Welcome to the GM Chrysler victim’s website, I am sorry that a site like this has to even exist.  On August 3, 2008, our lives were forever changed for the worse. Our mother, Linda Catalano, had just finished a yard sale at her house and was leaving to pick up remaining signs along the road. She was driving a 1997 Chrysler Town & Country. She had stopped briefly to pick up some garage sale signs along the road, placed the car into park and got out of the car with the engine running. Once she was fully out of the car, it then self-shifted into reverse, knocking her to the ground and pinning her underneath the left front tire. It was there that she died and it was then that our lives were forever changed.

We are continually haunted by the fact that we were not able to stay good-bye to her, hold her hand, or comfort her.  These thoughts are always in our minds.  Chrysler has long known about this defect and did nothing to warn consumers.  Chrysler’s gross negligence is the reason why we don’t have our mother today.  The park-to-reverse defect has never been recalled and there will be more deaths and more injuries if something isn’t done to hold Chrysler accountable.

Chrysler now seeks to wash its hands of a tragedy that it alone engineered, that it alone is responsible for. Words cannot express the anger that we feel knowing that this tragedy could have been prevented and that it’s going to happen again to another family. Chrysler’s vehicles were the subject of no less than four NHTSA investigations regarding the dangerous ability of their vehicles to self-shift from park to reverse. All of these investigations occurred before our mother’s death. Yet, Chrysler did absolutely nothing to warn our mother of what it alone knew would happen.

Chrysler’s sale of its assets is simply a slap in the face. It is no less than criminal that Chrysler can walk away from the tragedies and lives that it has shattered. Its professed desire to honor warranties rings hollows, when its cars kill the very consumers, warranties are designed to protect.

To current owners of Chrysler vehicles, be warned that Chrysler is leaving you behind in the cold, without any protection. A warranty on your car parts, e.g. gaskets, transmission, is only good if the only thing you need to replace is the gasket or transmission. But, what if you need to replace something more – for example, your legs, your wrist, the vertebrae in your back, your shoulder, or your hips? What if the “parts” that got destroyed by your car were your entire life, your livelihood, your family? What then?

Our legal system is designed to answer these needs in the only way it can – namely, through litigation. We, like many other consumers, filed a lawsuit against Chrysler not with the expectation that we would “gain” anything from it.  We filed a lawsuit against Chrysler because Chrysler was responsible for the death of our mother and should not be allowed to hold itself out to the trusting public as a company that believes in “Safety First.”  We have filed petitions to fight the free and clear sale of Chrysler to Fiat with the Bankruptcy Court, 2nd District Court and the Supreme Court, our efforts have failed.

The fight is no where close to being over, we will continue with our efforts to pressure Chrysler and GM to take on these liabilities. We will also continue to push our government leaders to require these companies that took our hard earned tax payer dollars to purchase a retro active liability insurance policy which would hold Chrysler and GM accountable for the defective products they have produced.

Please join us at GM Chrysler Victims to continue the fight and hopefully begin the healing process.  This site has many features that are open to any registered user.  If there is something you would like to share or input about the site, please contact us.  We believed, and still believe, that the ends of justice will be served.

To the future owners of Chrysler vehicles, pray that you do not have to replace anything more than a gasket or transmission for the entire life of your car. Pray that you do not have any accidents in your car for the entire life of your vehicle.  If you do, you will receive no help from Chrysler, or the Courts.