Breathing Technique To Last Longer In Bed

Today’s topic lasting longer in bed. A lot of people right in with¬†premature ejaculation¬†issue and that as many women right in these men and they seem to have a different idea about what the problem really is. And to me, one of the biggest solutions, and I really hope that you’re working on this already, is communication. Talk to each other. If you talk to each other, anxiety level drops, this problem probably goes away by itself with a little bit of time and practice just by reducing the anxiety, just by being on the same team and not having a dirty secret between you.

The easiest part of this issue is to use premature ejaculation supplement. The one that is recommended and approved my medicals is Prosolution Plus. You will find a lot of medical facts around this formula and my advice to you is to compare Prosolution Plus to other supplements you find. It’s easy, just take a closer look at these checkpoints:

  1. Natural ingredients used in the formula (check every component and look if it’s FDA approved)
  2. The speed of results (how long do you need to wait before the formula starts to work)
  3. Published studies and clinical reports (I’m sure you will not find any information around any premature ejaculation product except Prosolution Plus)

If you’re steel not sure, you better check this review website to learn more about Prosolution Plus

So if you are already doing that, here is a concrete hard technique that you can use, that a lot of guys have spoken to have found incredibly effective. And this is kind of the first basic tip that I give guys, because it is easy to do and it really works. I got this idea from a friend of mine who’s yoga instructor and I have this thing called triangular breathing. And they use it for relaxation and to enter meditative states.

And I thought to myself, relaxation, that sounds like a cool thing, because a lot of times the problem is the excitement builds, and builds, and builds and pretty soon you have no control at all over your ejaculation. What if you could do something physically with your body that reduces all that excitement, reduces that anxiety? Major relaxed. Will that work? Well, it turns out, for a lot of guys it is working. And it is very simple.

Triangular breathing is just done like this: you inhale very very slowly for about a five-count, inhaling with great control, very slowly. And when you reach the very top, you hold it. You hold that breath for exactly as long as it took it to inhale. Nice, slow five-count, and then exhaling. Again very slowly, calmly, with great control for exactly as long as it took you to inhale. And then again inhaling for nice slow five-count relaxed and control, holding it, relaxed, control. And as you can see I am building the legs exhaling of a triangle. Very slowly. And if you control this breath in exactly this way, making triangles as it were while you are making love, I think you will find it really gives you a lot of control; they really let you relax and get centered in yourself and not so filled with anxiety. And I really recommend you try this.

I think this also works on another level, saddle level, a powerful level. My yoga instructor friend told me that there are systems in the body that we have no control over them involuntary: your heartbeat, or digesting some food that you just ate. All these other things that the body does not think about it. There are other things that we have absolute control over like making a fist, bending your arm, running or walking. We have total control over that. The breath is that thing in the middle. It can either be involuntary, or it can be voluntary.