Victims of General Motors and Chrysler defects

Both Chrysler and General Motors filed for bankruptcy destroying the lives of many Americans to include dealerships, pension funds, investors, and worst of all are the defect victims. These product defect victims most of whom used to be customers of the companies until their lives were changed by either being killed or injured by these vehicles, and then turn around and not to be able to hold these companies responsible is a civil rights injustice.


When looking to buy a Chrysler remember these stories of defects and how these people continue to be treated by Chrysler:

Linda  Catalano РMy mom was killed by a defect known by Chrysler since the K-car (park-to-reverse) when getting out of the Chrysler Town and Country minivan the car jumped out of park into reverse knocking her to the ground and dragging her underneath the vehicle . My mom suffered a broken neck and blunt force trauma to the head killing her.

2008 Chrysler Town & Country Front 3/4 Side View Clearwater Blue. CH008_013TC

Shaun Doss- A young boy whose father was driving a Dodge Durango when hit from the side in a car accident. The seat belts which have been a long standing defect in Chrysler cars had not been properly mounted and slipped causing severe injuries to Shaun including being paralyzed.


Marie Wilkinson- Chrysler-manufactured 1995 Plymouth Neon back to her home. Upon nearing her home, she drove slowly onto its flat entrance and stopped to get her mail. She then placed the vehicle into park ,and exited the vehicle with the engine running to retrieve her mail. After a brief delay, the vehicle suddenly self-shifted into powered reverse, knocking Ms. Wilkinson to the ground. The vehicle then ran over her head, inflicting fatal head and neck injuries.