Erectile Dysfunction Causes


Let’s focus on one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. Is going to be people, so it’s been coming on gradually over time, the definition of erectile dysfunction is at least 25% of the time that you’re trying to initiate sex either the inability to achieve an erection or you able to achieve an erection but unable to maintain it. And that doesn’t count if you’re drinking 25% of the time, alcohol can impair one’s ability to have an erection. So that would be a whole another issue to treat. But if it’s not any sort of drug or alcohol use as 25% of the time you are unable to do that or more than one dealing with an erectile dysfunction.

If you have a sudden onset, and nothing changed, you’re feeling great in your relationship or just whoever your sexual partner is, you have to have a relationship, right, but if that hasn’t changed, stresses ok, nothing suddenly has happened, then it is important to see your physician and get a full check. Now, I don’t want to scare you but a sudden onset of inability to have an erection, we’re concerned about nerve issues and nerve damage, concerned about possible cancer – is a small incident – but as a doctor I always think worse case scenario and I want to rule out those big bad things before I feel really comfortable treating on herbal level.

see your physician

So sudden onset of erectile dysfunction, pay attention there are situational change, if not – then you go in and see your physician and get some laboratory tests to rule out some of these big bad causes.

As well as some of the other causes could be kidney issues, which is also a problem with circulation; it could be thyroid issues, people with thyroid disease, low thyroid –  that can cause erectile dysfunction; blood sugar issues as well –  all these can contribute to that.

The next step would be figuring out what are the causes. So unable to get an erection in the morning and unable to perform, now I’m thinking more circulatory issues. What we want to do, generally, if you are a patient coming in to see me, I’d want to do some blood work. And I’d want to check things like your thyroid, I’d  want to check your blood sugar, I’d want to check your cholesterol.

How Does Male Enhancement Creams Work?


Sexual prowess is one of the most important things in a man’s life. While they are very proud of their sexual prowess when they were young, it is a different story when they get older. People will lose their sexual prowess as they age and become older. To combat such issue, they would choose to use male enhancement cream to boost their sexuality. But do you know how does it work exactly? How does the male enhancement cream work in the body? Well, let’s find out together through this amazing article that we made.

The ingredients within it

The male enhancement creams do not just work like magic. There is a science behind the work of the cream. It all depends on the ingredients that are within the cream itself. But in most of the creams, there are several ingredients that can always be found in most of them. Those ingredients are L-arginine and Saw Palmetto. These two elements are known to enhance male sexuality in the best way possible. But how does exactly it work in our body? Well, keep reading this article below in order to find out the real answer.

The function of Saw Palmetto


Saw Palmetto is some kind of herb that you can find plenty in the heartland of America. This herb has been used since the old days by the native American people. It is naturally used as a male sexual enhancement. You can eat the berries or the extract from the plant.

Saw palmetto has a natural benefit of preventing erectile dysfunction in the male population. For that very reason, people use the extract of saw palmetto in male enhancement cream. By doing so, you can have a longer and a more durable erection while maintaining a good and firm erection.

Saw palmetto is not only used to have a firmer erection in the male. It also has such an energizing effect to whoever consume it. That is why it is also included in male enhancement cream in order to add more stamina and durability in bed.

The function of L-Arginine


The second ingredients that are often found in every male sexual enhancement cream is a substance called L-Arginine. Our body cannot produce a lot of L-Arginine which is a form of amino acid. This amino acid would help your body produce nitric oxide which is important in generating erection in the penis.

So how does the L-Arginine react to our body? Well, the penis itself can be erected when it receive a smooth flow of blood into the central blood capillaries. Sometimes, the penis cannot obtain a proper flow of blood because it lacks in amino acid and nitric oxide. By adding more nitric oxide into the body, the blood circulation will become smoother in our body. Therefore, the more your have L-Arginine in your body, the more it can produce nitric oxide. By having l-Arginine in your body, you will have an increased blood circulation and bigger and also firmer erection in your penis.