion of the camera’s view that is of use. For example: when parking my car, I was able to view the lowest portion of the camera’s view to make sure I was between the lines and not too close to the curb. When driving, I would use the middle of the camera’s view that most closely resembled the view I had using a conventional rear-view mirror.

    Swiping up/down on the right of the display changes the brightness. Swiping left/right on an empty portion of the display changes the display to front/rear/both cameras/playback mode.

    I loved looking at my “mirror” and not having my view encumbered by headrests, luggage, or items I had placed in my car’s trunk area. I also appreciated the wide viewing angle that I found made a big difference in eliminating some of the blind-spots my car has. It should be noted that the display does not perfectly duplicate the viewing angle of a conventional mirror and “objects may be closer than they appear,” but with copious side-view mirror use in conjunction with the display, I found the display of better utility than a conventional rear-view mirror.

    Another unexpected bonus is that once the display is attached, there is no need to adjust the mirror again. The viewing angle is always good, regardless of the driver’s height, seat position, or amount of slouching.

    The H610 is also equipped with impact sensors that lock the current file should the vehicle experience an unexpected jolt. I found the lowest setting prevented most nuisance (hitting potholes, mostly) file locks, but should be enough should I experience a fender-bender.

    With the car parked, thanks to the internal battery, the sensors can be configured to activate the cameras and start recording should the vehicle experience an unexpected bump. This feature gave me a great peace-of-and it’s rewarding to know that a careless motorist, shopping card commando, or door dinger’s insurance might need to cover damages that might otherwise have been “hit and run.”

    The screen displays a small camera for taking still images. Video and picture files can be viewed on the H610, or by extracting the SD card and using a computer or device capable of reading. JPG and MP4 files. Quality was outstanding for both.

    As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Here are sample videos of the front and rear cameras during the day and at night. The large black object in the top right of the forward camera’s screen is my vehicle’s rain sensor.

    Front Camera, Day:

    Rear Camera, Day:

    Front Camera, Night:

    Rear Camera, Night:

    What I Like:

    • Easy installation
    • High-resolution images
    • Internal battery and automatic activation
    • Abundant configuration options

    What I Would Change:

    • Change the sounds to something less distracting
    • Enable GPS capabilities

    Final Thoughts:

    VanTop has done a great job of implementing many desirable features into its H610 dashcam.

    Price: $99.99
    Where to buy: VanTop and Amazon
    Source: The sample for this review was provided by VanTop.

    VanTop H610 10 inch 2 5K touchscreen

    Mirror video recorder VanTop H610 10 inch 2 5K touch screen – buy at a bargain price

    Code: US8B2FU5UYO4

    VanTop Mirror Mount DVR

    Streaming Media Display

    Shows traffic in real time. Provides 3x wider view than a traditional rear view.

    Super clear footage

    2.5K resolution with Sony sensor offers ear-tight, super clear footage. Record driver journey details all day and night.

    Innovative IPS touch screen

    Known for wide viewing angles, greater color variety, improved color accuracy, offering higher display quality.

    Amazing Night Vision

    The front camera adopts the advanced Sony IMX335 “Starvis” sensor, featuring high sensitivity and low noise, capable of capturing clear video in the dark, which clearly shows car plate numbers, traffic signs, etc. .

    Dual Recording up to 2.5K

    Resolution can be switched from 2.5K to 1080P between front and rear cameras. Either way, you will be able to deliver very poignant videos and provide important details to support you in an unexpected event.

    Wide field of view

    Sony “Starvis” front camera cases 170° field of view, waterproof rear camera cases 160° field of view. Both cameras record at the same time after the car is started, ensuring your car is fully and timely protected.

    Reverse assist

    When you switch to “r”, the rear view device will automatically be displayed on the screen with instructions for easy and safe parking. (We extended the rear camera cable length from 18ft to 23ft. If you received 18ft and need longer one, please contact our friendly and professional customer service to get 23ft cable.)

    G- sensor for emergency recording

    In the loop recording function, the DVR continuously records video and overwrites the oldest one. After detecting any collision with g-sensor, the dash cam will start recording video for 20 seconds. After that, the video will be locked so as not to be re-recorded in the loop recording function.

    G-sensor for parking monitor

    Protect your car at any time. With the parking monitor function enabled, if any vibration is detected by the G-sensor, the dash cam will wake up and start recording video within 20 seconds. For a long time, the parking function will need dash cam hardwire kit. (VanTop VJ9HQ Dash Cam Hardwire Kit)

    VanTop HF10MQ driving features

    【2.5K Wide bore dual cameras

    Dual cameras provide super high resolution Ultra HD video up to 2560x1440P (2.5K ). Offer you clearer license plate shooting from a distance. 170° adjustable front lens and 160° rear lens cap total 330° field of view to reduce blind area and capture more scenes on the road.

    【Improved Starlight Night Vision

    Equipped with Sony’s advanced “Starvis” sensor, the dash cam records sharp videos with enhanced details under extremely low light conditions. Make it a reliable protector of your car all day and night.

    【Backup Parking Camera

    The backup camera shows the rear view of the car by showing high-definition video streaming in the rearview mirror. When the car is placed in reverse, the screen image will display parking assistance lines for safe and easy parking.

    【Loop Recording/G-Sensor/Parking Monitor】

    Loop Recording allows continuous recording even when the memory card reaches full capacity; G-sensor detects a sudden collision and blocks collision recording; The parking monitor functions as a video surveillance system during vehicle shutdown.

    【Responsive Responsive 10″ IPS Touch Screen】

    10” IPS anti-glare touch screen with 2.5d glass, has better color reproduction, displays real-time traffic on the road without delay. User-friendly interface is easy to operate with quick response .

    DVR mirror with rear view camera VanTop H610, SHD, 10.

    0″, sensor, Sony IMX335

    → 12. Auto goods
    → DVRs
    → DVRs with additional cameras
    → DVR mirrors with rear view camera (2 cameras)
    → DVR mirror with rear view camera VanTop H610, SHD, 10.0″, sensor, Sony IMX335

    Out of stock or price not specified. Please call for more information.


    • DVRs: Radar detector
    • DVRs: Rear view camera
    • DVRs: GPS
    • DVRs: Cabin camera
    • DVRs: Camera GPS Informer

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    DVR mirror with rear view camera Orbita HAD-68, FHD, 5.0″ →

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    • DVR mirror with rear view camera AZDOME PG16, SHD, 11.0″ sensor, GPS

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      5 990 rub
    • DVR mirror with rear view camera TDS TS-CAR46, FHD, IPS 5.

    Tasa de interes de usa: Reserva Federal incrementa las tasas de interés

    Tipos de la Reserva Federal de USA 2023

    1. Tipos de Interés de los Bancos Centrales

    ¿Quieres que lo enviémos a tu correo?

    TIPOS DE INTERÉS EN Estados Unidos

    Estados Unidos ha subido sus tipos de interés 0,25 puntos, desde el 4,75% hasta el 5% anual.

    Los tipos de interés son una de las herramientas más importantes, utilizadas por los bancos centrales, para llevar a cabo su política monetaría.

    Una subida de los tipos de interés sirve para frenar la inflación y proteger la divisa.

    Éste cambio es el primero que se produce desde el 23 de marzo de 2023, cuando el Banco Central subió los tipos de interés 0,25 puntos, hasta los 4,75%.

    En esta página puedes ver la evolución de los tipos de interés en Estados Unidos. Puedes ver el listado completo de los países de los que publicamos los tipos clicando en Tipos de interés y ver toda la información económica de Estados Unidos en Economía de Estados Unidos.

    Estados Unidos – Tipos de interés banco central

    04/05/2023 5,00%
    23/03/2023 02/02/2023 4,50%
    15/12/2022 4,25%
    03/11/2022 3,75%
    22/09/2022 3,00%
    28/07/2022 2,25%
    16/06/2022 1,50%
    05/05/2022 0,75%
    17/03/2022 0,25%
    16/03/2020 0%
    03/03/2020 1,00%
    31/10/2019 1,50%
    19/09/2019 1,75%
    01/08/2019 2,00%
    20/12/2018 25″>2,25%
    27/09/2018 2,00%
    14/06/2018 1,75%
    22/03/2018 1,50%
    14/12/2017 1,25%
    15/06/2017 1,00%
    16/03/2017 0,75%
    15/12/2016 0,50%
    17/12/2015 0,25%
    16/12/2008 0%
    29/10/2008 1,00%
    08/10/2008 1,50%
    30/04/2008 2,00%
    18/03/2008 25″>2,25%
    30/01/2008 3,00%
    22/01/2008 3,50%
    11/12/2007 4,25%
    31/10/2007 4,50%
    18/09/2007 4,75%
    29/06/2006 5,25%
    10/05/2006 5,00%
    28/03/2006 4,75%
    31/01/2006 4,50%
    13/12/2005 4,25%
    01/11/2005 4,00%
    20/09/2005 3,75%
    09/08/2005 5″>3,50%
    30/06/2005 3,25%
    03/05/2005 3,00%
    22/03/2005 2,75%
    02/02/2005 2,50%
    14/12/2004 2,25%
    10/11/2004 2,00%
    21/09/2004 1,75%
    10/08/2004 1,50%
    30/06/2004 1,25%
    25/06/2003 1,00%
    06/11/2002 1,25%
    11/12/2001 1,75%
    06/11/2001 2,00%
    02/10/2001 5″>2,50%
    17/09/2001 3,00%
    21/08/2001 3,50%
    27/06/2001 3,75%
    15/05/2001 4,00%
    18/04/2001 4,50%
    20/03/2001 5,00%
    31/01/2001 5,50%
    03/01/2001 6,00%
    16/05/2000 6,50%
    21/03/2000 6,00%
    02/02/2000 5,75%
    16/11/1999 5,50%
    24/08/1999 25″>5,25%
    30/06/1999 5,00%
    17/11/1998 4,75%
    15/10/1998 5,00%
    29/09/1998 5,25%
    25/03/1997 5,50%
    31/01/1996 5,25%
    19/12/1995 5,50%
    06/07/1995 5,75%
    01/02/1995 6,00%
    15/11/1994 5,50%
    16/08/1994 4,75%
    17/05/1994 4,25%
    18/04/1994 75″>3,75%
    22/03/1994 3,50%
    04/02/1994 3,25%
    04/09/1992 3,00%
    02/07/1992 3,25%
    09/04/1992 3,75%
    20/12/1991 4,00%
    06/12/1991 4,50%
    06/11/1991 4,75%
    31/10/1991 5,00%
    13/09/1991 5,25%
    06/08/1991 5,50%
    30/04/1991 5,75%
    08/03/1991 6,00%
    01/02/1991 25″>6,25%
    09/01/1991 6,75%
    18/12/1990 7,00%
    07/12/1990 7,25%
    13/11/1990 7,50%

    Estados Unidos – Tipos de interés banco central

    Es el tipo de interés al que la Reserva Federal de USA presta dinero a los bancos. Se utiliza para orientar la política monetaria.

    El Banco Central de Estados Unidos subió la tasa de interés a su mayor nivel en 16 años

    La persistencia de la inflación es un motivo clave para la decisión de la Fed (AP Photo/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez)

    La Reserva Federal de Estados Unidos afianzó su lucha contra la inflación el miércoles al aumentar la tasa de interés referencial en un cuarto punto, a entre 5% y 5,25%, su mayor nivel en 16 años. Pero al mismo tiempo, señaló que ahora podría hacer una pausa en su campaña de ajuste más agresiva desde la década de 1980, que ha restringido el crédito para negocios y consumidores.

    En una declaración después de su reunión, el banco central estadounidense dijo que si bien el sistema bancario está “sano y resiliente”, la turbulencia en el sector podría inhibir los préstamos, el gasto y el crecimiento. Reiteró que el impacto de una reducción de los créditos bancarios “sigue siendo incierto”.

    “El comité seguirá de cerca la información entrante y evaluará las implicaciones para la política monetaria”, dijo el Comité Federal de Mercado Abierto (FOMC, por sus siglas en inglés) en un comunicado. Omitió una línea de su comunicado anterior de marzo que decía que el comité “anticipa que podría ser apropiado un endurecimiento adicional de la política”.

    “Es probable que las condiciones crediticias más estrictas para los hogares y las empresas pesen sobre la actividad económica, la contratación y la inflación”, dijo el comunicado del FOMC. “El alcance de estos efectos sigue siendo incierto. El comité permanece muy atento a los riesgos de inflación”.

    El presidente de la Fed Jerome Powell (REUTERS/Leah Millis)

    Sinn embargo, en una conferencia de prensa posterior, el presidente de la Reserva Federal, Jerome Powell, negó que las subidas de intereses vayan a pausarse por los sucesos acontecidos en las últimas semanas en el sistema bancario del país. “La decisión de una pausa no ha sido tomada hoy”, apuntó Powell en una rueda de prensa posterior a conocerse una nueva subida de los intereses, de un cuarto de punto.

    La decisión de la Fed se da en un contexto sensible. Por un lado, la turbulencia en el sector bancario y la pugna política por el tope de la deuda estadounidense podrían debilitar la economía si los bancos restringen el crédito y los mercados financieros se derrumban ante la posibilidad de que la nación caiga en default. Por estas razones, algunos inversores creen que no sería aconsejable no seguir aumentando las tasas, al menos por ahora.

    Pero por otro lado la inflación, aunque está cediendo, sigue por encima de la meta del 2% anual, por lo cual el banco central estadounidense podría verse obligado a seguir incrementando las tasas para inhibir más el crédito y los aumentos de precios. Ello podría acrecentar la posibilidad de una recesión.

    El debate podría provocar divisiones entre los funcionarios de la institución, que el miércoles probablemente aumentarán la tasa referencial a 5,1%, su mayor nivel en 16 años. La gran duda es si la Fed también dará indicios de que está dispuesta a hacer una pausa —a menos que haya un repunte de la inflación— y mantendrá sin cambios la tasa para el resto de 2023 mientras evalúa su progreso en la lucha antiinflacionaria.

    “Obviamente hay cierta división (entre los funcionarios de la Fed), lo cual es razonable, dado que no sabemos cuál es la situación y hay estas circunstancias en dirección contraria”, estimó Diane Swonk, economista de KMPG.

    Austan Goolsbee, presidente del Banco Federal de Chicago, citó el mes pasado la turbulencia en el sector bancario y la posibilidad de que muchos bancos limiten el crédito para negocios y consumidores, como una posible razón para que el banco central desista esta semana de aplicar otro aumento de las tasas.

    (Con información de AP y Bloomberg)

    Seguir leyendo:

    Wall Street registró una fuerte caída arrastrado por las dudas sobre el sistema bancario de Estados Unidos

    FedReserva Federaltasa de interésbanco centralinflaciónúltimas noticias américa

    The maid of Robert de Niro and Isabella Rossellini cleaned the houses of movie stars – June 27, 2005

    All news

    83 miners in the Urals refused to leave the mine. A delegation from Moscow was sent to them

    “Here she is eating up his remains”: a shark bit a Russian in a resort in Egypt

    A resident of Revda threatened to burn down a grocery store. Accusations of stealing vodka infuriated him.

    Deposits of defective cider were found in a park on the outskirts of Yekaterinburg: photo

    Raw material for the deadly drink was stolen from police warehouses. What is known about the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, fired for poisoning “Mr. Cider”

    A child took a bath near Yekaterinburg and became covered with a terrible rash

    In Yekaterinburg, a ghost-like thief stole a children’s scooter: video

    A street near an elite residential complex is being dug up in the center of Yekaterinburg

    This is a trap! Six signs that you have lost yourself in a relationship – check your couple

    Why does the window factory in Berezovsky deal with chemistry and how it will affect the industry as a whole

    Ukrainian hackers leaked the data of buyers of Gloria Jeans, Leroy Merlin and Auchan

    In the Urals, miners went on strike after reports of mass layoffs

    “Mr. Cider”, after which more than 30 people died, was made from alcohol stolen from the warehouse of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

    It became known why a tire in a Yekaterinburg trolleybus blew

    “Changed name and date.” A Russian woman who served in the Israeli army, together with her mother, is looking for her sister, who disappeared 20 years ago0003

    In the Sverdlovsk Region, impressive payments were introduced for volunteers who suffered in the NMD

    In the Urals, a Porsche driver was sentenced who killed a 24-year-old girl and her dog in an accident

    “Creative cow”

    The security forces detained the most famous car driver in Yekaterinburg. Igor Novoselov unsuccessfully went for beer again

    In the Urals, a 10-year-old boy pulled his mother and niece out of a burning house

    Cancer-free: five signs that you simply must check your mole for melanoma remember: how we relax and work during the holiday week

    Vesta of the week. AvtoVAZ announced the start of sales of the updated flagship model Lada


    Two months after the death, the body of a Wagner PMC fighter was brought to the Urals

    The authorities of Nova Kakhovka told how many people died after the destruction of the hydroelectric dam

    “Feet are easier than hands.” Doctor – about the condition of Roman Kostomarov and prosthetics of his limbs

    You pay for a communal apartment, but your management company does not. Sverdlovsk power engineers counted debts

    “Caught up and strangled with hands.” Siloviki completed the investigation into the murder of the mother of 5 children in the Urals

    No one to work. A record shortage of personnel was recorded in the Sverdlovsk Region

    “Tricks of drug addicts?” Poppy blossomed in courtyards in Yekaterinburg: is this flower dangerous? We analyze the main myths about China

    Gasoline prices are no longer a concern. A new crossover was brought to the Urals, which is charged from outlet

    In the forests near Yekaterinburg, the first redheads and porcini mushrooms appeared

    Adults can’t? Is milk as healthy as it is said to be, and who should not drink it

    All news


    In the US, charges of stealing expensive jewelry, clothes and credit cards from the homes of movie stars were brought against a maid who worked in the homes of such actors like Robert de Niro, Candice Bergen and Isabella Rossellini.

    Pole Liucina Tarik-Vavrinovich faces up to 15 years in prison on charges of theft for a large sum. In particular, the woman is accused of stealing diamond earrings worth 9$5,000 and other items from the home of de Niro and his wife, Grace Hightower.

    Police report that the earrings, along with other items – a $1,000 suede coat, a $400 belt, and two cameras that belong to Candice Bergen – were found at the maid’s house where she lives with her husband and two nephews – orphans.

    The maid’s neighbors say that she told them that she recently lost her job. At the same time, she continued to buy many different things and products. The maid is currently in custody while she denies all charges against her. Writes about it on Friday The Times.

    Jeffrey Berman, whom the court appointed as Tarik-Vavrinovich’s lawyer, says his client has worked for many celebrities and still maintains good relations with many of them.

    The investigation began on June 3, after Robert De Niro’s wife told the police that expensive earrings were missing from their apartment. A day later, the police came to the maid, as accountant Grace Hightower told investigators that the maid admitted that she once took a pair of shoes from this house. The maid later returned the shoes.

    De Niro moved into an apartment near New York’s Central Park after remarrying his ex-wife. Previously married in 1997, the couple divorced two years later. The two-time Oscar-winning Hollywood actor has sold his former luxury penthouse on the banks of the Hudson River in New York for $12.25 million.

    The maid is accused of burglary from at least three houses. In March 2001, she made at least 16 purchases with her master’s credit card at New York’s Barneys supermarket. A video camera installed in the supermarket recorded how the woman made these purchases. When the employer discovered these frauds, then, according to him, the maid told him: “I thought you would not notice.”

    The maid is also accused of stealing a suede jacket from Murphy Brown star Candice Bergen a year later. The actress told the police that the jacket went missing during the period when this maid worked for her. In her complaint to the police, the actress reports that the maid blackmailed her. “If you contact the police, I will tell reporters that you fired me and accuse me of all these crimes because your husband molested me, and I rejected his harassment,” Tarik-Vavrinovich allegedly told her.

    Prosecutor Anne Schwarz said that on Tuesday it became known about the fourth victim of the theft of this woman, but did not specify the name of the victim. Local reporters speculate that it is Faith Popcorn, the marketing consultant who also employed the maid. The maid herself is in a New York prison and will appear in court tomorrow on charges of theft, embezzlement and extortion

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    The Times: Russia makes first move in Big Game 2.0

    The Times: Russia makes the first move in the Great Game 2.0

    The Times: Russia makes the first move in the Great Game 2.0

    The US withdrawal from Afghanistan has opened up new opportunities for Russia and China to accelerate the formation of a new post-American world. The author claims that Big… | 08/19/2021, InoSMI




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    Rossiya Segodnya


    Roger Boyes

    Roger Boyes



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    FSUE MIA “Russia” today”

    Roger Boyes

    politics, afghanistan-2021: return of the Taliban, russia, united states, china, afghanistan

    InoSMI materials contain only assessments of foreign media and do not reflect the position of the editors of InoSMI

    Read inosmi.ru at

    The US withdrawal from Afghanistan has opened up new opportunities for Russia and China to accelerate the formation of a new post-American world. The author argues that the Great geopolitical game that unfolded in the 19th century between ambitious empires is being played out again – this time between the superpowers of the 21st century. And Russia made the first move in it.

    Roger Boyes

    No Western country has sent such a large number of its military to Central Asia as the United States. Neither Alexander the Great, nor even the British Empire in its heyday. Therefore, the abrupt interruption of the American military presence leaves behind an extraordinary power vacuum. This horrifies some of Afghanistan’s neighbors, such as Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, but it also provides room for maneuver for other countries, such as Russia and China, who can now accelerate preparations to shape the post-American world.

    Result: The Great Game, a 19th-century struggle between ambitious and determined empires, has begun again.

    The questions that are being raised at the moment – about the end of the American era, about the futility of the war on terrorism – may still probably be far-fetched. The Taliban (an organization banned in Russia – ed. note) may well be satisfied with the opportunity to get rich and accumulate resources from the income that the government in Kabul traditionally received.

    However, betting either on the decline of the Taliban in the long term or on its integration into the international system would be a mistake. The Taliban leadership has little understanding of what a state is – for them, the epitome of the Afghan state has always been either corrupt policemen or greedy tax collectors. Yes, the Taliban have negotiated a peace deal with the Trump administration, and they recently held talks with Moscow and Beijing. These big foreign players have no way of assessing how willing the Taliban are to keep their promises. How the Taliban know how to make money from the opium trade, but they don’t know how to run the national economy. The massive defection of soldiers from the Afghan National Army means that the Taliban have expanded their arsenal with relatively modern aircraft and artillery pieces. The Taliban are a force to be reckoned with, but they are completely unpredictable.

    Thus, the first move in Big Game 2.0 was made by Russia. The Russians have conducted a series of military exercises with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, all of whom are Afghanistan’s neighbors, led by dictators who have managed to gain some legitimacy while giving the appearance of stability in the face of the radical Islamist virus. For example, the permanent leader of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon (next year will be 30 years since he has been in power in the country, and no free elections can change this) banned men from wearing beards and women from wearing hijabs. Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev eased these restrictions in his country, explaining that they could actually be counterproductive. One of his problems is the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (banned in Russia – ed. note) , a jihadist group based in Afghanistan that seeks to establish sharia law in Uzbekistan. This group remains loyal to al-Qaeda (banned in Russia – ed. note) and some Taliban leaders and serves as an example of what can be expected in the future of neighbors if, under the Taliban, Afghanistan turns into its own sort of a theme park for terrorists.

    There is marked nervousness along the borders of Afghanistan. Yesterday, Uzbek government forces reported that they were able to land 46 planes and helicopters flying from Afghanistan, flown by deserters. The leader of the Tajik Taliban is now responsible for the security of the Afghan side of the Afghan-Tajik border. His task is to prevent deserters from fleeing to Tajikistan. About 25 percent of the citizens of Afghanistan are Tajiks.

    Russia offers itself as a protective shield, as it did when these countries were still part of the Soviet Union. This pleases Vladimir Putin, who often uses the alleged fight against the Islamists as a tool to strengthen Moscow’s ties with its southern neighbors. How is Russia using this newfound political influence? It has a large military base in Tajikistan, as well as a number of bases throughout the region – these are the remnants of the times when the USSR also waged an unsuccessful war in Afghanistan.

    There is talk now that the Americans might be interested in renting a piece of one of these bases to fly reconnaissance drones over Afghanistan. In this way, it will be possible to collect intelligence, which will allow to some extent to control the Afghan crisis from afar. Presumably, this topic was discussed during the June summit between Joe Biden and Putin. The rapid pace of developments over the past month has turned this idea into an initiative doomed to failure. Obviously, the United States launching any strikes from a base run by the Russians is out of the question. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu expressed this idea clearly and concisely: “Why are you leaving if you stand right behind the fence and, figuratively speaking, try to observe through the cracks what is happening there? Why leave? Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also travels around the region to make sure none of the Central Asian republics try to make their own deal with the Americans.

    They left so they left – this is the position of the Russians. Americans will not be allowed back through the back door. This is how Russia can become the main beneficiary of the United States withdrawal from Kabul. However, it may still find itself in a state of more sophisticated rivalry with China.

    Macbook pro hdmi port: Connect to HDMI from your Mac

    Connect to HDMI from your Mac

    Mac computers can use an HDMI cable or adapter to connect to a TV, display, or other HDMI device.


    Connect your HDMI device

    Mac computers that have any of the following ports can connect to HDMI devices:

    • HDMI port: Connect directly to HDMI with an HDMI cable. For 8K connections, use an Ultra High Speed 48 Gbps HDMI cable such as the Belkin UltraHD High Speed HDMI cable.
    • Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 3, or USB-C port: Connect to HDMI with an adapter such as the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter.
    • Thunderbolt 2, Thunderbolt, or Mini DisplayPort: Connect to HDMI with a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter or cable such as the Belkin 4K Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter.

     Identify the ports on your Mac

    Check specifications

    Mac computers that have a built-in HDMI port support these video and audio specifications:

    • Up to 8K at 60Hz on compatible Mac models.
    • Up to 4K at 240Hz on compatible Mac models.
    • Up to 4K at 60Hz on compatible Mac models.
    • Up to 4K at 30Hz on compatible Mac models.
    • 8-channel/24-bit audio at 192kHz, Dolby Surround 5.1, and traditional stereo.1
    • HDCP-encrypted playback from iTunes and QuickTime Player (version 10). Safari in macOS Sierra or later also supports HDCP-encrypted playback, if the web page is HTML5-enabled and the content is FairPlay Streaming-enabled and delivered using Media Source Extensions or HTTP Live Streaming. To play HDCP content on an external display, HDCP playback requires an HDCP compatible display.
    • HDR on compatible Mac models.

    If using an adapter, check the specifications of the adapter to learn about supported resolutions and other details.

    Up to 8K at 60Hz

    You can connect a display with a resolution of up to 8K at 60Hz to the HDMI port on these Mac models:2

    • MacBook Pro introduced in 2023
    • Mac mini (2023 with M2 Pro)

    Up to 4K at 240Hz

    You can connect a display with a resolution of up to 4K at 240Hz to the HDMI port on these Mac models:2

    • MacBook Pro introduced in 2023
    • Mac mini (2023 with M2 Pro)

    Up to 4K at 60Hz

    You can connect a display with a resolution up to 4K at 60Hz to the HDMI port on these Mac models: 

      • Mac Studio introduced in 2022
      • Mac mini introduced in 2018 or later
      • Mac Pro introduced in 2019
      • MacBook Pro introduced in 2021 or later

      Up to 4K at 30Hz

      You can connect a display with a resolution up to 4K at 30Hz to the HDMI port on these Mac models: 

      • Mac mini introduced in 2012 through 2014
      • Mac Pro introduced in 2013
      • MacBook Pro introduced in 2012 through 2015


      If your HDMI display isn’t detected

      Learn what to do if your Mac doesn’t detect your HDTV, display, or other HDMI device after making the connection.

      If your display isn’t showing the whole picture

      If the video on your HDTV or display extends beyond the borders of the screen, fix overscan or underscan on your TV or projector.

      If your Mac goes to sleep while a video is playing or paused, you might see an HDCP error. Quit the app that is playing the video, then open the app again.

      If your HDMI device isn’t receiving audio

      If your HDMI device isn’t receiving audio from your Mac:

      • Choose Apple menu > System Settings (or System Preferences), then click Sound. In the Output pane, make sure that your HDMI device is selected.
      • If you’re connecting from a Mac mini, disconnect any audio device from your computer’s headphone jack.

      Mac computers don’t support using CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) to control HDMI devices.

      1. Some Mac computers with HDMI ports don’t support multi-channel audio. Check the tech specs for your Mac.

      2. Adapters aren’t supported for these resolutions and refresh rates. Connect displays directly to your Mac for best results.

      3. The Underscan slider appears for only some configurations and resolutions.

      Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Contact the vendor for additional information.

      Published Date: 

      MacBook Pro ports: All the things you can now plug into your new laptop

      Apple gave longtime MacBook Pro owners some good news at its October launch event: the return of several beloved connectivity ports that had previously been stripped out, including the MagSafe charger (no, not like on the iPhone), plus an SD card slot and an HDMI port. The changes amount to a rethinking of what you can do with your Mac, down to the cable you use to juice up its battery.

      What’s the big deal with a bunch of connection ports? Quite a bit, actually. The ports determine the kinds of cables you can use, and what you can quickly and easily do just by plugging in. For example, plugging into a larger external display monitor, using wired headphones and other devices with a specific jack (without having to buy another dongle or adaptor), and potentially saving yourself from a bruising and embarrassing face plant after tripping on the cord.

      The new MacBook Pro — available in 16-inch and 14-inch models — run the latest iterations of the M1 processor chip, the M1 Pro and the M1 Max. It also heralds the death of the much-maligned Touch Bar. (Plus, Apple announced three new HomePod Mini colors

      , the AirPods 3 (order them now

      ) and a new plan for Apple Music subscribers.)

      Here’s everything you need to know about the new MacBook Pro’s ports and connectivity for 2021.

      Watch this: New MacBook Pro models, are they finally Pro enough?

      HDMI port

      What it does: HDMI ports let you connect displays and TVs to your laptop. That means you can use your MacBook Pro as the computer that powers a giant desktop monitor, or so you can watch movies on your 65-inch living room TV from your laptop.

      Where it is: The HDMI port is located on the right side of the MacBook Pro.

      The bottom line: The HDMI port is another way to connect external monitors and displays alongside the Thunderbolt 4 ports.

      This is where you can find all the ports on the new MacBook Pro and what they look like. 


      MagSafe 3 (the original, not the iPhone version)

      What it does: The MacBook’s MagSafe charger uses a magnet to attach to your MacBook for charging. This isn’t to be confused with the MagSafe feature on the iPhone, which is for connecting devices like a wireless charger and wallet.  

      Introduced originally in 2006 — and phased out in 2015 — MagSafe will gently pop the charger from the port if there’s too much pressure on the cable — protecting both the cable and port. An example is if your laptop falls off your desk or bed, or if you accidentally trip over the cable. (In that case, MagSafe might protect you from falling over, too.)

      Where it is: You can find the MagSafe 3 charging port on the left side of the MacBook Pro, closest to the Escape key.

      The bottom line: Apple previously used a Thunderbolt 4-style charger on its MacBook Pro, but the latest laptop will use a MagSafe 3 charger for easy, fast charging — about 50% charge in 30 minutes. 

      Watch this: New MacBook Pro: MagSafe returns

      SDXC card reader 

      What it does: An SD card slot gives you fast access to media. For example, if you’re a photographer, you can insert the SD card from your DSLR camera into the MacBook Pro slot to view your images.  

      Where it is: The SD card slot is on the right side of the MacBook Pro.

      The bottom line: The SD card slot offers another way to quickly access media or add more storage to the laptop. This is considered a more seamless route than other connections, and you won’t have to worry about using up your cable ports to transfer images.

      See also
      • Apple event recap: AirPods 3, new MacBook Pro and more
      • Apple unveils new AirPods at $179
      • Apple’s MacBook Pro display features a new notch, faster refresh rate

      Headphone jack

      What it does: Headphone ports let you connect external headphones using a cable, rather than wirelessly with Bluetooth. This may be an advantage if you want to use a favorite pair or wired headphones as your main pair or as a backup if your wireless headphones are charging. You can also plug in legacy or specialty gear, like a microphone.

      Where it is: You can find the headphone jack on the left side of the MacBook Pro.  

      The bottom line: With the new MacBook Pro, the headphone jack now supports high-impedance (or more durable) headphones.

      Read more: Move over, AirPods 3: Apple reportedly set to launch new Beats Fit Pro earbuds

      Thunderbolt 4 ports

      What they do: A Thunderbolt 4 cable lets you connect external monitors, USB devices and more. Thunderbolt ports provide enough bandwidth for connecting high-speed devices and make it easier to extend your MacBook’s capabilities, especially using high-powered and resource-hungry equipment. 

      Where it is: You can find two Thunderbolt 4 ports on the left side of the MacBook Pro and one on the right side. 

      The bottom line: The multiple Thunderbolt 4 ports allow for more connectivity. For example, with the M1 Pro, Apple says you can connect up to two Pro Display XDRs. With the M1 Max chip, Apple says you can connect up to three Pro Display XDRs and a 4K TV simultaneously.  

      Watch this: The biggest announcements from Apple’s October 2021 event

      Connect to Mac via HDMI

      TVs, displays, or other HDMI devices can be connected to Mac computers using an HDMI cable or adapter.

      Connecting an HDMI device

      You can connect HDMI devices to Mac computers with any of the following ports:

      • HDMI port: Connect directly to an HDMI device using an HDMI cable. For 8K resolution support, use a 48Gbps high speed HDMI cable, such as the Belkin UltraHD High Speed ​​HDMI Cable.
      • Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 3, or USB-C port: Connect to an HDMI device using an adapter, such as Apple’s USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter.
      • Thunderbolt 2, Thunderbolt, or Mini DisplayPort: Connect to an HDMI device using a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter or cable, such as the Belkin 4K Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.

      Identifying ports on a Mac


      Mac computers with a built-in HDMI port support the following video and audio specifications.

      • Up to 8K resolution at 60Hz on compatible Mac models.
      • Up to 4K resolution at 240Hz on compatible Mac computers.
      • Up to 4K resolution at 60Hz on compatible Mac computers.
      • Up to 4K resolution at 30Hz on compatible Mac models.
      • 8-channel 24-bit audio at 192 kHz sampling rate in Dolby Surround 5.1 and traditional stereo. 1 .
      • Play files from iTunes and QuickTime Player (version 10) with HDCP encryption. Safari on macOS Sierra or later also supports HDCP-encrypted playback if the webpage was created using HTML5 and the content was created using FairPlay Streaming technology, when streaming is from Media Source Extensions or HTTP Live Streaming. An HDCP-compliant display is required to play HDCP content on an external display.
      • HDR on compatible Mac models.

      When using an adapter, check the specifications for supported resolutions and other information.

      Up to 8K @ 60Hz

      The HDMI port on the following Mac models supports monitors up to 8K @ 60Hz. 2

      • MacBook Pro (2023)
      • Mac mini (M2 Pro, 2023)

      Up to 4K @ 240 Hz

      The HDMI port on the following Mac models can connect monitors up to 4K @ 240 Hz. 2

      • MacBook Pro (2023)
      • Mac mini (M2 Pro, 2023)

      Up to 4K @ 60 Hz

      The HDMI port on the following Mac models supports monitors up to 4K @ 60 Hz:

        • Mac Studio (2022)
        • Mac mini 2018 or later
        • Mac Pro (2019)
        • MacBook Pro (2021 or later)

        Up to 4K@30Hz

        The HDMI port on the following Mac models supports monitors up to 4K @ 30Hz:

        • Mac mini (2012-2014)
        • Mac Pro (2013)
        • MacBook Pro (2012-2015)

        If your HDMI display isn’t detected

        Learn what to do if your Mac doesn’t detect your HDTV, display, or other HDMI device after it’s connected.

        If the display does not show the entire image

        If the video on your HDTV or display runs out of screen, fix the overscan or underscan problem on your TV or projector.

        If your Mac goes to sleep while playing or pausing a video, you may receive an HDCP error message. Close the program that is playing the video and open it again.

        If the HDMI device is not receiving audio

        If the HDMI device is not receiving audio from the Mac, follow these steps.

        • Choose Apple menu > System Preferences and choose Sound. Make sure your HDMI device is selected in the Output panel.
        • If you’re connecting a device to a Mac mini, disconnect all audio devices from the computer’s headphone jack.

        Mac computers do not support the HDMI device control feature called CEC (Consumer Electronics Control).

        1. Some Mac computers with HDMI ports do not support multi-channel audio. Check your Mac computer specifications.

        2. Adapters are not supported for these resolutions and refresh rates. Connect displays directly to your Mac for best results.

        3. The Underscan slider only appears for some configurations and resolutions.

        Information about non-Apple products or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple is not endorsed or endorsed by Apple. Apple is not responsible for the selection, functionality, or use of third party websites or products. Apple is also not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of information posted on third party websites. Contact the supplier for more information.


        All HDMI port restrictions on MacBook Pro 2021

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        • News

        Svetlana Simagina

        The HDMI port on the new 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pro is not the best. In this article, we will detail all the limitations of the HDMI connector on the new MacBook Pro.

        What are the limitations of the HDMI port on a MacBook Pro?

        The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models both have one HDMI connector. Unfortunately, this is an HDMI 2.0 connector, not HDMI 2.1.

        The port supports one external 4K display with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. This is a display with SDR content and HDR content is not supported by the connector.

        Also, if the display supports refresh rates above 60 Hz, the HDMI connector will limit the refresh rate. If you connect a monitor with a refresh rate of 120Hz to the HDMI 2.0 connector, its refresh rate will be limited to 60Hz.

        https://twitter.com/tapbot_paul/status/1450166030446235650?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1450166030446235650%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es 1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.idownloadblog.com% 2F2021%2F10%2F21%2Fmacbook-pro-hdmi-limitations%2F

        The limit applies to external displays only. The built-in Retina display supports adaptive refresh rates up to 120Hz.

        What’s the situation with the Thunderbolt ports?

        The 2021 MacBook Pro has three Thunderbolt 4 ports that support external displays.

        All MacBook Pro models support the full resolution of the built-in display with a billion colors + two external 6K displays at 60Hz (M1 Pro) or three external 6K displays and one 4K display at 60Hz.

        Thunderbolt connectors on MacBook Pro can also connect HDMI TVs with monitors, but this requires a special adapter.

        Apple TV 4K and HDMI 2.1

        It is not known why the new MacBook Pro has an outdated HDMI 2.0 connector.

        This may be due to the fact that the three Thunderbolt ports and the MagSafe connector are already consuming a lot of resources.

        Strangely enough, a few months ago Apple released a new Apple TV 4K with HDMI 2.1 port and support for 4K HDR Dolby Vision at 60 frames per second via a Gbps HDMI cable.

        HDMI 2.1 specifications

        The HDMI 2.1 standard was introduced in November 2017. Then he received support for HDR content, 4K resolution at 120 fps, 8K resolution at 60 fps, etc. Along with it, a new standard for high-speed HDMI cables with a bandwidth of 48 Gb / s was released.

    Best buy drone return policy: Best Buy Drone Return Policy In 2023 (No Box, Used + More)

    Best Buy Drone Return Policy In 2023 (No Box, Used + More)

    by Marques Thomas

    Best Buy, a pre-eminent electronics retailer in the US, allows customers to return electronics to maximize customer satisfaction.

    With an inclusive return and exchange policy, you might have queries on the Best Buy drone return policy. Here’s what I found out about the Best Buy drone return policy!

    Best Buy’s return policy allows customers to return drones within 15 days of purchase. However, if the drone is open, Best Buy charges a restocking fee of 15% of the drone purchase price. Customers also have to present proof of purchase and original photo ID when requesting to return the drone.

    If you want to gather more information on the Best Buy drone return policy and whether you can return an open-box drone, keep reading!

    Can You Return Drones At Best Buy?

    Yes, you can return drones at Best Buy. Best Buy’s return and exchange policy allow customers to return new, refurbished, clearance, open-box, and preowned drones.

    Customers can request to return drones within 15 days from the day of purchase by mail or at Best Buy in-store.

    However, it is necessary to produce proof of purchase such as original receipts, credit card statements and packing slips, and original photo identification for Best Buy to process the return request.

    Can You Return An Opened Drone To Best Buy?

    Fortunately, you can return an opened drone to Best Buy if you are not satisfied with the purchase.

    Best Buy adheres to a return and exchange policy that necessitates the use of proof of purchase and original photo ID when requesting a return.

    Additionally, Best Buy requires customers to accompany the drone with the original packaging and accessories for the employees to process the return request.

    If the original packaging and accessories are missing, Best Buy will accept the request to return the drone but will deduct an amount from the refund to cater to the missing items.

    It is important to note that opened drones attract a restocking fee of 15% of the item purchase price.

    For instance, if you purchase a DJI or Contixo drone, open it, and feel unsatisfied with the purchase, you can return the item with all accessories and request an 85 % refund of the item purchase price.

    Best Buy also exempts restocking fees for opened drones purchased and returned in Alabama, Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.

    Customers have to ensure that the request to return an opened drone is made within 15 days from the day of purchase.

    What Does Best Buy Drone Warranty Cover?

    Best Buy drones can be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or through Best Buy Total Tech Support.

    The Best Buy drone warranty by manufacturers is dependent on the cover offered by each company or brand and is not influenced by Best Buy.

    For instance, the DJI Mavic Air 2 quadcopter drone has a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 180 days, while the Contixo F24 Quadcopter Drone has a warranty of up to 1 year.

    Best Buy also provides customers with additional coverage, termed as the ‘Geek Squad Protection Plan,’ which extends and enhances the manufacturer’s coverage for up to four years.

    This Geek Squad Protection Plan is a service under Best Buy Total Tech Support™ and is available to customers on a membership fee of $199.99 per year.

    Members of the Geek Squad Protection Plan enjoy the following benefits:

    • Coverage from accidental damage to the drone
    • One-time battery replacement of original and non-disposable drone battery
    • Coverage from normal wear and tear
    • Power surge repair
    • On-board camera coverage
    • Transferrable coverage
    • Convenient claim support

    How Strict Is Best Buy Drone Return Policy?

    Best Buy Drone return requests must be made within 15 days from the day of purchase.

    The customers must produce the receipt or any proof of purchase accompanied by a valid ID for Bet Buy to process the request.

    It is important to note that opened drones attract a restocking fee of 15% of the item’s price except those purchased and returned in exceptional states.

    In addition to this, customers must provide the original packaging and accessories; otherwise, Best Buy will deduct an amount to replace the missing item.

    Can I Return My Drone To Best Buy?

    Yes, you can return your drone to Best Buy if you are unsatisfied with the product. All you have to do is produce proof of purchase and present original photo identification.

    However, if you have already opened the drone, Best Buy will charge a restocking fee of 15% of the purchase price of the drone.

    Ensure that you return the drone within 15 days from the day of purchase.

    Should I Return My Best Buy Drone?

    You should return your drone to Best Buy if you are not okay with the drone you purchased.

    Best Buy’s drone return policy accommodates the return of drones to the store by mail or by visiting the physical store.

    If you are looking to learn more, you can see our related posts on Walmart drone return policy, and the Target camera return policy.


    Best Buy’s drone return policy allows customers to return drones and request refunds, exchanges, or repairs. Therefore, customers can return both open and unopened drones within 15 days from the day of purchase.

    Marques Thomas

    Marques Thomas graduated with a MBA in 2011. Since then, Marques has worked in the retail and consumer service industry as a manager, advisor, and marketer. Marques is also the head writer and founder of QuerySprout.com.

    Best Buy Drone Return Policy (no Box, Used + More)

    Customer return policy

    When a Customer wants to return merchandise purchased within 30 days, we provide a 60-Day Return Policy.

    Now that you have purchased your drone, one major thing to keep in mind is drone return policy. Here’s how you can do this.

    Return policies for drones vary depending upon the store. Some stores such as Target do not have any restrictions on returning drones. Other stores such as Best Buy and Amazon charge customers a 15% restocking fee on drones or other items that are open. In order to return drones, customers must present the original purchase receipt and photo ID.

    To find out the more information on Best Buy return policy for drones, read the article below!

    Can You Return Drones At Best Buy?

    It is very likely that you can return the Drone back to Best Buy. You can find more information on return policies at BestBuy.com.

    Customers can return the drone when it is still in its original packaging. However, it might be shipped back to Best Buy.

    For details, please contact our customer service representative at customer service.

    If the item is defective, please return it for replacement, refund, or exchange within 30 days after purchase.

    Can You Return An Opened Drone To Best Buy?

    You can return a drone that you purchased if you are not satisfied with it.

    Best Buy won’t allow returns unless the product has been purchased in one of two ways: As part of a purchase, or, if the product is a gift, the customer has to present the original receipt or gift certificate.

    Additionally, Best Buy requires customers to complete the return request and provide a return address inside the original packaging of the purchased drone.

    The customer can request to get a replacement for the product, but some parts of the product (such as batteries, camera and GPS) are not replaceable by the manufacturer. The customer will have to spend a fee (which is not mentioned in the page) to get a replacement.

    If you are going to buy a drone you should know that a very important thing to consider is that a drone is not something you can easily buy without paying a huge restocking cost.

    If you’ve bought a drone or drone accessories, feel unsatisfied with the purchase, you can return the item with all accessories and request a 85% refund of the item purchase price.

    Best Buy exempted the customers from repacking return items for any reason, but if returned due to problems within 90 days of sale Best Buy will pay for the restocking fees.

    Customers will have to inform the manufacturer about the drone that they want to return within 15 days of purchase.

    If the customer returns a drone that is not unopened, the manufacturer will have to pay for shipping and handling charges.

    What Does Best Buy Drone Warranty Cover?

    The manufacturer’s warranty covers drone repairs. You can call the manufacturer’s support center to get tech support.

    Please contact your local Best Buy retailer with your warranty claim and they’ll take care of the rest.

    Another example of a drone that is more expensive and has a longer warranty because it usually has a lot of extra features, such as better cameras.

    Best Buy provide additional covers like ‘Geek Squad Protection Plan’ which extends and improves the manufacturer’s coverage for up to four years.

    The Geek Squad Protection Plan is optional for Best Buy Total Tech Support customers only, and costs $199.99 per year.

    You get a free standard ground shipping on all orders over $50 and a free standard ground shipping on all in-stock items over $50.

    How Strict Is Best Buy Drone Return Policy?

    Unopened items

    Items that are damaged or show signs of physical abuse.
    All returns must be accompanied by a copy of the receipt and must show that the item was purchased online. Items that are over 10 pounds in weight must be shipped via a freight service.

    When asking for your refund, you must produce the receipt or proof of purchase and a valid ID.

    It is important that you note that opened drones attract fifteen percent restocking fees and are in exceptional states.

    Customers must provide the original packaging and accessories when exchanging for any Best Buy branded products; otherwise, the customer will be charged for the item and its parts in the value of the original packaging and accessories. The customer is not responsible for any issues that may arise due to replacing the item with a different brand or model.

    Can I Return My Drone To Best Buy?

    If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it without any kind of problem. All you have to do is produce a receipt that you bought the drone from or show your proof of purchase on your social media sites.

    However this will not apply to those who already bought the drones from Best Buy. If you already bought a Drone from Best Buy, you can return it through either email, phone or in-store.

    If your drone returns in your possession, it will be returned to you within a certain time.

    Should I Return My Best Buy Drone?

    You should return the drone you purchased from Best Buy if you are not okay with the drone.

    I think that the return of the order is a policy which is provided to customers who want to return items which are purchased on the website.

    As with everything else on ShopSavvy, you can search our blog for more information on a specific topic.


    Best Buy allows customers to return drones within 15 days of purchase. If the drone is not open and unopened. Customers cannot return drones that have been opened or damaged.

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    Men who launched a drone were detained in Moscow – April 30, 2023


    Admiral Ushakov Street in the southwest Moscow. On April 30, TASS writes about this with reference to law enforcement agencies.

    According to the interlocutor of the publication, the drone was launched in one of the yards near a residential building. The men have been arrested. The device was seized and sent for examination.

    Fontanka wrote that on April 28 an unknown drone was spotted in the sky over Tosno. An outside aircraft was recorded by the pilot of one of the flights. Presumably, it was an amateur drone. And in Sevastopol, an UAV attack on an oil depot led to a serious fire.

    More news in our official telegram channel Fontanka SPB online . Subscribe to be the first to know about important things.


    • Pilots of a passenger plane noticed an unknown drone flying over the Tosnensky district

      April 29, 2023, 14:52

    • Another

      was found in the Moscow region near the crash site of the drone April 24, 2023, 19:40

    • Found at the Pskov airport unknown drone

      20 April 2023, 11:21

    • TASS: Truck

      was cordoned off in Moscow because of a grenade-like object 28 February 2023, 20:45

    • Either a drone or a fat seagull. Residents of St. Petersburg look at the sky and call the police 911 May 2023 0028 read all commentsadd a comment

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      Company news

      90 002 Lawyer Stanislav Sazonov explains how to return a car after buying it in St. Petersburg

      Prices for cars are high have grown since 2022. Therefore, it is especially disappointing when an expensive car bought on credit often breaks down or you have to wait several weeks for repairs. There is also a way out of this situation. Stanislav Sazonov, the author of the Last Judgment channel about the return of low-quality cars, answered the most popular questions from subscribers: Question: I bought a car and realized that I just didn’t like it, can I return it within 14 days? No, you can’t just return the car. This is a technically sophisticated product that can be returned in the first…

      Etalon Group commissioned another residential building in the Galaktika quarter

      Etalon Group, one of the largest development companies in the Russian market, received permission to operation of residential building 9.1 in the Galaktika quarter. The new house has been assigned the address: St. Petersburg, Izmailovskoye municipality, Izmailovsky Boulevard, 9, building 1. The total marketable area of ​​the new building is 67.7 thousand square meters. m, including 65.0 thousand sq. m. m of housing, as well as built-in commercial premises with an area of ​​2.7 thousand square meters. m. According to the project, 16 sections with a height of 14 to 18 floors were erected on the site. 129 are designed in the building8…

      The facades of the first floors for the A101 Lagolovo project were developed by young architects from St. Petersburg

      The jury of the All-Russian Brick Competition for young architects and designers determined the authors of the best design project first floors of the A101 Lagolovo residential area, which is being built by the A101 Group of Companies in the Lomonosovsky district of the Leningrad region. It was the project “Keeping Balance” by architects Taisiya Makarenkova and Anastasia Varlygina from St. Petersburg. The group of authors of young architects became the winner in the special nomination “Brick city house +”, the partner of which was the A101 Group of Companies. Participants of the special nomination were offered…

      TOP 5

      1 Shoigu: 71 Russian servicemen were killed while repelling the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


      2 Baits with a live strain of rabies are scattered in the forests of the Leningrad Region


      443 Kakhovskaya HPP is no more: look at the epic footage from the air

      86 585

      1314 After the destruction of the Kakhovskaya HPP, the speed of the Dnieper increased 10 times. More than 20 people were injured, evacuation is under fire

      81 718

      465 State of emergency at the Kakhovskaya HPP. Kherson region has known the wrath of the Dnieper, but who is to blame?


      103 Company news

      Arguments and Facts: Russian and world news

      Shoigu demanded to reduce the time for sending military equipment to the troops

      • 19:25,

        Internet resources of OVD-Info blocked in Russia

      • 19:23,

        Rogov named the cause of the car explosion in Berdyansk

      • 19:22,

        Homemade Cheburashka from the Ulyanovsk region became the hero of memes

      • 19:13,

        The traffic police may revise the fines for drivers who took people out of Shebekino

      • 19:02,

        The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published footage of the destruction of tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

      • 18:54,

        Ambassador Kuzmin commented on the decision of Romania to reduce the staff of the Russian Embassy

      • 18:53,

        Chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces reported to Putin on the fighting in the Zaporozhye direction

      • 18:43,

        In Yakutia, a pensioner saved the hares from the flood

      • 18:35,

        The authorities of Hurghada did not close the beaches after a shark attack on a Russian

      • 18:27,

        Galkin insulted a subscriber who asked him an uncomfortable question about Shebekino

      All news

      ZNPP in the sight of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    Review of handheld vacuums: The 3 Best Handheld Vacuums of 2023

    The 4 Best Handheld Vacuums – Spring 2023: Reviews

    1. Table of Contents
    2. Intro
    3. Best Vacuum

      1. Best Mid-Range

        1. Best Budget

          1. Best For Allergies

            1. Notable Mentions
            2. Recent Updates
            3. All Reviews
            4. Discussions

            Updated May 24, 2023 at 11:19 pm

            By Evan Jakab

            Handheld vacuums are a great option if you’re looking to clean small spills around the home. They’re lightweight and portable, and due to their small size, they’re handy when tackling more difficult or uneven terrain, like inside your car or on your stairs. Some stick or canister vacuums also have a handheld configuration, making them even more versatile if you need to clean larger areas. Unfortunately, handheld vacuums tend to have small dirt compartments. If they’re cordless, they may also have a shorter continuous battery life than non-handheld vacuums.

            We’ve tested over 130 vacuum cleaners, and below are our recommendations for the best portable vacuums with a handheld design to buy. These picks are selected based on their performance on different surfaces and their feature set, battery life, and price. For more options, see our lists of the best lightweight vacuums, the best vacuums for stairs, the best car vacuums, the best Dyson vacuums, and the best cordless vacuums.

            1. Best Handheld Vacuum

              Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+


              Finding Store


              Finding Store

              Bare Floor


              Low-Pile Carpet


              High-Pile Carpet



              7. 0







              Vacuum Type






              Anti-Allergy Filter (HEPA)


              Wet Compatible


              See all our test results

              The best handheld vacuum we’ve tested is the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+. This compact vacuum does an excellent job of clearing away solid debris on bare surfaces like countertops and shelves, and it’s powerful enough to draw out debris from rugs and carpets. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to bring wherever you need it in your home, and while it’s on the larger side for a handheld vacuum, it’s still small enough to stow away in most cupboards and closets. Its dirt compartment is also quite large for a vacuum of this type, so it won’t need emptying at the end of every single spot-cleaning job. For attachments, the CH951 variant has a crevice tool, a hard-bristle brush, and a miniature turbo brush with a self-cleaning brushroll. Unfortunately, the latter is somewhat unwieldy and ineffective in removing pet hair from upholstered surfaces; you’re better off using the hard bristle brush to clean furniture.

              The vacuum’s 10-minute battery life is poor, even by the low standards of other handheld vacuums, so you’ll need to work fast when cleaning larger messes. Worse yet, the battery isn’t designed for replacement, so you can’t pop in a new unit if it doesn’t hold a charge as well as it used to. It also does a terrible job of sealing in particles like pet dander or fine dust, so it isn’t the best option if you suffer from allergies.

              See our review

            2. Best Mid-Range Handheld Vacuum

              Black+Decker dustbuster Hand Vacuum


              Finding Store


              Finding Store

              Bare Floor

              8. 1

              Low-Pile Carpet


              High-Pile Carpet










              Vacuum Type






              Anti-Allergy Filter (HEPA)


              Wet Compatible


              See all our test results

              The best cordless handheld vacuum at a mid-range price point we’ve tested is the Black+Decker dustbuster Hand Vacuum. Compared to the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+, it feels noticeably less sturdy and takes up more room when not in use, but it has a few advantages aside from its lower price tag. Its dustbin is even bigger and won’t need emptying as often. Replacement filters are also cheaper than for the Shark, resulting in lower ownership costs. It excels when clearing away debris on hard surfaces like countertops or hardwood floors and does a good job of dealing with debris in cracks and crevices, thanks to a built-in crevice tool, but it does have a harder time with debris embedded in carpet fibers.

              The selection of attachments is very limited, with only the aforementioned slide-out crevice tool and a flip-out hard-bristle brush; there’s no upholstery tool or miniature turbo brush to make cleaning fabric furniture easier. It can only run for a little over 10 minutes on a single charge, which is short, even by the standards of other handheld models, and takes over three hours to recharge. Even worse, you can’t remove its battery, so you can’t swap in a new pack if the current unit’s performance degrades over time.

              See our review

            3. Best Budget Handheld Vacuum

              BISSELL AeroSlim/TurboSlim


              Finding Store


              Finding Store

              Bare Floor


              Low-Pile Carpet


              High-Pile Carpet










              Vacuum Type






              Anti-Allergy Filter (HEPA)


              Wet Compatible


              See all our test results

              The best cordless handheld vacuum at a budget-friendly price that we’ve tested is the BISSELL AeroSlim/TurboSlim. It’s a different proposition than larger handheld vacuums like the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ and Black+Decker dustbuster Hand Vacuum, with a highly compact body a little smaller than a two-liter bottle of soda. It makes it remarkably portable, but the flip side is a small, weak suction motor that struggles with lifting heavier debris and a tiny dirt compartment that fills quickly. Bulky debris can also clog its suction nozzle or fall out of the dustbin if it’s overfilled, so you’ll need to look elsewhere if you frequently find yourself cleaning things like large pieces of cereal. That said, this vacuum is ideal for quick cleanups on hard surfaces like countertops, shelves, or tile and hardwood tile floors, where it easily clears away lightweight debris like rice or pet hair.

              It can run for about 15 minutes on a single charge, which is normal for a vacuum of this size and intended use. Unfortunately, recharging via its included adapter takes over three hours, so you’ll be waiting for a while if you need it for more than a few spills. Its battery also isn’t removable or replaceable, so you can’t just pop in a new pack when the current one runs dry. While there’s no wide-aperture upholstery nozzle or miniature turbo brush tool for cleaning larger fabric surfaces, this vacuum comes with a crevice tool that you can use to extend your reach in tight spots. It also comes with a slide-on soft-bristle brush for cleaning dust off delicate surfaces.

              See our review

            4. Best Handheld Vacuum For Allergies

              Shark WANDVAC


              Finding Store


              Finding Store

              Bare Floor


              Low-Pile Carpet


              High-Pile Carpet

              7. 3









              Vacuum Type






              Anti-Allergy Filter (HEPA)


              Wet Compatible


              See all our test results

              If you suffer from allergies and want a vacuum that’s effective at sealing fine particles like dust or pet dander, check out the Shark WANDVAC. It’s more expensive than the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ and has a tiny dirt compartment, even by the standards of other handheld vacuums. However, it does a much better job sealing in allergens with the standard filter, which isn’t even HEPA-rated. If you want to increase its filtration performance even more, several third-party manufacturers sell compatible HEPA-rated filters. It’s also very small, with dimensions similar to the highly-compact BISSELL AeroSlim/TurboSlim, making it easier to stow away in a drawer or cupboard when not in use. You’ll want to go for the slightly pricier WV201 variant over the base WV200 variant, as the former comes with a sleek charging dock with room for its two included attachments, so you won’t have to find another place to tuck them away.

              While there’s no miniature turbo brush for cleaning carpeted or fabric surfaces, the provided straight suction upholstery tool is still effective in dealing with messes on furniture. Unfortunately, the Shark’s battery performance is poor, even for a handheld vacuum, as it can only run for about 10 minutes on a charge. Like many other handheld vacuums, its battery isn’t designed to be removed or replaced, so you can’t swap in a freshly charged pack when it runs out of power or buy a replacement pack if the current unit’s performance degrades over time.

              See our review

            Notable Mentions

            • Black+Decker dustbuster AdvancedClean+ Pet:
              The Black+Decker dustbuster AdvancedClean+ Pet is a cordless handheld vacuum with superior battery performance to the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ and has a larger dirt compartment. It feels less well-built and doesn’t perform as well on any surface type.
              See our review
            • Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Hand Vacuum:
              The Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Hand Vacuum is a bulkier handheld vacuum that delivers inferior suction performance to the similarly-priced Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+. That said, unlike the Shark, it’s part of an interconnected product ecosystem that uses swappable batteries, so you can easily replace the pack if you run out of charge or if its runtime degrades over time.
              See our review
            • Wyze Handheld Vacuum:
              The Wyze Handheld Vacuum is a great option if you’re looking for a compact handheld, as it offers a relatively lengthy 30-minute runtime and has a HEPA filter. However, its availability is currently quite limited. In addition, like the BISSELL AeroSlim/TurboSlim, it has difficulty dealing with bulky debris.
              See our review
            • iRobot h2:
              The iRobot h2 is a premium handheld vacuum with a two-stage filtration system. While it has a considerably larger dirt compartment than the Shark WANDVAC and a longer battery life, it’s also significantly heavier and pricier.
              See our review

            Recent Updates

            1. May 24, 2023:
              Verified that all main picks are still available and represent the best fit for user needs.

            2. Apr 28, 2023:
              Minor in-text alterations to improve legibility and clarity.

            3. Mar 29, 2023:
              Verified that all main picks still represent the best fit for user needs and preferences.

            4. Mar 03, 2023:
              Ensured all main picks are still available and represent the best option for user needs.

            5. Feb 02, 2023:
              Ensured all main picks are still available and represent the best choice for users.

            All Reviews

            Our recommendations are based on what we think are currently the best portable vacuums to buy. We don’t just base our results on overall performance, but also factors like availability, price, and reader feedback.

            If you would like to do the work of choosing yourself, here is the list of all our handheld vacuum reviews. Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no vacuum is perfect for every use, most are good enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them.

            The 5 Best Car Vacuums – Spring 2023: Reviews

            1. Table of Contents
            2. Intro
            3. Best Vacuum

              1. Best Mid-Range

                1. Best Budget

                  1. Best Shop

                    1. Best Corded

                      1. Notable Mentions
                      2. Recent Updates
                      3. All Reviews
                      4. Discussions

                      Updated May 24, 2023 at 11:24 pm

                      By Evan Jakab

                      No matter how hard you try to avoid or prevent it, keeping your car completely clean is impossible. Kids accidentally drop snacks on the floor while pets shed or leave mud prints on the upholstery. Luckily, a vacuum designed for cleaning your car’s interior can help make your automobile feel like it’s dealership-new once again. These vacuums tend to be very portable and lightweight. They also favor better performance on low-pile carpet over other surface types, and they come with several tools to help you reach more difficult areas like crevices.

                      We’ve tested over 130 vacuum cleaners, and below are our recommendations for the best vacuums for cleaning cars to buy. These picks were selected based on their performance on different types of surfaces and their feature set, battery life, and price. For more recommendations, look at our lists of the best vacuums, the best cordless vacuums, and the best vacuums for pet hair.

                      1. Best Car Vacuum

                        Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+


                        Finding Store


                        Finding Store



                        Vacuum Type






                        Anti-Allergy Filter (HEPA)


                        Wet Compatible


                        See all our test results

                        The best vacuum for cars we’ve tested is the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+. Its compact size lets you store it on a garage shelf or even in the trunk of your vehicle. It’s also very lightweight, allowing you to carry it around with little effort but without feeling overly cheap or flimsy. It does a fantastic job of handling debris on flat, hard surfaces and is impressively effective in dealing with messes on carpeting and floor mats. Its dirt compartment is large for a handheld model, so you only need to empty it occasionally. Unfortunately, its battery life of a little over 10 minutes isn’t especially noteworthy, even by the standards of other handheld vacuums, so you’ll need to work quickly when cleaning out your car. Worse, the battery isn’t designed for removal, so you can’t swap in a new pack if the current unit’s performance degrades over time.

                        This CH951 variant of this vacuum has a crevice tool for dealing with debris in tight corners and a miniature turbo brush, though the latter is pretty unwieldy and has a hard time picking up pet hair on fabric surfaces. The vacuum also does a terrible job of capturing fine debris. For a similarly designed model with HEPA-level filtration and much longer battery life, the iRobot h2 is the best handheld vacuum for car use we’ve tested that comes at a premium price point. The reason it’s not our main pick is because of how expensive, especially for a handheld vacuum, it is and the fact that it has a much smaller dirt compartment.

                        See our review

                      2. Best Mid-Range Vacuum For Cars

                        Black+Decker dustbuster Hand Vacuum


                        Finding Store


                        Finding Store



                        Vacuum Type






                        Anti-Allergy Filter (HEPA)


                        Wet Compatible


                        See all our test results

                        The Black+Decker dustbuster Hand Vacuum is the best vacuum for cars at a mid-range price that we’ve tested. Unlike the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+, it doesn’t come with a turbo brush attachment, which makes it a little trickier to clean larger carpeted and upholstered areas. It also takes much longer to recharge and has a similarly short battery life of about 10 minutes. It shares a common downside with the Shark in the form of its non-replaceable battery pack too, so you can’t swap out the pack if its performance degrades over time. All of that said, it’s not without its upsides. It’s cheaper than the Shark and has an even higher-capacity dustbin that won’t need emptying as often. Despite its bulkier size, it’s still very lightweight, so you can easily carry it around with minimal fatigue.

                        This vacuum’s integrated extension wand/crevice tool makes it easier to clean tight spots, like between car seats and your center console or the depths of cup holders. It also has a flip-out hard-bristle brush for dislodging stuck-on dirt from seats or any plastic surfaces.

                        See our review

                      3. Best Budget Vacuum For Cars

                        BISSELL AeroSlim/TurboSlim


                        Finding Store


                        Finding Store


                        8. 6

                        Vacuum Type






                        Anti-Allergy Filter (HEPA)


                        Wet Compatible


                        See all our test results

                        The BISSELL AeroSlim/TurboSlim is a great choice if you’re shopping for a cheaper handheld. Its extremely small size means it can’t hold nearly as much debris as a larger handheld model like the Black+Decker dustbuster Hand Vacuum, but this also makes it even easier to use in cramped quarters, like the inside of a compact car— you can even stand it upright in an extra-large cupholder. Like the Black+Decker, it doesn’t have a miniature turbo brush tool to clean larger upholstered areas like the trunk or floor mats. However, there is a crevice tool to extend your reach between seats and in cupholders and a slide-on soft-bristle brush for cleaning delicate plastic surfaces, like your car’s center console.

                        This vacuum feels well-built, especially for a handheld at this price point. Its simple design makes emptying its tiny dustbin or accessing its filters effortless. Unfortunately, while it’s highly effective at clearing away pet hair and lightweight debris, bulky material like whole cereal pieces can easily clog its narrow suction inlet. It can also only run for about 15 minutes on a charge, which gives you little time to clean bigger messes. That said, that short a run time isn’t unusual for a vacuum of this type.

                        See our review

                      4. Best Shop Vacuum For Cars

                        RYOBI 18V One+ 3 Gal. Project Wet/Dry


                        Finding Store


                        Finding Store



                        Vacuum Type






                        Anti-Allergy Filter (HEPA)


                        Wet Compatible

                        Fully Compatible

                        See all our test results

                        If you want a vacuum that can handle dry and wet messes inside your car, you need a shop vac! The RYOBI 18V One+ 3 Gal. Project Wet/Dry is a great option for this use and is among the best cordless car vacuums we’ve tested. While compact for a shop-oriented vacuum, it’s much bulkier than a conventional handheld like the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+. The trade-off of this larger design is a much greater debris capacity and a far more powerful suction motor, which lets it easily clear away heavy debris and liquids⁠—make sure to remove the filter before using it to clean up wet messes. While the included 4.0 Ah battery only supplies roughly 15 minutes of runtime, you can easily swap out the depleted battery for a higher-capacity unit or grab another pack if you have any other RYOBI One+ products in your home like a cordless drill or reciprocating saw.

                        You can detach the hose and fold the grab handle flush against the top cover, allowing you to stow it on a large shelf or under a worktable. However, it can become somewhat hard to carry around as it fills up with debris, as the motor unit/canister body is meant for you to carry in one hand. While there is a crevice tool to extend your reach, its hose is very short, which makes it difficult to clean the furthest recesses of your car’s interior.

                        See our review

                      5. Best Corded Car Vacuum

                        Eureka Mighty Mite


                        Finding Store


                        Finding Store



                        Vacuum Type






                        Anti-Allergy Filter (HEPA)


                        Wet Compatible


                        See all our test results

                        If you want to avoid running out of charge partway through cleaning your car, the Eureka Mighty Mite is still among the best portable car vacuums we’ve tested. Right off the bat, it’s important to note that it has a short power cord, forcing you to use an extension cord to clean hard-to-reach spots in your car and making it trickier to clean tight areas when compared to a cordless handheld model like the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+. Still, its lightweight design makes it easy to pick up and carry around. Despite its affordable price point, it has a reasonably potent 12-amp motor, resulting in a strong performance on hard surfaces and low-pile floormats. It also does a great job of clearing away pet hair on upholstered surfaces like car seats when used with its mini brush tool. The vacuum’s simple design lets you quickly dispose of its high-capacity dirtbag once it fills up.

                        Unfortunately, build quality isn’t especially impressive, with most of its parts being made of cheap-feeling plastic. While its long wand, made of two hollow plastic tubes, gives you a bit of added reach for cleaning tight spots, it’s worth noting those plastic tubes can fall apart if you don’t wedge them together with sufficient force. In addition, unlike an actual shop vacuum like the RYOBI 18V One+ 3 Gal. Project Wet/Dry, you can’t use it to clear away liquid spills.

                        See our review

                      Notable Mentions

                      • Shark WANDVAC:
                        The Shark WANDVAC is among the best portable car vacuums we’ve tested, with a very good performance on low-pile carpets and much better air filtration performance than the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+. However, it lacks a miniature turbo brush tool.
                        See our review
                      • Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Hand Vacuum:
                        The Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Hand Vacuum is a solid alternative to the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ and uses a detachable battery pack that offers a longer runtime out of the box. However, compared to the Shark, the best cordless car vacuum we’ve tested, it doesn’t perform as well on carpeted surfaces and doesn’t come with a turbo brush.
                        See our review
                      • Wyze Handheld Vacuum:
                        The Wyze Handheld Vacuum is among the best handheld vacuums for car use we’ve tested, as it offers HEPA filtration and a near-30-minute runtime on a single charge. That said, like the BISSELL AeroSlim/TurboSlim, it struggles with bulky debris. Its availability is also somewhat limited.
                        See our review

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                      4. Mar 03, 2023:
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                      5. Feb 02, 2023:
                        Ensured all main picks still represent the best choice for user needs.

                      All Reviews

                      Our recommendations are based on what we think are currently the best vacuums to clean the inside of your car. We don’t just base our results on overall performance, but also on factors like availability, price, and reader feedback.

                      If you would like to do the work of choosing yourself, here is the list of all our vacuum reviews, ranked by their suitability for car cleaning. Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no vacuum is perfect for every use, most are good enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them.

                      KP top 10 rating

                      The idea of ​​automating home cleaning arose in the 19th century: it was then that the first prototypes of modern upright vacuum cleaners appeared. D. Hess (USA) is considered the inventor of the device: he proposed to equip a familiar brush with a complex system of bellows to create an air flow. In history, there were cleaners with a fan, the effect of static electricity was applied, and they also tried to use a gasoline engine. There were several dozen different types of upgrades.

                      The first modern upright vacuum cleaner, the Hoover Suction Sweeper. The model immediately became popular among wealthy citizens, and queues even lined up for the best upright vacuum cleaners, despite the high cost. The convenience and functionality of the device remain in demand even now.

                      We searched for the best upright vacuum cleaners of 2023 on Yandex.Market and other online hypermarkets.

                      Editor’s Choice

                      REDMOND RV-UR368 (Cordless Upright)

                      REDMOND RV-UR368. Photo: online store Redmond

                      RV-UR368 is a new cordless vacuum cleaner from the well-known manufacturer of household appliances and electronics REDMOND. This is a 3-in-1 universal device: the vacuum cleaner performs not only dry and wet cleaning, but also disinfects with ultraviolet (UV).

                      Dry cleaning is equally suitable for all types of floor coverings. This is facilitated by a suction power of 5000 Pa (70 W), as well as two replaceable rollers for the turbo brush. One of them (combined) is designed for smooth floor coverings (laminate, parquet, tiles, etc.), the second (bristle) effectively removes dirt from carpets of any type and thickness.

                      No streaks after wet cleaning thanks to the Twin Clean water system. The vacuum cleaner has two containers: one for clean water, the second for dirty water. Clean water is manually fed to the roller and then passes into the second container. The ultraviolet lamp is always on – it destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, etc. The washable HEPA h23 filter additionally traps dust and small allergens. Two suction modes – economical and maximum – will allow you to accurately select the desired cleaning mode.

                      The large electronic display shows information about cleaning mode, battery charge and water level in the container. Also, this information is duplicated by a voice assistant – so you can always monitor the status of the vacuum cleaner.

                      The device is equipped with a 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery, which allows the device to operate continuously for up to 35 minutes. The docking station not only charges the vacuum cleaner, but also automatically flushes the nozzles and turbo brush in just 1 minute.

                      1 year manufacturer’s warranty. REDMOND has a large number of service centers in Russia, which regularly purchase the necessary spare parts. You can order a vacuum cleaner in the REDMOND company store, as well as in popular retail chains throughout the Russian Federation.

                      Editor’s Choice

                      REDMOND RV-UR368

                      3-in-1 Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

                      The ideal cleaner for any apartment with UV lamp, two water containers, auto cleaning system and voice assistant

                      Get the priceAll REDMOND vacuum cleaners

                      Advertising. Ilot LLC. LjN8JydRT

                      Main features

                      90 043 electronic

                      Cleaning type dry, wet, UV disinfection
                      Control type
                      Dust container type cyclone container
                      Power input 150 W
                      Suction power 70 W (5000 Pa) (two modes)
                      Battery Li-ion, 2600 mAh
                      Battery charge time 4 h
                      Continuous use time 900 44

                      up to 35 min
                      Dust container capacity 0.6 l
                      Noise level 83 dB
                      Filter HEPA h23
                      Net weight 5.2 kg 9004 4
                      Equipment power adapter, vacuum cleaner, user manual, service book, charging station , Turbo brush rollers (2 pcs.), HEPA filter cleaning brush, Turbo brush cleaning brush, Turbo brush roller storage stand, key
                      Warranty 12 months
                      Pros and cons coatings, self-cleaning function, separate containers for dirty and for clean water, informative display and voice assistant, a large number of service centers in Russia Photo: market.


                      Cordless vacuum cleaner with a patented double nozzle with two brushes at once. To eliminate any dust and debris, the device has an airflow power of 170 watts. Depending on the type of coating, the device can automatically adjust the suction power. Deep air purification is provided by 6-stage filtration. The status of the vacuum cleaner and the battery level are displayed on the OLED display. The set includes five nozzles and two charging bases. The weight of the device is only 1.6 kg.

                      Pros and cons:

                      Double motorized electric brush, high suction power, six filter stages, five attachments and two charging bases

                      Dust capacity 0.5 l

                      Editor’s choice

                      Atvel G9

                      Cordless upright vacuum cleaner 9000 3

                      The processor selects the optimal power depending on loads and ensures optimal energy consumption

                      Ask for priceAll details

                      Atvel F16

                      Atvel F16. Photo: market.yandex.ru

                      American cordless vacuum cleaner with liquid collection and advanced wet cleaning. The device simultaneously vacuums and washes, intensively humidifies the air and cleans it with a HEPA12 filter. The revolutionary washing system provides a high-quality result for general cleaning and is convenient for local cleaning. The rotating roller in the nozzle is wetted with water, qualitatively washes the dirt and squeezes them into the waste bin. For clean water, a separate container of 680 ml is provided. Thanks to the high suction power of 150 W, dirt is removed without streaks. Self-cleaning eliminates the need to wash the vacuum cleaner after cleaning. An additional roller is included for cleaning carpets. The LCD display displays useful information related to the vacuum cleaner’s operating modes.

                      Pros and cons:

                      Thorough wet cleaning, liquid collection function, washes and vacuums at the same time

                      No manual configuration F16 will wash the floors from sweet juice, chocolate, collect broken eggs, milk, cereals, dry garbage, liquids, hair and dust

                      Get PriceAll the benefits of

                      KARCHER VC 4s Cordless

                      KARCHER VC 4s Cordless. Photo: market.yandex.ru

                      Cordless model with motorized nozzle for the most effective carpet cleaning. The built-in 2.5 Ah battery ensures continuous operation: the manufacturer announced a continuous duration of 60 minutes. in economy mode. The case can be transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner for upholstered furniture and car interiors.

                      Pros and cons:

                      Light weight, low noise

                      High price

                      Okami V50 Ultra

                      Okami V50 Ultra. Photo: market.yandex.ru

                      The difference of this model is a large dust container: it will fit 1.5 liters. The upright vacuum cleaner is suitable for daily and general cleaning. The vacuum cleaner is powered by a 2.5 Ah battery, which is enough for 45 minutes of battery life. The kit comes with several nozzles of different types.


                      Adjustable power with button on the handle, light and easy to maneuver

                      Full charge time – 5 hours, high price for category

                      CENTEK CT-2561

                      CENTEK CT-2561. Photo: market.yandex.ru

                      Corded vacuum cleaner with 0.5 l tank and telescopic extension tube. The non-removable container ensures maximum tightness and reliability. The possibility of autonomous operation is not provided, so the model is not suitable for cleaning a car dealership. No0003

                      Tefal VP7545RH

                      Tefal VP7545RH. Photo: market.yandex.ru

                      One of the few upright vacuum cleaners that has a wet cleaning function. Dust container – 0.8 l, liquid collection tank – 0.7 l. The model requires connection to a stationary power supply, the length of the cord is 6.5 m, autonomous operation is not provided. The model is positioned by the manufacturer as a hybrid of a steam mop and a medium power non-cyclone vacuum cleaner.

                      Pros and cons:

                      Steam function available, ergonomic and easy maintenance

                      No carpet nozzle, vacuum cleaner heavy: skill and slowness required

                      Philips FC6722 SpeedPro

                      Philips FC6722 SpeedPro. Photo: market.yandex.ru

                      Vacuum cleaner with 0. 4 l container, maximum airflow – 800 l/min. There is a detachable handheld vacuum cleaner. Battery life – 30 minutes, work from the mains is not provided. Universal use model: suitable for cleaning, cleaning carpets and furniture.

                      Pluses and minuses:

                      3 nozzles included, maneuverability and low noise

                      High price

                      Hyundai H-VCH03

                      Hyundai H-VCH03. Photo: market.yandex.ru

                      The main feature of the model is the ability to work both from the mains and from the battery. The power cord is short: only 1.2 m. The volume of the dust container is 0.5 liters. The vacuum cleaner can work in 2 modes (normal and turbo), there is a power adjustment, 2 nozzles are included in the package.

                      Pros and cons:

                      Ergonomics, versatility

                      Insufficient carpet cleaning power

                      Weissgauff V9 Turbo Cyclone

                      Weissgauff V9 Turbo Cyclone. Photo: market.yandex.ru

                      Autonomous cleaning model with lithium-ion battery. Container capacity – 0. 55 l. The vacuum cleaner can work in 3 modes, including intensive cleaning (turbo mode). When setting up, you can specify the type of coverage. The vacuum cleaner is designed for maintenance cleaning.

                      Pros and cons:

                      Illuminated brush

                      Insufficient battery capacity: battery life is only 25 minutes, additional attachments are not included as standard

                      How to choose an upright vacuum cleaner

                      Maxim Sokolov, an expert at the online hypermarket VseInstrumenty.ru, helped Komsomolskaya Pravda to understand the peculiarities of choosing upright vacuum cleaners.

                      Unlike a conventional vacuum cleaner, which lies in the pantry with a coiled hose on a massive body, the vertical model is compact and can be mounted on the wall so that it is easy to reach by hand. Often it becomes an addition to the main vacuum cleaner, but in small apartments it can be the main cleaning tool.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      How is an upright vacuum cleaner different from a regular vacuum cleaner?

                      The main difference is that the motor, dust collector and brush are mounted on the same rod. The device has a one-piece design, and you do not need to move the container along the floor. The minimum distance between the motor and the working part ensures excellent suction power. To hold the vacuum cleaner in the upper part of the structure there is a closed comfortable handle.

                      What are upright vacuum cleaners?

                      According to the type of power supply, networked and battery models are distinguished. The former are great for long-term cleaning, when you need to work an hour or more. A cordless vacuum cleaner is great for picking up trash quickly and keeping it clean every day. It provides complete freedom of movement, and the battery charge is enough to work for 30-40 minutes.

                      What are the advantages and disadvantages of upright vacuum cleaners?

                      The advantages of upright vacuum cleaners include: compact design, maneuverability during operation, excellent combination of weight and performance, effective cleaning in a small area, minimum storage space. But at the same time they are not suitable for large houses and hotels, and are also inconvenient when working on stairs.

                      What to look for when choosing an upright vacuum cleaner?

                      Pay attention to the suction power. This is what determines the effectiveness of garbage collection. The value for different models can be from 30 to 400 watts. Powerful vacuum cleaners are able to quickly remove large and heavy debris, such as cereals or cat litter.

                      Observe the air flow. This setting affects performance. For productive cleaning, it is recommended to choose a vacuum cleaner with an indicator of 1000 l / min.

                      Select the appropriate dust container capacity. It can be from 0.3 to 1 liter. The larger the capacity, the longer you can work without interruption. However, a large tank makes the structure heavier. Choose the best option so that you do not get tired and do not empty the dust container too often.

                      TOP 5 upright vacuum cleaners in 2022-2023

                      Category: Ratings

                      Content: TOP-5

                      1. Okami V70
                      2. Xiaomi Dreame V11
                      3. Kitfort KT-561
                      4. Roborock Mace H6
                      5. Polaris PVCS 1101 HandStick PRO
                      • Immediately to the results of the rating

                      We start our review with the Okami V70. This is perhaps the most stylish vertical device on the vacuum cleaner market. The design of the device was developed jointly with professionals from Europe and the USA. In addition, the compact vacuum cleaner is easy to store. Wall docking station does not take up much space. Install the element anywhere in the apartment and forget about bulky “machines” that always load life.

                      The Okami V70 upright vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful motor and suction power up to 32,000 Pa. Effective cleaning guaranteed. The device will cope with any kind of pollution, including large debris. The main turbo brush is equipped with LED-backlight, which turns a routine task into an interesting process, and also allows you to notice rubbish on your way even in a dark room.

                      Do you want to clean car interiors, upholstered or hard furniture, but the dimensions of the device do not allow you to implement your plan? – Turn the Okami V70 Upright Vacuum into a portable, handheld gadget and clean the hardest to reach places. The transformation will only take a couple of seconds of your time.

                      The Okami V70 upright vacuum cleaner is equipped with one of the largest dust containers on the market – 0.75 l. The container is taken out by easy pressing and is emptied by one movement.

                      The battery allows the instrument to operate for 55 minutes. This time is enough for a full cleaning of the entire apartment. In turbo mode, the time is reduced to 15 minutes.

                      Okami V70 is designed for both dry and wet cleaning. It is enough to purchase a special nozzle, consisting of a container with water and two rotating discs with attached microfibers. Additionally, you can order an extension hose for cleaning high surfaces, a mini furniture brush, a V70 Plus turbo brush. The model has many advantages: that is why we put it in first place in the top upright vacuum cleaners 2022.

                      Our rating

                      • Power: 9/10
                      • Versatility: 10/10
                      • Wet cleaning: 10/10
                      • Maneuverability: 9/10
                      • Quality of accessories: 10/10
                      • Price: 10/10


                      1. High suction power and three modes of operation.
                      2. Long-term operation on a single battery charge.
                      3. 2 in 1: manual and vertical.
                      4. Large capacity dust container.
                      5. Stylish design.
                      6. Availability of wet cleaning.
                      7. Turbo brush LED light.
                      8. Numerous additional attachments: extension, for furniture, etc.

                      You can learn more about the novelty on the website of the brand’s official dealer in Russia – https://okami.group/

                      2nd place –

                      Xiaomi Dreame V 11

                      9 0300

                      Xiaomi Dreame V11 – one of the most popular models of upright vacuum cleaners today. Market giant – Xiaomi Corporation has created a powerful device with a DREAMVE V4.0 engine that makes 125,000 revolutions per minute. In combination with a roller turbo brush, the vacuum cleaner demonstrates a positive result, namely, high-quality cleaning of any coatings.

                      The device can be controlled via a panel located on the handle of the vacuum cleaner. There is also an OLED display that displays the most up-to-date information, updated every second.

                      Cleaning mode, battery charge, status of consumables such as filters – all these data can be viewed on the display.

                      Our rating

                      • Power: 9/10
                      • Versatility: 9/10
                      • Wet cleaning: 0/10
                      • Maneuverability: 9/10
                      • Quality of accessories: 8/10
                      • Price: 8/10


                      1. High suction power.
                      2. Long-term operation on a single battery charge.
                      3. OLED display for controlling and controlling the device.
                      4. Transformation into a handheld device.


                      1. Few accessories included.
                      2. No wet cleaning function.

                      3rd place –

                      Kitfort KT- 561

                      The Kitfort brand surprises every year with its new products, releasing high-quality household appliances. The Kitfort KT-561 is no exception, ranking third in the “Best Upright Vacuums of 2022” category. The device is equipped with a turbo brush with a roller, which perfectly copes with dust, dirt and small debris. The vacuum cleaner is controlled through the control panel on the handle. Remember the times when you had to constantly bend down to turn on the device? – It’s time for a pleasant and comfortable cleaning!

                      Kitfort KT-561 upright vacuum cleaner can continuously clean your apartment for 50 minutes. These figures are relevant for cleaning at minimum suction power. Turbo mode will use up battery much faster.

                      The volume of the dust container is not very large, only 0.3 liters. However, this volume will be sufficient for cleaning rooms with an average area. Manufacturers decided to release the device in two colors at once: red and black. The kit includes the nozzles necessary for high-quality cleaning.

                      Our rating

                      • Power: 8/10
                      • Versatility: 9/10
                      • Wet cleaning: 0/10
                      • Maneuverability: 10/10
                      • Quality of accessories: 8/10
                      • Price: 10/10


                      1. Turbo brush with roller.
                      2. Long-term operation on a single battery charge.
                      3. Vacuum cleaner control via handle panel.
                      4. Three attachments included.
                      5. Two colors to choose from.
                      6. Cyclone filter.


                      1. Small dust container.
                      2. No wet cleaning function.

                      4th place –

                      Roborock Mace H6

                      Another popular brand that has proven itself from the professional side in the production of robotic vacuum cleaners. So it’s no surprise that the best upright vacuum cleaners of 2022 include their Roborock Mace H6 model.

                      First of all, the new vacuum cleaner boasts a high suction power, reaching a peak of 25,000 Pa. High-quality cleaning is expected not only on hard surfaces, but also on carpets. By the way, the suction intensity will automatically change when moving to pile surfaces. Sensors analyze the environment and give the optimal mode of operation. Really smart technology! A definite plus in the piggy bank of the device. The health of households is also under control, because the Roborock brand vacuum cleaner is equipped with a five-stage filtration system.

                      The Roborock Mace H6 upright vacuum cleaner is easy to operate. The control panel is located on the handle, which eliminates constant tilting to turn on / off. It is an OLED display that displays all the key and necessary information.

                      Note the compactness of the device. The Roborock Mace H6 is the lightest and most compact upright vacuum cleaner on the market today. Its weight is only 1.4 kg.

                      Ideal for large apartments, spacious offices and other large areas. Roborock Mace H6 is 90 minutes of battery life per battery charge at minimum suction intensity. Cleaning in automatic mode will last no more than 40-45 minutes.

                      Our rating

                      • Power: 9/10
                      • Versatility: 8/10
                      • Wet cleaning: 0/10
                      • Maneuverability: 9/10
                      • Quality of accessories: 8/10
                      • Price: 8/10


                      1. High suction power.
                      2. Long-term operation on a single battery charge.
                      3. OLED display
                      4. Roller brush
                      5. Lightweight


                      1. Small dust container

                      5th place –

                      Polaris PVCS 1101 HandStickPRO

                      The Polaris PVCS 1101 HandStickPRO completes our rating of upright vacuum cleaners for the home in 2022. The brand has been producing high-quality household goods for several years now. In the article about budget humidifiers, you can read about the model from Polaris. Does this statement apply to floor cleaning gadgets? – We’re checking!

                      Highly efficient inverter motor with a suction power of 160 watts. Control of the vacuum cleaner from the button on the handle: you can start the device and select the optimal operating mode.

                      Three possible modes of operation have been introduced for high-quality cleaning: medium, strong and turbo. There is a cyclonic dust collection system. Polaris PVCS 1101 HandStickPRO is equipped with a HEPA 10 filter and retains more than 85% of harmful particles, taking care of the health of residents.

                      Two additional nozzles are included in the scope of delivery: a crevice nozzle and a 2-in-1 combination nozzle. The presence of a wall mount and a nozzle holder saves space in the house and organizes the proper storage of the device. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a relatively large volume of dust collector – 0.6 liters. We note the ease of maintenance of the tank, like the rest of the participants in our rating.

                      2500 mAh Li-Ion battery provides a maximum operating time of the vacuum cleaner on a single charge – 60 minutes in medium suction mode. Polaris PVCS 1101 HandStickPRO turns into a portable device for convenient spot cleaning in a couple of seconds.

                      Our rating

                      • Power: 9/10
                      • Versatility: 8/10
                      • Wet cleaning: 0/10
                      • Maneuverability: 8/10
                      • Quality of accessories: 9/10
                      • Price: 8/10


                      1. High suction power.
                      2. Long-term operation on a single battery charge.
                      3. Cyclonic dust collection system.
                      4. Three operating modes.
                      5. Large capacity dust container.


                      1. No wet cleaning

                      Rating results

                      We reviewed and analyzed the performance of five of the best devices on the market today. Based on our observations, we can conclude that all the devices in our rating deserve special attention and hit exactly in their target audience. The choice of upright vacuum cleaner depends on your preferences and financial capabilities. For this, the top upright vacuum cleaners for the home of 2022 were created.

                      The best gadget, in our opinion, is the one that offers the best value for money. For 2022, this is Okami V70 Absolute . The suction power of 32’000 Pa, manual mode and the possibility of wet cleaning make it a good buy. Illumination of the turbo brush, additional nozzles and a capacious dust collector are a nice bonus. Despite the high power, the vacuum cleaner works without recharging up to 55 minutes.

                      The second and third places are occupied by high-quality upright vacuum cleaners from Dreame and Kitfort . Dreame V11 impresses with its power and multi-stage filtration system. The good news is that the vacuum cleaner can be converted into a manual one, but the lack of wet cleaning is frustrating.
                      The Kitfort KT-561 does not have a very large dust collector, but it can work for a long time on a single battery charge. Well, it has a lot of power too.

                      The Roborock Mace H6 doesn’t have the same suction power as the leaders in the rating, but it breaks all battery life records: up to 90 minutes. The vacuum cleaner automatically adjusts the power depending on the type of flooring. Polaris PVCS 1101 HandStickPRO is equipped with a cyclonic dust collection system. It has no problems with power, but the dust collector could be bigger.

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