Ps5 fans: Best PS5 cooling fans 2023: Keep your PlayStation cool

Best PS5 cooling fans 2023: Keep your PlayStation cool

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With people struggling to find consoles and stock issues set to continue for some time, those that have snapped up a shiny new PS5 will want to prolong its life as much as possible. Keeping the console cool is an essential part of this. Many PS4 owners will have experienced the loud hum of aging fans towards the end of its life cycle, and while the PS5 generation is still very new, the added power and tech under the hood make cooling the internals of the console even more important. There is a range of external cooling fans available to help the PS5 in this regard, and we’ve gathered the best of them in one place.

The best cooling fans for PS5

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OIVO PS5 Stand

This all-in-one stand contains many features that can improve your gaming setup. While cooling the PS5 is its primary function, this compact OIVO stand contains a high speed Dualsense charging station for two controllers and storage space for up to 12 games. While there are other all-in-one cooling stands out there, this one takes steps to maximize cooling efficiency while keeping your controllers safe from overcharging and overheating through its safety features.

KIWIHOME PS5 Cooling Fan

If you want a cooling fan without extra features, this offering from KIWIHOME is a solid choice. With three high speed fans and a simple USB connection into your console, the cooling fan does exactly what you need it to do without the fuss. It also offers flexibility, with two different colors to choose from. It also has elastic locks that allow you to use it regardless of whether you display your console horizontally or vertically.

SIKEMAY PS5 Cooling Fan

This model prioritizes speed, with a 6,000 RPM rotation that makes it quicker than the internal PS5 fans. This will greatly extend the life of the console while not adding to noise output when in use. Another useful feature is the USB passthrough port, meaning that the cooling fan will not obstruct use of the port found on the front of the PS5. Blue LED lights around each individual fan let you know when it is in use.

Modern Solutions PS5 Vertical Stand

This cooling station contains fewer features than the OIVO, but is also a cheaper and more compact option. While it doesn’t feature space for your PS5 games, the Modern Solutions Vertical Stand does come with two controller charging docks to help tidy up your gaming space. It’s also easy to set up, with small LED lights letting you know when different ports are working.

NEXIGO PS5 Cooling Fan

This cooling fan features a lightweight and minimalist design, and is far less bulky than others on this list.

Keep your PS5 cool

As we get further into the console generation, cooling will become increasingly important as the PS5 ages. Luckily, there are already many options when it comes to increasing airflow and making sure your console doesn’t get too hot.

An all-in-one option gives you some added extras such as game storage and controller charging docks, with the OIVO being the most recommendable example. If you already use your PS5 in its upright position, this stand will be a simple addition to your setup and will give you plenty of airflow underneath. The LED charging lights let you know when your controllers are ready to be used, and the built-in safety features make sure their efficiency won’t be depleted.

The SIKEMAY fan is a solid choice if you’re looking for a bit more performance, with a 6000 RPM rotation making light work of cooling your console. It’s surprisingly quiet too, while the blue LED lights are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

If it’s simplicity that you want, the NEXIGO option might be what you’re looking for. Its lightweight and minimalist design won’t take away anything visually from your PS5, and the three-fan system will provide some much-needed airflow. Its no-frills setup and operation make it a great choice if you want to avoid complex installation too. Increasing the lifespan of your PS5 is already possible, and there are some great products that help you look after your shiny new console.

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Some PS5 Fans Aren’t Happy About New Feature Added in Latest Update

Sorin Petcu

One particular feature added in the latest PlayStation 5 firmware update is being harshly criticized by gamers online.

The latest PlayStation 5 firmware update released on March 8 brought several new functionalities and quality-of-life changes to the gaming console, some more welcomed than others. Besides the long-requested PS5 Discord integration, the firmware update also added variable refresh rate support for 1440p resolution, an easy way to transfer data between PS5 consoles, and voice commands that can be used to save gameplay clips. However, some fans are disappointed at one particular new feature, which they consider a potential spoiler for the games they play.

PlayStation 5 firmware updates are important for maintaining the console’s performance, stability, and security. Most firmware updates address bugs or glitches that can impair console performance and also often include security patches that address vulnerabilities in the system. Other than that, they can sometimes also add new features and functionalities to the console. Such was the case for the latest PS5 firmware update which added a “game progress” display.

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The game progress feature is shown whenever a user highlights an installed game and shows the game’s story completion percentage, right next to the “hours played” display. Certain PS5 users are upset about this change, believing that the new feature acts like a spoiler and ruins the sense of wonder for the gamer. Other users don’t mind the option, citing that the runtime of a movie, or the pages of a book, can technically be a similar type of spoiler.

The game progress percentage may be considered a spoiler in some cases. By seeing the completion percentage, players can easily find out how close they are to the end of the game. Some video games “trick” the player into believing that they are nearing the narrative conclusion of the game, and fake ending sequences can give the player the feeling that the game is over while in fact there is still more content to experience. One particular example of that is the famous Red Dead Redemption revenge sequence. Hence, a point can be made that a game progress bar could absolutely ruin the satisfaction and element of surprise for some gamers.

In some games, a progress bar could be a helpful tool for players to track their progress and have a better understanding of where they are in the game. In other games, a progress bar may not be necessary or may even detract from the intended experience. That being said, a toggleable progress bar could solve these issues and satisfy all PS5 users.

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Source: Push Square

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fans compared PS5 size with other consoles

3DNews Technologies and IT market. Game console news “Very big”: fans compared the s. ..

The most interesting in the reviews

06/12/2020 [11:56],

Konstantin Khodakovsky

At yesterday’s gaming presentation, Sony also showed off the look of the new PlayStation 5 game console, which caused a mixed reaction with too bold and futuristic design. While the company hasn’t revealed anything about the physical dimensions of the upcoming console, fans have already begun to compare it to other systems – it looks like the PS5 will be quite bulky.

Many people compared consoles based on the size of the Blu-ray drive in the new system, and as a result, the PlayStation 5 would be significantly taller than the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 4 Pro. The system seems to surpass even the original PlayStation 3 in size. However, while there is no official data on the dimensions, it is too early to make a final verdict.

Fast Simple Size Comparison #PS5 #PS4 #XboxSeriesX #XboxOneS pic.

— Ziagl (@AndreasZiagl) June 11, 2020

On Thursday, during a broadcast that has been watched by over 7.5 million people, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan called the PS5’s exterior the most striking design of any Sony console. The case has a two-tone black and white design, similar to the DualSense controller that was introduced earlier this year.

#PS5 looks to be massive! This is scaled based on the size of the blu-ray drives #PlayStation5 #XboxSeriesX

— Lucas Liaskos (@PadPoet) June 11, 2020

Sony also announced on Thursday that a digital version of the PlayStation 5 will also be available at launch, without an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive and likely to be priced slightly lower. According to Sony, both versions of the PS5 will otherwise be completely identical. It is worth saying that the console without a drive looks symmetrical and, perhaps, more interesting in terms of design.

VERY big.

— GRBO (@GRBO_YT) June 12, 2020

Sony announced a number of top-notch PS5 titles including Gran Turismo 7, Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, Demon’s Souls Remake and Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Third-party PS5 games were also revealed , including Resident Evil Village, Hitman 3 and Project Athia. In total, over 25 projects for PlayStation 5 were shown at the event.


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